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Author Topic: 13 Rogues  (Read 911 times)

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13 Rogues
« on: July 25, 2014, 10:08:11 AM »
Title: 13 Rogues
Genres: Action, Supernatural, Mystery, Shonen

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Ittoski Zodan is a 16 year old laid-back former captain in the Imperial Army, the world's most elite army that protects Sora City, a beautiful city that is surrounded by water on three sides. One day, his home comes under attack by a recent militaristic country known as Society who appeared out of nowhere two years earlier and began conquering smaller countries.

Society's secret weapon is the Incompletes, a race of monster-like beings that could take on four men alone with ease. The Imperial Army believes that Sora City is too well-protected for Society to attack, but they're horribly wrong.

In a moment of weakness,Sora City hires the 13 Rogues, an even more mysterious than Society to help them pish Society away. Ittoski realizes that these are no normal people and tries to figure out just who these strange people are. As he uncovers the secrets of these strangers, he realizes that they have unleashed an unimaginable horror upon themselves.
Zokuro Byakko
Raikokoro Byakko
Roshiro Byakko
Wusuke Hamaji
Ittoski Zodan

13 people stand in a valley littered with the bodies of creatures dressed in white military uniforms. A man wearing a black suit walks towards the beings."Great work, I guess all those stories about you guys are really true."

One of the 13, a man steps forward, his hair is long, blonde, and wild. His eyes were such a light blue that they shined in the darkness."Of course King Mifune, the 13 Rogues are the strongest specimens on this rotten planet."

The man lifts his face mask over the lower half of his face."We get the job done with as few casualties as possible and as fast as possible."

One of the other Rogues, a young boy walks in front of King Mifune and stares at him with drool dripping from his mouth.

King Mifune takes a step back."I brought your payment that you requested, thirteen of our strongest warriors, all were rubbed with the ointment you said to use."

The man nods,"Good. Send them to our room. We're going to have a little party."

Ch.1 The Day It All Began
The sun is shining over a large city that was surrounded by a sea on three sides and a valley on the last side.  People walk around carrying out their normal day-to-day lives. A small river was in the center of the town.

A young man with black hair and matching eyes skipped stones into the river. He was wearing black pants with a black tunic and a black hooded cape that reached his knees. A sword was sitting in a black sheath on the right side of his waist.

He threw his two last stones and turned to leave.

"Zokuro." a girl's voice said." I thought I'd find you here."the girl was a teenager with black hair that reached her mid-back and calming black eyes. She also wore the same uniform, but with two swords sheathed on her left.

Zokuro smiled,"Hey Raikokoro, our idiot brother in trouble again?"

Raikokoro sighed,"He skipped class again. How does Roshiro plan on becoming a captain if he's never in class?"

"Calm down Raikokoro, let's just go find him, then you can tell him how much you hate his guts." Zokuro says." Besides, he's probably with Wusuke and Ittoski."

Raikokoro glares at Zokuro," That's supposed to make this better how? Who knows what those birdbrains are up to now?"

Three boys run away from a mob of women down a crowded street, ducking and dodging past pedestrians. The women push the men down shouting at the boys,"Little perverts!"

The boys duck away into a nearby alley and the women run past unknowingly. The three all let out a sigh of relief and pushed back their hoods.

One boy had white hair that touched his shoulders and black eyes, the other had spiky black hair that reached his upper back and blue-gray eyes. The final looked a little older than the other two he had spiky sliver hair and purple eyes that beamed with confidence.

The white-haired boy spoke first, peaking around the corner to see if the women were still there."We're in the  clear. I told you it'd be a breeze Roshiro."

The black-haired boy dusted off his uniform,"You and Ittoski are helpless Wusuke. Who walks into a woman's bathhouse just off of a dare?"

Ittoski pointed at Roshiro,"Don't forget that you walked in with us Shiro."

"Only to make sure you two got out of there in one piece." Roshiro countered."Someone has to watch over you guys."

Wusuke laughs,"I saw you looking at them Shiro! You only came in to have a reason to look at those women, at least we were dared to go in."

"No I wasn't!" Roshiro exclaimed."Don't put me on the same level as you two!"

Ittoski ruffles Roshiro's hair,"It's okay Shiro. Your just not as cool as I am. A lot of people aren't, it's nothing to be mad for."

"So this is where you three are hiding." a girl said walking in front of the alley entrance. She had purple hair and black eyes with a white skull etched into the front of her tunic."Why weren't you in school? Your classes ended an hour ago."

"It's Ururia!"Wusuke says running in the opposite direction."Everyone for himself!"

Ururia grab Rsohiro by his cape and puts him into a chokehold."You didn't think I'd come to catch you three escape artists alone, did you?"

"I can't...breath." Roshiro choked out.

Wusuke and Ittoski were both tackled to the ground by two boys. Wusuke by a blond boy and Ittoski by a bald boy with blue eyes.

Ittoski squirmed when the boy pressed his knee against Ittoski's head."Damn it! Get your knee off of my face Tsui!"

Tsui snapped some handcuffs on Ittoski's wrist."We're taking you in for evaluation. Where General Kumasa will decide your punishments."

Roshiro points at Ittoski with his cuffed hands,"See what you got us into!?"

Zokuro and Raikokoro walk into the alleyway and find it empty.

Zokuro sighs,"They're not here."

"Then where could they be?" Raikokoro asks concerned."What if Society got them?"

Zokuro's eyes widened in surprise,"That came out of nowhere. Where'd you get an idea like that from?"

"Instructor Biri said that Society has already taken a hold of all of the other cities. Raikokoro answered."And that they would come for Sora City next."

"That's not going to happen to us Raikokoro." Zokuro said, smiling at her."We have the most elite army of the Six Great Kingdoms. Society would be fools to attack us with anything less than a nuke."

Raikokoro smiled up at him,"You're sure?"

"Of course I'm sure." Zokuro laughed."Now let's split up and find your brother."

A complex system of pipes that ran into the city and into the sea blew off steam as water was sucked into a large pipe. The water traveled through and stopped in a small room where an old man was filling up jugs.

A younger man walks into the room and begins helping fill up the jugs,"So Dad you are coming over for Ayaki's birthday tonight right?" the young man asks."She's waited five years to meet her grandpa."

"Well, she can wait a little longer, I signed up for overtime today."the old man answers."You can have just as much fun with your wife Sai."

Sai shakes his head with a grin on his face,"I knew it. You're still mad that I married Mizuru huh? Well you need to get over it, I chose her and you need to accept it."

The old man points at the door,"I think it's time that you get the hell out of here Sai."

Sai chuckles and storms out of the room slamming the door behind him.

The old man began filling up jugs quicker,"I'm Rai Chitsuchi, no son of my gives me lip, if I was back in my service days-"

Rai stops talking when he sees a two-tailed golden-furred fox sitting in the water."What the hell? How'd you get in here?"

The fox pounces on Rai and bites down on his chest, killing him. The fox morphs its body to look like Rai.

Sai is walking down the street as the sun was nearly gone. The streets were mostly empty except for a few kids playing a game.

"Sai!" Rai called out from behind him."I decided against my better judgement to come see my granddaughter."

Sai smiles,"I knew you'd come around."

Roshiro, Wusuke, and Ittoski stood before a man with an eyepatch over his left eye and a long bushy black beard with slicked back hair.

The man's eyes were cold and unforgiving."Ittoski Zodan, Roshiro Byakko, and Wusuke Hamaji. This is your eleventh infraction in this month alone. I'm beginning to lose my patience with you three. I've suspended you, put you on cleaning duty, and I even demoted Ittoski from captain to lieutenant, but nothing works with you three."

"But Kumasa" Roshiro began."It wasn't me! It wa-"

"That's General Kumasa to you Roshiro." the man interrupted."And I do not wish to here you make up some petty excuse for your actions. That is why I sentence you three to-"

He's cut off by a young man with dark brown hair and matching eyes who runs into the room out of breath.

Kumasa glares at the man,"You'd better have a good reason for interrupting me Suiro."

Suiro catches his breath,"Sir, Society has made contact with us over radio! They demand that we surrender Sora City to them!"

Kumasa walks quickly through the door,"I'll handle this. Suiro, don't let these three out of your sight, I'm not done with them!"

Suiro nods,"Sir."

A full moon shines over the sea. A large black ship is anchored about 300 meters from a dock near the city and is perfectly parallel with an equally large white ship with about a 50-foot gap between the two. Kumasa stands on the black ship facing a woman with a white military uniform and light blue hair on the other ship.

Kumasa raises a radio to his ear and the woman does the same."Have you come to honor Society's demands General?" her voice crackled across the radio."I'd really hate to slaughter everyone in your measly city."

Kumasa grins to himself,"Who am I speaking to?"

The radio crackled again."I am Lord Ash'ko, ambassador of Society."

"Ash'ko, I'd suggest you leave before I have my men sink that eyesore of a ship." Kumasa laughs."Society knows very well that their technology can't compete with ours."

"So are you denying our proposal to give up Sora City peacefully?" Ash'ko asked across the radio.

"Damn right." Kumasa answers.

Ash'ko waits a few seconds before responding,"I hope you like fish General."

"What?" Kumasa asks looking down at the radio.

"Sir!" a man calls out from the across the deck."What the hell is that?!"

Kumasa looks up at Ash'ko and sees her hair spiked up in a circular shape around her head."Everyone back!" Kumasa yelled.

Her hair began firing off little needle-shaped strands of hair that pierced the ship and through men. Kumasa got hit in his left arm just as he ducked back down into the lower levels of the ship, causing him to fall down the stairs. He smacks his head against the marble floor at the end of the steps, being knocked unconscious.

Suiro and his prisoners turn when they hear the screams coming from the upper levels. Ittoski holds his wrists out,"Uncuff us Suiro."

"But General Kumasa said-"Suiro said.

"I said uncuff us!" Ittoski said with authority."Do you want everyone up there to die because of one stupid order!?"

Suiro uncuffs all of them."There, your all uncuffed. But what are we going to do?"

Ittoski walks towards the door,"Defend our home."

Tsui and Zokuro sit on the roof of a building.

Tsui laughs,"Man, my mom would kill me if I got into as much truble as your kid brother."

Zokuro smiles,"He is a problem at times, but he's dedicated to the Imperial Army, more than I am at least. I usually just hang out all day."

"That's the life I want." Tsui says."Your younger siblings all look up to you for guidance and support while mine hate my guts especially since I left them to join the Imperial Army."

Zokuro exhales slowly,"They love you more than they let on, all siblings hate something about the other one, be it hairstyle, clothes, or whatever else you think of. But in the end, it's those little petty things like that which shows that they actually care for you."

Tsui wipes a mock tear from his eye,"Enough with the sentimental crap Zokuro."

At that moment, they heard screaming coming from the center of town. They both nod at each other and begin jumping across rooftops towards the screams.

A woman screams as a man is lifted up by his neck from a being who resembles a human wearing a white military uniform and has razor-sharp teeth. The creature snaps the man's neck and a group of 3 soldiers from the Imperial Army drop down in front of him holding swords.

"Halt!" one of the soldiers says.

The creature hands become as big as cars and it claps them against the men, crushing their bones and killing them. It turns to the lady and reaches out to punch her.

Tsui cuts it's hand off and Zokuro impales the creature in the back of the neck. The creature stands back up.

Zokuro looks startled,"What the?"

The creature punches both Tsui and Zokuro into different walls. Tsui is instantly killed from the impact, his face frozen in shock and his limbs in awkward positions. Zokuro falls to the ground face-first and looks up at the creature,"It's hand regenerated?"

The creature stands over Zokuro and begins punching him into the ground until Zokuro's nothing but a bloody mess.

Ash'ko smiles as she walks around the Chonami while it slowly sinks,"I gave you all one chance."

An Imperial soldier held out a hand to her,"Please help me."

A strand of her hair shoots into the man's eye,"I will not give you another one."

Ittoski and his group turn into a long corridor that has stairs leading up at the end. The floor is covered in blood and three Imperial soldiers lay on the ground.

Suiro falls to his knees,"How? What could've taken down three Imperial officers?"

Ittoski kneels down and inspects the bodies,"I don't know, but I do know whatever got them hit them fast. None of them even drew their swords." he grabs each officer's sword and passes one to Roshiro and Wusuke, keeping one for himself.

Something dashes past Ittoski.

"What the hell was that?" Ittoski asks.

It dashes back the way it came.

Wusuke turns around,"Maybe we should-"

A tall humanoid creature stood in front of Wusuke. It had black fur covering it's arms and lower body, sharp teeth, pupil-less white eyes, with long black hair. A long chain wrapped around its arm finished it.

It punches Wusuke in the face then charges him head-first and flips him onto his back using its shoulder. Ittoski takes a swing at it, but the creature dodges and uppercuts Ittoski sending him five feet off the ground. The creature follows up by throwing his chain over his left shoulder, wrapping it around Roshiro's wrist and throwing Roshiro into Ittoski before he hits the ground.

All of the immediate threats immobile, the creature turns around to face Suiro. It smiles sinisterly and begins walking towards him.

Suiro closes his eyes,"Mom always said not to join the Imperial Army, why didn't I listen?! Why didn't I listen?!"

The creature's tongue extends out ten feet and pierces through Suiro's right shoulder.

Suiro lets out an agonizing scream of pain and the creature lets out a raspy growl. A second tongue shoots from beneath the first.

Both of the tongues are cut off by Ittoski. The creature howls in pain and scurries away to the lower levels. Ittoski looks at his sword which is slightly melted n the blade then at the tongues,"Acidic saliva? What are these things?"

"Ittoski!" Wusuke calls out from the stairs. He and Roshiro are carrying a barely conscious Suiro,"Suiro's hurt real bad, we need to get him back to the city!"

Ittoski nods and strides towards the stairs,"Why do I get the feeling that the city is even worse than here?" he mumbles to himself.
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