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Author Topic: Cute MMORPG  (Read 1878 times)

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« on: October 28, 2008, 05:00:53 AM »
Interested in a unique kind of online RPG game? I played a lot of online games but this game is different. You can gain up to 5 times the EXP when you team up with 4 other players (of similar levels) to fight the monsters. Also, capture monsters and turn them into your pets, and train them to become your best helpers in battle. Below are some reviews i got from other players, cause  I don't have much time to write my own review and im a lazy dog.  ;D

Game Title: Legend of Golden Plume
Genre: Fantasy   
Official Site: http://lgp.enjoymmo.com/
Developer: JC Enternet  Screenshots
Publisher: Ingle Games     
Status: Closed Beta

Best Part:
One of the greatest LGP features is its extraordinary Pet System. It enables you to catch almost all the adorable and lively monsters you see in the game and turn them into your lovable pets. Each pet, with its unique attributes and skills, can assist you in fights or just accompany you through the adventures.

The leveling system is great because it allows you to go at your own pace while not being to slow either. The large amount of quests available to players boosted the experience of playing this game. To help user with the quests, there is a cool feature known as the auto-tracking feature which enables a player to click on an NPC name from the Quest Interface, or search through the Search Interface, and the character will route itself to the desired NPC.

Marriage System: enables user to marry with another characters (of a different gender) with some requirements. Once married, there are great skills that can be learnt, one of skill is called Telesthesia, a skill that enables you to teleport your spouse directly next to you. This skill will ensure that you and your spouse will not be separated too far.

Worst Part:
What's this game's weak points?" aren't ya!? Well yes,of course,this game has plenty. With a 2D, bird's eye view camera...you cannot change angle and are thus highly reliant on maps to figure out where you traveling off to. This is actually pretty easy to get used to, especially since they have an auto-track system. Pull up the map, and click where you want to go!

Another thing that irritates me is that your armor does not change,even if you change equipment. Your weapon changes,and that's it. You can sometimes get costumes that drop from certain monsters, that is very uncommon though. Once cashshop hits, I'm sure they'll get plenty of buyers.

Overall i give this game 8/10! Keep in mind,it's CLOSED BETA. That being said, I gave this game a 8/10 and with some minor adjustments in the future I can easily see myself giving this game a 10/10.
Overall this game a lot of differnt aspects to the game and is starting on a path to become a great game. Come check it out and experience it for yourself :)