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« on: May 30, 2015, 03:35:57 PM »
EYES CRY SUN||?????????


-Scene 1-
Fray: Why do I bother to look up at the sun? Its fortunes never smiles upon my black heart.

(A pair of hands covers Fray's eyes as she was sitting on rubble and concrete)

Is'seya: If you keep saying that, you will never see the sun.

Fray: ...I knows...do you think I will ever see with these eyes again?

Is'seya: If you truly wish it so.

(Removes her hands from Fray and stands after kneeling for a few)

Is'seya: Come on, let's go home.

Fray: Okay...

(Grabs Fray's hand and walks her towards the village)

-Scene 2-
(Moments before reaching the village)

Unknown Voice In Head: You must not return. Walk the path of courage and you will see the stars.

Fray: Stars?

(Is'seya turns to Fray in ponder)

Is'seya: Hm? Yeah they are pretty. Can you feel them?

Fray: Feel?

Unknown Voice In Head: Feel the power of the heavens. Walk the path of courage.

Fray: Hm...

Is'seya: I probably shouldn't have asked...

Fray: Is'seya?

(Stops walking and keeps Is'seya from walking any further)

Is'seya: Yes?

Fray: I'm not ready to go home. Let's not go this way...

Is'seya: ...You sure?

Fray: Yes.

Is'seya: Okays...how about we go towards the St. Arthrisis Huver?

Unknown Voice In Head: The path of courage.

Fray: Mmmm...okay.

(Starts walking towards the east and hears a loud galloping sound coming towards the two)

Unknown Voice In Head: Avoid the sound.

Soldier 1: Burn the village, men. The old farce of a hag wouldn't let us buy the land.

Soldier 2: Could of kept their homes and business intact. Oh well, they'll die today.

(Group of soldiers laughs as they come closer and closer on horses)

Fray: Hide. Hide. Hide...

(Is'seya rushes with Fray behind the woods and hides under the tall bushes and boulders in silence and let the soldiers pass by)

-Scene 3-
(Continues walking through the forest after the commotion)

Is'seya: Damn...this isn't good...

(Is'seya panicking as she continues to walk)

Is'seya: We should go back. Orie and Daina are back at the village. They'll be killed if we don't find them.

(Tries to pull Fray back to the direction of the village)

Unknown Voice In Head: Need not to worry.  Continue to the path of courage.

(Fray stands her ground)

Fray: No...they will be fine. I'm in more danger if I don't get my sight back.

Is'seya: But...

Fray: No...back to the path of courage.

Is'seya: Courage? The hell are you talking about? This is courage right here if we go and save them.

Fray: Seya...we will meet them again. If they are smart like you say they are, they will be fine.

(Fray smiles and turns to the direction of St. Arthrisis Huver and gets a glimpse of vision in a spiritual form)

Fray: Huh?

(Walks towards that light and Is'seya follows in determination)