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Author Topic: I am back... and  (Read 1224 times)

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Offline Theonesuperx

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I am back... and
« on: October 30, 2014, 03:17:43 PM »
I am back guys.... Some of you may remember my story, Angel Star. And how I wanted to give up,but deciced not to. But I left anyway because  not that I gave up,but uh.. I really don't know why. It must have been that I was really busy with some projects and soon busy  with my fan game. But now I am back and writing stories again. (Also I am  going to make Angel Star a RPG now. The manga series of that might come later)   

What I come here to ask is..

How can a writer like me get a free manga artist.  I am sorry ,but I just can't spend money. Not now,because I don't have a job yet and I can't promise that I will always get to pay my artist.

Also would people just be interested in a manga script?       And a other question is there a other site like this?
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Offline AnzeiKazumi

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Re: I am back... and
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2014, 04:06:39 AM »
I honestly don't know who you are but congrats on not giving up! Name's Anzei by the way, by the looks of it we're the same, I'm a writer too. Well, we all are here. Anyway, I can't really give you any solid suggestion, but I'll give you what I think is good advice.

Patience. Ain't that simple, right? I once posted here, and checked my post every single day, still there was nothing. Then I stopped checking my post and just relied on the Email the site sends to notify any PMs or messages. After a few days, or weeks, if I recall correctly, I found some people. Two people wanted me to work for them, the thing is, one wanted me to be a storyboard artist, and the other wanted me to become some sort of editor/co-writer. It took some time so be patient. From what I've noticed there's really a lot of Writer's and not enough of artists to help them make the manga they want.

Well that's it, good luck with yer game! I'd love to play it some time! ;D