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Author Topic: Do you find speed drawing videos useful?  (Read 8085 times)

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Re: Do you find speed drawing videos useful?
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2015, 07:38:58 PM »
Well you could have a separate video for coloring.  Also another thing I find useful is always making that connectionb back to real life.  If you know what it looks like in life then you can simplify/mangafy (new word) by emphasizing certain things (neck, waist are thinner in manga than in life... Sometimes forearms are increased in size to show strength, eyes are bigger in manga) stuff like that.  I guess you would call it comparing real life to manga... (some mangas are more realistic to add effects)

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Re: Do you find speed drawing videos useful?
« Reply #16 on: August 09, 2015, 10:42:16 PM »
Here is all you need to do. Read what you wrote originally to me. It WAS rather brash.
Did you decide to ignore my apology & post this regardless ? Without even bother accepting it ? So , you want me to kiss your shoe & acknowledge you as the supreme 'Internet Tough Guy' , if that what makes you feel ... 'better' ?

I responded to you nicely, smiley faces and all. Even thanked you for your opinion.
The response after that was what really started it all. You tried to keep it civil? You think by simply not using CAPS and swearing that you have kept things civil? Pleeeeasee...who are you kidding?
Keeping things civil is when you don't call out name , name shaming & negatively entitling a complete stranger on the internet . If the mentioned post , which is supposedly consists of lists of possible bad outcome that no one intend to see aside from the obvious good ones , is not civil , how is it that yours is in anyway civil , let alone more worse than 'reality check' when you decide that instead of being level with me , you go on top of it & proceeding it with slapping some anonymous on the internet with negative entitlement ? Oh , about the caps :
Quote from: DeAngelus
Correction , YOU claim that he's being arrogant & this analogy is made AFTER you've made the claim of ME being arrogant . Personal attack much ? Also , reliability , not arrogance , make use of google to find the right term , like I've been doing all this time to counter my weakness with terminologies .
Do you think I'm that stupid to not know the hidden agenda behind the use of that faulty analogy ? And that the dad , ironically , is a representation of me ? And that you just have to make that analogy after you decide to give me a negative entitlement of 'arrogant' ? How is it not personal attack ?

As for other caps ... aside from those two singled out words , I don't see anymore of them . "Pleeeeasee...who are you kidding ?" ... right ?

Compare it to what Jaime wrote. You could have easily said soemthing along those lines, instead of describing what I do as the "blind leading the blind." If that is not insulting, you have really got to clear something out of your eyes.
I would leave Jamie out of this right this instant ...
It is my way of advising , I'd give a neutral reply first & adjust it according to the way people respond & I can go both ways . It's all for the sake of 'getting my point across' .
The saying 'blind leading the blind' is a real-life problem & it's getting worse as generation passes by , but it's more evident & profound right here on the internet & for the case of art , DA is that cesspool of it . If this slap of reality somewhat just offends you & remains being offensive , you're clearly sitting in front of the internet for far too long , most probably to elude the ugly face of reality to begin with . So , the ones who should do some eye-clearing is you , because I know this applies to me too if I push ahead with a tutorial myself with my 'still average' skills .

It's weird, you have this notion that someone is either at level 0, or level 100. And people can only learn from others who are at level 100. You ignore the wide spectrum of levels that people are at. Even if I am nowhere near your idea of 100, I am pretty darn sure I'm high enough in the spectrum to give advice to people. If it is so glaringly obvious that I do not have the skill or experience to offer direction, I'm sure you will find easily more people who will agree with you. I have nothing to hide.
It's you who have that notion , for not looking for shades of grey in between black & white in other people's opinion . Also , jumping to the one that pops up first again ? I won't even bother re-quoting something because I'm very assured that I did say it right .

Here is my deviantart
Here is my youtube channel
Post count as of this time : 26
Breaking the rules now ? It's pretty much confirmed that you got reading issues . That dispels my surprise I had when you reacted as such . But don't worry , I've quoted it , so the link stays & everyone's free to click it .

People can judge for themselves if it is so obvious. They don't need you to come in and tell them that I'm leading them astray.
So , you'd agree that criminals are capable of good self-judgement now ? So what's the point having laws , regulations , or law enforcements for that matter , right ? What's the point of people TV lessons like cooking & survival for that matter , right ? Let's say I apply what you've said there in a survival point of view - You spotted a plant & that plant is displaying a strong , vivid color of warm colors , that means it's safe to be consumed , right ? If so , good job , I hope you can give your explanation to the victim's closed ones !

I honestly don't understand how at your level, you have the position to tell me I'm giving people the wrong advice....
I think I did not include this ...
Everyone has the right to their opinion & advice , but not entirely for critique (this is usually reserved for the ones knowledgeable on their selected field) & you have the right to just take it or leave it . But the key thing is that one needs to include the option of 'consideration' in every decision they make , which clearly you do not have , seeing you push me off as being 'below you' . Arrogant much ? Wait a second ... :

Quote from: DeAngelus
'Not so much help to someone who IS a professional' is an insult to the professional themselves simply because you're questioning (Indirectly) the absolute reliability of their tutorial & countering it with one yourself .
Fallacy from me , right ?  Not really . It's another thing to point out the flaws , but it's another when making a tutorial of your own & claiming that it's the right way . Remember me mentioning 'consideration' ? Consideration is the one that defines the shades of greys nestled in between black & white when it comes to receiving inputs . No matter how professional they are , any supposedly flaws & advise given by the most mediocre artist is still worth considering to them - it's called being nice & humble . You think you're also that ? From that quote there ... clearly not .

It's also another thing to garner their own set of followers to their teachings than to make one to counter/oppose other people's teaching , especially if their teachings is what led them to who they are now as opposed to their own that leads them to ... nowhere yet ?

You know what they don't like ? People like Christopher Hart & there's a possibility it could be people like him & that may include you , should you wish to deny this further - it's like a push for change in belief that Satan is the savior while Jesus is the devil , I must say ... no wonder these professionals feels like celebrities , such a closed community ...

Btw, the 'lol's were me trying to tell you that I'm not getting seriously angry or offended and trying to keep things lighthearted. It's called being considerate and not trying to come off as a a**, you know what I mean? The same the with :) faces I put. I try not to hurt people or have people take things the wrong way, as it is so easy to do so on the internet. You can learn a thing or two :) lol
Oh no , it's perfectly okay to 'lol' & ':)' . I do , though , question your understanding of etiquette when dealing with a debacle-like environment .

Try doing that in real life & see if they would take you seriously or even continuing on with the discussion .
Also , do this during class or in a seminar & see if you'll get punched in the face for it .
Laugh at their disagreement & see if they either find it 'considerate' or downright rude .
Laugh at the baseless accusations made by the prosecutor in court & see if the judge decide to go nice on you after already telling you of your wrongdoings . Let's face it , it's perfectly alright , to laugh at some random people's existence to their death on the internet & in real life ? You said it , "People can judge for themselves if it is so obvious" & as an e-tough , 'considerate' guy , it's okay ... right ?

You , educating me on being considerate in the internet ? Seriously ? You're new to the internet , aren't you ? Mind if I direct you to the real nature of the internet & let them give you a crash course of what NOT to do on the internet ? Now , who's exerting that E-Authority ? Even the sanest of mind knows that what you do on the internet will have an effect in real life .

So , yes , laugh off someones advice & slap a negative entitlement on anybody who is trying to caution you of your doings whom you disagree on . I wouldn't be surprised if the inevitable would've happen & I won't if it does happen to you sometime in the future ... oh wait , I forgot about being 'considerate' , lol :) .

Also , to genuinely show that I'm in no way mad & offended at all , lol , :) .

It's cool, I'll let this thread die, and post my videos in my own thread in the gallery :)
But I'll also keep helping people by critiquing and giving my two cents, despite you thinking I'm leading them astray.
Since I've done my part on dropping some reminders & advice , I'm going to call it quits here . I'll let you have that E-crown ... lol :) .

P.S : Go , artist's pride ! lol :)
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PM me if you wanted a critique. It takes time for one to come to you, so please be patient.

If you wanted it to be public or private, do tell me.

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Re: Do you find speed drawing videos useful?
« Reply #17 on: August 09, 2015, 10:52:53 PM »
Okay guys, you're getting into argument territory, let's call it quits here. Agree to disagree and move on, please. ^-^

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Re: Do you find speed drawing videos useful?
« Reply #18 on: August 09, 2015, 11:08:28 PM »
Okay guys, you're getting into argument territory, let's call it quits here. Agree to disagree and move on, please. ^-^

Sounds good to me,  I stopped reading the wall of text... Sorry for trouble lol feel free to lock, I'll just post in the other thread  ^^

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Re: Do you find speed drawing videos useful?
« Reply #19 on: August 09, 2015, 11:19:04 PM »
Im going to agree that this was indeed misleading. I originally came in thinking it was going to be an active discussion on speed drawing helpful. But as i read the post, it was indeed just self promotion. You couldve easily said "My speed drawings, are they helpful?"

In which i would say, not much. Speed drawing are interesting to watch, but i dont necessarily believe they are useful. For one, everyone has their own steps to drawing. Some are basic, some are advance. Speed drawing only covers the very bare basics. It really just helps take which steps first.

But thats if someone had absolutely no idea how to draw. The most important thing i worry about most is how your hands move when you draw. If they move awkwardly or dont allow any freedom in the motion, it can be a problem.

I can see why its blind leading the blind. But speed drawings shouldnt be the ultimate form of helping anyone learn. Not even for basics.
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