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Author Topic: Healing That Binds (An Ace Attorney Fic)  (Read 3362 times)

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Healing That Binds (An Ace Attorney Fic)
« on: June 25, 2016, 08:46:01 AM »
So, I know I don't tend to post my writing here often, but the Wright-A-Thon just happens to have started today on the Pheonix Wright kinkmeme. I followed the anon rule there (although I hecked up with my first post :sure: and had to repost in anon, not to mention that the second time around I hecked up and didn't put my fic title so that might get confusing) and I ran across a lovely prompt.

Franziska/Adrian Fluff: with focus on (semi-spoiler) Franziska's bullet scar.

So, without further ado, here's the whole thing of that:

Healing That Binds
Morning sunlight filtered through the white windows of Adrian's humble apartment. The blonde would have sat up for a stretch, but a weight on her chest made her avoid doing so. She brought a hand up to gently brush through that feathery, soft, silver-blue hair with a faint smile tugging her lips.

Franziska looked so cute like this, curled onto her chest, face relaxed, and mouth ever so slightly ajar. It made her seem much more human than her strict, stiff, and often stressed wakeful self. Yes, she was certainly not the type to show her weaknesses much to anyone, let alone herself.

Perhaps that's why, then, the blonde mused tiredly, she never wanted to address the pursed, reddened, and toughened flesh that shly peaked out from the covers around her shoulder. Adrian couldn't really remember the details much of that day, just the shock of it.

The news was ablaze with the story. "Prosecutor Von Karma Shot!" The headline was reprinted almost everywhere, it seemed, and Adrian didn't hear about it until well after her trial, which amazed her with how the woman still barged into court to deliver the final evidence to finally decriminalize her.

That trial was a sore spot for both of them, although where Adrian had only her mental and emotional issues to cope with, Franziska had this physical scar to constantly remind her. The blonde's heart dropped every time she caught her small lover looking at it alone, the way he seemed so angry with it, and so frustrated with herself. She could sympathize, but she had no real way to help the other cope.

She figured for a moment that they must seem like an odd pair, as if opposites really did attract. Where she was used to covering weaknesses she admitted to, Franziska brazenly denied herself to even see her own sometimes, and in her arrogance made the worst mistakes. So far, Adrian had tried to open up the idea of letting go, and the progress was slow. Still, the suffering of that one case bound them.

Below her, the woman in question made something of a quiet moan, scrunching up her face slightly before groggily fluttering her eyes open.

"Ah, good morning, Franziska," the blonde smiled quietly, feeling the dryness in her throat, still tenderly fingering through that short, silvery hair.

"Good morning," she replied sheepishly, closing her blue eyes again and returning to that warm spot on Adrian's breast, reluctant to move much. For some reason, the almost childishness of the gesture reminded the blonde that the other was indeed a little younger than her, a fact she tended to forget under intellectual maturity and such a demand for authority.

Teasingly, Adrian placed a small kiss on the top of Franziska's forehead, causing the other to groan and meet cold blue eyes with warm brown. "Fool," the younger muttered, "You don't have to treat me like a child." In her tired state, her voice lacked the hard edge it usually held sharply.

"I know," the blonde replied, careful to skirt around that awakening ego, "But there really is nothing wrong with loosening up, just for a little while where no one can judge," she trailed off into a whisper. Disgruntled, the silvery-blue haired woman sat more upright, face contorting to her neutral expression, which looked more like a look of contempt to everyone else.

Propping herself on her elbows, Adrian continued her attempt to be soothing. "I know you feel like showing the slightest weakness, even if it's just to yourself, is difficult for you. You're used to being strong--the strongest--and it's not in you to show it." She leaned in carefully, gently grazing her lips along that scar, the one Franziska hated so, and pulled away to meet eyes once more. "Trust me, Franzi, I know a thing or two about self-loathing. You can hide it from yourself, but I can't let you keep doing that."

"Foolish--!" the younger snapped, flinching away at the touch against her skin's imperfection. Before her half-awake mind could come up with another word to finish her expression of anger, although it was probably just going to be "fool", the older put a finger to her cool, soft lips. "Please, don't pick a fight with me this early in the morning. I know I pretty much initiated it, but promise me you'll think about it."

This caught the other off guard. She averted her eyes and drew away slowly. "Fine," she sighed, carefully stretching her shoulders and back. The morning light caught the small scar, peeking through the strap of her blue nightgown.

For some reason, the blonde's hands worked on their own as she sat up, resting on the smaller's shoulders. Those blue eyes flickered back, jaw slightly tensed. Adrian offered a non-threatening smile. "Look, no matter what you think of yourself, you are strong and beautiful. Your strength isn't from lack of weakness--there's no such thing. It comes from your ability to overcome anything."

Franziska tsked and jerked her gaze away again, as if trying to hide the short flash of color that brushed over her cheeks and ears. Clearly, this was going to take more work, but Adrian was fine with that. She understood that the road to recovery was a long, winding, and slow one. With a deep breath, she decided that would be enough for now. Small steps.

She was looking at it again. Glaring, to be more precise.

Adrian stood idly in the doorway to the bathroom, and Franziska stood steel-faced in front of the mirror, blue eyes too focused on the raised and slightly discolored flesh on her shoulder to notice the other nearby.

Adrian wanted to say something, anything, in that moment to give some kind of solace to her lover, despite everything. That one mark on skin represented so much, and most of all it served to constantly remind the other of the one thing she could never stand in herself: imperfection. It served as the physical embodiment of her failures, of her pain, and of the woman she used to be. The weight of it caught the blonde’s words in her throat, rendering her unable to say much.

But she had to do something. The petite woman, so close to her, but so distant and off in thought presently, was suffering on a scale she’d never let show. It was personal, and she kept her ego close to defend such personal things. More than anyone, Adrian could understand that self-torment and self-loathing. It was how the two really first started bonding beyond friends. Her mind drifted to those memories.

A concerned look, a recommendation to a renowned psychologist, a favor, some time alone, and some hard realizations. Of course she was well aware that she had been taken advantage of back during Matt’s trial, and the shock and disappointment in that lead to their first unfriendly encounter after the prosecutor returned from her visit to Germany.

It was so strange, at the time, to see Franziska coming to terms with who and what she was, no doubt due in part by the stress of Miles Edgeworth’s absence. It pained her, and brought her to a fragile state as she was forced to reevaluate herself. To this day, Adrian still couldn’t explain what made her say it—the words that finally managed to crack the shedevil prosecutor who almost got her killed by pleading the fifth.

You know, you can keep being mad at yourself forever, or you can take that anger and use it to make yourself better than this.

Since then, it had been a difficult healing process, and perhaps made more complicated by having a relationship, and yet, it was that closeness and solidarity that Franziska had started to learn to let go. It even helped Adrian, and she couldn’t deny that. She had become less dependent on ideals, on the traits she admired, amplified, and mimicked. They had come a long way since then, but clearly, they still had a long way to go.

“How long have you been standing there?” Franziska asked, pulling Adrian back into the present.

“Oh,” the blonde gave a little start, “Not too long, I don’t think. I just got a little lost in thought.”

“I see,” the shorter sighed, averting her eyes. It was then that Adrian noticed that her partner had covered her scar with her hand, and that was the tipping point.

Adrian took a step forward, dropping some of her own guard to let the other feel in a safe space. “Franziska,” she started quietly, “It’s bothering you, isn’t it? The scar.”

As she expected, calling it by name gave it some power. The silvery-bluish haired woman before her winced ever so slightly at the word.

Slowly, the blonde reached to put her hand over the slender hand that covered the old wound. She could feel the other’s tension, but to her surprise, she didn’t pull away. Intense blue eyes met soft brown.

The taller took a half step forward, still careful with her body language so as to not put too much pressure on the shorter. “Does it hurt?” she asked, figuring she’d cover her bases, giving room for the other to talk, if she wanted to.

“No,” she replied relatively quickly, but dryly. It sounded like she had more to say, but it hung in the air hesitantly. Adrian let the silence fall, giving only a small, coaxing nod for the other to continue. After a shaky breath, Franziska finally let the mask fall.

“It just…reminds me so much of my foolish father,” she explained, much to the other’s surprise. “He, too, took a bullet to the shoulder over a trial, albeit for different reasons. When I see it, I can’t help but wonder if it’s Fate’s cruel way of punishing me for being too much like him.” Her words came coldly, in a similar manner to her matter-of-fact tone in the courtroom. She must have been blocking herself from feeling the emotions of it.

Adrian took a moment to process this. She hadn’t expected this whole new piece to the puzzle that was the inner workings of Franziska von Karma. After a moment’s deliberation, she took another half step closer, nearly chest-to-chest with the other.

“You won’t turn out like him,” the blonde said assuredly, feeling the shorter tense for a retort, but she continued, cutting her off. “You can see your mistakes now, and that’s not at all a bad thing. You can learn from them, and find your own way, and make it better than who you were before. You can define yourself, and you don’t have to use him to do it.”

Under her fingers, she felt a faint tremble shudder through the younger. She was getting to the heart of it, it seemed. Or rather, she was finally being allowed into the heart of things.

“Franziska, I’ve seen how you’ve been able to start turning your life around in this past year or so. You did that, all on your own. You’re taking a more painful path because you can fight your pride and win. That’s by far the strongest thing a person can do, and you’re doing it. You don’t have to beat yourself up for not getting it instantly; These changes don’t happen overnight.” She wasn’t exactly sure where these words kept pumping from, but she was glad for them.

“Besides…I’m here. You don’t have to face it alone.”

That finally did it. Franziska’s hand fell from her shoulder to her side, and she shifted her weight forward slightly to rest her head on the taller’s chest, letting out a shuddering breath. Instinctively, Adrian draped her arms around the other, pulling her in for support.

“I don’t understand,” the shorter said, voice quivering as she looked up to lock eyes again, betraying the faint glassiness that threatened to take over in them, “Why you of all people would have faith in me, after what I did…”

The blonde only smiled and began running her fingers through that soft, feathery hair once more. “Because,” she said softly, “I may not know exactly what’s going on in your head, but I’ve been in a place of hating how I acted and wanting to change. Because of that, I know it’s in you to do it. You may have done many wrongs before, but you offered me a small kindness after all that. So, if that scar is Fate’s punishment, then I guess I could be something of a Guardian Angel awakened, not that I’m ethereal or anything, but that if you’re willing to put the effort in, which I know you are, we can make this work. You may not see it now, Franziska, but you deserve to learn to love yourself, despite the current flaws you hate.”

For a long while after that, nothing else needed to be said, and the only sounds were those of uneven breathing induced by a quiet tear shed. Eventually, the petite woman’s breathing leveled out, and she gripped at the taller’s back, muttering only two words into her chest.

“Thank you.”

Feel free to comment/criticize/discuss and yada yada.

Just personally, though, I really enjoyed writing this, I guess because I relate to Adrian so much that you could almost say she was a self-insert in this for me. This kind of aspect in a relationship is something that's close to home for me, both as something I've lived through and something that I generally do. Maybe because of that personal nature I wanted to share it here so soon before I posted on an actual fanfiction website? I dunno. :noidea: Either way I'm gonna let that settle on the kinkmeme and here for a while before I move it over to
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Re: Healing That Binds (An Ace Attorney Fic)
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2017, 12:17:59 PM »
Loved it! Love anything AA! Might post my own AA fics on here...

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Re: Healing That Binds (An Ace Attorney Fic)
« Reply #2 on: March 17, 2017, 06:40:50 PM »
It'd be great to see the fanfiction thread a little more active, and I too love Ace Attorney with a passion. I'm glad you enjoyed this little fic. I'm not sure where it is at the moment, but you might also like to check out my ongoing fic Ginger and Bergamot. It's around here somewhere, I swear.
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