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Author Topic: Why Psychic Powers Shouldn't Be Underestimated  (Read 1775 times)

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Why Psychic Powers Shouldn't Be Underestimated
« on: July 06, 2016, 07:35:17 PM »
Me sitting around and rambling about vampires seems to have gone over pretty well, so I figure I'll try something else out here about something else I genuinely love. Now, as a little disclaimer here, I'm only really basing this off my personal knowledge of this field of ability goes, and I'll bring up character examples as I go, but this is a thread dedicated to all walks of anything from telepathy, telekinesis, and basic empathy, and as far out as mind control, communication with the dead, and clairvoyance. Feel free to comment back on anything I may have missed or glossed over, seeing as this array of powers is a huge umbrella and a terrific playground for thought.

I'll also preface this by saying that generally speaking, there are certain limitations to psychic or mental abilities, such as the user's experience, awareness, and sometimes just realistic boundaries such as not being able to break physics. Although, depending on the writer, breaking physics might be totally cool. Will be discussed later. I won't go into much of exactly how many possibilities each thing has, but I'll also add this little disclaimer that it really depends on what kind of character you're giving these abilities to. You'll find that my examples tend to lean in the villainous direction, but that's just because I think that's a little more fun. :angel:

Now, first of all, telekinesis, or moving things with your mind, is an amazing feat of mental energy and capability. It's also extremely useful, and deadly. From opening locked doors to fancifully making murder look like a freak accident by say, dropping a chandelier on someone, this little trick is stunning, and many people have fantasized about it for ages. I've also seen it used as a means of flight, another common human desire. I think, the reason this ability was conceived, was because our physical limitations sometimes set barriers for us. Telekinesis can break those barriers and allow characters to preform outstanding acts, on any point of the morality spectrum.

Second up on my list that goes in no particular order: mind reading, also known as psychokinesis sometimes or just telepathy if you're a normal person. I personally use those words entirely differently, a telepath as someone who can only read minds and someone with psychokinesis as someone with the ability to move them, hence the suffix -kinetic. For this paragraph, I'll focus on the more passive of the two. Now, there's another huge breeding ground for fun in this one, seeing as how the telepath may or may not be aware of their ability. Added to that is the element of control, as in whether or not they have an off switch or can control who or what they're listening in on. Imagine accidentally hearing someone thinking about something that makes for some juicy gossip! I personally don't like to write blackmail situations, but it's something worth thinking about. These characters also have the capacity to be living, breathing lie-detectors, which is super great and hella useful. Just because abilities like this are "passive" does not mean they are by any means benign by nature, however. There are other things to consider, such as whether or not the telepath is capable of holding conversations with people in their own minds, which would make them a bit more active, and whether some people can block them or not, i.e. other telepaths in particular. If that connection can turn to persuasion, and it builds up to an extent, however...

We land ourselves at the lovely, lovely carnival of fun that is mind control. Often a favorite of villains and antiheroes, there are so many ways to go about this. It can start as telepathy, and then controlling one's thoughts into believing something, thus manipulating them to perform a certain favorable action for the controller, or it could be straight up mind erasure and zombification, and of course anywhere in between. Will the victim have recollection, or can the controller block their mind from ever consciously realizing what they've done while being manipulated? I won't lie, guys: this kind of power gives me a little thrill. Then again, considering that I'm a fan of Emma Frost of all the vile temptresses, this should surprise no one. Speaking of, to add to the mental scarring, imagine the scenario of the controller making the controlled want it. No, not think they want it: literally forcing it and making them want to obey or comply. Juicy stuff, in all the pitchest, most torturous ways. I am a terrible person...

Up next, something a little more tricky. Empathy: usually generally defined as the ability to read and perceive emotions, rather than thoughts. Again, characters like this could be human lie detectors, to state in their value. There is also a form of empathy in which the empath may touch an object or be in a space and be able to "see" or perceive previous events through the energy attached to that object/place. I just forget what it's called at the moment. Again, if this skill became more active and turned into being able to control emotions, it could either be peaceful negotiations or a bloodbath of forced rage unleashed with lowered inhibitions. There's also some connection from time to time with empaths and communication with the dead or those from the "other side", but I'm not sure I see the word connection there. Maybe someone can explain it later.

Clairvoyance is something I personally have trouble with. Either the character sees some future event and finds some way to prevent it, or it will inevitably come true no matter what alternative actions are taken. I suppose I can see some use for them, but mostly as having some plot device. Eh, just not my thing really.

Now, relative to mental abilities and breaking physics, as I said earlier. If you can alter someone's perception of reality with mind control, or if your telekinesis is god-tier, it's not a creative restraint so as to say that you could literally rip a new dimension into existence. The mental plane itself, when viewed as separate from the body, can be considered as such. Shifting through the conscious and unconscious, perhaps having an avatar in the other's mind...oh, it's a bag of fun. But seriously. Being so mentally capable that you rip a portal into a new dimension out of your head. That qualifies as badassery in my book. Even just serving as the conduit for it, or using the mental ability to create some kind of portal.

And then there's what happens if you bring MAGIC into this plethora of fustercluckery. But this post is getting rather lengthy as is, and I'd rather save magic for another topic.

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Re: Why Psychic Powers Shouldn't Be Underestimated
« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2016, 09:53:25 PM »
Nice, very informative . Thank you.