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Author Topic: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~Saving the High School!  (Read 7273 times)

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~~Fleshed out--and Updated (INTERLUDE 2)
« Reply #15 on: May 01, 2016, 07:55:30 PM »
Interlude: Bobby’s Dilemma

INT. Chemistry classroom inside the school. Bobby has his head down on one of the chemistry lab tables. The middle lights above are the only ones giving visibility of the room, shining on Bobby’s greasy hair from directly above, and surrounding him with walls of darkness from the fall of night outside. His upper back heaves up and down, and loud snoring sounds escape from the long curtain of hair and the barrier of his pale forearms. The far away door, next to the fire extinguisher and the eyewash device, produces a light blue mist, coming from the hallway. The mist starts out faded, almost as transparent as a ghost, but as the plenty of it advances into the classroom, the mist turns into a thick fog. It covers almost the entire floor of the classroom, and slowly, the tables and chairs begin to sink into it like quicksand. The fog makes a loud “hisssss” as it does so. Bobby awakens to the sound.

Ugh. Wha-?

(He lifts his head up. A piece of white lined paper is stuck to his forehead, but it falls momentarily after he sees the fog below him and he recoils his feet to the chair.)

Whoa! The hell?!

(A soft, soothing voice leaves the fog below Bobby’s feet)

Bobby... Come in here, Bobby. The fog is fiiiiine!

(An arm comes out to grab at Bobby’s ankle. He retaliates just in time and lunges to the table. His chair dissolves quickly in the mist. The hissing grows louder.)

Mmmmm Bobby’s smelllllllll!!

(Bobby looks at where his chair once was and where the voice seems to be coming from. For the first time in his life, his eyes no longer show carelessness...They show fear.)


(Two arms grab both legs of one side of the table, causing whatever could be on it to fall towards them. Bobby runs up the increasing incline, his feet sliding but making progress. The textbook that he was using with Ashley before he fell asleep falls into the fog with the arms. The paper that was once stuck to his head teeter totters its way down as well.)


(Bobby makes a hard leap of faith towards the other long table. He makes it perfectly in the middle, but gets a knees first landing and causes the table’s sinking to progress a bit faster from his heavy impact. He looks to where he leapt from, and his eyes widen with shock as he sees the table completely engulfed in the fog. Multiple arms are reaching at the top of it to finish its sinking.)


(Bobby frantically looks left and right. As he glances left to the open door from which the fog came from, he discovers that the entire hallway floor is a sea of blue fog. As he takes a glance to his right, he looks at the rectangular window. It’s closed shut, and about two tables away. Both tables’ legs have sunk into the fog, leaving them to looks like platforms in a foggy sea.)

I’ll have to break the window..

(Bobby slaps his hand to his head from the painful flare in his brain of actually thinking. The table starts to tip again, and he finds that the arms have multiplied to larger numbers. At least a dozen are grabbing the two legs now, while four or five desperately reach for him.)

BOOOBYYY! They need your help Bobby...She needs your help.

(Bobby jumps to the next table to the side of him, the one nearest to the window. His jump started out as a slip, but using the strength from his body’s utter fear, he had enough of a spring in his jump to make it. He lands on his elbows and knees, and once again the table plops lower into the fog upon impact. The fog is completely level with him now. Bobby eyes the window, and looks at the knob below it.)

Crap! Too far!

(The only thing he can think of at this point, is to break through. He stands up, a little bit of fog is underneath his shoes. It won’t be long till the arms come and tip the table, so he pretty much has not even a second to hesitate. He carefully backs up to the end of the table. The fog is touching his bare ankles, and its cold, damp sensation makes him wince. Surprisingly though, it’s not getting him stuck like quicksand. He starts off in a run, but is grabbed by the foot and falls on his elbows. He looks back and sees the arms reaching for him.)

You can’t run Bobby, you’re mine now. You hear?! Come on in Bobby, the fog is fiiiiiiine!

Get away from me!

(Bobby spastically kicks at the hand that’s grabbing him, and his foot slips out of his sneaker. He bolts to jump off the table as soon as he realizes his freedom, just barely escaping the grasps of the other arms reaching towards him.)

Please break through!

(He covers his face with his arms as he leaps to the window. The glass shatters from his body, and Bobby lands on the cold, damp grass. He lays on his side, his arms cut with fragments of glass, his upper back heaving once more from the fear. The trembling fear has numbed the pain on his shins and arms, and he’s able to stand up and run a couple feet away from the building, almost falling a couple steps at a time. He looks back at the school, and once again the shock is in his eyes. The blue fog is below the whole school building now, and, like a terrifying sinkhole, it starts sucking in the school. A figure suddenly flies from overhead of Bobby, and lands on the school’s roof. Bobby examines it, squinting his eyes and placing his right hand upon his forehead for focus. He can make out a silhouette of a man, with long dark wings. Small, beady, red eyes are staring at Bobby. It appears that the silhouette of a man is carrying children with his left arm. The silhouette uses his free arm to wave at Bobby, and starts to laugh maniacally.)


(Bobby notices that the fog is expanding and reaching towards him once more. He sprints away into the small patch of woods in the back of the school. The silhouette is still laughing as the school  has become nearly engulfed in the blue fog below.)
Check out my story! Honey, Stalin Took the Kids >>,13888.0.html

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~~Chapter 5: CONFRONTATION
« Reply #16 on: May 07, 2016, 10:56:27 PM »
Chapter 5: Confrontation

EXT. The Park. The frosty night has turned it into a vacant patch of darkness. George O’Plucker walks through the woodchip path towards the parking lot, his hands stuffed in his coat pockets. His pace is fast and panicked. He had been looking at the full moon much longer than he had expected, after being kicked out from the outhouse by Mrs. Clark (Though Mr. Clark had wanted him to stay). His breath flows out in a cold mist from the low temperature of November, running along the dimly lit ground from the moon’s glow. The parking lot should be near, since he already passed the playground.

(teeth chattering) Come on, I don’t remember the parking lot being this far away…

(Suddenly, he hears an echo from the far distance. He looks up to the moon, and hears the echo again. He can’t make out what it is.)

Is that a...voice?

(he stares intensely at the moon. Curiouser and curiouser...until)

Soft echo


Soft Echo


Loud Echo
No, what? Where the hell did you come up with...Nevermind, I said,  KILL YOU ALL!


Loud Echo

(O’Plucker starts bolting down the woodchip path. His breath exhaling out in a heavy mist. The loud echo continues on with its chant.)

Loud echo

(O’Plucker makes it to the parking lot, but notices something peculiar on his car. It’s a silhouette of a short fellow. He has a large beard drenched in shadows, and his dress jacket, also dark, blows in the soft breeze. His eyes are a beading red, and they fix on O’Plucker.)

Silhouetted man
(Russian accent)Where’s my book you capitalist scum!?

(The silhouette does a summersault off the car, and sticks the landing with his arms in the air like a gymnast finishing their routine. He positions his fingers to point at O’Plucker, and suddenly they expand like tentacles and reach for him fiercely.)


(As if by instinct, O’Plucker dodges it like a spark inside him had just kickstarted his muscles. He dodges the fierce tentacles smoothly, ending with a forward roll. The tentacles pierce the tree that was behind him. O’Plucker looks behind, and realized what he had just done.)

Holy smokes...I dodged that.

Silhouetted Man

(The tentacles from his other fingers attack. O’Plucker fearfully leaps up into the air, and the tentacles pierce through the ground where he was kneeling. He lands with another forward roll, then goes into a sprint through the street. It appears he won’t be able to use the car. The tentacles bring themselves up from the ground, then the tree, and go after him.)

Today must be my lucky day...I hate my life!

(O’Plucker looks behind him and sees the tentacles following closely. They’re getting closer and closer. One of them is able to boost up its speed and rush in on O’Plucker, its dark tip pointed and ready to impale its target. O’Plucker observes a street light and leaps to grab it. He makes it, and his grip causes him to spin like a tether ball twirling around its poll after being hit. The tentacle keeps going straight and misses. Surprisingly, the other tentacles behind that one do the same. And, what goes around comes around, as O’Plucker makes it around and kicks the tentacles with a strong force from his leap. He hits them surprisingly hard, and they’re knocked far back to the side of the street. They lay on the ground and start twitching, getting back in control slowly. O’Plucker uses this spare time and starts bolting out of the street and into the suburban neighborhood.)

I have no idea how that worked or how I did that but whatever!

(He keeps on running. Absolute fear occupies his face.)
EXT. Suburban Neighborhood. Richard and Ashley are now walking along the side of the road. Richard is observing two blank pages of his Communist Manifesto paperback. Ashley is observing all the houses they walk past, admiring the neatly trimmed lawns, the beautiful wooden porches, and of course the grand sizes of the houses themselves. The biggest one Ashley observed, was a yellow two story house. It was so big and fancy looking with its own black mansion gate and miniature lion statues. The driveway was incredibly long, and reminded Ashley of the yellow brick road, leading to the emerald city in its long, swirly construction. They walked past it about five minutes ago, and since then all they walked passed were only boring square houses with the standard two story structure.  Ashley gets bored and finally speaks up.

Did you finally figure that thing out yet? What’s your big idea that you were so worked up about anyway?

(Richard is still fixed on the book)

My plan is still in motion, I’m just trying to see if I can activate this book with my mind or something. Or if I flip the pages in a certain way. Maybe something magical will happen and it will give us directions on how to really use this thing and bring Stalin back to us.

This whole thing is so crazy.(Sighs) You know I’m still thinking that this whole thing might be in our hea--

(Richard looks up from his book and stares at the dark street in front of him.)

Hey do you hear that?



(he raises a hand to silence her, his book still held open by his other hand that’s placed in the bottom of its spine. Ashley looks at Richard confused for a moment, but the sound of glass shattering and metal being bent brings her focus to the street in front of them. They see a tall figure running towards them.)

Wh-who is that?!

(Richard squints his eyes to observe the man running towards them. As he gets closer, Richard is able to recognize him, but spots something unbelievably frightening that appears to be chasing him.)

No way, that’s…

(O’Plucker, now recognized by Richard, leaps to a lawn and dodges a sharp stab by a black tentacle. There are at least five of them chasing him. One by one, they each dive at Mr. O’Plucker, and each time, O’Plucker makes a leap and ends in a forward roll, dodging them. The spiky tentacles hit the ground, but get back up effortlessly. O’Plucker is only a few feet away from his two students. Richard and Ashley can see him now, and see him exhaling heavily, and his dark forehead is full of sweat. O’Plucker notices them, and manages to speak out as he runs closer.)


Holy *censored*! Run!

(Ashley decides to run with O’Plucker as he bolts past them, Richard goes to run too, but looks at his book and turns around.)

maybe...this...could be related.

(The tentacles point their sharp edges towards Richard and dive in to strike. Richard opens the book and holds it out in front of him.)

You came outta here, didn’t you!? Well go back in you bastards!

The tentacles slam into the empty book, and they push Richard back. Richard plants his feet apart onto the pavement and attempts to stop himself from moving. He sees that the tentacles are actually inside the book and are still travelling inside. Richard is skidding backwards, his feet are in a stance that tries to give himself balance and gain strength to push back.)


(The tentacles keep pushing him backwards, his sneakers are causing a smoke of dirt to rise from the road.)


(Richard slams the book in a panic, and it cuts off the tentacles. They give off a shriek, then retreat backward. O’Plucker and Ashley are a few feet behind him. They came to a halt when Ashley saw Richard stopping the tentacles’ advancement with his book.)

Huh? Richard!

What just happened? Did they disappear?

I..I don’t think so.(She’s looking straight at the tentacles retreating, but they are soon brought back to a man disguised in shadow. He’s the same bearded man O’Plucker saw earlier.

Hey! That’s the guy who was standing on my car!

(The shadow man brings back his tentacles, and they turn back into regular fingers. The shadow’s red eyes glare at Richard, then Ashley, then O’Plucker.)

(Russian accent)Damn, three of you are together. I don’t stand a chance...alone.

(The shadow shapeshifts into a dark splotch in the road, then slithers into the sewers. Richard, Ashley, and O’Plucker stare in awe and horror.)

What..huff..was that? A demon?! Holy Christ.

(he slaps his hand to his face, then looks up into the night sky. He’s still breathing pretty hard from his sudden gymnastics moves he had performed earlier.)

I think the anesthesia I received earlier is giving me hallucinations..I..I just want to lie down right now.

(Ashley looks to O’Plucker, but then turns to Richard, who is staring at his open book.)

Richard guys gotta see this…

(O’Plucker releases the hand planted on his face, and looks at Richard. Ashley rushes to get a look at the book. The two of them look at the pages with shock and bewilderment. And pretty soon, O’Plucker gets curious and walks over to join them. They both look at the page containing these newfound words that Richard recognizes.)

(Communist Manifesto:The feudal system of industry, in which industrial production was monopolised by closed guilds, now no longer sufficed for the growing wants of the new markets. The manufacturing system took its place. The guild-masters were pushed on one side by the manufacturing middle class; division of labour between the different corporate guilds vanished in the face of division of labour in each single workshop.)


What does this mean?

I don’t know…

(Richard thinks back to what the shadow said. How it retreated because the three of them were here. Is there something special about us? He thinks to himself. He then gets a familiar feeling of excitement at the thought of some kind of adventure. It’s familiar because it happened before. It was this excitement that kept him in focus ever since the bizarre problem first presented itself; Stalin kidnapping the kids. As much as he wants to go all out with his energy, he keeps himself calm by thinking about his objective.This objective is serious, and Richard cannot afford to have his feeling of excitement involved, mainly because this situation involves the risk of young lives.)

I don’t know guys...But all I can say is this...

(He gets in a powerful pose. His feet spread slightly apart, and his arms to his sides. The communist manifesto paperback is under his armpit. The wind blows on his open zip front sweatshirt, causing it to sway to his left almost like a cape.)

All I know is that I’m going to find Stalin, and use this book to kick his ass. I’ll teach him a lesson for taking kids under MY supervision!

(Ashley and O’Plucker look on with wonder. Neither of them can believe that this is really happening, but as they look at Richard, they feel a sense of calmness. They feel a sense of reality set over them, as if they can accept this situation and believe that everything will be okay. Richard turns around and faces them.)

Listen..I don’t know what’s going on..or why..But, everything’s happening too fast to question it...If what that shadow said is true...there are more of us that it fears..and maybe...if we’re all together...we can save the kids from Stalin.

(O’Plucker chimes in.)

Wait what?

Oh yeah, (She turns to O’Plucker) Joseph Stalin suddenly appeared and stole the kids that Richard was babysitting.

Well this day just keeps making more sense.

(O’Plucker slaps his hand against his face again and rubs his eyes)

I can see why you’re so calm  and collect over this Mr. Mortimer. This random madness is right up your alley.

(Instead of firing back angrily at O’Plucker’s sharp remark, he simply responds with..)

You’re damn right! Now, come on! I need your help! I have to get the kids back before tomorrow!

(O’Plucker laughs hysterically. Apparently that calmness he felt after watching Richard in his determination pose has fled from him.)

What?! No way! I’m not going to play madness with my mad students! I will however, go home, take a nice shower, then get to sleep and wait for this anesthesia to wear off. After what’s happened today, I think I want to end it with peace and solitude. NOT, with the student I can’t stand..

I thought that was Bobby?

O’Plucker turns away from the two students and hides his sad face in his brown hand.)

Welp..I guess there is a bright side to this day..

(Ashley walks over to O’Plucker.)

Mr. O’Plucker, I don’t know what kind of day you had...but after seeing what led you to us..I can kind of understand how you feel...but, Richard needs...No..We need your help. You were a witness to a dark force that could potentially put the whole town, and even the entire danger. What would that make you if you simply ignored the problem? I know. It would make you a bystander...A coward..

Oh, Come on! Really Ashley? You believe in this madness?! I surely must be completely under the influence of the anesthesia…

No Mr. O’Plucker! What you’re seeing is real! What you have seen is real! You saw the shadowed man! I did too! You saw the tentacles! You saw what happened with Richard’s book..

...That you gave me.

(O’Plucker looks towards Richard, whose face is solemn and serious. The childlike attitude he had seen him have in class many times is gone.)


Mr. O’Plucker, this whole ordeal is part of your assignment. Now, as my teacher, I ask of you to help me with it. I’m having quite the difficulty and require some assistance.

(Ashley looks at Richard. Her face grows serious as well. I guess looks can spread. Her jacket sways gently in the breeze. O’Plucker faces him, his hand drops to his side. He stares at the seriousness on Richard’s face, and the two eye each other.)


Check out my story! Honey, Stalin Took the Kids >>,13888.0.html

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~~Chapter 6: STRUCK WITH POWER
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Chapter 6: Struck with Power

INT. Poorly Managed Apartment Room. The air is humid and compact, and an odor with a smell of skunk spray and road kill radiates the cramped area. White walls marked with brown stains enclose the small family living in here from the outside world. The small square window is covered by blinds and curtains, leaving only the flickering bulb on the ceiling to emit a dim yellow light. Sahara is kneeling in the middle of the apartment’s living room. Her bare knees are supporting her perfectly curved teenage body on the navy blue carpet. She stares at the small 90’s t.v in front her wearing nothing but her Krong polo that extends to the knee caps. She’s looking at the screen as lifelessly as she did to O’Plucker’s whiteboard at school. The T.V is showing nothing but black. Footsteps are growing closer to where she kneels. They belong to a scraggly, dishonorably charged soldier, who just so happens to be the teenage girl’s father. He’s filthy from the head down with oil and dirt from his day job as a mechanic.  His face has that worn soldier look, eyes that are aggressive from the experiences he’s seen in his lifetime. He gets closer.

Sahara’s Father
Hey, Bitch, if you’re going to disobey me and watch T.V, then you might as well just turn it on.

(Sahara doesn’t even flinch. She continues to stare at the blank t.v.)

Sahara’s Father
Hey, Bitch, I’m talking to you, why don’t you say something.

(He walks closer, and she still doesn’t flinch.)

Sahara’s Father
What? Still *censored*ing brain dead from your last punishment? Then how bout I teach ya till you can only see stars for the rest of your *censored*ing life? You want that? Yeah, I know you do bitch.

(He walks closer, pulling out his belt from the waist of his worn out jeans. He holds the end buckle and smacks the wall with the other end fiercely like a whip. It produces a loud Whap! Sahara still stares blankly at the t.v)


Sahara’s father
Here I come bitch!

(He strikes the whip down, anticipating a soundly whack to Sahara’s face. Instinctively, Sahara does something she’s never done before; she smoothly dodges the attack, and grabs her father’s wrist. She stares at him with those emotionless eyes of hers, and her father winces in pain from her death grip.)

Sahara’s father
Yaaaaah! Let go biiiitch!

(He pulls his wrist violently backward, but he doesn’t free himself from his daughter’s grasp. He doesn’t even pull her at all. In retaliation to this, he throws a punch directed towards his daughter’s face.)

Kill you..

( She catches her father’s fist with her free hand and completely stops it from moving towards her. Her strength is frightening. Lightning beckons in the sky outside, flashing blue light through the shades and blinds of the Reinharts’ window. The flickering bulb on the apartment ceiling turns blue, then starts emitting small bolts of lightning.)

???(In a soft echo)
Warn them! Warn the chosen ones it will use as puppets! W--

(The bolt of lightning strikes Sahara. The bolts wrap themselves around her body, then dive into her skin. Her father screams.)

Sahara’s father
Holy heeeeeeelll!

???(Soft Echo)
--We give you all, this book’s power!

(Sahara’s gray eyes spark a lively hazel. The lightning bolts begin illustrating what look to be ancient egyptian drawings on her pale arms.)

Kill you all.

(She rips her father’s arm from its socket, causing a small waterfall of blood to pour all over the navy blue carpet. Her father screams louder and more high pitched. After a few seconds of screaming, he falls to the ground from loss of blood. A shadow rises from the corpse, then disperses through the blinds of the only window. Sahara follows it with her gaze, but then stares straight ahead, disinterested.)


(She stands up and walks over the fresh blood and into the small bathroom. Looking at herself in the stained mirror, she observes the ancient tattoos on her neck and arms. They are drawings of ancient roman warriors, soldiers fighting in the Great War of 1914, and shadowy figures with swords clashing with one another. Her eyes, now filled with an ounce of life, look down fascinated at her curved thighs under her polo. Tattoos of ancient of animal soldiers are plastered on the pale milky skin. She can't seem to identify the animals, but she can tell that they are animal heads on human bodies, covered in knight’s armor.)

This...This was given to me.

(She walks out of the bathroom and over to the window, casually stepping over her father’s dead body now soaking in a puddle of blood. Sahara uncovers the blinds and shades, and observes the lightning storm outside.)

It’s here...That’s why I have this, this power..It wants this power. It wants all of our powers..Did you get your power too, Richard?

--- --- ---

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~~Chapter 7: HYSTERIA OVERRIDE
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Chapter 7: Hysteria Override

Ext. The park. The group of three walked down to the park to see if the shadowed man was there. Ever since George told them about the shadowed man and the person in the military uniform following the Clarks, they walked in silence. When they arrive, everything looks just as when O’Plucker had entered in the afternoon, with the exception of people... and his car. The pavement parking lot is empty.

Are you kidding me?! That son of a bitch stole my car!
(George runs to the vacant parking space his car was once residing on. He raises his arms and feels the air above the spot, feeling for a miracle that the car is just invisible and not gone. He swings his arms violently when he realizes that there is truly nothing there.)

That car costs me a fortune! My beautiful Chevy! Ah Christ, why!?

(Ashley walks past him and stops at the entrance to the park. Richard is looking up at the night sky, his eyes in focus. Ashley turns around and faces O’Plucker who’s still moping about his missing car.)

You said the man in the military uniform disappeared by the shed Mr. O’Plucker?

(O’Plucker stops his moping, sort of, and faces Ashley.)

Well, yeah. As I said earlier, he was following a couple, and when they both escaped my view behind the corner, the man disappeared.

(O’Plucker steers his eyes away to the black pavement, remembering what had happened in the shed, and how it concluded. It’s something that he’ll never tell anyone. EVER.)

I have another theory about this whole ordeal. Someone is pranking us.

(Richard is still concentrating on the night sky. He feels a strong sense of power. It’s not him, and it’s not anywhere near the park, but it’s close. It’s in this town.)

Richard! Did you hear me? I said that there’s a possibility that someone could be pranking us.

(Richard breaks from his concentration and looks at Ashley. His clear blue eyes shine from the moonlight. Ashley feels a slight chill run down her spine from staring into those eyes. The eyes show a serious nature so unlike Richard that it’s frightening. How did he get so serious all of a sudden? O’Plucker must feel the same way, as he’s showing the same expression of shock as he looks at him. At those eyes. It’s as if something has possessed him….but that changes when he speaks)

Get your head out of the gutter Ash, how do you explain the Stalin with wings? Or the black tentacles? Or the situation with the book? Or even O’Plucker’s athletic ability?

Hey! I’ll have you know that I was a varsity Track star in my days in high school!

Oh, okay. When was that? The nineteen twenties?

That’s it, you listen here smart ass! I’ll--

(O’Plucker begins walking towards Richard, pointing his index finger at him as if giving him a lecture.)

Enough! Stop it! Let’s just go to the shed and see if the military uniform guy is there.

(O’Plucker looks back to her. Richard follows suit.)

But I already told you, he disappeared! And I’ve been in that shed for a good twenty minu--

(O’Plucker stops his sentence immediately. Richard looks at him questioningly.)

What did you do in the shed O’Plucker?

To the shed! ( He walks past Ashley and into the park) And after we find out that nothing is there I’m going to go home and sleep!

(Richard walks to the entrance and stops beside Ashley. They look on at O’Plucker suspiciously.)

What do you think he did in there?

I kinda don’t want to know.

(Ashley starts following O’Plucker who’s already a good distance ahead. Richard follows Ashley. They travel on the dirt path surrounded by darkness. The moon’s light seems to be only shining the dirt road before them, as if leading them to where they need to go. Richard still feels that sense of power from the unknown distance. It’s close, but he doesn’t know where. He hears the words which he’s heard earlier in the day echo in his brain.)

Voice in Richard’s head
It’s coming Richard...And you’ll be there to see it. We all will.

(Now it’s Richard who shudders in fear.)

(They make it to the shed after going through the playscape, the sandbox, and the fountain now deprived of water. Everything is coated in darkness despite the bright moon which shines ever so brightly in the calm November night. The three of them stop in a line by the front of the small restroom facility. It’s the only object that’s glowing from the moon. It wants them here.)

This is the only thing that’s actually lit up by the moon...It’s kinda freaky.

Well, freaky sure, but mostly cool! This is exciting!

(Richard’s eyes light up. He loves these kinds of situations. Looking at this bathroom building glowing eerily from the moon reminds him of all the abandoned houses him and Bobby would sneak into to see if the rumors of them being “haunted” were true. They were sadly disappointed to see that no spirits ran amok, and they would always come back with a souvenire.They had to leave with something . And by God, if they didn’t leave with fear or discovery of the supernatural, they needed something else to mentally satisfy them. What better way to boost the ego than to bring evidence to school and show the scared wusses that they conquered a supposedly haunted house? At this moment, in spite of what had recently happened to him, Richard knows that he won’t be needing to take a souvenir this time. He cared for his own mental enjoyment more than proving anything to anyone. Bobby is the same way. Oh how he wishes he was here right now.)

Don’t be stupid! There could be a person in there! A psychotic lunatic who dresses as russian dictators and shadow people and stalks people. Who knows what he’ll do if he catches us in the dark?

Well, in this case scenario Ashley, even if the shadow person and the military guy are two people, we still got three on them.

Yeah! And we got O’Plucker’s newfound gymnastics moves too! He could do some sort of lunge kick or something to them and could give us time to run away.
I really am starting to despise you more than Bobby right now.

What? Why?!

Gymnastics moves!? Really? Lunge kick? What the hell even is that?! You couldn’t say martial arts or something?!

Look O’Plucker, all I saw you do when we met up were flips and cartwheels.

I never did cartwheels! You’re making that up to try and prove your point!

Shut up!

(He tilts his head back and groans) Jesus Ashley, why are you doing all the disciplining?(turns his head towards O’Plucker) I thought you were the teacher O’Plucker?

(O’Plucker stares at Richard with hatred in his eyes. He grinds his teeth.)
Well how about I discipline you then? You little *censored*. You’re forgetting that I have this goddamn athletic ability, and all you got is an empty book.

(They get up in each others face, though O’Plucker is slightly taller than Richard.)

Oh ho! Finally breaking the professional teacher barrier are we O’Plucker?  Ha not that you haven’t already as you left me to get my ass beat by the delinquents in our class!

(laughs angrily) I can’t believe I’m actually here right now. I can’t believe I followed you and played this stupid little game of yours. I’m changing plans, I’ll give you a whoopin, then I’m going home. I’m done being a teacher anyway! I hate all you runts!

Beat me up! Ha! And you ain’t going anywhere! This situation involves you, Pluck!

Don’t you dare call me that! You’re just like-- no, worse than--

(a rustling sound is coming from the darkness in the multifold of bushes and trees next to them. O’Plucker and Richard face the direction of the sound in fright.)

(Under her breath) It’s getting closer

(The three of them get in a fighting stance, waiting for the shadow man or the military dude to pounce upon them. The bushes rustle more violently, and then Bobby pops out from them.

Richard and O’Plucker

(They punch Bobby in the face. They punched him before they realized that he’s no shadow man.)

(Bobby falls back from the punches.)


It’s Bobby!

Bobby?! Holy smokes! I didn’t know!

Uh yeah...Me neither.

(Bobby stays laid down with his back to the dirt filled ground. Leaves from the bushes are caught in his long shaggy hair. Ashley runs up beside Richard and O’Plucker and looks at him.)

What are you doing here Bobby?!
(Bobby’s face is expressionless. He loves his current position of laying on his back, on top of the cool dirt. He ran longer than he’d have ever ran in his life. Only his eyes look up at the three figures looking down on him.)

I was being chased…

(Richard kneels down closer to him.)

Chased? By who?! Was he completely black, like a shadow? Was it Stalin?!

 (He’s only sort of thinking. He’s dozing off from his comfortable position.)

Tell us Bobby! Weird things are happening!

You’re telling me. I was sleeping peacefully in the classroom when this blue fog came out from nowhere and tried to get me.

Blue fog? Well, that’s a new one.

You don’t have to believe me…

No I mean literally. We haven’t encountered any fog. (She looks at Richard) How much stuff are we dealing with here?

More than a prank that’s for sure, right Ashley?

(Angrily)Hm, I guess so.

Yep. By the way, what do you mean by Stali--(He dozes off to sleep)

(Richard spits on his face)

Ah jeez Rich!What the hell!? I hate it when you do that! (He’s wide awake now, wiping off Richard’s saliva with his wrists.)

Wake up Bobby! You’re joining us now.


(Richard stands up and offers a hand to Bobby. Bobby looks on with wonder, but grabs Richard’s hand. He’s pulled to his feet. Richard tells him the situation with the kids and about Stalin taking them. He tells him about O’Plucker and his confrontation with the shadow man, then tells about their current plan.)

Okay, but if Pluck’s with you, where did he go?

(Ashley and Richard turn around to where O’Plucker was once standing. They take glances all around themselves.)

You’ve got to be kidding me!

I guess seeing Bobby was the last straw. Let’s just continue without him Richard, he’s not going to cooperate with High school seniors.

No. We need him. The shadow man was afraid of us, him included. Something bad is happening and O’Plucker has something to help stop it. He can help us get the kids back!

Can we take a rest first before we go after him? I’ve been running miles!

No! Let’s go back to the entrance and get him!

(Richard runs back the way they came. Ashley and eventually Bobby follow.)

(O’Plucker has made it to the parking lot. He mumbles curses as he walks.)

My life..I hate it. I hate it so much.

(Thinking of the way Richard talked back to him makes him furious. He hates students like that, having to be the tough kid in front of his/her peers. If there ever is a time when the laws didn’t matter--or some kind of Purge--he would beat the crap out of him, out of all his students. If Bobby hadn’t appeared in the bushes, O’Plucker would have surely delivered a knuckle sandwich to Richard’s jaw. Why the hell is he still a teacher if he hates his students so much? There’s the pay of course, got to pay the bills. There was also another reason, but he had forgotten it entirely. It was this reason that had got him to start teaching, and it should be easy to remember. But it’s not. It’s buried within the burning hatred in his heart. All he knows was that it was a humble reason, and he could care less about being humble at this point.)

Kids suck. People (such as his ex wife)suck.

(Thunder begins to roar above him. It gives O’Plucker a jumped heart beat with its loud “baboom!” As he looks up, blue lightning cracks the clear sky.)


Mr. O’Plucker!

(The lightning strikes O’Plucker with one single bolt. The park itself lights up in a blue glow.)


What’s going on?!

Blue?! It must be that blue mist!

(The glow fades, and the park as well as the four people in it, become visible. Richard, Ashley, and Bobby stare at Mr. O’Plucker with shock and awe. O’Plucker is standing there, the sleeves of his blue dress shirt are completely ripped off. )

His arms!

(Plastered like tatoos on O’Plucker’s leanly muscled arms, are black ancient symbols lined up together. There are so many that his arms look almost completely black. O’Plucker observes this, at first with absolute fright, but then..)

I feel...strong.

(Yes. O’Plucker feels power surging through his whole body. He feels his arms spreading strength throughout, like a heart pumping blood throughout his vital organs.)

O’Plucker this. (he says it in a happy tone and a small smile. He feels like he can conquer the world, that he can do whatever he wants with no take care of these kids for instance….then his ex wife...Oh how good this feels!)


(O’Plucker turns around and looks at Richard standing there.)

(grins) Mr. Mortimer, how good it is to see you.

Well, we--

You know, I believe we’ve known each other for a good enough time to disregard the formal names. Please, call me Pluck. Go on, Richie, call me Pluck.


But I’ve always called you Pluck though.

(O’Plucker raises his arm, his hand in a fist pointing at Bobby. The symbols on his arms glow and begin rotating. A blue arrow shoots out from his clenched fist.)

*censored* YOU BOBBY!


(The blue arrow pierces Bobby in the side. Bobby falls forward on his knees. His eyes stare blankly at O’Plucker. Ashley screams.)


(She runs up to him.)

(Eyes still staring blankly) Pluck...Wha..(He coughs up blood.)

(O’Plucker’s face is crumpled into a furious frown. Lightning still cracks the sky.)

(Richard is looking at Bobby wide eyed. He’s fixed on the arrow that pierced him. It’s still emitting blue mist.)

B-Bobby... (He turns around to O’Plucker’s hysterical laughter)

That didn’t feel good at all! (laughs hysterically)

You bastard! I’ll--

Save your breath Richard. Oh, you also said my name wrong, it’s Pluck remember?

Grrrrrrrrrrr (he stares at O’Plucker angrily)

(Ashley looks on at Richard and O’Plucker. Bobby is now staring blankly at the ground still kneeling with Ashley beside him.)

INT. An unknown fireplace. The room is dark save for candles and a large fire emitting flames that warm the atmosphere. In front of the large fire, is a bulky man in a black suit and red tie. His face is shadowed from the darkness outside of the fires field of light. He’s sitting back with his elbows down on his waist and thick fingers intertwined. A woman approaches beside him from the darkness. She has short black hair and a soft, creamy complexion. Her blue eyes light up in the firelight as they fix on the broad man in the chair.)

Black Haired Woman
(Speaks in a Russian accent) I can sense the potential adversaries clearly. They’re turning on each other.

Broadly Built Man
(Deep Russian accent) Oh? I’ll admit, it’s sooner than I had expected.

Black Haired Woman
Only two have received the stolen coordinates, but one has attacked their own ally who hasn’t received it yet.

Broadly Built Man
Is it the one who master Stalin fears most?

Black Haired Woman
No, but I can sense no coordinate embedded in him yet. The one who master Stalin fears is also in their attacker’s way. He’ll fall next.
Broadly Built Man
That’s a shame. I would have loved to strangle the life out of this swine myself. It would have given me a great honor from master Stalin when he regains his humanity.

Black Haired Woman
Indeed. What a shame. There will still be two others though.

Broadly Built Man
I guess you have a point. I’m itching for a brawl.

(The broadly built man raises his arm and clenches his hand into a fist. An orange ember emits from the fist and it glows ever so brightly with power. He makes a wide grin, his teeth glowing white in the darkness.)

Broadly Built Man
Tough or not tough, I’ve been promised a good chance to slaughter swines.

(The black haired woman makes a wicked grin, her teeth shining brightly as well. Unrecognizable letter patterns appear on one side of her face and look like black tattoos. When they appear, they begin glowing red and rotate. Her blue eyes glow a powerful red. Her short hair blows in the breeze this power creates.)

Black Haired Woman
Let’s go now.

Broadly Built Man
Are you forgetting? Master Stalin wants us to take care of other matters first.

(The black haired woman’s red eyes widen with realization.)

Black haired Woman

Broadly Built Man
Don’t worry Rosaline, these errands shall be rather quick, then we’ll make us some swine stew.

(They both grin wider now, and a few Russian chuckles were made here and there.)

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~~Chapter 8: BURST LIMIT
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CHAPTER 8: Burst Limit

EXT. The park; now glowing brightly with O’Plucker’s newfound power. Richard and the hysterical teacher standoff in the parking lot right in front of the park entrance. O’Plucker’s face is filled with anger, as his eyes emit small blue flames flowing from their corners. Richard’s face reflects the same, but without the blue aura of strength. He clutches the communist manifesto paperback book tightly under his arm.

Well, all's well that ends well (He points a clenched fist at Richard.)

You bastard! I’ll kick your ass hard for what you did to Bobby! If he dies, I swear to God..

Shut up! You think you can threaten me?! I’m your elder! I am your teacher! I am filled with power! You are nothing! You students think your so high and mighty, HA!

My teacher!? Why would I ever want someone who attacks their own students as my teacher? Someone who gets flustered when their students get out of hand? Why would I want someone who lets the world beat him and then mopes about it, then tells me that I’m nothing?! That’s not the qualities of my teacher!

(O’Plucker’s eyes widen with real shock. What Richard had just said...made sense. Ashley and even Bobby look up with surprise on their faces.)

Goddamnit I don’t want to waste my time with you! I want to get back those kids! I want to fight Stalin!

(O’Plucker realizes that Richard might actually have a point of what he just said about him...But now he’s even angrier than ever for having a high school senior be the one to point this out to him.)

Shut up!

(Another blue arrow emerges from  O’Plucker’s fist. Richard takes out his book and holds it up in front of him, positioning his legs in a stance that will keep him planted to the ground. He prays that the arrow will get caught in the never ending vortex of the book, just like the black tentacles. All he can do is close his eyes and yell out an angry chant. Ashley looks on with fright.)


(The arrow soars from O’Plucker’s fist, and travels right for Richard’s nose. However,  it makes impact with a bare knee, and a purple flash of sparks are produced. Ashley saw the long purple haired girl with nothing on but a big white shirt lunge at the arrow with her knee out forward like a muay thai fighter. She lands a few feet away from the impact she had just made, and glares at O’Plucker with her now purple colored eyes. Small purple embers emit from the corners of them as they lock onto O’ Plucker with anger.)


(Wide eyed) Wait, are you…

She’s the Krong girl..

(Coughing up blood)

Miss Reinhart!

That’s it! I knew that was her name!

(Sahara keeps her glare at O’Plucker, but talks to Richard. Her voice is cool and collect, but still a bit emotionless.)

Take cover Richard, I’m the only one who can deal with him right now.


(Frowny face)You’re the only one who can deal with me? What!? A high school student like you is not worthy at all to take on a grown man! A knowledgeable teacher at that! (He winds his arm back, and the black symbols on his arms go up in blue flames. He swings it back in front of him as if throwing a punch, and blue arrows shoot out toward Sahara and Richard at rapid speed. Sahara turns her head to Richard and actually shouts with a warning emotion.)

Watch out!


(She dashes in front of Richard.)

Ancient Armor!

(As she goes in to kick the arrows, the drawings of ancient warriors glow and turn into gold armor around her shins and forearms. She manages to break all the arrows projected at Richard with her kicks. Her swift movements when she did so put Richard in a state of utter shock. He wonders if he’s dreaming. The long white polo shirt she’s wearing is flapping up, revealing some curved features.)

Welp, I don’t know what life is anymore.

(:How did I just do that?)

...Her shirt flapped up…(blood spurts from his nose)

(Looks on at Bobby) Now it’s coming from your nose?!

(Sahara stands back into a warrior pose. O’Plucker’s anger escalates rapidly. His face crunches even more into a frown. Before he could comment on the girl’s incredible agility, she charges at O’Plucker, throwing herself and readying her strong heel for a strike. She hits O’Plucker’s forearm, which the teacher used to block his face. Sahara gets back down to the ground and charges again with multiple kicks. O’Plucker blocks them all, but is being pushed back. All he can do is stay on the defensive...or get away.)

(voice shaken from the repetitive strikes of Sahara’s armored shins) How…

(Though O’Plucker’s flaming forearms are much stronger than ever before and have taken the strikes of Sahara’s armored shins, he can feel himself wearing down. Though this sudden power is flowing wildly within him--within his body and emotions, he has no technique of fighting this wild girl attacking him.)

(Ashley is trying to pull the arrow out from Bobby’s side, but instantly burns her hands when she touches it.)

Damn it!

(Bobby continues to cough up blood.)

(Sahara swings a powerful left roundhouse aimed for the side of O’Plucker’s head--but O’Plucker manages to block it with his forearm. The force actually pushes him back a good ten feet. He causes a slight trench as his feet drag backward, and smoke from the dirt fills the air for a brief moment. Sahara turns her head to Richard. Meanwhile, Ashley is trying to patch up Bobby’s blood with her hands. She’s sobbing, and Bobby is barely breathing now. After he coughs up some blood, he makes large gasps for air.)

Richard! Get out of here!

What?! Why!? We just got here!

You need to go to be away from  here when you receive your coordinate! Please, believe me, and go!


(Sahara looks back at a raging O’Plucker. His eyes are completely covered in blue flames. His arms are exploding with larger embers. Sahara knows he’s not going to be thinking any longer about defense.)

(To herself coldly) His coordinate has overtaken him. He had too much grief.

Can you please at least tell me what’s happening to O’Plucker?!

I’ll tell you later, just go. NOW!

(He gets frightened a bit by her angry--yes--angry face and her shout.) Alright, alright! Let’s go Ashley! I’ll help you carry Bobby!

(Richard and Ashley each go under one of Bobby’s arms.)


let's go to the hospital!


(They start moving to the entrance of the park. O’Plucker was pushed ten feet to their left, so they were able to get away and into the street.  Sahara stands in front of O’Plucker five feet away, guarding the three as they leave. She stares at O’Plucker with cold eyes.)

I can’t kill you, but I need you to stay put for a bit.

(O’Plucker looks at her with fury. Blue flames start flowing from his mouth like saliva, and his eyes are completely engulfed in blue fire. He yells wildly and shoots a blizzard of arrows at Sahara.)

(saying to herself)Please...not too strong to kill him

(Sahara raises her arms in the air.)


(Purple lightning emits from above her.The tatooes over her body peel off and take a 3D form. They charge forward by the hundreds, all muscular warriors with animal heads and human bodies. They charge forward with their spears and shields raised, slowly advancing through the arrows. Some of them fall back from being impaled, but the majority manage to rage on.)

(Angry roar) GRAAAAH!

(The blizzard gets more intense. Sahara is struggling at advancing using only this much of her power. More and more of her warriors fall. She knows that O’Plucker will keep on using more energy, especially now that his power has taken over his way of thinking.)

Just..Use..A little...More.

(Four larger warriors with large spears and big white wings on their backs fly out from under her polo. Muscular figures with the heads of a rhino, a tiger, a lion, and a wolf charge through the blizzard of arrows at a fast speed. Dozens of blue arrows impale them. As they charge forward, it looks as if they have received acupuncture. They make it to O’Plucker, and give him a good whack to the face with the butt of their spears and shields. O’Plucker flies through a brick wall that encloses the Park from the parking lot. He goes even further through trees and lands on dirt ground. There is no movement.)


(With a raise of her arm, the warriors return back into the two dimensional tattooes plastered all over her body. The arrows that stuck to them don’t however, and fall to the ground, breaking into small fragments. In fact, even the blue arrows that are just lying on the ground break apart into small bits. Sahara looks to the newly created trench path caused by O’Plucker’s projected body.)

He’s only knocked out. Good.

(She heads in the direction that Richard and Ashley had gone to take Bobby to the hospital. A Black figure stands on O’Plucker’s car upon the rooftop of the park restroom, observing the purple haired girl leaving and the O'Plucker lying on the ground knocked out in the multifold of trees.)

Shadow Figure
What a good start for this Cold War.
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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~~Chapter 9: TENSION AND COLD SORCERY
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Chapter 9: Tension and Cold Sorcery

EXT. O’Plucker is lying on the ground. His face is very bruised up and his whole dress shirt is torn. His eyes are shut, unaware that a shadowy figure is observing him. O’Plucker dreams. He dreams of a time long ago, a time when he himself was in High school.

(He sees himself walking his usual senior route towards the doors of the school. A young O’Plucker he was, still with his round bald head and dress shirt with brown khakis. His eyes were less bitter back then. He was a quiet kid, who only loved to read books and learn about his family’s history. He was walking to the school library doors, just to sit down and read about the racial tension his father had told him back then before he had died of a heart attack. The navy veteran had told him his struggles of the time when not everyone was equal. As he sat down in a bean bag chair inside the library, he heard kids shout at him from the hallway. They were both built and wearing football jerseys, but one was a kid of color and the other was white.)

Ignorant Kid: Hey! It’s Little Bill!

(They both laugh and make rude gestures at him as they walked by, preferably the middle finger. “Little Bill”was one of the nicknames he was given by his schoolmates. He didn’t mind that one, but the worst one of all was given to him two weeks after he had his circumcision in an english class. He had an irritating itch in the you- know-where, and of course at that moment when he couldn’t take the feeling any longer and made a couple scratches at it, a student called him out on it.)

Ignorant kid: Holy *censored*! Curious George is whackin off!

(They all laughed. And laughed. And Laughed. O’Plucker blew up red in the face, and almost on the verge of tears.When the bell rang, he sprinted out, and ran into the handicap men’s room. He almost did let out a downpour, but he was surprised to hear that someone had entered the bathroom. As he lifted his head from the sink, he saw his teacher there. His pale bearded face looked at him with understanding.)

Teacher: I don’t think you’re handicapped George.

George: (Sniff) You’re not either

Teacher: (laughs) No, but I only came in here when I saw you enter. Listen George..

George: I know the drill Mr. Whitman, I’m leaving.

(The teacher stops him with his palm.)

Mr. Whitman: George, don’t let these guys get to ya. You’re a smart kid, hella smart.

George: That doesn’t matter.

Mr. Whitman: Of course it does!

George: Not to them.They won’t accept me because I’m like this.(He motions his hands around himself. They hover his thick glasses, his neat and tidy dress shirt, and the George signature khaki pants.)

Mr.Whitman: Who gives a *censored* about them? They have nothing going for em George! Trust me, I know, I’m their teacher after all.

George: Huh?

Mr. Whitman: (Puts his hands on George’s shoulders) Look, all I’m saying is, you make my job at teaching a lot easier (grins).

George: Gee thanks.

Mr. Whitman: Don’t mention it George. (gets out a cigarette from his pant pocket.) Sorry, but there’s another reason why I came here. Nobody comes in here so..(He blows out a black puff of smoke) Aaah that’s good.

George: You can’t sm--!

(Mr. Whitman covers George’s hand with his almost ogre-sized palm.)

Mr. Whitman: You see George, life sucks, especially when you’re the normal person with the regular IQ such as myself. Kids like them, the bozos, will most likely end up living in boxes or on welfare.

George: What?

Mr. Whitman: You George, you got something going. I heard from other teachers that you’re scoring ace in physics and calculus. In fact, we did some research in the administration meetings, and you might have the best grades in the state! How’s that for smart?

(George did in fact know that his grades were stupendous in physics and calculus, but Mr. Whitman is missing another class that he’s excelled at; American history. He loves learning about the country's history. From the American revolution to the creation of the iPad. He’s showed his parents--particularly his father about his  high history scores, but he passed them on, stating that, “You can’t get a good job with a history major George. No way in hell.” Mr. Whitman seems to be doing the same thing, but totally dismissing the course entirely. George doesn’t bring it up, as if he already knows that the answer Mr. Whitman will say, will be the same as his father’s.)

Mr. Whitman: I did okay with myself when I was young. Got average grades in high school, went to college with the hopes of being a writer...and now years later I’m an English teacher. A goddamn high school English teacher. Yes sir, it was the only path to take. I wasn't no Einstein, hated politics--like, a lot. I still do too. And to top it all off I couldn't even put a bandage on correctly. I didn't think a doctor or a vet would want someone who couldn't even put a patch on a bruise to perform surgery, do you?

(George shakes his head)

George: Uh, no sir.

Mr. Whitman: Now you George, you’re an Einstein. Use that brain of yours and go places.

(And he did, well actually, he almost did. When he graduated, he went on to Stanford to become a chemical engineer. However, after a year there, he hated it. No, he hated it after the first month, but only stayed to please his mother. But he realized he couldn’t pull off the charade any longer, and decided to quit. His mother strongly disapproved, and at one point he was left homeless for a while. He was never on good terms with her, so he completely expected something like this to occur. So, he had slept on a park bench near the campus for a week. It was shameful when kids he had seen in his classes had passed by him, some actually throwing crumpled up dollar bills on his head (hey, it bought him some Twix bars, so it wasn’t all bad). After accepting his mother’s somewhat of an apology a week later, he went back to school to study history...and that had something to do with him being in the current situation of being a teacher, of being bitter and depressed. When he became a teacher he married a psycho who was obsessed with cat memorabilia. He started smoking, and went out to drink almost every week day. Now, as he was dreaming back to these moments of his life, he realized he grew into something he was repulsed by. He became...Mr. Whitman. )

EXT. The Neighborhood. Ashley and Richard are carrying Bobby. The walk is slow since Bobby appears to be quite heavy. The two are each under his arms, and he’s slightly raised, but his feet are dragging on the road. Blood is pouring down from the gushing wound of the arrow which is still pierced in his side.


Ashley: Oh God he’s not talking Richard! He’s lost so much blood! (tears are running down her face)

Richard: C-calm down Ashley! We’ll stop at my place! T-then we’ll get my dad to drive us and it’s all taken care of hahahaha...ha.

(But Richard had doubts that they’ll even get there in time. Bobby already lost a good amount of blood during the whole face off with O’Plucker, and Richard’s house is a good two miles away. They’ve only been able to carry Bobby out for a good mile and a half. The both of them are scared as hell, knowing that they might witness a person die tonight. Ashley’s hands are covered in dry crimson blood from trying to stop the bleeding in the park, and Richard can’t keep his eyes away from them. It sickens him. It sickens him that O’Plucker would do this to his own student. Is this what power can do to you? Now that you have the world in your clutches (literally), you can do whatever you want, and plow down anyone in your way without remorse? Do people not matter when one has all the power in the world? Is everyone just being kind to one another because they’re powerless? These questions are bouncing around wildly in his head, thanks to the fear and anxiety that’s taken over his body. He looks at Ashley, who’s staring at the ground, completely dazed by her own fear. He knows she’s probably thinking the same thing he is, about O’Plucker, about how sudden this turned out to be, and most importantly; what to do if Bobby dies.)

Sahara: Richard.

(The voice came from behind, and Richard was just barely able to hear it--in fact, he was the only one. He stopped and turned around, kind of throwing Ashley a bit off balance as she kept going and felt a resistance to her forwarding advancement. She stopped with him.)

Ashley: What is it?

Richard: Sahara

(The long purple haired girl wearing nothing but the white polo walked towards them. Her eyes, now a bit of a lively hazel, locked to his own--and only his own. She did not look at Ashley or Bobby, and that kind of freaked him out. Her eyeliner is still neat and intact on her eyelids and lashes, and no bruises are on her pale face. Her polo not torn at the slightest, and her milky white thighs show no black or blue--only tattooes. Did she take care of O’Plucker? She gets to a close distance between Richard, Ashley, and Bobby.)

Ashley: W-what did you do to O’Plucker?

Sahara: I knocked him out. Don’t worry, he’s still alive, he needs to be.

Richard: No, he doesn't. That son of a bitch hurt Bobby, and just might kill him if we don’t get to the hospital in time! You should have killed him! If he gets up, he most likely will try to kill us!

(Sahara remains solemn through Richard’s angry voice.)

Sahara: Yes, he just might try to kill us when he gets up, but it’s not his fault. His coordinate has taken over him.

Richard: That’s great and all, but I don’t care about that right now, Bobby is dying! (Turns to Ashley) Let’s go Ashley!

Sahara: Stop.

(Richard’s eyes widen with surprise. He turns back to the purple haired girl. Ashley does the same.)

Ashley:Stop? Stop?! Why should we--

Sahara: Look.

(She points to the arrow pierced in Bobby’s side. Richard and Ashley watch it shatter into small pieces.)

Ashley: The arrow’s destroyed!

Sahara: I can stop the bleeding with the power of my coordinate, but Bobby must not be healed.

(Richard and Ashley look at her with shock and confusion)

Richard: What?! Why can’t he be healed?!

Sahara: Because right now, his emotions are dulled in this state. When his coordinate arrives to him, he has a high chance of being able to get it under his control.

Ashley: Or he’ll just die!

Richard: Can’t we do something to stop Bobby from receiving his coordinate or whatever?

Sahara: No, the destinations for the last four remaining coordinates were set and stone by someone who is deceased. This person gave the orders on who they go to, and they cannot be taken back unless the person calls them back. But, I can no longer feel his energy on Earth, so he’s definitely dead.

Richard: Ugh! Alright! That’s it! I’m done trying to question everything! Just stop Bobby’s bleeding and let’s get him his coordinate!

Ashley: Are you serious Richard?!

(Turns to Ashley)

Richard: We have no choice Ashley! Bobby isn’t going to make it if we leave now!

Sahara: His coordinate might also save his life when he receives it. But, he’s not just going to get it from any location. The ignition point is somewhere where he feels the most alive.

Ashley: How the hell are we supposed to know the place where he feels the most alive?!

Richard: We could try his home.

Sahara: That will be our first destination then. Give me Bobby.

(Richard and Ashley stare at her for a moment, hesitating. Richard thinks back to that odd encounter in the class, how she had frightened him gravely. She looked like her mind was in another realm, and at that point Richard only thought that she was just crazy. But, at this moment, after so much bizarre and messed up stuff that happened, Richard thinks that maybe her mind is in another realm, a horrible, treacherous realm. Where darkness shows only inhuman voices. He allows her to get to Bobby frightened at this thought. Sahara crouches down, her bare knees to her breasts. She pulls up his t-shirt and places a hand on Bobby’s wound. Her eyes turn that unworldly purple, and small sparks emit from her and and around the wound. Miraculously Bobby’s skin covers it up.)

Ashley: (Wide eyed) No way…

Richard: The wound is closed! Alright!

Sahara: I used the coordinate’s self healing power and manipulated it to think Bobby as me. I only closed the wound though, his tissues are still damaged. If I were to fully manipulate it to heal Bobby entirely, my coordinate would go haywire at the foreign entity it’s healing.

Richard: Yeah I don’t really know what the hell you just said, but..Bobby’s wound is closed! You did it Sahara!

Ashley: That had to be some kind of sorcery...From what I’ve read in books, I can almost entirely believe it is.

Sahara: Correct. It is.

(Ashley and Richard once again look at her with surprise. Bobby’s eyes are closed (Though no one can see them). Richard and Ashley are still under his arms. His head is cast down, his dark blonde hair covering his face like a curtain.)

Sahara: This is all sorcery that two countries have practiced and manipulated for years.

Ashley: You mean?

Sahara: I don’t know the specifics, but it all started in the beginning of the Cold War. The two strongest countries in the world tried to outclass each other in science...and sorcery.

Ashley: What?! That’s absurd! It was an arms race!

Richard: So what you and O’Plucker have, is sourcery created by the United States?

Sahara: Yes.

Richard: So shooting arrows from the fists, golden armor, and athletic’re saying that we’re going to get that stuff too?

Sahara: (Expressionless face ) Not exactly that, as coordinates have different kinds of sorcery they attract. The only thing that is certain is that you’ll receive athletic abilities.

Ashley: How do you know all this?

Sahara: I can see beyond the reality realm. I saw what the coordinates were, though I’m not sure what specific power they each have. I can communicate with beings outside this world.

Ashley: Um...okay.

Richard: Well, I’ll believe it I guess, after all that’s happened. I guess we better get going to Bobby’s house now.

Ashley: But...This is so...absurd.

Richard: No time for that Ashley. (Turns to Sahara) Let’s go Sahara!

Sahara: Let me carry Bobby, we’ll be able to get there faster.

(This time Ashley and Richard didn’t hesitate, and handed Bobby to her. She slings him over her shoulder and starts running. They look at her, their jaws to the ground.)

Sahara: Let’s go.

(Richard closes his jaw)

Richard: W-wait! Do you even know where we’re going?! Let one of us lead!

(Richard chases after her, his dark hair now blowing back in the sudden cold breeze. Ashley closes her jaw as well.)

Ashley: Oh lord, what did you get me into?

(She runs after them.)

EXT. The empty lot where the school once was. A flying Stalin is hovering above, his big black wings flapping. He’s accompanied by two shadowy figures.

Shadow Figure #1: (In Russian) Agents Rozaline and Viktor have supplied you with enough power to create the portal master Stalin.

Stalin: (In Russian) Good. Now open it, my hands are tied here.

(The children are sleeping in his arms. Stalin casted a sleeping spell on them so they wouldn’t cry at the scent and the sight of his face.The last thing he wants is annoying American children screaming in his ears, damaging his revived sense of hearing.  His red devil eyes glow with delight as the shadow figures get in position to produce a portal.)

Shadow #2: We’re ready my lord!

(The shadow figures have used their long tentacles to raise themselves to Stalin’s level. Stalin flies away from the empty lot and observes the shadow figures with their arms raised from above the school’s parking lot. The sky is covered with dark clouds and thunder rumbles within them.)

Stalin: (Puts both his middle and index fingers on his temples.) agent Rozaline, and agent Viktor! Do it now!

(The clouds begin to swirl above the school (or where there used to be a school). A massive hole opens in the clouds, and red and orange lightning strikes the shadow figures from it. The shadow figures catch the strikes in their hands, and they begin to twirl their arms in a circle. The lightning follows the movements of their arms, and at once the lightning connects itself into a circle. The shadow figures throw the lightning into the hole. A strong bright light emits inside the hole. Now the hole emits black sparks of its own.)

Stalin: The portal is opened!

(He flies inside it. Only his voice is heard from the portal.)

Stalin : Go my loyal servants, and dispose of the small threats that reside in this pathetic country!

(Hundreds of Soviet soldiers come falling out from the hole. They land on their feet. All of them are in military clothing, but have broken shackles on their bare ankles. Their skin is a dead white, and their eyes a demonic red. They produce an unearthly battle cry, and charge into the woods. Their destination is the park. The portal closes above the shadow figures, and the clouds go back to normal.)


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Hey guys! For those of you who read the chapters that I post, I'm going to be posting a chapter every Wednesday. I just really enjoy writing this story. I'm pretty much going to mold it into an adventure with action, romance, drama, comedy, and most importantly; Joseph Stalin. The first part of the story is coming to a close, so I just want to thank you guys for viewing these chapters ever since I posted chapter two. Yes, you probably just click and look at it for a brief moment and say, "what is this crap?" but hey, when I look at it, all I see is that the view count went up haha. I just want you guys to enjoy a story after a hard day of work or school or whatever you all do. I'm pretty much going to keep writing this story to the very end, so if anyone has a problem with this thread being constantly updated and on the recent posts lists, I apologize. The truth is that I'm enjoying this way too much! The only reason I kept on writing was because of you guys in the first place, so in the end, you all created a monster! Hahahahahahahahaha!

But seriously, thank you guys for the encouragement of this story when I first brought it up a long time ago. And hopefully, you guys will enjoy the upcoming chapters. I have big plans for this story, so hopefully you'll stick around and enjoy it!

I'm starting the chapter updates tomorrow. Thank you once again and hope you're all having a great summer so far! 8)

--Joemiser8675 :dance: :dance:
Check out my story! Honey, Stalin Took the Kids >>,13888.0.html

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~CHAPTER 10: "X" MARX THE SPOT
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Chapter 10: "X" Marx the Spot

EXT. An unknown living room. It’s very plain. A young sophomore with groomed short blonde hair is sitting on a couch with a paper clipped to a clipboard. He’s thinking hard as he stares at the questions that are on his paper. They’re math questions, algebra to be more specific, and he hasn’t got a clue how to solve any of them. Tears are running down his cheeks as he struggles. Footsteps are approaching him, and before he could hear them, a young middle aged Asian woman in business attire walks in. She glares at the boy with those brown hateful eyes of hers, and the light reflecting on her thin glasses from the living room lights slightly blinds him.

Woman: Bobby, why are you crying?

Bobby: I...I can’t do this homework mom. It’s too hard..

Woman: (She looks at him dazed) Too hard…

(Bobby gets frightened by her face. He knows it’s the face she makes before she goes into her hysterics.)

Bobby: I’m..I’m going to keep trying..

Woman: Whaaaaaat! TOOOOO HAAAARD!?!?

Bobby: Mom--

(She goes up towards her son and grabs him by the collar.)

Woman: Do you understand how much time from my life I used up to teach you how to be a human being?! All that hard work, and you can’t even answer any math problems?! Did I adopt a dumbass American child?!

(Bobby’s tears spill down his cheeks.)

Bobby: I-I’m trying…

Woman: Well try harder! We’re supposed to be going to China in a week for my new job, a week, you hear me Bobby? I want to get the hell away from your father as fast as possible. But now you might be humiliating me by being the dumbest one in the neighborhood.  My co-workers and their kids are very intelligent, and it would kill me to have them see how stupid you are.

Bobby: I’ll..I’ll be smart! I promise!

(The woman looks at Bobby, and her glare turns into a calm smile of reassurance.)

Woman: Good boy. (She kisses his cheek and walks away) Prove it to me on your next test. I want an A.

(And boy did Bobby try his best. He went to after school tutoring and even practiced problems on his own when his last class ended. He went through every single equation...but they wouldn’t stick. No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn’t get it down pat. When he received a big fat “D” on the test, he was afraid to see his mother. He hid in the school till nine o’clock, and snuck out behind the janitor. When he arrived home, he found that the garage door was open and empty. He went to the front door..and also found it open. He walked inside, and found that the entire house was empty of belongings--save for a sleeping bag and a note on the table. Bobby reads the note written on construction paper.

Farewell, I wish you the best of luck.
--My regards,
Nuan Winthrop from Hong Kong
To do List:
Adopt an Asian child

(Bobby put the note down, stood there, and stared into the empty darkness of his house. Suddenly the darkness was lit up by a blue fog that appeared from the windows and doors. The fog surrounds him, and gets closer. Bobby looks around frantically, and before he can let out a scream, he’s blinded by a blue flash of light.)

INT. Bobby’s house in reality. It’s dark and vacant. As Bobby was dreaming of a flashback like O’Plucker, Sahara had been running behind Richard with him over her shoulder. Ashley is following close behind her. They arrived at the house momentarily and Sahara barged in. They were met by an old fellow with long gray hair and round spectacles over his wrinkled eyes. He’s sitting on the floor by the couch in the living room, meditating to pop music. Three candles are lit beside him. When he heard the door being breached, he opened his eyes and stared at the intruders.

Old Hippy: Who goes there?

(Richard is the first to arrive inside, but Sahara passes him quickly and roams the house with Bobby still slung over her shoulder. She begins taking glances at the light bulbs and lamps in the living room.)

Richard: (Awkwardly) Uh, Hi there, we’re Bobby’s friends. I’m Richard Mortimer.

(Ashley walks in.)

Ashley: Was breaking the door really necessary?!

Richard: (Motions his hands to Ashley) And this is Ashley!

Ashley: Huh?(She’s looking at Richard but eventually follows his gaze at the old Hippy.) Oh! Hello! Nice to meet you.

Old Hippy : (His voice is stern, but his face is relaxed.)It’s nice to see Bobby’s friends, but why did you break my door down? And why is the boy being carried over the shoulder of a half naked young woman with purple hair? Hmph, (Smiles) She reminds me of the concerts I would go to in my much pleasure we had when..

Sahara: We need to turn the lights on, I can’t find any traces of a coordinate anywhere.

Richard: Aight. Old man, where are the light switches?

Old Hippy: They’re by the wall that leads to the kitchen, but they won’t turn on.

Richard: What? Why not?

Old Hippy: We have decided that electricity brings us farther away from the spirits within us...after I couldn’t afford the electric bill…

Ashley: Well that’s not good.

(Sahara comes back to Richard and Ashley.)

Sahara: Then it’s no use. The coordinate wouldn’t arrive through the house. We’ll have to go outside.

(Just as she said that, lightning fills the sky above and strikes the electric pole on the roof of Bobby’s house.)

Richard: Whoa!

Ashley: That was so sudden! Where did it come from?!

(They realize that sparks are traveling throughout the house ceiling. The lights are being lit by a light blue glow.)

Sahara: Now’s the time!

(She goes into the living room, and throws Bobby on the carpet, which is centered by the glowing lights. Richard, Ashley, and even the old hippy look on with wonder. Sahara runs back to them. When she makes it back, the lights produce sparks, then form a giant lightning bolt that strikes Bobby. The whole room is enveloped in a bright blue light.)

EXT. The park. O’Plucker awakens to find himself laying on his back and covered with sticks and dead leaves. His dreaming was interrupted by multiple echoes of what sounds like people chanting battle cries. He sits up, and all at once the pain flares up all over his body. He nearly cries out loud, but lets out a painful groan instead. He’s completely covered in dirt, but the black symbols are still clearly visible on both his arms, as if they weren’t touched at all. If he had a mirror, he would be able to see black and blue bruises on his forehead and cheeks. Small scratches can be seen beneath his chin and just above his left eyebrow, leaking some fresh blood down his face in streaks. The loud war cries get louder...get closer. He turns his head slowly, taking in minor pain, and looks into the neverending patch of trees.

O’Plucker: That sound..

(Now the cries get louder to the point that O’Plucker can see figures moving towards him. He can see hundreds of them in military uniform, with glowing red eyes like figures from hell.)

O’Plucker: *censored*!

(He runs--no staggers, away to the park entrance, following his trench that he had made when Sahara sent him fly-wait a minute. Wait a Goddamn minute!)

O’Plucker: I can fight..(he looks at the symbols on his arms.)

(O’Plucker stops where he is and turns around. Now he can see them clearly; they have the appearance of undead soldiers from the second World War era. Their dead white skin and fangs prove it. They charge towards him, chanting and moaning. O’Plucker sees a shadowy aura around them, and at once he thinks of the silhouetted figure he encountered a while ago. That bastard who took his car! The undead soldiers run at him from all angles to his front, some are hopping and swinging over trees like gorillas while others are in a dead sprint.)

O’Plucker: I can fight!

( He raises his clenched fist at them. The symbols on his arms start to glow, but a hot sensation of pain rushes through his body. His arms are engulfed in powerful blue flames.)

O’Plucker: Gah!

(He coughs up blood, and two arrows fire from his fist. They impale seven soldiers sprinting behind one another.)

O’Plucker: Ow...

(He sees soldiers surrounding him now. They all stop suddenly and face O’Plucker, grinning wickedly. Their white fangs and red eyes glow ever so brightly from the moonlight above. A familiar silhouetted man makes his way through the crowd of demonic entities. He stands in front of O’Plucker and points.)

Shadow Man: By order of Master Stalin, kill this man.

(They charge, chanting out a war cry.)

INT. Bobby’s house. The light fades, but sparks are still emitting from the lamps and the ceiling lights. Richard looks to where Bobby was thrown by Sahara. His body is still lying there face down. He appears completely unharmed by the lightning strikes, as not even a wrinkle can be found on his loose Bob Marley T-shirt and cargo shorts.

Richard: Did it work?

(Ashley is doing the same thing looking at Bobby, waiting for some kind of magical phenomenon to happen. But so far, there is nothing. Bobby still lays there. Sahara is looking on patiently, but the old hippy actually raises his voice. He’s still in his meditation pose of sitting cross legged.)

Old Hippy: What in the heavens of this blue Earth did you do to the boy?! Are you people witches?!

(Sahara ignores the old Hippy.)

Sahara: I don’t understand, it should have worked. What just happened was exactly what happened to me, except I had received my coordinate.

Richard: Maybe Bobby isn’t one of the chosen ones or something. Perhaps you were wrong.

Ashley: Uh, guys...guys!

(Ashley’s yell makes the old Hippy and Richard jump. She’s outside the door looking up at the sky.)

Richard: What is it?!

Ashley: There’s a huge funnel cloud forming above this house!

Richard: A funnel cloud!?

(Sahara’s eyes widen with sudden realization.)

Sahara: Get out of the house!

Richard: Are you crazy?! There’s a funnel cloud outside!

(Sahara grabs Richard’s hand and pulls him out of the house. The old hippy remains sitting cross legged.)

Old Hippy: Hey! Kids?! Can you help me up?! I’m stuck!

(They make it outside, with a violent wind to greet them. By the time they glance at the house, a twister takes form and breaks it to nothing but large debris. They run, but realize that the twister is getting wider, and it advances towards them.)

Richard: It’s going to swallow us whole guys! Prepare yourselves for flying!

Sahara: Barricade!

(Her eyes glow purple, and sparks emit from beneath her already flapping white polo. The four large animal headed soldiers with human bodies take form from the tattoos on her thighs. The big ten foot high soldiers shroud themselves over Sahara, Richard, and Ashley.They look like they’re in a huddle as they squat.)

Richard: Whoa...Who are these guys? What’s with the wolf head? Badass!

Ashley: Shut up! We’re going to die!

(The twister envelopes them. However, to everyone’s surprise, they aren’t being flung around.They’re simply inside the twister. After a few moments of huddling together beneath the animal soldiers’ muscular bodies. Richard is the first to speak.)

Richard: Are..Are we dead?

(Sahara peeks out from their huddle. Richard realizes that Sahara is very close to him, very close. Her body is up against his, even more so as she looks out. Feeling her body against him, and thinking about how she’s practically naked underneath her polo, he gets very flushed in the face. Ashley sees it clearly despite their dark surroundings.)

Ashley: Really?

(Richard realizes the sternness in her voice, and looks to her.)

Richard: What?!

Ashley: (Grimaces) Don’t get a nose bleed kiddo.

Richard: What are you talking about?! Nose bleed?! I’m not a--

(Sahara moves closer, her head is still looking outside the large soldier’s bodies. She’s rubbing her body against him now--or nudging him to move to the side. Her breasts are a close proximity to his face.)

Richard: (Nose bleeds) What the hell are you doing up there!?

Ashley: You dumbass! Your nose is bleeding!

Sahara: I’m scanning the surroundings. Move over.

(Richard moves over and Sahara follows. She glances at all the trees and houses twirling around them. It appears that all the objects have caught up in the twister, everything except them.)

Sahara: Return.

(Just like that, the animal headed soldiers morph back into the tatoos on her thighs and arms.)

Richard: Is it safe?

Ashley: Why else would she bring back her animal men?

Richard: You don’t have to be snappy.

Ashley: Wipe your nose dumbass.

(Richard wipes his nose frantically with the sleeve of his zip front sweatshirt. Sahara is standing now and looking towards the empty patch that was Bobby’s house.)

Sahara: This must be his coordinate. Come on.

(Richard and Ashley reluctantly get up, leering at each other. They follow Sahara to where Bobby’s house once was. The twister is still whirling frantically all around them.)

Ashley: (In awe) It’s not advancing, but getting wider.

Richard: The old hipster!

(Richard runs past Sahara and towards the old hippy still sitting cross legged. His eyes are closed and his mouth open. )

Richard: (He grabs the old hippy by the shoulders.) Hey! Old guy! Are you okay!? Hey! (he shakes him violently.)

Ashley: He... fainted.

(Richard slowly turns his head forward and sees Bobby slowly get to his feet. The blue sparks around him turn a bright yellow. Unknown black symbols are tattooed on his shins and forehead. His long hair is blowing wildly from the twister’s violent winds.)

Bobby: Woah…

Richard: Bobby!

(he calls out to him. Ashley and Sahara stand behind him and look on. Sahara prepares herself by getting in a fighting stance. She’ll take Bobby on if she has to. She needs to make sure that they all (especially the chosen one) gets their coordinate, then, when that happens, she’ll be relieved from the leadership duty. Boy, She can’t wait for that.)

(Bobby does not hear Richard’s call. Instead he looks at his raised hands, and in an instant, without even having to think clearly, a small twister takes form on his palm with the aid of yellow sparks. He’s holding a small twister. He can’t believe it.)

Bobby: Wow...I feel...bliss.

Richard: Bobby!? Hello!? (He’s waving his arms.)

(Bobby finally hears his name being called, and looks up from his hands.)

Bobby: Rich? Rich is that you?!

(Richard runs to him)

Richard: Yeah man!

(Their happy reunion is interrupted when a tall figure lands a good ten feet behind Bobby, more like crash landed. It’s O’Plucker. He was thrown into the twister. Sahara’s eyes widen.)

Richard: O’Plucker?

Bobby: (glaring) Pluck…

(O’Plucker struggles to get up.)

O’Plucker: That…(Cough)...shadow…

(Bobby raises his left arm as if he’s going to throw a baseball.)

Bobby: You son of a bitch!

Ashley: Bobby no!

(O’Plucker looks at Bobby, who’s now holding a large menacing twister in his hand. He’s going to throw it, O’Plucker thought. He’s going to throw a *censored*ing twister at me. Sahara starts to run at Bobby, but realizes that Richard beat her. He tackles Bobby to the ground, the twister is thrown but travels just an inch by O’Plucker. It disappears out of the large twister still growing wider.)

Bobby: Rich?! What the hell?!

Richard: Bobby, calm down!

Bobby: That bastard almost killed me!

(O’Plucker watches them, and realizes that what Bobby said was right; he had tried to kill them, all of them. He was so intent on it too, making it his only objective, as if nothing in life had mattered but to see them dead at his feet. But now, that feeling is somewhat dimmed. What happened to him? Why did he even feel like that in the first place? And why did thinking about Mr.Whitman actually calm him down? He doesn’t know, and maybe will never know unless someone explains it to him. Hell, if he himself doesn't know, what makes him think anybody else will? It's his mind, his emotions, his body. He struggles to get to his feet again, and in an instant a bolt of pain lights up inside him, causing him to curse. Richard is still struggling to keep Bobby to the ground.)

Bobby: Errrah! Okay! I get it!

(Bobby’s eyes glow yellow. He's being pinned by Richard on the ground. He brings his right hand to Richards face and flings him off. A large twister just formed out of his palm and blew him at Sahara and Ashley. Luckily Sahara saw it coming, and used her power to catch Richard. She was pushed back a few feet though. But she she maintained her balance, holding Richard bridal style.)

Sahara: Are you okay Richard?

Richard: Y-yeah...I think. It was like I was pushed by a giant…

(Bobby’s eyes go back to normal as he looks at them with horror.)

Bobby: Oh no...Rich...I’m so sorry...I..

(A black tentacle strikes down at the ground a millimeter from O’Plucker. The teacher makes a horrified gasp as he rolls himself away from it. Two more strike the ground, then three. A human shaped figure lands next, and the tentacles go back into his shadowed body.)

Silhouetted Man: Well well, look what we got here.

Richard: You!

(Richard frees himself from Sahara's carry and walks to the shadow man. Sahara grabs his wrist.)

Richard: Let me go Sahara.

Sahara: No. He’s far too dangerous for you to fight Richard.

Richard: But I beat him last time! He's afraid of us! Right now he fell right into our hands!

Sahara: No, something’s strange about him. He wouldn't be here if he was weak. They can sense our coordinates.

Silhouetted man: Looks like you know your stuff, purple hair. Indeed, I ran away last time because I was weak, but now I have been given power.

(The man raises his arms.)

Silhouetted man: They gave it to me when we opened the portal.

Richard: Portal?!

(Bobby charges at the silhouetted man, his arm back, holding a growing twister in his hand.)

Bobby: Portal!? I hate that game! It's too hard!

(He throws it, and it travels at a fast speed towards the shadow man. Unfortunately the shadow man dodges it in a swift movement.)

Silhouetted man: Dumb child!

(He raises his hands again. Red and orange sparks are produced. They travel all around his body, turning black as they wrap around his forearms. His tentacles rise from his fingers, now thicker, larger, and sharper than ever before.)

Ashley: Uh-oh.

O’Plucker: *censored*.

Silhouetted Man: (laughing maniacally) You see now? I have been lent the power of two coordinates! I’m no longer bounded by that book!

(The tentacles point themselves at Bobby.)

Silhouetted man: Time to impale me a stupid child.

(He whips the tentacles at Bobby. With just some dumb luck, Bobby leaps out of the way and avoids a strike to the stomach. Instead, they skid his ribcage.)

Bobby: Gah!

(he tumbles to the ground, but gets back up quickly. Yellow sparks are covering the wound. The silhouetted man looks to O’Plucker, who’s trying to get to his feet and leave.)

Silhouetted man: Nope!

(The tentacles zip towards him, but get knocked back by Sahara as she dashes towards them with her armored fists. She recoils a bit from the hard impact she made. Her armor breaks on her fists, and her whole forearm hurts.)

Sahara: (Clutching her forearm and wincing in pain) Errrr..

Silhouetted man: Har har har, what’s wrong purple hair? I thought you were supposed to be the strongest out of all of them? Are you telling me a hit to my tentacles causes you pain?

(Bobby brings his arms up. He’s furious now.)

Bobby: Nobody gives me a cut and gets away with it shadow guy! Ain’t NOBODY! (Pauses) Well, except Pluck, and my mother, and every dog on the street!

(large twisters form on his hands. They’re so big they look like tornadoes in their full chaotic form.)

Bobby: Eat this!

(before he could throw them, The shadow man hits him with a whip of his tentacles.

Bobby: (High pitched) Wha..

( Bobby is sent flying and makes impact with flying house debris twenty feet away from him. He tumbles to the ground. The shadow man lands safely on his feet where he had hit Bobby. Somehow he had stopped himself from gradually traveling with Bobby from the force of the tornado. It was ghostly. )

(The large twister that was gradually getting wider disappears. The large tornadoes that Bobby had in his hands disappear after destroying O’Plucker’s car. The clear black night is back. The moon’s shining that eerie glow.)

Silhouetted Man: Hmph, your country made the biggest mistake. They gave these destructive powers to children, causing devastation to their own land. I love it! (Laughs maniacally.)

Sahara: It’s up to me to kill you..

Silhouetted man: Really?! You’re going to use your full power here? On me? (Grins, showing white teeth.) What a waste. They thought you Americans would be a challenge, oh how wrong they were!

(Richard looks to the shadow with anger. He realizes all the houses and trees that were destroyed by O’Plucker and Bobby. Their town is completely destroyed by now, especially after Bobby’s giant twisters.)

Silhouetted man: Now..

(The shadow part of his face disappears, revealing a man with a large white beard, white skin, and demonic eyes.)

Karl Marx: Give me back my book.

(Suddenly, A flying figure comes towards them from above. It makes a loud screech, almost like a hawk.)

O’Plucker: What the fu-!

(The golden hawk grabs him with it’s talons, then it flies towards Sahara and grabs her too before she could even think. Richard is grabbed next, then Ashley.)

Richard: What the hell?!

Ashley: Let us go!

Hawk: Do not talk..

Richard: Huh?

(Karl Marx is greeted with his undead army behind him. He shoots his tentacles aimed for the hawk. The large hawk makes quick swerves and dodges. It grabs Bobby and flies up into the sky. Richard looks at the destroyed town below him getting smaller and smaller.)

Richard: Get the old man!

(The golden hawk goes straight down.)

Hawk: Who said I was done, Richard?

(Everybody’s faces are pulled back by the force of the hawk’s dive downward)

Richard: (Eyes gleaming, tears flying from the wind pressure.) H-ha-ha-ha-how d-d-d-do y-y-y-you kn-kn-kn-know my name?

Hawk: Hold on.

(The hawk produces an old piece of paper from its beak. When they reach the bottom, the hawk smacks Karl Marx with the paper, then goes over to the old Hippy.)

Hawk: Grab him Richard.

Ashley: What did you hit him with?

Karl Marx: My eyes!

(Karl Marx struggles to get the paper off his face. With aid of the undead soviet soldiers, he gets it off, but the paper flies back inside the hawk’s mouth. Karl Marx’s face is melted like wax. His eyeballs droop to where his upper lip should be, his nose contorted and hanging from his chin. He kneels to the ground. The soldiers behind him look with concern. O’Plucker recognized the first few words on the paper as it flew into the hawk’s beak.)

O’Plucker: It’s The Declaration of Independance!

Hawk: Correct, Mr. O’Plucker.

(Richard grabs the old hippy with both his arms and the hawk flies up into the night sky.)

Ashley: Where are you taking us?!

Hawk : To a place where others that have coordinates go, the Bermuda Triangle.

O’Plucker and Ashley: The Bermuda!?

Richard: Is that where Stalin is?!

Hawk: No, but it’s where you’ll get your coordinate. You too Ashley.

Ashley: What are you?

Hawk: A hawk.

Ashley: Well yeah, but I mean..

Richard: Jesus Christ Ashley it’s a hawk! Are you stupid?!

O’Plucker: What Ashley is trying to ask is, what kind of hawk is golden and about twenty feet high?

Hawk: I am different than most hawks, for I am a sorcerer known as Algad. I was summoned by your government forty three years ago. It is my duty to retrieve any persons with sorcery and bring them to the Triangle.

Richard: Well alright, but we’re not staying long. Once I get my coordinate or whatever it is, I’m leaving and whipping that bearded guy’s ass, then finding Stalin.

(Bobby awakens.)

Bobby: Ugh, what?

(Richard turns to Bobby, his determined look changes to a happy grin.)

Richard: Good to have you back Bobby!

(Bobby looks around and sees that O’Plucker is beside him.)

Bobby: Get away from me you killer!

(he begins squirming and swatting at O’Plucker. The talon that clutches them shifts a little.)

O’Plucker: (getting swatted at) Hey! Bobby! Watch it! (defends by swatting back) Don’t break his grip! We’re thousands of feet beyond the ground!

(Bobby stops. O’Plucker stops himself as Bobby does so.)

Bobby: I hope you fall off you *censored*!

O’Plucker: Bobby!

Richard: Bobby, O’Plucker didn’t mean what he did. His coordinate power had overwhelmed him!

Bobby: Yeah, right..

O’Plucker: It’s true! I’m a teacher, I would never..

Hawk: Sleep.

(With a light squeeze of his talon, Bobby and O’Plucker fall asleep.)

Ashley: How did you do that?

Hawk: Sleep.

Richard and Ashley: Wait, Don’t!

(They all fall asleep. The hawk flies into a thick mist over the ocean by florida. The sun begins to rise.)

A new adventure lies ahead, a mission becomes clear.

Check out my story! Honey, Stalin Took the Kids >>,13888.0.html

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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~CHAPTER 11: Welcome to the Triangle
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Interlude: The Devil went down to Moscow...

EXT. MOSCOW, RUSSIA, BEFORE STALIN OPENED THE PORTAL. Russia’s capital is being coated with a light snowfall. The multi-colored onion domes of the capital’s buildings have been (and still are) being sprinkled with thin white layers, the streets below becoming a slight, white snowbed. The snowbed is marked with tire tracks as continuous traffic drives on through, horns honking and screeches of turning wheels echoing throughout the city. There are a few people walking along the sidewalks, wearing heavy coats and boots. Their noses are nuzzled inside their high furry coat collars and their hands in their pockets. A whole group of men and women are walking along, but there are two who eventually separate from the others and take a right into some kind of alley. The group they were walking with become relieved and relax their shoulders, some letting out big sighs. When they were all walking together, the others made sure to be as far away from those two behind them as possible. They felt a chill run down their spines, and it wasn’t from the freezing weather. The cold chill that made their hairs stand on end were from those two people walking behind them. They felt an aura around those two, a dark one, and it was as if they were being followed by demons. One of the two, was a broadly built man, wearing a black jacket,  jeans, and military boots.  He wore a black sheepskin ushanka on his head, part of it getting slightly clouded by his cold breath being exhaled from his sinister grin. The other, was a slim woman wearing a tight black jacket, black jeans, and boots. Her black ushanka is smaller, and some locks of her short black hair can be seen hanging down her neck.  The Russian pedestrians only looked at these features and turned away immediately at the sight of their..smiles.

As the two walk down into the alley way, darkness shrouds them. They keep walking and eventually come to a stop at a large garage door. The door begins to open, producing a red glow as it does so, and when the door opens fully, there is nothing but a bright red light that is beyond it. The man and woman, known to a select few as Viktor Ignatkovich and Rosaline Kusovla, walk into the light. The garage door closes, and blackness takes over the alley once more.

INT. They arrive inside a large altar that one could find in an old victorian church.  Candles are laid out over a marble table placed in the center of the room. Big red flowers, angel statues, and golden lanterns are everywhere around Victor and Rosaline. To their front, and in front of the altar; pews in rows. Sitting in them are silhouettes of men and women, some kneeling, and some sitting straight. They face Viktor and Rosaline, whom are standing by the exit door beside the altar.

Shadow: You finally made it.

(Viktor and Rosaline walk towards the marble table. There is dead silence. They look at the tall silhouetted man standing behind the marble. )

Viktor: Has lord Stalin been waiting long?

Shadow: A bit, yes. But do not worry, he’s forgiven you, that is, if this works.

(Viktor turns his grinning face to Rosaline’s. Immediately, the symbols on her face appear, and turn a scorching red. Red sparks emit from her hands and turn into flames lighting up the dimly lit altar. Black symbols appear on Viktor’s own face, and he shoots out orange flames from his fingertips. He turns his head to the shadow in front of them. )

Viktor: Well, let’s get this started!

Shadow: Of course.

(Just then the main entrance doors open. Viktor, Rosaline, and the shadows shaped as humans turn their heads to the entryway, hearing the creaking of the doors. A short old man in green priest's robes shows himself. He walks a few feet into the church before he realizes what he’s walked into. His wrinkled face molds an expression of terror at the sight of shadows sitting in the pews, and the one standing in the alter, staring at him with bulging white eyeballs. Red pupils appear in the center of the white balls, and when that happened the old priest let out a scream.)

(He turns and heads towards the door, but gets paralyzed by red sparks. The sparks originate from Rosaline's hand. She still wears that wide grin of hers, her milky white face covered by black ancient symbols. Her red eyes anticipate the old man’s death.)

Viktor: (Grins) Keep shocking him Rosaline. (He takes off his Ushanka, unleashing locks of black, greasy hair.)

Rosaline: (Grinning) Don’t have to tell me twice.

(The priest is screaming and screaming. He’s screaming so loud that his voice starts cracking. Viktor walks down the path between the pews towards him, his military boots clamping down on the purple carpet as he advances. As if by some force, the priest turns on his back and tries to scootch himself backward with his buttocks. When he looks up, his face freezes, his heart stops for a brief moment.)

Priest: W-WHAT ARE YOU?!

(Viktor’s grin gets wider, he advances.)

Viktor: (Spreads his arms wide.) Come now, little man, don’t worry, I’m not gonna hurt ya. Just want to talk about renting out your little church here for a while, looks nice by the way.

(The priest shields his eyes with his arms. He scootches backwards much more fiercely, but makes less progress.)


(The tall Russian man is hovering over him now.)

Viktor: You can’t get up? You’ve fallen and can’t get up old man? (He laughs)

(Viktor grabs the priest by his neck. His thick hand nearly coils it entirely. The priest is lifted up into the air.)

Viktor: Now, I’ve never been to America, but I heard of a tool called Life Alert. Works for old bags like you.

(He squeezes the man’s neck, his hand bulges an orange vein. The priest chokes loudly, his mouth is wide open, trying to inhale the air that won’t go in.)

Viktor: If only you had it with you...instead of hoping that your God will save your sorry ass.

(The Priest’s eyeballs pop out of his sockets, fresh blood spurts from his mouth and ears. A loud cracking noise comes out from within his adam's apple, now crushed by the unbearable strength of Viktor. He still squeezes tightly, laughing maniacally. Rosaline laughs as well, and the shadow people clap in approval.)

Shadow: Hurry, we need to open the portal now, Mr. Viktor.

(The priest’s head explodes, and a heap of blood splatters all over the floor and on Viktor’s face. The tall Russian licks his lips, and grins at the taste of his victim’s blood. The symbols on his skin glow, and at once he’s clean of the priest’s fresh, warm, coating when orange flames disintegrate it. He walks back after he picks up the two eyeballs from the floor.)

Viktor: You’re right, it’s time for business. (He drops an eyeball into his mouth and swallows it whole. As he stands next to Rosaline, he gives her the other, which she gladly accepts and swallows it with pleasure.)

Shadow: Yes. (He turns to the crowd of shadows, his arms raised.) Now, My fellow warriors! You have all been killed honorably, but placed in an afterlife of damnation and torture. You have known nothing but pain, hatred, fear, and isolation from love, and have expected to bear with it for an eternity.. But, a new hope has arrived! A man who has been in your shoes, an influential figure, found his way back into the mortal world, and has given himself an earthly form in the process!

(The crowd of shadows give off applause. Viktor and Rosaline look on at the silhouetted man standing in front of the marble table, silent with their arms clasped behind their backs. Suddenly, the church organ starts playing a villainous tune.)

Shadow: It is up to you, my dear warriors, to help this hero return to us safely. He’s on a mission to free all who were oppressed by their afterlife, but alas, he had to go into enemy territory to do it!

(The crowd roars loud.)

Shadow: To bring him here, our missionaries, Viktor and Rosaline, will lend us their mortal power and open a portal to the one and only hero himself!

(Clapping. The shadow man giving his speech turns to Viktor and Rosaline. Suddenly, it is the voice of Stalin, that comes from the shadow man’s mouth.)

Shadow: Agent Rosaline and agent Viktor, do it now!

(Rosaline raises her arms, and at once red sparks flow around her athletically curved body. Her eyes emit bright red flames, then momentarily her whole figure is engulfed in a column of red fire. The fire shoots upward towards the ceiling above the marble table, then starts twirling in a circle mid air. Viktor’s hands turn pitch black as his orange sparks emit from all over his body. His face turns black next, hiding the symbols on his face. He raises his arms clasped together, and points at the swirling fire above. A powerful bolt of lightning strikes the fire, and at once it turns into a growing white ball. The shadowy figures applause at the phenomenon. The voice of Stalin leaves the shadow man.)

Shadow: Now, send more of your power! We need everyone to take part! Raise your arms!

(Everyone now raises their arms. A shadowy aura enraptures the white ball, and finally, a black hole opens up. The organ is playing “Hallelujah” as this is happening. A beam of fire and lightning dives into the portal.)

Shadow: Ladies and gentlemen! Our salvation is right at our doorstep!

(It took some time before the powerful figure in a green military uniform stepped out of the portal, carrying three kids in his arms.)


Chapter 11: Welcome to the Triangle

O’Plucker’s tossing and turning uncomfortably in his sleep. He’s dreaming about his mother, his father, Mr. Whitman, the bench he slept on for a week, then the arrows that sprouted from within him, and how he sent one to strike Bobby. All the anger he felt, the fear, the confusion, and even the loss of sanity. He wanted to kill Richard next he remembered, that feeling of urgently wanting him gone. It was something similar to...Intimidation? Was that it? For some strange reason, he felt intimidated by him, by his own high school student. He doesn’t know why, but that was what he felt, yes, he remembers it now. It was then that the battle with Sahara Reinhart popped it’s way into his dreams, then the undead soldiers, then battling the shadow..which turned out to be Karl Marx, the Hawk that flew down and saved him, the--

O’Plucker: [Gasp!]

(O’Plucker sits up straight from slumber. He puts his hand to his face, his whole body in a cold sweat. His dress shirt is still ripped at the sleeves and stained with dirt.)

O’Plucker: (Panting, but eventually calms down.) Oh, it was all just a dream. The shadows, the zombies, Richard, Bobby, Ashley, and that Krong girl...It was all just a dream, I’m not stuck with those weird ass kids--

(O’Plucker notices two warm objects leaning against him. As he looks down, he spots that those two objects are Bobby and Richard, laying beside him sleeping. They’re so close to him it’s as if they were cuddling when he was asleep.)

O’Plucker: YAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! (The sound shakes the whole cottage.)

(Everyone unhappily wakes up, groaning and cursing.)

Richard: Ugh, what the hell O’Plucker…

Bobby: Damn, that was like a scream in a horror movie with the volume maxed to eleven..

(It appears that the three of them are laying on a queen sized bed. The room in which the bed is in is encased with wooden walls. The room is huge, so huge in fact that there’s a fireplace in the middle, a circular carpet, and another queen sized bed across from the other. This queen sized bed consists of Ashley and Sahara sitting up on it, their sleep also disturbed by O’Plucker’s scream.)

Ashley: What the hell was that?

Sahara: Possibly the early morning cries of the suffering prisoners in Alfasha.

O’Plucker: No, it wasn’t a was real,(face of agony) it was *censored*ing real!!! Why?! Why does it have to be real?! Why can’t I just wake up?! Why--

(Richard slaps him. O’Plucker freezes for a moment, then calms down.)

Richard: Better?

O’Plucker: It’s no Snickers bar, but it calmed me down.

(Bobby slaps him on the opposite cheek, hard.)

O’Plucker: Ow!(rubbing his cheek) I said it calmed me down!

Bobby: I heard what you said.

(O’Plucker meets Bobby’s glare. The two are about to squabble, when the door to their room opens.)

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: I thought I heard a scream of misery.

(This man is rather tall and thin, with a long white beard and lines on his face showing an age of at least sixty five. Besides his golden tuxedo, he has a small top hat, also pure gold, resting at a fixed angle on his head.)

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: (Wearing a pleasant grin.) I’m glad you’re all awake, we can get an early start at introducing you to the triangle and its purpose.

(O’Plucker looks at the golden suited man confused.)

O’Plucker: Purpose?

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: Yes. I will tell you about it as we go, but before that, Miss Reinhart?

(The old man turns his head to Sahara. She tilts her head up in recognition, her eyes dull and tired.)

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: We have a new pair of clothing for you. I think you will find them better than your current attire.

(Sahara looks down at her filthy polo. Scratches and splotches of dirt are all over it. A small tear is at the bottom, exposing more of her milky white thighs.)

Sahara: Okay.

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: Excellent. Assistant Lillaney, please come in and bring the clothes.

(A tall Amazonian Woman in a blue island dress enters the room carrying a pair of clothes. She greets them all with a gentle smile. Richard, Bobby, and O’Plucker quickly rush to the queen bed across from them to get a closer look at the beautiful sight.)

Amazonian Woman: At your request, Mr. Algad. (She hands the clothes over to Sahara.) For you.

(Sahara takes the clothing, places them on the bed, and attempts to take off her polo. Everyone gasps in surprise.)

Ashley: Don’t take it off here!

Sahara: Huh? (She’s still trying to take it off. Her face is underneath the shirt, and her slim stomach is exposed. The bottom of her breasts begin to show..)

(Ashley runs up to her and reaches for the shirt with both her arms. She drags it back down. Richard and Bobby look on with amazement.)

Bobby: Well, this is interesting...makes me kinda glad that I woke up. Lillaney, why don’t you lend them a hand?(Slight nose bleed.)

(When Ashley gets the shirt to fully cover Sahara, she goes over and kicks Bobby in the stomach.)

Bobby: [High pitched squeal.]

(The Man in the Golden suit merely laughs.)

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: My, My, you bunch are quite interesting. Lillaney can show miss Reinhart to the bathroom to change. Then, we will go and give you a tour.

Richard: Hold on a second, (Points to Amazonian woman) She called you Algad, I think I heard that name before, but where?

(Richard goes into a thinking pose. His eyes are crunched, and his hand rests under his chin. O’Plucker and Ashley let out a sigh. Bobby’s laying on the round carpet in pain. Sahara starts nodding off.)

Mysterious Man in Golden Suit: (Jolly laugh.) You remember because I told you, when--

Richard: NO! Don’t ruin it for me! Let me guess!

(A few minutes of Richard thinking goes by. O’Plucker and Ashley become impatient. Sahara drifts into sleep. Bobby’s passed out on the floor as well.)

O’Plucker: For crying out loud! He’s--

(Richard slaps his hand to O’Plucker’s mouth.)

Richard: NO! I GOT IT! I--

Ashley: He’s the *censored*ing hawk!

(Her yell wakes Bobby and Sahara up.)

Richard: The hawk? (he turns to Algad aka the mysterious man in the golden suit.) you’re the hawk?

Algad: Indeed I am, and I know you very well Mr. Mortimer, more than you think. (He shifts his head to Ashley.) You too, Miss Danhauer.

Ashley: Well, that’s freaky, because I don’t know anything about you.

Richard: Yeah, me neither. How do you know about us?

(O’Plucker chimes in.)

O’Plucker: And wasn’t there an old man with us? Where did he go?

Algad: Very good questions, but the time right now is short. I don’t know if you felt it, but your two coordinates are wandering the triangle. I don’t know if they’re going to soar around  here forever, so it’s best that you get familiar with your surroundings and get on with your quest. Thank goodness you woke up too, I would have had to force you awake, and that would not be safe.

Ashley: Why’s that?

Algad: Waking up those with sorcery coordinates is like waking up a dog having a nightmare, only instead of a bite, you’ll get your whole cottage blown up in fireworks.

Richard: Whoa, whoa, whoa, did you say we were going on a quest?

Algad: Indeed, to find your coordinate.

Richard: My coordinate? Mine?

Algad: Yes, and Ashley’s too.

Ashley: I don’t understand, why are our coordinate powers here and not at our home town like Sahara, Bobby, and Mr. O’Plucker? And why..

Algad: All will be answered in time, but not now, as we have very little of it. I will say that you bunch are a selective group, chosen to obtain forbidden powers beyond the imagination. At this point in time I need you to be introduced to what you’ll be dealing with, as quickly as possible. Come.

(They follow Algad out of the cottage, except Sahara, who follows Lillaney to the bathroom to change. When she gets out, she has on a familiar tight, black v-neck t-shirt tucked into maroon colored Hi-rise Denim shorts. Her tall, slim eighteen-year old figure exits the doorway. Long purple hair resting on her shoulders, and breasts bouncing, one could totally be fooled by her attractive appearance and not realize how cuckoo for cocoa puffs she is. She and Lillaney eventually catch up to the others, who stare at her, not pervertedly, but happily. They’re happy that she has a full pair of clothes on.)

(The sight they see around them is quite a sight to behold. It’s a village, a big village shining from a bright sunny day. There are wooden cottages everywhere, even some small brick houses. Signs hang on these brick houses, some saying, “Antiques”, “Market”, and “Real Estate.”Women and children walk along, all of them wearing island attire as if they’re on vacation. These casual women are wearing island dresses and expensive-looking white sun hats. They’re incredibly tan, and they seem to be dragging the children along. The children, like their mothers, are also very tan, and wear tropical island print shirts; red, green, and yellow leaves printed all over. Some men, most likely the fathers, wear the same, but have white shorts down to the bottom of the knee caps. People are flooding into and out of shops. In the back of the buildings men can be seen making some sort of black market dealings. Outside on the edges of the village, families are walking away, towards a sandy beach a couple miles away. The group following Algad can’t believe it. As they all look around with surprised expressions, Ashley is the most amazed.)

Ashley: It’s as if these people are on vacation in the bahamas..(She gets very happy, but tries to hide it.)

(Richard shifts his gaze from his surroundings to her.)

Richard: Don’t get your spirits up Ashley, we’re not on vacation. (He turns to face Algad, and continues on behind him.)

(Ashley’s face turns red in surprise. She’s shocked that Richard was actually able to see her excitement. She thought she hid it quite well!)

Ashley: (She’s still red in the face) I know that! And my spirits haven’t risen ever since I went over to the Clarks!

(Richard only laughs.)

Richard: Sure Ashley, whatever you say. Har, Har, Har H--

(Ashley slaps Richard in the face with an icy cold bass from a fish market they pass through.)

Richard: (His cheek puffy from the slap.) Ow! What?! Too soon?

Ashley: There will never be a time when that’s funny!

(O’Plucker looks back at them frustrated.)

O’Plucker: Can you two just keep quiet?! You’re causing people to stare! Worst case scenario all the women will think I’m weird because of you! I need to show myself as a responsible teacher, who supervises his students greatly and--

Bobby: Oh yeah, I’m sure Pluck will get all the girls, he’s a teacher after all. Getting all the little girls is his specialty. I’m sure these ones will fall for the van and candy trick.

(People actually start to stare at them.)

O’Plucker: Okay that was uncalled for!

Sahara: Why are these civilians here, Algad?

(Sahara casually ignores the four arguing with each other and walks right behind the tall old man. Algad speaks as he walks.)

Algad: These are not just regular civilians. The United States government also performed sorcery experiments on them, but they’re not as strong. Still, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Sahara: You’re saying that these people are imprisoned here for the rest of their lives?

(Algad turns his head to the side, addressing Sahara.)

Algad: Why, I thought you knew this Sahara, considering what happened with you and your father’s--

Sahara: Stop.

(The four walking behind stop bickering at once to Sahara’s cold demand. Algad lets out a sigh, and turns his head forward.)

Algad: Very well, but I should tell all of you that you aren’t the only ones with links to sorcery.

Richard: Okay, I really want to know something, what are these coordinate powers you and Sahara keep talking about?

Ashley: Yeah, and why are they called coordinates?

Richard: I was going to ask that Ashley...But that’s cool, just steal it away from me…

(Ashley closes her eyes in annoyance, but continues talking to Algad.)

Ashley: Can you at least answer these questions now?

Algad: Of course, I was going to tell you now anyway, since we got quite a walk.

Bobby: What?! How long do we have to walk for?!

Algad: Only a mere ten miles, but that should be enough for an explanation.

Bobby: Ten miles?! You’ve got to be *censored*ing kidding me...

Richard: Continue Algad, tell us. Then tell us who we got to beat up so we can get to Stalin.

(O'Plucker, Ashley, Bobby, and Sahara look at Richard solemnly. Richard is serious. He looks to Algad as they walk. The old man keeps his head forward.)

Richard: I want to save those kids, Algad. It was my job to watch them for the night, and I failed. I need to make it right, by beating the *censored* out of Joseph Stalin, and send him back to hell.

(A bit of silence among them. The only sounds are the clamping of their feet on the brick roads, and the chatting of other people.)

Algad: I see, then I shall tell you. I shall tell you all about the coordinates.

(As they walk, Young men wearing silver armor on their chests, shins, and forearms walk past them, their heads down and faces withdrawn. They show familiar black symbols on their arms and faces. One in the front of the others, is very pale, with messy blonde hair. He looks once at Richard, who’s looking at him curiously. The teenager’s brown eyes meet his for a mere moment, then stare back to the ground, losing interest and more into the state of sadness that he’s in. The others follow. They look the same age, O’Plucker notices. They are all teenagers, the same age as Richard, Ashley, Sahara and Bobby.)

(The other young teenagers mimic the blonde. The second one, has spiky blue hair and silver ear piercings. He wears silver armor with a bronze lining. His black symbols appear faded. The third has red hair and dark skin. He glares at Bobby and Richard for a moment, before returning his eyes to the ground. He adjusts his silver armor, and walks on. Richard watches them pass, and keeps looking until they disappear into the crowd of people now swarming around the markets.)

Algad: In 1950, Soviet Russia had decided to perform spiritual rituals. It was their aim to be the best in technology, and sorcery. The Soviet government knew that sorcery existed, that they existed up in the heavens and down in the underworld. They had many people who called themselves “Mages”, study the subject and after decades of studying and throughout World War II, it was actually a priest who performed the first “experiment”.

(Young women, also in armor, with black symbols tattooed on their faces and thighs, walk past them. The one in the front does the same as the young men and keeps her head down, keeping her hazel eyes to the ground. Her skin is white, but marked with dirt and scratches. She has long dark blue hair, and Silver earrings. Two black symbols are on her forehead, but covered with soil. The girl following her has short brown hair, holding her bloody arm. Tear stains can be seen on her face, thanks to how dirty it is. At once, as they walk a good distance away, they stare at the five following Algad, giving them a look as if they’re seeing a hateful relative. The five however, do not see it.)

Algad: If one had the chosen writings with them, they could call forth a link between their bodies and power from the heavens. This link would be the coordinates, which are the black symbols that most of you have on your skin right now. Those are your connection to the powers of the heavens. To your command, you can call forth powerful magic to aid you in war. As long as you have those black symbols, you can create chaos and possibly an apocalypse.

O’Plucker: It’s that bad?

Algad: Of course. This sorcery, that you may have already found out, has been given to people,(He nods to the direction of the young teenagers in armor) the problem is that no one understands what their sorcery is, why they have a certain kind, and how much of it they absorb into their bodies. The heavens is limitless when it comes to this stuff. There is so much of it that it can destroy the world thousands of times over, stronger than any nuclear weapon. It is unworldly, and very, very powerful. You may not have realized, but your whole town is in shambles. Your sorcery is still taking some time to get fully connected to your coordinates, so that was very lucky. If your coordinate was fully connected, your whole state would have been destroyed.

O’Plucker: The whole state?!

Algad: Yes. It’s powerful, and it took two years for the United States to find out what the russians were doing. They performed the experiments as well and eventually the two countries almost destroyed the world. When the cold war was reaching a close after years of destruction at the hands of this power, the U.S and Russia decided that they had to get rid of the magic entirely. They couldn’t undo the coordinates given to the subjects, so they summoned me to gather them here in the Bermuda Triangle, to live the rest of their lives.

Ashley: That’s horrible!

Algad: I know, but it’s the only way. For some reason, this triangle has a barrier that weakens the coordinates’ connections, well, it did, until it was found out that two coordinates have been sent here, zipping around freely and waiting for the right time to reach their new owners. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Richard: Well, do you know what Joseph Stalin has to do with any of this?

Algad: Joseph Stalin, was the person who ordered the first attack on the United States using the sorcery.

(Everyone gasps)
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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~CHAPTER 12: EIGHT TOUGH MILES
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Chapter 12: Eight Tough Miles

EXT. Everyone gasps in surprise at Algad’s statement. They all stop, and civilians start walking around them. They keep a good distance as they do so, making it look as if the six of them are in a circle of space. A slight wind blows through the island, pushing back the village’s palm trees slightly by the leaves. Clotheslines hanging between cottages flow with the breeze, the clothing pinned to them flying like flags. After a few moments it calms down, and once again the blaring heat takes over. The whole group is silent. Ashley is the first to break the silence.

Ashley: holy crap we destroyed our town…

(A sudden realization passes through everyone, and their faces shift into feelings of guilt and horror. Well, all of them show it but Sahara, who just keeps a straight face. She looks down to the ground, and as Ashley glances at her, she could see that her eyes show something different. They look like they show remorse. It’s very faint, but it’s there in those dimly hazel eyes. Ashley then shifts her gaze to Richard, whose face shows more physical sadness. He’s staring blankly at the sky, perhaps trying to look over this horrible fact of O’Plucker and Bobby’s burst of power killing what? A thousand people? A couple thousand is what it has to be, a very big number. O’Plucker stares into space, a tragic look is spread across his dark face.)

O’Plucker: My God...I may have killed people; people that I work with, people I live next to…

Bobby: It ain't our fault.

(everyone looks surprisingly at Bobby, who's face is solemn. His eyes are closed, quite tight, as if trying to contain any sense of frustration inside him. But, nevertheless, his voice is completely relaxed.)

Bobby: It wasn't our fault we were given this destructive God *censored*.

(Algad nods.)

Algad: Correct, it wasn't your fault. It's the one who commanded the coordinates to you.

(Now everyone looks at Algad with surprised faces. Richard swallows hard, being able to push aside his guilt. He knows that whatever happened to cause the town’s destruction, it wasn't them. No, it all started with the one man, er, zombie, or whatever, the one who first used this deadly magic to take the kids he was supposed to babysit. He was the one who started everything by ordering his men to summon the coordinates, and worst of all, ordering them to attack the United States with it. Richard Looks firmly at the golden suited man.)

Richard: Tell us more about Stalin’s role, Algad. We already know that whoever gave Bobby, Sahara and O’Plucker the coordinates is dead. What is Stalin’s plan? Why did he take the kids I was babysitting? Of all the kids in the *censored*ing world!

(Richard’s serious tone escalates to anger. Algad replies calmly. The large village surprisingly calms down, making his voice very audible despite how softly he speaks. Clouds suddenly cover up the blue sunny sky, casting a shadow over the land below. A rumble of thunder emits loudly.)

Algad: Stalin was hesitant about the sorcery at first, he even refused that any professionals should perform experiments on his people. It was the next day that he changed his mind, as if he had a revelation the night before. They got to work; meditating, preaching, performing many rituals, reading satanist works. Finally, they struck gold with an ancient book, made in the time of the pyramids. It took five hundred failures before they succeeded with the first coordinate.

Ashley: Five hundred? Oh my God...

Algad: The failures were caused by mispronunciations of the words. Anywho, the first person received the coordinate, which could make him spawn demonic wolves from his body. They were huge, and were released by the dozens. He could have formed his hands, hell, he could have any part of his body form as a wolf if he wanted. It's what the kids say, it was ‘far out’.

(Everyone just looked at Algad, shuddering at the thought of having any body part become a wolf. It appears they both seem to be thinking about a very certain area.)

Algad: Yes, he was later evaporated in the war. But he had caused so much destruction before his death. And he wasn't the only one, after several days since the summoning his coordinate, many more participants followed through the same process, and by then all hell had gone loose. So many people received coordinates in Stalin’s army. More unbelievable power. The United States worked their butts off to copy down those summoning codes, to get that book, and finally they did.

(Algad looks at an impatient Richard.)

Algad: I do not however, know if Stalin received a coordinate of his own. At this moment, I do not know why he has taken the kids you were babysitting, and I do not know what he plans to do with them. It appears that he may have found something new in store, that is, if what you said about him being back is true. Once again, we can only wait and see what happens...The United States summoned me as a guardian spirit out of pleading desire, and I have been aiding them in their own summoning a of coordinates onto their subjects. And still to this day, I have been maintaining all sorts of magic and keeping them in this island.

O’Plucker: well this still doesn't make any sense.

Algad: yeah, I would believe so. The worst part is when you all go into the Curious Forest, things will only make less sense.

Bobby: Curious Forest?

(Algad spreads a grin)

Algad: Curious?

(Bobby looks at Algad uneasily, while Richard laughs, the only one who finds the joke funny.)

Bobby: well, yeah. We’re going there?

Algad: Correct. I sense Danhauer’s coordinate to be roaming in it's depths, possibly Mortimer’s too. You shall travel there, but be warned, there are a lot of things in there that will make you….curious.

(Ashley crosses her arms below the chest of her filthy lace button up shirt, which is now slightly unbuttoned. Strands of her dark brown hair hang over her damp forehead from the sun’s heat.  She lets out a withdrawn sigh.)

Ashley: this sounds so messed up.

( Sahara gives Algad a serious look.)

Sahara: How far is this Curious Forest?

(Algad’s eyes widen. They haven't been moving since his explanation of Stalin.)

Algad: ah, that's right! We have to keep moving! Only eight more miles till we reach this island’s harbor. Come now!

Richard: Let's shorten the time by running! I'll race you guys to the end!

(Richard starts running, a smirk on his face. Everyone looks to him in surprise.)

Ashley: He’s not going to last a mile…

(Algad grins.)

Algad: this will be a good warmup for what's in store for you all. I would join him.

(Hearing that, Sahara sprints towards Richard. Her form is that of an Olympic runner, arms swinging in an angled posture as she makes large, quick strides past shocked civilians.)

(Richard is swinging his arms in a similar way, however only after running a good two hundred meters, his strides get slower. His breathing turns heavy, but his smirk still remains on his face. He looks back, happy that he's in the lead…)

(...And that is when his face changes into a panicked expression. He sees Sahara bolting towards him.)

Richard: No, no, no, no!!!!

(Richard uses all of his dying energy to produce a burst of speed, but it doesn't create any distance between the gaining purple haired girl. The gap between them is only closing further.)

(Meanwhile, the rest of them are slowly walking with Algad. The golden suited man turns his head to them.)

Algad: they’re getting a good distance ahead, you better go now. The coordinates’ connection may be weaker here in the triangle, but your newfound athletic ability should still be in tact.

(Ashley furrows her brows.)

Ashley: yeah, except I don’t have my coordinate yet.

(She looks to the ground, her cheeks puffed in a pout.)

Ashley: Besides, I have a bad relationship with running…

(Bobby glances at her pouting face, quite shocked at how cute she looks. He closes his eyes and gives out a yawn.)

Bobby: Well, I still need to uh, recover, yeah, that’s it. Had a tough fight with the shadow man.

(Algad’s wrinkled face forms a questioning look. His white eyebrow raised.)

Algad: is that so?

(Meanwhile, Richard is gasping for breath. His running is much slower now, sweat dripping down his face. Sahara zips past him, her pace still as fast as when she started. A cloud of dirt trails behind her, and Richard inhales it and coughs.)

Richard: (coughing) That's not fair! You have a (cough) coordinate!

( Richard stops and bends down with both hands on his knees. Breathing hard, he looks up at the trail of clouded dirt. The girl is still running.)

Richard: She’s still *censored*ing going!

(He stands up, takes off his zip front sweatshirt, and wraps it around his waist. White t-shirt drenched in sweat, he continues on running again. They pass a tall gate and enter into a more tribe-like area, with more palm trees and small huts. Algad and the others are still walking. Richard looks behind him and yells to them.)

Richard: Come on guys! What are you waiting for!? Let's...huff...go!

(He runs past a group of people wearing nothing but leaf covered clothing hanging over their chests and covering their privates. They watched the two run by, and then look over to the group of four walking, and lick their lips.)

(Algad looks to the three walking behind him once more.)

Algad: oh, I would also be running for another reason. We’re in the area home to tribes of cannibals.

(Everyone's eyes widen.)

Ashley: you’re not serious…

Algad: look for yourself.

(They all look around, and to their surprise they see many men and women in nothing but leaves covering their tanned bodies, all leanly muscled. Many are in the bushes while some are perched on tree branches, watching them...ready to pounce like tigers hunting prey. Algad raises his arms and with a glow, they turn into golden wings.)

Algad: I'd run now.

( He flies away, and the three behind him watch with horror. O’Plucker looks angrily at Algad flying.)

O’Plucker: Hey! You can just carry us out of here you jerk!

Algad: This is your training!

O’Plucker: training my ass!

Ashley: Oh God!

( The cannibals get closer, then leap to the ground around the three. Bobby smirks.)

Bobby: we’ll see if they’ll be any standing when I do this!

(He winds his arm back and a small twister takes form. He throws it, and it knocks back only one cannibal that was in front of them into the bushes. He easily gets up. The twister was utterly weak regardless. Bobby is dumbfounded.)

Bobby: oh *censored*.

(O’Plucker raises his arm and shoots an arrow at the cannibals, but they easily dodge it. He shoots out another, and another. The firepower was slow in recoiling, and the cannibals dodge every arrow with good reflexes. These were not ordinary people. The cannibals dash towards them now, and Ashley shouts.)

Ashley: RUN!

( They all start running along the trail that Richard and Sahara have been racing through, screaming and cursing, the cannibals chasing them with spears and stones. They chant weird sounds, and it reminds O’Plucker of the undead Soviet soldiers at the park. The teacher runs faster at the thought. Bobby is close behind him, and Ashley is surprisingly keeping up behind Bobby, despite her lack of a coordinate.)

( Algad and Sahara are standing on the docks of the harbor and right outside the big iron gates that contain the dense Cannibal forest. They look to the entrance of the gate, and spot Richard coming out, drenched in sweat and wheezing. He drags his feet in a shuffle and when he looks up and spots the harbor, he falls to his knees, and plants his hands to the ground, his head dangling downward. His upper back heaves up and down from his heavy breathing.)

Richard: much...hah

(Algad grins and claps his hands together.)

Algad: you did wonderful! Not even a scratch on you from the cannibals! Good job!

(Richard raises his head, his eyes wide, wheezing.)

Richard: there were….cannibals!?

Algad: Indeed, they must have been more interested in the others far behind you.

(Just then the others arrive,  both even more banged up than when they arrived to the triangle. O’Plucker is dragging Bobby and Ashley in a fireman’s carry. Both his arms slung under each of their shoulders. Bobby and Ashley are breathing heavily, helping O’Plucker very little by shuffling their feet forward. O’Plucker’s blue dress shirt is torn and tattered, barely resembling a shirt at all, exposing his brown stomach. His face is even more a mixture of sweat and dirt, with a hint of fresh bruises on his forehead and cheek. His dress pants are shredded at the shins, revealing his thin ankles. One shoe is missing.)

(Bobby’s hair is disarrayed. Long dirty blonde strands hang over his damp, cut, face. His head is dangling downward, his gray Bob Marley shirt ripped almost in half, revealing damp white skin. His cargo shorts are stained with dirt, with only a few small holes in them. Showing  consciousness, he shuffles forward very exhausted. Ashley does the same. Her right sleeve of the button up shirt is ripped off, revealing her shoulder cut and bruised. More small strands of her dark brown hair hang over her head, some long ones caressing her cheek as she moves onward. Her mouth is open, inhaling large quantities of warm air, then exhaling. The upper part of her waist on one side has been stripped of her shirt as well, most likely ripped off. Her dark jeans are ripped in large holes in the hip area and shredded at the shins. The three of them trip over Richard, and soon they’re all lying on the ground in exhaustion. Algad merely smiles.)

Algad: My, My, you three look like you’ve had quite a conflict back there.

(O’Plucker raises his head slightly. He’s lying on his stomach, his back heaving. He looks at Algad with his one open eye.)

O’Plucker: *censored*

(Algad’s smile broadens.)

Algad: Now, now, Mr. O’Plucker, no disrespecting the one person who knows what’s best for you. Now come on, we’ve got to get you guys on the boat towards Curious Forest. It’s on another island you know. You can rest on the way there.

(It takes almost ten minutes for the four of them to get up. Actually, Sahara watched them struggle for five minutes until she helped them up and brought them to a small wooden boat, one by one. They’re all sprawled over on the boat, except Sahara, who sits patiently on one of the seats. Algad watches them on the loading dock. He shifts his gaze to other large wooden boats in the harbor. All of them are grand and elegant, black sails raised and American flags flying. Many muscular men are carrying boxes back and forth from the ships to the docks, exchanging unknown supplies. These men have the symbols of coordinates on their muscular arms. They look at Algad questioningly, but the golden suited oldster looks away and resumes his glance at the five on the small boat.)

Algad: I wish you all the best of luck. Ashley’s coordinate is in the heart of the Curious Forest. You’ll know you’ve reached the heart by seeing the surroundings.

(He talks to Sahara, the only one who’s actually looking at him and paying attention. The others are asleep.)

Algad: Be very careful, and keep Mr. Richard and Miss Ashley safe at all costs. We must have these coordinates contained. The other two should be able to hold their own in time miss Reinhart, so don't worry at all about them. The foes you’ll be seeing will be quite tough. They’re actually in the middle of conflict, so be aware that danger is at every corner, a lot of danger.

(Sahara nods, and Algad pushes the boat out into the sea with his foot. Sahara takes the two wooden paddles connected to the sides and rows, using the limited strength of her coordinate. The boat travels further out, towards a large island that's far into the distance.)

EXT. The small boat containing an exhausted group and a patient purple haired girl is currently making its way through island waters. The sun is beaming down, casting rays of heat onto the blue sea. Apparently the clouds had cleared as soon as their boat departed, so that was a plus. Another plus is Sahara had been able to set up a tiny sail that was tucked beneath the boat’s seats. That was a relief for her, not because she was tired of course, but she needed to meditate. She thought now, while everyone’s asleep, is the perfect time to do so. When she was rowing, she questioned the reason for a small hole in the center of the boat. When she analyzed it, she found it was no hole that could cause problems, but a hole for something to be inserted into. She glanced around, and there they were, behind a sleeping Bobby; a sail and a pole. She thought the whole thing absurd, but passed the thought aside, rolled Bobby forward, and began setting it up. They were a far distance away from the harbor, but still visible.  Algad was watching them the whole way to their current point, maybe even still watching. The girl with purple hair sits on the wooden seat, finished with the set up. The small white sail blows in the calm wind. Sahara looks to the harbor, now getting smaller and smaller, crosses her legs, and closes her eyes.

(The boat is very far from the harbor now, only making it out as specks of model sized cargo containers and boats, with a green mountain setting behind them. The sun turns a setting orange, and the blue sea reflects the light of the disappearing sun. The island the boat is heading towards gets close. There are no other boats, or any sign of civilization, to be seen. The boat sails alone in an open sea. )

(Sahara is meditating, her eyes closed, legs crossed, and face expressionless. Richard awakens with a start.)

Richard: What-who-where-how!?

( He looks around, and finds himself on a small wooden boat with a white sail. He sees O’Plucker and Ashley sleeping across from each other on opposite wooden bench seats, and Bobby lying on his stomach on the ground. He looks across from Bobby and sees Sahara meditating.)

Richard: Man, I feel light headed.

(He puts a bruised hand on the top of his head and rubs it gently. Sahara merely moves her lips, nothing else. She doesn't even open her eyes.)

Sahara: We are nearing the destination.

(Richard looks to the boat's front and sees the island. It's even bigger than the island that they departed, with twice as many mountains coated with green trees. It's a sight that truly amazes him, and for a moment, he forgets his situation entirely, and admires it's beauty. He's never been anywhere outside his country before.)

Richard: wow, this is amazing.

(Sahara interrupts his trance.)

Sahara: no it's not, the island is said to be holding brutal conflict.

(Richard looks back at Sahara, who's still meditating. His face turns grim.)

Richard: I meant the view of the island.

Sahara: Oh. Yes, the island looks nice.

Richard: you're not even looking at it.

Sahara: I've seen it before.

(Richard narrows his eyes.)

Richard: when?!

Sahara: I've told you before, I connect with other worldly figures and spirits. Places are no exception.

(Bobby sits up and groans, his hand rubbing his forehead.)

Bobby: Did somebody say, Bobby?

Sahara: No.

(Sahara answers him with her emotionless tone, still meditating.)

(Bobby produces a cracking yawn, while raising his arms in a stretch.)

Bobby: Good.

(He lays back on his side, snuggling himself with the wooden floor.)

Sahara: Wake up, Bobby.

(Bobby, gives off a passive moan.)

Sahara: We need to wake everybody up now, for our arrival is imminent.

(Richard sighs in resignation.)

Richard: Alright...but you need to tell us all about this violence that's going on there. Deal?

(Sahara stays in her meditation.)

Sahara: Sure. You all need to know.

Richard: Good.

(Richard wakes up Ashley first, who gets up in a jolt, then the two wake up O’Plucker, who at first moans and swats them away, but after a spit in the face from Richard, he gets up angrily.)

O’Plucker: Are you serious?!

(The teacher viciously wipes his filthy face with his hands. Unsatisfied, he scurries to the edge of the boat, dips his hands in the water, then wipes his face again. Richard goes over to Bobby.)

Richard: Alright, Bobby, get up.

(Bobby moans, then crouches in a ball on his side, preventing Richard from spitting in his face.)

(He's going to play that game, huh? Richard thought.)

(Richard and Ashley both prod their fingers on Bobby’s back, then try to move him, but he doesn't budge. It was at this moment Sahara’s eyes opened. She gets up from her cross legged position on the seat, and walks towards Bobby. Her eyes turn a shade of purple, and sparks emit from her body. She digs her bare foot underneath the sleeping teen’s side, and lifts him up, tossing him into the water. The ocean’s silence breaks with an abrupt splash. Bobby rises up to the surface in panic.)

Bobby: Graaah! Why?!

( Richard, Ashley, and O’Plucker help him climb back on the boat. Sahara stands, her back facing them. She’s staring at the big island, its beach now close by.)

Sahara: Prepare for docking.
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Chapter 13: Survival in the Forest of Curiosity

EXT. Their boat washes up in shallow water. Apparently the tide has gone back, so it took Richard, Bobby, and O’Plucker to push it up towards the beach. Ashley and Sahara sit and watch patiently, replying to the three’s complaining as to why they aren't helping with, “ I don't have my coordinate, plus I got attacked by a cannibal,” and, “ I need to reserve my energy.” They finally hit dry sand, and with one final push, the entire boat now rests on the shore. The two ladies exit the boat nonchalantly, while the other three gents rest with their hands on their knees.

( Sahara heads off towards the thick jungle ahead.)

Sahara: Follow me. We need to make sure we get into hiding before they notice our arrival.

(She heads off, but Richard runs over to her and grabs her by the shoulder.)

Richard: Hey! Enough with leaving us in the dark and explaining later! Tell us right now what’s going on!

(Sahara looks at him expressionlessly.)

Sahara: Later, now come on.

(Ashley begins following her, but is stopped by Richard’s yielding arm raised to the side.)

Richard: No, I'm not following you unless I know exactly what’s going on. We’re not following you unless we know what’s going on.

(Ashley takes a surprised glance at Richard, who, once again, has a very good point. They deserve to know what’s going on, especially if their roles in this little quest are important. Ashley wasn't awake when Algad or Sahara mentioned the danger on this island, but considering what she just experienced with the cannibals, and the fact that they cannot even be seen here, there's no doubt in her mind that trouble is near, big trouble.)

Ashley: I agree with Richard, we deserve an explanation...for what's going on, and for why you were the only one who received a new change of clothes.

(An expression of grief washes over her face with that last line, and Richard gives off a pitiful sigh.)

(O’Plucker looks up at the three of them, still walking from the boat with Bobby behind him. The teacher tenses up in irritation, mainly from the fact that his student was the one who brought up this good point. They need to know what’s going on. Staying in the dark through the whole ride and being given an explanation later won't work, not this time. They’re in an environment where nothing can be predicted, hell, who would've known that a tribe of cannibals lived in a forest just outside a civilized village? Why? Nothing made sense. The Cold War involving sorcery, the people of this island being subjects in an experiment with magic, and being fine with the fact that they must live here forever. What the hell is this? O’Plucker is so dumbstruck right now. He thought he knew of his country’s history, but everything that happened recently, and Algad’s explanation, just plummeted his light of knowledge into more darkness of the unknown.)

O’Plucker: We need to have knowledge of what lies beyond these woods, then we can make a strategy, a plan, on how we’re going to find Ashley’s coordinate. We--

(Sahara interrupts him.)

Sahara: There can be no planning, we don't have time for that. We are on thin ice at this moment.  Now let’s--

(Now it's Richard who interrupts.)

Richard: Tell us, or We’re not going.

( The three behind Richard look at him intently. All silent. Sahara still gives him that expressionless stare.)

Sahara: Stop wasting time.

Richard: No. Tell us what's happening right now. It doesn't have to be a long description, just tell us what we’re dealing with.

Bobby: I forward that notion! ( Bobby shouts from behind, he’s all the way in the back, behind O’Plucker. It makes the teacher jump a little.)

( Sahara actually gives Bobby a glare. Man, Richard thought, Not a lot of people are liking Bobby, even the weirdest girl in our school.)

( With a sigh, Sahara complies.)

Sahara: Very well, we need to be on the lookout for anyone working for both American and Russian governments. They’re pretty easy to spot, wearing small robes and scarves to hide their faces.

Richard: What?

O’Plucker: Are you telling us that the United States and Russia are fighting each other in this forest?

Sahara: No, they are fighting their test subjects that have been damaged beyond repair from their coordinate summonings. The heart of this forest is the line between American and Russian sides.

Ashley: So, we’re going into enemy territory? Aren't we safe if we are on the American side, well from personnel, at least?

Sahara: Those who maintain the subjects kill anyone who are not the same as them in appearance and in sorcery. They have been fighting on these islands for a while now, with no hope of peaceful containment. They’ve gone slightly insane from their job. We stand out as an abnormality to them at this point, since we have no similar traits to them physically and in power.

Richard: Alright, so we need to watch out for test subjects who look like--?

Sahara: Mutated humans.

(Richard freezes for a moment, then continues.)

Richard: Alright, we need to watch out for them, and people wearing hooded robes. Alright, let's go.

( He marches through trees and into the Curious forest.)

Sahara: Wait, let me lead. I have the right attire.

(Richard turns around questioningly.)

Richard: What do you mean?

(In his presence, Sahara’s clothes begin to glow a light blue. They shine so brightly and materialize into something completely different. The clothes turn into a purple mage robe, with golden lining on its outskirts. There are no sleeves for her golden plated armor on her shoulders and forearms. Black boots up to the top of her shins place themselves on the bare feet,  looking more like black bandages strapped all around the bottom of her leg. A golden chest plate plasters itself on her middle inside the tight robe. Her whole appearance gives Richard a connection to the female mages that he used to play as in one of his computer fantasy games. He’s pretty much star struck at actually seeing one before him. Not to his surprise, so are the others.)

Richard: Wow...

(Ashley breaks from her awe.)

Ashley: You’re clothes change too?! Why didn’t we get clothes like that?!

(Sahara walks past Richard into the forest, not even turning around to answer.)

Sahara: You didn’t ask.

(Ashley puts her hand up ready to make an argument, but freezes and ends up saying nothing. Richard follows Sahara, then Ashley after swallowing some pride, then O’Plucker and Bobby.)

(They walk five miles into the forest in a single line, with Sahara leading and Richard following. O’Plucker and Bobby are taking up the rear, while Ashley is in front of Bobby and behind Richard. Richard looks around at the enormous trees, and becomes very interested. The trunks are as wide and tall as the buildings he saw when he went to the city with his mother. His mother…)

(The memory of him and his mother in the city pops its way into his mind, but instantly goes hazy. This pushes Richard to think harder to clear it away and project it vividly. The memory fogs up in his head, a blue fog. Suddenly the fog vanishes, and he’s seeing a memory that’s not his own. A tall, black figure is  standing, raising an axe...and a silhouette of a woman is on the ground, breathing heavily. The figure swings the axe down on the woman..a splash of red covers the scene as it strikes the back of her neck...)

Richard: AAAAHH!!

(Richard screams in terror. He slaps his hands to his forehead, which is now burning hot. The group stops and looks at him.)

Ashley: R-Richard.(He doesn’t answer.) Richard! Are you okay?!

(Ashley goes into a bit of a panic. Richard’s scream caused her to jump. Bobby shows himself from behind Ashley.)

Bobby: Rich?

(The pain in Richard’s head subsides, although he’s sweating. He raises a hand to the two concerned.)

Richard: I’m fine. Must be this heat. Keep going Sahara.

(Sahara looks at him intently for a moment, her cold eyes examining Richard’s  sweating face. She turns around and continues onward, the rest of them continue to follow through the woods. Ashley decides to keep a good distance away from Richard for the time being.)

(O’Plucker examines the forest around them. He observes a small stream flowing it’s way through the vast darkness of the forest from below a hill. Like Richard, he connects the thick, tall trees with city buildings in shape and size, the only differences being the brown bark and the many long branches that hang from the tops, covering the bright blue sky with green leaves and making the temperature suddenly cool and damp. That said, when he witnessed Richard scream his head off, the teacher assumes that it’s not the heat that’s getting to him. He takes a deep breath and hopes that his student is not going crazy...well, more crazy than he already is.)

( A faint growling sound strikes the crew’s eardrums. Sahara stops and observes the view to her right.)

Sahara: I hear something.

Ashley: Me too.

(Richard gets himself back together from that horrid vision.)

Richard: What is it? Sounds like something’s growling.

O’Plucker: (His voice sounding shaky.) Sounds like a goddamn tiger. (He shows himself from behind Bobby.)  Tigers aren’t native to this area...Are they?

(Sahara keeps her eyes staring to her right, as if trying to single out the spot to which the sound came from.)

Sahara: There are no animals here. I sensed that they were all mutilated and eaten a long time ago.

O’Plucker: (Speaks hysterically) Well doesn’t that just calm the damn nerves.

Ashley: The subjects are that feral?! Oh my God, oh my God.

(Ashley is shaking and hyperventilating. O’Plucker walks past Bobby and puts his hands on her shoulders to try and calm her down, but his body is trembling as well. Their powers, or whatever they call it, are weak here. Only an eighteen year old girl in a mage's robe can protect them...the situation looks dire.)

Bobby: Don’t wet your panties Pluck, we can take care of whatever’s coming at us.

(Bobby says this with confidence and a smirk on his face. He turns to his right, scanning for the source of the growling. Just because his twister was a fail at the forest of cannibals, doesn’t mean he should give up on his newfound magic entirely. There’s a reason Algad had sent them here by themselves, he thinks, and it couldn’t be just because they have Sahara to protect least, once again, that’s what he thinks.)

Bobby: We got this under control, right Rich?

(Bobby turns his smirking face to Richard, who, looks to be caught in a daze. His face appears weary as he looks at the emptiness of the forest.)

Bobby: Rich? You okay?

(Richard Jumps and turns his head towards Bobby, a forced smile spreads on his face. It’s quite noticeable.)

Richard: Yeah, of course.

(Bobby shudders at the sight of his smile. It looks as if Richard has actually seen a ghost.)

Sahara: Hurry, let’s continue. Be on the lookout.

(They take a few more steps into the jungle, then stop to listen. Silence. Sahara beckons them on with her hand, and they continue on. They walk over fallen tree stumps on the edge of the hill, following the current of the stream. It was at this moment of calmness that a ferocious figure leapt from the bushes and tackled O’Plucker, and the two roll themselves down the small hill into the stream. The group  freezes in place as Bobby cries out at the phenomenon that had just transpired. Sahara turns around with an expression of surprise.)

Sahara: O’Plucker!

Bobby: It’s got him, (He points down the hill into the stream with a trembling hand.) Down there!

(O’Plucker’s back takes a good beating from the constant impact of rocks and twigs as he rolls down the hill, not to mention being crushed by the pressure from whatever’s on top of him. He’s using every ounce of his muscle strength to pry this large--whatever it is-- off him. His vision is partly blurry, mainly from how fast it all happened, and from the anxiety that’s coursing through his body right now. His life's in danger, like a zebra caught by a lion in the scorching fields of Africa. He’s seen something like that happen, when he took his ex wife to Africa to see the “big kitties”. It was just their luck to see them attacking a baby zebra separated from the herd, making him wince and throw up as the lions tore away the zebra’s face, spraying meat, blood, and eyeballs all over. And now, I might be that zebra, O’Plucker thought dreadfully. They make it down the hill and splash into a stream, met with more rocks and damp twigs. The monster--now clearly seen on top of him, has a bulky humanoid body coated in yellow fur, and is grasping O’Plucker’s neck with cold reptilian claws. Red glowing eyes stare fiercely upon the teacher’s own, and it’s as if he’s falling into a trance of ceasing struggle. All O’Plucker can do is keep resisting, grabbing the claws and attempt to break himself free. His head gets forced down under the shallow water, and it won’t be long before his lungs give out. O’Plucker’s life is flashing before his eyes.)

Ashley: We gotta do something!

(More noticeable rustles from the bushes and trees fill the woods. Sahara gets in front of Richard, who gets backed up closer to Ashley.)

Sahara: There are more. I must protect you two.

Ashley: But what about O’Plucker? We can’t leave him down there! You can’t leave him down there!

(Sahara merely looks towards Bobby, ignoring her.)

Sahara: Bobby, I’m going to need your help if there are many of them. Be prepared, my coordinate is not as strong here, so I’m going to need back up since our job is to protect.

(Bobby is frozen in fear, his confidence evaporated in an instant. If not for what had happened with the shadow back in his hometown, he would have pissed his pants. He’s able to crank his head at the stream below him, looking at O’Plucker who’s at the mercy of the monster. Should I help him? No, he’s got it, he has a coordinate power. Right? He stares intently at O’Plucker, getting his life squished out of him, with a possibility of drowning first. That bastard tried to kill me...but...still..or should I help Sahara? Can I? Does my power actually work? If O’Plucker’s not showing any fight, what makes me think that I can show resistance?)

(Bobby’s questioning mind gets interrupted with the pounding of feet on dirt and rocks, charging down the hill. To everyone’s surprise, they see Richard sprinting down at the monster. He almost slips on damp dirt as he does so. Sahara cannot believe her eyes, neither can Ashley.)

Sahara: Richard!

(The rustling gets louder, and louder. The trees begin shaking, and pretty soon, dark figures begin to loom closer, getting in a position to pounce.)

(Richard goes forward, stumbles slightly to pick up a few twigs, then lounges on the monster’s back. He jabs the twigs into its red eyes from behind, and at once the monster lets go of its grip on O’Plucker’s neck, and stands up in retaliation, covering its eyes. O’Plucker rolls himself to his stomach and eventually rises to his knees, gasping heavily and feeling his neck. The monster recovers from the attack quickly and shakes Richard off violently. He’s flung to the slope of the hill, his white t-shirt ripped and filthy from the sharp twigs and soil. The monster turns to face him, and Richard looks with terror at its mutated face. Half of it is the face of a tiger, while the other half  has a melted human face, much like Karl Marx after witnessing the Declaration of Independance. It’s wearing tattered clothing, with three black numbers tattooed on the top of its chest; 693. )

(All around Sahara, Ashley, and Bobby, are mutated humans. Some have tall sizes, while others short and stocky. They are all disfigured and take on an ill-looking color. Though some have reptilian features, most have the half of their bodies show a dark green color, the half of their faces exposing dark skulls. They begin growling in unison. Sahara takes her eyes from Richard to the monsters around them. She glances at Bobby who’s staring at the stream.)

Sahara: Bobby, look ahead of you! We have to fight! They're test subjects, and they're merciless.

(Bobby shifts his eyes and could see the figures around them. He’s still  frozen in fear, trying to say something as a recognition to Sahara’s voice, but nothing comes out. Ashley shouts at him.)

Ashley: Bobby! Wake up! You’re the only one that can help out right now!

(Bobby’s paralysis breaks. He turns a questioning glance to Ashley, who’s streaming tears. Sahara motions her arm to keep Ashley right behind her. She raises her other arm, producing purple sparks. Her eyes glow bright purple.)

Sahara: Henchman.

(She tenses up as the tattoo on her arm takes form. Ashley could see the Krong girl’s muscles tighten. Before, in their neighborhood, she could pull out five of these demi-human beasts with ease, but now, it looks like she’s struggling summoning only one. The beast shows itself; its tall, bulky, human body wearing nothing but fur hide around its waist and over its bowling ball shoulders. Its Gorilla head, wearing a golden helmet faces the opponents before him. Purple sparks are digging in its back and are connected to Sahara’s pale hands. Sahara raises her arms, and the beast gives out a mighty roar, raising it’s long sword and round shield. The abominations attack Sahara’s summoned beast.)

(The test subjects leap from the trees and bushes, lunging themselves on Sahara’s warrior. They’re on it like lions striking on prey, clawing and biting with their sharp teeth and black claws. The Warrior gives out a roar and tries to shake them off, only succeeding in getting one. The moment the one subject hit the ground, the warrior crushes its head with a large foot. The subject’s head cracks open, spilling out red fluids and brain fragments.)

(The warrior shakes ever more violently, drawing more test subjects to it. There are at least six of them on it right now, some have succeeded in biting off a good portion of flesh from the shoulders and ribs. The warrior finally shakes off three with one wild thrust of its upper body, and swings its sword at them as they bounce up to their knees, decapitating them. Sahara’s face is strained, sweat dripping from her forehead. As the warrior takes damage and uses energy, it takes a toll on her physically. It struck her with complete surprise. She thought she was in perfect shape, strong enough to at least produce two of her warriors in the triangle from her meditation practices at home and in school. Oh how she had miscalculated, and she was paying for it. She can’t even take the energy required for the damage her one warrior is taking. If this keeps up, she’ll have to use her coordinate to perform plan B. Relying on Bobby isn’t even an option.)

(O’Plucker staggers his way to his feet, arms dangling to his sides from the exhaustion of fighting the test subject to get off him. His upper back heaves heavily. Richard falls to the ground from being thrown to the slope, his body crashing into wet leaves and mud. The bulky test subject advances towards him, its tiger face growling with satisfaction, happy to have stumbled upon easy prey. It winds its muscular leg back, and with one strong swing, knocks the air out of Richard as its foot strikes the side of his stomach.  Richard gets sent a few feet forward, then lands on his side. His mouth hangs open, trying to have air escape his lungs. He heard a crunch in his ribcage when he was kicked. The monster slowly creeps towards him on all fours, seemingly enthused about this weak meal. Richard lays on the ground, breathing lightly.)

 (O’Plucker staggers onward, moving his feet slowly. Each leg feels like an anchor, as it requires a great deal of energy to raise them. His eyes focus on Richard and the abomination. Richard is on the verge of dying, and as he witnessed that kick, there’s no doubt in O’Plucker’s mind that the kid broke something. The monster walks towards him slowly, enjoying the moment of witnessing its prey experience pain slowly before it decides to draw the guillotine and end it. It sickens the teacher greatly. He’s not going to save him, not like this, there’s no way. He’s too exhausted. Richard’s a dead man, unless, he uses his power. Finally, O’Plucker’s in a position to think clearly, though he doesn’t have much time. This position is much better than when he was being pinned down, when all he could actually think about was his ending life, and the pointless struggle of freeing himself from the monster.)

(He looks at his arms, a bit of relief brings itself to the surface of his face when he sees that the black symbols are still plastered on his dark skin, ready to be used. I should have used it when I was being pinned, he thought angrily, I could have avoided this whole mess. He tries to summon his power, remembering what he had done before to summon it when he was in the forest of cannibals. He looks at Richard, who’s being rolled over on his back by the monster. Its sharp reptilian claw is just over his throat, ready to slit it open and enjoy a fountain of blood the cut will produce. Anger and fear swell up inside O’Plucker, and, straining his head and narrowing his eyes, a heap of strength flows up within him. His arms begin to glow that light blue, sparks emit from all around his badly bruised body. Using his newfound strength, he raises a fist at the monster, the hand itself gets consumed in blue ember.)


(His hand turns into a blue cross bow, a sharp arrow placed inside, then shot forward with a speed as fast as a bolt of lightning crashing into the earth. It happened in a flash, and before O’Plucker could even blink, the monster stands on its two feet and cries in agony, the arrow pierced in the center of its muscular back. It turns to O’Plucker, its tiger face crunched in a heap of anger, dark blood oozing  from its back, the arrow still stuck in its flesh. To O’Plucker’s dismay, the arrow didn’t pierce through enough meat to strike any vital organs. The abomination charges at him on all fours, the speed of a tiger itself. O’Plucker keeps his cross bow raised, then shouts and curses at the monster. The blue flames around him grow brighter.)


(Another arrow quickly materializes in the cross bow, and shot off as quickly as it had appeared. It made a clean hit to the monster’s shoulder. The monster falters slightly to the side it was hit, but quickly continues on, its eyes growing brighter with rage and hunger. O’Plucker’s arm starts trembling. It’s getting hella close.)


(As O’Plucker’s rage gets hotter, the flames on his arms grow stronger and brighter. Another arrow materializes and shoots out, then another, then another. The monster’s drawing very close now, only a few feet away, its body flinches back slightly and continuously as the arrows pierce his other shoulder, his right ribcage, his left. Two of them miss, but scrape off a good amount of skin as they fire past. It still keeps its sprint. It’s now a lunge away from O’Plucker. O’Plucker’s anger gets hotter, his hand no longer trembling.)

O’Plucker: I-(another arrow shot)-HATE-(another arrow shot)- CATS!( Another arrow fires)

(Suddenly, arrows fire out of the cross bow like a machine gun, and the monster loses its life. It made its lunge at the teacher, but died immediately from the storm of arrows to the face and body. It’s skull cracked open, spraying brain and blood over the ground in front of the teacher, and on what’s left of his tattered blue dress shirt. Blood spills out from the monster’s shoulders as well, turning part of the stream a shade of crimson. The mutilated corpse falls to the ground with a plump, the water of the stream peacefully crackling against it, then circling around to continue its course into the dark void of forest. The flames on O’Plucker dims down significantly. The teacher makes his way to Richard, who’s laying on his back, nearly unconcious. He’s breathing lightly and his eyes are still open. He speaks as if talking under his breath.)

Richard: O’Plucker..Is..?

(O’Plucker places his arm under Richard and, using his coordinate’s power, gets the strength to lift him up bridal style. Richard flinches in pain during the process.)

Richard: My ribs..Jesus.

O’Plucker: Hush Mr. Mortimer, and rest. I’ll get us out of her and join the others.

(Richard breathes faster, and opens his mouth to speak. O’Plucker winces at the blood he’s feeling drip over his arm It’s from Richard’s back side.)

Richard: The others.. I think they’re in trouble... we got to help them.

(Richard tries to move his body,  but gives up as a flash of pain strikes him from his ribs. He falls back in O’Plucker’s arms.)

O’Plucker: Don’t move Richard, you’re hurt. I’ll carry you out of here, and get you to a safer place.

(Richard is able to let a louder sound escape his lips.)

Richard: N-No...We have to help them..they’re in trouble.

(Richard winces in pain, clutching his right rib cage.)

Richard: Jeez, guess I really got my ass handed to me.

(O’Plucker looks at him, a sympathetic smile escapes from within and displays itself on his face.)

O’Plucker: Yeah, you did, but you saved my life Richard. Thank you.

(Through all the pain, Richard manages to crack a smile.)

Richard: I couldn’t let you die O’Plucker, I need your help to beat Stalin.

(Richard coughs up a mix of blood and phlegm.)
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Chapter 14: Dramatic memories of a pleasant past

EXT. Sahara’s warrior falls. Her eyes go bloodshot, and she steps back as if she had just received a blow to the sternum. Some blood drips from her mouth in a single streak, trickling out in a straight direction from her pale lips. She looks up at the warrior, now on the ground, toppled by seven mutants. She raises her arm, prepares to withdraw. Time for plan B. The purple sparks emit from her raised hand, and in an instant they fire up at the warrior being mauled by seven pairs of teeth. The warrior fades into a golden glow, then materializes into a shape unrecognizable until it zips past the mutants and into Sahara’s hand. A sword. A big sword, with a rigid, gold handle, a red eye struck in the middle staring out into nothingness. The blade is thick and sharp, about four feet high. It shines in the hot Bermuda sunlight striking through openings of  thick trees in the forest. Clasping both hands around the handle, Sahara readies herself. The mutants claw at the ground, frustrated at the disappearance of their prey. Before they turn their attention away, the purple haired girl had bolted in for the first hit. She instantly decapitated a mutant with one fast swipe of her blade, and, moving swiftly, had darted towards another, swinging the sword just as fast and effortlessly. An upper body gets sliced open, and slowly slides off its bottom half, taking numerous guts and organs along with it. The mutants get a sense of what’s going on, and they charge at their attacker.

(Bobby and Ashley stand there, terrified and not knowing what to do. Bobby watches Sahara swing her sword in effortless, calm, and impressive movements. Following each swing she takes a step back, avoiding a dreadful encounter with a mutant's body lunging towards her. Each swipe she’s made was a hit, though wasn’t as effective as her first two attacks, merely cutting off an arm or shoulder tip. The mutants merely brush off the wounds with a battle cry, and continue attacking as if the cuts have been fixed up. The attack had not slowed them down.)

(Ashley notices that the mutants are surrounding Sahara now, creeping around on all fours like a tiger preparing to pounce on prey. It was this visual that Ashley came up with the conclusion that these things are rather intelligent. There would be no way that Sahara could only leave a scratch on them and not get a clear hit to the heads. They’re not just going for the kill, they’re being slightly cautious. She turns and cries out to Bobby.)

Ashley: You have to help her!

(Her mind is going haywire. There’s Richard and O’Plucker down in the stream, confronting a giant monster, and then there’s Sahara, surrounded by now at least twelve mutants. Ashley can barely see her now, only being able to hear her attack cries, the fast swinging of her sword, and the cutting of flesh. She’s doing no good, they’re all around her, and only her. The realization hit Ashley with sheer terror: They know she’s the only one that’s a tough match. Once she’s done, they’ll get her and Bobby next, and take their sweet time slaughtering them. Dear lord…)

Ashley: Bobby!

(Bobby is just standing there, a frightened complexion of a face. He’s frozen in terror, unconfident about his powers. All he can do is watch the struggling Krong girl fight to her last breath. He’s ignoring Ashley crying his name, his mind in a haze of anxiety. He feels light headed, a little nauseous. God damnit, he never had to fight anyone, or anything before. When he fired the tornadoes, it wasn’t like fighting at all. It was like he was simply tossing a softball, and nothing else, and the spinning winds soared like boomerangs. A simple toss, that was all it took in their town. When he was in the forest of the cannibals however, he actually had to use strength. He couldn’t just toss the ball, he had to throw it, chuck it, at the target, aim the damn thing. And that took a lot of work. He wasn’t afraid of his confrontation with Karl Marx because his power was God-like, and he just didn’t expect for his attack to miss the shadow completely. Now, his power is not God like, and there’s a good chance that these low level mutants can kill him. A sudden desire creeps up in him. He wishes he were back home, sleeping on his couch and maybe even smoking a little something to bring his spirits up.)

(Ashley starts shaking him by the shoulders.)

Ashley: Bobby!

(Bobby shakes his thoughts away.)

Bobby: Cut it out Ashley!

Ashley: get out of your *censored*ing daze and do something!

Bobby: But I can’t Ashley, powers...

Ashley: For God sake Bobby, if Sahara can bring up a wolf-man and a sword, you can at least do something! Please!

(Ashley’s demand sounded nothing like a demand, but a plea, a plea for him to try--try his power again, go over there and use it, attack those murderous, maniacal, scary-looking… He’s freezing up again. He’s got to stop freezing. He looks at Ashley, a great deal of fright embedded on her face, her eyes wide and filled with tears. It was seeing this that got Bobby to look up, sigh deeply as if preparing himself, and walk forward, to the mutants.)

Ashley: Bobby?

(He’s walking closer to the action, slowly, trying to prepare himself, trying to keep all his fear contained. He focuses on his power. As he advances, he can see Sahara fighting the mutants, swinging her sword less frequently, mostly stepping away and dodging attacks. He can hear and see her breathing heavily , and Bobby notices that the armor on her shoulder has disappeared. A deep cut and a great deal of red has taken its place.)

Bobby: (Takes a deep sigh.) It’s Bobby time.

(The yellow sparks actually emit from his body, the symbols on his shins and forehead glow. His hair blows wildly as if a wind is blowing. On instinct, he holds up his hand and to his surprise, a twister takes form on his palm. It’s small, but it will have to do. It could probably throw one of the mutants to the side or something, give Sahara more time and space to attack.)

Bobby: (Shouts angrily) BOBBY TIME!

(He advances towards them, and throws the twister like a boomerang at the mutants running towards Sahara. It throws the monster backward, out of the open area and into a tree. It was quite powerful.)

Bobby: Ha ha!

(Bobby winds his arm back, thrilled, anxious, scared, angry. Many different emotions have flooded through him. To his realization, he’s no longer holding a twister. The whirlwind is spinning around his arm.)

Bobby: What the?!

(The mutants turn their attention to him and split off. Sahara notices Bobby, her breathing still heavy. She manages to speak under her breath.)

Sahara: Bobby?

(Bobby starts wildly shaking his arm, as if trying to fling off a bug. The twister around his arm retaliates by projecting a powerful whirlwind. The force is so powerful that Bobby gets pushed back, his arm wildly pointing left and right, releasing the twister and knocking out a great deal of mutants in the process. Sahara runs for cover in the bushes. More and more mutants appear, but instead of running towards them, they start retreating. Ashley witnesses the phenomenon from behind a bush. She runs over to aid Sahara.)

Ashley: Sahara!

Sahara: Don’t look at me!

(Ashley is taken back by her angry reply. Sahara’s head is hung down, her purple hair covering her face. Blood is dripping out profusely from her shoulder, her purple robe is torn and golden armor scraped. Ashley looks at Bobby, who’s lost control of the whirlwind that’s shooting out of him. Trees and bushes are knocked back from their many roots, and tumble down into mounds of sticks, leaves and twigs.)

Ashley: How can he control it?!

(Sahara gives no reply.)

(Bobby tries to keep up with the backward force with his legs. He’s running backwards, then sideways. He needs to plant his feet firmly, but cannot find an opportunity to do so. The powerful feeling that’s granting him this power gets more and more intense, and all the while his body aches more and more. It’s as if his body is writhing away the more he releases this twister. I have to stop it, Bobby thought, otherwise there’ll be nothing left of me, I can feel it. He once again heard Ashley’s voice.)

Ashley: Bobby! Shut it off! They’re gone!

Bobby: Help!! I can’t!!! I can’t stop!!!!

(Bobby feels his mind going hazy. He’s losing consciousness. Suddenly, he notices the whirlwind on his arm spreading further down around his shoulder. Oh no, Bobby thought dreadfully, that doesn’t look good at all. His mind is numbing to a rate where he won’t be able to stand any longer.)

(Ashley hears the breaking of twigs and leaves, drawing near. She turns around, horrified, expecting to see a mutant dashing towards them...but it turns out to be O’Plucker, carrying Richard. They both look battered and exhausted.)

Ashley: Mr. O’Plucker! What happened? Is Richard alright?!

(O’Plucker looks past her and at Bobby, who’s moving around uncontrollably as he’s releasing a massive whirlwind from his arm.Thick trees tumble down and shrubs soar into the sky, releasing a confetti of green leaves.)

O’Plucker: (Talks in his professional teacher tone.) Richard has broken his ribs from fighting the monster, and he needs to be healed. More importantly at this time though, is the question of what is going on with Bobby?

Ashley: His coordinate is going out of control, and we can’t stop it!

O’Plucker: Where’s Sahara?

(Ashley points to the purple haired girl who is on her hands and knees, her head hung low. O’Plucker’s eyes widen with terrible surprise.)

O’Plucker: What happened to her?!

Ashley: Nothing. Bobby saved her, and she retreated to this spot. Her wounds look bad though, since she had a tough bout with several mutants. I asked her if she was okay and she just screamed at me saying not to look at her. I expected she wasn’t hurt.

(O’Plucker gently lays Richard on the ground, his eyes are half open and his breathing light. The teacher looks up and observes Bobby. There’s a good chance that his whirlwind will turn towards them, and that would be pretty bad. They’ll be flying their way to Oz despite their safe distance.)

O’Plucker: Sahara, do you know how to stop this?

(Sahara gives no answer. O’Plucker waits, and when realizing her refusal to answer him, he turns his head towards her. His face of terror turns into irritation.)

O’Plucker: Miss Reinhart! Your teacher just asked you a question!

(Still nothing. O’Plucker can’t believe it. They’ve only come this far, and already their strongest and most knowledgeable person in this bizarre adventure has already been defeated. They’re screwed. No, they can’t be. O’Plucker shakes the doubts away. Despite how confusing and dangerous this has all been, it seemed as if he was the one who was most freaked out, well, actually, he still is freaked out, but right now is not the time to act like this. He’s the teacher God damn it, and right now, he needs to start acting like it. Richard was right; what kind of teacher has he been? It’s his turn to be calm and determined. Richard and Sahara, even Bobby, have been more adult than him here. He’s going to figure this out.)

O’Plucker: Ashley, I’m going to attack Bobby, in hope of knocking him out. Hopefully, just as Sahara had done to me, the coordinate will cease.

(Suddenly a murmur escapes from Sahara.)

Sahara: There’s a higher chance that you will kill him.

(O’Plucker turns back questioningly.)

O’Plucker: Pardon?

Sahara: he’s moving around violently. You don’t have enough experience to strike a target moving in different directions.

O’Plucker: Then what do we do then?

(Sahara looks up slightly.)

Sahara: he has anger, thrill, and fear overwhelming him. I sense it. He needs to feel a different emotion, one that will derail him from the others.

(This time Ashley speaks, her hand cupping her chin.)

Ashley: So we need to make him feel an emotion that will overtake the others, the ones that are causing him to unleash the whirlwind. Is that what you’re saying?

Sahara: Yes.

(Ashley goes into deep thought, trying to uncover the many different emotions one can have. She wants to be the one to solve this, to save Bobby. Everyone has done something progressive except her. She feels like the weak link, helpless and always clinging to the next strongest person when the other falls. She hated it. The whole thing reminded her of the time at Runner’s Anonymous; how she was so scared of the way they treated her, and how she always cried to somebody near her. She was so afraid, and felt weak. That’s right, she was always clinging to somebody whom she felt was strong, who could protect her...It took thirty days to realize how pathetic that was. And after her realization, she decided to toughen up, use the harsh treatment as a life changing experience. To brave through on her own, and never even talk to anyone there was her goal, and she fulfilled it. She trained there solo, running around in the intense August heat, catching the chickens and cattle with ease as all her baby fat melted away. She wasn’t scared anymore, she was strong, independent, powerful. But now, through this adventure, she was doing it again! Scared, crying. Think, Ashley thought, what could get Bobby distracted from those emotions? The idea came to her suddenly, and she flushed bright red. It was a horrible idea, and if it didn’t work the embarrassment would be unbearable. It was horrible for her self respect, but pretty decent in solving their problem. She had to decide now; stick with this idea, or drop it and think of another? She’s interrupted by O’Plucker.)

O’Plucker: Did you think of anything?

(No time for thinking of another idea, O’Plucker’s  pressing her. She turns away, her face red. She speaks softly, almost under her breath.)

Ashley: Look away.

(O’Plucker’s puzzled. He couldn’t hear her.)

O’Plucker: What? What did you say?

Ashley: I said, look away!

(O’Plucker opens his mouth as if to speak, but shuts it fast and turns away, obeying her command. If it’s an idea, he’ll do anything. But he has no idea what Ashley has planned.)

Ashley: (Cups her hands over her mouth) Bobby! Look over here!

(Bobby is still riding around in a big circle inside a big opening of woods, trying to contain his whirlwind. His shoulder is engulfed inside, as well as almost half of his face. He looks towards Ashley after hearing her call, his free eye half open, his consciousness half there. The eye widens so fast at the sight of her, his face completely flushed a bright red. She pulled up her ruined shirt and sports bra, exposing her perfectly sized breasts. By God, they were beautiful. His nose starts to bleed like a geyser shooting hot water, and immediately the tornado retreats from his face and shoulder. The whirlwind actually stopped altogether, and Bobby drops to the ground. A setting of fallen trees and disarrayed leaves and bushes are around him. A puddle of blood is under his face, his mouth open in pleasure. Now he’s in another daze; trying to keep that picture fresh in his mind.)

Ashley: Thank God! (She covers herself quickly.)

O’Plucker: Did he stop? Did your idea work?

(Ashley reddens a little, then let’s out a sigh.)

Ashley: Yeah, it worked. He’s laying down now.

(O’Plucker turns around.)

O’Plucker: What did you do?

(Ashley turns away from her teacher, her arms folded.)

Ashley: None of your business.

(Suddenly, Richard speaks in a murmur.)

Richard: My God Ashley, those things were huge. I thought you were a runner?

(Ashley’s face goes completely red. She just remembered that Sahara and Richard were right beside her when she had performed...her idea.)

Ashley: You *censored*ing perv!

(She kicks Richard in the ribs. Richard cries out in pain, and clutches his ribcage.)

O’Plucker: What the hell did you do that for!? His ribs are broken!

(Ashley turns away from all of them, her face still red.)

Ashley: Not broken enough.

(Sahara looks up at her.)

Sahara: You were very lucky that Bobby has a perverted mind. If any other case, your idea wouldn’t have worked.

(Ashley mumbles, as if to herself.)

Ashley: Stop talking.

(O’Plucker goes over to aid Richard, checking his broken ribs. The teen is moaning in agony.)

O’Plucker: You just made his situation worse. (He looks up at Ashley,) How was he suppose to know what you were planning? I’m sure he just looked up because he was curious. Why don’t you go to Bobby and bring him back here. Sahara, can you help and fix his ribs?

(Sahara reluctantly turns her head to him. Then, she gets on her feet and walks closer, a hand covering her wounded shoulder.)

Sahara: My coordinate cannot fix the bones, but I’ll see what I can do. It is essential that he’s in good condition. Despite our luck with the mutants, we’re screwed.

(O’Plucker looks at her, his face grim.)

(Sahara manages to fix up the scratches, but the ribs were impossible to heal without more coordinate troubles. With O’Plucker’s help, she was able to combine coordinate powers and place the ribs back into correct position, however not keeping them together. It was a total surprise to both of them. With that, O’Plucker, Sahara, and Ashley had to find whatever essential and bandage the ribs, wrapping them with big leaves that were scattered by Bobby’s whirlwind. They were wrapped around the ribs and the opposite shoulder. Surprisingly, it worked, as Sahara had explained she could see the ribs still in place. Bobby finally becomes fully conscious, and the group continued to walk farther and farther into the woods. The day had turned into night, and the crew decided to camp and make a fire. All around the flame, the group sat, staring emptily into the embers. Depressed faces had emerged from them, even Sahara showed sadness and anger. Everyone was silent. Richard sat up on the log, elbows on his knees and looking down. The pain in his ribs had subsided slightly. Bobby is the first to break the silence.)

Bobby: Well, isn’t this a sight that I never would have imagined to see.

(They all fix their gazes at him. Bobby inclines his head, his long dirty-blonde hair falling back and showing a pale forehead. He’s leaning against a fallen tree as he sits back. He gives out a deep sigh.)

Bobby: I mean, who would have thought that this could happen to us?

(No one replies. They turn their heads back to the fire. Bobby shuffles a bit to get more comfortable. He finds a good position, and leans back again, his hands behind his head.)

Bobby: Now that we finally get a pause from all this action, I’ve been able to think about it more. It’s so weird, how convenient it is. We got me, Rich and Ash, the old crew back together since…

(His voice trails off. He looks at Richard, who does not answer, or even looks at him. His face is to the fire. Bobby turns to Ashley, who does the same.)

Bobby: How long has it been Ash? Two years? Three?

(Ashley looks at Bobby, irritated. She notices that his eyes are red. You’ve got to be kidding, she thought. She knew she smelled something, but why hadn’t she figured it out? Probably because it was unbelievable in this predicament. He had a stash saved up somewhere in his pockets, and after all they’ve been through it managed to stay with him. She didn’t even see what he used to smoke it.)

Ashley: Shut your mouth Bobby. And why don’t you spare us some of that tree you’re using? I’m pretty sure Richard could use it right now for the pain in his ribs.

(O’Plucker and Richard turn their heads to Bobby quickly.)

O’Plucker: You’re smoking marijuana?!

Richard: What the hell Bobby?! I’m in pain here! Give me some!

(Bobby waves a hand at them, his face still fixed on Ashley, who’s turning away from him. Sahara is sitting on a log opposite, clutching her knees to her breasts. Her eyes are fixed to the ground. Bobby smiles at Ashley, and Ashley could feel his breath on her neck, the smell of weed infiltrating her nostrils.)

Bobby: It’s been a long time since us three have been together, and now it looks like it’ll be our last moments, you know, with how everything’s turning out right now.

Ashley: You don’t know that.

Bobby: But alas, my dear Ash, I do.

(O’Plucker and Richard look on silently and intently. Oh boy, Richard thought. He knows what’s coming next; a touching speech from a high Bobby. He’s always like this when he smokes. Maybe he should stop him...but then again, why should he? He realized that he doesn’t care. Bobby continues.)

Bobby: It was a beautiful year you know, freshman year. That was when we had more ideas of what to do. I remember you, me, and Rich would hang out after school. We’d go to the abandoned houses in the back of the park, to Welder’s creek for a summer swim. (He chuckles) I remember you always nagging at us that the ideas could get us into trouble, and then eventually you submitted and found out you had a great time.

(Ashley’s face was unreadable. She continued to look down at the fire. Richard looked away as well, his head facing the flames.)

Bobby: Remember what we found when we went to the house on Mather Street? I think it was an old 1800’s portrait of like a woman and her daughter posing for a photo. It was the scariest *censored* we ever found, it gave you the creeps!

(Bobby starts laughing in the silence. After a moment, he continues.)

Bobby: Rich would always pop that picture in front of you at school, and you’d always jump! (He turns to Rich) What did you do with that picture anyway?

(Richard keeps silent for a moment, then, without looking at Bobby, he replies.)

Richard: It’s in my basement. Couldn’t keep that thing in my room, scared the *censored* out of me.

(Bobby laughs, and Ashley, unintentionally, gives off a slight smile of humor. Meanwhile O’Plucker is just sitting there, his head lolled back.)

O’Plucker: Bobby, for God sake, if you still have some left, give me some of it.

(Bobby ignores him, and continues.)

Bobby: We were the three amigos. It was a shame, really, how it all just ended after sophomore year. Ah ha! So it was two years after all then! Or a year in a half...meh who knows, I’ll I know is that we never hung out like that again.


Bobby: You know, when you left us Ash, we haven’t been the same.

(Richard shifts his eyes to Bobby, not believing what he’s about to say. He could shout at him, but that would make things more embarrassing.)

 Bobby: I mean, you changed a hell of alot Ash, well, in weight that is. But though you may not believe it, we changed too. After you stopped responding to our calls, our hollers, and hiding yourself with the better crowd, we haven’t been the same.

(Richard’s eyes turn intense on Bobby, but he says nothing.)

Bobby: We’d go out on our ghost hunting expositions, but it just didn’t feel right. It was like we were missing someone who was suppose to nag us to leave. I’d always ask Rich if that were the case, and he just looked down and mumbled a ‘no.’ (He looks to Richard and cracks a smile) But, I knew that was a lie.

(Richard says nothing, and Ashley keeps staring into the fire.)

Bobby: Man, you kept trying to act as if nothing was wrong, but I could see it. Hell man, you got hell of a lot more violent too, always getting into fights with people. (he turns to Ashley) He got sent to the principal’s office like a dozen times, and still never got suspended, or even expelled. Crazy *censored*.

(Ashley turns to Bobby, a slightly surprised expression on her face. Bobby acknowledges it with a grin and a nod.)

Bobby: Yep. I remember him saying something that to me kinda gave me the answer to why he’s been so rough…(He inclines his head, lets out a sigh) I think we were talking about you at the time Ash.

Richard: Bobby, that’s enough.

(Richard finally spoke, then stands up to the best of his ability, clutching his ribcage with his opposite hand. Still some pain. All heads except Bobby’s turn curiously to him. Bobby merely shifts his red eyes to him, and lets out a grin.)

Bobby: Aw, come on Rich, she needs to know.

Richard: No one needs to know *censored*.

(O’Plucker, observing the way Richard’s been talking, is taken back from the teen’s tone. Unlike the energetic, happy-but dumb attitude he heard from Richard’s mouth during his classes, this attitude now is more rough, violent, sharp, something completely out of character. As he looks at the silent Sahara Reinhart, he notices that she’s giving the same look of surprise as she eyes Richard. She must be thinking the same thing, O’Plucker thought. He remains silent, wondering what’s going to happen.)

Bobby: When I told Rich about all the guys that were swarming the new model-shaped you Ash, he gave me a look that I swear could destroy cities ( He laughs) You won’t believe what he said.

Richard: Bobby, I swear to *censored*ing God…

(Bobby turns his head to Ashley, who’s looking at Bobby more intently, curious about what Richard, the person she knew who was the most careless person next to Bobby himself, had said.)

Bobby: He told me that he’d beat the mother who would lay a finger on, (He gives Richard a wide smile) “Our Ashley”.

(Welp, Richard’s face had gone completely red. And now, as he stands there clutching his ribcage, flushed, all he can do is turn his head away in shame. Taking a sigh, and just knowing that all eyes, especially Ashley’s, are looking at him, he turns his head towards Bobby.)

Richard: I didn’t say that.

Bobby: Bull*censored*! Yes you did!

Richard: Nope.

Bobby: Yes.

(After a few minutes of Richard and Bobby doing their back and forth arguing, Ashley grows irritated, her curiosity seemingly vanished. No, not just irritated...but...angry?)

Ashley: You really think any of this matters now?

(Now everyone turns to her. Bobby and Richard go silent.)

Ashley: I could give a rat’s ass about what you or Richard think. Right now, I want to get the hell out of this place, then, wonder where the hell I’m going to live because my house is destroyed and my mother probably dead.

(She glares at Richard, then Bobby.)

Ashley: I can’t believe I decided to even help you with your homework, or even go to the goddamn Clark’s house to see you. I never wanted to even catch sight your faces, but I told myself that I should be at least somewhat considerate, that not even seeing your faces was too harsh.  Besides, now that I was landed in the remedial history CAPT class,  I really had no choice, did I? (She looks to the ground angrily.) I could have stayed home, at least die with my mother, my only family left.

(Everyone looks at her with shock.)

Richard: Now that’s bull*censored*.

Ashley: *censored* you! You goddamn perv! (Her voice is raised so sharply) This is all your fault, all your fault my mother is dead! All your fault that you stole my notebook and forced me to go to you to retrieve it!

Richard: Yep, all my fault Ashley, that’s right, it’s all my fault. HAR, HAR, *censored*ING HAR!

(O’Plucker stands up, and goes between them. He knows that Ashley is just blowing off steam, same as Richard. They’re both embarrassed. He’s been a counsellor for his friends’ romances before.)

O’Plucker: Everyone please, just calm down.

Ashley: *censored*, I’m done with this. I finally was able to be a strong, independant woman after summer camp, and ever since seeing you assholes after school, I felt like I was back to *censored*ing day one of high school. I’m going alone to find my coordinate, and get strong again. I’ll be stronger than all of you.

(She gets up and starts walking towards the dark patch of woods. Richard goes after her.)

Richard: Are you stupid?! You can’t go alone in the dark, especially with those mutants out there! You’ll be killed!

(Ashley turns to Richard, a cold smile spread upon her lips.)

Ashley: You’ll be surprised what I can do.

(She heads off into the darkness.)
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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~ Ordering for a New Order
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Interlude: Ordering for a New Order

INT. Inside the Chapel in Moscow. Joseph Stalin is sitting in a big golden chair placed in the middle of the altar, one green pant leg over the other. The three children are cramped, imprisoned, in a large gold bird cage above, hanging over the stone baby statues and candles decorated on the side of the room, in front of the rows of pews for all the damned audience to see.  Rosaline’s curved physique is standing to the left of the dictator, hands behind her back, head held high and showing a sinister grin. Her dark eyes reflect the haunting candlelight. The kids were having quite a tantrum, but that only lasted a mere ten seconds before Rosaline had scared them senseless with her flaming eyes, overflowing with power and triumph. Now the kids are huddled close to one another, hugging their knees, eyes red below the lower lids. What gave Rosaline that horrifying grin was the fact that the kids were trembling.

Viktor makes his way through the thin path between the rows of pews, holding something covered with a thin purple cloth in both hands. His long, greasy black hair falls straight to the bottom of his shoulders, not at all moved by the wind of his walk as he makes it to the altar’s table. The audience in the pews are no longer shadows, but decayed humans in Soviet army uniforms. All of them are standing, their bulging eyes following the muscular man in the black coat make his way to the small, rectangular marble table.

Viktor: I have received a special present, my lord.

Viktor raises the cloth covered object up high, like a priest about to start communion. Stalin looks at the object, his eyes gleaming, a smile hidden in his thick mustache. After a brief moment, Viktor laid the object down gently on the table. And, very lightly, he takes off the purple cloth, revealing a severed head of an older gentleman with long gray hair. The man’s face is caught in a horrified expression. His mouth is hung open, his dead gray eyes open wide. Blood and saliva streaks are dried up below the corners of his mouth and eyes. The audience in the pews go into awe.

Viktor: I present you, the head of Sirius Winthrop, former coordinate holder in the late sixties, a threat to Russia’s sorcery administration.

The crowd applauses, Rosaline blushes and smiles, clapping her hands at the beautiful spectacle that sits on the table. Stalin raises his hand to silence the audience, and just like that, the sounds cease immediately on cue.

Stalin: Where did you find him?

A shadowed figure emerges beside Victor, his face no longer hidden in shadow. He’s a bulky figure, with a trimmed  beard and long mustache on his pudgy face. His head completely bald save for the back, covered with dark curly hair. His eyes are a glowing red.
Lenin:  It was delivered to Russia’s shallow port from the American side of the Bermuda. He was handed over to us in exchange that we cease attack of our undead horde in their little state of Connecticut.

Stalin clasps his hands together, and goes into a shrill of laughter.

Stalin: Are they serious? Just one little state of theirs attacked and they give us one of their best sorcery-wielding veterans? Head on a platter? Pathetic!

Stalin continues with his shrill laughter, and Rosaline can’t help but join him. Viktor smiles as well, but Lenin’s face remains neutral. Stalin calms down, rests his hand under his chin.

Stalin: Obviously, something is amiss. There is meaning to them doing this, something that would give them advantage. It seems that they knew for a while as well that we were forming and planning to take over the current Russian sorcery administration.

Lenin: Of course Winthrop had plenty of confidential information of the U.S government's sorcery. They might have killed him to prevent any information to be leaked out. Sending us his head might be a sign of threatening us, saying that they don’t care who they sacrifice. And if we don’t cease our attack in Connecticut…

Stalin: Have they been reading their history books? You know I could care less about sacrificing my own men. Them doing so to their own would just show us they have balls. I won’t cease the attack, and even if they find us here, they don’t stand a chance against Viktor and Rosaline. Their threats do not scare me, especially from that golden suited mongrel.

The whole place goes silent for a brief moment, then Stalin fixes his gaze on Viktor.

Stalin: Was it him? Did he give you the head?

Viktor keeps his eyes to his master.

Viktor: No, my lord. It was someone else, in a long black combat robe. His hood covered his face. He was backed up by two other men also in cloaked robes; military sorcery wielders. He was tall, six feet. He had a strong coordinate embedded in him, I sensed it and that’s why I rushed over there. I was suspicious and took the precautions.

Stalin: Excellent. So we have corruption. Someone is making decisions outside Algad’s council.

Viktor: So it would seem, my lord.

Lenin: I have quite the question, if I may. Are you going to tell us what you plan to do with those children?

He nods to the birdcage. Stalin looks at the three American children, all shivering with fright. The little girl is hugging both her brothers under each arm, pulled them close. The luscious fear, it gives him a happy feeling in his revived heart.

Stalin: Yes, all in good time, Vladimir. First, I want you all to focus on the current problems: One, we must ensure the deaths of the five Americans who have-or will receive- the destructive sorcery coordinates. I especially want the grandson of Mortimer, the Mortimer who nearly wiped the world of this beloved sorcery, to his death. Two, destroy Algad and his American council. They are already dangerously aware of our existence, and have no doubt told the current RSA of our plans.

Lenin: About the Americans, they are in the Bermuda Triangle.

Stalin’s eyes widen.

Stalin: What?

Lenin turns to Viktor, motioning him to carry out the rest. With one glance, Viktor understood. He turned his head back to Stalin.

Viktor: I put a focus onto the American coordinates. The three who have their coordinates are very weak from the triangle’s restriction on sorcery. What’s best of all is that they are in the most dangerous section of the triangle; The Forest of Curiosity.

Stalin’s face turns dark.

Stalin: Why hasn’t Marx told me of this? (He asked, his voice cold and stern.)

Lenin: We have not heard from Marx in three days.

For a moment, Stalin said nothing. Eyes are fixed upon him, all frightened, everyone holding their breath. Even Rosaline’s grin fades into a look of slight fear. Suddenly, the dictator bellows with laughter.

Stalin: They’ll all die! The Forest of Curiosity? Are they serious? They’re sending them to their deaths! Now that they're in the Triangle, there’s no way that Mortimer’s grandson will receive the coordinate!
Lenin: Perhaps that’s exactly their point. They want them killed.

Stalin stops his laughter, stares at lenin with curious eyes.

Stalin: Indeed. Perhaps there is something more going on here. They’re sacrificing the four other precious coordinates to kill off Mortimer’s grandson.

Viktor looks at his master’s satisfaction at this statement, and instantly-though he hopes he’s not showing it-his face grows dark with dissatisfaction. His epic battle that he was anticipating, that he had at first lost hope for but then got  back at the sense of the Americans’ newfound teamwork, has once again been lost.
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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids ~Chapter 15 & 16: DRIFTING APART; PREY
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Chapter 15: Drifting Apart
EXT. Small campfire in the Forest of Curiosity. Richard stands, facing the patch of trees and bushes that Ashley had gone through, his fists clenched tightly. The pain in his ribs are unnoticed. O’Plucker walks over to him, and places a hand on his shoulder.

O’Plucker: I’ll go get her, you need to rest.

Richard pushes the hand away, wincing in pain from his ribs as he does so.

Richard: No, I’m gonna go, get my coordinate too. I’m just slowing you guys down anyway.

He turns around, heads for the opposite direction in the woods. Sahara stands up, blocks his way, spreading her arms wide. Richard looks at her coolly.

Richard: Move Sahara.

Sahara returns the gaze expressionless.

Sahara: I will use my coordinate to subdue you if I have to. Your safety is necessary. You’re not going anywhere.

Richard: What in the world is so special about me? Why’s my safety so important? For God sake, if you touch me I’ll let you crack the ribs again. I’ll *censored*ing die. There’s no way you can attack me without damaging my ribs. You’ll make the situation worse. You’re coordinate is too powerful for a human. I'll fight you all, there's no chance that you would contain me without making my status worse.

Sahara stares more intently at Richard, unmoving. Richard’s glare turns into a withdrawn grimace. He steps forward, one step, another, another. His face is inches from Sahara’s own. She begins warming up an attack, sparks emitting around her body. They stare at each other, eye to eye. Sahara cannot believe the sadness, the anger, and then the emptiness that covers his bright blue eyes. They just flooded in one after another. Then, she sees something. A gruesome image reflected off of his pupils. An axe, and a great deal of blood..Richard takes a step past her, and Sahara let’s him go through, into the trees, where darkness engulfs him.

O’Plucker: What are you doing Sahara?! Stop him!

Sahara flinches, as if she was caught in a daze, and goes after Richard. O’Plucker follows behind her. To their utter shock, he’s gone.

O’Plucker: How…

Sahara: I...I hesitated.

Sahara drops to her knees, staring blankly at the darkness. She doesn’t know whether she’s traumatized by the image, or upset that she failed to contain him yet again. Bobby walks up to them, high and confused.

Bobby: Did you guys find Rich?

O’Plucker turns to Bobby, anger welling inside him.

O’Plucker: No, because of you! It’s your fault that those two decided to split! You just made everything ten times worse!

They argue with one another, Bobby not really upset because he’s high. Sahara just stares into the darkness. Little do they know that Richard is being tied down, tackled, by slender figures in gray robes, and carried into the dreaded depths of the Curious Forest.

Chapter 16: Prey
EXT. In the dark woods of the Curious Forest.
Ashley Danhauer wanders through the dark woods, her face beading with sweat, and her ripped button-up shirt now damp from the intense chill and wetness of the forest. She covers her chest with her arms as she walks, shocked at how cold the forest had gotten. A terrible feeling inside her is saying that she made a big mistake, and she wonders why the hell she had gotten so angry at them in the first place. It’s the last thing she wants to do, but, in this situation that she’s currently in, she finds some comfort in thinking. As she thought about it; the yelling and cursing with Richard, she realized that it kind of takes the attention away from the evil unknowns beyond in the darkness of trees. They wanted to know why she avoided them after that summer of Runner’s Anonymous. The answer is simple; When she was with Richard and Bobby, her mind would go back to those bad times; the days in which she was not strong minded, strong willed. She was afraid, shy, weak, fat…what if, she went back to hanging out with them, and then she returned to being a weakling?

Ashley shakes her head, throwing away those horrible memories...but were they completely horrible? Of course not. Richard and Bobby were the best friends she ever had. It wasn’t them, it was her that made herself abandon them. She just couldn’t take the chance, she couldn’t bear to turn back into that...that thing. The fat, ugly, weak minded thing! What would her mother had said, if she came back like that after all that summer’s work? She would be horrified, her poor heart would’ve broke. She already had her true love abandon her, she wouldn’t have deserved her daughter abandoning the hard work that she--her mother--had put in to make her beautiful. All that money and time she spent, would’ve have been wasted.

Her mother, now possibly dead. This thought Ashley would rather discard, instead focusing on the darkness around her. She’d rather be on alert for anything dangerous--

She stops in her tracks. There’s a small light ahead, a small patch of light. Her heart stops. It’s not the light that she’s scared of, it’s the person standing in that small patch, facing her. The person is as still as a statue, the body seems to be slightly shrouded by tree branches and shrubs, making it appear as if the person is looking out a window of light. The light’s faint, like a fire has been made below. Through squinting her eyes, focusing her vision, Ashley could make out that the person is a woman--an old woman. Her gray hair is pulled into a small ponytail, her wrinkled white face--as pale as a ghost-- is stretched into a smile. The woman is nearly smiling with her mouth closed, showing dried lips and puffy cheeks. Ashley examines her small nose, and inhales sharply at her blank yellow eyes.

Ashley is frozen in fear, unconfident in her ability to make a run for it--back to the camp where the others are. Who knows, maybe they’re searching for her, and they’ll be here soon…

A crisp voice of a young woman echoes around her.

Voice: Where’s Reinhart?

Ashley unintentionally lets out a small whimper at the voice. It didn’t come from the old woman, who’s still just standing there, staring at her with those wide yellow eyes absent of pupils and irises.

Ashley: w-what? I-I don’t understand--

Voice Where’s Reinhart? ( the voice asked, louder and more eager.) Where is she? She is here, somewhere. Where?

Ashley: I-I don’t get it, why--why do you want--?

Voice: REINHART! WHERE? (The voice hissed)

The old woman’s jaw opens in anger, revealing a large mouth with razor sharp teeth. Ashley lets out a louder cry. She understands now; the old woman is speaking to her. Ashley cries out to her.

Ashley: I don’t understand! Why do you want Sahara?! Who are you?!

Ashley realized that she made a big mistake. At the sound of her voice saying Sahara,  the old woman rises up slightly, as if gaining a few inches of height. Her mouth emits blue fog.

Voice: Reinhart...Reinhart…

The old woman reveals her full body as she moves towards Ashley from the tree branches and shrubs. To Ashley’s horror, the old woman’s body is completely round; she could see the old lady’s stomach expand in peculiar shapes, as if there are things in there, reaching out and trying to break free. It finally occurred to her that the shapes in the pale stomach are arms and heads, reaching out, screaming and moaning, trying to break free from the old woman.

Ashley lets out a scream. The old woman hops a foot closer. Her legs are huge, taking on the shape of a frog’s hind legs. Her wide yellow eyes move farther away from each other, taking up the far corners of her head. She opens her mouth, and a large, long, pink tongue shoots out towards Ashley.

Surprised at her instincts and the break of her paralysis, Ashley lounges out of the range of the tongue, letting it strike the ground she was standing with a loud thwap!

Ashley quickly rises to her feet and sprints back the way she came--or close to the way she came. The forest made everything disorienting, and in the span of five seconds, Ashley realized she had know idea where she had came from. She has no time to think. Her heart is pounding, she’s breathing heavy, her whole body feels light with fear and anxiety. Through the sound of blood pumping in her ears, she could hear the ground-shaking thuds of the monster making impact with the ground behind her, hopping swiftly and steadily, and drawing very close.

It appears that her time at Runner’s Anonymous is being put to the test.

The old lady’s tongue shoots out again, and surprisingly, Ashley jumps to the side, avoiding it and hearing another loud thwap! She staggers back to her running on the landing, then picks back up her sprint. Again, the tongue shoots out. Thwap!

Ashley nearly stumbles to the ground after the landing, and it took a second longer to get back to her steady sprint. She’s gasping for breath now, her legs are going cold and numb. Blood continues to drum in her ears. If only the trees were much closer together, that big thing wouldn’t be able to even chase her through these woods. Ashley, breathing very heavily, continues running and scanning the ground, making sure to avoid any short tree stumps, roots and rocks. She feels very grateful for her trainers at Runner’s Anonymous using whips on them as they ran. After some time there, she could even sense when they were to raise their arms, and anticipate the throw.

This monster however, proved a tongue faster than a whip. Ashley is pulled to the ground by her foot, and raised up high. She’s dangling above, over the creature’s large mouth containing its many sharp teeth. The tongue swings her upward, then it swiftly recoils itself back into the mouth. As Ashley is being quickly pulled into the dark abyss of the creature, she begins cursing herself for making such a stupid mistake.
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Re: Honey, Stalin Took the Kids~ Chapter 17: Uproar
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Chapter 17: Uproar

INT. The American Sorcery Administration Building. The enormous structure stands in a large mountaintop of the civilian island of the Triangle. Algad looks out the large rectangular window, observing the villages far below, past miles and miles of forests. He thinks about all of the people down there, living without the concern of being isolated from civilization. He lets out a slight chuckle at this thought, and realizes that they’ve created a civilization on their own. It’s quite funny really, how a group of experiment subjects just came together and made a community. It’s been that long, apparently. He’s making slow progress, very slow progress. But that’s okay, because at least they’re making developments, developments in changing the human lifestyle forever. It’s been a long time since the council first started,  many men and women have come and gone, and the newbies keep dragging them back because they need to be caught up with what’s going on. All in good time, because--in Algad’s case--he’s got all the time in the world. He is a summoned spirit after all. He can live an eternity. And no matter what--he’s determined to see this through. The pace they’re going at is seeing good results, and he’ll keep it that way.

His silent observing gets interrupted by a short skinny man in a navy blue colored suit.

Short man: Mr. Algad? Are you ready for the Administration meeting?

Algad turns his head to the man, and displays a pleasant smile. His white goatee looks brighter than ever, like snow on a bright January day.

Algad: Ah of course, my dear Ven. Just enjoying this pleasant view to calm the nerves.

The two walk down the long hallway, which, as Algad likes to put it, looks as elegant as ever. The halls are decorated like a fancy mansion, with white marble walls, spherical lights plastered on them; Portraits in gold frames right outside office rooms; More windows, some are colored with elegant forest-green curtains. The two finally enter through two huge doors, and into a space built like a small arena. All around the space, are auditorium seats, spanning in fifteen rows on each side. A giant spotlight is perched on the ceiling, beaming a bright light on a big, round podium in the middle of the space. On the podium, is a microphone, set on a stand. Behind it, is a rectangular table, with three men and one woman sitting behind it. Algad walks over and takes a seat next to the young woman behind the table, and Ven, after seeing Algad take a seat, heads towards the podium, tests the mic, and begins speaking.

Ven: Attention, the United States Sorcery Administration’s fifty-sixth meeting will now commence.

The audience dies down completely from its idle chatter as Ven’s voice boomed in the microphone. The small man’s pale face turns slightly, nods to the rectangular table.

Ven: As protocol, I shall name the council leaders who have attended this meeting. They will stand and bow at the call of their name, then once again take their seat. Those whose name I call, and are not present, shall be relieved immediately from the council.

Ven turns back to the front, clears his throat.

Ven: Alexander Wraith.

A tall man in the far left corner of the table stands, arms down by his sides. His face presents features of a handsome middle aged man with a red circle beard. He takes a slight bow, bending the mid drift of his black suit which looks very tight on him. His hair is nicely groomed, and lights up into a brighter color of red from the bright spot lights above.

As he takes his seat, Ven turns to his notecard. He doesn’t really need to read it, since he’s said their names many times before, and by now they're pretty much ingrained in his head, but hey, protocol.

Ven: Jeremiah Bullard.

A young man of average height sitting to Wraith’s right, stands. He’s wearing a dark blue suit and tie, brown hair trimmed and groomed. The clear white face is chiseled and smooth. He bows a little bit more energetically than Wraith, letting his youth show. Algad represses a smirk. Bullard and Wraith, two of his top three hand chosen members of his council. Wraith with his mature mindset and calm attitude, perfect for manipulation, and strategic actions. Bullard; youthful, determined, loyal to the council ethics.

Ven: Matthew Lexington.

As the short and stocky man in the dark green suit stands up, Algad’s face went neutral. He looks forward at the audience ahead of him, taking a sip of water from a glass that each council member is given. This guy, Matthew, was not someone that he recommended. In fact, he was a person that Algad somewhat despised. The majority of the administration--the audience spread out around the arena--voted for the bastard. Lexington stood proudly, took a bow, and returned to his seat next to Bullard. Though the crowd is not supposed to applaud, Algad heard a few claps from the audience, and that really agitated him. The man Lexington was loud, always interjecting with questions and criticisms. A real pain in the ass. He took away much of Algad’s power in the council.

Ven: Selena Holland.

A slender young woman, with long chestnut hair that falls to her back, stands, and at once Algad’s eyes light up with approval. For an age of twenty-two, she’s formally dressed in a black skirt-suit and glasses. Her smooth, milky white face brightens in the spotlight. She takes a slight bow, then sits back in her chair. Algad couldn’t help it, and grinned at her. Out of his three hand picked members, she was the best of all. Algad remembers the first time he had received her, trained her, taught her everything he knows about the modern sorcery and the USSA(United States Sorcery Administration). And, to his surprise back then, she had retained it all, no, retained it all and more. Not bad for a former sorcery experiment subject. Algad could hear the audience somewhat clap again--though this time it’s louder than Lexington’s name call. Algad’s grin turns into a very noticeable smile. The biggest reason for the louder applause was simple; she was not bad for the eyes. Not at all. Her body is perfectly curved and has knockers that are near cantaloupe size. To Algad, though, that wasn’t the reason he appointed her to the council. Despite her appearance, she’s intimidating, strong, independant, and very intelligent. During the majority of the meetings she would always be arguing with the other council members about issues, and Algad loved it.

Ven: And, the founder of this Administration, Algad Pharione

Algad stands, his tall figure risen from the leather chair, his golden suit shining in the bright light. The audience applaudes loudly. At this, Algad takes a slow bow, then sits back down, resting his arms on the table. The clapping increased his self assurance; they still love him more.

Ven raises his hand to calm the applauding, and as soon as it died, he began to speak again, pulling out a longer piece of paper from his coat pocket.

Ven: We shall now get on to the subjects at hand, newfound issues talked over first, then the results of sorcery experiments second. As you are already aware off, each seat in the crowd has a small microphone on the left arm, activated only by holding the red button. Please do not activate it unless called upon. There's another button below it that, when pressed, will light up the bulb sticking out of your seat and emit a soft sound to get you noticed. You will all have a chance to ask questions and state your positions.

A pause, and a few murmurings from the crowd. Ven holds the paper to his face, fearing that they can see his large forehead going damp. He shifts his eyes downward on the paper, reading the next line.

Ven: The first issue we will discuss is the attack on our mainland. Sources have told us that a small town in the state of Connecticut has been attacked by users of sorcery, leaving the area in a state of total destruction, as if a hurricane had hit.

A Bulb lights up in the audience. Ven looks up at the sound of the ding.

Ven: Section twenty-three, seat four?

Member: Who were the sources?

Ven paused a brief moment, but just when he was about to speak, Algad’s voice sounded.

Algad: It was me and Alexander Wraith who surveyed the area (He said calmly.)

Member: What was the name of the town?

Algad: Senfield.

Another ding sounded, and a light on the far right brightens.

Ven: Section eighty three, seat thirty-four?

Member: How many casualties did you find, Mr. Algad?

Algad hesitated a bit, but brought himself back strong and professional.

Algad: We couldn’t find any bodies.

Loud murmurs from the crowd. Many dings and bulbs go off, decorating the arena with light and sound.

Ven: Quiet down, please. Just press the buzzer and keep your light on. We have more to discuss this evening, so I’ll only call a few more. Not to mention, that we need to let our council members speak of this issue. Section forty-four, seat seven?

Member: Where did the bodies go, and who caused the attack?  Do you think we have enemies that took the bodies to perform coordinate experiments?

Algad: If I may, Ven, I’ll answer this one as well.

Ven nods.

Algad: My fellow council member Selena made a trip there after we departed, sensing the specific sorcery involved to determine how strong the adversary is. She did this by finding debris in the town that was most likely struck by an unearthly weapon--a coordinate power--if you will.

The audience lets out loud gasps of surprise.

Selena: that's not all.

Selena's solemn voice echoes from the speakers, and at once everyone goes silent. Algad shifts a curious glance at her.

Selena: I encountered numerous hordes of the undead, ravaging about in the rubble and debris of the town. All of them in military uniform.

Wraith: if I may, Selena. Me and Algad searched the entire perimeter of the town, and nothing was found save for house debris, crushed cars, and fallen wires and trees. Not a single living thing was found, not even an unliving thing.

Wraiths voice was neutral with a hint of irritation. Selena shifts her silvery eyes to him. Expressionless. Algad’s interest had piqued.

Selena: well, then you’ll have to forgive me for saying you probably didn't scan the area enough.

She turns to Algad.

Selena: forgive me, as well, Algad.

Algad nods, eyebrows raised.

Algad: where did you encounter these undead, Selena?

Selena shifts her gaze back to the audience in front.

Selena: I found them on fifty-seventh street, which was just an empty lot.  They were all just standing there idly, chanting something in Russian. I believe they chanted, Konets etogo mira blizok..

The audience gasps louder in shock and awe. Algad could hear many of them shout, “Russians!”and one specific person speak loudly in the mic; “Russians are using sorcery to bring back the dead! We must retaliate!” The voice boomed so loudly that if Algad had normal human hearing, he might have been spared only partially the painful ringing in his eardrums. Others decide to use the mics, and the whole arena went up in ear piercing sound.

Algad: Everybody calm down or I’m shutting off the mics.

The speakers still boomed with chaotic sound, and just as Algad was about to press the off button of all the audience microphones, one voice was able to clearly make itself heard.

Member: Why don’t you tell us how we’re dealing with Joseph Stalin , who’s come back from the dead?


Algad’s eyes widen with complete surprise, his face pale. No one, but those five who departed to their demise in the Forest of Curiosity should’ve known this.

Algad presses his mic button.

Algad: Who just said that? (He said sternly.)

But the audience goes into a complete uproar. Voices boomed from the speakers. Soft dings went off, light bulbs flashing.

Member: Stalin?! Joseph Stalin?! He’s ALIVE?!

Member: Did you know this all along? Why didn’t you tell us this first?!

Member: Joseph Stalin!!!!!! I hate that guy!

Member: Did he kidnap all the people in the town?!

Member: He’s making an undead army for revenge against the United States!



Algad could hear no more. After frequent failed attempts at calming down the crowd, he pressed the button to shut off all the microphones. Still, noise emits from the audience, though not as terrifyingly loud from the speakers. Selena stands up, tries to shout at the crowd to stop, trying to bring order. Seeing her do this, the other three council members stand and do the same. Algad remains seated, eyes staring fixedly on his mic. This, is not good.

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