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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Dragon of Acadia concept art
« Last post by SpartanGSab on April 21, 2018, 01:14:02 PM »
Sorry for the delay but now here's
page 18
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« Last post by Coryn on April 21, 2018, 09:09:11 AM »
Honestly ar this point I don't know what she should expect.
Starter Gallery / Re: My "Pictures"
« Last post by Vio on April 21, 2018, 05:12:11 AM »
Thanks, eukocar & Walter B! :thumbsup:

If you're talking about my colouring, it all about layers and organization. Layers help a ton when it come to shading and highlights without disturbing the base structure.
Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Re: Switch Around Meme
« Last post by Vio on April 21, 2018, 05:07:31 AM »
That's correct. We'll draw our OC's and then switch artworks according to the chart. We'll go by the order of submissions. So if that sketch is truly what Lego wants to submit, then he'll be the First Artist on the chart.

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Re: Switch Around Meme
« Last post by TEA on April 21, 2018, 02:29:04 AM »
Guess we should all do our OC's, that would be cool. So how does this work? We all do a Sketch, then lineart and colour somebody else's?
Manga Art Gallery / Re: - The Drawings of a Mushroom -
« Last post by TEA on April 21, 2018, 02:26:32 AM »
Very cool Mush! Love the style, if you thickened up the lines a bit and polished it up it would look very good. Would fit well somewhere like Tapas probably.
Members Manga / Re: Swords Like Gods
« Last post by TEA on April 21, 2018, 02:24:01 AM »
Woah this is a really cool series. Looking forward to more from this!
Anime Talk / Re: Politics of Anime
« Last post by TEA on April 21, 2018, 02:21:29 AM »
I appreciate the the responses.

Look I'm a technology strategist and also an ideologue.

This means my politics are not really separate from my business.

I mean I know it is the cute thing to say these days: "Let's talk business but not politics or religion"

Fine, think inside the box but you miss out on the real problems to solve and the real money to be made is from solving complex problems.

I'm not a guy drawing comic books looking to get a $100k or even $1 million contract to have my creative vision bought by Disney or Marvel.

I live near Pixar which is in Emeryville and I met animators who agree Gizmowl is a hotter theme than what they got.

What's hard to understand about Africa when Google and Facebook practically own California already?

I'm going for out of the box solutions.

The American Market is saturated so I look to places like Egypt and Mongolia for brand development.

Yes Africa is a major emerging sector.

What I'm saying with Wowls is redefine the idea of success as not simply being 'a silicon valley unicorn' but a Wowl on another continent.

What I'm saying is that in terms of strategy for a technology and mining company in frontier markets, my company has to be confrontational to ingrained ideas like this whole unicorn myth.

It can't be a wishy-washy PC thing designed to make hipsters go gaga.

"Oh me me mister venture capitalist! Can I be the next unicorn?...Oh pulease!!"

That is the reality of the startup scene in the Bay Area.

A real technology titan in my opinion thinks like a general in geo-political terms and gets past superficial propaganda to generate profits not simply from selling products designed to appeal to lowest common denominator cultural stupidity but also from identifying undercapitalized resources and places off the beaten path.

So the Wowls is designed to be a form of both entertainment and propaganda.

I'm not doing it for the love of animation.

I stopped reading comic books when I was probably 16.

That said, I am doing it for fun and I think mapping it out and working with talented people would be quite fun.

I enjoy the idea of creativity in propaganda as a means to the tech market.

If you study brands like Twitter and Hailo, they will tell you 50% or more of their success comes down to a name and logo.

That is all.

1/2 or more of the challenge of a multi-billion dollar company is concept.

IT is the truth but if you are an artist and not a brand strategist who studies thousands of logos, names and taglines and reads books on related topics you will have absolutely no clue what I'm talking about.

I mean no offense but if you have not studied copywriting and branding for a decade or so you're not getting to the heart of today's business challenges. Radial differentiation is not easy to come by and I have done that with both Gizmowl and Wowls.

Look at 100 yrs of military aircraft and the current drones and tell me if you find an owl model?

I'm the first to market on this theme and who rules the night?

All these eagles and falcons? The bobcat? The Swoose Goose?

Do you think if Microsoft hit the market today they would make waves with a name like that?

The market is 500,000x as saturated now.

In terms of culture, hipsters generally hate me and the feeling is mutual.

To me much of what passes as culture is a joke and that is the real fascist brainwashing.

I don't want to get into conspiracy theories but I do know the actual truth about certain things related to deep politics and all I can say is that it is completely worthless to know the secrets unless you can turn them into a business plan at the very cutting edge of global events.

Because everyone would just call you crazy if you told them the truth, it would be so far out of their reality.

Anyways my storyline I posted but in case you did not see the creation myth, watch this video:

Keep in mind, this is the rough sketch for the beginning story of a saga and it may be a ufo instead of a drone.

It will be animated:


Gizmowl is part owl part machine, very intelligent and he has a 3rd eye laser.

The first part takes place in Mongolia.

It will involve current geopolitics in terms of the conflict between Israel and Iran, specifically drone warfare.

I'm not sure how it will explore religion but maybe use the Gizmowl drone as a way to show the leadership culture of Iran.

As it is now, Gizmowl is sort of like the ultimate armegeddon drone, designed to fly evade radar fly into nuclear enrichment facilities, navigate halls to reactors, and eliminate other drones and then maybe suicide.

It is based on an actual study of the aerospace and military logistics that the US and Israel are exploring for attacking Iran.

My story, the essential joke is that the precedent strategy for conquering Iran came out of Mongolia in 1219, crossing the Gobi.

The theme is related to Genghis Khan conquests and specifially a folklore story with a white owl.

This is not a film about vilifying Iran but rather sort of a cold objective look at the geopolitics of technology, religion and natural resources.

From this point, the story may bring the wowls into it, like the wowls are the offspring of Gizmowl, the Wowls are generation 7 technology and because of the pack aspect are p2p can transmit data and work together.

Anyways I'm hasing out the story and deciding how to involve humans, whether it is a romance or sort of an armageddon war saga.

I want to integrate the Biblical themes of warfare and Israel and the idea of messiah with the more Asian anime themes like Genghis khan and then turn it into a political thriller about the current sort of armageddon conflict with drones and stuff.

Does that make sense?

Right so you want to make a series about robot owls and draw political parallels? Honestly, after all this rambling I genuinely believe you're having some sort of nervous breakdown and have thrown yourself into this weird project.
You have an intellectual property that you want to utilise primarily as a propaganda tool using animation as the vehicle for this? 

Barring all that, strictly looking at your story, robot owls sound novel but not quite that interesting. I'm sure you'll find people who will indulge you but in reality I don't think it would find an audience. It sounds like Code Geass but with robot owls instead of mechs.

In short, you seem terribly delusional.
Anime Talk / Re: Politics of Anime
« Last post by Robin Ryuu on April 20, 2018, 10:59:31 PM »
Manga's not the best place to go preaching. I believe this was noted somewhere in Bakuman which was made by well known mangakas. Basically manga is a form of entertainment. If people want to read politics they look for it. If people want to relax and escape from the world's troubles for a few minutes they'll read manga or something of the sort. If your agenda and the viewerbase's interests don't match up they'll lose interest and move on.

In short, rather than censorship, politics just doesn't get readers, so it isn't used much. I would recommend rethinking your plan.
Manga Creations / Re: Shaved Ice-A crappy novel by Effie
« Last post by Effie Azzara on April 20, 2018, 10:42:48 PM »
Ok. The end. FIN.

He didn’t like figure skating. It was plain and simple-Ray really didn’t like most sports. Though he was quick and agile, had great spatial sense and aim, and he did well in volleyball and archery, he really wasn’t too much of a fan of either.

He was a nerd. Not a jock, a geek with a body meant for volleyball and archery. Sports weren’t his bag.

Though he had to admit, he found himself smiling involuntarily as Miles skated onto the ice, his usual look of blues and greens replaced by a flashy blood-red and violet costume. Fiona nudged him. “You’re grinning like an idiot.”

“Oh shut up, you devious fox,” He muttered with a huff. “Telling us you were aromantic like that was cruel.” Over the past twenty-four hours, it had become increasingly apparent (to him at least) that she was a master of deception, and she generally knew a lot more than she let on. She was tricky, she was smart, she was observant, and she’d completely duped Ray into realizing his feelings. He had to admire someone like her, and how clever she was. It was certainly a pleasant bonus to know his feelings for Miles were mutual, even if the kissing, the confessions… everything had been more than shocking and less than perfect.

“It ain't my fault you were projecting your affections onto me. And it worked out.” Fiona simply chuckled as Miles began his much more lighthearted program (with his knee brace that time, thank god), and though he very well knew that yes, he was smiling a lot more than he usually did, he really couldn’t help it as the blond boy on ice passed their section of the audience. Though Ray knew the cute blond boy couldn’t possibly pinpoint their exact location in the stands, he swore he saw seafoam eyes wink mischievously at him as he skated by and despite himself, Ray felt an unusual warmth in his chest, something he hadn’t really experienced before his crush had developed. He shook his head with a sigh and a little chuckle to himself, watching Miles’ carefully predicted turns and twists. Miles *censored*ing Verde is turning me soft.

And I don’t even mind it.

What an absurd sixteenth birthday.

“What’s 86 times 3?”

“258,” Ray replied simply, finishing the last sentence of the chapter he was reading before setting the book down and pushing himself off the bed. With a yawn, he peered over Miles’ shoulder. “I did that page already. The answer’s 1837 square kilometres.”

The blond boy scribbled down the answer, before closing the textbook with a huff and glaring up at him. “You treat me like I’m five years old sometimes. I can do math.”

Despite the fact he was feeling anything but confident, Ray smiled. “Haha. Your marks would say differently.” Miles rolled his eyes and looked like he was going to argue, but the tall boy cut him off. “Hey, stop complaining for a second. We should talk, without the benefit of being high on dopamine and adrenaline.”

He swore he could see the light go from Miles’ eyes. The blond nodded anyway. “Yeah. I guess we should.”

“I…” Ray trailed off at the first word-he could have sworn that he had some sort of speech, a game plan, something planned out when he’d approached Miles, but he was drawing a blank, and it was throwing him off guard. What did he say? What could he say? ‘Hey, you’re great, and I think I’m completely head over heels for you, but we shouldn’t do this because I suck at romance?’ It was too blunt, and he knew better than to open his mouth at that moment.

As usual, Miles filled in the silence, but his tone was unusually… flat. It made the Spanish boy guilty, to say the least, and he desperately searched for the right words as his old friend began, “Look, Ray, I know I shouldn’t have kissed you, and if you want to forget about it, we can-”

“No!” The frantic word seemed to have momentarily shocked them both into silence-Ray couldn’t remember the last time his emotions had shown so clearly in his voice. He didn’t like it, but he had a feeling it was his best shot. “Miles, I… I’m not…” His brain wasn’t working properly, and with a long sigh, he stared helplessly into Miles’ curious look. How can I possibly be so bad at this?

He was half expecting the boy in front of him to tell him to forget it, that the entire thing was a mistake, something along the lines of the typical Verde emotional shutdown, but as his brain frantically whirred, searching for something to say, Miles simply peered back at him patiently. Ray could see he so clearly wanted to say something as worry lines spread across his forehead and he furrowed his brow. It wasn’t the least bit fair to have him in such a tizzy, and with a shaky breath, and a short prayer, Ray forced himself to speak.

“Miles, you… You know how I work by now.”

Slowly, the blond boy nodded, though was silent. Pushing black bangs out of his eyes nervously, the Spaniard nodded back. “I’m… I’m logical, Miles, and yesterday… Yesterday was the farthest *censored*ing thing from logical. I’m just…”

“Uncomfortable?” Miles supplied hesitantly, and Ray nodded. “Yes! Yes, I’m…” Briefly, he thought back to what Fiona had told him-uncomfortable felt like the right word. “I’m uncomfortable. But not… With the idea of dating you.”

He said nothing. It was making Ray even more nervous, and he swallowed hard.

“I think you’re…” A blush was working its way onto his face, he could feel it, and it was making everything feel a million times more embarrassing as he babbled, “You’re pretty incredible, Bubbles, between your skating and your family and school and… And…” He smiled a little at the reddish hue dancing over Miles cheeks as he admitted, “You’re pretty damn cute, and I’d love to squeeze the living daylights out of you if I was that kind of person.” The blond skater raised an eyebrow, but was silent as Ray continued his embarrassing ranting. “But I’m not. I’m just not, Miles, and you know I’m not. I’m so *censored*ing lost when it comes to emotions, Bubbles, I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. And you want someone who… Who isn’t that. Who will… Who will think of kissing as something more romantic than an easy way to spread disease or having cute dates at coffee shops and movies better than just doing something mundane together… Who will get you.”

There was a thick moment of silence, before Miles cleared his throat and asked, “Are you done?”


The blond nodded, replying simply, “Okay.” Ray could feel his heart practically pounding its way out of his chest as he waited for more of a response. It felt wrong, and he could feel his anxiety welling up inside of him, thoughts of some sort of heart condition on the distant horizon on top of all his nerves already.

“Well, I… I think you get me,” Miles finally said after a long pause. “We’ve known each other for long enough, haven’t we?”

“Miles…” Ray trailed off again. He was lost, in completely new territory without any sort of knowledge. His relationship with Isolda didn’t provide much help, and otherwise, he wasn’t particularly well-versed in the area of romance.

“You saw what happened with Isolda,” Was the only thing he could think to say, even if it was a cold truth. “You know why it didn’t work. And I’m not about to lose someone I’ve known forever over the same thing.”

“Ray… That wasn’t completely your fault, you know…” Miles cocked his head. “Are you really worried you’re just going to cut me off? I’m not about to pull the same *censored* Isolda did… It takes two, you know.”

He knew. Oh, he knew, whether it be from the times him and Mari had been trying to convince their mother who was guilty or his messy last few months with Isolda and their broken relationship. It took two, it always did.

“It… It also takes two to make something work,” The blond reminded him hesitantly, his green gaze focused on the bedspread. “I… I don’t know a lot about romance, Ray, and I don’t know if this would work, but I swear I saw fireworks when we kissed, and I’m not a good kisser to begin with.”

Fireworks was a strong word… An illogical word, some part of his brain added, but Ray ignored it. He got the idea, and he had to agree to a certain extent-they had chemistry that hadn’t been around with Isolda. He wasn’t sure if he liked it or not.

“I’m… I’m a nerd whose biggest concern is what pointless invention I’ll be making next and looking for the logic in things,” Ray began hesitantly, crossing his arms protectively over his chest. “And you’re an international athlete with hearts in his eyes. This… I don’t like not knowing if something will work or not.”

Miles offered him a smile and a simple deal. “We can try our damndest though.”

For a long moment the taller boy hesitated. Was it really a good idea to try and get romantically involved with anyone, especially Miles? Though he lacked the sass and attitude Isolda had, the blond boy and her were remarkably the same, and Ray couldn’t find a clear outcome as he ran variables through his head. With a sigh, he turned his focus back to Miles’ hopefully face, scanning it as if it held answers. Though he’d been looking for something logical, something to snap him out of his enamoured stupor, the freckles across the blond’s nose, the way his glasses slid too far down, the too-optimistic smile… Ray shook his head with a sigh and a little smile of his own. “We… Can certainly try our damndest, Bubbles.”

Miles was elated. He was more than elated-elated was the understatement of the year. He’d won silver, but he certainly felt like he’d won gold.

He was in some sort of relationship with Ray. Sure, it was unsteady, sure, there were some major things that needed to be addressed, but as he let off steam alone in the dance studio, all of that could be overlooked, even if it was just until they returned to Ontario.

Things were going good. For once, he felt like he was winning at life instead of grasping at threads of happiness. It was a nice change, and he grinned to himself as the chorus of the rock song came through his earbuds. He almost always danced to rock to celebrate after a particularly exciting win. It was a good way to let off steam, and it was a rare time where he wasn’t limited to his music choices. It was also the most satisfying genre to blast at full volume, between the heavy bass and drum lines and electric guitar solos.

So he was a little more than surprised as someone tapped him on the shoulder. Miles nearly jumped out of his skin, simultaneously spinning around and pausing his music. “Geez! You scared me straight! What do you…” As he focused on the person in front of him, the blond paused, pulling out his earbuds. “Hey… Jonas. Sorry, I was startled…”

“It’s not a problem.” Jonas seemed just as amused as Miles was surprised. “It’s good to see you practicing. If you aren’t too busy, I would like to speak with you, however.”

“Yeah, of course.” Miles went to grab his shoes. He and Jonas had spoken after competitions before, and it was nice to have a conversation with someone who understood skating as much as he did. “Did you want to go somewhere, or…”

“Right here is fine.”

The short blond boy blinked in surprise, straightening up from where he’d been tying his shoelaces. “Are… Are you sure? I wasn’t practicing anything important, really.”

“Yes.” Jonas nodded once, his face as straight and unreadable as ever. Unlike Ray’s natural poker face, the Finnish coach’s expression had obviously been groomed to appear professional. “I will be brief. Don’t worry.”

Slowly, Miles nodded, pushing bangs out of his eyes. He was suddenly more curious than anything.

“Miles, you are incredibly talented, and your potential is massive,” Jonas began simply. “Your medal only proves that.”

“Oh… Well thank you. It means a lot coming from you.”

The coach nodded. “Excuse me for prying, but I am also aware that your financial and training situation is not always ideal for someone at your level of skill.”

Again, he nodded back. ”Yeah. It’s not always ideal, but I make do. Can I… Can I ask why you’re interested?”

The sandy brunette man nodded, his blue eyes piercing right through the blond as he replied, “Yes, of course. Miles, I think you’re perhaps one of the most talented skaters of this generation. And if possible, I would like to give you the best conditions possible to grow to your full potential.” The short skater blinked in confusion as the Finnish coach finally said, “I would love nothing more than to see you alongside Cole and Clementine.”

For a moment, the room was completely silent before Miles replied in obvious shock, “What?”

“I would like to coach you, Miles.” Jonas was completely serious and his eyes were hopeful as he continued, “So please. Come to Finland and become my student. I want to make you the best male skater in your time.”

Ok. It's over. No more. I'll go back and edit in new changes later. Sorry for the spam D: and if you aren't too irritated by it, then tell me what you think.
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