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Author Topic: Nephilim  (Read 3200 times)

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« on: January 21, 2015, 08:32:18 PM »

Behold....I, something? Was meant to be a short prologue that became something larger and not really related to the story, in the way it introduces none of the main characters. So I'm not sure if I would include it in the Anthology. But, since I got swept up writing, I thought I'd share it anyways. The actual proper chapter should follow hopefully in the next week. :D


                                                          ***Mauna Kea Observatory, Mauna Kea, Hawaii: 24/7/2084***

               "....Which is fitting for those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing can repay the debt we owe them for our freedom, so the least we can do is honour their memory forever".
               "And when can we expect the monument to be completed?"   
               "We are on course for completion in the next 2 weeks, just in time for the anniversary of the Great Triumph. I look forward to its unveiling, so we can all stand back and admire the resolute nature of Mankind and trust me when I say, when we are united, we a force to be reckoned with! If any other beings not from this earth wish to test us, then I say......"
               Click! With one press of a button, the two figures on the screen were gone. Both the Minister and the reporter, along with their cosy looking interview set faded and dissolved into darkness. Satisfied with the now blank and silent tv, he tossed to remote back onto the already cluttered desk.

                 "Hey, I was watching that" a voice called out lazily.

                 "What? The report that's been on 8 times today already?" he questioned, as he looked across the room to the source of the objection.
                  "Well yeah, its better than silence aint it?". The owner of the voice was a young woman with a decidedly disheveled appearance. Her clothing was creased and her hair a tangled mess. She was currently lounging on an old worn out sofa on the far side of the room. Moonlight streamed in from huge glass windows adjacent to her, glinting of her glasses that sat unevenly on the bridge of her nose. She hoisted herself up into a seating posistion and inspected the older man in front of her. He was equally bedraggled, his tie loosely hung around his neck and his shirt was untucked. Untidy stubble flecked his chin and cheeks. "You don't like that kind of thing do you Moreno?".
                 "Huh?" the man looked up having been inspecting a docket on the desk. "What thing Lydia?". The woman swung her legs out to sit upright and properly on the couch, before sighing heavily as if thinking of the correct way to phrase her enquiry.
                "You know, things about the war and stuff". The man smirked despite himself. 'And stuff' she had a way of over generalising things, no matter how heavy the subject. The man, Moreno let the page he was holding fall back onto the table and began to wander over to the window. He stopped halfway to gaze at a wall console. Beneath the peaceful display of steady numbers streaming across the screen, a tarnished poster was taped to side panelling. It showed an image of a group of Men and women, a mixture of all ages and ethnicities hand in hand. They were all standing proudly, gazing up at the flag of the United World Federation, which hung above them. In bold letters read the caption "Alone in the universe, together we stand".

                 "It's this kind of thing I don't like" Moreno said, running his hand across the picture. "This propaganda that they shove down everyones throats". His hand had turned into a fist and was pressing against the poster. After he realised what he was doing, the weary looking man pulled his arm back down to his side. He then continued his stroll to the large window, that comprised most of the far wall of the room. Moreno gazed absently out of the window. There wasn't much to see. The light of the moon only afforded a view so far and even then, there wasn't much to observe aside from the neighbouring Satellite and Telescope arrays. Being near the summit of a dormant Volcano didn't tend to throw up much in the way of a landscape. Without turning, Moreno continued.
                 "They tout it as the greatest achievement in the history of man, a step forward for our species...". He ran a hand through his unkempt and starting to grey hair. "But I think...I think it's quite the opposite". Lydia was sat upright, listening intently. She'd not heard Moreno be so open about his feelings since she was assigned here. Perhaps the sleepless nights were wearing his mental resolve away. Still gazing out the window, but this time up at the clear star filled sky, Moreno continued. "What if the first encounter was handled differently? What if war never broke out? What if we resolved our differences without the use of military might?".
                 He leaned onto the window sill and sighed heavily. "Imagine if we'd stood as allies and not enemies? Can you begin to imagine the kind of Utopia that would've awaited us?". Moreno's head dropped again. "It's that very reason I became an Astronomer in the first place! Alas, that future has gone. We're much too afraid of what could still be out there to ever trust again".

               "Quiet!". Finally Moreno did turn around. Lydia also shifted in her seat to gaze at the person asking for Silence. Over the balcony, past the lounging area she and Moreno occupied was a shallow pit in the center of the room. In middle of the depressed area, the planet Earth turned slowly and carelessly. It was an incredible sight, fully rendered and detailed as a high definition 3D Holographic projection. Even the moon and the space between it and Earth was on display. The planet measured roughly the same height as the man stood alongside it, who before speaking up had been studying its outer orbit intently.
                 A scrawny rake of a man, his slicked back hair was losing its bleached blonde colour. His attire was a simple black t shirt and pants. He was glaring at Moreno. "I thought you were resting Moreno?". Moreno nodded.

               "I am. You're the one who told me to take a break Kanoa" Moreno retorted. "Then if you're going to rest, go do it. I can't focus with you babbling up there".

                "Sorry Kanoa, he was just answering my questions". Lydia had got up and was now stood near the top of the steps of the balcony. Her face twitched in mild irritation as she noticed Kanoa was standing on the polished surface of the Projection plate barefoot once again. His hooded eyes switched their focus to her, his expression not changing. "You weren't complaining when the TV was on earlier" Lydia enquired.
                "Thats because he's a Xenophobe Lydia. He just didn't like hearing an alternate take on the war" butted in Moreno, his arms folded.
                Kanoa shook his head at this "Don't start with that crap again".

                "Why not?" said Moreno, shuffling towards the stairs. "Are you so afraid of another opinion? I know why. It's easy to just hate isn't it? Rather than applying logic and reason, that would be too much trouble wouldn't it?" said Moreno, the volume and emotion increasing in his voice with each sentence. He was moving down the stairs as he spoke. "You Kanoa. Your the kind of person that makes this whole business such a sorry affair".
                 With this, Kanoa threw the Projection control he was holding to the floor, the remote bounced off the metallic surface with a hollow ping and skittered away.

               "Logic and Reason!? Let me tell you the logic behind the way things played out!". He pointed to the projection of Earth behind him. "They showed up uninvited. We didn't know anything about them, but we took their word and let them in anyway. Then they turned on us. Okay!?" shouted Kanoa, clearly riled up himself. "So Mr. Logic and Reason, what other choices were there, but to fight!?".

                Moreno shook his head fervently. "You really think things were so black and white? Do you have all the facts? Were you there when they declared war against the world!? Or did you just take the Fed's story as gospel like the rest of the herd?". The two were stepped towards each other confrontationally.

              "Oh yeah? Well, wheres your proof otherwise huh?" shouted Kanoa. Moreno faltered slightly.

              " older brother, he was part of the contact team. His DNA samples confirmed they were our ancestors, just like they claimed!".

              "So what!? Who they were doesn't change what they came to do!" Kanoa shot back. Moreno's anger flared again and he got closer still to Kanoa, jabbing his finger into the chest of the younger man.

              "He was convinced that it could of worked! We could've lived together! He died fighting for them and that cause!".
                Kanoa shoved Moreno's hand away from him. "Well my brother died fighting against them!".

                "STOP IT!!!!"

                 Never had Lydia even raised her voice in the Observatory and the pair were so surprised by her booming shout they immediately stopped to look at her. She bounded down the stairs, equal parts of fear and anger etched across her face, her eyes struggling to fight back tears. "What the hell is wrong with you two!? Where's all this come from? We're supposed to be adults!". The two men looked at each other, then back to Lydia. Tension hung like a cloud of fog in the air, before Moreno finally broke the silence.

                 "Yeah, you're right" he muttered sheepishly. "I got swept up in the moment, I don't know why I got so worked up?".

                  Kanoa drew a ragged breath and stepped back. "Yeah....". Lydia gave a weak smile.

                 "It must be sleep deprivation catching up to us" she said, trying to sound encouraging. "I think we can all say that". Moreno nodded to her, while Kanoa simply turned away from them.

                 "Huh?". Both Moreno's and Lydia's attentions were drawn to Kanoa, as he scrambled to pick up the device he'd discarded in anger. He snatched it off the floor and feverishly began studying it, turning it in all directions and running his fingers over it.

                "Are you...Okay there?" asked Lydia, slightly concerned.

                "It's definitely fine, no damage to the remote...." murmured Kanoa to himself. He then gazed at the Holographic projection, a look of concern in his face "Which means....".
                "Kanoa? Whats the matter?" Lydia questioned again, her sense of unease rising. This time he did acknowledge her. He pointed to a spot in front of him on the Hologram. It was a featureless patch of darkness, some distance from the Van Allen Radiation belt, on the edge of the projection. She stared at it blankly for a few moments "What is it? I don't see anything?".

               "Exactly. The Kovak Satellite should be visible in this area, as well as the light from distant stars too".

                It began to dawn on her. "Ohh, so the Projectors faulty?". Kanoa put his hand into the projection itself, the image shuddering at the point where his arm broke the picture. He pulled back, as if plucking something from the hologram. With this motion, Kanoa enlarged the image. Now Lydia could see more clearly, she could see just make out the rough boundaries of the blank part of the hologram.

               "The Device is fine. At least this is" he said, tapping his foot on the Projection plate. "However....the satellite for it isn't".

               "The Kovak one?" asked Moreno, who had shuffled over to take a look.
                Kanoa shook his head. "No, thats an old Russian device, its basically scrap metal. I mean the one for this device in that area".

               "Wait, this projection is a live feed from satellites?" enquired Lydia, a look of surprise on her face.

               "Yeah, they're known as the Sentinels, or perimeter Satellites. They're part of the early detection system" Kanoa informed her, as he marched over to a bank of consoles to the left of the Hologram. He began operating two separate screens simultaneously, rapidly swiping and tapping on the desired information. "There!" he announced, having found what he was looking for. "We lost contact roughly 3 minutes ago!". He spun around, looking flustered.

              "What does it mean?" asked Lydia worriedly.

               Moreno put his hand on her shoulder. "It means that it's bust, thats all" he said reassuringly.
              "Or something has taken it out" Kanoa said solemnly. Moreno turned and looked at Kanoa.

              "What are you doing?" he said, approaching the slender scientist.

             "We need to inform the UWF that we have potential contact" said Kanoa, now busy punching in a code on another screen.

             "Hang on! You're being rather hasty" uttered Moreno, as he rushed over to Kanoa. He saw Kanoa was already on the Comm. Call and quickly pressed the close down button on the top of the touch screen.

            "What the hell are you doing!?" cried Kanoa, who looked at him alarmed.

            "It's probably a false alarm! Think of how stupid we'd look if we called it incorrectly!" replied Moreno.
            "Guys, look at this!". They turned back to Lydia who was staring at the projection in panic. Spreading from the original blank space, more areas of the image were dimming and turning blank as well. Soon almost a third of the Projection was completely blank.

            "False alarm!? You think this many would go down at once? This has to be a co-ordinated attack!" shouted Kanoa. He thumbed the screen back on, spurred on by adrenaline. "I can't believe something like this is actually happening" he said to himself, as he set the device back up. "Crap, Moreno! What's the calling code for Contact Reporti...Agh!!". Before he could finish his sentence, Moreno shoved Kanoa away from the Console. He flew back and crashed into the bank of consoles, hitting the back of his head hard on the metal panelling that concealed the devices innards and sliding down it.

            "Kanoa!" cried Lydia, as she spun around upon hearing him collide with the machinery. "Moreno! What the hell!?". The man look panicked, as he looked between his two colleagues.

              "I..I..I just think..we need to do this properly".

             "What's that supposed to mean?" she replied, deliberately keeping her distance. He looked at her wide eyed.
             "Don't you see? If we raise the alarm, there will be panic! We'll shoot first and ask questions later. Thats not how this will go down! I won't allow it!" he cried, standing firm. Lydia stood firm too, although inside she was trembling. She could see in the way Moreno was breathing and the look in his eyes, something had snapped inside him. At the very least she needed to distract him, to get him away from Kanoa in case he attacked again.

             "So, whats your plan Moreno?" she asked.
             The man tugged at the knot of his tie aggressively as he thought to himself. "We contact them! Then we'll meet them. learn who they are and talk to them. Then I just need to convince the UWF they are not hostile!" he said, his lips twisting into a grin as he thought about this strategy.

            "How would that work? How would you even contact them?" she said, backing away towards the stairs.

            "Oh shut up! What would you know about interstellar communications? You're just a data analyst!" he spat, stomping forward. Lydia began ascending the stairs, still facing her agitated peer. Moreno continued to follow her, as he spoke. "This is it! The second chance! I've dreamt of this for 6 years Lydia!". He seemed delirious. She continued to back away, but knew she has put herself into a corner.
               CRACK! Moreno recoiled from the blow to the head, keeling over into a heap on the floor. Kanoa stood over him, the Controller for the Projector clenched in both hands, having been used as an impromptu weapon.
             "You okay?" he asked Lydia, as he lowered the bludgeon. She nodded.

            "The bastards gone nuts!" Kanoa said prodding the motionless body of Moreno with his foot. Lydia shook herself out of her stupor. "We'll deal with him later, we need to raise the alarm first".
              No sooner had the words left her lips than a klaxon started to sound. They both knew what the ear piercing screech of the alarm meant. Something had passed the Proximity sensors in Earths Orbit, something large enough to set them off. Something that was currently inbound.

              With but a single glance at each other, Kanoa and Lydia flew down the stairs and to the main Control desk. Lydia sat down at the desk and with a swipe of her hand on the table surface, numbered and lettered keys appeared. She hammered away, skimming through immense amounts of data.

            "It's something colossal....No, there's more than one! Wait, theres some small things too! Oh no, I think they've launched something....." her voice trailed off as she gawped at the screen. Kanoa rushed across the room to an arrangement of screens and consoles surrounding a large chair. He clambered over the massive seat and tapped a screen.
           "Give me visual input on Northern Hemisphere Unit 12!" he barked. The screen fizzled to life and a static picture came up. "Come on, come on, if we can confirm it, then we can call it in properly". The visual feeds static started to fade and picture became clearer. Kanoa never got to see what the image was though.

          The noise of the gunshot rumbled through the enclosed space for a moment, before being overwhelmed by the Klaxon sound. A single hard round bullet had passed straight through Kanoa's chest from behind and punched through the screen in front. His body slumped forward off the chair, crashing through monitors and consoles on its descent to the floor, a mixture of blood and coolant fluid began to pool around the tangled mess of the corpse and machinery.
            This was the sight that greeted Lydia as she turned. That and the image of Moreno, standing with a pistol outstretched. It was old, an antique in fact, smoke from the discharged gunpowder rose from the barrel. Moreno hopped down the last of the steps and turned to her. He no longer looked panicked or Delirious. He seemed composed and stone faced. This was at odds to Lydia, tears began to well in her eyes as terror overcame her.

           "Why!?" was all she could utter as he sauntered over to her position casually.

          "Oh this?" Moreno said, waving the gun in his hand. "An old heirloom, always thought to keep it handy. See no one checks for these kinds of weapons anymore, so easy to conceal anywhere" Moreno said smiling to himself, apparently proud of his foresight. "They're not as fancy as the new tech, but....". Lydia leapt from her chair at him.
          Moreno pulled the trigger. Lydia fell back into her chair, which tipped over onto the floor. The bullet hole in her throat vomited blood onto the floor. Moreno looked down. He was covered in blood.
                     He reached down and pulled the bloody chair upright and dropped into it. After a few moments, he reached over and tapped at the keys on the tabletop. The klaxon seized its wailing. Moreno breathed a long sigh of relief. He continued to slothenly type with one hand. Soon the four screens composited the image he wanted. They showed him the ground level telescopes. More specifically, the one that sat on the very roof of their facility. Well, his facility now. It was what he had hoped. Far above, he could just make it out. The black ships, it was them. But more vessels and far larger. "Could it be..." Moreno wondered with excitement. He punched the air in glee. "The Vystopal...are coming home!".
                    His arm froze in mid celebration. There was something else on the screen. He craned in closer to take a look. Something was descending, with incredible speed. It flashed white and looked almost like it had a fiery tendril to it. He saw at least half a dozen more of them, but they branched off and away. It was only then he realised what they were and where they were going. He had no doubt in his mind those travelling away, were heading to other Observatories in the hemisphere. Which meant the one shimmering white light remaining was coming directly down upon him. These were not the welcome messengers he'd wished to see. These were messengers of a different kind.
                 He cast a look around at his surroundings, his lifeless colleagues. As the world turned to fire around him and his body was incinerated, he had just enough time to wonder if he had made a mistake.....

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2015, 09:03:25 PM »
damn that was a long one! *pants, out of breath*

interesting start, though it's length made me feel like it could stand to be broken up somehow? Perhaps parts of that though was just the blocks of text you got going on. Remember that you need to start a new paragraph every time that someone different start's speaking. You've got lots of dialogue smushed into these big paragraphs, they should be out by themselves.

Also you have a strange habit of capitalizing words in the middle of a sentence? and not the usual ones like names and stuff. Early on you capitalize both "united" and "interview", I don't know if this was a mistake or not but it keeps up quite a bit. Either way, not grammatically correct, unless you're following some strange british english rules.

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2015, 09:20:49 PM »
The Nephilim are one of my favourite aspects of history, religion and mythology so I look forward to giving this a read and seeing what spin you put on it all :)

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #3 on: January 22, 2015, 09:56:47 AM »
That prologue is loooong bro >.< Luckily I'm ordering pizza

I have no idea what Nephilim is (Like, I never heard that term before at all) but you do set up an interesting story, and it fits the prologue premise!

You know you said you weren't thinking of adding Raiders into the story, well perhaps you could think of making a small cameo appearance here and there :D

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #4 on: January 22, 2015, 10:34:12 AM »
Yeah, sorry about the length (I'll wait for a sec, so you can say "Thats what she said" here) I've got a terrible habit of being long winded in both speech and written form :P I'm working on it, but progress is slow. I kinda just started writing and it evolved over a couple of hours so I ended up seeing where it went.

@Coryn: Yeah, they're mistakes and mainly due to me doing a half arsed job of proofreading. I tend to rewrite, add or remove sentences, then forget to clean up the whole paragraph, leaving random capitals in. Shall reread and do a proper job this time. The paragraphs become weird since I write on notepad, but again these are things I should be fixing in a proofread. (Have no fear though, the actual chapter wont be so sloppy!)

@No1sey: Cheers dude. To be honest, I didn't realise how much the Nephilim concept had been used in pop culture. I was struggling for a title for the piece and I remember reading the term and the fact some believed them to be an ancient race of aliens who visited in ancient times. That symbology fit the piece well so I decided to run with it.

@Ginger: haha, I know I might trim it considerably. To put it simply, the Nephilim were "Sons of god" or fallen angels. Some believe these interpretations of Deities and Angels visiting the Earth were actually Aliens, that our ancestors confused with Gods. I thought it an interesting idea for a story anyways.

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #5 on: January 22, 2015, 10:52:09 AM »
that's good to hear vacant! just remember we do have a 20 page limit. so don't get too long winded.

Will review stories upon request. My latest arc:

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #6 on: January 22, 2015, 02:17:14 PM »
Nephilim are supposedly the children born from humans and angels. However historically they may have been the 'giants' from the bible stories of the old testament, that lived in Canaan before being eradicated in 'the great flood'.

They have been used in videogames a fair amount. In Diablo 3 you play as THE Nephilim, a hallowed being strong enough to stand against the Prime Evil. In Darksiders, the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse are Nephilim, the 4 remaining Nephilim after Death kills the rest and traps their souls in a lantern in order to "maintain the balance". And in Assassin's Creed, the Nephilim are "those who came before" who created both humans and the apple of eden.

Nephilim are not well defined, which is great because it means they can be applied to loads of scenarios to make good stories :)

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #7 on: January 23, 2015, 09:10:01 PM »
Interesting story you have here. I think the only criticism I have pertains to grammar and aesthetics which other members have already commented on. Wow, Moreno is one crazy dude! I'm hoping that in the ensuing chapters we will learn more about him and what caused him to go looney. My guess is that Moreno is somehow connected to the aliens/invaders if not actually one of them. After all, he did mention that his brother fought for them. You've definitely set up a good foundation for your story in this prologue. Nice job!
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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #8 on: January 23, 2015, 11:21:21 PM »
So I'm gonna get the obvious things out of the way...

- Sort out the presentation of the story. It’s way to hard to read and doesn’t conform to any acceptable formats. NEW LINE FOR EVERY SPEAKER PLEASE. <3
- In your style of storytelling, characters are introduced naturally through it’s unfolding, like how you have the lady say Moreno’s name. You don’t do this for Lydia and it made it feel like an out of the blue name drop outside of the story.
- "I mean the one for this device in that area"

Now on to the actual story. I think it's great! Some really interesting ideas coming through in the piece there. It also makes a great prologue, leaving you unrestricted in terms of the timeframe of the main story, characters and lots more, while hinting at the kind of stories readers can expect.

Not entirely sure about your choice of title thematically... however the extraterrestrial concept kind of reminds me of those in the film Prometheus (Those first 5mins of that film were the only interesting part for me...).

I'd be interested to hear what you have in mind for the main story  :party:
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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #9 on: January 24, 2015, 03:03:43 PM »
Done some of the house keeping on the Prologue so should make for a slightly easier read :P

@usopp: cheers dude. Yeah I was tempted to veer from the original idea of having Moreno die and instead have him live on and have some role to play in the actual story. But then I don't really have a place for him in the story so I kept to the original plan.

@No1sey: Done some actual formatting on the piece so should be a little easier to read now. Yeah, I talk out a line of dialogue that dropped her name. Its a pet peeve of mine when someones name isn't introduced properly, so I'm a bit miffed I missed it and allowed it to happen  >:(

I guess I'd say something in the spririt of Code Geass/Guilty Crown/Aldnoah.Zero type kinda deals. Corrupt or immoral government/establishment, mech's, magic girls (sorta), high body count, not really black and white protagonists/antagonists, ya know all that good stuff :P

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Re: Nephilim
« Reply #10 on: February 27, 2015, 02:50:18 PM »
Very interesting Vacant. So you have Sci-fi bones in you. The discussion was indeed a bit long winded but it was interesting and fine to get a long with. The end scene was quite the shocker, but I guess in the end he sort of gave them mercy killings? Or maybe it would've been better if they didn't feel betrayed as their last thoughts.

Interesting story, many props.

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Re: Nephilim
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                                                                                                      Nephilim-Chapter 1 (Part 1)

                                                                              ***North Atlantic Ocean, Altitude: 42,000ft 1/9/2096***

                   He saw them again.

                  They were standing a short distance away, facing him. The first person was a male, his neatly trimmed dark hair was immaculate and his white coat pristine. His arms were folded. The man was actively trying not to gaze in his direction, unlike his peer. A beautiful woman, her long blonde hair swayed slightly despite the lack of a breeze, she was flashing a pleasant smile.
                   But there was no comfort to be had from her expression. Her eyes betrayed the hollowness behind it. The sky behind them turned an ugly crimson, thick smoke clawed up into the heavens. This sudden change however, didn't shock him. He had expected it. He also knew what would happen next.
                  Without a word, the pair turned their backs to him. They clasped each other’s hand as they began to slowly walk away. He silently watched them wander off across the barren landscape. One final time, the woman turned her head to observe him. Her smile had gone, with only the same hollow eyes gazing back. Her lips moved, but he couldn't hear the words being said. He didn't need to. He'd seen this enough times to understand.
                 However, something was different. Beyond the two retreating figures, someone else watched on. Someone he had never seen before. A girl from what he could see, although she was too far away for him to properly view her. Despite the distance between them, he could tell she was looking directly at him. Without really knowing why, he took a step forward.
                 With this the girl vanished and the world around him faded to black. With the dream over, he opened his eyes.

                  He blinked a couple of times, trying to adjust to the stark white lights of the carriers interior. He could make out a voice emanating ahead of him. He peeled himself off the window he'd been slumped against to sit upright in his chair and cast his gaze to the front of the cabin. The Cabin itself was very simple. Rows of seating lined the walls two abreast. Just before the Door leading to the cockpit of the Aircraft was a row of more ornate and luxurious chairs, facing the rest of the seats. A large desk lay before them. Several people occupied the seating facing him, all varying in age and degrees of boredom.
                  In the very centre, a figure was stood leaning over the desk, swept up in a passionate speech. It seemed like they had been going for a while already. 

                 "...In short, it would be apt to consider your kind as fruit on a vine. A fruit that has been left to ripen for too long and the rot has set in. However, you in particular have been picked. Through our guidance you have the potential to become more, to be saved..." cried the man. He seemed as if he'd been asked to audition at a drama recital, such was his vigour.

                  He certainly cut a regal figure as a man approaching middle age. His long, neat hair seemed to shimmer in the artificial lighting, highlighting its silvery colour. He wore a long crimson coat that hung almost like a robe on the man's tall and slender figure. Metal trinkets and charms adorned his coat, neck and forearms.   

                 After taking a breath the man continued. But he'd already heard enough. He leaned forward and reached into the luggage bag at his feet. After a moment of rummaging, he plucked a small device from it and with a wave of his hand, switched it on.         

                 "That’s probably not a great Idea".

                 "Yeah? Well it beats listening to same recycled speech don't you think?" he responded, not taking his eyes off the device as his fingers danced above it, the screen responding to the motions as it began loading up blocks of text.   

                 "You know what he'll do if he catches anyone not paying attention Elijah" the voice said in a hushed tone. This time, he did look away from the device and turned to regard the passenger next to him. He was a boy the same age, whom was also sporting the same uniform as him, a long navy blue ruffled coat similar in style to the man up front. His regal coat looked at odds with his messy black hair. His face had adopted a slight smirk as he regarded him, his keen blues eyes focused and sharp.                 

                "Parmenides isn't one to pay much attention when in a zealous mood. Also, given the distance between us, I doubt he can even see us" Elijah replied, returning to his device. His neighbour shifted in his seat, peering over the top of the chair in front, as if testing this. After a moment, he slumped back down. 

               "I guess so". He then leaned over into his personal space, eyeballing the screen. "Whoa, what is that?"                   

               "An old research paper on Quantum Decoherence" he replied nonchalantly as he continued reading the chunks of text that scrolled past on the devices screen.

              "I hope that’s not on the curriculum" groaned the boy, a hint of concern in his voice. Elijah shook his head.

              "Don't worry Caden, it’s not" Replied Elijah. The boy breathed a sigh of relief.

              "Huh, an odd one to have on the approved reading list then" Caden pondered.

              "It isn't" said Elijah, as he motioned up with his finger, the screen responding by moving to his desired page.                         

             "Seriously!?”. Elijah and Caden both jumped in surprise at the sudden shout. They turned back to come face to face with a girl perched over the back of their chairs. Her long chestnut hair was held in place by a white headband, but still spilled over the sides her pretty face. However, her large aqua blue eyes were piercing holes into Elijah. "Why the hell do you have that then? You know anything not on the approved list is banned Eli! You know how much trouble you could get in?".

             "It would only become a problem if any of the Sophists find out" replied Elijah, shifting away from the ranting girl. "Something that becomes increasingly likely the more you raise your voice". Realisation struck her. As she looked around, she saw her peers looking at her. Luckily, Parmenides hadn't seemed to notice. Her cheeks flushed slightly as she pouted and dropped back into the chair behind them.

             "It's not nice to eavesdrop Clara" Caden said through a grin.

             "It's not eavesdropping if its people you know dumb ass" the girl shot back. Caden stifled a laugh.

             "I don't think that’s how it works, right Elijah?" he said. But the boy wasn't listening. His attention was now focused firmly on the window. "What’s wrong?" said Caden craning over to get a good look. "Oh I get it, we're over the Ocean". Despite the great altitude and speed they were travelling, he could see the vast blue waters that stretched to the horizon.

            "You're weird Eli, why'd you always zone out whenever you see the ocean?" wondered Clara, from behind them.       

           "I find it....interesting" Elijah replied after a slight pause. Clara screwed her face up at this, not satisfied with this answer.             

           "I worry about you sometimes" she said shaking her head before turning her attention to Caden and leaving Elijah to his thoughts.
             Interesting. It technically wasn't a lie. He did indeed have an interest in the sea, but it was for a symbolic meaning more than anything else. As he gazed through the sparse clouds to the sea far below, he sighed deeply. To him it represented freedom.

            No matter if it was underground or on the peak of a mountain, water would always somehow find its way back to the oceans eventually. Untameable, it would travel where it pleased. Same for the inhabitants of the sea. They went about their lives, largely unconcerned with the changes that had occurred since the arrival of the Vystopal. Even now, he could just make out the tiny speck of a ship drifting across the waters, free to move in any direction its crew wished.   

            A small smirk broke out on his face as he realised the absurdity of his envy towards the oceans below. He couldn't rationally say that Water had freedom, for it had no free will in the first place. It didn't think or feel. Elijah remembered once having this conversation with Caden, many years ago. He'd pitched the classic example of being a bird in a cage unable to fly as a case of being deprived freedom.

           As he looked at his friend, who was muttering to Clara behind him, he wondered if Caden realised the peculiarity of despite the fact they were in flight, he, Elijah, the rest of the class were still trapped in a cage. This was nothing new for them though. The whole world had suffered the same fate for the last 12 years.

                                                                              ***Landfall, New York, United States of America 1/9/2096*** [/b]

                "Behold, Mentrea!" declared Parmenides with a sweeping gesture. The class of students were lined up across from where the Sophist was pointing. A large Spacecraft lay just beyond them on the grassy verge. It was called the Black beetle by locals, given its rounded and shimmering carapace exterior. It was once called the enemy, when it had first landed here. "The herald of our coming mastered by Emissary Kratos, may his memory forever be honoured. A vital landmark to visit for any aspiring Initiate" the Sophist called out to his pupils.

                 A younger man stepped forward, wearing the same robes as his cohort. He wore an extravagant tiara decked with brightly coloured gemstones, crowning the flowing pale hair on his head. His eyes narrowed as he regarded them.

               "Emissary Kratos was brave. He was the first to meet you Terrans, to set up our homecoming as it were. We believed you'd accept your long lost brothers with open arms" The man chewed his lip as he paused for a moment. "We were naive. In the end, your kind took up arms and the war ultimately cost Kratos his life". He began to pace up and down the row of students, observing each one in turn. "After the liberation, the Enlightened One thought it fitting to commerate the great Emissaries actions. A reminder to all on Earth the tragedy that occurred here at Landfall".
                While the man recited this, a female student raised her hand. The man raised a brow at her. "Yes?".

               "Sophist Tycho, are we going inside the thing any time soon?”

               "I'm sorry Amelia? Am I boring you?" asked the man indignantly. The girl shook her head to indicate no, but her face betrayed her disinterest. The man stomped back to where she was stood in the line. "Is hearing the crimes of your people not important to you". The girl simply shrugged. She was tall and slender, but had an air of
nobility about her. She flicked back a curl of her blonde hair before speaking.

              "My people? It happened 19 years ago, before I was even born. It's got nothing to do with me". Tycho's tensed up as anger flared through him. The rest of the students held their breath in anticipation as the Sophist looked ready to snap.
              "I think what Amelia means, is that she no longer considers herself a Terran, Sophist Tycho" a voice called, breaking the fearful silence. The man whipped his head to the left to see Elijah had stepped out of his position in line.
"We're Initiates. Therefore we've already renounced our ties to Humanity. We follow the Enlightened One and the Vystopalian Society". The Sophist eyed him suspiciously for a moment.

              "Is that so Elijah Grey?". The male student nodded.

              "It's what you meant wasn't it Amelia?" asked Elijah to the girl. She in turn gave a singular nod. After observing the scene for a few moments, Parmenides stepped forward.

             "Back in Line Elijah and no more outbursts from any of you" he warned. Tycho composed himself and receded back behind the more senior Sophist. "Remember this is a public place, so compose yourselves accordingly" Parmenides advised.

             "Oh, there seems to be a class field trip today sir".

             "I'm aware Gerard they’re listed on the docket. From the London Initiates College I believe". The young man who'd spoken first turned away from the screen he'd been watching. It had displayed the arrival of the aircraft the class of students had travelled on. He nervously adjusted his glasses as he regarded his master, whom was sitting at the head of a table. His gore red hair was crowned by a flight cap that matched his ornate bodysuit. He was idly scrolling through information on a data tablet in the dimly lit room. 

             "Won't this change the operation sir?" asked the young man.

             "The Terrans have already started to move. Even if they were to learn of students being present, it’s unlikely they would stop now" he replied in an uninterested manner. Gerard nodded, but seemed unconvinced with the answer.

             "They're savages Gerard. You should know that better than anyone". A large and imposing man answered. He had a calming aura about him, his speech was measured and his face stoic. "Humans have killed one another ever since they first came to be. It’s become a natural behaviour". Gerard shook his head.

             "I'm sorry Yannis, but I meant our operation. Not theirs" he said. A smirk flashed up on the seated man’s face. His interest finally piqued.
              "Our Operation will be the same as always Gerard" he said, having drifted his hooded eyes from the tablet to the young official. "The world needs to be shown how barbaric these people truly are, so show them we will" he said with a wicked smile. Gerard shifted uncomfortably for a second, before nodding.
            "Of course, Sir Straton".   


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Re: Nephilim
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              Mentrea, once a great space faring craft that had visited countless planets, had now become a museum. That was the thought Elijah had after entering the confines of the Ship. It was little more than a tourist attraction from what he could see. When they had gotten closer, he'd seen that the hull of the ship was scarred extensively from past battles, as well a portion of it being buried in the earth from where it had crash landed. While the outside looked like a ship, the inside had been hollowed out and modified. A large bright hall had greeted them upon entry. He noticed the floors had been rebuilt, to be level with the ground since the ship rested at a slight angle.
             After receiving yet another lecture on the history of the Ship, they'd been issued their passes and allowed to wander the exhibits on show. He had immediately put as much distance between himself and the Sophists as he could and entered a huge room showcasing all manner of paintings, photos and artefacts.

            "Elijah". He looked up as he had been casually inspecting an elaborate portrait of Planet Earth. "Thanks for earlier" said the newcomer.

            "Don't worry about it. We'd of been there all day if no one said anything and Tycho had lost it" he responded. The girl nodded, her slightly permed hair bobbing too.

            "He's always hated me" she mumbled under her breath.

            "Because of your father?". The girl looked Elijah in the eyes intently.

            "They hear the name Winchester and think of him. They just see me as the Prime Ministers daughter". The girl replied, a hint of frustration in her voice. She was taken aback slightly by Elijah's response. He cracked a reassuring smile, something she swore she'd never seen him do. His normal facial expression was almost always one of boredom.

            "You're not your father Amelia, and surnames don't govern who we are" the boy responded. She then understood the reason behind his reaction.

            "You don't want to inherit your parents legacy either then? You've gone the wrong way about that so far" she said with a sarcastic smirk.

            "Are you for real!?".

            "Keep it down!". The pair turned to see what the commotion was. It was a man and a woman, not too far from them. They were standing before a large oil painting, which seemed to be the source of the man's ire and why he'd shouted in the first place. The picture was so massive, Elijah could see it clearly from where he was standing. It depicted a group of men and women on one side of a table dressed dull and drab suits.
              On the opposite side of the desk, a larger man stood alone. He was garbed in beautiful white robes and the very image of him seemed to be backlit, as if light threatened to burst from his being. This man wore a huge smile on his angelic face, as he shook the hands of two of his opposite numbers. On the desk lay a single document. He knew the image well. It was one of the most famous images in history, the signing of the Unification Treaty. Despite them now using hushed tones, Elijah could just make out what the pair was saying. 

             "Do people actually believe this crap?" hissed the male. He was a fairly young man, not much older than Elijah. He couldn't really make out his features, as he was wearing a hooded jacket and a baseball cap on his head.     "Unification? They were signing their own damn surrender!"

             "Of course they called it an alliance. Imagine if the United World Federation had come out and said what it really was? They were saving face by going along with it" replied the woman quietly. She too was also wearing a padded jacket, complete with a scarf and knitted hat that were obstructing most of her face.

             "Those bastards. They were supposed to be in charge, but they sold all of us out to save their own skins" said the hooded man angrily.
             "Wouldn't you?". Both of the strangers span round. Amelia had stridden towards them, paying no heed to the fact she was butting in their conversation. "If you were promised safety and a position of power, wouldn't you have accepted?" she asked stone faced. The man cocked his head, as if eyeing an abstract painting.

             "Didn't anyone teach you its rude to interrupt someone’s conversation?" asked the woman calmly. Amelia merely shrugged.

             "I'm trying to help you understand what happened. You should thank me" she replied.

             "Oh I see. That uniform, you're from an Initiate School right? Now I get the attitude" the woman said acidly. The man seemed to shudder for a moment.

             "Wait a sec Carla. You mean those schools for traitors!?" he exclaimed. The woman nodded.

             "That's right. They not only follow the Vystopalian, but they actually try to become one of them!".

             "What an odd turn of phrase you'd use to describe us". This time Elijah stepped forward. "You branded us as traitors. Tell me, who is it we have betrayed?". The man and woman stood dumbstruck. Elijah had spoken loudly and his words had caught the attention of others in the room, who had now turned to observe the commotion. "The Enlightened One governs over all humans, not just the Vystopal. There's no longer a divide between Vystopal and Terrans, so who would we be betraying?"

             "Watch your mouth kid!" spat the male, as he stomped forward aggressively. Elijah stood his ground with a smirk on his face. He grabbed Elijah's collar and got in his face. "You don't know *censored*, just what you've been told in
your stupid school".

             "The only people who would still reject the unification, would be anti-Vystopalians. I'm sure the security here would be interested to know someone like that was here" replied Elijah, who was keeping his composure. The man's hands tightened their grip on his collar, as his breath became more ragged.

             "Henson! Stop it!". His female companion warned as she appeared beside him, tugging at his wrist to release the student. Her eyes shifted about to the people watching on. Groups of staff and civilians were now looking on. After a brief moment, the man let go of Elijah and stepped back.

             "Let’s get out of here" he said as they turned away, pulling his cap down to further obscure his features.

             "Oh and by the way, It's called a college, not a school" Elijah called after them, as they hurried to the exit.

             Several explosions ripped through the buildings surrounding it, a vortex of fire and debris flew by. But it was unharmed. With one seamless motion, it leaped into the air with an incredible bound, something no Terran unit was capable of. Having jumped out of the inferno, it was clearly visible. It's humanoid frame glistened a flaming red. It's limbs were bulky but rounded, with no hard edges. Its golden head resembled the helmet of a European Knight of medieval times, its sensors and optics glowing through the visor.
             In mid-air, it unholstered the long rifle of its back and trained it downwards. With one squeeze of the trigger, a shower of stark red bolts of light rained from the barrel. The barrage aimed at several other mechanised units. Their appearance differed greatly. They too looked humanoid, but their features and limbs were squarish and hard. They were a dull metallic hue. Practical and unrefined. Before these machines had time to retreat the beams struck them. They tore through their thick armour plates as if they were paper, gouging huge holes through the machines. Most of them exploded upon being hit, their fuel tanks having been ignited.
             By the time the Red unit had landed its foes had been wiped out, the blazing wrecks lay before it. Only one remained functional. It had lost its legs and was using its single arm remaining to pull itself away. The hatch that formed the back plate of the unit had been sheared of making its interior visible. Inside was the cramped cockpit, the pilot’s seat taking up most of the room. A bank of consoles and gauges in front of it. A man was just visible, one hand gripping a control that was manipulating the arm of the machine. He was the last enemy alive and he was wide open.

           "I quit". The world around him plunged into darkness, the sounds and sights of the battle disappeared. He exhaled a long singular breath and pulled off the headset he'd been wearing. Without the Virtual reality gear on, he could finally see. He was in the museum again,  several of his classmates were gathered around him.

            "That was amazing Caden!" cried one girl. They'd been watching what was unfolding on a large screen beside him. He pulled himself out of the Chair and stepped of the platform.
            "Thanks Connie" he replied, a little flustered. He looked back at the platform. It certainly was impressive. The VR set up and display to the side of it alone was something to marvel at, but even they were dwarfed by the thing standing behind it. The Unit itself stood proudly behind the Simulation, its white armour plates shimmering in the stark lighting. A large banner above it read "Chiron: the world’s first Spartan Hybrid". 

             "Eli should've seen that! Just what you'd expect from the Ace Pilot of Britain!" said a beaming Clarabelle slapping him on the back.

             "I'm just a trainee Clara" Caden replied. He wasn't used to receiving such praise and was unsure how to take it.
            "I got lucky, it just happened to be close to the Simulations in class". This was true for the most part. During Piloting Classes, they entered Virtual Reality Sims to practice their skills handling Spartans, the mechanised warframes the Vystopal employed in their military.
             Of course, being a Terran born human, Caden lacked the key component to truly pilot a Spartan. Something reserved only for the Vystopal themselves, a Neuro Link. An implant that allowed a system to be controlled remotely via the brain, it was one of the trademarks of the Vystopalian Empire and the possession of them was strictly regulated. The only way he'd obtain one, was if the Sophists unanimously approved it and was gifted his own Spartan. That would only happen if he was accepted into the Vystopal Military. However, this had been his goal since he'd been taken to the College anyway.

              "Hmph, Ace pilots my ass". Caden and the other pupils turned to see one of their classmates. He was a tall and powerfully built male, his head was shaved and his eyes were small and beady. He wore a smug expression as he stared at Caden.

              "What’s your problem Spencer?" asked Clarabelle, a look of distaste on her face. The boy stood with his arms folded, he turned his ire to her.

              "Just wondering why everyone’s making so much fuss. He didn't even finish the damn thing, he quit!".                         

              "All the enemy units were destroyed, thats all the objective was" replied Caden. Spencer sighed and stepped towards him. 

              "Was it the units? Or was it the enemy you were meant to destroy?" he sneered.

              "That’s one and the same Spencer. If the opponent can't fight there's no need to kill them. The end result is the same" Caden shot back. He stood unmoving and stone faced as Spencer came ever closer.
              "You can't have mercy in battle Caden, that’s what we've been taught" said Spencer as he came face to face. After a brief moment of staring each other down, the boy strode past Caden and towards the Simulator. "Let me show you how a real ace does it" he said as he sat down. He paused as he held the Helmet rig above his head, his gaze fixed on Caden.
              "I hope we don't end up in the same squad Caden, cuz your compassion will get you killed and your team along with you" Spencer told him, his face and the smirk his mouth had twisted into disappearing under the helmet.

              She watched them from a distance as they stood and admired a series of artworks, doing well to supress the contempt she felt towards them. How ridiculous they looked, in their gaudy robes and absurd amount of decoration and jewellery they donned she thought to herself. Sophists they were called if she remembered rightly. The tutors and chief brainwashers of the Vystopalian Empire. They took in children at a young age and "enlightened" them on the ways of the new regime. A twinge of empathy ran through her for those who had to attend these schools. Only for the young ones though. The ones who'd been in the system for years were beyond saving.
              She turned her focus back to the floor that she was currently sweeping. She didn't want to be caught gawking at them. After all, her job was to be invisible, not to draw attention. The broom in her hand glided across the rich varnished wooden floor, as she followed behind it. She fidgeted inside the drab grey overalls she wore. They were ill fitting and rubbed against her skin. As she reached the wall, she stood upright and rested the broom against the wall. Normally this would've been a job for a Service bot, but due to the delicate artefacts that were displayed on this floor, the curators preferred to employ human workers for the task. Menial jobs like this were perfect for a Terran like her. She stretched out her arms and yawned. Surely they were in position now.
              Her earpiece clicked. It made her start slightly, surprised at the timing of it. While earpieces were outdated, they had the advantage of being harder to track. She listened intently for a moment. Sure enough, three more clicks were heard. That was the signal. The rest of the group were in position. She looked around carefully before starting to march to the exit. Once she was out of sight and had entered a maintenance corridor, she started to run. She tugged at the overalls, loosening the buttons and allowing her to move more freely. Finally, she turned into a dead end.
               Nothing but a steel grate met her, an old ventilation shaft for the ship. She grabbed hold of it and with a hard tug, she wrenched it loose. Inside the narrow shaft, a battered toolbox lay on the floor. She crouched in and opened the lid. Inside lay two pistols and a change of clothes.
              She took one last look around to see no one was present and tapped the talk button of her earpiece. She took a deep breath before speaking, nerves creeping up on her.

             "Melissa here, I'm in position". After a few moments of silence. Her earpiece clicked. This time a man’s voice responded.

             "Glad you could join us, we've been waiting for you. You better hurry up and get changed, the Thunderbolts are coming".

             Elijah splashed the cold, crisp water onto his face, the chill nibbled at his skin, refreshing him. He turned the tap off, allowing the water to drip from his face and fringe into the marble sink below. After expelling a long breath, he observed his reflection in the mirror in front of him. His short chestnut brown hair hung down in a slightly untidy fashion, made worse by the water. His examined his thin features and emerald green eyes. He'd been told he resembled his parents, he didn't see it. Or rather he didn't want to see it. Sharing a name was more than enough for him.
              He dried his face on a towel nearby as he stood in the bathroom alone. He'd needed to get away from the exhibits and the encounter with the strangers before. The second time he'd had to step in to cover for Amelia today. Elijah wasn't entirely sure why he did so. He didn't particularly have a close relationship with her and her attitude typically rubbed him the wrong way. Maybe it was for the fun of it? Was it purely out of boredom?

              He absently fiddled with his collar as he recalled the memory of the man grabbing him there. Although he'd remained composed, his heart had been racing. It was more to do with the words he'd said, rather than the threat of physical violence that had bothered him.
              'No longer a divide between Terrans and the Vystopal'. That's what he'd said and it made him feel sick to have said it. The truth was he felt more strongly about the situation than the irate man did and he was willing to bet he was also far more informed about it. He hated the oppression of the Vystopal. He hated their believes and clumsy attempts at rewriting history. What’s more, he hated how many people went along with it willingly.

              Elijah smirked to himself. He had more in common with the man than he thought. However, he felt no bond of comradery with the man or any other Pro-Terran individual for that matter. They were idiots, foolish and misguided. Some of them were even extreme enough to rebel and attack Vystopalian territory with stolen or homemade weaponry. They dreamed of overthrowing the governments and Vystopalian leaders and taking the world back. They thought they were fighting back with their terror raids. None of them knew just how futile it was. It was akin to ants fighting an elephant.
              Buuuzzzzzz. He looked at his wrist as his cell strap lit up, as it vibrated to signal a call. He tapped the call button as he saw the name that came up on the holographic display.

              "Holly, how’s it going?" he said cheerfully.

              "Hey Eli! Oh I'm good thanks. I wish I could've come with you guys though" the girl said. Even through the small speaker of the call strap, Elijah could detect the disappointment in her voice.

              "Well, you'll get to come too, when you're 17 Holly" he replied.

              "That’s still three years away!" she snapped back. He didn't need the video interface option enabled to know she was pouting at the other end of the call.

              "Well, it’s pretty boring to be honest anyway, so you're not missing much. What’s the matter anyway?".

              "Oh yeah! I can't get hold of Caden. Has he lost his strap Eli?" the girl asked. Elijah then felt a little guilty, as he realised he'd pretty much sneaked off as soon as they got into the place.

               "No sorry Holly, we all split up. He still had it when we arrived though" he said reassuringly. There was a brief pause for a second.

               "I always have to remind him to charge it Eli! It's like he's the younger sibling!". Elijah stifled a laugh at this. While Holly was Caden's younger sister, she'd pretty much become his sibling too. As such, he knew just how the balance of responsibilities lay between the two.

               "Could you te......when you se.....sur...kay?". Elijah raised an eyebrow at the garbled message.

               "What was that? You're breaking up?" he asked, holding the strap closer to his ear.

               "". Again, he could barely make sense of the words. It was strange, Cell Straps utilised Vystopalian technology in them, even inside the thick hull of a starship, there shouldn't of been any disruption to the signal.

               "Holly, Can you hear..!" Elijah didn't get to finish his sentence. The whole ship rocked violently as he was thrown off his feet.

                A horrible impact resounded through the entire ship, followed by a metallic screeching. The lights in the bathroom flickered off. As he fell forward his head rebounded of the sink basin and he slumped down unconscious, in the still shaking dark room.


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