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Author Topic: Save The World, Inc.  (Read 788 times)

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Save The World, Inc.
« on: July 26, 2014, 10:33:05 PM »
This here's the place where I put the words that make the story in the title. It's all WIP.

Anywhozit, enjoy if you can.

Save The World, Inc.

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Sakura

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Re: Save The World, Inc.
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2014, 10:34:01 PM »
Chapter 1 - Welcome to Sakura

   Hello there. My name is Jounosuke Bradler, it’s a little consuming so you can call me Joe. I’m a half Japanese half American born and raised in this city of Sakura. Despite the name it’s actually an American based city and despite its location it’s almost entirely made of up Japanese citizens. Think of it as a large Japantown sort of deal.
   Now if you ask why this town came to be then you’d have to ask someone with much more authority than me. After all, I’m new here. Ah, I know that look. Though I am new that doesn’t mean I don’t know how to do my job. That was what training was for. Though I did just manage to pass…
   “Joe! What are you doing trying to scare away paying customers!?”
   Standing behind Joe in a gothic lolita getup is a girl with deep crimson hair and a hazel gaze that petrified any weak-willed people. Even though they were inside with a sturdy roof over their heads for some strange reason Vilia holds a matching umbrella over her head.
   “Sorry Sir…it is ‘Sir’, isn’t it?” Vilia asked in a professional tone similar to that of a skilled waitress or experienced secretary.
   “Yes.” The customer replies in a nervous tone. Taking a closer look at him one would immediately want to scream ‘Monster!’ but fortunately for this beastman everyone in the building was familiar with his type. Not only those in the building, but all the citizens of Sakura.
   The city, mostly Japanese but on American soil, was created for one purpose: to be the bridge between worlds. It is the junction point where all interdimensional, extraplanatary, or plainly out of this world travel makes a pit stop. At least from or to Earth.
   It was nearly twenty years ago when some of the original citizens of Sakura (it was called something else then, nobody really remembers what since it was so off the map) stumbled upon a relic. Scientists weren’t sure if it was from the past, future, or another world but they did discover its purpose. It was a Hyperdimensional Oscillation Platform, or HOP.
   The first time humans ever visited another world was thanks to the HOP. Of course it didn’t actually happen until years after the discovery. Unlike the past this time humans didn’t want to mess up with their new discovery. That’s why the military-centered country of the US teamed up with the technologically advanced and peaceful (in recent years) country, Japan.
   This was common knowledge to all in Sakura, except for Joe that is. Even as a first generation citizen of Sakura he was hopeless. Perhaps it was hereditary as his father was a shut-in scientist, or from his mother’s side with her free-spirited nature. Either way the fact he got a job at all was amazing, let alone at STW Inc.
   “If at all possible, could I please speak to a more experienced employee?” The beastman, furry and fluffy as the dog-type he was, asked in a tone trying not to offend Joe. “Not that I do not appreciate your help, umm, Joe, was it?”
   “Yup.” Joe said with a dumbfaced smile.
   “Anyways, I would like to speak with the manager or something, this is a very important matter I do not think a regular person can handle it.”
   “I don’t think you understand, sir.” Vilia spoke in a completely different tone. Close to a condescending repulsion but still with a tinge of businesslike courtesy. “All cases brought to us here at Save the World, Inc. are important matters,”
   The beastman flinched at her voice like a dog with its head hung in shame while being reprimanded by its master.
   “as for all the staff here, we are all considered ‘regular’ humans.” Vilia finished.
   “Y-yes!” The beastman stands at attention abruptly knocking over the couch he was sitting on, a testament to his superior strength. “I-I was just concerned for my world’s wellbeing.”
   “That’s understandable.” Another voice jumps in. From atop the stairs against the back wall a man in a pressed black suit and tie looks down at the lobby area. Though his attire might suggest refinement his physical features spoke differently (let alone his attitude). He had scars peeking out from his sleeves and collar hinting at a dangerous past but his body was far from ‘weak’. Even under his tailored suit, created to fit him perfectly, a strong form was clear. Muscles not bulging but toned, a steady stance ready to jump into action at any moment, and a gaze that said he’d seen more blood than tears in his life.
   “Ah, Boss Man.” Joe spoke out in a slightly surprised tone. Not for any particular reason of course, he normally expected to see the man he called ‘Boss Man’ in the building but it was more for the benefit of their guest, to tell him this man’s status.
   “Don’t call me “Boss Man”,” The man said in an irritated tone, “My name is Richard.” Richard V. Guise if you wanted to pick hairs. And just to note, no matter how deep you dig or how high your connection go, you will never find out what the ‘V’ stands for. The rumor at STW Inc is that he made it up.
   “You are the person in charge here?” The beastman asks with a glint of hope in his eyes.
   “I am.” Richard replies with a grin. “And I assume you’re here to ask for my help.”
   “Who’s a good boy?”
   Before the beastman could answer Richard begins to scratch under his neck, treating him like an ordinary dog.
   “You’re a good boy, aren’t you?”
   Continuing to rub the beastman’s belly, who had flipped on his back himself, Richard made witnesses of Joe and Vilia to a very awkward scene.
   “W-wait a second!” The beastman finally breaking free of Richard’s dangerous hold over him shouts. “I am here on very important business, I cannot play around while my world is in danger!” With a regal posture like that of a Doberman ready to hunt the beastman stands.
   “I see.” Richard replies with a strangely disappointed look about him. “Then why don’t you fill us in on the situation?”
   “Ahem, then…” The beastman clears his throat. “I need you to kill someone-” The beastman says in a serious tone.
   “Okay.” Richard interrupts with a ‘no problem’ attitude.
   Taking a few seconds to gather himself from the surprise the beastman focuses his eyes on Richard.
   “Do you not want to hear who or why first?” The beastman asked with a puzzled face.
   “You can tell me that on the way.” Richard says lightly. “You’ve already lost enough time getting here through all the interviews and customs right?”
   The beastman nods as he had to go through the same checks as all visitors to Sakura. An extensive physical and mental search with various interviews to ascertain a neutral or positive intent. Necessary to prevent any invaders from taking over Earth it was similar to airport security protocol for suspicion of terrorism, though less aggressive as Sakura believed in the credo “Innocent until proven guilty.”
   In the beginning it was difficult because of the language barriers that natural existed between beings of different worlds but thanks to an early visit from a super advanced alien civilization which brought along technology for universal translators and eventually technology to aid in these kinds of situations everything flowed much smoother.
   Even around the beastman’s neck now was a translator relaying his words in real-time with technology far beyond normal human understanding. It made for a strange sight as the mouth movement and words don’t match up but it was a minor inconvenience for a huge benefit.
   “We’ve already got the information on your world thanks to the Wall so we can prepare the necessary equipment.” Richard explains as he begins to walk away. “Give me five minutes and I’ll have everything I need.”
   After exactly five minutes Richard reappears from a door leading to the back on the first floor. Seemingly holding nothing at all the beastman, and Joe, show confused expressions.
   “All ready. Let’s go.” Richard says with an air of confidence.
   “Hold on a moment please.” The beastman waves his arms in distress. “Where is your equipment?”
   “Right here.” Richard pulls back his suit jacket a bit to show a simple handgun tucked away in his pants. Along the visible part of the barrel an engraved “N” can be seen.
   “That is…”
   “A handgun.” Richard answers before anything is asked. “It should be plenty for a simple assassination job.”
   “I am not familiar with this world’s technology or weaponry but that small thing…there is no way it can fight through an entire army, is there?” The beastman asks with both skepticism and readied awe.
   “Don’t be ridiculous.” Richard nearly laughs, “This thing isn’t meant to fight an army.”
   “Then how is that enough to kill-“
   “That’s it.” Richard says making an exaggerated gesture with his finger pointed towards the beastman. “This little thing here is enough to kill. That’s all it needs to do: kill one person.”
   “But the army-“
   “Let me worry about that.” Richard replies lightly.
   “…” The beastman looks at Richard with untrusting eyes unsure of what to say or do next.
   Richard stares back at the beastman with a confident smile, unwavering before the beastly being’s glare.
   “Very well.” The beastman nods in acceptance. “I am the one who came to you requesting your aid. There is no room for me to question your methods so long as the results are satisfactory.”
   “It’s great you understand.” Richard says with an even wider smile, which sends a shiver up Vilia’s back even though she wasn’t able to see it from behind. “If you’re still unsure I could also bring Joe here for backup.” Turning his head to Joe with a look that asked ‘are you up for it?’ Richard gestures before the beastman.
   Joe, still on the couch, flinches for a second. It was as if something jumped out at Richard’s offer. Maybe it was the gamer in him that always wanted to go on adventure, or maybe the coward he was trying to tell him to run away. Either way before he could answer-
   “Stop joking around, Richard.” Vilia scolded Richard with a matching glare. “He isn’t trained for that kind of work.”
   “Haha, you got me.” Richard laughs off his joke, though his expression seemed to say he wasn’t 100% joking. “Sorry Joe, you’ll have to sit this one out.”
   “Ah, no problem. Have a nice trip.” Joe says returning from his daze.
   And with that and the message “I’ll be back before dinner.” Richard left with the beastman behind, which was strange as the beastman should have been leading him but that was just Joe’s thought on the scene as he watched them go from the large window in the front of their building. Once they disappeared out of sight, or at least far enough away that Joe couldn’t see them anymore, Vilia spoke.
   “Hey, Joe.” She called out to Joe who was still staring out the window with a far-off look.
   “Hmm?” He answered back slowly prying his eyes away from the pane of glass.
   “Don’t’ get any ideas about going on the HOP and playing hero in some weird place.” Vilia said with a lecturing tone like a mother telling a child.
   “I know.” Joe answered not too attentively, part of his mind elsewhere. “I was just wondering what the other worlds looked like with people like the beastmen and such.”
   “Curiosity killed the cat.” Vilia quoted that famous phrase as common knowledge, though she followed up with a less common saying, “That’s why if you follow it you’d better be a dog.”
   “A dog?” Joe said with a quizzical look.
   “That’s right: a dog. One with sharps fangs to bare in a fight and use if needed, strong legs to carry you through the unknown path ahead, and a thick coat to keep you safe no matter what you come across.”
   While describing this hypothetical dog Vilia seemed to become a little detached, as if seeing something unpleasant in her mind—no. She did see it, the fangs of a dog being flaunted on that platform, a wide smile of a dangerous beast who thirsted for blood.
   “But if you still want to go see those other worlds than I won’t stop you. Just be sure to leave your suicide note and resignation letter on my desk before you leave.” Vilia said in a sudden change in mood as if she didn’t really care in the first place.
   Joe almost immediately pegged Vilia as a ‘tsundere’ but was quickly proven wrong after saying so to her face. He quickly learned she was more of an S if anything, and that he was definitely not an M.
   “Oh, I almost forgot!” Joe outburst while lightly hammering his a fist into his other palm. “Why are you wearing those clothes, Vilia?”
   Vilia’s eyes widened slightly in interest. Suddenly she began to look herself over in worry.
   “Do I not look good in it?” Vilia fretted as she examined the lace and frills on her dark dress.
   “Not that you don’t look good…more like it doesn’t suit you.” Joe said in a weak voice, afraid of punishment for speaking taboo about a woman’s looks.
   “Is that so…” Vilia said with a disappointed voice. “Then should I go back to kimonos?”
   “I…don’t think those suit you either.” Joe answered truthfully again, despite his continued fears.
   “Eh!? Then what am I supposed to wear!?” Vilia shouted in bot h anger and despair.
   “Well, why not try some western-style clothes?” Joe suggested.
   “Western?” Vilia said with a furrowed brow. “But Japanese clothes are much more elegant.”
   “There are elegant western clothes too…I think?” Joe replied with uncertainty after quickly going through all the women’s clothes he’d seen recently in media and around town. “I guess elegant wouldn’t be the word for it…modest would probably make more sense…” He mumbled to himself.
   “I don’t care!” Vilia huffed regaining Joe’s attention. “It’s not like any of this world’s clothes will actually suit me!” She stomped in frustration. “I’ll just wear what I want! Hmph!”
   “Ahaha…” Joe laughed because he didn’t know what else to do, but he did it quietly enough that Vilia wouldn’t hear him. As she steamed he watched her stomp and vent and as she bounced up and down a necklace flailed with her, one just like that of the beastman.
   He had already been briefed on Vilia’s situation. Though Vilia herself said everyone at Save The World, Inc. was “normal” that was just in the sense that all things considered none of them were ‘abnormal’.
   Her full name was Viliana del Paeon di Nuvoulea, a princess and a human from another world. In her home world, Terraeon (which is more of a rough translation), she was respected and worshiped by her people. Here, she was just another girl.
   Originally she came as an emissary of her world to act as an intermediary with her world and ours but she soon came to like Earth and decided to stay here on a whim.
   Just like a spoiled princess, Joe thought. Words he would never utter unless he were on his deathbed.
   There was something else about her as well. In her world she could use magic. In other words, she was a magician. And a powerful one at that. If you were to use terms from a shounen manga at least. It was to the understanding of the scientists and researchers in Sakura that magic was based not on ‘power’ but rather on ‘skill’. It wasn’t that two people with the same skill level were equally strong, there was indeed another factor involved with ‘magic’ but in most cases it was a matter of efficiency of ‘magic power’ used rather than amount. Of course this was still a new topic of study since it seemed magic was impossible on Earth.
   That included Vilia. She learned early on her magic was rendered useless here so in her distress she assumed that they were attempting to take her prisoner and that it would be considered an act of war. It took the whole day to explain to her the situation but luckily Earth didn’t go to war that day.
   Still, Joe always wondered why she was placed at STW instead of a cushy job in some government office building (STW is a government building though the specifics were lost on Joe) sitting around all day doing nothing. He figured it was to promote the image that they were open to having other world inhabitants working on Earth and having a princess act as a helper for other worlds definitely gave that impression.
   Then again her situation wasn’t uncommon. Along all the streets of the city you could see shops run by all types of people, human or not. The not being the majority.

   It was 6:30PM when Richard returned. He left at 11:00AM. That meant he finished the job in six and a half hours. This was because it was discovered that it took half an hour of Earth time to traverse to other worlds whether they were in our dimension or not. An iron rule of the HOP which even now confused the ones in charge of it.
   Seeing Richard return with a large sac of something heavy slung over his should with both hands hanging on tightly Joe hurried over to help him with it.
   ‘It’ being a bag of otherworld gems and valuables he was paid with for the job. These gems were much more expensive than anything on Earth simply because they came from another world, the basic law of supply and demand.
   But they weren’t sold. These gems were much more valuable to Sakura as a research material. Studying the composition of otherworldly minerals and materials, researching the biological makeup of alien organisms, and generally learning about other worlds was the purpose of Sakura.
   Sakura is a city filled with life, diversity, and flourishing in every possible way. It is on the coast of US soil operating with the cooperation of Japanese assistance. Acting as a pit stop and only way of transportation to and from Earth from other worlds it is the capital of interdimensional and extraplanetary travel.
   This is, of course, classified information.
   Spanning a total area of 3000 km2, that would be 1158.3mi2, and walled off on all sides almost a kilometre high is Sakura. Hidden from this world yet open to all others.
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