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Hello I was told by many, they have no idea what to write in a Intro topic where they can tell about them selves to forum. So here are some stuff you can tell us about your self.

You can pick all or only which you wish to tell us,

01. Your real Name
02. Gender
03. How did you find the forum ( Google, FaceBook, Hi5, Other Forum etc )
04. You are an artist, writer , just Manga/Anime Fan or Webmaster
05. Your Age
06. Where are you from ( Country, City )
07. Your Favorite Manga and Anime
08. Your others interests / Hobbies
09. what you like to do in forum .. ( Post your drawings, Stories, Talk about Manga/Anime etc )

Make sure you read everything in this topic and understand all rules we have,



That will save everyone from lots of unnecessary trouble.

good call on this one ha*censored*h

Arayof hope:
I never introduced myself!
Although Hasith pm'ed me about it!

Doing an intro thread make you feel home at forum faster. Other members get to know you better too.

good idea Hasith. i never introd myself either. probably should have though. i think my problem was that i didnt pay enough attention. for like 2 months i didnt even notice there was a general section. i would have made 1,000 post a long time before i did if i had.


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