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Author Topic: Age of Corruption: CONCLUDED  (Read 80201 times)

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Re: Age of Corruption: CONCLUDED
« Reply #585 on: April 11, 2016, 11:35:35 AM »
CM collaboration done by WhiteCrow and I.

CM - Spoiler Alert

It was time. Meynaur shadowed over to the only individual he cared to talk to at the moment. Even then, it wouldn't really have bothered him if he disappeared while no one was looking. He just had one last thing to ask the boy a question that caught his interest.

Meynaur resurfaced behind Cazo, grinning. He reached out a finger to try and poke the boy in the neck by surprise.

Without pulling his attention away from his comic, Cazo pulled a bookmarker from his pocket and used it to swat the Shadow's finger. "Don't touch my tickle spot," he said nonchalantly.

"Drat." Meynaur laughed and slid into a position beside Cazo, peering at the comic. "Watcha reading?"

Cazo pulled the book away from Meynaur's peering eyes. "Sensitive information," he answered, pointing to the title that read "The Kinan Anthology"

"..." Meynaur stared at the title for a full two seconds. He couldn't deny it. He was curious. "Is that even worth reading?" From beneath the book Meynaur summoned shadow that reached up to the volume.

Cazo hopped back, slapping at the finger-like tendrils. "Dude!" A small black portal emerged near his hand, whisking the book from him. "There, it's gone! The heck do you want?"

Meynaur grinned in his usual way. "Oh...just came to say goodbye."

"Goodbye?" Cazo looked puzzled, he approached Meynaur; stopping inches from his face. "Hold that thought," Looking over Meynaur's shoulder, Cazo whistled at Quissis. "Hey! I bet I couldn't get in to your Reality if I wanted... cuz they don't allow personality! -Burn!" Cazo snickered; before looking at Meynaur and putting on his serious face. "Goodbye? -I'm telling you now, if you're gonna go with that Quiss guy - I'm gonna use my new ability on you. And trust me... you won't like it."

Quissis cleared his throat, bringing everyone's attention to him. "If any of you have doubts on how smoothly your transition to our world will be - just look at Cazo. His world is originally from ours, he's essentially the "Cazo clone", and yet you all seem to have embraced him for some reason."

Meynaur glanced back and forth between the death glare in front of him and the promise of death behind him and chuckled. "Doesn't get any worse than this..." He held up his hands in defense. "Clone? You're a clone? Just like Quis - wait did you just say Quiss earlier?"

Backing up, Meynaur gave a twisted smirk. "If what he says is true about the other Cazo, then maybe I should hop over there? I actually wasn't planning to, y'know."

"Meynaur... if you join the 7th Reality - I'll disown you, and spread rumors of you having no personality."

He leaned in near Meynaur's ear, "Think of this... if I'm the clone, then the original must be balding, ugly, and like fur-balls; like Thomas over yonder."

The Shadow burst out laughing. "Ouch! That hurts. I'm not - I'm not! Chill~!" Meynaur slung an arm around Cazo's shoulders. "We're buddies, okay? I just mean - I'll be going back home. Back to Reality Six. And I dunno, Thomas has got quite the fan base already, y'know?"

Cazo gave him a scornful stare, "His fan base consists of hairy troll, and Jasper "I vant to suck ye blood" Dagger-thrower." Cazo waved off the situation, "Never mind. If you're truly leaving us, then allow me to share a hint on my hidden ability. Ok... so, if I used it - you'd be able to fight yourself."

Meynaur's eyes widened with interest. "Fight myself? Why would I want to do that - OH. You're going to throw me into the Seventh Reality anyway to meet my other self?!" He jumped away from Cazo. "Nooooo thanks."

"Ha, you're funny!" Cazo reached in his pocket and pulled out a book, tossing it in Meynaur's direction. "That's the encyclopedia for everything related to your world as it pertains to the comic version of my world. Consider it a gift - a dangerous one. You can read it, and learn about individuals, situations, and powers you may not be aware of. Or - you can just let it collect dust."

Meynaur caught it as if handling a bomb. He stared at the cover. "The Encyclopedia of Charred Life," it read, with a sub print stating: "All the information a fanatic can handle." He was astonished to see the cover picture display Ron, Kinan, and the silhouette of what he guessed was Quissis. His backside, anyway.

Crappy title, Meynaur instantly thought. As he felt the shadow sense of the volume he glanced up at Cazo with a grin. "Hey, what about the other book? Kinan Anthologies? Now THAT one you should let collect dust."

"No, no." Cazo answered, waving his finger. "You're obviously not gonna be around for it, but I'm fairly certain our ragtag group of heroes is going to encounter a not-so-friendly version of your "boss". If that's the case - I need to brush up on my knowledge of him as soon as possible."

"'Read the side stories' - is a saying back in my world." Meynaur chuckled nervously as he flipped open the book and slowly.... hesitantly looked down into it. "It means basically, looking at his background... and then you'll understand him... which is what you're doing. Did you learn anything worthwhile about him?"

"Yeah. I learned that his Anthology was written in collaboration with his creator, pen-name, Echo_River. I was gonna turn to the next page, but you decided to be nosey."

"Echo - Hey! You're talking about Crea!" Meynaur shut the book. His eyes grew round. "Kinan - he met - Crea?! Lemme see!! When did your world get that?!"

"You can't see!" Cazo shouted, pointing to the air around him. "It went poof, remember? -Now, if you want to know if Kinan met "Crea"... without the "Tor"!" Cazo took a moment to chuckle at his joke, "Sorry. Anyway - wanna find out? Read that book there, and enjoy your trip to the world with no comfortable pillows."

"I never sleep with a pillow." Meynaur sulked, expression reading 'not fair'. "Fine. I'll take this." He regarded it solemnly. Then shot a skeptical glance at Cazo. "Hey, what do you mean 'fight myself'?"

Cazo's eyebrow rose ever so slightly, a hint of excitement filling his body. "I think you get it now." He said, his eyes switching between Meynaur and the book in his hand. "You'll be surprised at how much of a challenge you'd provide yourself."

"Ehh.... so I just have to read this and find out? Is that it?"

"No." Cazo sighed, slumping his shoulders. "Your kind must not be able to transport your brains when you travel through shadows." Cazo extended his hand out to the side, a small comic emerging from a portal and landing in it. "This," he began, showing Meynaur the cover. "Charred Life #45, and look who's on the cover - you. If I had to guess, you represent, most likely, the #30 version of you. So..." Cazo rushed over to Meynaur's side. "I could pull the #45 version of you from the comic, and have you face off against him." He told him in a whispered chuckle, "Isn't that awesome?"

Meynaur hit the ground laughing. "You must be joking. We can simulate that too (though maybe not now because the facilities are destroyed) -  but from a book?" He jumped up and jabbed a finger at Cazo's side. "So you knew about me before I came here? Scary~ Since the series is that far I bet you can tell me what my age is and how little I've changed throughout the years." He grinned devilishly.

"I can tell you more than that." Cazo stated in a somber tone. "...You die."

Meynaur stiffened. He tilted his head up and narrowed his eyes at the boy. "Only if Crea allows it. Besides...." His smile suddenly became extremely childish. "You'll avenge me? Right right? I think I better go before that happens ha ha ha!" His voice changed at the last chuckles to imitate Kinan's laugh.

He sobered up quickly though, glancing around him. "Maybe another time. I should go... Thanks for the book. I'll be sure to read it." Meynaur grinned. A gleam suddenly lit up his dark eyes. He held out a hand and summoned shadow from it.

"Here, I've got something for you too." In his palm lay a wood chip sized shard of glass. It was jagged and a deep purple black that glew. "Know what this is?"

"Oh my..." Cazo snatched the item form Meynaur's hands, holding it above his head as if he'd come across the Holy Grail. "A shard from the Shadow Mirror... and it isn't plastic!" Cazo turned to Meynaur, "Thanks." He sniffled, fighting back tears. "I lied about you dying. Well, I lied to lie, doesn't mean it isn't true... I was just lying to setup a slick joke about how you died from pillow deficiency - but I take it back!"

This guy... Meynaur held back a laugh as his eyebrow twitched. He snickered. "Don't break it. And don't let anyone else know you have it (especially Kinan). The way you use it is the same as back home - as in your, er, comic - book - thing. Activate it, and the rest of the Mirror will lend you its power. You can even summon the Mirror - but you'd probably get in trouble for that. Plus, if anyone else has a shard, they can do the same thing."

He laughed and patted Cazo's back warmly. "Let's just hope the Seventh Reality folks haven't broken their Mirror."

"Oh... the Seventh Reality has no idea what's in store for them..." Cazo seemingly spoke to himself, a devilish red hue appearing from nowhere, illuminating his face as he obsessed over the shard.

The comical hero turned to Meynaur and extended his hand, "I think it's time to bid you farewell. Every second spent with you is a second taken from the shard, and that's wasted time."

As Meynaur extended his hand forward, Cazo retreated his; rubbing his forehead quizzically. "I should probably thank you for handling the Dwellers, although you'd have failed if it wasn't for me...oh well." Cazo reached out and shook Meynaur's hand. "Thanks for your help. I hope to one day meet you again, when a marker is in my possession - so that I can get an autograph. Til' then - caio."

"I owe you more than one." Meynaur gripped the other's hand back with cold hands. "Till then... you might want to keep an eye out from this guy." He pointed to the black-haired boy on the Encyclopedia front. "He's probably going to be my replacement...Pfft... and they say Ron is the 'MC' - I'm going to complain to Crea."

Retracting his hand, Meynaur saluted to Cazo and stepped backwards. "Heroes parting only to meet again." He laughed and then shadow swarmed up his legs. The familiar chill spread throughout his body.

"Ouch - " He flinched at an unfamiliar sting in his legs. What was that? No, he was probably imagining it. He hadn't been going through the Shadow dimension as often as he usually did due to Jahki's warnings. Just as he was about to vanish, he looked up at Cazo and gave a last smile. Then his body dissolved into shadow and he was gone.

Cazo stared at the ground for a moment, eyes unblinking while he was lost in his thoughts. "I should've made him wait until I got a marker." He said aloud; turning his gaze to the shard once more.

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Re: Age of Corruption: CONCLUDED
« Reply #586 on: April 12, 2016, 04:34:15 AM »
This is a heads up to everyone not participating in the AoC Skype chat. I'm going to host an event within Teddy's reality. A "WE ARE ALIVE!!!" party. Several days of excessive drinking, eating, dancing, fornication  and loud music. It will be an open invitation to all who stayed loyal to the Six realities and is extended to include watchers as well.

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Re: Age of Corruption: CONCLUDED
« Reply #587 on: April 15, 2016, 03:31:15 PM »
A collab between the awesome Lego and myself. Hope you all enjoy! :clapping:

"Feathery Fascination"
Stirring around lightly, the look of distress fell over Hiro's face.

"...no... No..." He muttered as his eyes shot open.

Giving a loud hawk-like cry, he sat up quickly and sent a few feathers flying about. Taking a moment to catch his breath, the hawk glanced around slowly.

"Wh... where... Where am I?" he muttered and placed a hand upon his forehead. "I was..."

Trailing off, Hiro eye'd the nearby beds; Vedraleth and Vivace soundly asleep. "Humans? Am I... no long at the academy?"

Flashes of images raced through the hawks head as he dipped his head. "What happened?"

"Hufuu~" Said a voice nearby with sinister glee. "An avian species?"

Suddenly a young girl in a white lab coat stood nearby Hiro. She adjusted her glasses and they glinted as she did so, hiding her expression.

Perking his head, Hiro turned to look at her. "A... young human girl? Yeah... definitely not in the Tropic's anymore."

"Hello there." She said. She offered her hand, "I'm Data. Nice to meet you."

"You're awfully brave, miss Data. Human's are usually scared of my kind... especially human young. A pleasure to meet you." Reaching out with his feathery hand to shake hers.

"Well new species are interesting aren't they? Whoever finds everything of the same thing interesting is a dummy."

She shook his hand.

"Well... that's one way to think of it. Jeez, I wish humans where I'm from thought like her." The hawk thought.

"If I may ask... 'Where am I'? Last I remembered I was..." trailing off as images of the storm flashed within his head.

"You must be new here, then." She said with a sad voice, her smile disappearing. "This is... Well I don't know where to call it. But it's a separate dimension. There is some sort of dimensional war going on against people called The Watchers and Corruptions, and The Corruptions have attacked and... Destroyed several realities."

She gestured around the room, "Everyone here was saved from their own reality. I know it's tough to hear, but it's impossible to refuse after you talk with enough people. I mean, we shouldn't even have the same language but we can understand each other. That's because of The Watchers."

Hiro's amusement faded as she explained. "Dimensional war? Watchers and Corruptions? Destroyed several realit-"

The puzzle within his head began to piece together as a worry look fell over him. "The realities... 'My reality'... Are you saying it's been... destroyed? Gaia was destroyed?!"

"Gaia? That was the name of your land right?... I'm sorry." Was all Data could say, "The Watchers have a display that lets you see the state of the realities so you can see your proof there... But it's all true. Right now we're all working together to save others from being destroyed. They've gathered warriors and fighters. So you must be able to do something."

Hiro stared in awe from Data's words, looking away. "The academy. Plumia. Everyone is... How could this happen?"

Data looked around, "I don't know. I have so many questions too, but it is what it is for now."

Taking a moment, Hiro shook his head. "I believe you. What point is there for you to lie to me?

She smiled, "What's your name?"

"I... I'm Hiro. Squad Leader of A.R.O Team 1... or should I say.... 'former leader'. I don't believe this... Swane. Ame. Xiana. I'm sorry."

"I don't want to bring up your hopes but maybe you could meet everyone some time. I could tag along. I found Rex, one of my acquantinces by luck... What is A.R.O?"

"Everyone?" The hawk blinked. "So there are others. You... did indeed say 'seven', after all."

Ruffling his feathers, Hiro turned to rise from the bed. Preening his feathers back to normal, he then rubbed his neck. "The A.R.O. It stands for 'Avian Ranger Organization'. They're in charge of keeping the peace throughout the Tropic's. Me and my... 'team'... we went to an academy that trains up and coming rangers for the real deal. I'm one of the student chairmen and... uhh, 'lead figure' for the school. Not to brag, or anything."

Data writes everything Hiro says in a notepad that seems to come from. "So in your land they are all avians like you? An academy? Hmmm"

Kneeling to get on eye level with her, he smiled. "Anyway, what about you? This my second time seeing a human, but never a... uhh... umm... What do they call young humans, anyway? Cub? Kit?"

She looked up at the question, "I'm a girl. Child would be the more general term, but that works too. Pl-please don't call me cub or kit."

Hiro chuckled. "A 'child'. Understood."

Standing up, Hiro rubbed his beak as he thought. "A dimensional war. Just... what exactly did I find myself into. Whatever it is... these 'Corruptions' are to blame. Guess I know what side to fight for now."

Looking down to Data, Hiro stretched his wings wide. " Well then Data. Mind showing me around? I think I have nothing but time at the moment."

"Sure, I'd be glad to." Data says, "But in return, answer me questions about your homeland!"

"An interview for a tour, huh? Sure. I have questions about humans myself so this'll be educational for the both of us." The hawk smiled.

Letting her lead the way, Hiro peered back to the sleeping pair and headed off to follow along.

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Re: Age of Corruption: CONCLUDED
« Reply #588 on: April 25, 2016, 03:42:14 PM »

I've caught up and finished!!!!!!!! :o

Well what to say. I reread the story from start to finish and believe me, I'd recommend consuming it as a complete works!!! Its left me feeling exhausted in truth :P

But wow, good job everyone! and props to you Crow.

I will get around to doing a CM soon for Shio and Ruby's reactions but I'll just let you know what their response is now:

Shio and Ruby resolve to stick with their original reality and remain loyal to the six realities and watchers. Above all, they wish to remain loyal to their comrades.

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Re: Age of Corruption: CONCLUDED
« Reply #589 on: May 11, 2016, 02:52:12 PM »
Finally got around to finishing this CM. It's the continuation of the last one Kata_Misashi posted.

'Family' Part 2
The Watcher looked over at Misty, "Can I help you?" He asked with a sly smile.

"That depends on if you told the truth," her voice cold. "Is my clan really in Limbo?"

The Watcher thought for a moment, clearly trying to figure out what the dragon was speaking of. "Oh!" He broke out, "I remember now. Your clan, yes, they were in Limbo. But, none of that matters now. With Kabo gone, there's no way to gain access to it and bring them back - sorry. Really wish I could've helped... probably would've been able to if you weren't so hesitant to release me earlier."

Misty's eyes narrowed to slits and she let out a full snarl as she bared her needle sharp teeth at him.

Xodara's expression became serious, he pointed a finger at Misty as he spoke. "Watch yourself, dragon. You're too comfortable with disrespect, continue down that path and I assure you - your attitude will result in your death... by the finger of an individual of which you can't begin to comprehend."

Misty closed her mouth, but her gaze remained deadly. "I know that you are powerful. I, among the others, learned that 2 years ago when we fought you. But you have done nothing to deserve any sliver of respect," she spat.

Xodara gave a cold snigger, "Respect doesn't feed me life. Respect is an inconsistent behavior displayed by you all. I'll rest as easy as any other day with or without your "respect"." The Watcher took his finger and pointed it toward the portal that led to the 6th Reality. "If the name Twil rings a bell for you - go through the portal and head to Aeternalis."

The dragon stepped back from the Watcher with shocked questioning eyes. "He's alive?" "Era!?" she asked the A.I. wanting her to confirm it.

"Give me a minute. I'm launching a scan of the area," she replied.

"Why?" a distrustful Misty asked the Watcher.

"Why? -Perhaps you should elaborate for me, Misty."

"Why did you tell me where he is? What are you trying to gain?"

"Gain?" The Watcher put a finger over his mouth, coughing up a muffled chuckle. "It's my understanding that you saw Kabo kill your brother. To me, despite our fragile allegiance to one another, what you witnessed is something I believe is cruel to the heart. Like you, I've lost a brother. But, aside from that - i'm fairly certain that no one here has had the opportunity to truly panic over the fate of their kin - so, I believe my gesture will allow your nerves to calm ever so slightly."

Misty continued to glare at Xodara. She wasn't going to trust him so easily.

"The scan has been completed," Era voiced. "There are multiple groups of lifeforms scattered throughout the city. Humans mostly, but underground I detected the faint energy signature of a dragon, your cousin.

"See?" Xodara boasted, motioning his head toward the portal. "Your family awaits you, dragon."

Misty briefly considered taking the long way and flying just to be rid of his help, but her concern for her cousin's safety convinced her otherwise. "Don't expect a 'thank you'," she said turning away from the Watcher and towards the portal.

Xodara watched as Misty entered the portal, "Fly safe." He said with a scowl, turning toward his Watcher peers.