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Manga Writers wanted / Re: ANIME WRITER/ ANIME ARTISTS
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 06:12:41 PM »
Hey ^^ just so you know, the link on your twitter (the most recent post shown) doesn't work or lead anywhere.

Aside from that, you might consider revising this intro post. There are quite a few errors in it that make it hard to take seriously. Especially when requesting unpaid work you should do your best to appear professional.
Manga Writers wanted / ANIME WRITER/ ANIME ARTISTS
« Last post by IAMAPHRODITE on December 07, 2018, 06:03:25 PM »
I am currently looking for an unpaid anime writer or artist to work with. I am looking for somebody who i available in the day or night of course you dont have to work every Day threw the week just for 4 days it dose not matter witch e days of the week it is but i must say Saturday is not a day i will be working so i will probably not be active until then but every other day yes. Please pm me or Dm me on Twitter at *link removed*
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Turn-offs-Writers and Artists
« Last post by The SlamJam on December 07, 2018, 05:37:22 PM »
As an artist, my main pet peeve is when i take on commission and the client wants updates every hour. I cancelled a commission recently because of it, it gets annoying. It's not like i dont give updates or revisions either, i usually send one for the characters body/pose, one when revisions to the pose are needed, one for the finished outfit sketch, one for finished linework and then the final with colours.

Like, that's a lot of updates, and i'm not expensive to work with. I've had it happen a couple of times, and canceled both of them.

Also people who are good fishing for likes, yikes.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Weird Writing Habits?
« Last post by Coryn on December 07, 2018, 05:34:04 PM »
Well, persistent and surgical capitalizing does certainly lend itself to adding import to whatever you apply it to. There's something to be said for that. It's like how Pratchett always capitalized Death's lines. It made you stand up and notice.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Help with story writing?
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 04:34:26 PM »
It's an interesting idea... Have you created a topic for this in the "Developing Your Story" section of the forum? I'm a bit late to the show on this post and am not sure if you've made any progress on this yet.

I always find it helpful when writing a story that I'm stuck on to try and think of multiple endings, challenges, and beginnings for that story in particular. I keep an idea journal on me so that when I have a spark of inspiration I can jot the idea down immediately.

Aside from that, if you're not a planner but a sit down and write kind of person, you could just write randomly without regard to where in the story you are currently writing. It's a bit like turning your story in a jigsaw puzzle, the more pieces you create the more defined the picture becomes. What's important is to write. It doesn't matter if you think the writing is garbage, if you're cringing and dying a little inside as you create the story... it only matters that you are creating something relevant to your goal ^^

If you've got anything more created on this story I'd love to take a look.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Beta Readers
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 04:25:32 PM »
I'm a firm believer that every critique has value. You might not agree with the critique yourself (I see a lot of writers go "Oh but they don't know the ENTIRE story yet" and then throw away the critique like trash) but that critique is valid to the person who created it and most likely valid to many others. I believe a good writer keeps an open mind when it comes to both negative and positive reviews since critique is like food for a budding writer.

On the other side, I'm always happy to be a beta reader. I spent most of high school and college beta reading all kinds of English papers as well as peoples stories online (think fictionpress). There is something extremely relaxing about reading someones WIP.

I wish you luck in your adventure. It looks like there isn't much that I could say that hasn't already been posted.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Turn-offs-Writers and Artists
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 04:16:42 PM »
For me my pet peeves are ones that I think many people would share. I'm one of those people that will poke around a persons profile and visit their portfolio. I find myself unwilling to contact people who have no finished works posted. This is a bit ironic because the only finished works that I have are small pieces... I tend to get discouraged with larger projects. I also find myself disliking people who search for people to work on their projects without having completed a good portion of their project in advance. As an artist, I would find myself much more likely to work with a writer who had a few chapters written plus their outline/plan for the rest of the project than a writer who only has an idea.

My second pet peeve is deadlines... I can understand life getting in the way and the deadline needing to be moved back for emergencies or maybe the project being larger than expected but I feel I've been involved in too many partnerships where the partner never completes their side or they take a ridiculous amount of extra time. Ridiculous to me is when a 2 week deadline becomes 6 weeks with no respectable reasons being presented for the delay.

I'm a shameless self promoter btw. I heavily value critiques and I do my best to reciprocate but when working on a project I will often seek out people who I think may be able to give valuable advice or criticism I will go out of my way to contact them.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Weird Writing Habits?
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 03:54:16 PM »
Hmmm... I used to write a lot of poetry and tend to write my stories in poetry format first. Usually it's dialogue and narration for the chapter but no other descriptions. You just read it as talking...  You may remember this from my original account. I basically do this for every chapter.

Do you remember how we met?

   I remember so clearly…
      What a cold and dreary day it was.
I was five years old…
   The other children tugged on my hair and clothes.
They called me dirty… trash…
   They shoved me back and forth
      Until I found myself on the ground
I can remember the salty taste of my tears as they laughed at me.
   And I can remember your voice.
      “What’s going on?”
You looked at me with such shock and pity.
You turned on the other kids in anger.
Chased them off with your words.
And I remember when you turned to me the sadness in your eyes.
When you held out your hand to me
   I can remember shying away
   Is this a trap? A new joke?
But then you smiled at me…
   “My name’s Shane. What’s yours?”
      “A… Alex”
   “You want to be friends Alex?”
Friends…  I had never had a ‘friend’ before.
I remember being so frightened when I took your hand…
Looking back on things now…
   That was the most important day of my life.

We had so much life in us back then.
   In our early years I told you everything.
We would often go for walks
   Through the woods
      And alongside the creek
   That ran near my house.
It was there that we talked about
   Our hopes and dreams
      Our nightmares.
I never noticed how often I talked
   About my own sadness…
But never once did you confide in me your feelings.
   Your problems.
You always just smiled at me in that gentle way of yours.
   Listening and comforting…
You were my strength, my rock, my support.
   It never occurred to me
      That underneath your smile
   There was a sadness growing there.
Sometimes I wonder…
   If I had been a little less selfish
      Paid a little more attention
Then maybe…
   Things would have turned out different for us.
If I had been a good of friend to you
   As you were to me
      Then maybe
         We wouldn’t be here today…

Do you remember the crystal you gave me?
   My 13th birthday…
You found me at our favorite spot
   Huddled up in my winter clothes
      Staring so forlornly at the water rushing by.
I remember the sudden warmth from your hug
And the heat of your breath against my ear
   As you whispered
      “I’ve got something special for you”
And you pulled from your pocket this beautiful crystal
   I remember it reminding me of
      A glass tower
         From a fairy tale…
You handed it to me and told me to hold it up to the light
   To look inside.
      “No… Wishes and feelings. It’s my magic stone.”
   “Whenever you feel sad or alone just close your eyes and pour it all into this stone”
It was … the most beautiful present that I had ever received.
Whenever I am sad or lonely… I hold that stone, close my eyes, and remember that beautiful day…
If only we could turn back time.
If only I had known what I know now.
I would like to think that I could have been there for you…
That I would be less preoccupied with my own problems…

All those times that you saved me.
   Stealing me away
      Like some superhero in the night.
Maybe once…
   I could have saved you…

Do you remember that night?
   Surrounded by our friends
      Sitting close to the fire
         Listening to good music
            Cuddling in your arms.
That was the night that I thought…
   You’d tell me you loved me.
We were always close
   But that night
      It seemed to me
That you held me tighter
   Held my gaze longer
I caught you watching me
   With a sad smile
And I smiled back
   Not understanding
      Not suspecting
         What was going on in your mind.

That night I fell asleep with your arms
   Wrapped tightly around me
The heat from the fire a soothing warmth on my skin.

And that night…
   I woke up without you next to me…

I remember…
   Finding you on the bridge
      Standing on the ledge
      You looked at me
         And smiled sadly at me.
For the first time
   I saw something
      That you had kept hidden from me.

All these years…
   I never saw the sadness in your eyes.

And now…
   Every time I close my eyes
      I think of all the times I saw you smile
And I wonder…
   How did I not see it?

And every time I remember that night…
   I wonder…

Will I ever know why?

Aside from that, you may have noticed in other posts that if I don't watch myself I will capitalize random words while typing. I don't know why I do this, the words don't need any extra emphasis... I just randomly capitalize things.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: What are you writing?
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 03:39:16 PM »
I was working on three different stories but after finishing up the character profiles for the characters in the first story I've found inspiration to work on that particular setting. I'm quite proud of myself for finishing the first chapter/prologue yesterday and it appears that I'll be writing out the second chapter later tonight while my boyfriend draws his concept for Damsel.

Ah I suck at making names TT I should at least make names for the characters >.< It'd be odd to wait until I finish writing to do so...

How far is everyone in their projects? I would love to read some concepts or chapters, maybe provide a review if I can. It has been a while since I've given a review and honestly I've always been best at basic editing rather than expressing my opinions but hopefully I can find myself helpful to everyone?
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Copyrighting and stealing ideas
« Last post by CookiePanda on December 07, 2018, 03:31:47 PM »
Every idea has been done. I used to be super paranoid about showing my works in progress when I first started out writing for the same reasons. After years of sharing my ideas I've never had my work stolen or been blatantly plagiarized so these fears have subsided. I find that the rewards you get from sharing your works (especially in progress works) far out number the risks. Hope to see some of your stuff soon!
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