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Develop Your Story / Re: Death By Ex-Girlfriend (COMPLETED)
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 05:41:53 PM »
Day 34 to Day 37

 1- As the goddess of death, Izanami had a responsibility to see to it that Aika's soul is taken care of until it is properly judged.
- tense change

and Day 37

Day 37
1- Izanami: Really, Osa?! You should get a metal for that!

Okay! Okay! Okay! It seems I mistook Death By Ex-Girlfriend for an innocent fiction with no philosophies and important looks into fetishes. Forniphilia. My word. Where to start.

Well I should say reading without stopping to react at every bit in text has proven to make reading faster and more enjoyeable, and to be honest I mostly only do that to pick out any typos or grammmos. At this point, I think other than the usual innocent mistakes I'll step aside from that and focus on finishing the story. I finally finished one arc!

Bare with me, my thoughts will be all over the place.

Daaamn, Yoko! Yoko is the yandere of my dreams. The death threats she says are quite creative and hellishly horrifying. She almost blew up Osamu out of sheer tiredness. My word, Osamu.

Dammit Aika, why you gotta go like that - or not-  As far as resurrections go, this one was pushing it at first. It seemed too easy, but when I saw the progressing dialogue and character development that made me even end up forgiving Osamu a little I think it was quite well done. So props there. What happened exactly though, to save her? Was that time travel or memory erasure? Is the Aika that is reborn a reincarnation or the same Aika, only with edited memories?

Izanami is bae. She is like the holder of all threads here. She's got a tough racket, having to expect the death of every single person she knows, but she's also really encouraging and kawaii as hell when she wants to. Really entertaining.

Isabella with her 'Murica is interesting as always. But damn she needs to get some words in edge-wise, otherwise she'll be the butt end of every joke. Yoko can burn like a fire dragon. Daaaamn.

The ecchi has been quite extensive towards the end of the arc. I like, I like a lot. The damn bonus chapter had me grinning at a point, and you have some really interesting OSTs (Listening to the last song you posted. Fits quite well I think). This just begs to be a VN or anime, man.

Great descriptions, hilarious dialogue. And is it just me or you actually know Kanji and stuff? Serious props, man! I wish I could learn Japanese.

Shenanigans and hilarity and perversion aside, it's awesome as always to see how rich the dialogue can be. That bonus chapter with the philosophical bits, and the interactions between the characters talking about Aika really shone through. I'd be surprised if this was the first work I'd read from you, but I know better, so props. I can only imagine the ship will get tighter and sleeker as things progress. I hope to get to the next chapters soon. I'm way too slow at reading this.

Anyhow, props for this. And sayonara, Aika.

Oh oh... Will every arc eliminate the titular ex-girlfriend until there's none left? Dun dun duuun..

Also plz no more sad stuff ffs.
Starter Gallery / Re: First poor drawings :D
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 05:23:38 PM »
Pretty scary expression there HiddenDestruction. Nicely done.
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Jamie's sketchbook of fun.
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 04:57:14 PM »
The arting intensifies. Cool to see you getting so productive man. And you're studying Pluto? Have you finished it?

Man, being able to draw like Urakawa sensei would be a dream come true. An impossible dream. It's pretty hard not to call his manga 'novels with pictures'. It's amazing how much dialogue and how much emotion he draws. Such long, engrossing narratives. Monster I shall never forget. 20th Century Boys too.
Manga Creations / Destiny Wanderers Chap 26: The Real Deal!
« Last post by UnityCentrall on Today at 04:55:54 PM »
Here's another chapter for you guys!!!


Destiny Wanderers Chapter 26: The Real Deal!

The 7 Combatents lined up alongside each other in the now empty arena. A large door opposite the entrance slowly opened with a groan, standing there was a familiar face. Electro. He clapped slowly and smiled as he stepped into the arena. Wander stood ahead of Mist, almost hiding him from Electro's view. "Well, hello! I congratulate you all for making it this far.", He spoke calmly with a touch of elegance. He was completely fine as well, no scuffs from Wander's clash with him. He stepped closer still and moved his hands to connect behind him. "You have all qualified for the finals, and I'm sure you all know what that means". Electro chuckled and pointed to a part of the wall nearby. It suddenly flipped over and became a large screen of sorts. "This will randomly determine the order of which the matches shall take place". Electro turned to face the fighters once again. "As you all should know, I am known as Electro. I don't really care what any of your names are so we'll skip that part and move onto the main event". He glanced around the large room as the smaller arenas were taken away by men in suits. "I want you all to relax and get prepared for your big fights, but there is one exception", Electro trailed off, noticing Mist hiding behind Wander. "You will need to leave, no hard feelings but you didn't even make it into the preliminaries", Electro spoke down onto Mist, his voice was hoarse and condescending. Wander stepped forward, now fully blocking Electro's view of Mist. He sighed and turned to face Mist. "I'm sorry Mist", Wander apologized. Wander glanced over his shoulder, back to Electro. HE smiled and waved towards Mist, Wander sneered and led Mist away. As he left, the men in suits returned. They brought with them beds, chairs, couches, tables and trays upon trays of food. Electro threw his arms outwards. "Enjoy! In 24 hours, the games will begin!", He cheered out. Electro turned after his speech and left the arena through the doors he entered.

Wander and Mist reached the original entrance, seeing a pair of suited men. They smiled at Mist and stopped them from leaving. "You may stay, he was simply playing around.", one of the men said. Mist's face lit up and faced Wander. Wander scratched the back of his head and smiled back. "Thank Goodness, I don't know what I'd do for 24 hours on my own...again", mist said, bringing his ego down a peg. Wander smiled and patted him on the back, "Hey, don't bring yourself down, man! You're with us now, remember?", Wander sympathized. Mist perked up after hearing this as they made their way back to the group. Merc and melissa had quickly passed out in a pair of beds. Wander and Mist noticed this and sighed. "They do deserve it though", Mist spoke out. "Welp, that food isn't gonna eat itself!", Wander called, already running towards the food table. On the table were trays upon trays of amazing looking food. There was everything, from stuffed crust cheese pizza to freshly prepared lobster. Wander grabbed a small plate from the side and started piling it up. Mist followed suit quickly.

Within an hour, Wander and Mist had filled themselves up. "Ah~ That was the best food I've had in awhile, it reminds me of the food in Tumbleweed", Wander spoke, closing his eyes. Mist sat next to him on a couch. "Tumbleweed?", Mist asked. After hearing this Wander flung himself forward and started reminiscing about Continent 3 with Merc. As he spoke, a large man in a white suit sat opposite the pair. He smoked a pair of thick cigars and he wore a white fedora, just covering his eyes. "Hey kid, you seem familiar...", he spoke slowly with a smoker's cough. He took out the cigars and put them out on the table between the 2 factions. "Wander faced the hulking man. He pulled out another cigar and lit it up, taking a deep breath with it. "...You're that 'Xen' guy, right?", he took another puff as Wander put his hands together. "Yeah, you're talking to the 'Xen kid', even if I AM in my early 20s-", Wander was about to finish but he was cut off by the man laughing. "Aha, I have heard great things from you, boy", he chuckled as he spoke. "You're the one that bastard won't shut up about". Wander's smiled faded, his eyes thinned with anger. "Kingpin. The Mafia Legend! You know him, am I right?", he placed his hands on his knees and smiled. Wander stood up and faced him down. "What do you want with Kingpin?", Wander asked, his voiced shot daggers at this man. "Just a little debt that he hasn't paid. 10 Million MnY. And if you know him...", he pulled a gun and aimed it at Wander, "...Then you will need to pay for him". Wander didn't even flinch at this. "I am Father Stromboli! The owner of one of the undersea mafias", Stromboli gloated. Wander sat back down and sighed. "Another enemy? we're already mid-way through an arc...", Wander sighed. Stromboli put his weapon away, before the suited men came closer. "After this, I will be after you", Stromboli spoke, standing up and leaving, tossing the cigar towards Wander. He chuckled as he walked away. "Damn, what a dick", Wander retorted. Mist sighed a breath of relief. "Who is Kingpin?", Mist questioned. Wander chuckled. "You'll see soon enough".

The last 3 combatents were doing their own thing in their own time. A man in a suit of red armour slept silently, helmet still on. Another man in a tight, black latex suit was relaxing on another one of the couches. He had short brown hair and wore black lipstick as he almost passed out. The last combatent was a woman wearing a cheerleader's outfit, but waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to skimpy, like more than St.Trinians skimpy. She swung her baseball bat around, flinging her bright orange hair around with it. Wander looked around and eyed up the competition. This was gonna be pretty tough.

A day had passed.

Wander and Merc were playing Go Fish at one of the tables, neither knowing how to play and yelling about the wrong rules and then getting annoyed. Melissa watched and laughed alongside Mist. Suddenly, a voice appeared on the intercom. "You have 10 minutes left". It blerted out. All of the fighters stopped what they were doing and lined up, facing the screen. A timer was shown, counting down from 10 minutes. Each fighter strecthed in preparation. Mist watched from the safety of the couches. "5 minutes remaining". "Alright! I'm feeling pumped!", Merc shouted, flexing. Wander chuckled, "Yeah? Well if you fight me then that'll go quickly!", He chuckled. "Is that a challenge?", Merc retorted, both of them butting heads. "Time Up!!!". The intercom called out. Wander and Merc stopped and looked towards the screen. A pair of slot machine spinners appeared and started spinning. "Let the games BEGIN!!!". As the intercom finished announcing, the spinners slowed down. eventually landing on the first 2 combatants.


The large doorthat Electro had entered through finally opened up again. Wander shook around with excitement. The man in the red armour glanced over and noticed this, quickly looking away. The 2 fighters stepped forward and made their way to the exit. "Cheer for me! Okay!?", Wander called, waving to the trio he had left behind. As he returned to face the light from the exit, Red Fencing put their hand out to shake. Wander smiled and shook enthusiastically. "That man is gonna die", Stromboli chuckled. Merc sneered at the man, making him stop before he said anything more.

Wander and Red Fencing emerged from a gateway into a large, colosseum esc. arena. People from Old Topaz City were calling and cheering as the pair made their way into the arena. "Let me ask you something", Red Fencing spoke. It was a monotone, electronic voice. "Are you really worth your bounty?", They asked, forming a golden light from their hand, it extended and formed a silver rapier with an elegantly designed handle. He pointed it towards Wander. Wander cracked his knuckles and got into a fighting stance. "You can bet your ass I am! I'm the real deal!", Wander called as a airhorn was played out loudly, signalling the beginning of the battle. Red launched themselves towards Wander, trying to pierce straight through and get a quick win. Wander dodged to the left and backed away. Red turned and continued his onslaught.

"Geez, He is just going for it", Black Steel spoke, flamboyantly. The rest of the fighters were watching from the same large screen as the first match went down. "Wander's gonna have a hard time with this guy. He's just too fast", Merc thought aloud.

Wander dodged back again, almost being clipped by the rapier's edge. He was caught off-guard as Red went for another piercing attack, striking through Wander's left hip. "Ahh!", Wander yelled, glancing back up to his foe. The crowd cheered louder. Wander grabbed the blade and held it in place. Red attempted to pull it out, but it wouldn't budge. He yanked the sword out and threw Red back. He held his wound and let out breathes of pain. Red stood up quickly and carried on attacking. "Dammit, there's no openings here!", Wander thought to himself. Red dashed forward and attempted a jumping thrust. Wander dodged to the right and watched Red land with precision. Wander dashed towards Red and readied an attack. "Hand-Cannon Shotgun!", He called, landing an uppercut on the helmet, launching it into the air. Wander was silent. Under the helmet was a young woman with bright red, short hair. Her expression was everything now, a mix of shock and fear. She scrambled around, trying to find her helmet. Wander caught the helmet before it landed and stepped back. "Hey! G-g-give it back!", she called, flustered. "I'm sure you can fight without it", Wander stated, glancing at the helmet. She ran towards Wander and tried to reach for the helmet, Wander held it above his head quickly. "I need it! It doesn't make me look cool enough! C'mon! Just give it back!", she cried. Wander sighed and tossed the helmet back to her. "How the hell could someone like you give me this wound?", Wander asked himself as Red reattached her helmet and the fight continued. She was slower, more sloppy with her attacks. Wander was able to quickly dodge most of them, but was skimmed with the others. "Alright, if you think you can get sloppy then you don't know who you're fighting against!", Wander shouted, launching a "Hand-Cannon Launcher", but barely missing the mark. He fired another, then another. All missing. He dodged another attack and countered with a swift "Hand-Cannon Shotgun" to the gut. Red quickly got back up and tried to counter. Wander saw straight through this. "Hand-Cannon...", Wander swiftly dodged the attack with his back to the enemy. He swung his right arm overhead and brought it down fast on Red with a back-handed fist, "...MACE!!!", Wander yelled, creating an impact on the ground that knocked a few of the spectators out cold. Wander glanced at his opponent, the helmet had been destroyed and she was out cold with a painful looking bruise on her cheek. "Told you I was the real deal", Wander smiled, gritting his teeth as he felt a surge of pain from his wound. "The winner of the first match is Wander Xen Plorer!!!"

Next Time on Destiny Wanderers:
Melissa goes all-out! The Valentine's Batter!
Destiny Wanderers Chapter 27: The Power of Love!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Killer B Gallery
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 04:55:22 PM »
Yesss, Killer B! So you're working on designs for your characters now then huh? What did you use for colouring? How do you come up with names? Looking up Romanian and Hebrew names tends to always be fun for finding interesting combinations.

Really like how your drawings show a lot of detail even though they seem sketchy haha. Keep it up!
break Room / Re: binge watching
« Last post by bossx5 on Today at 04:50:12 PM »
Has anyone seen season 2 of log horizon and is it good
General Discussion / Re: Buying a new drawing tablet
« Last post by fcollot on Today at 03:32:26 PM »
For me the size issue isn't really a problem. I own a Cintiq Pro 13 and use the keyboard shortcuts extensively, including the possibility to zoom in and out, rotate or translate the image, change brush sizes etc. I use my left hand to draw and my right hand is constantly on the keyboard moving around the image (I could use touch gestures or pen buttons but I find the keyboard faster and with more possibilities to access custom functions). It's not tiring that way because my right hand doesn't move. I'm not a professional artist, and I haven't tried a bigger screen, but my 13 inch screen does not feel cramped.
General Discussion / Re: Buying a new drawing tablet
« Last post by KeanFox on Today at 10:57:49 AM »
Thank you, everyone! Glad to hear from people that have experience with screen tablets.  Been asking around and not a lot of people have them.

I didn't buy a tablet yet. I don't know what to choose. New models keep coming out, prices going up and down.

Huion KAMVAS GT-191, GT-220, GT-221 are a good choice. They are big. They give you things like extra Pen, glove, stand, screen protector, even a screwdriver. All that under 900$.
But everyone says it's great for that price but not as good as a Cintiq Pro. What if that little bit of quality will make all the difference.
For 900 I can get the 13 inch Cintiq Pro. For drawing comics and painting 13 inches might be too small and tiring in a long drawing session.
Cintiq Pro has a lot of negative reviews. A big part of it is the high price and people buying it then finding that it's not compatible with their setup. Wacom is not clear about the compatibility so part of it is their responsibility.
I want to buy a Wacom, hope it works with my pc.

Thank you  MK I'm not hurting for money and been saving money, now it's in my budget. But its a lot of money. Sometimes I think I should get a regular 250$ tablet
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« Last post by MK on Today at 10:19:27 AM »
I promise I'll make a proper meet the artist thing soon!
Can't wait, I've got quite a few art related questions lined up for you :D
Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« Last post by legomaestro on January 19, 2018, 08:36:35 PM »
Oh hell yes I know of Kim Jung Gi's work. I bought his french comic book - the only thing I could afford. His art books are too damn expensive :( - I even follow him on facebook, and he does streams pretty regularly.

Never heard of Karl Kopiniski though so hell yes and thank you Ovium.

I'll see if I can check out Moderndayjames. While skimming one of his videos I got the useful tip 'don't zoom in and out of a canvas' or something along those lines. Was pretty interesting to learn.

Haha yeah I actually do post stuff like this. This is more of a record than anything though, since it's not directly related to manga and anime in any way.

Been working on thumbnailing because I want to focus more on drawing sequential art.

I quickly realized I was being drained of ideas way too fast, because I'm still not comfortable with what I consider to be the holy grail of building up drawings: The square (rectangle), triangle, the circle and lines. So along my other odd life drawing regimens, my current main focus is playing with those simple forms. I hope to be able to realibly twist and manipulate them as I wish, and with the right shading give them different aspects. I want to make it a self study as much as possible, and honestly it's been really fun just screwing around and seeing what effects I can achieve.


Triangles prove to be the most annoying forms to work with alone. They just beg to be paired with other simple forms. Circles and squares (rectangles) prove to be the most diverse.

I used to love cross-hatching at a point because of the cyberpunk mangaka Tsutomu Nihei (Sidonia no Kishi, Blame!) but the more I try it out the more I see how hard it is to use crosshatching to make forms look good. Darn it.
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