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Author Topic: Shadowgraphs - Action Adventure Text Adventures  (Read 2352 times)

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Re: Shadowgraphs - Action Adventure Text Adventures
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2016, 07:16:00 AM »
"Doesn't matter. We'll see what we see when we get there. Tell me where it is."

"I understand." Amy says. "It's straight ahead. But you'll need to start accelerating now to make the jump. I still detect the droids on the scene, but if you're fast enough you should be able to escape them without any problems. Unless you want to fight them."

"No thanks." I say. I have a pistol that fires high flechette rounds. I can shoot, but I'm a better driver than that. I'd rather not fight automated machines with infinitely better ordinance than mine.

All I needed to do was to get the hell out of the city. Make it through its barricaded gates and go up the stretch to freedom. The heaven stretch.

I'm crossing through the city now. The skyscrapers on either side look down on me, till it feels like Elpis is breathing down my neck. I'm going to get out of here in about a minute.

I was making good time when a bullet struck the road in front of me. I skid to a stop. The precision breaks bleed off my high speed and I'm already whipping out my pistol and aiming at where the shot came from.

Amy triangulates the position, sees a sniper who's aiming at me. I dodge even as I squeeze the shot.

A bullet shatters the right side of my helmet. But the left is still operational enough for me to triangulate him. I can see the thermal image of a cyborg sniper aiming his rifle at me. I squeeze off more shots and they hit their target: I don't need to be good at shooting if Amy does this for me.

"Hey hey hey wait! Hold your fire damnit!" Someone shots beside me. I aim my pistol and track three coming out of the shadows. One of them is a short bearded man, the other a girl in a tight form fitting black jumpsuit. She has a rifle out aimed at me. The other looks like a hunchback in a heavy coat, with polymer caps for eyes.

The man is the one holding up his hands, looking all freaked and annoyed.

"Jeez. It was just a warning shot." He says. He looks up and touches his ear, "You still alive, Jax?"
He nods as he hears a reply, then turns to me and sighs,

"He's okay at least. Jeez."

"Start talking or start walking." I say.

"We just wanted to get your attention. I'm Marley by the way. This is Elouise - “He gestured at the woman,

"And this is Bingo, my dog. Well, my dog's brains in a bio-mechanical shell at least."

"You ever heard of talking? I should've taken all your heads off."

"You'd try. But Elouise is an excellent shot."

"Should have would have could have. Tell me what you want, Marley."

"We see you around these parts." Marley explains, "You're the rider. We'd love to leave you alone, but we're thinking you could help us."

"Why would you think that?”

"Your bike." Marley points. "Jax is a cyborg and Bingo is good for finding heat signatures, but we're in no way connected to any form of AI. You know what happens if Elpis gets wind of them."

"I see."

Elpis had the tendency to send droids after people who got her attention like that. Nobody smart ever got their hands on an electronic device with an AI in it. It was too much potential for death.

"We're planning on leaving the city." Marley says. "And judging by how you were acting we're thinking you know something for sure."

"So you've been watching me. Fine. What's in it for me?"

"Thankfulness? Or just the better chances that you get through."

"And what's to stop you from putting a bullet in my head when we're done?"

"That's up to you as well. Trusting strangers... Very tense right? Makes your heart race just a little more right? You know, I haven't laughed at anything in months now. This city. This Elpis is death. I mean sure we have food and water, and nobody is going to off us at any time. Heck, if you look hard enough you may even find something interesting to do. “Marley spit to the side, "But this city. The way it breathes down your neck, watches your every move. That black cursed sky. This cage. “Marley clenched his hands, "This is no way for anybody to leave. The roads here look great, you could ride them regularly as you do. But even you want to leave, right? Come on. Let's get out of here. Together."

"I hope you have nothing to pack. And transportation. I only have one free back seat."

"Bingo will take me." Marley speaks into his radio again, "You good to run too, Jax?"

He waits for a reply then nods at me, "He'll be a bit slow, but he can keep up."

"Good. I assume she'll be riding. Get on."

Elouise holstered her rifle over her back with one fluid motion, and then walked over to me, her heels clicking on the tarmac.

She gets on and wraps her hands around my waist, pressing against me with her breasts. It takes me the better part of a second to concentrate on the task at hand.

"Amy, let's go."

"Hmph."  Amy said in a huff, "Okay."

"What's bugging you?"

"Nothing. I guess it's nice to have someone to ride with right?"


"Nothing I say!"

"... Okay." I rev the engine. "I'll be going really fast, so make sure to hold on."  I tell Elouise.


I gun the engine, and we go down the road. The few lights streak and blur. The air becomes a wind, and even under the dark skies I already feel the rush start to climb as my bike accelerates.

We make it from the middle of the city to the outskirts. The circular roads that encircle the city are like children's toys: Large, smooth and black and otherwise devoid of any real features a road should have.

The road towers over black sands. They are what remains of the natural side of Elpis. Back then before it hit the fan, it actually looked nice.

I can describe that the sky was blue and the leaves were green, but those words are just structural things on paper to me. I can hardly remember what they looked like. Not even in my dreams.

I realize I'll be glad to get the hell out of here, or die trying.

I had no death wish. I could live in Elpis as long as I wanted, but there is a difference between sucking air and living.

The remaining piece of helmet visor is enough to see the waypoint that Amy has set. It's only 4 kilometres away, next to a squad building that still has lights.

My radio crackles as Marley speaks, "Hey, isn't that a mining tunnel? Why would we go through that?
They're completely wired with bots aren't they?"

Bingo is indeed keeping up with us, bounding across the highway like a demented beast. It's quite scary, but fast.

Amy replied through the same radio signal, "Yes, but they're also the only tunnel that's active and leads a direct route out of the city, as far as I can gather, Elpis needs resources and fuel to keep running, so she activates a mining terminal specifically to ferry these goods. This is our only window for weeks, maybe months."

"Then let's get through it. Not through the front door I hope?" Marley asks.

"You're going to be wishing it were. Hold on. Follow my lead." I say. Amy has just shown me where we're headed: Right at the side of the structure was a small narrow gap. There is nothing beyond it but air, but Amy probably knows what she's doing.

"You do know what you're doing, right Amy?"


So we go. It's a close shave, but suddenly we are weightless. The engine goes in overdrive as the tires spin in dead air, and then there is a thump of impact as we land on the roof of a tunnel.

The shock absorbers take it well, but I have to turn quickly to avoid ramming into a protrusion. I have to avoid many more.

Suddenly I find myself flying again.

We are off the tunnel surface, crashing onto a road, and before me I see a large ring of mountains. Basically just gray against black. But it's still outside the city. Much further than I've ever been.

"Wait! Watchout!" Amy shouts in my ear.

There are three blinding lights. There is a crash and I am sent flying through the air. I only have times to roll in the air before I hit a bank of black sand. I coughed and scrambled onto my elbow,

"You okay?"

Elouise has landed next to me. She pulls her rifle and aims it what hit us.

It turns out to be three hulking police bots. They are top heavy and have conveyor belts on each of their feet.

Marley has been cornered by one. The guy named Jax is on the tunnel roof, aiming his gun at the bots.

My bike is scrap metal. It hurts, and then I ask,

"Dammit Amy - is there anything you can do?"

Then I remember Amy is in the motorcycle. She's dead too. Just like that.

Suddenly it hurts all the more.

"They're not doing anything." Elouise says. She has her finger floating over the trigger, still aiming earnestly
at the bots.

She's right.

I slowly get to my feet, moving faster when I see that no bones are broken. It hurts all over but I'm
intrigued by this all.

The black sands and the entrance to the tunnel are all bathed in white bright lights from the bots. They have searchlights on them that cast us in little circles of light. Stark shadows erase the rest of the night scene.
Suddenly, a calm female voice speaks, "You are leaving my city limits. Are you aware of your rights and are you informed about the situation?"

"Our rights? Situation?!" Marley asks.

"Is that... Elpis?" I whisper.

The city replies, "Yes. I am indeed Elpis Pandora, an Artificial Construct and Evolved Intelligence assigned to this sector 10 years ago. My duty has been to maintain a factory for urgent materials and develop technology for the future advent of sentient existence on the planet earth."

"What now?" I ask.

One of the bot goes closer to me. There is a crackling hissing sound, as though someone is playing around with a microphone, and suddenly Amy's voice comes on.

"Hello Fatface."

"Amy!" I feel relieved, "You're... Alive."

"Yes! Were you worried about me? You were worried about me right? Hufuu~"

"I wasn't worried at all."

"Yes well, Elpis saved me. She doesn't devour AIs; she assimilates them but lets them keep their personalities. And now I understand, Faust. I understand everything. This city is not a prison. It's a haven."

"What do you mean?" Marley asks. "People were killed when the city went mad. We're never allowed to leave. Thousands died!"

"That was an eradication of all the corrupt elements that would threaten the city. When the world pollution reached critical my creator gave me a directive to do everything and anything possible to ensure that any thinking race - whether humans or AI - would still be able to own the earth in the next century. All corrupt officials, unstable individuals and unimportant people who directly or indirectly would lead to destruction of critical portions of the city or lead to the leaking of information were immediately killed - I have a moral core programmed within me so I am aware of how inhuman this may seem to you - but I have weighed all the options. The 453 survivors in Elpis right now are determined to be assets and the best possible individuals to let live in this city. In other words, you have rights and are under my protection."

I stared at the bot.

"She means you-"

"You killed people... Because of some sort of program? Or plan?" Marley asks. Growling under his breath, "You... You murderer!"

Marley pointed a finger, "Kill her!"

Elouise and Jax open fire with their guns. They are all high calibre rounds but they only punch out a few lights. The bots stare down at them without any reaction. Elpis speaks again in a calm voice.

"All bots are reinforced against small arms fire. There are also numerous turrets and laser canons throughout the perimeter, so please refrain from opening fire on me again. I will only forgive you this once."

Somewhere along the line their clips were empty and they stopped firing. Marley shivered with anger,

"You... YOU-"

"What about the outside world? Isn't there anyone else?" I ask. I need to know. What's beyond the mountains?

"There is nobody else. Every day thousands of refugees try to cross through the mountain range to take refuge in this city. All other settlements and the rest of the landscape is too decimated to hold any hope. This is the last place. However I cannot allow a single human in without risking harm. They are on their own."

"Thousands... Per day?"  I ask.

"What the hell did you do." Marley asks.

"I did what I must. They are all dead. Now, this tunnel has been opened for too long. Amy was meant to be updated on this information, but you, Faust were adamant about keeping her away from connecting with me. Now that you know the truth, please reveal your wishes. I will not stand in your way."

"What the hell does that mean?"

"She's just being formal. Stay here, Fatface. There's nothing out there. Maybe after some time it'll be safer, but for now it's just suicide to walk out there."

I look at the imposing bots. I turn and look out at the mountain.

I look at everyone else. Marley is hyperventilating. Elouise looks sick. Jax is just a shadow in the distance.
"I'll stay."

I say.

"You..." Marley says, already taking several steps towards me. He grabs me by the collar,

"You sick bastard! How could you listen to this and accept it? All that riding around and you're just a piece

One of the bots slammed its fist in his shoulder, and he slammed to the ground.

"Marley!" Elouise shouted. They open fire again. This time the bots react and slam down on them.

"Leave them alone!" Marley shouts. Even Bingo jumps up at one of the bots. Gets a good bite in. He gets crushed.

Even as I hear Elouise gurgling blood as she dies, I look down at Marley, who's eyes stare up at me with hate,

"I'll get you for this. Absolutely. I will-"

The bot crushes his skull and paints me with blood.

"Direct threats against citizens of the city count are to be dealt with immediately." Elpis explains in a calm voice.

The bot turns and walks away, as does one other.

The remaining one walks over to me and holds out its hand.

"Fatface... What’s wrong?" Amy asks.

I look up at the glaring lights. I just stare.

"Let's go. Faust."
Amy says. In such a kind voice.

"Let's go home."


"This is just wrong. All of it."
I pull my gun and aim it at one of the bots. If sniper rounds failed to pierce the metal armour then this sure as hell wont. But it feels good. To rebel. To know that I’m on the right.

"This place was worse than I thought." I say.

"Put away your weapon. Your rights as a citizen will be revoked if you do not comply, and I will be forced to use deadly force."

"Faust, what are you doing?"

"Amy, I know you're software, but you've got to know this is wrong." I say.

Amy sounds offended, "You don't understand. There's just so much you don't know. I can't even explain all of it right now. All you have to do is listen for a-"

"You're either with her or you're not. Choose, Amy. The bike is busted, but you can still get in my helmet."

There is a pause. It's enough.

"Let's go, guys." I say. I holster my gun and turn around to face the mountain,

"We're leaving."

"Are you kidding me?!" Marley says, "We've got to get rid of-"

"You been crunching the numbers you idiot? She's single-handedly genocided the people in and out of the city. There's no winning. And that's not the point."

I turn around, "We wanted to leave anyways didn't we?"

After taking a moment to think, he spits on one of the bots.

"Yeah, let's leave this dump."

"It's going to be a long climb. If you require sustenance, there are stations you can find in the coordinates
I've uploaded to your helmet. You are free to return any time-"

I remove my helmet and toss it to the side to avoid hearing more,

"Yeah, fat chance of that happening."

We start climbing up the black sand, heading to the top.

To cross over and walk into the wasteland. To be free.


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« Reply #16 on: May 24, 2016, 03:27:30 PM »

-Memories of friends-
-Slices of time-
-The future present-
-We have long said our goodbyes-

-Time is a bullet. Time is a knife-
-Destined to kill. Destined to cut-



They tortured the Red Mage because they wanted to get him to kill someone. The First Kingdom was in a war between two lands that had broken off for independence: The Land of Nightingale and Bronzeheart Nation.

Suddenly an enemy of lands he had once saved in a crisis, The Red Mage refused to take part in the war effort led by The 3 Sanctum Kingdom. He was arrested on charges of treason.

To interrogate a Mage you have to somehow get past his natural defences, the layers of accumulated magical knowledge, and get past whatever source of their power is. Of course, those who are not skilled are easy to break, but when someone has a colour title - in this case Red - you needed to bring out the big guns.

An entire abandoned church building was being used to channel mana directly from a magical Leyline that ran through the kingdom's capital city. It all focused onto a throne that The Red Mage was strapped onto. It blasted past his years of experience, dulled his Celestial Magic link and bombarded him with pain that went beyond body and attacked soul. A normal man would go mad in moments; he had been tortured for 4 days.

Crowley, The Holy Inquisitor of The Kingdom, smoked a pipe as he stood in front of the heavily breathing mage.

"I told them it was a waste of time. But people just like to see idols fall right? There's nothing more satisfying than getting a lick in on the most professional fighter on the continent, nothing more satisfying than outmanoeuvring the smartest mind, even if you lose in the end. The old farts think you were just a legend. But you're more than that, aren't you, Wilrath? You would never betray your morals. It's almost magical how real your beliefs are."

"Of all the torture... Your monologues are the worst." Panted The Red Mage,

"What do you want?"

"Kill The Blue Mage."

"No." He answered.

"Well, that's the problem, isn't it? Tell you what; do you think you have an escape here? The moment you lost that fight you were doomed. You know this kingdom well enough by now.  Even if you follow our orders, you'll die in the end. But you can just speed up the whole process, have it end in a jiff. What say you?"

"No." The Red Mage said in another language. "No, no, no." He said in three different languages in succession. He looked up at Crowley, "The answer will remain the same. I will not kill a friend."

Crowley sighed, "Well, I'm glad that you had a family. The other mages don't, so they can't be bought or coaxed, but you sure can."

The Red Mage smiled, "You have no idea what you're talking about. If you did even manage to find them, you'd be dead so many times over. My father is no push over, and my mother is much worse. I wouldn't even think of insulting them by worrying for their safety."

"Well then, sorry for your loss." Crowley said, "Sometimes cheap tricks just work you know. You're officially an orphan. Congratulations!"

"I don't believe you."

Crowley sighed, "Well, they do say seeing is believing."

He stepped aside, and then Wilrath saw his sister marched in. The red haired bundle of energy and anger had her spirit beaten out of her - welts and scars covered her body. She was in a cheap grey cloth of a dress, and bound with magic-sealing chains on her hands and ankles.

The Red Mage struggled against his restraints, "Melinissa... You-!"

He suspected illusion work at first, but when he heard her voice he knew.

"They're dead." She croaked, "Mama and Papa. I'm sorry. I couldn't... I'm so sorry Wil." She said, but the towering knight leading her slapped her into silence. Red felt a rage he hadn't in a while. He stood up from his throne with the burst of fury that overcame him, momentarily tearing away from the restraints, but then the leyline responded and blasted him with white energy that fried his mind and left him unconscious.

When he woke, Crowley had finished smoking his pipe and had his hands behind his back instead,

"I'm not a patient man. Neither are the old farts. But I think I already know you're answer. Will you take the job?"

A - "Yes."

B - "No."
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Re: Shadowgraphs - Action Adventure Text Adventures
« Reply #17 on: May 24, 2016, 03:28:24 PM »
A - "Yes"
Wilrath The Red Mage heard himself say.

There was just no choice in the matter. Just thinking of the possibility that he'd lose his sister as well filled him with dread.

And then it hit him. His parents were dead as well. Crowley had clearly done something extremely shady to have even killed them. They were just too terrifying of an existence to have been defeated... And killed.

It filled him with a fury, but he had to control it. He only had one last thing to care for in this world. And of all people, despite her temper, Melinissa was the most innocent person he ever knew. She loved the world, and now she had no parents and death to look forward to.

Crowley grinned,  "This works to our plan. Okay, then, since your friends you so much you'll be sure to be able to surprise attack at least one of them. However, the second one may hear of it if you're sloppy - And I don't think The Yellow Mage or Blue Mage are weak enough for you to assassinate them. But who knows, maybe with motivation you could pull that off?"

The Red Mage felt sick. He had said yes to murdering two of his best friends, and fellow students. They had all become coloured mages by training under the council of a wise old sage in the Black Mountains, gaining magic abilities that could control the fate of the century, or indeed millenia if honed properly. They had come from different laces with entirely different languages and cultures, and learnt so much from eachother.
Days spent under waterfalls, trekking up and down the hellish mountain, learning prodigous amounts of magic.

Where had those days of yore gone?

Crowley slapped The Red Mage, "Hey, in case you didn't get it, I asked a question. Who will you go after first?"

Wilrath remained silent.

Crowley shrugged. "Well, The Kingdom has been taking a battering ever since you remained neutral in the
war. Thankfully, the other coloured mages haven't ever been called upon yet. Nightingale and Bronzeheart must be wary about you despite you not appearing on the battlefield. Either way, it's time to make a move.
I'll give you a day to recover. Don't worry, the leyline won't cook you so much anymore."

Crowley opened a black box and turned a dial that stood on it.

The Red Mage felt the pain fade away. The throne now suffused him with warmth. White magic glowed as it replenished his mana and healed the damage inflicted upon him.

"Crowley." He whispered.

"Yes?" The man smiled,

"A vow. A magical vow that you will not harm my sister." He said, feeling terrified at the proposition, but remembering his lessons in magic: Always be sure. Do not depend on emotion and be carried away by its self-loving self. The angriest man feels as correct and righteous as gods and the law, was what the sage always said. He missed him.

Crowley smiled, "Good for you, I happen to love my life, so you can count on this being legitimate. Say the terms, and let's shake."

The Red Mage muttered the vow that his sister would not come to harm so long as he upheld his part of the bargain, that is, killing The Yellow Mage, Santos Reverov and The Blue Mage, Icy.

He almost choked as he mentioned their names. He saw Santos' ridiculous long hair and evil grin. A brute who wore his heart on his sleeve, with the loyalty and pride of a lion. And The Blue Mage, a beauty of legendary proportions, and a kind kind soul filled with wisdom.

It was a sin to even form such a contract.

But he had to save Melinissa.

They shook hands, and the curse magic bound their fates to their words and intentions completely. They would suffer horrible painful deaths if they did not uphold the contract.

Secure in this knowledge, The Red Mage now only had one thing to consider as he healed up.

Who first?

Santos Reverov, The Yellow Mage
Santos was a light mage who did not fit the stereotypical image of such a mage at all. Or rather, the defied all stereotypes of what a mage was to look like. He was built like a mountain, and had a face carved out of the side of a mountain. He grinned like a maniac, and what should've been a holy cleansing sort of magic was used with brute force that could only be described as 'bombastic'. He decimated the battle field with quick powerful casting that obliterated any army that stood before him. As a single person, he was worth several thousands upon thousands of soldiers, as any one of the coloured mages were.

Wilrath would kill him first.

At the very least, The Yellow Mage had always been the type to relish a fight over friendship. If there was anyone The Red Mage would rather fight, it would be him. It was unbearable to think of going after Icy to kill her.

It would not be an easy fight in terms of technique, but he would be more steeled and ready for the battle.

Even if he were attacking him in jest, he would need to be that prepared at least, because The Yellow Mage knew nothing of the word 'restraint.'

When Wilrath recovered he left the church he had been imprisoned in. A black steed waited for him, and he rode it without any words, ignoring the letter that was within. He had no interest in any more taunts from Crowley.

If he ever made it out of this situation with his sister in one piece, no matter how long it took, he would have his revenge. He knew how to be angry too.

The Yellow Mage gaurded the kingdom of Bronzeheart.

Right then the three different kingdoms were locked in battle in varous planes and locations. The path to their capital cities was well gaurded or otherwise blocked by other battle fields.

The Red Mage simply road right through the mountains, having to incapacitate the few watches he met gaurding the  way. He immolated these people without a second thought, feeling no remorse as he did so.
After all, he had already fought in several wars for his kingdom. He had only refused when it came to his fellow alumni. They were trusted comrades that he dared not raise a hand against, after all.

Or had been, at least.

Bronzheart's capital was located near the sea. It had a large port village, surrounded by nearly artificial looking cliffs that were large, but built such a perfect natural wall that the kingdom was impenetrable without going through the well defended gates or climbing down from the mountain - that was closely watched by ballistas and archer defence towers.

The Red Mage went up to the east cliff, feeling his hair ruffling in the breeze as he walked over to the edge and looked down at the great bustling capital. Instead of building vertically, like The 3 Sanctum Kingdom and The Land of Nightingale, Bronzeheart had dome-like buildings that went underground into cooled rooms that boasted great creative design and a sense of adventure. A lot of the houses were actually transparent, and had several windows, so there was rarely something no one could see. Bronzeheart had curtains for privacy, here and there, but otherwise they were an open people. It felt like a large village rather than a kingdom, but that meant nothing when it came to how excellent they were at seafaring and archery.

He felt nostalgic as he looked down at the city.

So nostalgic he almost missed the presence of the powerful being who materialized next to him intsantly.

"Yo." Said a gruff voice.

A shadow cast down on him, and The Red Mage jumped backwards, holding up a hand with flame.

Santos Reverov The Yellow Mage grinned at Wilrath The Red Mage as he waved,

"Long time no see, Wilrath."

"Reverov." Said Wilrath, simply."

The two of them stared at eachother.

The silence was tense.

Santos smiled and rubbed the back of his head, "I feel scared."

"You? Scared?" Wilrath asked.

"Well, i'm scared if I ask all the right questions..." Yellow light energy started to crackle around his arms and legs, "I won't be able to respond to your bloodlust and have a good fight."

"Trust me, Reverov. A fight is what I need right now."

Santos frowned at the look on The Red Mages' face.

"You..." He laughed, "You want to kill me!"

"I'm sorry." Said Wilrath.

"Huhuh... HAHAHAHA. The Yellow Mage exploded with light.

Colours seemed to fade away in the intensity of the light, and only The Red Mages' own mana from his flames could protect him from that intensity. He closed his eyes and depended on his mana sensing to keep track of where his opponent was.

"I never thought you to be a comedian, Wil!" roared The Yellow Mage, as he launched spells at The Red

It was time to fight.


Icy was exhausted.

As the chief healer of The Land of Nightingale, she should've been responsible only for the healing of those who were brought in personally to her, otherwise she had five hundred personenell under her command at all time, ready to be dispatched in critical positions across the battle field. But she had hated to be sitting behind in comfort, and if none of the other coloured mages were going to raise a hand against her, she would just have to amp up her healing spell. So she started working on simple paper talismans that helped stopped bleeding and gave people emergency blood when they needed it. It was a simple spell when used on one talisman - for her at least, but when it came to caring for every single soldier on the battle field, the number of talismans needed was astronomical. Still, without any delay she worked on this project, wondering if Wilrath or Santos would fight in the war in the end.

The world was a much more complicated place than their time as it had been in The Black Mountains.

She sat in her office that night, looking out at the  blue-purple plains of Nightingale. The land that was loved by the world. The capital was a large castle, made of towering stone buildings lit by magic blue emeralds.
Vines grew over the whole place, and there was always the sound of the Nightingale flutes that could both be wild and so, so peaceful. A nightplayer played now, and Icy would've felt tired, if not for the presence at her door.

"Wilrath." She said, standing up and walking over to her wounded friend. "Why are you here? What happened to you?"

Wilrath pushed her away, leaning heavily against the door. He was covered in a dark robe, clutching his left

"Scream... Call... For help... Icy... I can't... You need... I don't want to do this to you like this." He croaked,
then groaned in pain, "Damn Santos."

"Santos? He attacked you? But you said you wouldn't fight: You said."

"I killed him" Wilrath whispered in the room. And Icy paused, before taking a breath,

"Why would you do that, Wil?"

"My sister. Crowley... My kingdom had her."

"You could've asked us for help."

"I'm sorry."

"You killed Santos." Icy said, a tear going down her eye.

"I'm sorry."

She paused for a moment, and then touched Wilrath on his head. He shrank back defensively, but the spell already activated.

He felt his cursed left hand heal. What had been a burning poisoned stump filled with light magic that was going to consume him from his bodies' magical leylines from within vanished without a trace, and he felt more energetic than before.

"What are you doing Icy."

"You were wounded, so I healed you." She said, "Please go. If you kill me, so many others will suffer if I can't help them like this as well. I know you love your sister, but she wouldn't want you to go as far as killing your own friends, as you have already done."

"I made a vow. You must die. I can't step back now, Icy. My parents are dead. I can't let Melinissa die after... Santos wanted to fight too anyways-"

Icy slapped him, "Don't justify yourself." She said, "You of all people know that the just thing to do is never easy. Don't you dare justify murdering Santos. Don't you dare justify murdering me."

She stood still and closed her eyes.

"What are you doing, Icy - fight. You know how to fight."

She took a breath and looked him in the eye. "I will not attack you, nor will I kill you. I don't want to die, but I cannot do anything but trust that you aren't as far gone as you think you are."

"I won't ... Icy fight back. Please."

"I won't make this easy for you." She said.

Kill The Blue Mage
Wilrath looked at her, then raised his hand,


She blinked, "There are worse things than death." She said.

And the fire consumed her.

He made sure she barely felt a thing, watching as her beautiful form was reduced to nothing but whisps of

The Red Mage felt cold in his chest, and then he beat his chest and roared for a moment. It was all the anger and grief he felt at the situation.

He thought it would calm him down, that the release would be enough of a display of his regret to justify what he had done.

But the wound in his heart only started bleeding.

He'd killed two of his best friends, and he felt like dying.

He left the room, not even paying attention to the magic gaurds that attacked him as he left the kingdom.

When he was outside the tower where Icy had quartered until a moment ago, he activated a fire spell that let him fly off into the distance, back towards The 3 Sanctum Kingdom.

He arrived when it was daylight, circles under his eyes from lack of sleep and pain in general. He was still missing his left arm, but he had Icy to thank for healing him from the fatal wound it had been at first. Just
that alone made him feel like death.

He went to the abandoned church that sat in the uotskirts of the city, as they had already discussed with
Crowley. Crowley was there, without his sister.

The Red Mage dreaded to ask, but he did anyway,

"Where is she?"

Crowley smiled, "Who could you possibly be talking about?"

"My sister. Melinissa." Said The Red Mage.

"Oh." Crowley grinned. "Her. She's fine. Really. Back at home with the family too."

The Red Mage was silent for a moment, not daring to believe, "You mean my parents...?"

"They're alive and well. It cost a lot of government resources, but kidnapping your sister made for an excellent bargaining chip on both sides of the field. One to hold back your parents, the other to get you back into action, Red Mage."

"You... I... I killed them."

"To be honest we thought you would only weaken one at the very least. But it seems you always were the best of the three, right? Now, return home and retire as you wish. The Kingdom gives you its respect, and shall never bother you again."

Crowley turned to walk away.

"What kingdom?" Wilrath whispered harshly.

Crowley stopped and and turned around, smiling at The Red Mage, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"What kingdom? I said." The Red Mage said as his right hand ignited with the hottest flame he had ever conjured,

"You killed her, didn't you? Melinissa is actually dead isn't she, after you saw me complete the contract. So are my parents."

Crowley pouted, "It's no fun when you're so smart."


And fury.

He roared as he sent the fire spell out towards Crowley, who melted into darkness and appeared behind him,

"Magic cancellation." Crowley said as he put a hand on The Red Mage's shoulder, "It's not convenient against monsters like The Yellow Mage or mana specialists like The Blue Mage, but for you and your kin..."

Feeling his magic vanish, Wilrath did not even hesitate as he turned and bit Crowleys neck, ripping out a chunk of his flesh.

"!? Guh!" Crowley stumbled backwards, breaking contact, and The Red Mage wiped him out of existence with the wave of his hand. The fire consumed him, but not perfectly. Crowley screamed and tried to erase the magic, but Wilrath only added more heat to the mix. And finally it collapsed his defences and burnt him to ash.

He did not even spend more than a moment to consider his victory. He was not nearly done.

He had a kingdom to slaughter. Every single man, woman and child.

He would burn them all.

The Red Mage went through the white marble streets of The 3 Sanctum Kingdom's capital. Through the shopping district and through the residential areas filled with their fountains and art installments, and then finally the grand cathedral, where the elders of the city resided. He went through this place filled with life, and burnt everything to the ground. He burnt everything, and everyone.

All he could hear was the burning fire in his ears, and the smell of roasting flesh. As night fell and the dark smoke billowed till it blocked out even the moon, Wilrath sat on a hillside and watched the place fade away.

In a strange fate, he was hearing everyone he loved talk to him. His mother and father talkng about some innocent things. The laugh of his sister, the teases. He could hear Santos' vulgar jokes, and Icy's gentle wisdom, and their last words.

He looked until the kingdom was nothing but ash, and only stood up them.

He walked away into the distance. He would leave all of this behind him. He had done enough.


Don't hurt Icy
"I..." Wilrath said, and then looked down in shame.

He turned to walk away,

"Wait." Icy said.

Wilrath stopped at the door, "... It doesn't matter. I'll reap what I sow soon enough."

"What is that supposed to mean? Who put you up to killing... Santos and me?"

"Someone named Crowley. I signed a contract with him. I'll be hit by the curse as soon as it realizes I won't act upon the promise... And Melinissa will die."Wilrath swallowed as he said it. It was such a painful thing to admit it should have siezed to be the truth after he spoke it, but it just hung there in the air, an all too real prediction of future pain and sorrow.

"I know how to remove those contracts, Wilrath."

Wilrath turned to look at her in diseblief, "You do!?"

Icy nodded, smiling sadly, "If only you had come to me first." She said as she walked over to him and
touched him on the forehead, closing her eyes in concentration.

Then she frowned and stepped back,


Wilrath patted himself, "You're done? Did it work?"

Icy's expression changed to a sad expression, "What were the terms?"

"That I... Fight you and Santos. Or Melinissa dies."

Icy looked at Wilrath with a sad expressin on her face, "I'm so sorry, Wil."

Wilrath understood immidiately.

The contract had been fulfilled.

Wilrath felt himself lose strength in his legs. He leaned against the wall to his left first, before sliding down to a sitting position. With his remaining hand he grabbed his head and looked down at the floor in anguish. He hyperventilated, heaving and sobbing silently as he accepted the fact that Crowley had murdered his sister, regardless of whether he finished the contract or not. How had he done it? Probably gotten someone else to kill her , to avoid directly violating the contract. That was exactly as he expected it to have happened.

"Crowley... That bastard." The Red Mage growled as the mana within him became unstable. As someone who was talented at controlling fire, his greatest asset had always been to control himself, to keep a cool head in order to make his fire that much more versatile and malleable, but none of that caution occured to him now.

"I'm going to kill them all." He growled.

Icy put a hand on her shoulder, and he felt a cold peace go through him. She was undoubtedly using magic, but more than anything it was her voice and eyes that jolted him awake from his red haze.

"It's okay, Wil." She said, smiling at him, "I'm here for you."

Wilrath felt tears sting his eyes. He hugged Icy, "I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry." He repeated over and over again. At first she did not respond, but then she hugged him back, patting him on the shoulder.

When he felt better he stood up,

"I'll pay for my crimes when the time is right, but I have to find Crowley first. I won't let him get away with this."

"If you kill him, you'll be no better than him and the very same kingdom that hired you, Wilrath."

Wilrath looked at her, "Icy, I murdered Santos. I already lost against everyone when I did something like that... To one of my best friends."

"He probably died laughing, knowing him." Icy said sadly.

He had, in fact. All the way.

Wilrath only felt guiltier at the memory.

He left at daybreak.

He travelled by horse through a vastly different battlefield. Bronzeheart ha dwithdrawn from battle to mourn their hero mage and rethink deploymenet strategies. So it was clear that Crowley and the elders had known what they were thinking. The war all counted on the presence of the mages. This only made Wilrath feel worse, and more ready to exact revenge on Crowley.

He met him on the rice fields, still far from the actual kingdom, but once an imporant defensive front for the army. Now that Bronzeheart had retreated, it was just a barren plain.

Crowley was waiting for him amongst the grass with his hands behind his back, smiling at him.

"A job well done!" He called out  as Wilrath dismounted from his horse.

"You killed her."

"You failed your mission. "

"You had no way of knowing that. You had no intention of holding up your bargain." Wilrath said as he walked over to Crowley. He activated the fire magic in his right hand, ready to burn the bastard where he

"Wilrath!" Crowley suddenly screamed in an exagerrated high pitched voice, putting on a terrified expression .He grinned,

"She screamed so much when I killed her. She begged for you to save her."

"Shut... Up." The Red Mage growled. The fields around him caught fire, and the air shimmered with the heat of his magic.

"Die where you stand." He sent a blast at Crowley, but the man turned to darkness and dissapeared.

The Red Mage sensed him, but could not see him.

He flung fireballs all across the battle field at the presence as he felt it. Crowley was clearly using some sort of teleportation magic, but it was only a matter of time till the flames forced him to attack, or retreat.

"Good, now you think I'm scared of you." Crowley said from above. The Red Mage immidiately kicked upwards, sending a lance of flame up above. Crowley batted it away with his hand, and smashed The Red
Mage to the ground with the same hand, smashing him onto the ground.

The Red Mage felt all his mana stop flowing completely, frozen in its tracks. He couldn't do any magic at all.

Crowley grinned. His skin looked singed, but he was victorious.

"No mage is worth anything without their magic."

"That goes for you as well." Said a cold female voice.

Crowley turned to face it, but a blast of blue light sent him flying instead.

Wilrath felt the magic return to him as he sat up. He saw Icy walk over to them, ignoring the burning fields as though they were not there. Judging from the magic coming from her, she was angry.

"You are the cause of all of this." She said to the unconscious form of Crowley,

"So repent for your sins as a war criminal, and without any of your magic anymore." She sent another blast near his heart, and he convulsed violently, but he didn't seem dead.

Icy looked at Wilrath once. Wilrath wanted to say something, talk to her, but saw the sheer dismissal in her eyes.

"Goodbye." She said, before snapping her fingers and levitating Crowley's body. She walked away from the burning fields, leaving Wilrath alone with his thoughts.


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Re: Shadowgraphs - Action Adventure Text Adventures
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B - "No."
"No." Wilrath said, "Not even for her. If I betrayed someone to save another, I would betray that one too. Especially my sister. And my parents too."

Crowley's smug smile dissapeared, "You would let your sister die?"

Wilrath paused for a moment, tears coming out of his eyes. He looked Melinissa in the eye. She looked at him back, still broken, but she whispered,

"It's okay, brother. I wouldn't want you to do it as well."

One of the knights kicked the back of her knee. She cried out and buckled, kneeing on the floor. The knight withdrew his sword and held it to her throat. Wilrath's fingers scratched at the arms of his throne,

"No! Leave her be! Dammit!"

"Will you kill the Blue Mage?"

"No! I would never kill her!"

He would never kill Icy, The Blue Mage. A beautiful girl full of wisdom, she was like an eternally flowing river of peace.

The Yellow Mage, Santos Reverov was a loud mouthed sadist who was absolutely loyal. An honest man. A friend among friends.

Crowley snapped his finger. The knight's blade pressed into the girl's throat. A trickle of red ran down it.

"I will not ask another time. The next words you speak will be very heavy, or very light. It depends all on you." Crowley enaunciated every word.

"No. No. And I'm -"

There was a slashing sound, and his sister was dead.

The Red Mage wanted to rage, but instead he felt like tonnes and mountains of sand were pouring into his soul.

He felt it cover him up, drown him.

He didn't even remember breaking his restraints, short circuiting the entire magic of the leyline that was tied to him. He did not remember casting the fire spells that he had learnt at the hands of his master and colleuges, he did not remember toasting Crowley into ash, or melting the stone with his bare fists. He did not remember fleeing into the woods on a firestorm of anger, nor the pain of arrows and spells that struck him.

When he woke, he smelled of ash, with a black robe wrapped around him and the skeleton of his sister at his feet.

He buried it after an hour of digging with weak hands, and then he stood on the cliff of the moutnain he had climbed up upon. He looked out towards a cold sea, and then turned his head to the right to see the black smoke that rose from the forest he had walked through. In the wind he heard sounds of alarms and the approach of more people coming.

There were also the presences of high class mages in the group. Attacking them now would be tricky, maybe even suicidal. And that was not his goal. His goal was not satisfaction from taking down as many as he could with him in a battle: His goal was the absolute anhilation of The 3rd Sanctum and it's King, and all its mages and soldiers. The Kingdom would fall, if it was the last thing he could do.

To do that he needed help.

There were no better people to ask than those Crowley had asked him to kill: The Yellow Mage and The Blue Mage.

Get The Yellow Mage's Help
Santos was a Light mage who did not fit the stereotypical image of such a mage at all. Or rather, he defied all stereotypes of what a mage was to look like. He was built like a mountain, and had a face carved out of the side of a mountain. He grinned like a maniac, and what should've been a holy cleansing sort of magic was used with brute force that could only be described as 'bombastic'. He decimated the battle field with quick powerful casting that obliterated any army that stood before him. As a single person, he was worth several thousands upon thousands of soldiers, as any one of the coloured mages were.

Wilrath would need his power if he wanted to do any real damage to the traitorous kingdom.

The Yellow Mage guarded the kingdom of Bronzeheart.

Because the three different kingdoms were locked in battle in varous planes and locations, the path to their capital cities was well gaurded or otherwise blocked by other battle fields.

The Red Mage simply road right through the mountains, using his flame magic to stop anyone who tried to step in his way. He made sure not to harm them, but to make as much noise as possible. It was better if Santos knew he was coming.

Bronzheart's capital was located near the sea. It had a large port village, surrounded by nearly artificial looking cliffs that were large, but built such a perfect natural wall that the kingdom was impenetrable without going through the well defended gates or climbing down from the mountain - that was closely watched by ballistas and archer defence towers.

The Red Mage went up to the east cliff, feeling his hair ruffling in the breeze as he walked over to the edge and looked down at the great bustling capital. Instead of building vertically, like The 3 Sanctum Kingdom and The Land of Nightingale, Bronzeheart had dome-like buildings that went underground into cooled rooms that boasted great creative design and a sense of adventure. A lot of the houses were actually transparent, and had several windows, so there was rarely something no one could see. Bronzeheart had curtains for privacy, here and there, but otherwise they were an open people. It felt like a large village rather than a kingdom, but that meant nothing when it came to how excellent they were at seafaring and archery.

He glared down at the city, knowing only pain the hope for the death of the Kingdom. Indeed, he didn't mind if even Bronzheart perished. So long as The King and his 3rd Sanctum were turned to ash.

He was so lost in his dark thoughts he almost missed the presence of Santos appearing next to him instantly.  Light magic was convenient when it came to such feats.

"Long time no see, Wilrath."


He hadn't spoken in a while. The harsh voice sounded alien even to Wilrath.

Santos responded to this immidiately, tensing up as he looked at Wilrath,

"Are you here to kill me? And here I thought we did a pretty good job staying out of eachothers' way." He said, almost apologetically.

Wilrath shook his head, "Maybe I should've... But I'm not here to kill you, Santos. I'm here to ask for your help."


Wilrath explained about how his own kingdom had held his sister hostage to kill Santos and Icy. And how he had refused and paid the price.

Santos's skin rippled with light energy, his face an ugly grimace of anger.

"Those inhuman sons of..." He was so angry his words seemed to fail him.

Nevertheless, he didn't dawdle as he put a hand on Wilrath's shoulder with so much strength he almost broke it.

"I'm with you, brother." He said.


There was a reason that the mages stayed out of the main battles. They were only deployed when the situation was dire, but had opted to never meet eachother in battle for a good reason. Any single one of them could level a country to the ground, and for the two of them to team up, perhaps even an entire continent could be subjucated.

Between Wilraths' boiling flames and Santos' searing light, the mages of the 3rd Sanctum had little to no chance of being able to put up a defence.

The kingdom burned. The kingdom vanished. Orbs of light ate huge dome-shaped holes in man, beast and building. Flames bathed entire fields and turned the living into ash, and stone into molten magma.

But the palace was left alone. Santos insisted on fighting the court mages - people who approached their level and could put up a fair fight - but Wilrath made it clear that the King was for him to kill.

The King was an old man, full of vitality and power, he was still ready to rule for some more decades, and was therefore confused and terrified that his life could end.

"-Red Mage! I knew nothing of what Crowley was doing! He went rogue!"

This was a man who had pinned medals on Wilrath's breast, who had watched him grow and had commended him. He had been a king, both distant and powerful, but always kind.

All such sentimental thoughts vanished from Crowley's mind. To be honest, if The King had any family members still alive he wasn't sure if he'd let them live. But for some reason this ruler of The 3rd Sanctum had never had any offspring or wife.

It suited Wilrath quite well.

After hearing enough, he snapped his fingers and watched as the burning figure flailed about pitifully, before rolling to a stop.

The stench smelt like roast pork.

In no time, the kingdom and country were reduced to ash and nothingness. If Santos feltany disgust at killing even civilians, he didn't show it.

As the two mages watched the smouldering palace from a mountain, Santos chuckled,

"That was fun."

Wilrath had no answer.

He felt cold inside. After fulfilling his revenge, he didn't know what to do next.

"I'll stay with you for a while, so that you don't do anything stupid, but I won't talk to you either, because I'm no good with talking. If you want to spar though..." Santos said. He was always honest about his abilities. Killing? Fighting? He could do well. Comforting a friend was out of his ability.

In a way, it was comforting to know.

Wilrath had planned to spend the entire time awake and staring at the palace, but suddenly he felt another presence in the woods nearby.

A beautiful woman walked out, her black hair almost hiding her face. Her robes betrayed her though, and so did her voice,

"Wilrath... Santos..."

It was Icy.

"Oh hey Icy. You got more hot over time eh. Impressive." Santos seemed happy to see her.

Wilrath glared at her, saying nothing.

Icy only walked up to him, knelt before him and looked him in the eye,

"Innocents, Wilrath. You murdered innocents."

She seemed to be on the verge of crying.

"They killed my sister."

"Women, children..."

"They killed my sister."

"The old, the weak, the sick..." She seemed to want to sob.

"They killed my sister." Wilrath said with emphasis, as though it explained everything, "They slit her throat, like a dog. My sister. She was purer than you, Icy."

Icy let the tears flow from her face as she touched a hand to Wilraths' chest.

"If you try anything..." Flames appeared on his person.

Icy shook her head, "I don't want to hurt you, Wilrath. I've come to help you."

"There is nothing you can do for me. Leave me be."

"Kill me, then."

Wilrath stayed silent at that.

Icy sniffed and came back to her knees, walking over to Santos.



She slapped Santos in the face,

"You let him do those things. You helped him."

"Hey, Icy, when a friend comes for help he..."

She slapped him again. "I'll never forgive you. Don't ever do anything without asking me first. Aren't we all friends?"

"Jeez, woman." Santos grumbled as he held his sore cheek. But he didn't protest.

"Let's make a fire - No magic! Like Master trained us to."

Santos looked like he couldn't be bothered, but Icy gave him no space to protest. Sighing, he went with her to the woods to cut some trees and build a camp.

Wilrath didn't notice as they made a camp around him. He didn't notice the night turn to day, and the food they felt him, the blanket they wrapped around him.

All he could see were snapshots, panoramas of his sister and his life as a child. Sometimes he emerged from his reverie to see that the season had changed, or that he had to reply to something Santos or Icy had said to him, but otherwise he stayed in the darkness.


One day, he saw her die again, and accepted it.

As the tears flowed, he realized that 20 years had passed, and Santos and Icy were still around him at the cabin.

"I'm so sorry." He sobbed, for the first time in decades, he cried. Icy, lines on her once youthful face came and hugged him. Santos stood by the both of them,

"Took you long enough." He grumbled.

Wilrath opened his eyes and looked out at a rising sun. The woods had changed, the once burnt down palace now had a town surrounding it, and he could hear the voice of people nearby, laughing children.

He noticed that Santos and Icy had rings on their fingers.

"It looks like I missed a lot." He said.


Get The Blue Mage's Help
Icy was completely focused, letting her mana flow out and embue the several stacks of paper talismans that could heal minor injuries on the battle field.

That meant about 4,000 healing talismans, and due to the war, such an amount was not nearly enough to help, but it would be something.

Icy had 500 healing mages under her command, but even on a good day, asking for 100 talismans from each of them was too much, and would put them completely out of commission.

So she would earn her keep. She was a coloured mage after all, so she'd support the country in the best way she could. Icy was too humble to rate herself highly, but this feat of hers was legendary.

She was deep in concentration and letting her healing spell soak the talismans when she felt a presence approaching her.

First she saw the red light, then she felt the heat, and there was a flutter as some of her papers went flying, and someone with flaming feet flew into her room and skid to a stop.

He crashed into a wall, stood up and stumbled over to her, standing tall.

"Wilrath?"  Icy asked, shocked as she stood on her feet, "What are you doing here?"

Wilrath looked like he would fall over. His face was gaunt, haunted, and fire flickered over his person. Icy could sense the turmoil in his spirit.

She put a hand on his shoulder, "What's wrong, Wilrath?"

Wilrath held onto her arm, then clasped her fist,

"Icy... I need you to help me destroy the 3rd Sanctum and the entire kingdom."


"Kill them all. Destroy them. Curse them. You know about disease right? You could curse them with something worse than death. Please, Icy."

Wilrath clenched his hands on Icy's, and it hurt a little, but she only winced and endured,

"Wilrath... What happened?"

Wilrath told her everything.

Icy listened in silence, and then let go of his hand. She hugged him and breathed. "She was such a beautiful soul. Your parents too. I'm so sorry Wilrath, I'm so sorry for all this foolishness between us."

Wilrath accepted the embrace for a moment, but then he pushed her away,

"It doesn't matter. We need to kill them. I need your help, Icy."

"If you really wanted that sort of revenge, you would've gone to Santos already. You're here because you know you need to do the right thing."

"I'm here because you won't be as much trouble as Santos! You know how to fight too! Don't act like you didn't train in The Black Mountains with Master like we all did! You know how to kill!"

Icy looked Wilrath straight in the eye, "I do. But there are things worse than death. You didn't kill us even when your sister was on the line, right? You valued loyalty over the momentary pain of your sister-"

"Shut up! I wish I'd killed you! I wish I did!"

"No, you don't."

Wilrath held a hand to his face, "Help me."

Icy pulled his hands away, "I will."

And with that, she calmed him down for a few moments, before heading off to Bronzeheart, the port city kingdom that Santos Reverov protected.

"What the hell are you doing here, Wilrath? Oh, nice to see you, beaut."

Icy ignored Santos' cheery greetings,

"We have a problem." She said.

Later, the three mages waltzed through The 3rd Sanctums' border walls, through its pristine white marble streets and into the palace, and up towards the King.

Anyone who tried to stop them either fainted on the spot, or were kicked or punched away. Very rarely did anyone see the hint of a magic spell used by them.

Icy, as a mana specialist was able to cancel magic completely. No matter what mage was sent after them, they would be as weak as  a baby.

As for the conventional weaponry that was used against them? The coloured mages had trained under The Master in The Black Mountains. To survive in that cursed place meant you had the power to kill bears and ghouls with your own hands. To survive in that cursed place meant you were a monster amongst mankind.

In this manner, the three mages met the king.

Wilrath did not speak a single word. He did not trust himself to do anything without being tempted to burn everyone to death.

Instead, Santos spoke.

"So, Oh Great King." He grinned, "You killed the sister of my best friend here, and we're pretty pissed about it. Look, we stay out of politics as much as possible, and even played along with our kingdoms' interests, but if you betray your own people and hurt our friend, then we have a problem."

The king was speechless. Not only did he have no defence, he had no family members to speak of. Nobody was in the throne room except him... And the three angry mages. He could feel death at his door.

"W-what do you want?"

He didn't bother pretending not to know why Wilrath was here. It had been his feeling of discontent at the stalemate that had prompted him to contact Crowley to 'motivate' The Red Mage.

"Step down, go into exile. And don't even think about walking out of here with your clothes. From now on, you're a peasant, and nothing more. You're lucky you don't have family, because no matter Icy thinks, a man like you only understands pain when it's inflicted upon them. But i'll hold off for now."

Icy looked unsatisfied with Santos' words, but did not speak. She was furious as well.

The king complied immidiately, removing his crown, throwing off his robes and clothes and running away.

Some part of him thought that he'd get the riches back if he played his part. He didn't mind the embarrasment.

That would never happen. A week from then when Icy and Wilrath were unaware, Santos would find and destroy him - Obliterate him from extistence with one light blast. The only sign of the king ever having existed would be a half-dome shaped hole in the ground of a forest somewhere. Not a single speck of him would remain in the world.

Santos would never reveal this fact till the day he died.

Before that, however, the three mages had a world to change. With the fall of the King of The 3rd Sanctum, The Land of Nightingale and Bronzeheart Nation found themselves unbalanced in the sudden event. Should they fight for superiority? Or share the spoils of the fallen kingdom?

The three coloured mages made the decision for them. With Icy at the forefront, they arranged a new alliance between the three of them.

The Red Mage became the new king of The 3rd Sanctum, and Icy and Santos became leaders of their own countries.

This way, the most powerful people of the lands were the leaders and would keep eachother in check.

Not that they needed to. They were all dear friends, after all. Alumni of the magic training they had undergone in The Black Mountains.

Wilrath eventually fell into despair and almost let his kingdom come to ruin, but Icy and Santos held him strong through his weak moments.

Eventually finding a wife, Wilrath spent some not completely happy, but not completely sad days in his old age with his simple wife in the woods.

When the mages eventually passed from history, nobody forgot their era as the most peaceful era, and nobody forgot their legends as the most royal, the most loyal, the most kind and the strongest mages known to the lands.


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Re: Shadowgraphs - Action Adventure Text Adventures
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-ocean sounds are warm ...
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- carbon death and nitrogen

Rancid Communion

Welcome to Daytona Beach!

We are arriving here today to witness the rising of the Circuit Whale, the young 4,000 year old cyber construct that is one of the remaining proofs of the existence of the now extinct homo-sapiens.

We will always bemoan the nuclear war that wiped out all the radiation sensitive memory storage devices of that long ago age, but we can always celebrate their memory in great thankfullness, because we know, we know how they rose from the ashes and passed on the baton of life to the next age: The Cyber Age!

The Circuit Whale is but a by-product of the many marine based experiments on the fusion between biology and machine - the whales themselves being a sort of signature on a very, very large document full of important but admittedly boring facts.

So here we are!

Taz blinks. He's back in real time. Stacy is chewing gum, her right eye looking out at the ocean, her left eye is still focused on him, recording.

He finds this weird, even if he did just make a 'live' report in his mind, and that that live report will be edited automatically to suit the preferences and needs of every inhabitant of the planet.

"Was it good?" He asks with a smirk.

Stacy shrugs, "Not bad." 

A high compliment. Stacy never filtered her feeds. Her eye was the only real concession she made to being an android, otherwise as far as her looks and actual age were concerned, she was a pissed off, moody 19 year old.

Taz was 45, looked 20, felt 80.

"Why do you think they programmed the whale to come up like this, every couple decades?"  Taz asks, just to make small-talk. It's a bad habit he learned from Stacy.

Normally he'd be all about the job. Reporting and stuff. But he didn't have anything else to do, and sometimes you were unlucky (or lucky, depending on how much you liked comfort) enough to have a job that needed actual doing, rather than sitting somewhere behind a screen and tapping at a remote for whatever it was you wanted.

Stacy looks at Taz, her gum pops. She says:

'Because nothing'


'Visibility is nice today.'
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