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Author Topic: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)  (Read 8909 times)

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A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« on: January 10, 2015, 06:18:35 PM »
When you try become headmaster, you either get the job or die.

This sums up what you're about to see  :ohmy: A horrible comedy with espionage, back-stabbing and moral ambiguity  :glare:
Featuring over 20 MR members in one epic tale, who will live and who will die?  :hmm:

(I apologise in advance if anyone finds their representation or my humour offensive T_T)

Act One: A clash of tyrants

Chapter One: Entrance

Dulled sunrays entered the Council building, illuminating the rows of grey tables and hairless heads of politicians. In front of them a polished walnut desk which seated Mayor Hasith, long-time leader of Manga-Raider city.
The occasional camera flash and hushed whispers occupied his senses. Hasith was used to dealing with any problems the city folk presented to him, and dealt with it in a less-than-excited way.

“...And I’m willing to answer any questions that you have on the topic” He addressed the journalists, who filled up
the entire front row of desks

One of them stood up, recorder in hand “Mayor Hasith, is it true that you’re financing the city through child slavery?”

Hasith adjusted his tie with a chuckle “No comment”

Another journalist, this time a woman, stood “The Weekly Web-comic has accused you of conspiring to put Greece on Ebay to solve Manga-Raider city’s debt problem. How do you respond to this?”

“Economic crisis’s can make people blame the minority groups such as rich people like me, so tackling these rumours is what our first step should be”

The journalists nodded in agreement, satisfied with the answer. It was just another day in the office for Hasith.

“Well, if that will be all then I’ll just-“

Or so he thought.

A woman garbed in a blue uniform with wavy hair to her shoulders and an upright posture made herself seen amongst the journalists, which was not hard since they were Botox-obsessed individuals caked with makeup and glamour.

In a strong and clear voice she called “I would like to ask a question, if you’d let me Mayor Hasith?”

“You just did” Hasith said “That was a question”

“I see... Can I ask another one?” She sighed

“That was also another question” Hasith snickered

The woman looked unimpressed “Should I wait until you’ve grown up or...?”  :glare:

“Continue” Hasith cleared his throat

Making her way through the crowd till she stood directly in front of Hasith, she angled herself so the journalists could see her too. Almost as if she was straight out of boot camp, her body language was proud and on point.

“My name is Lorenx, Chairwoman of the Liberal Voice Committee” She stated “My group and I have made a record of your previous abuses of power. Allow me to read them out.”

The crowd of journalists shot out of their seats faster than hyenas being called to dinner time. Such pushing and shoving almost choked the room with make-up powder.
Hasith wiped a bead of sweat from his forehead yet remained firm and steady. He wasn’t going to give up straight away.

“You committed election fraud by forging votes from deceased residents of the city” Lorenx began

“They’re entitled to voted too” Hasith said smugly

“You’ve slept with many people in your cabinet AND the opposition”

“No laws against sharing a bed”

“The council treasury has been used to fund your political assassinations”

“...No comment” Hasith grumbled as he wrote Lorenx’s name on a listed piece of paper

“And so the list goes on” Lorenx crossed her arms

Hasith drummed his fingers on his desk nervously. Every recording device, modern and old, was aimed at him. He smiled at the camera, then at Lorenx, then at the camera again.

“Is that the kettle I hear?” Hasith started making his way from his desk “I must get going...”  :(

Lorenx cut of his escape, and faced the cameras and recorders with fiery determination.

“People of Manga-Raiders city, hear me when I say this! Can we tolerate a tyrant? A tyrant who unlawfully got his way into power, to rule over you with such inconsideration?” Lorenx’s energy was like that of an actor on stage, and like an actor, she had captured the audience’s attention.

“No” Said one of the politicians seated at the back

“Like hell I am!” Said another near the right

“Hasith is a liar!” Said one more at the front

Lorenx paced about in front of the desk “Do you want this to go on?”

“Absolutely not!” They roared in unison

“What do we want?” She pointed at them


Hasith murmured to himself “I sure hope they’re not talking about me...”

“So” Lorenx walked up to the man “You heard the masses Mayor Hasith, and it’ll only get worse once this broadcasts”

“Can’t this place go one day without a riot?” Hasith rolled his eyes “I admit, you managed to play this political game well so far. But I must tell you now, it will take time for change to be implemented”

Lorenx shook her head in a mocking way, a small smirk forming on her lips. It appears she has more cards to play, whilst Hasith had his poker face destroyed.

“My Committee have already done an inspection of the entire area. We have compiled a list of 247 changes required to meet our standards” She pulled out another list from her breast pocket, it rolled from her palm to her foot

Hasith choked a little.  :sick:

“W-w-what?? That is a lot of changes!”

“I could just hand these over to the journalists right now, I’m sure they’d love to get a sneak peak of all the flaws with your current government”

The journalists gave starved stares at the list, desperate enough to outdo Smeagle from Lord of the Rings. Hasith was starting to get slightly horrified at the animal references being made of the crowd. It was unbearable. He needed time to think of a way out.

“Let’s compromise” Hasith began “How about you show me just how ‘bad’ I’m running this city. If you can convince me that the area is as malnourished as you make it out to be, I’ll agree to all the reforms”

Lorenx tapped her chin in contemplation.

“Very well, I agree” She nodded “I’ll be round with a pack of journalist’s tomorrow morning, just so you don’t try anything underhanded”

“Very well, I shall await your arrival” Hasith smiled, before running out of the building. Crying could be heard almost immediately afterwards “Journalists???” the voice said

Lorenx walked through the crowd of journalists, who were going through their notes of the recent ordeal. They moved out of her way as if she were a goddess, or somebody who just bumped their paycheck.
A small, robbed woman walked alongside Lorenx, face calm and body relaxed.

“Miss Lorenx?” She called

“Robin Ryuu, what news do you bring?” Lorenx replied

“Actually I just wanted to ask, why did you go along with the mayor’s compromise? I thought we had all the leverage necessary to force him to agree”

“Well Robin, we’re fortunate he made that move; there will be no doubt that many high profile journalists will turn up to the event. With such help from the media, we might be able to take our mission further”

Robin nodded in understanding “Building momentum”  :thumbsup:

“Correct. Hasith is a fool, no doubt he’s thinking of some pathetic way to back out of the arrangement right now” Lorenx grinned triumphantly

The two walked out of the building, the pure sunlight beamed upon them unhindered by the musky grey of the building. The winds of change were only just beginning.

Chapter Two: Outrageous
Vacant loved hearing the birds sing as he waited near an isolated bus stop. He neatened his school tie with a never-ceasing smile, bearing similarity to a poster-boy advertising for his establishment.

“Ah, No1sey!” He greeted as the other student slogged over to the bus stop “Where is Echo? She’s not normally one to be late”

“She was sick, man!” No1sey yelled to the sky “I had to wake up myself, which nearly made me late!”

“Sick?” Vacant queried

“Yeah, she tried to get a sugar rush to finish her essay, but ended badly” No1sey brushed his
unwashed hair out of his eyes, definitely not poster-boy material

“Hoho” Vacant held up a finger proudly “I suppose that makes her... Candicapped!”  :dance:

No1sey looked at him confusedly “You mean handicapped?”

“It’s a pun, with candy”

“That’s racist to diabetics, man” No1sey prodded Vacant, who rolled his eyes with grief

Interrupting their weird conversation was a small orphan known as Cinnamoroll. She went up to the duo, dirty hands cupped together.

“Spare change?” She whimpered

“We don’t need any thanks” No1sey patted her head, the distraught orphan walked off

Vacant face palmed “Don’t tell you just did that..”

“Did what?”

“You thought a street beggar was offering you change???”

“She could have offered me a knife... to the ribs!”

No1sey made a high-pitched karate sound as he jabbed Vacant in the chest. He yelped in response and tried to get run away from the madman. Chasing after, No1sey whipped out his ruler and help it like a sword.
Vacant turned around and responded with a rubber band and rubber, aimed right at his opponent.

“Curses! Betrayed by my blood brother!” Vacant said melodramatically

No1sey arched his head back and laughed “Your crossbow is no use for my super saiyan powers!”  :santa:

There was no response from Vacant, who stood there silent.

“Impressed?” No1sey grinned

Vacant just pointed in No1sey’s direction. The ruler-wielding student turned around saw an ignorant bus driver go straight past the bus stop. He probably thought they were a pair who escaped from a mental asylum.

“Oh poo” No1sey muttered, the two boys quickly ran after it


After a lengthy run, the boys had made it to the school assembly area where they were seated among hundreds of others mindless drones referred to as students. Since British schools enforced cheap uniforms on everyone, they all looked thoroughly miserable.

Standing in front of the wretched souls was Headmaster Gnash-Sama, glitter adorned in his hair, his big lips a lush pink, and large eye patch went around his hairy head. A reminder of what happened back in Vietnam.

“We have a very special day today, my lovely drones” Gnash smiled as the future lowlings for the current capitalist society listened carefully “Mayor Hasith and some other unimportant people are touring the area, and they picked my school to start it off!”

Vacant clicked his tongue in amusement “Maybe they’ll uncover how bad this school really is”  :hmm:

“Maybe” No1sey nodded along “I was starting to get sick of the circus animal meat they use in the food”

Gnash quickly drew all eyes on him as he pranced over to the side of the stage.

“And don’t forget! Our school is holding the ‘Longest time to blink’ world record right here! Deputy Headmaster Neoraise has volunteered for the task!” He giggled

Neoraise, a feverish looking man, sweated in his chair as all eyes drew on him.

“Can I just remind you sir, that I have a medical condition with my eyes” Neoraise stated

“All the more drama” Gnash said as he scratched his empty eye socket “Now, I do hope you treat the Mayor with respect when he’s here!”

No1sey leaned back in his chair “Now this is entertainment!”

“Definitely better than scrabble night” Vacant agreed


Gnash danced into the reception area where Mayor Hasith and Miss Lorenx were waiting for him.

“Sorry for holding you all up, the assembly was rather... outrageous” Gnash tittered as he waved a hand in front of his lips

“That’s fine” Lorenx replied bluntly “Now, I’d like to introduce my personal assistant, Vio”

A small blonde boy creeped out behind Lorenx, an aura of innocence and youth beaming out of every orifice.

“Don’t mind me, I’m just taking notes” Vio waved

“The journalists should be interviewing the students right now. Some of them might join the tour later on” Lorenx said

“Of course” Gnash clasped his hands together, glitter flying everywhere “You’ll be glad to know that Mayor Hasith provides adequate funding for the School. Not that I desperately need it since I’m a multi-millionaire fashion designer!”  :happy:

“I love to support the community” Hasith feigned a smile

Lorenx eyed the two with more suspicion than a police officer in a ghetto.

“If you say so...” She sneered

“Why don’t you two go on ahead?” Hasith directed them to the door “Me and Gnash will meet you at reception”

The duo left with little complaint. Alone, the two men looked at each other and burst out laughing. It was a good minute before they could recover.

“Who does she think she is?” Gnash wiped a sparkling tear from his eye

“A fool who fell into your trap! That’s what!” Hasith smiled

“Indeed, little does she know that the journalists are being distracted by my decoy. Without them, this tour will yield nothing!”

“Outrageous!” Hasith said  :D

Gnash slapped Hasith “That’s my line” He whispered coldly

Hasith looked at him shocked, then turned away “Let’s continue with that tour...”

Chapter Three: All Gonna Burn
The crunch of softly laid gravel hastened as Echo checked her wrist-watch. Star pupils were never meant to be late, and nothing as silly as a cold will stop her. The warm sun rays did make her feel a little better, though she still shuddered at the thought of crashing out after her sugar rush and waking up ill the next morning.
The school building was in sight now; she just had to traverse the diesel-ingested car park that lay before her.

“AAATCHOOO” She sneezed “Urrgh... Stupid cold making me ill... making me late...”  :sick:

As snot dribbled out of her nose, she wiped it with a tissue. She worried that her friends would avoid her in this state.

“Excuse me!” A pink twin-tailed girl poked her head out of a car window “Mind keeping it down you butt?”

“Churro, the transfer student” Echo narrated to herself “What are you doing here?”

“Can’t you tell?” Churro slipped back into her seat and grinned confidently “I’m revising... in my car!”

Echo stood next to the vehicle “We have a library you know?”

“Can a library accept alcohol?” Churro’s twin-tails moved on their own accord and pulled out a can of beer from the glove compartment

“How did you-?” Echo stared in shock

“Do what?”

Echo rubbed her eyes “Never mind”

“So, wanna help me revise? I’ll share my beer! Good American brand” Churro grinned, a rainbow seemed to appear above her head  :angel:

“Well... It’s not like anyone waited for me at the bus stop. Okay then” Echo went over to the passenger door and sat in the chair, minding her feet among the empty takeaway boxes on the car floor

Churro handed the nerdy girl a pile of homework books and gave a thumbs up, her twin tails copying her arm movements. Echo looked at the pile then back at the strange woman.

“Start on the maths first, that’s due in today” Churro opened a can and rested her feet on the steering wheel

“Funny, I thought you said revision a moment a-a-a-AAATCHOOOO” Echo splattered snot all over the paperwork “Eurgh....”


Teamwork, generosity, and equality were all the ingredients to socialism. So no wonder Mayor Hasith felt a chill run down his spine as he entered the Drama Department, which was full of this political nonsense.
He kept a close eye on Lorenx and her associate as they chatted to Ginger, head of Drama. He also made sure Gnash didn’t get glitter in eye from his constant L’Oreal advert impressions.

“How many females does this school employ?” Lorenx asked  :hmm:

Ginger clutched his fat belly and gave a big-grinned laugh “Apart from my assistant Katherine over there, none!”

“Not that I’m complaining” Katherine called out from the other end of the room, she was busy mending a prop with some tape “It’s nice being the centre of attention!”

Lorenx gave a horrified look “One woman out of an 80+ staff?”

“Haha! Indeed! If you think that’s bad, just wait till you get to the maths department! I hear they use Asian child labour instead of calculators” Ginger took delight in causing drama

Gnash leaped over into the group and pushed his hand in Ginger’s face “Don’t listen to the silly man; he loves to tell tall tales!”

“Hmph” Ginger shook his head, his long, shaggy hair rippling with it “I’ll take my leave for now”

“How does the Head of each Department handle their own affairs?” Lorenx asked

Hasith shrugged “They have very little control, makes things easier for me”

“There is no team in master” She sighed

“Actually if you take the r and the s out of master and rearrange the other letters, you have a team”

Lorenx face palmed “Still making notes Vio?”

“Roger!” The young lad saluted

“Where are those journalists? They should be here by now” The uniformed woman looked around the empty room

Gnash licked his lips “Let’s just say they are... busy”  :tongue:


In the assembly hall, all eyes were on Neoraise as he remained seated without blinking. It was obvious he was in slight discomfort and what made everything worse was the flash of cameras and recording equipment from the plastic surgery-addicted journalists.
MusicFreak stood beside the man, a timer ticking in her hand. She raised an eyebrow and turned to the crowd in an energetic fashion.

“It’s been a full ten minutes, folks!” She cheered “And yet Neoraise hasn’t shown any signs of blinking!”

Neoraise mumbled something unintelligible under his breath; it would have probably been censored anyways.
Vacant and No1sey sat amongst the journalists eating popcorn.

“Neoraise is really at it today” No1sey said

Vacant nodded “The journalists even stopped interviewing students and put all their focus on him”

One of the journalists stood up with a recorder in hand “Excuse me Mr. Neoraise, how do you feel about attempting to break this world record?”

“Kill me” Neoraise replied  :unsure:

“Will you accept being on front of the National Newspaper?” Another journalist yelled

“No” Neoraise grimly declined

All the journalists nodded in agreement and started writing down notes, muttering amongst themselves.

“What is the original record?” No1sey asked

“Well if my vast knowledge of blinking serves me right, then I’d say the original record was 27 minutes... although the man who did it started to go insane from the stress and pressure of resisting a reflex movement” Vacant stated, blood draining away from his face

“Cool” No1sey replied

The two continued eating their popcorn. As long as they weren’t in lessons, then really anything was exciting to watch.

Neoraise however only whimpered to himself.
“I’ve got this burning
Like my veins are filled
With nothing but gasoline...

And with a spark it’s gonna be
The biggest fire they’ve ever seen...

Cut me down
Or let me run,
Either way it’s
All gonna burn...

The only way
That they’ll ever learn...”

Neoraise grimaced as he repeated it again, and again, and again.  :santa:

Chapter 4: Replacement
“...So after applying the long division, you’ll then get asked about the binomial expansion which should be pretty straightforward at this point” Echo said as she finished scribbling away in the homework book

Churro nodded, her twin tails tapped her chin thoughtfully “Yes, yes, I totally understand now”

“Good, I suppose we should then start on that Science... a-a-AAATCHOOO” Echo splattered snot all over the car window  :sick:

“Baka!” Churro screamed “You should really do something about that cold!”

“Like what? Wish for it to go away?” The nerdy girl shrugged

Churro looked around her car for any helpful item. There were some used tissues, a week old coffee, a couple of chicken bones... and a crate of beer. Churro popped a can out and presented it to Echo with a cheeky grin.

“This liquid medicine should help” She planted the can in Echo’s hands

“I don’t drink though...” Echo looked at the can awkwardly

“Ahh, just treat it like cough medicine, it’ll make you feel better”

“Well... okay then”

The can hissed as Echo opened it, and took the smallest of sips. She held the beverage in her mouth for a second to get the full impact of the taste. She then took another sip. And another. And another. And now one big long one.

“Hey, take it easy you butt!” Churro started wrestling over the crate of beer with her  :ohmy:


Gnash and Hasith had just finished most of the tour within the school building. Lorenx followed with disappointment, whilst Vio continued to write notes whenever someone spoke.

“Science teacher Coryn doesn’t normally sleep in the janitor’s closet, but he’s been homeless for a while now” Gnash explained as he filed away at his fabulous nails

“And I do love to look after my inferiors... I mean work staff” Hasith nodded along

“Where are those journalists?” Lorenx barked “They should be here witnessing all this!”

Vio pointed over at the assembly stage “Ma’am, they appear to be recording that disturbed man”

Neoraise had a constipated look on his face, veins were throbbing on his forehead and eyes were bloodshot. Each camera flash was putting him one step closer to a stroke as he desperately tried to keep his eyes open.

MusicFreak checked her stop watch again “Look at that folks! Only two minutes to go!”

The journalists whispered in excitement and brought on another barrage of camera flashing.

Lorenx balled her fists in anger.

“Damnation!” She cursed “Without media coverage, this tour will be useless! Hasith could easily reject the reforms!”  >:(

“I believe you’ve seen enough of this school” Hasith chuckled “I doubt the journalists will join us for the rest of the tour, they seem to have quite there story there already”

Lorenx mumbled many things under her breathe. She was so close to making an impact, but it seems all her effort was for nothing.
At least, that’s what she thought until a certain nerdy student tumbled through the doors and made her way over.

“Excuse me! Canadian coming through!” Echo hiccupped as she dizzily walked over to Lorenx

“Ah, our star pupil!” Gnash battered his long eyelashes “Miss Lorenx, Echo here managed to attain the highest marks in the entire country during last week’s Mock Exams”

“Know the difference between three cucumbers and a joke?” Echo sluggishly prodded Lorenx “Your mum can’t take a joke”

Hasith choked a little.

“Is this student drunk?” Lorenx asked

“No... She’s simply getting into character for a school play” Hasith laughed nervously

“Of course” Gnash joined in “This isn’t the drama room, silly girl” He pushed her away from the group

“I’m gonna make Chewbacca noises” Echo said as she made her way to the assembly stage

MusicFreak checked the watch again “Only 30 seconds to go folks!”

Hasith wiped his sweaty forehead “Let’s move onto the hospital shall we!”

Lorenx wasn’t paying attention though, she kept her eyes firmly on Echo as the student walked up to Neoraise, causing a sudden surge of camera flashes again.

“Is he... is the Deputy trying not to blink?” Echo smiled “I bet I can make him blink!”

“What is she doing?” Lorenx asked

“I think we should leave now!” Hasith urged

Vio was writing in his notebook faster than student in an English exam.

MusicFreak screamed “No Echo! What are you doing?!”

“Watch meeeee” Echo attempted a back flip in front of Neoraise

“HEEEEEEELP” Neoraise yelled as the drunk girl jumped in the air and cast a shadow over him

“NOOOOOOOO” MusicFreak started tearing her hair out

“Ohhhhhh?” The journalists cooed

And as simple as that, Echo landed back-first in front of Neoraise, causing no damage to the teacher what so ever. MusicFreak let out a deep breath and checked the watch.

“Only five more seconds to-“


The green, vile fluid smacked Neoraise right in the eyes. He gave a high pitched scream and clutched his eyes down tight, running around like a maniac.  :push:

“Arrrgh! I have a medical condition!” He was as green and angry like the hulk

Neoraise scrambled among the walls, tearing down pieces of art that had been mounted up there. He eventually came to an open window, which he leaned against. With a half-dead look he addressed the whole room.

“You’ll all pay...” He gritted his teeth “You’ll soon regret making this mockery out of me...”

He then went limp and fell out the window. A large crash echoed throughout the area, and the sound of a car-alarm going off.
Everyone stood there in silence, shock and awe.

“Ah sh!t” Hasith said  :unsure:

The journalists all scrambled out the building, excited with the footage they have just captured.

“Intoxicated students... no safety measures for windows... teachers with poor attitudes... Yes, I do believe that this can cause quite the stain on your reputation” Lorenx said triumphantly

Hasith quickly turned to Gnash “It was all his fault, he’s running the place!”

“I beg your pardon!” He said, wounded “I think it’s Lorenx’s fault for causing stress amongst the staff”

“Slow down please!” Vio begged as he got one really bad arm cramp  :(

“There’s no turning back from this Hasith, this is going to go live on all the news channels in the country” The woman put a hand on her hip

“No...” Hasith looked away “It can’t be...”

“Although, I’m willing to compromise”

He looked back at the woman. Lorenx had the entire list from yesterday in her hand.

“I’ll be willing to scrap all 247 reforms, but on one condition”

“What might that be?” Hasith asked

“Make me Headmaster of MR School. Starting tomorrow”

Gnash fainted on the spot. Lorenx grinned in delight of her proposal. Vio gasped as he continued writing. Hasith’s jaw unhinged.
Vacant and No1sey, who were seated there this entire time, stared at them like

Change was coming to MR School. Only time will tell if it’s for better or worse.

Act Two: No Loyalty

Chapter One: Purge
It was Tuesday morning and already Lorenx, Chairwoman of the Liberal Voice Committee, was seated in the dominating gold-rimmed Headmaster’s chair. In front of her was the polished yet slightly worn desk adorned with several relics and ‘souvenirs’ from Vietnam; including the skeletal remains of an arm rested neatly in a small oak chest.

Lorenx brushed past the remains of papers that were ignored on Gnash’s departure from office; a petition to change the cafeteria meat to include less hair, a check to bribe one of the science teachers, a death note book with several student’s names written down in it.

How grim.

Of course, this was why Lorenx took the extra step with her campaign and seized power. She needed to show the world that positions of power should not be abused; they must benefit those who need it most.

“What better way to set an example than becoming Headmaster of the only school in Manga-Raider City?” She smirked

Deputy Neoraise, now with a medical bandage covering one eye, walked out from the corner of the room. He was still stoic, though perhaps more grim faced about yesterday’s ordeal.

“I’ll crack open the champagne, shall I?” He joked, at least Lorenx hoped so, it was hard to tell with his serious tone

“Scrap that plan” She replied “There is much to be done, and little time to do it”

He bowed “Very well sir”

“Ahem” Lorenx cleared her throat “I know your eyes aren’t in the best condition, but I’m sure your ears can tell that I’m a female?”

“My mistake, s- I mean ma’am”

Being deputy to Gnash for nearly 20 years, it was no surprise that this was hard wired into his behaviour. Neoraise displayed the many qualities of a machine; patient, silent, soulless.

“Do you have a family, Neoraise?” Lorenx asked, sitting up from her chair

“No close relatives”

“No wife? Kids? Siblings?”

“None at all, s—ma’am”

“Any close friends?”

“Every living breath is dedicated to my job”

Lorenx nodded along complacently “So your loyalty lies strictly with me”

Neoraise raised an eyebrow at the topic.

“I only started the job mere hours ago, so I doubt many people have faith in my abilities so far” Lorenx explained, her fingers ran briskly over the death note which lay on the desk

“My duty is to serve” Neoraise bowed submissively

“Good” Lorenx approached him “Then I have a task for you”

She pulled out a toilet brush and bucket.

“Clean every toilet in the building”

“...” Neoraise stared at the tools, his brain silently processing what is going on

Lorenx poked him with the brush “Now”

Neoraise looked up to the Headmaster, his eyes more devoid of emotion than before. Slowly he wrapped his fingers round the brush and the others on the bucket.

“Right away... ma’am” He said, and with that he walked out

As he exited the room, Robin Ryuu and Vio entered, making sure to stay out of the way of the aloof toilet cleaner. Obediently, they approached the now seated Lorenx.

“I don’t mean to intrude...” Robin said cautiously “But was the toilet task necessary?”

“Of course it was” Lorenx tapped her fingers on the desk “I had to put Neoraise in his place before he would even begin to think of usurping my position of power”

Robin nodded and said no more.

“Anyways” Lorenx proceeded “I require you two for a task; you are to go around the school and inspect every teacher we have employed here. Find out how they feel about me becoming Headmaster and report any... unloyal behaviour”

“Eh?” Vio squeaked “Surely I’m better suited to a different task?”

Lorenx facepalmed “I’m sure you’ll be fine, Robin will look after you”

Vio looked over at Robin. Robin looked back at Vio. Vio stopped looking at Robin and looked back at Lorenx who was looking at him.

“I guess...” He submitted

“Good, now get to it” Lorenx dismissed them

The two left, Lorenx sunk into her chair, and took a deep breath in.

“Soon” She whispered “I will avenge you...”

Chapter Two: Student Rep
“There needs to be change with the Student Council!”

Roshiro Byakko roared from across the lunch halls. As he stood there blasting his defiance against the higher echelons of the student hierarchy, a formidable crowd had gathered around him. The stench of outdated lunch meat flooded the room a long time ago, yet would not deter the spirit of dissatisfaction that was building up.

“The student reps are simply pawns in their pockets, doing their dirty work” He continued “And now is our chance to change this, with the new Headmaster here”

The crowd cheered in reaction. Only a lone few refused to get dragged in, namely Noisey, Vacant and Echo.

“The student president won’t like this” Vacant hummed with caution

Noisey slammed his fist on the table “He’s right though! Last year President Nairbons says he’s 21, and then this year he says he’s 22! What is it Nairbons?! What age is it?!?!?!”

Echo and Vacant face palmed collectively.

“Who dares question the President?”

In stepped FreezingCidia, with Kit-Kat at his side. His trench coat was stained with dried blood, a metal ruler sheathed into his trousers. Kit-Kat herself was a small and conniving individual, her energetic movements’ added bloodlust to her sharp eyes.

Roshiro rested his half-lidded gaze on the high-esteemed man “You look happy today Freeze, drowned any puppies today?”

FreezingCidia narrowed his eyes “In vinegar”

The crowd gasped.

“And then I sold them to Tescos so that we’d have another horsemeat scandal” He added

Roshiro gritted his teeth “I hope you burn in a pit of cobras, Freeze”

Kit-Kat lunched forward with a mocking laugh “Pwha! The cobras would burn too you fool!”

Echo almost fell out of her seat.

Pawing FreezingCidia’s trench coat, Kit-Kat purred “Let me fight him, please oh please my lovely rep, let me bring you his head!”

“Very well Kat, do what you must” FreezingCidia nodded

Roshiro jumped from the table, a textbook tapped to one hand, a stapler in the other.

“I’ll stable your eyelids to a saltbrick!” He barked

He charged with great speed at Kit-Kat, the young girl however brandished a pair of scissors and slid under him easy. With luck, Roshiro managed to deflect a blow to his left leg, but not his right. Red leaked from his fabrics and he winced in pain.

Kit-Kat stood up and put distance between the two “Nyah, looks like your defence is slow”

“So are my executions, I’ll make you suffer!”

Roshiro charged again, though shield first so he could block any first strike Kit-Kat would attempt. She braced herself for the impact and took it surprisingly well, she stabbed one of her weapons into the thick book, getting stuck halfway.

“Your tiny weapons are no use against my shield” Roshiro chuckled menacingly

Upon that comment, Kit-Kat brought her other pair of scissors underneath his shield and gave a quick snip at the tape, removing it from his arm. She then spun round and wacked it against his head. Several teeth skittered across the floor.

“What kind of textbook is that?” Vacant asked

“Something that thick? Science” Noisey replied

Roshiro was exhausted now, wounded and losing blood, he put his strength into one last charge. Stapler held high, he charged again at Kit-Kat.

“Nyah” She smirked, and threw both her weapons at him, sinking deep within his head

Dead before he fell, Roshiro landed on his knees then his head, causing the weapons to go deeper. He was mere inches away from his victorious opponent.

The crowd dispersed after that, not want to be associated with a corpse.

“Good job Kit-Kat” FreezingCidia clapped

“Nyah!” She squeaked in delight “Anything for you my rep~”

“You truly are amazing Kit-Kat, you helped restore order to this lunchhall. I’m really starting to look at you a different way”


“Like, a really good mercenary instead of an okay one”

She closed her eyes “Conceal, don’t feel” she whispered

The two left.

Echo got back onto her chair at last “What did I miss?”

I hope this poorly written story gets incorporated into the MR Anthology :D And even if it doesn't, as long as it brings smiles, then that's a mission success for me  8)
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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2015, 06:29:55 PM »
Ahahaha... Poor Hasith, you're not bad in real life, we promise!

Who will live and who will die? The suspense~
It'll be interesting to see where this story goes, Ginger! :thumbsup:

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2015, 06:39:45 PM »
Can you post all the characters in a spoiler tag too?? *pretends to not be interested while secretly is interested *

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody) [CHARACTER LIST INSIDE]
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2015, 06:53:13 PM »
Churro: Hopefully Hasith doesn't ban me >.> I don't want that

Matsui: Sure, I've got a list of the characters so far :D

-Mayor Hasith, the dubious leader of MR City
-Miss Lorenx, leader of the Liberal Commitee
-Coryn, the eccentric and deadly MR School Scientist
-Robin Ryuu, loyal assistant to Lorenx
-Headmaster Gnash-Sama, the corrupt billionare owner of MR School
-No1sey, the dim-witted Protagonist who gets caught up in the worst scenarios
-Vacant, the naive best friend to No1sey
-Cinnamoroll, a cheeky street orphan
-Deputy Neoraise, the mysterious and reserved Duputy Headmaster of MR School
-Assistant Vio, the kawaii, well intentioned assistant to Lorenx
-Bounty Hunter Legomastero, a stoic killer who works for the highest bidder
-Echo, nerdy student and voice of reason
-MissChurro, boyish transfer student who owns a custom-made car
-Drama Teacher Ginger, the loud and liberal Head of Drama
-MusicFreak, the popular hall monitor
-History Teacher Dr.Striker, a shallow womaniser
-Whitecrow, the hot tempered dog lover
-Nairbons, the odd kid and 'best friend' to WhiteCrow
-Teacher Hikari, the foriegn Head of PE
-River, daughter of Headmaster Gnash, richest girl in the school
-FreezingCidia, a jock who's running for Student Council
-Roshiro Byakko, a clumsy doctor

I'm looking for a few more peeps to fill in thouhg :D
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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2015, 07:03:26 PM »
I'm a boyish character, eh? As long as I'm still kawaii. 8)
And I get a custom made car? Yes!! :dance:

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #5 on: January 10, 2015, 07:07:00 PM »
Hmmm, Can you have boyish Kawaii?  :hmm:

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2015, 07:08:20 PM »
I don't see why not. ::)

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #7 on: January 10, 2015, 07:12:50 PM »
I suppose so, to be honest when anyone refers to someone as boyish in Manga/Anime, I think tsundere with short hair!

and if Yukihira Furano isn't the definition of Kawaii then I don't know what is!

shall be interesting to see which Member fits into which house then and who gets the chop too!  :(

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #8 on: January 10, 2015, 07:19:15 PM »
Mhmm, that's what I think of too. :hmm:
Perhaps I would do better with a girly or even lolita style? All up to you of course, Ginger. Whatever you think suits me best! :thumbsup:

I thought I was the definition of kawa-- *looks up pictures of Yukihara*
...Okay, she is too. ::)

Indeed! How many chapters will there be, Ginger?

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #9 on: January 10, 2015, 07:24:28 PM »
Hoho! Maybe I can kidnap an artist and show you true Kawaii  :ninja:

Should be five acts overall, with several chapters underneath each one. So over a dozen chapters?

Next chapter coming up will have you in it Vacant! :D

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #10 on: January 10, 2015, 07:34:22 PM »
Oh oh...

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
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I take it you saw your character, Lego :D

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #12 on: January 10, 2015, 07:44:45 PM »
Almost missed it. It's just that... British dark humour parodying Game of Thrones seems like a horrible horrible idea. I'll prepare the mind bleach

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody)
« Reply #13 on: January 10, 2015, 07:46:57 PM »

You'll laugh, you'll cringe, but you'll never forget!

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Re: A Game of Raiders (An MR Parody) [NOW WITH CHAPTER TWO]
« Reply #14 on: January 10, 2015, 08:27:19 PM »
Updated it with chapter 2  8) Gnash Sama, Vacant, No1sey, Vio, Cinnamoroll... it's your time to shine! :dance: