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Author Topic: The Eighth (Re-write)  (Read 868 times)

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The Eighth (Re-write)
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:11:54 AM »
So after sitting for a while, I decieded to start re-writing Bjorns story!

Chapter 1: Inevitable Prophecy
Dark smoke, dust and rain laden cloud created a dim filter, sheltering the Grand City of Tuhn from the glaring sun. The capital of eastern continent Galyaev on Nalis. Known once for its beautifully carved buildings made of crystal. The great city had never seen war for over two thousand years, not until I bought it to its doorstep during late drying season. Usually it would never rain during this time but today of all days it rained enough to flood the streets, extinguishing fires and carrying debris out of the city and into the ocean. As I walked, I tried to see where I went wrong over the past six months and the series of unfortunate events that happened following my actions against the lie that everyone had collaborated against me.

In those six months prior to the extermination of Tuhn, I had been imprisoned within an archaic spellbound box made of obsidian. It had been a long time coming but I could feel the spells that bound me weakening day by day. Enough so for me to break free and take revenge. The time in solitude I would never forget, but I had definitely forgotten the many years confined inside the box. All of my friends, those who I called family and my own flesh and blood conspired against me and locked me away.

Though, they presumed the bonds would last an eternity. Perhaps if they did not bury my vessel into the very source of my power, the earth that gives life to all. Slowly cracks began to creep over the archaic incantations covering the obsidian prison. I knew, soon I would be able to exact vengeance on those that betrayed me. Perhaps that would play directly into the hands of the prophecy, but a prophecy will always fulfil itself no matter what you do to delay the inevitable.

A moment in quiet reminiscence stopped abruptly as the last towering green translucent crystal structure fell in the boulevard district, throwing up finely ground particles in the air that could kill a powerless human being if they were caught in the cloud. The rain restricted my vision as I held my stomach, my injuries were no longer healing themselves like they were prior to this engagement.

Trudging through a small back street that still had its buildings intact, my silver boots now stained with mud that began to develop a red tinge. My blood I thought, it had been so long since I saw it last. Was it finally time to reclaim the earth I stood upon and give myself to the Golden One?

“No…” I spoke a loud, disagreeing with myself in the empty water logged street. I smirked, “Why would I speak out loud to myself.” I coughed catching the blood in my hand, I held it out as the rained filled my cupped hand, revealing my face that had been on the receiving end of a heavy brawl earlier in the day. My left eye had swollen and closed developing a large blue-purple bruise around it. Both my cheeks and my bottom lip had split and began to swell to match my eye. I sighed loudly and let the liquid fall between my fingers.

“So as to give away your hiding place, traitor.” A man whom once I called a brother yelled out in the distance. I heard the crunch of shattered crystal debris under boot fall as he descended from the sky landing behind me. His bleached white armour dull against the lightning flashing overhead.
“Jozea… I implore you.” I uttered, feeling the pain in my stomach spike I leaned over in pain almost tripping and falling into the mud. Blood dribbling down my chin.

“Implore me? To do what? Betray the others like you have?” Jozea cackled as he drew his broadsword. The razor sharp edges seems to shine from the hilt to the tip of the blade in the dim street unnaturally in unison with his eyes.

“Do not joke Bjorn you are the bringer of calamity, you are the one that was never supposed to be. I will destroy you here and this will be the end of the prophecy once and for all.” He began to pace himself faster than I could hobble with my injuries, soon coming to ten yards behind me.

“My destruction will only speed the process Jozea, will you not come to reason!?” Wiping the blood off my mouth I turned to face Jozea. His stare was far beyond seeing who I was, only seeing the catastrophe that was believed to emerge.

“You want me to reason with you and to delay your death? After all that you have done, your little tantrum massacred millions and destroyed valuable cities in my domain!” Jozea lifted his sword and pointed it toward me, raw hatred emanated from his glare.

“That was necessary to draw out the Golden One.” I stuttered as I summoned my long sword and shield, preparing for an attack. The last of my strength I had left I was prepared to defend against one blow and strike just once.

“The Golden One? He is just a fairy tale among people and us, he is just a myth.” He pulled his sword back and lowered himself into an offensive stance, preparing to attack.

“He is not a myth as he will unite us all, I am sick of all this fighting between us... brother.” I hoped that Jozea would see the light and remember his oath that all of us took from Ulrik with the utmost importance of upholding, for the protection of mankind and the universe.

“I’m sorry but, those words that drunk vomits onto parchment aren’t legitimate, even a child that knows no better wouldn’t believe them!” Jozea began to charge toward me with all his power. As I braced for impact, readying myself to deflect most of his energy, it was as if time slowed down.
“Life, or death Bjorn.” A voice of a girl called out from within the warm light that had appeared before me, it had obscured my sight of Jozea. I prepared myself to die on this day but, whether or not I obeyed the light I could possibly death would be an inevitable outcome.

“Life.” I managed to utter, before the light grew immensely, blinding me temporarily. I closed my eyes quickly and let the light fill me with warmth. Moments later I could hear no more rain, nor could I hear the crunch of broken crystal under Jozea’s boots as he was charging. Opening my eyes, I saw the orange glow of a low sun on a grassy field. Large buildings littered the horizon for as far as the eye could see, lights coming from most of the windows.

“I see, you chose life.” The girl's voice called out again. There she was, standing before me.
“Who are you? Friend or foe?” I asked loudly, holding my shield up and my sword ready losing my balance I stumbled backward a fews steps before being able to right myself. The girl giggled at my question.

“Who do you want me to be?” She asked, her short gold hair was only enhanced by the orange sun in the distance. Her white coat seemed overly large for her size as it flapped lazily in the soft breeze.

“Friend.” I said as I hoped that she was going to answer correctly. A moment passed as we both stared at eachother, my stance was gradually weakening as the small amount of time passed. My knees began to shiver as they tried to sustain my position.

“Yes, of course Bjorn. I am a friend to you.” She smiled as she walked closer, seeing her smile was almost addictive. The sun began to sink below the horizon, just as the lights from the structures in the distance evoked an otherworldly glow unlike fire or crystal.

“Wise choice on my part.” I whispered as I dropped to my knees, my armour and weapons had dissipated like dust in the wind. I felt no evil in the girl as I dropped my guard, holding the wound across my stomach I gritted my teeth.

“Very wise Bjorn, now rest please. I will take care of you… indefinitely.” She held my battered face gently, before I closed my un-swollen eye I saw her deep blue eyes staring into mine. A gaze that was extraordinarily assuring as I fell into a deep sleep.