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Author Topic: Worst Characters in Anime  (Read 4189 times)

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Worst Characters in Anime
« on: March 14, 2016, 06:28:20 AM »
Hey guys, needing some ideas for a video. So what are your most hated characters or worst characters in a show you otherwise enjoyed? Can be a character thats just annoying or really poorly executed. Dont hold back, the more fierce the opinion the better! :P 

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Re: Worst Characters in Anime
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2016, 07:45:43 AM »
There is a big difference between characters you dislike and straight up awful characters. Some may list Shinji as a bad character when in reality he is one of the best anime characters ever, at least I think so. Also Makoto from School Days, he was made to me despised and did the job correctly. Plus he was a harem lead that actually had balls and used them, multiple times. Anyway my list of bad characters. I will try to be objective, but some of these are purely ones I really disliked. Let it be known I'm picking characters I disliked from any shows, even ones I strongly disliked such as Mirai Nikki.

Yuno Gasai. *Puke* Mediocre show made awful because of her and Yuuki. Both of them are genuinely terrible characters. I don't like any of the characters from that show expect for eye patch girl who was really cool.

Mello and Near (Death Note) where pretty horrible characters that pissed me off when I was watching the show. Near especially.

Origami (Date A Live)

Souma (Food Wars), definition of generic shounen lead in a show that started so promising. How to make the most boring protagonist imaginable, step #1 : have them NEVER lose.

Sakurako (Yuru Yuri). Bratty, annoying, immature one joke character. The show would've been so much better without her.
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Re: Worst Characters in Anime
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2016, 06:07:43 PM »
I absolutely hated Sasuke Uchiha  >:(

I didn't mind him being the edgy one of the group since I felt it contrasted well with how Naruto was always trying to one-up him, and that dynamic gave birth to some good moment between them

I'm talking about everything he did in the latter part of the first series and the rest of Shippuden. First, let me start off by saying this. Tobirama was right.

Way to prove his point, Sasuke.

>Hurr I'm gonna defect from the Hidden Leaf and join up with a mass murdering war criminal with literal rape labs established across the country

Great plan. As expected of an Uchiha.

>Lol I'm gonna kill Naruto while I'm at it

I mean, I'm glad you didn't, but it's still messed up how badly you beat him

>3 years later, run into Naruto and the gang again and try to kill them. Again.

Sasuga, Sasuke-kun

>Literally fighting hundreds of Hidden Leaf ninja while Orochimaru watches

Great, now you're definitely an enemy combatant. Why Sai didn't just kill you is a mystery to me now. You'd think someone who was in the ANBU wouldn't be swayed by sentimentality.

>Betray Orochimaru, make a team out of his experiments, kill Deidara, then finally kill Itachi

Great, now you can stop being an edgy little-

>Itachi was actually a good guy all along and saved Konoha from a civil war that would've weakened the country and gotten everyone killed

Okay, so now he can REALLY stop being edgy and carry on Itachi's will

>Taka only has one goal....DESTROY THE HIDDEN LEAF


>Joins the Akatsuki, an infamous group of elite ninja terrorists who later annihilate Konoha and want to put the world in the ninja equivalent of a Cold War era MAD situation to deter them from war

I actually quite understood the logic behind Pain's plan, and it's kind of what Naruto and Sasuke end up doing anyway in the end, but still. Now he's officially joined a criminal organization. Tobirama was right.

>Infiltrates the Kumogakure, tries to steal their tailed beast, was too stupid to conceal the Uchiha crest on the back of his shirt, now the Leaf and the Cloud could get into a war with each other because now everyone knows the Hidden Leaf let a dangerous, Uchiha rogue ninja roam free instead of killing him like they should've.

Damn it, Sasuke, why?

>Attacks the Five Kage Summit, officially making him an international criminal and making all five of the Great Nations hate him even more

Not to mention "Madara" declared war on all of them right after that. Great work Sasuke, now you definitely deserve to die

>Kill the interim Hokage (he was a dick anyway but still), try to kill Kakashi, almost kill Sakura, try to kill Naruto again


>Itachi comes back, clears things up with Naruto, runs into Sasuke, and now Sasuke suddenly has second thoughts

I actually loved this part, but it really shows that Sasuke has no idea what he's doing. Maybe that was the point?

>Lol he guys let's bring Orochimaru back and then sneak into Konoha while the military is away fighting the war and resurrect all their dead Kages.

I know this helped greatly but he still had the audacity to come back to Konoha after swearing to destroy it and massacre all of its inhabitants including Naruto. He spat all over the legacy of his own village because he's stuck in the same mindset people like Madara had in the (Ninja) Warring States era

>Then suddenly decides to join the battle and turn against Madara and Obito

It was nice to see Team 7 together again I guess...


Maybe we should've just put all the Uchiha in gas chambers

>Tries to kill Naruto again, they both blow their arms off in the process, and now he's all like LOL I REALLY LOVED YOU ALL ALONG BRO

Yeah, no. Burn in hell.

>Literally gets away with all of the above because Naruto has some weird and completely unjustified obsession with him that may or may not be sexual

They let this man get away with literal war crimes and giving aid to the people who are responsible for the deaths of thousands. What exactly did Naruto even say to all the Kage? Not even any prison time? Not to mention Orochimaru and Kabuto all got away with their war crimes and mass murder too.

I mean, for heaven's sake, Kabuto is allowed to run an orphanage filled with literal, living, Sharingan-armed weapons despite being a friggin' accomplice to everything that went down before and during the 4th Great Shinobi War. Why is anyone okay with just handing him living weapons?!

Naruto doesn't seem to care much about any of this either


I almost hate Naruto more for allowing all of this. I liked the show but hot damn, some of this stuff was just really silly and illogical. The fights kind of dulled when it just became the equivalent of hurling ninja nukes at each other instead of actual hand-to-hand combat like with Kakashi and Obito, or even some Genjutsu mind hacks with Itachi vs Sasuke

No one should ever be allowed to just get away with all of this. Not to mention they let him just roam about whenever he felt like it too. The guy immediately leaves the village to go travel anyway. He can travel!? He's not even prohibited from leaving the Leaf?

Bravo, Kishimoto. At least Kaguya was cute

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Re: Worst Characters in Anime
« Reply #3 on: March 29, 2016, 09:53:04 PM »
Asuna from SAO.

This girl was pretty awesome in the start, could fight on her own, she was more of a commander (like the mapping out scene) and I liked the side of her being the more serious one. Then once the show progressed she really diminished in terms of character and I began to hate her indefinitely. She should have stayed a strong female lead even with the romance. 
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