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Author Topic: Devola's Stuff  (Read 16570 times)

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Re: Devola's Stuff
« Reply #360 on: Today at 08:35:04 PM »
Thanks man! Inspiration is fickle, it usually comes from music but the summer picture came from the heat of trying to draw in the middle of August haha.

Thanks, I still need to study metals and get better at rendering them in more detail but I do feel like I'm making progress!

Thanks again Walter  :clapping:

Here is the Knight's Brigade, the playable characters of the Knight's faction! I'll be following this up with a little forum game just for fun once I get more designs done!

From left to right:

The Ferromancer, an armored mage that battles by manipulating metals. Can support allies by reinforcing their armor or attack enemies with conjured swords and golems. Not much is known about the Ferromancer, other than the fact that he hides his identity and rarely ever speaks. He enjoys gambling and the smell of rust.

The Guardian, an unconventional knight that battles with his fists. Using his raw strength and imposing physique, the Guardian can deliver devastating blows and grapple his enemies to protect his allies. The Guardian is a veteran of many wars, when he speaks, his voice is commanding and reassuring. The Guardian enjoys training his body and delivering motivating speeches, even if they aren't needed.

The Forceblader, a peasant soldier given knighthood in times of desperation. The Forceblade is a double edged weapon that is dangerous to both it's wielder and it's foes. In battle, the Forceblader can charge and store kinetic energy when they strike enemies, and unleash the stored energy in a display of magnificent destruction. Because of her peasant background, the Forceblader enjoys sleeping on bales of hay and caring for horses.

The Wyrm Hunter, a ranged specialist rarely employed outside of dragon hunts. The Wyrm Hunter wields a Dragon Harpoon, a devastatingly powerful but inaccurate weapon to hunt their prey. Wyrm Hunters can calibrate their weapons to home in on enemies that they have acquired blood samples of, and become destructive artillery units once they have their mark. The Wyrm Hunter is the Forceblader's younger sister, she is rowdy and unrefined but cares deeply for her allies.