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Author Topic: A World For The Speedster God.  (Read 733 times)

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A World For The Speedster God.
« on: September 13, 2017, 09:38:41 PM »
So as part of creating a bigger story, I got an idea to write about one of the gods in my story as a side story. Not being on for a while, i had time tp think about the future of this story and i decided (yes i did) this is mainly directed to be action packed with a pinch of adventures here and there. I'm mostly short on ideas but we'll get there.


Who or what is a god? A god is a being of infinite power that sees to the activities of their affiliations. But what happens when a god gets bored of his role? What happens if the god wants to experience something new?

In this story, a young reckless god, tired of his seemingly endless routine sets out on an adventure in a new world unlike any other.

This has undergone some reviews and edits but seeing as its a work in progress it still needs some changes. Let me know what you think.


Somewhere in the void of creation; the vast parts where nothing could be seen but  the endless heavy darkness; the several dozens of dim lights representing worlds (universes) could be seen several millions of light years away.
Amidst this heavy darkness  stood a white and golden colored silhouette individuals, their appearance were very much that of a male's physique, hovering in the vacuum of space. The golden one lamenting and pleading in a childish manner:
“You have been around longer than I have and surely you must know how it is to feel unfulfilled and discontent. Please help me like the god you are."
The white silhouette listened but gave no reply.
 Still attempting to see his desires fulfilled, Yora persisted: “Erhh… even if you can’t help as a friend, do it as a watcher, or as a brother like the mortals would say.”
And the other, denying the young individuals request; though thoughtful and  understanding and usually cooperative, he was hesitant this time. But he  saw no other end to this conversation than to rather give in, because if he didn’t, this worrisome god will follow him to the ends of creation relentlessly and effortlessly.
He couldnt helpt but sigh: "Why do I have to do this? And weren't there other gods that could have done this for you".
*There were, there were. I could have asked one of the Recreators to do it for me but I didn't because you're the best. I also did it out of respect for you elder god. So please.. Do this for me."
"I do not care what you do with your Recreator, but if thou have decided to be so stubborn about it then I do not have much of a choice, I shall fulfill your desires. But fair warning young god, thou ought to be careful of what he wishes for, even if thou art a god, for consequences pay no heed to status.”
Overjoyed in hearing his wishes approved, he breaks out in the excitement
“Thank you Elder god, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”
Turning to his right side and glancing through the lights of worlds far out in the void, he couldn't help but think how problematic this would end up:
“Another troublesome one is about to be born.” he said letting out a faint sigh as a light appeared out of nowhere and started to expand gradually and slowly, taking a spiral shape.
A new universe had been born, a universe, a world full of beings capable of reaching the ends of the world in the blink of an eye; a world full of speedsters.
“There you have it. The deed is done, but thou hopes and expects you can handle the consequences, oh reckless little brother of mine.”
Without delay, Yora hurriedly bowed on one knee in the void of space as the swift god he is. The reckless little brother in question let out a tone, one he rarely lets out, clear and firm, filled with confidence, bent on seeing his world through to the end no matter what:
“I, Yora; as the god of speed bow to you the god of imagination and reality and to the gods seeing and hearing this; the god of gods Adromeda, the elder god-guardian, the gods of old and all gods in creation vow to be held solely responsible for the happenings in this new world of mine.”
Hearing his conviction and determination the god of imagination was pleased;
“Very well little god, be gone to your new world and enjoy, find what you so wish to discover.”
And with a smirk, the little god sped off into this new world exploring the countless planets, stars, solar systems and galaxies.
Observing this new world; planet by planet, solar system by solar system and galaxy by galaxy he became knowledgeable of every single existence in this new found universe and was revered as the overlord of every celestial body he visited.
The yellow silhouette stared on as Yora sped of and he could very see what was going to happen. Every bit of it, so much that he spoke without realizing:
"I'm afraid your journey will be quite a challenging one." The yellow silhouette vanished from the void of space.

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A joureny of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

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Re: A World For The Speedster God.
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2018, 09:50:15 PM »
Hi people of MR, IndecisiveChild here. Its been an awefuly long while since I last came here. Been so occupied lately that I could hardly get here, but my schedule is a bit free now and I finally got the gal to do a follow up on the prologue I posted a while back( I've been feeling it needs some edits XD). The first chapter is done and done and I'm looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say all criticism is welcomed. So imma stop ranting now and get on with.
Oh and a little heads up, I started up with prose writing idek why I did it but I lost m way and found myself writing in script form. Hope you don't  mind.

Here goes.


Planet Hermie, a planet which other than its size had similar conditions very much alike that of the Planet Earth, that it would be fair assume it was this worlds version of it. An alternate version of it and on it is Blank Point Continent, the most distinct of the other 6 continents, its capital Blank Point City is the most distinct and famous city in the whole of the planet, the beautiful light of the moons spread their wings across the sky illuminating the city and its' un-inhabited parts.

Blank Point City isn’t the most distinct and famous for just it scenery and neither was it the hospitality of the people. It was so because at the center of the city, there was a humungous castle; three times the size of a normal castle.

This purple colored castle was the humble abode of the overlord of the world. The god king they called him; he was their overlord and they revered and respected him as such. Ever since his ascending the throne, crime rates and illegal activities were reduced to a minimum and the nights of Blank Point City became as peaceful as ever. But unlike every other night, this particular night in Blank Point City was different; the guards of this castle that never left their post had grouped themselves and selected a handful few to scour the whole city.


In the dead allies of Blank point city, an alley filled with waste bins and mostly papers, a gust of wind blew through sending the papers flying in the air. A pair of hands graced the cold walls of the alley and a male figure revealed himself among the papers as they flew through the air. Barely keeping himself standing; he leaned on the walls of the alley flustered, as his breath kept getting heavier and heavier by the second. He cracked a faint smile;

“So that’s how it is. I need to leave this place, his jurisdiction.”

The seemingly weakened man in a masquerade mask and a slim coat moved step by step carefully as if a single wrong step could spell his doom, he swung left to right, barely keeping it together. Any passerby would either avoid him like a plague or stare on afar for he was indeed suspicious on first look. Paying no attention to their reactions, he pressed on further and came across a subway. Without much hesitation, he dragged himself down the steps to the subways platform and instantly without anybody noticing his presence, he appeared at a pillar at the end of the platform; closest to the rail way away from public eye.


Blank Point City subway was a busy one, for if people wanted a good start or place to lay low or relax, Blank Point City was the most guaranteed place for such. At the railway station, people of different age, colour and attire stood awaiting the arrival of the mach train; a very reliable form of transportation which travelled at a speed of mach 8.

Without much delay, the trains’ engine roar reached the passengers of the platform and the train station attendant informed the passengers to ready to board the train:

“Passengers going to Sonic City, please be sure to check your luggage and have a nice journey.”

The train made a stop at the station but surprisingly as the doors opened no passenger exited it and suddenly, a gust of wind blew through the subway, the passengers panicked and shrieked and at that particular moment, everything was brought to a stand still; clothes that were ridding the gust of wind that blew, bags that were falling to the ground, mouths that were opened wide in screaming. Time had stopped for a moment and suddenly back to normal and the train which had stopped just a moment ago started up again.

The screams of the passengers resumed and a couple of white blurred rays flashed in and about the subway and as the rays came to a stand still, five individuals dressed in white body suits appeared. Of these five, one was distinct from the others for he had a golden star on the breast side of his attire.

“En, they don’t seem to be anywhere in this station” one of the white body suit individuals said.

“Get them, make sure the train does not leave this place. Understand? The individual with the golden star retorted.

“Yes sir.” The fodders responded.

Just as the white body suit individuals tried to make a move, everything froze once again, except this time the train was still operational and started on its rails leaving the station with no passengers onboard.

And when they came to, the train was not more present at the station.

“Tch…” En exclaimed.

“En, we lost them” the fodder reported once again.

“I can see very well we lost them! What about that individual?

“His trail seems to have ended here in this subway.”

“So he was working with them. Round up the grey team at the HQ. We’ve got report this to the upper echelon.

About 10minutes after the train incident, the mach train had arrived in Sonic City; a city east to Blank Point Continents capital city Blank Point City. The last surviving members of the renegade were being chased down by the god kings' speed corps. The Leo orphanage, named after the renegade leaders’ deceased brother was in ruin and flames, the remaining children cried as they were being protected. With kids all over his being, Kato and the other remaining members of the renegade head for the mach train that arrived a while ago.

Speed corps member: Don’t let them board the train.

[The other speed corp members charged in to stop him but were knocked out before they even got close

Guan: Sorry we took so long. [A commander of the renegades arrive with a few other members to save the day.]

Spread out, make sure no one is left behind and make sure we aren't being followed.

[The renegade members upon receiving the orders sped off wit a blue ray of light to scour the compound]

Kato: I had it under control. Did you get the stuff?

Guan: Yes.

Malcolm: [He arrives with the team that left just a second ago]

There seems to be no one left behind.

Kato: Let’s get going before they send more reinforcements.

They board the mach train right when its engine started to roar.

After a hectic night of defending themselves from an ambush by the speed corps, they were fairly exhausted and were safely heading to a new safe zone, one out of the sights of the speed corps, a place where they could lay low for a while.

After confining the kids in one particular cart, Kato joined the others and moving from cart to cart heading to the drivers cart they stumbled upon a stranger lying in one of the train’s seat as if dead.

Upon suspicion of it being a trap, the group halts their steps. Kato being the leader, draws near to this presumed dead body to check if the person was one of his subordinates and whether they had any signs of life.

Kato: Hey [He shook the stranger by the shoulder. Upon seeing no response, he begun moving his hand slowly to check for a pulse but he stopped-]

Mirika: Kato, what’s the matter? Is he alive?

Kato: No. Someone is coming.

[Two black hooded mean appeared in front of them out of nowhere]

Ehum: Filthy renegade scum.

Frahma: The god king has sent us to deal with you; the left over. Especially you; Kato.

Ehum: Prepare to meet your end.

[Before Kato or any of the renegade tried to make a move, they realized they were rendered immobile as if time had stopped. But time hadn’t been stopped, they just had their outer kinetic energy stolen rendering them immobile. Eyes on their ambushers and aware of the impending doom that was about to befall them, a sudden chill of ominous malicious energy was felt by everyone present in that particular cart, probably the whole train. Just as the hooded figures closed in to assassinate Kato and the others, a dark shadowed body with scarlet red eyes and golden hair appeared behind the two and pushed them to the sides of the carts blowing them out of the train to god knows where. With the tremors of the incident not long ago, the train shook, almost lifting it off of its rails and landing back on it sending tremors throughout the train.

Kato: [Quickly turning around] Guan, check if the kids are safe.

Guan: On it!

[Though they were immobilized, they could very well see what happened and Kato realized]

Kato: [Turning his attention to where the now suspicious unconscious body laid, he found nothing to his surprise, thinking he was just part of the ambush plan; Kato turned ahead to continue walking to the next cart. And to his surprise he found a body lying unconscious and to the unconscious persons’ sides were the trains’ sides blown away.]


Kato: Looks like there’s someone who is yet to pick a side in war. [He walked towards and shouldered the stranger.]

Kato: Mirika, take him to the emergency cart and see to his wounds if any, till he wakes up.

[Turning his head and looking into the skies, from the trains blown off cover]

-God king, this war is far from over, just you wait.   

Let me know what you think.
A joureny of a thousand miles begins with a single step.