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Author Topic: Bleach Fanfic; "The Fate of Nothing"  (Read 841 times)

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Bleach Fanfic; "The Fate of Nothing"
« on: August 23, 2016, 10:55:32 AM »
This  is intended as my entry for the Happy Hour Bleach Fanfic thing. It may turn out to be a bit long though......

                    "Just over a year after the defeat of Aizen, reports of a new menace emerges out of Rukongai. Souls are disappearing, as well as the Soul Reapers sent out to investigate. A rumour that a Goddess has taken residence in the Soul Society spreads like wild fire, but if there is any truth in this remains to be seen. Just who is this new entity and what is their mission?"


                                                                        ****Ryush!ta, 63rd District, Southern Rukongai****

                  "No! Pu-Put me down!". His captor obliged, dumping him in a heap on the dirt floor of the cavern. He scrambled to sit up, despite his aching bodies protests. He looked around as his eyes adjusting to the candle light. Shadowy figures surrounded him. He looked up at the man who had carried him here. He was a mountain of a man, but had shown no emotion and spoke no word since they had did battle.

                  "Hgh!". He started as he saw his Zanpakuto, broken in half and in the hands of the giant's accomplice. A shorter, leering man, who was hurriedly marching forward. His eyes followed him until the man knelt before a lone person.
                  "His weapon, your majesty". He couldn't make out any features, for the figure was shrouded in an oversized navy cloak with an overly large hood. However, an elegant hand extended from the figure, at odds with the size of the cloak itself. It touched the blade of the broken Zanpakuto. In an instant a dome of yellow light encased it. Energy rippled and thrashed through it, as if barely contained. In the next instant, the blade was whole again. His mouth was open in shock, but he had little time to acknowledge what had happened before he was lifted by the scruff of his neck and dragged over to kneel before the mysterious figurehead.

                  "Please...Don't be scared". The voice was soothing and comforting, almost in a mothering fashion. The same hand that had fixed his sword touched his cheek. He felt the softness and warmth and all his fear and pain left him. "Would you tell us your name?".

                 "Ichibe Saboru, 5th seat of Squad 7". It felt odd to him, the words had only to eagerly left his mouth before he had a chance to think. His caution and doubts were washing away, as his mind surrended to the bewitching aura of the woman before him.
                 "Ichibe? Interesting. It's a good name. I have something I want to ask you Ichibe?" she said, still gently caressing his face.

                 "Anything" he nodded fervently.

                 "Will you help me Ichibe, in my mission? I'm sorry to ask but it may be dangerous, would you protect me?" her voice quivered slightly at the mention of peril. This sparked a fire in the soul reapers belly, he would not let her down.

                "I shall! I will lay down my life for you". Again, he'd spoken before he'd processed what was really being asked. A thorn of hesitation pricked his brain, telling him something was amiss. The woman withdrew her hand and rose to her feet.
                "I thank you Ichibe Saboru, but with my help there will be no need to lay down you life. My powers will unlock a strength in you beyond anything you could imagine". With that the woman turned and took a few measured steps back.     
                "Wait!" Ichibe shouted in a panicked voice. Now they weren't in physical contact, he began to think. It was like he'd just woke up from the sweetest dream, but the reality of his situation had revisited him. "Your people attacked me! What do you wan--UGH!?". A familiar yellow energy snaked around his body, he felt as if he was about to be crushed. The heat of it was blistering and getting hotter. The woman stopped and turned her head back to gaze upon the soul reaper, who was suspended by tendrils of yellow energy.

                "The transformation process is a little painful. I'm so sorry, but it doesn't last long" she said solemnly.

                "!?" Ichibe managed to gasp, in between cries of pain. The woman lowered her hood, her long hair catching the candle light. Her large eyes looked almost scared of him as she spoke.

                "My name is Orihime...".

                                                                              ****Karakura Town, World of the Living****
                "Come on Ichigo! Get your ass in gear!".

                "Alright I'm comin' You know you could give me a hand with all this!" he grunted, straining with the mountain of gear and boxes he was hauling up the hilltop. He finally reached the summit and dumped his cargo down. As he stretched his arms he took a look around. They were standing on the top of quite a sizeable hill, not too far out of town, overlooking the lake. He had to hand it to Karin, she'd picked out a great spot. "What time did you say the fireworks begin?"

                "A few minutes" the man replied, hands on hips as he stood admiring the view.

                "Okay...And they last for 15 minutes right?" he asked.
                "That's right".

                "Then why the hell did we bring all this crap if we're just here for 15 minutes!" he shouted, booting a nearby bag in frustration. Pain flared through his toe as he struck something solid.

                "Hey! Be careful, there's a gas stove in there!" Yuzu cried out, yanking the bag out of her big brothers reach.

                "Lighten up Ichigo, Yuzu wanted a family picnic, so we agreed" Karin said in her usual disinterested fashion. Ichigo sighed and stopped nursing his toe. He looked at his two younger sisters busy unpacking the gear.

                "Just what did you bring Yuzu?" he asked picking himself up.

                "Well!" The girl clapped her hands together excitedly. "I've got food, a blanket, hot drinks, cold drinks, room temperature drinks, condiments, a rice cooker...." he regretted his decision to ask as she carried on reciting her itinerary as she whipped each item out.
                 He went over to look at the lake and the moonlight playing off the shimmering surface. Plenty of people were gathering down below at the lakeside and he could just make out the buzz of chatter coming from them. A hand clamped onto his shoulder, as his father came into view.

                "Feels nice, doesn't it?" he said.
                "What is?" Ichigo asked.
                "Peace. It's good spending time with your family, rather than your enemies". Isshin was smiling at his son kindly.

                "Yeah..." was all the response Ichigo could manage. It had been just over a year since the battle with Aizen. He'd lost his soul reaper powers at that time and had returned to a normal highschooler ever since. Ever since it had happened, he'd tried to not think about it. He knew his friends still fought hollows in the area and he was keenly aware of how he couldn't assist them.
                 They were disturbed by the whooshing sounds of fireworks racing into the nights sky, followed by their thunderous bang. Karin and Yuzu come running to their side as they all stood watching the display. Ichigo couldn't help but smile. While he couldn't help his current situation, he didn't regret sacrificing his powers to end the threat Aizen posed. If he hadn't, then he wouldn't of been able to enjoy a simple moment like this with his sisters and father, nor could those down below at the lake. He just had to have faith in those around him to be able to look after themselves, now his fight was over.

                Another pair of eyes were watching the same fireworks. The man was perched on the ledge of a first floor window, his heels resting on a sign bolted to the side of the building that read "KUROSAKI CLINIC". When the firework display died down, he lazily dropped down to the street below, landing deftly on his feet.
                "I bet he's over there" he called into the open door of the clinic. There was no immediate response. No lights were on so all he could see was the darkness within. However, after a few moments another figure came stomping out. She was a tall but very slender woman. Her long icy white hair was pinned tightly to her head. Her small red eyes glared at him, complementing the perpetual scowl she wore on her face. She wore the same as he did, a white nagajuban under a navy blue hooded cloak. Unlike him, she had removed the upper half of her cloak and tied the arms around her waist.

                "Whats your point, Nix?" she spat at him.

                "Isn't it obvious? My point is no matter how much stuff you rifle through, he's not here!".

                "I'm gathering intel. It took months to find him, her majesty will want to know all she can about him" she replied tersely. Nix simply sneered at her and replaced his hands back in his pockets.

                "Well when we bring him back with us, she can ask him directly. So what you're doing is pointless".

                "I'm keeping busy! It's better than standing here having to talk to you!". With that the woman swiftly stomped back into the building. The man sighed to himself and gazed at the sky where the fireworks had previously been.
                "This place is so....boring" he pondered aloud. He then called into the dark entry once again. "Hey, he'll be coming back soon. So you better be out here when he gets here!".

                "And just who is you're waiting for?".

                Startled, Nix spun on his heels to the source of the voice. Before him stood a young man, meeting his gaze.

                "You can see me?" Nix said in suprise. The newcomer pushed up his glasses and nodded.

                "I wouldn't be speaking to you if I couldn't" he replied. This condescending response struck a nerve inside him. 

                "Ngh...Rein! Get our here now!". At his call, the woman came rushing outside as well. She seemed about to admonish Nix, but stopped herself when she saw the man.

                "Ohhh, who's this then?" she asked, taking her place alongside Nix.

                "I was about to ask you the same thing" the boy replied. "I can sense your reishi, but you're neither a Soul Reaper or a Hollow. So tell me, just who are you and what do you want with Ichigo?".

                "Hehe, this guy reminds me of you Nix. Annoying as hell. In fact you even look the same!".

                "Shut up Rein! Don't compare me to this nerd! We're No--". Nix leaped high into the air to avoid the incoming projectile. "--Little Bastard!". While he was talking, the man had  suddenly summoned a weapon. It was a bow made entirely of reishi, which he had fired an arrow from of the same energy. Nix came to a halt, landing on the rooftop of a neighbouring house. He looked around for Rein, who he spotted perched on top of a telephone pole, eyes fixed on their assailant. The man lowered his bow and looked up at them.

                "Interesting, that appeared to be a flash step. Tell me, if you're not Soul Reapers, where did you learn that technique?". 

                "Shut up!" snapped Rein thrusting her finger at him accusingly. "What a cowardly move to try to sneak attack us! A worm like you doesn't get to ask questions!". The man paused for a moment before nodding.

                "So be it. I was right to assume you were enemies".

                "Oh! So you're a buddy of Ichigo is that right?" retorted Nix gleefully.

                "Hmph, a Quincy and a Soul Reaper as allies? Don't be absurd" Replied the archer, drawing his bow level with him. Nix leapt off the rooftop down to the floor below, squaring off against the man.

                "I get it...that bow, you're a Quincy? Then that must make you Uryu right?". The Quincy raised his eyebrow at this. "I'll take that as a yes". Nix adjusted his glasses slowly and flashed a wicked smile. "It's funny how you're an archer".

                "How so?" Uryu enquired, his guard still up.

                "I am too!". With that Nix threw his hands into the air and with a flash of blue light, a pair of compact crossbows composed of reishi appeared above him. He grabbed both and trained them onto Uryu. "This ones mine Rein, stay back!". For a moment the two bowmen locked eyes, then loosed off a pair of arrows. Thus their battle began......

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Re: Bleach Fanfic; "The Fate of Nothing"
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2016, 11:39:51 AM »
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