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Movies and TV shows / Re: The last movie you have watched
« Last post by Manimal on January 21, 2018, 08:03:00 AM »
Watched The Polka King

A Netflix original film about the true story of Jan Lewan, a Pole who comes to America to be a polka star but also run a ponzi scheme. The main punch of the film is that all the silly antics, from arranging a meeting with the Pope and making a polka rap song after being in jail, are all true and also Jack Black. Of course he is great in this movie, and plays the role of this charismatic con artist Pole very well. The rest of the cast does fine as well, and in general it's a well acted film.

The comedy is pretty light, it's mostly just on the "oh this is real" kind of level. The film never gets too silly, or makes too many jokes. There where not many scenes where I laughed or did the quiet "haha grin". In scenes where you expect satire like the over the top Proud To Be American song scene there is no humor. I think this approach to things was atleast interesting, instead of making the movie too ridiculous. Jack Black does feel like the real guy in this movie, you only see the character here. You don't feel like you're watching an actor be silly.

In the end the film doesn't leave you with much, it's just like oh...that was an amusing story. Even in what should be serious moments, it's never too dramatic because the character is this kind of "everything is alright" guy. Once more, Jack Black does extremely well in portraying this outrageous real person, and while the film is not overly funny it's atleast entertaining. Certainly it feels like a small time Netflix movie.
Movies and TV shows / Re: Which tv serie could you recommand?
« Last post by The SlamJam on January 21, 2018, 07:53:39 AM »
Lucifer: seems humorous and full of sarcasm. The story is about Lucifer living among human

I love Lucifer, but the show is not for everyone. The premise of the show is that the Devil is on Earth, but he's not really evil. He teams up with a Detective and they solve crimes (homicides)

There's a massive "will they won't they end up together" thing throughout the show, and they're really dragging out Lucifer revealing his identity to the Detective.

The show has potential to go above the usual procedural cop drama, but doesnt always. Nevertheless, i really enjoyed Lucifer. It's funny and entertains me well enough, but im easily pleased. If you're a fan of Tom Ellis acting, then it's worth watching for that.

Also wish they made a proper version of this cover, i enjoyed it. [minor spoilers] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-jlIJoEIMc
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Jamie's sketchbook of fun.
« Last post by The SlamJam on January 21, 2018, 07:39:14 AM »
@Lego - I was doing the style thing because shammah was gonna do one on Discord, but i dont think he ended up doing it. :/ Dont even really know much about the manga author, really not a style i dig.

I wasnt super happy with this, but whatevs. super rough but i really cba line arting. Also hand hiding to the extreme, was v lazy there. Not sure why, tired.


Manga Art Gallery / Re: check out my work :P
« Last post by The SlamJam on January 21, 2018, 07:37:52 AM »
So good! Very professional looking work as usual, keep it up!
Welcome Center / Hello from France !
« Last post by dranx on January 21, 2018, 07:35:55 AM »
Hi! I'm dranx and as the title says I'm from France. I'm working as a designer for android i'm making anime's keyboard theme.

My favorites animes are first One piece, Naruto Shippuden, Kuroko no basket, Captain tsubasa and i started recently Shingeki no Kyojin !

That's it !
break Room / Re: binge watching
« Last post by SaiHawkeye on January 21, 2018, 07:15:40 AM »
I know how that is.  I spent 3 years working 60 to 72 hours a week. By the time I got home, I'd be too exhausted to watch anything and just sink all my time into catching up on social media.

I've recently cut down my work hours to 20 hours a week at most and have been able to start binging again though. I actually recently finished all of Dragon Ball and am working through Dragon Ball Z now. All because I don't want to watch any more of Dragon Ball Super... x'D
break Room / Re: binge watching
« Last post by Manimal on January 21, 2018, 07:12:56 AM »
The binge era is over for me. In older times I rewatched more and binged in a 24 hour period Gurren Lagann and Full Metal Panic TSR a couple times. When I was watching through Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail I went hard a couple times also.

But these days I can hardly do anything for too long. My mind always goes to something else, if I'm sitting still I want to make music or listen to an album. Watching stuff, playing stuff, reading, writing & drawing aren't things I can often do for that long these days.
Develop Your Story / Re: Chelderan Chronicles: Worldbuilding
« Last post by Operative13 on January 21, 2018, 06:41:15 AM »
Order of the Marines (Legion of Terra)

As the Legion of Terra expanded their operations across the globe, it became more evident that greater specialization would be necessary to fill the demands of fighting in treacherous terrain and inhospitable environments. With plans to expand the Legion into a greater assortment of specialist infantry, three new Legionary Orders were created, effectively doubling the division and subsequent complexity of the Legion’s organization. Of these new orders was the Order of the Marines, elite troops trained in assault and raiding tactics.

Much like their Grenadier cousins, Marines were designed to engage the enemy in frontal attacks using superior firepower and maneuvering, however they held much greater emphasis in small-scale unit tactics and rapid deployment. They operated in dense, limited terrain engaging within close proximity to the enemy, finding exploitations and opening areas of attack through aggressive harassment and skirmishing techniques before spearheading across multiple fronts. Such methods of battle meant a high emphasis on mobility and stopping power. Weapons such as automatic rifles, shotguns, and rifle grenades were often employed by Marines to accomplish this task, and boded well for the kinds of environments the Marines often fought in, ranging from dense towns and cities, island fortresses and entrenched beaches, and even as exotic as jungles and alpine mountains. Fighting in such difficult environments made small-scale unit maneuvers extremely important, a niche the Marines filled exceptionally in comparison to the other Legionary Orders, which at the time emphasized large-scale unit mobilization as their primary tactic.

As such, the Marines had a notable record of defeating numerically-superior opponents in their tenure because of their training and tactics. They excelled at breaking through enemy defenses and disrupting formations for exploitation, as their service with the Marianans showed when they successfully cracked open the seemingly-invincible Elsian Iron Fortress chain. However, their success as aggressive raiders and incapacitators comes at the price of defensive capabilities. Because their tactics require extensive use of mobile, offensive-oriented equipment, much of the Marine’s gear lacks any real defensive capability. Marines are prone to drawn-out firefights, where troops and supplies can quickly dwindle under attrition, and cannot effectively engage in long-range skirmishes or reliably defend against an overwhelming offensive themselves. Marines must constantly be on the move and on the offensive, lest they become the hunted themselves.
break Room / LAGC 2018
« Last post by midsummer_feast on January 21, 2018, 02:48:50 AM »

Good morning. :tongue:

Out of curiosity, i'm wondering if here´s anyone that will visit LAGC this year?..

Manga Art Gallery / Re: check out my work :P
« Last post by irvintiu on January 21, 2018, 01:16:40 AM »
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