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Author Topic: [ Paid Commission/Collaboration ] Looking for a writer  (Read 1095 times)

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[ Paid Commission/Collaboration ] Looking for a writer
« on: April 05, 2015, 08:27:42 PM »
Hello guys! First off, Im requesting to get Paid or 50/50 profit split by you/writer

Before we proceed, i have a few request:

- you willing to do the sketch/paneling of the story. It doesnt have to be perfect in all form, as long as I understand how its written as example:
- I will redraw and inking
- I hope you have software editing like photoshop etc because I would like you to do the dialogue/screentones
- As for 'ice breaker' for both of us, I would like to draw for less than 20 pages story (or one shot comic) before going for long run
- I am very negotiable with prices
- My styles are more towards manga/cartoonish

For more you can either ask me here/email or google my name on Deviantart

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Offline Spirit9871

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Re: [ Paid Commission/Collaboration ] Looking for a writer
« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2015, 10:56:11 PM »

I am very interested on your offer based on the specifications and the quality of your sample. I am very happy to collaborate with you on a 50/50 long-term profitable project. The story I have planned for the manga we could collaborate on in fact, is already almost complete and online; 35 chapters in and counting.

Here are the details of what I have:

1) The story I'm writing is a fanfiction of Madness Combat called "Hank's Legacy." You can look it up on Google and the first result should be my fanfic (if you can't find it, then I can give you the link in a PM since external links are apparently not allowed on this forum according to the rules). And don't worry about the story being a fanfiction; I've actually received permission from the creator of the Madness Combat fandom to make a profit out of the manga we can collaborate on, and I'm even good friends with him on Facebook.

As a matter of fact, this can work in our favor. My fanfiction has been online for two years already with a decent following, meaning that we already have a base audience to work with. It is still ongoing, but I assure you there is A LOT of material to go through before we can even consider catching up to the latest chapter I'm working on.

2) I've actually been planning a manga project since last summer, but unfortunately my last main artist bailed on me in the last second just a few hours ago. This means that most of the planning is already set; all that's really left is to go straight into the manga.

3) I've assembled a team of three to four side-artists to your disposal; close friends of mine who have some good artistic talent that may be of use. This means that if you don't like to do one specific part of your manga, you can ask one of the side-artists I've given to you to do that certain part you don't like. For example, if you don't like backgrounds then you don't have to draw backgrounds; you can work solely on the characters and get one of the side-artists to draw a specific thing for the background. Don't like to draw eyes? One of my side-artists can possibly help with that as well.

4) Concept art for the characters for the first part of my story is actually already done, thanks to one of my side-artists (who focuses on character designs). It's actually on a Google Doc which I can share with you if you can provide me you e-mail address in a private message.

5) Cover art for chapters won't be necessary. Many of my other artistic friends already have fanart which we can use as chapter covers, so you won't have to worry about that as well.

6) I read your point on panelling, and unfortunately, I'm not good at that either. BUT, perhaps we can possibly work out a compromise. If you can make a rough first draft manuscript digitally which you can post on a Google Doc, then I can get the side-artists and my writing team in charge of the development of Hank's Legacy to discuss where and how we can improve in order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality in a final draft.

7) Don't worry about time constraints, because there are none! I'm very understanding if you have any personal matters to deal with, but all i ask in return is that if you promise to do a certain thing at a certain time, then please ensure you will do it then or beforehand. My last artist continually delayed the initiation of the manga, which turned out to be a disaster for organization.

8) If you're also worried that perhaps your style will get messed up by one of the side-artists, rest-assured during the one-shot, "icebreaker" process you listed, we can most likely work something out.

9) If you have any problems with any of your side-artists or anything else, then feel free to contact me anytime. Most of the time I'm free so I can generate responses under 24 hours.

10) This project will be very long term, though I don't believe you're obligated to stay the entire way through. I'm just letting you know that if you ever become worried about having no material to work with in the future, trust me. I'm planning a long-term series here that could perhaps be the next web-anime series sensation.

So yeah! Sorry for this being too long, but this is pretty much everything you need to know! If you have any problems or are interested in working on this project with me, feel free to PM me or reply in this thread! I at least appreciate it though if you consider this offer. :)

If you do accept this offer by any chance, then I will PM you my Facebook and Gmail where you can contact me. It would be preferable that we can go through even more specifics on a different medium than a public forum.

Thank you.

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Re: [ Paid Commission/Collaboration ] Looking for a writer
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2015, 04:08:55 AM »
Hmm... I can't right now... maybe one day.

Story by: Shiratori / Art by: Pete