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Pretty cool art. I like how your lines flow.
Ravens and Revenants
Genre: Sci-Fi, Mecha, Eren Jaegar Rip Off

Synopsis: Synopsis: A young patriot takes up arms with a rebellion that seeks to overthrow a space-faring empire. Yet he doesn't envision how far his side will go to reverse a losing war.

Link: http://forums.mangaraiders.com/index.php/topic,18933.msg290791.html#msg290791
Here is our portfolio where each chapter of R&R will be posted.

Synopsis: A young patriot takes up arms with a rebellion that seeks to overthrow a space-faring empire. Yet he doesn't envision how far his side will go to reverse a losing war.

(Our first chapter is still in the works so enjoy 1000 words worth of logs in the meantime~)

Logs: 1064 words
Log 1:
Government Sponsored Broadcast- October 11th 551 years after Space Flight

“Just to update our viewers, we have changed our name from Asturian Global News to the National News Channel after Stateholder Andrea Lisbon received enough support to pass the Censorship Act in Parliament.

Some states have voiced their concern at this attempt to nationalise all major news reporting outlets, but supporters of Lisbon have said that the increased government funding will improve the quality.

Once the Act has been fully implemented, we’ll back with you with our daily schedule.

Until then, I’m Justin Trough.”

Log 2:
State of Naarva declaration during Martial Law- February 27th 553 S.F.

“...And any retailers caught adding sawdust to their bread, water to their milk, charcoal to their coffee, or in any other attempt at artificially bulking their products will be heavily fined and their manager detained indefinitely.

In addition, the General-Governor has issued the following short-term measures to deal with our shortage of manpower on the frontlines...”

Log 3:
Popular poem amongst Asturians regarding Imperials- 553 S.F.

If it were only you and me
I’d happily kill you here and now.
If it were only you and me
I’d pull this grenade pin and blow.
Because if it were you and me
I’d rather rot in hell.

Log 4:
News Broadcast- March 1st 553 S.F.

“Reporter Justin Trough won’t be in today as he was killed during a food riot Naarva this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

In recent news, Governor Tristan Pauwels has made his bid for Stateholder in the upcoming elections. He runs on a pro-independence platform that rejects foreign aid in the war against the Trastabarcid empire, going against incumbent Andrea Lisbon’s anti-alien and populist agenda.

We will cover more on this story later in an exclusive interview with Tristan’s aide and daughter Laureen Pauwels...”

Log 5:
Identification of Trastabarcid military forces by Leftenant John McRandal of the Empress's Own 8th Mechanized Dragoons.

Trastabarcid Imperial forces are a very distinctive military force, with a unique style of military identification, that makes them both intimidating, and also easy to distinguish from one another in part by the traditions of the Empire’s entrenched nobility.

1. Imperial Hoplite Infantry. The Imperial Hoplites are a very striking force, easily identified by their signature armour, most well recognized by their helmets. Keep that in mind as the helmet of an Imperial Hoplite can tell you everything you need to know about them.

Enlisted soldiers wear plain helmets often painted in specific patterns by either their unit or personal decoration. Important to note that all decoration on enlisted men’s helmets are limited to using the helmet as a canvas, no extra adornments may be added without special permissions. Should you encounter a unit with something of that sort, caution is advised as only the most elite of forces would allow their rank and file to add such ornamentation.

NCO’s, are spotted by the long hawk feathers adorned to the sides of the helmet just above where the ear would be. The position of the NCO can be identified by the painted colours at the top of the feather. Extra note, some highest ranking and veteran sergeants may wear a horsehair crest.

Officers, are the most distinct and easy to identify by the horse hair crest worn on the top of the helmet. Rank can be distinguished by the colour of the crest. Red is the lowest and most common representing a Lieutenant and even some high ranking sergeants.(see previous section for details.) Next would be blue, representing the equivalent rank of Captain. Orange, representing the rank of Major. Green, representing Lieutenant Colonel. Golden Yellow representing Colonel, and finally Purple representing those the rank of General and their authority on behalf of the Trastabarcid Imperial family.

Log 6:
From Leftenant John McRandall of the Queen’s Own 8th Mechanized Dragoons, to Major Cameron Siffitz Asturian Volunteers.

Subject: The proper maintenance of the infantryman’s rifle.

Dear Major Siffitz, I hate to intrude upon your clearly busy schedule, but I feel that this is an issue that you would find important enough for me to do so.
While I have only recently arrived at my posting here as an advisor to your military forces, I have already observed more than enough instances of alarming behavior it astounds me that this is what your country calls its regular soldiers. To start, is the subject of this letter. The way your men treats their rifles is akin to how Commonwealth regulars treat their dirty undergarments. I must protest that if you wish to carry out a successful military effort, your men must keep their essential equipment in peak condition as things stand you do not have the resources to carelessly abuse it.
I apologize if any of this comes off as an insult to you, it is not intended that way. With all do respect, I request that we meet in person to discuss this issue in further detail and come up with solutions.
I hope this message finds you well.

-Leftenant John McRandall

Log 7:
From Major Cameron Siffitz Asturian Volunteers, to Leftenant John McRandall of the Queen’s Own 8th Mechanized Dragoons.

Subject: A Response to ‘The proper maintenance of the infantryman’s rifle.’

Dear Leftenant McRandall, I shall take your suggestion under advisement, have a good day.

-Major Cameron Siffitz

Log 8:
From Leftenant John McRandall of the Queen’s Own 8th Mechanized Dragoons, to Major Cameron Siffitz Asturian Volunteers.

Subject: Continuation of The proper maintenance of the infantryman’s rifle

Dear Major Siffitz, once again, with all due respect, I must stress the dire importance to reverse this poor behavior at once. Today alone, I observed a Private Corvinus, of First Company, using his rifle as a prop for his tent with the barrel sticking into the ground. This along with countless improper uses of the bayonet by almost all of your men alarm me deeply. I request that you rethink my proposition to sit down and talk about the sloppy treatment of equipment by your men.

-Leftenant John McRandall

Log 9:
From Major Cameron Siffitz Asturian Volunteers, to Leftenant John McRandall of the Queen’s Own 8th Mechanized Dragoons.

Subject: A Response to Leftenant John McRandall

Dear Leftenant McRandall, thank you for your observations, I will take them into consideration at a later date. Have a good evening.

-Major Cameron Siffitz

I'm not too sure if I'm allowed to promote any other site or anything here, it's just a small page on facebook that allows artists to post their work and get a little more in touch personally with people/buyers/colleagues.

Moderators: Feel free to delete post if posts of this nature are prohibited.

Yeah, I feel expanding your social network as an artist/writer is invaluable to your portfolio and recognition.

PM/Contact personally for details I think I/someone in group has to send you an invite on fb (it's a massive group).

Happy drawing/writing
break Room / Re: Crypto Currencies
« Last post by OviumNoir on January 17, 2018, 07:13:33 AM »
What's going on at the moment in the scene is just price correction, BTC is the equity coin and so the alt coins use bitcoin pairs to for transactions to go through as far as I know.
e.g. You buy Verge, when you sell Verge you get bitcoin back.
There is Ethereum, but Eth too you can buy with BTC.

Wouldn't worry about the drop too much, rather you should be taking advantage and buying in the red so long as you know the following trend and capitalise on the gains. Don't buy far in the green, because price corrections will happen, you'll panic and sell on a loss, no point.

Apart from that, Myriad, Verge (which did absolutely fantastic not too long ago) Neo, and a few others are doing well.
I'm currently on around 3-4 grand (dollars, I use sterling as a brit but very used to dollars since crypto lol) and that's off what was about 400 dollars of initial investment.

Bitconnect also shut :( boohoo.

Keep your eyes open guys, good luck trading.
Identity: Make sure you establish yourself in that your style and your content is known and specific to a niche. Unless you're skilled at a wide range of niches you'll find yourself slaving over work when you should be enjoying it.

Target audience: This links with identity, everything must correlate; ensure the people that see your work are interested in your work and are pleased to see you on their wall when you post. You'll get more work this way, work you like doing.

Money: I personally charge based on the tools I use, and the type of work. Naturally, traditional pieces are cheaper than digitial. However you must remember with this method if your client is fussy you may find yourself working 'harder' than you anticipated. If you've already given a quote you won't be able to charge more due to difficulty completing the task.

Traditional: Pencil sketch, £5 Pen, £7.50-£10 etc.
Digital: Time. The more time spent the more expensive, however digital by default starts £10-15.

Skill and experience affects pay too: the better you are and the better your portfolio in terms of working with people, good recommendations and length of time worked you can charge more and more.
Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« Last post by OviumNoir on January 17, 2018, 07:05:08 AM »

I've been on a drawing binge for the ages. It just sort of happened when I was playing around with one point perspective (and a little on iconography/symbology)

The cubes became mind-numbing at a point, but I definitely feel a lot better about 3d these days. At least a little more hopeful. I haven't counted, but I'm pretty sure I've hit the 1,000 mark by a rough calculation. Was an interesting rush.

As for the whole iconography/symbology thing. I've been gripped by the whole concept ever since I looked into sketchnotes. Why are some things instantly recognizeable, and some others not? Is there any way to use them to relay an idea fast in the simplest way possible? Most of the doodles here are referenced, but I think I'll look into it a bit more.

Tired as all heaven right now, so I'll just leave the post here. Warning. Lotso scrolling.


Lego! your mind reminds me perhaps you'd love some of Kim Jung's work (check him out if you haven't heard of him, your doodles on 3d objects in space remind me of his perspective work) If you do/already like him, Karl Kopinski I think is another guy you'll love, they have a doodle style (completely free hand, ink or pencil, absolutely fantastic) that I think you'll love.

Then there's this youtube channel: Moderndayjames who teaches exactly what you're doing in your doodles which is boxes in space, along with perspective,  with just the doodling/freehand style that you adopt. I think you'll LOVE that stuff especially if you're going in the direction I think you're going in.

(Didn't even know you posted work yourself, happy to see this :) )
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Killer B Gallery
« Last post by Killer B !!SAMA!! on January 17, 2018, 06:55:23 AM »
after ive read some hot stuff
ive decided to make my game manga haha
heres the main character hes name is DUNO
MR Pub / Re: KagePen
« Last post by Killer B !!SAMA!! on January 17, 2018, 06:50:39 AM »
i know kage pen when ive just started here in mangaraiders ive looked stuff here and then i saw his manga always fun in 2014 im sure heres what he said to me when i first submit my traditional manga my very first haha heres what he said :
Awesome, good luck! And yeah, you learn a lot from drawing an actual manga, I can't wait to do one again. Haha maybe one day we'll meet in the halls of shonen jump, so keep working hard!!

sayonara dude keep up the good work too Kage dude
break Room / Re: Crypto Currencies
« Last post by KeanFox on January 17, 2018, 06:15:52 AM »
Is this good time to buy?
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