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Manga Art Gallery / Re: A Runaway From Reality (aka my gallery)
« Last post by runawayfantasy on February 13, 2019, 09:21:01 PM »
I think I'm done!!!!

Thank you Coryn for the help!
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« Last post by suuper-san on February 13, 2019, 06:44:36 PM »
haha no problem it happens to all of us!
well I spend most of my time reading light novels, not tutorials, so I'm afraid my Japanese is wasted in that regard XD
yeah I definitely need to try out more stuff. animals, backgrounds, comics and paneling; the list is infinite :P

just to requote myself, I'll be not on MR very much in the next few weeks/months, I've become extra busy lately.
heres my last art post for a while.
86/1000 hands

PS I just discovered the airbrush in GIMP and I think i can shade now lol
MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« Last post by Coryn on February 13, 2019, 06:04:44 PM »
The time for that rule to be in affect passed about 100 pages ago.

Well we'll miss you, but have a good break Suuper! We all need time away from the net occasionally. See you when we see you!
Music / Re: What are you listening to
« Last post by Manimal on February 13, 2019, 05:16:46 PM »
Got my second order on Discogs, The Smiths debut. I did go with a repress because for some reason it's become hard to find a copy online for cheap. Now, compared to my amazing Seiko order this is really not great. I went with the cheapest one so I'm not shocked that the condition is so so. But the seller put "some superficial scruffs play perfect", but um, it skips in the same part during "Reel Around The Fountain" and sounds very crackly at points. I can't be surprised about this as buying a record without seeing it is actually kind of silly, but I was a little unhappy. But not every order will be as amazing as the Seiko one. I neeeed more J-Pop on record...JPU Records, press some BAND-MAID albums now please.

I was also mad when I flipped over the album, waited for the opening of "This Charming Man" but got "Still Ill". I was like "STUPID BRITISH PEOPLE! Since I got a UK copy. I was a little mad but then I realized no record copy has that song so it was okay. This album is the definition of a grower. I have listened to it many times in the last few weeks and I do quite like the album. For sure the songs on Hatful Of Hollow are inferior on here, but this album just kind of works. "Miserable Lie" went from terrible to kind of cool, and "Suffer Little Children" is a great finale. Of course I dearly love "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" and think it's the Smiths' second best song next to "I Know It's Over". Everytime the song begins it's just magic, it has the best tone. I can say it's a good album, and like Meat Is Murder which I also recently bought and (almost completely) love (aside from the title track and "What She Said" isn't a favorite either) they are both great records to have. 

I have fallen into a deep BiSH obsession since that day I marathoned all of their songs and I can't stop watching live videos and listening to them. I can't believe I didn't go crazy for the group when I started listening to them 3 years ago. They are so inspiring, especially that you can see how they've gotten so much better over time. The music has always been good, when they aren't just rehashing things, and all the members are great. "stereo future" grew on me so hard, same with "PAiNT iT BLACK", both are awesome songs. I'm waiting for that next album...until than my mixtape keeps spinning. 

So it seems this is the BiSH and second Elvis era with The Smiths still carrying over from last year. I got a lot of cheap records last week, like some 50's country and stuff. I like Hank Williams, pretty cool tunes and voice. Some of the other stuff is the same, but it has a good tone most of the time. Loretta Lynn is not too bad, though I did get some pretty bad records. I want to get into some more good country, I really like 50's and early 60's music style but it's really only Elvis and early Beatles that hit it for me. I need to listen to more Soul/R&B for the era I think, it seems a lot of stuff is just so lame.
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Recent art by Sayuui
« Last post by Sayuui on February 13, 2019, 04:40:38 PM »
Ahh yess Kiyohime! I already gave her chocolates in the last valentines event on FGO, this year I need to grind chocolates for all those servants I missed.

Your work looks fantastic by the way, very professional!

Really? I started playing that quest, but then I realised the only purpose of it was giving chocolates to servants xD as long as I don't have a lot to play, I gave up and started playing the daily missions normally! And the story more too~ I'm curious where the story of FGO is gonna lead me!

Thank you! I work as a freelance anime artist, and I'm currently trying to grow my social media to get more work in the future. I'm aiming for a full-time illustrator carreer!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« Last post by Sayuui on February 13, 2019, 04:19:30 PM »
thanks for your comment! However I'm curious what led you to think I draw from how-to-draw books? Since I actually avoid them quite strongly, almost from the very beginning when I started to draw. I mostly do draw from photo references (internet and my own), and also from manga pages/illustrations that I have saved from when I was reading them, to see how other artists stylize their work and also to learn their style.

(Were you looking at my early work and not the later pages? You quoted a really old comment of mine!!)

Thanks very much for the links, I will have a look, especially as I can read Japanese I do occasionally see the odd Japanese tutorial and I love them for their straight to the point-ness.
That being said I hardly look at any tutorials anyway, I like figuring out my own stuff from my own observations, so there's nothing that I really need/want a tutorial on, other than how to use my software properly XD
I'm actually exploring multiple styles which is why my work always looks different, I don't know what sort of style I want as a "main" style so I'm just building up art skill until I make that decision.

here's a page of sketches. Instead of doing a whole page of one stage (ie sketching/inking/colouring) I tried to have a row of each, with more of the sketchy top ones. The results were basically a failure, in that I wasn't able to build up a rhythm for my work as the attitude and processing of each stage of drawing was different.
Also GIMP didn't like having so many large layers for when I was doing the colouring and shading, and the lag was quite annoying here and there. So I won't be doing a mixed page like this again. Each individual piece was basically alright though.
Took just over an hour.


Also, first time ever doing dark clothes maybe I think haha.

Oh! Sorry, I really was looking at the first post. I'm not used to these  forums yet! My apologies xD
From what I see your most recent art and from what you're saying, you're learning correctly! Keep it up, and if you ever get bored with art, try different things! ~

woah, you actually read Japanese? You're probably going to improve really fast then!
MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« Last post by suuper-san on February 13, 2019, 08:27:59 AM »
well as it happens I'm going to take a break from MR (and most of the internet and Youtube time wasting) for a bit. not a 100% absence, but spending a lot less time regularly.

I'm temporarily back at my old job to help out during a staff shortage so I'm losing 2 days a week of drawing and stuff, and so other stuff needs attention now. Especially as I'm also putting a bit more effort into my DA and Youtube to try and earn some pocket money I just dont have much spare time now. It wont be forever and I'll answer to any PMs.

Also got a holiday coming up anyway so for that as well I wont be here.
Just so you know (T_T)/

edit: anyone else notice from the first post this topic isn't meant for posting when you're coming or leaving?
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« Last post by devola on February 13, 2019, 01:00:28 AM »
Thanks guys! I need to really find time to work on my colouring/rendering, I feel like that's my weakest area. But for now I'm just gonna stick to what I know as I'm getting back into the swing of things. In the meantime, things are slow unfortunately but here's something I've been chipping away at.

WIP character design for a pet game project I've been working on. I'm making a series of these so you can definitely expect more to come!

Name: Half-Dragon Sael
Class: Warrior
Element: Fire
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Recent art by Sayuui
« Last post by devola on February 13, 2019, 12:40:39 AM »
Ahh yess Kiyohime! I already gave her chocolates in the last valentines event on FGO, this year I need to grind chocolates for all those servants I missed.

Your work looks fantastic by the way, very professional!
break Room / Re: good ways to promote your works?
« Last post by devola on February 13, 2019, 12:38:11 AM »
Well there are effective and ineffective ways to use social media to promote your work. It might be that you haven't been using social media effectively, if you want I can recommend a book about SEO and E-commerce that is really helpful for understanding how to take advantage of social media. It talks about things like posting in the right places, search engine optimization, following similar artists to attract new audiences from those artists, etc. If you don't want to invest the time into doing the research on how this all works though (which is understandable because it definitely takes time), I'd advise trying to post your work in as many places as possible.

Instead of just having it on Tapas, or deviantart, promote your comic by posting your work on places like Pixiv, Artstation, etc etc. Try to spread it as much as possible. You can also try doing collaborations with other artists, viewer giveaways, stream yourself on twitch drawing a page or two of your comic, start a youtube channel. Most of these won't see huge returns individually, but all together they may draw more eyes to your work. At the end of the day, gaining traction is all about consistently pushing your work in as many places as possible.

I've also found moderate success as well in some discords for different fandoms. Fan art i've done for things like Epic7 or Fate Grand Order has landed me on occasion a few commissions here and there, then through word of mouth other people hear about my work and it can grow that way too. You could try something similar as well. Either way, good luck with your comic!
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