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Author Topic: ~Runescape '07 REBORN~  (Read 645 times)

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~Runescape '07 REBORN~
« on: July 22, 2014, 09:42:46 AM »
Hello all,
from the nation of the NEET and troller of the innocent, Grinn back again with another thread for the game board.  I was wondering who, if anyone here, was a fan of vanilla runescape, you know when there was equality between paying and non playing players, "but that all changed when the subscribers attacked". I guess what im saying is i wanna go back to the good ol days without having to sell my soul. Before you ask, i know there is "free" official old school runescape but, in case you didn't know, its a trial. so ive decided to make a private server, not to just bring back the old game but to improve it, add quests and so on and want to know if anyone wants to help code, beta test, learn some java stuff, or just mess around with your fellow raiders fighting evil and completing quests.

If you're interested in helping in ANY way, or just wanna be kept up to date on how it goes leave a reply, Pm me or email me.

Also, a good friend of me has started his own RSPS, its AMAZING and he has taught me a lot that i need to know and even agreed to help code and admin. so if you get a chance, you should try playing his server its tons of fun and, with the exceptions of quests and dungeons, is RS as we all once new it, maybe even better. ill post a link to that ASAP.