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Author Topic: Unnamed romcom/superpower/action/gb.  (Read 1010 times)

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Unnamed romcom/superpower/action/gb.
« on: March 08, 2015, 11:48:02 AM »
Hi, so I'd thought I post this up and get some much needed feedback. I'm not sure of the direction I want to take with this but it could be a longish one shot, or a smaller series. I did write it in a semi-script form. It is a genderbender/romcom/superpower/action, well that's at least what I gather from what I wrote. Didn't think much of it at the time tia for reading.

Brief Description: (Character names are just placeholders at this point in time)

Jun Kobayashi is the heir to a large multimedia company (cliche right?) Father passed away and his uncle has full controls over the company 'NeoKei' until he is of age. His mother was never present as he was an illegitimate love child. Since he has not had a mother type figure in his whole like apart from the maid Sachiko he develops a liking for wearing ladies clothes.

He gets an anonymous email from a distributor of accessories and he decides to buy it. He gets home puts the wig on he "transforms" (queue sailor moon transforming sequence lol) into a female. He gets a phone call explaining how the game works and is forced to play the game in order to regain what was taken.

Brief Character overview

Jun Kobayashi is the heir to the NeoKei Conglomerate. Rich and has a mansion, personal maid what ever he wants to get stereotypical rich kid.

Aki is Jun's best friend. Akis parents had a falling out and Jun did not want him and his little sister Miyuki to deal with all the bad baggage and offered them to stay in his Mansion. This was easy because Aki likes maids.. alot particularly Sachiko. (Comic relief character perhaps.)

Miyuki is Aki's little sister, has a crush on Jun.

Sachiko is the resident maid of Jun's Mansion.

Ashley is the current antagonist.

Chiyo and Uehara are supporting roles

Chapter 1

Classroom at Jun’s Desk the first period bell rings
Jun: *Looking at emails on his smart phone *

(Email advert for fashion accessories specifically a new brand on Wig.)

A paper ball hits him in the back of the head, He turns to see the culprit seeing Aki pointing to the front of the class while he’s mouthing out 'TEACHER'.

Teacher projects her voice out to the back of the room, “Jun Hallway now!”

In the Hallway

Jun stands up and stomps out towards the door, he flings it open and immediately walks into someone standing in the door way.

*Books clapping to the floor* “Damn it who the hell is standing here of all places”.

 He leans over to pick up the books, "Ah sorry, that was my fault for standing in the doorway.” (Leant over with books in his arms looking up toward the person who is has leant over in front of him).

He peaks up as he does to see a very handsome young man leaning over picking up the dropped items.

“No it was mine barging out the door like that, I had pissed off the teacher *Smirk*” “I’m Jun by the way”

“Ashley, I’m the new assistant teacher” *Shakes Jun’s hand* “I hope we will have a trouble free year Jun.”

*Jun smiled as Ashley walks into the classroom, it abruptly fades as the teacher walks out after a short moment*

Teacher: “You know what your father will say if you keep messing around in class, I’ll let you off today ok?”
Jun: “OK..” *Pissed*

School has finished on dusk and Jun has now arrived outside the shop on Mahou Street #24 No sign nomenclature Jun is his drag outfit
(Fluffy skirt/light top and a medium length straight haired wig?)

Jun: Ah it’s open, hello? (In the doorway)

Ashley: “Welcome, how can I help you?” (Doors slams shut)

*Jun gets frightened from the door almost trips up*
Ashley: “It’s ok darling no one is going to hurt you” (standing behind Jun)
Ashley: “Wow you really are something like he said” (She embraces him from behind licking her lips)

Jun: “W…what the hell” (Jun pushes her away)
Ashley: “Jun I understand you want to purchase one of my most exquisite items don’t you?”
Jun: “Yes.. I do, you just freaked me out a little. How do you know my name? Who are you?”
Ashley: “I’m a friend of a friend, don’t you worry too much about it” (She smiles)

*She gives him a bag* Ashley: “Don’t worry this is on the house for the inconvenience I caused you earlier <3, these are revolutionary they will change your life”

Jun: “Sweet it’s free, bye.” *Outside the store*

(Weird sound graphic, Jun glances at an empty lot. Too indulged in his new accessory) O^O “Whatever, I just want to try this on ASAP!”

Arriving at home to his mansion lights are off.

Jun: I’m back…they must be sleeping.. Sweet! (Taking shoes off in the landing)

I find it hard to believe they are sleeping (walking down the hallway talking to himself)

Jun taking his shirt off in the dressing room as he is taking his shirt off he hears a noise from the closet (In front on Jun with the closet door behind him with his shirt over his head)

Jun: “? Is that you Mashumaro? *Mashumaro the black pet cat* (from the closet looking at Jun walking toward the closet through the door being open slightly)

Whispering “Crap crap crap he’s going to find m… me”
(Behind Jun again with the back of his head showing with the doors flung open and Miyuki curled up in the closet)

Jun: “Miyuki? What are you doing in there?”

Miyuki: “I…. I ahh wanted to see you in drag (awkward face)

Jun: “Is that all, you don’t have to hide you know.”

Jun: “Now then for punishment for try to peek on me, I get to dress you up.”
(Jun pulling Miyuki up with an evil smile)

Miyuki: “N….no I hate wearing those clothes.”
(Draw Miyuki in some fancy clothes standing up showing)

Jun: “Hehe I told you so.”
(Outside the room Aki and Sachiko (she’s the hot maid that Aki moved in for but failed)

Sachiko: “Operation success!”

Aki: “I can’t believe that worked.” *Referring to a magazine*

Sachiko: “Let’s go back to sleep Aki, let them talk alone ok?”

Aki: “Aight baby ;).” (Aki winking at Sachiko, Sachiko kinda disgusted face)

Jun: “I can’t believe you don’t dress up like this all the time you could be pretty popular.” (Miyuki pouting)

Jun: “Stop with that look I’ll die from cute overload.’’
(Miyuki embarrassed with Jun pouting)

Jun: “Can you help me with this wig please?”

Miyuki: “Fine, ok.”
(Miyuki putting the wig on looks annoyed)

Miyuki: “It’s like you were supposed to be a girl.”
(Miyuki hugs Jun from behind)

*she feels abnormal parts on Jun’s chest* (so a shocked effect)
Miyuki: “J…Jun?”
(She looks at the mirror to see what’s she’s gotten a hold of Jun’s face is blushed)

Jun: “WHAT!?”
(Jun has jumped up out of his seat)
(Phone ringing on the bench)
(Jun picks it up with an unknown caller ID)

Ashley: “Ah Jun, I see you’ve put my master piece on <3.”

Jun: “Who is this?”
(Jun with an annoyed face)

Ashley: “I told you it would change you *ahhnn* don’t tell me you forgot <3?”
(I just had to put the ahhn in I think she’s some deprived mid 30’s woman lol)

Jun: “What did you do to me?” (Pissed off)

Ashley: “It is a game, contestants have been chosen of all similar stature as well as looks. Your games will be pushed to you via the Neokei device. Yours will be on your desk in 2.. 1 (A shiny light on the desk with a small tablet like device)

Jun: “What if I don’t want to participate?”
(Miyuki starts disappearing behind Jun)

Ashley: “Don’t you worry about that, we will convince you to participate bye <3.”

Miyuki: “J…Jun what is happening?”
(Jun turns to see Miyuki fading)

Jun: “No… no Miyuki wait!”
(He runs toward Miyuki hand goes through like a hologram)

Jun: “I will save you Miyuki, wait for me I promise.”

Miyuki: “Ju-.”
(She completely disappears)
(He runs into the wall putting a hole into it knocking himself out.)
(Sachiko hears the bang obviously and knocks on the door)

Sachiko: “Jun.. are you two ok in there?” *thinking to herself he better not have done anything to Miyuki*
(Walks in the door to see a half naked figure on the ground)

Sachiko: “Who are you? (Kung Fu mode)

Jun: “They… they took Miyuki.”
(Jun Passed out with Sachiko with a wtf how is that Jun look)

Sachiko: “A.. are those real?” *Poke* (shocked)
(She picks Jun up)

Sachiko: “I guess I should carry you to bed, the last time you were sleeping this peaceful was when you were born.”

End chapter 1

Maybe Chapter 1 could be split into a 2 or 3. I'm not sure.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2.
(A holding cell with three beds one dull light on the far wall with an old school camera overlooking the room. The door is beneath the camera with a small slit in it with no handle on the inside.)
Miyuki lying on a fold out stretcher, the light blinked in an intermitted fashion.
Miyuki: “Jun~” (Sleepy talk)
              “Jun!?” (Sits upright)
Miyuki scans the room“Where am I?”

Uehara: “We are being held prisoner.”

Miyuki: “Who… who’s there?”

Uehara: “Ah sorry  to have startled you.” (He sits up)

Uehara: “I’m Uehara Sato, looks like we’ll be here for a while. This here is Chiyo Tanaka, she’s been asleep for a while now.

Miyuki: “I see.”

Uehara: “When they dropped you off in here you were out for two days.”

Miyuki: “H… how is that possible?”

Uehara: “Apparently the machine used drains the victims to make them easier to capture when they are ‘transported’.”

Miyuki: “…. You still haven’t answered my question to where we are.”

Uehara: “ Well.. From what I’ve seen we are in a small underground bunker or dungeon, whatever you prefer to call it.” (He’s winking with a grin maybe sparkly teeth)

Miyuki: “You think this is a joke?”
(Serious death stare)

Uehara: “ Bwahahaha, you are hilarious.  I was just trying to lighten the mood.

Chiyo: *Stirs* “Shaddap noisy idiot.”
Uehara and Miyuki look at each other they both laugh.

Chiyo: (Leans up rubbing her eye) “What’s so funny.”
Uehara falls of the bed clutching his sides laughing, Miyuki wiping tears off her cheek from laughing so much smiling.

Chiyo: “Really…”
(Banging on the door)

Guard: “Oi! Keep it down in there”
(Uehara and Miyuki get scared/shocked)

Guard: “Chow time.”
(Three trays slide through the slot on the bottom of the door)

Uehara: “Bout time, although..”

Miyuki: “Is there something wrong?”

Uehara: “YES! The food is horrible!”

Miyuki: “Ehh it can’t be that bad can it?”

Uehara: “We are prisoners you know.” (Smirking)
Miyuki trying the food and is Disgusted.

Miyuki: “Ewwww gross.”

Uehara: “Hahaha you will get used to it. Oi Chiyo, foods here.
Chiyo wakes up and wolfs down the contents of the tray and goes back to sleep.
(Uehara and Miyuki watch in astonishment.)

~Meanwhile at the Kobayashi house.~

(Sachiko and Aki simultaneously)

Jun: “The person who made me a… a girl took Miyuki.”

Aki: *thinking* “My best friend has been turned into a girl hehe” (Perverted expression)

Sachiko: “So you went and bought that wig you are wearing and?”

Jun: “When I got home and put it on I got a call from the lady from the shop.”

Sachiko: “And she just disappeared into thin air?

Jun: “Y..Yeah” (scratching the back of his head)

(Aki leans over to Jun whispering and trying not to look at her chest)

Aki: “I think she’s about to blow up.”
Her expression is extremely pissed off and then she faints

Aki: Dives off his chair to catch Sachiko

Jun: “Sachiko?” (Checking her pulse)

Aki: “ She just fainted I think.”

Jun: “ Yeah, Miyuki is a part of our family. I was pretty shocked when she disappeared.

Aki: “So she’s like a little sister to you?”

Jun: “Yeah, just like a little sister and we are like brothers right?”

Aki: “Yeah..” (Disappointed *thinking* he really doesn’t see her as a girl after all)

Sachiko: “Y…you’ll disappoint Miyuki Jun.. A… Aki… how long are you going to hold me like this!? (Explodes)

Aki: “Ah~ don’t hurt me” (Flinching)

Sachiko: I’m old enough to be you mother you know.”

Aki: “Ah.. But love has no boundaries.” (Shakespeare like)

Sachiko: “Ah… (Annoyed look)

Sachiko: “I’ve already had children though.” (While looking at Jun)

Jun: “I thought you said you were always single and had no other obligations?” (Suspicious)

Sachiko: “Ahahaha what was I saying”

Sachiko: “Tehe.” (Taps self on the head with her tongue out)

Jun,  Aki: “Ah~ really?”   (Jun slips out of the room)

Sachiko: “W..Where is he going?” (Attempting to leave the room)

Aki: “Ahh ahhah you aren't leaving 'till he has some dirt of you heh” (winking covering the door)

Sachiko: “L...let me out.” (Trying to push past Aki)

Sachiko: “What if I let you..” (Pulling up her skirt)

Aki: “Hehe you think you can just bribe me with those kinds of things” (Looking down at her skirt)

Sachiko: “oh really?” (Sliding the skirt up even more)
(Jun entering Sachiko’s room)

Aki loses concentration and tries for the skirt
Sachiko kicks Aki in the face and escapes the room
Jun finding an old dusty photo album wiping it off
Sachiko makes it to her bedroom

Sachiko: “W...wait Jun don't look in there!” (Desperate)

End of Chapter 2.

That's what I have written so far I hope it is decent :D. I apologize if I made you guys scroll a lot I seemed to have trouble reading it when it was just a blocky wall of text. I look forward to any advice, thanks for reading.

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Re: Unnamed romcom/superpower/action/gb.
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2015, 03:42:35 PM »
The general idea of this main character doesn't grab me. its not that he's rich. its not that he's the heir to a company (although, that is one thing that troubles me) is that his fetish to wear wigs, and other things.

But i thought "maybe it can have a nice spin". but as i read it, everything was just thrown in really fast, and very little to absorb. For example: we see a substitute teacher who is named "ashley" and shakes his hand, and no one finds that odd when the majority of the cast appears to be japanese?

Theres not even a little mention to say "oh you're american" or "oh you're not japanese".

But still, as i read it, you make the whole dress up fetish to be really normal or really simple to understand. Or like its just a quirk readers are just going to have to get used to. unfortunately, it just tells me this isn't a great character idea. If you attempted to "justify" such an odd fetish, then perhaps i could continue reading. I'm sorry but simply not having a mother doesn't automatically make it ride. A lot of children have lived without a parent of the opposite gender. they don't automatically want to become that gender or act like it out of that reason. you're defintiely going to have to put more thought into that.

Jun is a character i simply see doesn't try to connect with the audience. we see his reactions, we see his movements, but we don't see his internal thoughts and we don't see his personality shining out. he's just going through the motions and acts angry quickly, but he also responds to things a little too quickly as if he doesn't need to play catch up.

Suddenly this game is taking place and very little explanation. there's not much to absorb from it all. he's already responding to her.

But then whats worst is how it all ties into Neokei.
Stop playing know what you did.

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Re: Unnamed romcom/superpower/action/gb.
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2015, 04:45:21 PM »
Hey, thanks for replying. I didn't edit the original much, I kinda just let it flow out. I will have to delve deeper and rack my brain on the points you made as I couldn't see my own flaws.

Hmm.. I could go along with where Jun's wig fetish comes out, he 'had' a very close friend that passed away from cancer and that she wore/collected these wigs when she lost her hair from the treatment. "Wow she would have loved this type" Jun then dons the new style. He also could have adopted her style ie; cross dressing, in trying to keep her alive. Kinda like an immature love that he can't get over. And even though he had all the money in the world he couldn't save her from cancers iron claws.

With the foreigner thing I'm thinking from going to business dinners/parties he would have been acclimatized to the variety. I can't think of where I can fit such a function in, in the beginning. Also another idea, his school is one that is Internationally diverse. I'll have to add more to the first chapter to go about the school and explain things a little more clearly.

This feedback is what I've needed obviously haha :D I can already see it blowing up way bigger than I thought it'd be.

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Re: Unnamed romcom/superpower/action/gb.
« Reply #3 on: March 12, 2015, 07:27:58 AM »
So I took a bit but I've rewritten the start. It's not finished but I may end up replacing it all at this point. I think I have introduced the scene and characters properly. Conveying a character properly is mainly what I think I need to work on at this point.

---- Late evening in a hospital room, female lying on the bed with a male character sitting on a chair. Assorted wigs all over the bed ----

Sarah: “Jun, what do you think?” *sporting a new long blonde wig*

Jun: “Wow it looks great, I like longer hair and keeping your colour original”

Sarah: *Blush* “R..really?”

Jun: “Really, I don’t lie you know” *smiles*

Sarah: “Geez you better no-“ *coughing hard into a hanky/tissue with blood*

Jun: *stands up and grabs Sarah’s free hand* “Are you ok? Do you need a doctor?”

Sarah: *wiping blood from her mouth* “No, I’m fine.”

Sarah: “It’s getting late now, Sachiko would be getting worried like she does”

Jun: “It’ll be fine, I just want to stay a little longer. You get some rest, I’ll leave once you’re asleep ok?”

Sarah: *Smiles* “Ok.”

Jun: *sits back in his chair and yawns, he looks at Sarah sleeping* “I can’t tell her the treatment for her cancer isn’t stopping it”(Thoughts) *eyes closed, manly tears*

Woken abruptly with doctors rushing about, they were trying to resuscitate Sarah.

Doctor: “Charge!... Clear!” *Sarah’s body arching from the defibrillator*
Nurse trying to forcefully remove Jun from the room

Nurse: “Sir you have to leave now, please.”

Doctor: “Clear!”

Jun gets shoved out the door.

Jun: “Wait, wait! Let me back in.. Please.. *Bashing on the door*

Jun registers what is happening and goes into a state of despair/shock, slides down the wall next to the door to a sitting position hugging his legs.

Jun: “Don’t go Sarah…”

---- BZZZT his phone alarm goes off. Waking up shocked, taking deep breaths. Juns bedroom is quite spacious has walk in wardrobe and an en’suite. A four poster king size bed with plush curtains. ----

Jun: “Damn it” *Wiping his face*

---- Mashumaro Jun’s pet black cat meows and rubs against him. ----

Jun: “I wish I could be as carefree as you Mashumaro” *Pats the cat.*

*Knocks on the door*
Sachiko: “Jun are you up?” *she walks into the room*

Jun: “Sachiko? Ah, yeah..” *Jun looks like crap*

Sachiko: “Are you ok? You look like you had a rough night.”

Jun: “Nah I’m fine, just a bad dream is all.”

Sachiko: “If we need to call off the luncheon with your uncle today we can..”

Jun: “No, I need to attend these. Those dirty greedy people need to know who I am.” *Disgusted look*

Sachiko: “Ok, I will inform the school you will have to leave midday today. Breakfast is ready, your clothes are
pressed and in the bathroom.”

Jun: “Thanks, I will be down soon.”

*Jun’s phone emits a mail received tone*

Jun: *Looking at emails on his smart phone *

*New wig advert*

Jun: “She would have liked this.. at least I have something to look forward too today.”
(Jun walks into the dining room and sits at the head of the table.)

Jun: *Drinks from his coffee mug while reading a local newspaper*

Aki: “Yo, morning Jun. You look like crap..” *Takes a seat to the left of Jun Aki’s clothes are in total disarray*

Jun: “Uhuh.. what about you, what’s with the messed up clothes”

Aki: “Me? Hmm I guess you could call it operation maid lure.”

Jun: “Really? That’s stupid. She won’t touch you with a 10 foot pole.” *Jun sneers*

Aki: “We’ll see”

Jun: “Sure buddy..”

Door slams open, Sachiko wheeling in a cart with silver platters on it.

Sachiko: “A full English breakfast today.”

*Aki Stands up like an idiot trying to present his clothes issue.*

Sachiko: “Eat.” Dumps his plate on the table

Sachiko: “Jun~ please enjoy your meal.”

*Aki gets utterly destroyed*

Jun: “Pfft Hahaha, man you can be an idiot.”

Aki: *Embarrassed* “At least we can start the day with a smile”

*Aki fixing his clothes up*

*Miyuki walks in with clothes messed up, half asleep*

Sachiko: “Oh my, Miyuki you can’t be walking around like that.”

*Sachiko fixing up Miyuki’s appearance*

Miyuki: “Huh.. oh.”

*Aki’s jaw drops in jealousy*


Sachiko: “Really.” *devious*

*Aki takes getting destroyed to a whole new level*

A black expensive car parked out the front of a huge expensive high school. Giant plaque on the large ornate gate “Oracle International Institute of Studies”

(The car has NEOKEI CORP plastered on the sides)

The first day of the new semester new students are walking in some have stopped to look at the expensive car to see who gets out. A whole myriad of Foreigners of course the school is famous for its exchange students and teachers.

Student 1: “Woah who could that be?

Student 2: “Must be someone important.”

Student 1: “Yeah it is a NEOKEI company car.. They practically own the Island”

Student 3: “No, they do own it.”

Sachiko gets out and opens the door.

Student 2: “OMG a real maid!”

Student 1: “I was expecting that much..”

Student 3 *Amazed*

Jun, Aki and Miyuki all pile out while being stared at by the new students.

Aki: “Wow look at all the cuties.” *winks at the closest bunch of girls they reel back*

Miyuki: “Aki you’re scaring them” *She jabs him in the ribs*
            “Jun lets go to the assembly hall” *full escort mode grabs Jun’s arm*

Aki: “W..what was that for, am I not allowed to pick up girls?”

Jun: *sigh* “Can you not please. I have to speak in front of these freshmen at the ceremony..” *trying to get out of the arm lock*

Miyuki: “Escape is not an option tehe”

Student 3: “Aaand one gets out with a girl on his arm, bastard.”

Student 1&2: “Agreed.”

---- Campus Auditorium, large with a lot a seats can fit nearly the whole student population in it. Stage with a large screen behind so that the rear most audience can see the person talking. ----

Principal: “Good morning students. Welcome to Oracle International Institute of Studies, and the island on which we stand Arcifortra’de. (Arr-see-for-tra-deh like French maybe? Make this stuff up likes its preschool!)

“I hope to have a smooth trouble free semester, and that we all accomplish our goals. Secondly we have a new teacher with us here this semester from Britain, Ashley Clarkson will be aiding                              relief/assistant teaching for most of the semester. And finally a few words from our benefactor.” *He welcomes Jun to the podium*

Jun: “Welcome Fellow students, I am Jun Kobayashi the benefactor of this establishment. I took interest to this island because I wanted it put it plainly. Who doesn’t like living on a tropical island? Away from the chains of a normal society. Look at what I’ve created. *shows a picture of the whole island* You are free on my island, take advantage of it. That is all. (I may change this as he sounds like a total prick, macho facade)

*students whispering*
"dont wanna mess with him"
"Thats a bit over the top"

Jun returns to his seat

Aki: “Wow you really did wake up on the wrong side of the bed.”

Miyuki: “That was a scary speech” *worried*

Jun: “I’m just doing as instructed.” *stressed*

*Ashley who was sitting next to Jun leans over to say something*

Ashley: “That was quite a speech Mr. Kobayashi.”

*Ashley holds his hand out*

*Jun returns the offer*

Jun: “Call me Jun please, welcome to Oracle.”

*Jun’s phone buzzes* “Ah let me take this please.”

Ashley: “Ahh sure.”

*Jun goes outside, looking at a mail from Sachiko*

= Changed venues, to the stadium. =

Jun: “Such late notice, and we have to drive 2 hours to get there.” *Annoyed*

*Distant sounds of a helicopter*

Jun: “Ah I see now..”

Miyuki: *runs out* “Are you leaving already?”

Jun: “Yeah..”

Miyuki: “Can’t you stay I wanted to go shopping later” *pout*

Jun: *Looks away*

Miyuki: “ Pweeeeease?”

Jun: “Well…. I can’t skip but lat-“ *gets cut off mid sentence*

Miyuki: “Yay! Thank you soo much I’ll see you at home!” *runs back to class*

*chopper landing*

Jun: “I didn’t even finish my sentence damn it, It’s gonna bite me in the butt.”

*Jun getting in the chopper*

(The same guys from the front of the school they’re on the roof eating)
Student 2: “Damn he has a chopper too?"

Student 3: “Duh he’s a Kobayashi”

Student 1: “Maaan, I wish I had a private chopper..” *Disappointed*

Student 3: “You’re lucky to be getting a free education on this Island..”

Student 2: “Yeah.. be grateful.”

Ashley appears on the rooftop the boys don’t notice.

Student 1: “But… still private chopper..”

Ashley: “Do you really want your own helicopter?”

*They all get a jump scare*

Student 2: “Since when did you get up here?

Student 3: “I didn’t even hear the door..”
                 “You’re that new teacher right? Ms.. uhh..”

Student 2: “Ms. Clarkson.”

Ashley: “Yes I am the new teacher..”   
            “Don’t mind how I got up here..”

Student 1: “I’d love a helicopter!” *Excited*

Ashley: *talking on her phone* “Bring the chopper down.” (A black unmarked helicopter phases out of camouflage men in obscure suits are in it)

Ashley: “Please get on.” *arm out*

Student 1: “YES!” Immediately gets on*

Student 3: “Guys.. I don’t think this is a good idea”

Ashley: “I assure you, we will be back before you know it.” *Trying to be convincing*

Student 2: “Let’s do it, she’s a teacher.. no harm right?”

Ashley: “(Damn idiots Get on already).” She thought.

*2 and 3 look at each other shrugging and get on*

Student 2: “What the hell, let’s go.”