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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Echo Archives
« Last post by Echo_River on August 05, 2022, 11:48:47 AM »
@Coryn Thanks! I surprised myself with some of these too XD

@Suuper Thanks!! Haha I am super lazy with my own works I'll admit. Doing art for others always makes me put in way more detail and effort.

RE: Lyra for Kohaku_Dragon - Actually, I was going for the nebula look XD The character is a space pirate. Might've been able to pull off something more convincing if I had looked up some references of spacey material. (Although explosions are on the list of things to do yas)

RE: Artfight - They haven't released the final scores yet (due on the 15th). Last I saw, the team I was on, Team Bloom, was ahead. But then they hid the scores a couple days before the end of the event :ohmy: So the winner is yet to be announced.
It's not the best way to get yourself exposed imo? Everyone is busy getting drawings out it's easy to overlook people unfortunately.
I have prior and current experience working as a comic assistant, and since I have my own projects to work own, the assistant position is what I would probably be interested in. I have done character color flats and shading for the previous assistant work. I use Clip Studio Paint Ex so I can do word bubbles and other things.

I do need to ask if it's negotiable to have at least 50% of the pay up front and have the reimbursement added to the base amount (per every 2-3 pages depending on what's decided) as most artists working digitally already have all the tools and programs they need so it's not much of an incentive otherwise and most artists take payment up front.
For the concept art, the price can be discussed to make sure the amount of work required for it feels amicable.  I know the price for doing concept art can vary depending where the artist lives, so I want to make sure we can all find a reasonable price to work with.

I have worked with an artist before, but that was around 2017.  It was for a different project, and we worked together for a few months.  Unfortunately I had a medical issue that caused me to lose my stream of income, and left me disabled for a few years.  However, I have recovered and resumed working, so I can now pursue this venture.
CosPlay / Re: Suuper's Cosplay Log
« Last post by Robin Rain on August 04, 2022, 07:15:07 PM »
Looking pretty nifty. ^^ (And you told me the character so I will refrain from joining in the game. XD)
As for Black and White vs Color, that depends more on the artists.  If they are more comfortable with manga styles then Black and White is fine as there are typically different things being emphasized with manga.  If they prefer more of a Comic style of drawing, then color is preferred.

I ask because there's typically a large difference in the price between the two. Your budget would appear to lean more toward the side of B&W side of things.

Unfortunately I do not have any completed references.  However, I can provide images for reference/jumping off points.

Will the concept art be a paid project in addition to the pages or are they included as part of the page budget?

And another question, do you have prior experience working with artists?
In terms of references to other manga I would say there are three for different reasons.  Fullmetal Alchemist and Mashle: Magic and Muscles for character designs and their expressions and quality.  The third is Berserk more for the inclusion of shading and backgrounds as the locations the stories take place in should play a role in the feeling it gives the reader, as well as the setting being quite close.  I don't expect the same level of quality as Berserk, Kentaro Miura was in a league of his own.

If there is interest in the project I will do things such as polling to determine what story has the largest interest, and work on that story as the next chapter.  I will rerun the poll after each chapter is completed until each story has hit the end of the story line.  So yes, this will be a long-term serial project if there is interest.
CosPlay / Re: Suuper's Cosplay Log
« Last post by Suuper-san on August 04, 2022, 05:33:05 PM »
An almost finished (unpainted) boot. It's actually a shoe cover that attaches via velcro to a pair of old trainers. Pretty nifty eh? I stole that idea straight off YouTube along with a lot of other methods and techniques.
This is a major upgrade from the anime version so dont go looking for clues since the details are almost all my own.
Gotta actually make the second one now tho lol

Also the tiny armguard in the back has some nice weathering on it now, but also my own design so no clues there either lol

Almost starting to feel the crunch but I think a couple of good afternoons and I'll have everything super close. The only issue will be time for drying layers of paint, that can't really be sped up so I've got to allocate time for those wayyyy before the deadline.

Also sewing my own coat is being a bit of a nuisance, just because of dyeing fabric and making sure I've got enough fabric and trimmings to make something so big.
That's partly why I was semi-seriously asking since coffee and energy drinks are generally involved in my large projects :P
tbh the cost will be somewhat minimal even if I did count them in :D

I think all those answers are pretty clear and fair. I've not done any projects like this other than unpaid hobby projects with people I know so I'm somewhat clueless as to how things work out.

2 pages a month minimum is definitely within my ability I'm sure, although target quality will determine how long each page takes. I would definitely like to see any sort of artworks that show the style you are after.
Basically what manga do you want these to look like? Slome example names or series would be a handy reference.
I'm somewhat style-less at the moment, or rather, still finding my style, so I consider myself rather flexible when it comes to style. But I prefer black and white manga to full color comics.

Because of the generally large time constraints, I've only ever worked at lower than my best for personal manga projects, so I can't say my portfolio is great, would you like me to compile a portfolio of my fantasy style works? I'd rather be shot down quickly if I'm not at the quality or style you're after :D
You can always glance at my manga topics in my signature, anything in the last year is my current ability, but most are draft sketches rather than finished pieces. Even my manga are draft quality really /(T_T)\

oh another question, are you intending to carry on the series that get the most interest? i.e. is this a potential long-term serial project? or that's too far down the line to even say?
Can we hear a little a little more about the project?
Are you wanting black and white? Color?
Is there a specific timeframe/deadline for each page?
Do these demos have completed scripts?
Do you have completed character references or is concept art involved?
Are the artists in charge of everything from storyboards to word bubbles?
What method of contact will be used?

Thank you for the interest in my offer.

The project will be 5 opening chapters for stories that take place in the same world, but vastly different places so they will not impact each other.  These stories are:

The Devil of Murkwood - A father/daughter story diving into the divine and profane influences on their world.
The Iron Bear - A rescue story that looks into the Spiritual aspects of the world.
The Knight of Stone - A finding strength story focused more on the learned/acquired magics of the world.
The Deadman's Search for Redemption - A revenge story looking at the relationships between species of the world.
The Star Trader - A debt repayment story diving into the nondivine outside forces that impact the world.

As for Black and White vs Color, that depends more on the artists.  If they are more comfortable with manga styles then Black and White is fine as there are typically different things being emphasized with manga.  If they prefer more of a Comic style of drawing, then color is preferred.

As for a timeframe/deadline per page, obviously I would like faster results, but I know this stuff takes time for quality.  Faster completion means the artists get paid faster, and I can find out if there is any interest for the project sooner.  Ideally, I would like to see about 1 page per week, but as long as at least 2 high quality pages are done per month, I can live with that.

I have posted some of the story ideas in the manga ideas section of the forum, but I do have scripts for the demos.

Unfortunately I do not have any completed references.  However, I can provide images for reference/jumping off points.

The story boards can be done by the artists if they choose, but I know the beats and main points that I would like to hit with the stories.   The word bubbles will be up to the artists.

Contact methods will be based off of whatever works best for all parties, so that all can be included in discussions and possible meetings.  Voice calls over things like discord or skype and email are preferred.

I second those questions and add my own:
  • How/when will the payment be sorted/will there be an "official" contract etc?
    Especially as you mention "several" manga one-shots that you're after.
    i.e. paid per page every time a page is completed, or what.
  • And also, what exactly is the expected workload difference between main artist and assistant? I assume that will vary somewhat on their specific skillset and what they want/are comfortable doing. (Hence your mention of co-artists as an option)
  • As a second option, can an artist be both main and assistant? as someone who has single handedly worked on a comic and also worked in a team, solo is much more preferable. (Also extra pay for doing 2 jobs  :tongue:)
  • Do snacks count as (disposable single-use performance enhancing) equipment? (semi-serious)

Thank you for your expressed interest as well.

Payment will sent as soon as the completed page is received, and the reimbursement is paid at the end of the month based on any receipts sent during the month.  There will not be an official contract, but the artwork is not to be sold by the artists.  However, the artwork can be used as reference or included in the artists' portfolio after the project is completed and presented.

The workload difference for manga between the primary and assistant should be the primary artist does the base drawings while the assistant does things like touching up, cleaning up lines, adding effects, or generally adding on the finishing touches to the work.  For comics the primary artist does the base drawings while the assistant focuses on the coloring, touch ups, and other finishing touches.

If you are confident in your skills to be able to do it all yourself, I am more than happy to pay you $150 per page, as long as the quality is still there.

Snacks unfortunately do not count as equipment as it needs to be directly used when working on the project.  However, if you need something like coffee or an energy drink to help you maintain focus while you work, then I will consider that as something directly involved in the project.

Any other questions please feel free to let me know.
Members Manga / Re: The Eye of Light [Prototype]
« Last post by Suuper-san on August 04, 2022, 09:32:48 AM »
Sort of obvious by the lack of content recently, but I thought I'd officially post we're on hiatus until around Aug 20th, since both my writer and I are attending this cosplay event :D
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