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Author Topic: Writing different causes, outcomes and multiple endings/ etc.  (Read 1172 times)

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Re: Writing different causes, outcomes and multiple endings/ etc.
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2016, 12:49:06 PM »
The problem with multiple endings is that typically ALL the endings are terrible; except the one the authors wants to be the intended ending.  So you can make as many endings as you like, but if you focus on making one desirable ending, as they put it "true ending", then why bother wasting your time on other ending that would have little impact or no relevance to your story?  I like having the option of multiple endings, however it's usual done terribly. 

You've said your story takes thousands of years ago in a fantasy land, but it retains the same morals, values, and everyday life of today, and you also mention America and Japan.  I find this fact to be contradicting when you want to place the story plot thousands of years in the past.  Perhaps an alternative time-line may better suit your need.

So how does the multiple ending come into play?  Judging from your given story, it seems like it will eventually conclude to only one given ending.

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Re: Writing different causes, outcomes and multiple endings/ etc.
« Reply #16 on: July 09, 2016, 11:06:07 PM »
The many paths and endings have importance. There will be split timelines that happens at the same time which the characters are to experience them and learn how their lives would end up.

As for morals, I didn't say the morals of the first story will return in the origin story, it is a standalone. For this story, the morals are about family bloodlines, love and defying fate. Here's the beginning of the origin story.

One of the protagonists who doesn't have a name is from ancient Japan is a part of a family named the Shinkusuji; an only-male powerful samurai clan who's bloodline is of great importance which they forbidden any member from mating with women who are outside the country and only to fight their enemies and serve under the shogun. Him hesitating to fight and kill after spending his time tending to his ill-ridden mother (one of his father's many wives) and eventually witness her passing, he was considered a disgrace and being heavily abused by his older half-brothers for not accepting their ways, even go as far as saying that he doesn't deserve a name for defying his only purpose in life. Feeling that he is unloved and facing the inevitibliy of killing for the rest of his life, he escaped the country by ship, seeking to live somewhere peaceful but keeping his sword out of a promise to his mother than he'll only fight to protect those he cares about and not for honor. Shipwrecked along the way, he was saved by knights who are from a vast kingdom unknown to the rest of the world.

It is a peaceful kingdom full of fantasy wonders with the people who are 'gifted' by God that allow them to realize their dreams as long they have purirty in their hearts. He is accepted by the people who are 'gifted by God' to live with them and to live freely as he wanted. There, he bonded with a older girl named Lein'Art who is one of the princesses who rule each of the many provinces. She was gifted with speaking and understanding every foreign language which allows him to adapt to their culture and language. She named him Ka'Sen, (kay-sin), a corruption of his language that refrence his ability to choose. During the years, he practiced his sword skills, joining the knights to explore and defending the world from decending into chaos, him refining his swordsmanship to take down other warriors without killing them. He and Lein'Art later fell in love and they are allowed to wed by her father, the kind king, for his bravery and years of service.

However, one day, the kingdom's centuries-long peace was shattered by invaders; The Shinkusuji clan. His half-brothers heard about a 'warrior who spare lives' while they were out conquering lands. They deduced that he is still alive and tortured many innocent people to give them answers to his whereabouts and managed to trace them to here. They demand the king with an only warning to give back their brother as their bloodline must not be mixed with 'unworthy and weak-willed women', that goes with their 'cowardly brother' too regardless. The king deny their request and demand them to leave as he sensed their emotions filled with bloodlust. Ka'Sen himself saying that he rather be shamed than be unloved and that he never call himself a Shinkusuji. Angered and disgusted with his revelation and their way of life, calling it unbelievably boring and weak, they declare war on the kingdom, threatening to burn down their homes and lands, slaughtering the people and even make the king's daughters lose their innocence through forced and painful sexual ways without giving them their 'seeds' until they surrender him to them in addition in giving up their lands, wanting to make use of their 'gifts' to surpass their limits. Ka'Sen is then conflicted with having to fight his blood family to protect his adoptive loving land and his lover, personally knowing that his half-brothers are worst than demons whenever they fought and trying to spare them is next to impossible, rather kill themselves honorably than being given mercy.

This is just the beginning, there are more to tell after the conflict which led to others, involving fate and an outside source watching over their actions.
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