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Author Topic: The 60 Minute Writing Challenge!  (Read 505 times)

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The 60 Minute Writing Challenge!
« on: June 13, 2014, 08:54:15 PM »
                                                                                    The 60 Minute Writing Challenge!

Hey everyone,
                   So I thought of a fun little exercise we could do to help keep our Creative minds from dulling. Essentially, it's a quickfire challenge. Anyone participating is given a topic to write about, then they have 60 minutes from accepting the challenge to write a piece about it. None of these will be too long, it would be something you could reasonably complete in under an hour. It shouldn't be something to take you away from your current projects, just something to test how quickly you can create a concept and form it into a piece of writing.

-A challenge will be posted as the subject matter for participants.
-If someone wishes to participate, they simply post to say they accept and which challenge they have chosen to use.
-From the time of their first post, the participant then hs 60 minutes to write a piece on the chosen challenge.
-There's no rules on a minimum or maximum word count, but remember to leave yourself time to spell check and proof read.
-Thats all. If we have multiple people going for the same challenge, we can look at adding a poll so members can vote on the piece they like best.

Any questions or suggestions are welcome, also anyone is welcome to give this a go, artists and writers alike! :)

To get us started I'll put forward two challenges for you to pick from:

-Write a scene about one character confessing something to another. It can be a love confession or coming clean. This will test your skills in writing dialogue, in addition to how you use conversation to set up the scene and conditions of why the Confession is taking place.

Arms Race:
-Write a description of a custom firearm for a character in a story. It can be high tech or bolt action. This is about your descriptive skills, as well testing your ability to think of a unique/innovative new Gun.
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Re: The 60 Minute Writing Challenge!
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2014, 12:24:44 PM »
Haha, that second one man. You know of my story ARMS right? Anyways let me write one.

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Re: The 60 Minute Writing Challenge!
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2014, 01:28:24 PM »
Didn't format, didn't spellcheck, just wrote. It's a random scene from my story, so you really have no context anyways. Weapons described are at he last part. I implied a strange shotgun with a crossbow attachment or something...

Larz went into The Witches shop at high noon. You do this in Lead Damocles in a bar and you'll get all the classic cuts - swinging doors, smoke filled room and a bunch of rowdy people who'll get disturbed by someone entering the shop.
     But ARMS Weapon shop is always a quiet place. People respected JB. Larz knew this from his second way around the city. He was 40, the prime of his youth was long past him, and he had survived as a cop in a world where law meant strength cunning and finesse. Well, where such qualities were needed more than ever.
     He had entered Lead Damocles in search of his quarry, Garry Leobwitz. The protégé who he was proud of, and who had managed to turn into a murderer along the way. Nothing ever went right with his partners, but he supposed it was better than him being dead.
     Garry wouldn’t come back without a fight though, so he needed weapons.
     He entered the shop, expected one thing, found another. It was dark, poor lighting. Or rather the lightning was only focused around the counter where all the guns were.
     Glass counters, racks on the back, doors into some back room with probably more weapons. The shop itself wasn’t a solitary building. It was squeezed in between a derelict place and a dry cleaner's that to be honest looked like it was out of business too. Wasn’t exactly that strange though, having poor business besides that of an arms dealer. Larz had expected to ironically see a funeral parlor set up nearby, but Lead Damocles wasn’t quite that ironic. Besides, the city under The Red Mayor always looked pristine and peaceful when it could. No better deterrent than laws enforced purely by guns.
     Talking rude to your elders, a pistol whip to the back of the head... huh.
     He looked around and was about to light a cigarette when the woman at the counter appeared out of the darkness and asked,
     “What brand?”
     “... Jakes...”
     “Sorry... If you had a Commodore... Or Creeds maybe...”
     “No smoking if it’s a cheap brand... Huh..” Larz did not ask, he put the cigarettes away. He could be hard boiled when he wanted to, but in a city where there was a gang war, where swords were a legitimate problem against gun wielders, where he had almost been killed within the first two days here, in a city like that that always talked about the owner of this shop as The Witch, then he had to learn respect.
     Besides, you don’t just surprise Larz from coming out of the shadows. He’s eyes were accustomed to the dark; you never snuck up on him.
     He was so mystified and impressed by her presence he expected her to be in a full flowing dark gown or something along those lines. Dark hair, dark eyes, perhaps famously smoking her long pipe with its plume of smoke.
He blinked when he saw how she was really dressed though. Farmer-boy jeans, hair tied neatly in a bun, spectacles.
     This was... The witch?
     “Miss Black?”
     “Oh, call me Jenny.” She said with a smile. She had a satchel slung over her shoulder. She removed this now and stowed it somewhere on the floor before cutely leaning over the counter and smiling. It was almost like the bar lighted up, and Larz was painfully reminded of his young daughter. When she had been innocent anyways.
     “Hmm... “ Larz began in his gruff voice, stowing away his cigarettes, “You remind me of my daughter.”
     He was surprised at how much she beamed and chuckled at that. She even blushed,
     “Why thank you! You’re really nice! Hahaha... Oh my...” She even seemed to notice she overreacted a little.
     Larz was bewildered and bemused, “I want to buy weaponry... I hear you sell?”
     The glint in her eyes convinced Larz that she was the dealer here. There was a cunning depth to them. He believed all the rumors even more in that instant.
     “Oho, so you’re a customer. For complimenting me so honestly I’ll give you a great discount. So, what is an old police man like yourself doing here? You do know coming here without Bob’s approval could get you in trouble, right?”
     Jenny Black covered her mouth to stifle a laugh, “Excuse me... I mean Redsteel. The Red Mayor I think?”
     She calls him by his real name. Come to think of it does anyone know it?
     “It’s no matter. I have a permit.” Larz showed her a paper. He had contacted one of the members of      Redsteel’s gun-toting gang and told him their reasons. Garry was a problem that The Redsteels had no time to deal with directly, and welcomed anyone going after him. They even made it seem like if he asked even higher he’d get some support, but Larz had declined there.
     He hated gangs.
     But he still needed to play by the rules.
     “So... Who are you going after? It doesn’t look like you have a vendetta. Your aging seems to all be related to your poor smoking habits and worry-stress, not the depressed kind...”
     “You read me like a book.” Larz grunted, “I’m after a prodigal son, but he needs a little more than a talking down, if you catch my drift. There are especially some troublesome flies around him that won’t be missed from this world.” He had no intention of killing anyone, but he had no intention of dying in the process too. Garry had gathered quite the crew during this short time.
     “I see... Then you need my infamous Spitter line of weaponry... Come to this side of the shop please.
     Her elbows still on the counter she walked across the shop, smiling as she did so. Larz followed with some interest.
     “I’ll give you 8 sub-machine guns. 2 Schwarzwerz, 4 Tobys and 2 Witches.”
     “Schwarzwerz Mp5s. You know the way these brothers work. Always using rubies in their guns. Packs quite the ridiculous punch. Flammable rounds, definitely be careful with these. They have the bad habit of only causing splash damage on armor though so you could use that to your advantage. 3.03 kilos, 5 millimeter rounds, 30 round clip. 700 rounds per minute”
     She brought her hand over to the other submachine guns. They looked sleek, but nice and hefty.
     “Tobys. These are destruction. You’re killing with these. They can take out vehicles. 9x9 rounds, Full-metal-jacket, 100 round-cartridges. Kevlar is fodder. Reloading them is troublesome as hell so just discard as you go.”
     “For a little finesse to an extent, 2 Witches. You can reload with five different cartridges; I think you can get lucky with an assault rifle or two.”
     “How is that possible?” Larz looked at the gun; it looked even smaller than the rest, and frankly unimpressive. It was a bit gray even.
     Jenny Black’s only reply was a secretive smile, “Default cartridge are 7.62mm hollow point rounds. 30 round cartridge, but like I said, you can get creative with them in a pinch.”
     She slid them to the side as Larz stared,
     “And now, time to be an action hero. You cannot beat a Glock, you just can’t. Here is one nice Glock for you.”
     She slid a black pistol over, “That’s on the house. I’ll throw in five cartridges. Find out how fun that gun is yourself. It’s a Witch too.”
     “... Witch... I don’t believe I’ve heard of that company before.” Larz said.
     “Well, I only ever give it to my most favorite customers. You’ll need a shot gun too I suppose. Here.”
     Larz studied a monster of a shotgun. “W... What is this?”
     Jenny Black grimaced, “Schwarzwerz is not known for subtlety.”
     “Is that a crossbow attachment?”
     “Explosive arrow-tips. You can switch it out with a rappel attachment too. You can use that as a harpoon too... I think it can electrocute people too? In any case I can’t discount you on that gun, but otherwise, behold the Spitter formation! Miss a lot, hope people don’t die, and if people start messing with you make them die anyways!”
     She proudly gestured at all of the guns.
     Larz found that she reminded him of his daughter only in that she was completely not as innocent as she first said.
     He swallowed, “So... How much exactly?”
     Jenny Black smiled and said the price. It was high, but to be honest a bargain.
     “And tell you what, you come here alive and tell me how everything went, I’ll give you a 5% discount too.”
     “Aren’t you being too kind to me?”
     Jenny Black smiled, “Don’t look a horse in the mouth, may just bite your head off... Run along now. Don’t die.”
She shooed him away.
     Larz packed his duffle-bags, and left.

At this point in her story Jenny Black paused for a moment.
The Customer was a bit surprised; she never lost the flow of her story like this.
“You know... Some people really don’t deserve to die...” She said quietly.
The Customer paused for a moment, “Is this particular story over? My time is up for the day. May I buy a weapon now?”
“You could come back tomorrow for another discount” Jenny Black smiled a bit hopefully.
“...I will come.”
“Really. I don’t know if you’re cheap or you’re having pity on me.” Jenny Black mumbled.
“...” The Customer said nothing as he walked out of the shop.
Jenny Black was left alone in the semi-dark shop, looking at her reflection on the counter.
“Really... He shouldn’t have died...”
Outside, it started raining again.
“...He missed a bargain.”
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