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Mangaraiders Artists' Anthology Discussion 2017

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So since the Writer's Anthology is being delayed, I thought we could talk about how we could get this done people. For now no plan for a release date or anything, but we need to think of how to get our own anthology published. Please discuss.

Please say if you are interested in joining on this. The Anthology is a non-profit collection of drawn manga from all skill sets, so long as there are complete one shots or first chapters of your stories.

We are looking for editors who know how to format these things. Please follow the guidelines as will be provided.

*discussions are underway so please discuss and look at this first post for updates and changes*

I will be posting updates on the actual editing process of the MRWA, and here is a sketch list and table of contents.

We are aiming for a 100ish page anthology

Participants, please keep in touch

No need for daily updates or anything but anyone shortlisted here please notify for any major page count changes, and be sure to notify us if you won't be able to submit a story after all so that we can prepare.

Release Date

As a preliminary date we're aiming for June 2016  as a release date for the anthology.  Right now we are looking for participants and editors (jeez lewise that was a typo or something)

Later half of 2017

Publishing plans
self-publish as an ebook to be distributed for free on the forum and other social media platforms

Important stuff

1 - Looking for Editors and the submission guidelines - Should it be A4 or A5? E.t.c
2 - Looking for Participants, and if you are joining keep us updated on your progress
3 -

Confirmed Manga and Authors

Killer B

20/100 Estimated pages reached

The Anthology: *link to be posted*

Anthology Staff

Editor and Proofreading (dialogue and spellcheck): legomaestro

Still needed

1- Submission guidelines and Editors

2-  Cover Art

3- Fun

Because the Writers' Anthology couldn't meet the January deadline and will be released in Summer it actually means we have time to consider an Artists' Anthology now!

So first things first:  I have no idea how to format pages to fit when printed without being cut out. Text is much easier for me to do but when it comes to printed pages I'm a complete amateur. Help on that front would be appreciated.

Is anyone interested in helping out on this on the administrative side?

Also, participants! This is a chance to get in the game. Please feel free to post. This is a community thing so whatever skill levels you have you are welcome to join in.

As far as I can see 100-120 pages is okay for an anthology so I think there's room for quite a bit of posts.

I'm volunteering as an editor in terms of seeing spelling and dialogue errors in submitted comics.

Killer B !!SAMA!!:
id like to join this count me in lego,this would be a wonderful experience for me on mangaraiders artist anthology 2016 and happy to make something for us too  :D

Welcome aboard then Killer B. A collaboration you mean? Haha that would be fun. I did do a collaboration for the other one as well anyways.

I think I'll update a list for people who are interested just to see how many entries to expect and stuff.

Killer B !!SAMA!!:
haah lets wait for others


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