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MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2021
« Last post by Vacant on Today at 02:48:32 PM »
Ah that sucks, get well soon Suuper
MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« Last post by Suuper-san on Today at 12:29:05 PM »
I took breaks way more when I first started out on MR, I think I've been active this time for a couple years now without a large break :P
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2021
« Last post by Suuper-san on Today at 12:17:14 PM »
sure thing thanks guys :)
Don't worry man, we'll just toss it onto the pile of successful stories that came from humble beginnings here on our little home on the internet  :tongue: Just glad you're doing well (if not maybe a little worn out, lol). I will definitely be picking up a copy of book 1. Would that I could buy them all, but I'm getting married in a year and cash is at a premium  :noidea:
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2021
« Last post by Coryn on Today at 11:24:33 AM »
Damn Suuper! Good luck! Stay rested, keep a mask on a much as possible, and rest some more! Hopefully you have a light case. I know you're taking a bit of a break but please keep us updated with any major changes!
MR Pub / Re: Comeback/holidays/departure notice.
« Last post by Coryn on Today at 11:21:48 AM »
Good luck Suups! A break every now and again isn't a bad thing. We won't be going anywhere  :tongue:
It's called Final Frontier. There are currently 7 chapters published.

Here is Chapter 1 for everyone:

NOTE: the fic is rated T on the FFFN database i.e. swearing a lot is common, and the like. Proceed at your own risk. I shall not be liable if you find the following content offensive.

Darkness...sleep. Peace.

UNSC Providence. Artermis-class battlecruiser. Flagship. Battlegroup Liberation.

Stirring...something calling for her.

The screams. The shouts. The triple bangs distinctive to MACs. The hiss of plasma torpedoes. The screech of energy bangs of naval coilguns. The roar of Archer missiles. The thunder of Stoski cruise missiles. The thumps of Harpoon short-range missiles.

Return...we need your aid.

Civilian transports destroyed. Ships destroyed. The proud Eagle, Globe, Banner of the UNSC. In shambles. Civillians, brutally murdered. Planets, destroyed, their surfaces hot, marred glass. Entire continents, afire.

Please...return to aid us...

The Eagle never fell. It never gave up. Through decades of war, it persisted. It never withdrew. It struck back a thousand times harder than anyone thought possible. Through it all, It advanced, without falter.

Return! We need your aid!

I have sworn an oath. To preserve, defend, and uphold humanity to the very end. No one can stop me. I shall keep on, shall soldier on, until my dying breath to the void that saw my demise. My loyalties are to my creators, To Humanity I stand.

Please, come back to us, proud warrior of the ocean!

I shall. UNSC Providence, Artermis-class battlecruiser, reporting for action. Where humanity is, I am.

And I shall advance without falter.

Combat Stations.


The first thing she felt upon waking up was pain. And sure it hurt. Her head hurt like a damn *censored*er. And she didn't know exactly why.

Standing up, she patted herself top to bottom. She had no broken bones (obviously). And then reality hit home.

Where's my comrades?

Sending a full self-check through her systems, nothing was good. A ping from to her slipspace drive resulted in an error, her superluminal comms units were offline, her FTL sensors were offline, meaning that she was limited to nothing but short-range active sensors and maser for radar and comms, respectively.

Her comms unit (what's left of it) noted a lack of deep space communication and was only able to pick up high frequency radio waves and low-end band transmissions from the local area, and found no slipspace transmissions, beacon signals, or anything else pointing to UNSC origin. Further raising her suspicions, the signals were encoded in the ancient binary format that had been ditched centuries ago when quantum fluctuation computers were invented.

The fire control systems for her MAC was offline, and so was her torpedo tubes, but her Archer pods and Stoski VLS tubes were both functional and running. So was her Spree coilgun batteries, which were identical to the triple 283mm turrets on the famed German pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spree, but they fired a magnetically accelerated 200 ton projectiles to forty percent the speed of light, being able to completely drain the shields of a CCS-class battlecruiser and deal crippling damage to it in one salvo. She carried thirty such turrets.

Sighing, she checked her sensor systems. She was able to detect multiple contacts a few dozen klicks away, and immediately warmed up the fire control systems for her coilgun batteries and missiles, decades of experience fighting Covvie foes telling her to take no chances. As soon as the targets closed in to a few kilometers, her coilguns turned around and began the process of acquiring targets, her making it clear that if they opened fire, she would delete them from existence immediately.

A flash of smoke and flame coupled with a loud bang prompted her to maneuver sideways, and was followed by the water erupting in a geyser right where she was standing a few seconds before. Her coilguns were designed to hit targets moving at insane speeds, and immediately tracked the enemies. Nodding, she had her coilguns open fire.

If the muzzle flash of the enemy ships was blinding, the flash of the Spree naval coilguns made them seem like toy flashlights in comparison. 200 ton projectiles exited the muzzle at speeds of up to one-hundred and twenty-thousand kilometers per second, the giant sonic boom that resounded was enough to send waves in all directions from the air being suddenly shoved aside violently as the slugs continued on their plank-time trajectory, and even then, they had already turned to plasma from the sheer kinetic energy and friction of the atmosphere, and would appear as a laser beam to the naked eye. The lead alien was vaporized outright, its armor offering literally nonexistent effectiveness against a 200 ton ASPTC shell slung at 40% lightspeed that had already turned to plasma, and was designed to pierce Covenant shields and armor in a single go. The other aliens that were unlucky enough to be in the sights suffered the same fate, simply ceasing to exist altogether as the armor/shield-piercing tungsten-carbide shells turned it to plasma and the sonic and air shockwaves wreaked further havoc as the alien(s) unlucky enough to be in the blast got sent tumbling several hundred feet away to be easy prey for a few hundred Archers launched from one of her many five-pod clusters.

As soon as it began, it was over.

Providence reviewed the results of the fight. Removing her "crossbow", she took out a bolt and loaded it into the weapon. Taking quick aim, she let loose the bolt, which after clearing her, transformed into a wing of Longswords.

They screamed of in the direction of the setting sun, engines screaming as they left.

Checking her sensors, she noticed a second group of contacts not far of.

Let's see how this goes, she thought.

Having her missiles lock on the contacts still over the horizon (the coilguns were flat-line entirely as per their muzzle velocity being several times escape velocity), she ordered the wing of Longswords move off towards the contacts.


"Nothing to report, but sea, sea, sea..." Fubuki said over the COM.

"Amatsukaze here, water also,"

"Kaga, maybe you should launch a recon flight," said Fubuki.

"There's nuthin' here save sea, sea, sea..."

"Roger, launching—"


"What the hell just happened?" Amatsukaze demanded.


"What?" Fubuki yelled in surprise, complete caught off guard by the sudden noises.

Kaga picked herself up from the water.

"It's coming from the distance," she muttered.

"Then launch the flight."

"Roger, launching."


"Now what the *censored*?" Hibiki demanded. Overhead, the noise grew louder and louder and finally turned to a full-blown jet scream as a group of two craft of ungodly size flew overhead. Their dark grey features glimmered in the setting sun, as their manta-ray shape cast a shadow over the water. Dipping a "wing" over the group, they maintained a defensive formation as they made a pass overhead before turning around and making another. Their engines glowed spookily as their intimidating features made Fubuki look twice at them.

Almost on cue, they made a swift one-eighty turn and flew back in the direction that they came from.


I happened to run into a writer's block on my other GuP stories, so I decided to clean this doc up. I wrote this quite a long time ago. I'll be heading back to GuP for a while, but I'll update whenever I have the chance.

Au revior, and 'till next time!

As of this publishing:

Hope you enjoy. And, considering the folk here, yeah. Feel free to comment, review, or whatever. A manga adaption may be quite nice though, but some art of our battlecruiser here is also awesome!

This happens to be my pet project. I am also working on adapting this as a mod for Stellaris (to be more exact, it's sequel).

Here is the link for those who want to read more:
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2021
« Last post by evand498 on September 16, 2021, 11:58:50 PM »
Hopefully it'll just go away and nothing serious
Manga Creations / Re: Second Chance at Life
« Last post by renko9thao on September 16, 2021, 07:57:51 PM »
Chapter 1 - Did I somehow Reincarnate?
This room isn’t mine.

My name isn’t Archie.

Nor do I recall this woman’s face at all.

To be frank, I have no clue where I am.

The room looks worn down, unglazed windows, and the bed feels uncomfortable.

“Get up, Archie! The Knights of Valera are on their way. Pack all the essentials you need, and be ready when they arrive.”

She gives me the tightest hug, leaving no room for me to breathe.

“I can’t believe my son is making a huge step in his life.”

Then she claps loudly to catch my attention.

“Now, we have to use our time wisely. We wouldn’t want to give the knights a bad impression, would we?”

It is best I do what she says.

Maybe there are answers I'll find if I continue this unknown life.

I explore the limited house.

It's hardly a house, two rooms, a table, and a food storage.

No bathroom?

It's like I traveled back to the past where toilets were not invented.

Can this be a second chance for me?

I use one of the knives as a mirror.

Though the space is limited, it does the job well.

This face doesn’t belong to me.

The more I stare into my reflection, remnants of an old life slowly return to me like a bucket of water splashed upon my face.

The sound of the firearm clicks into my ears.

I reminisce about the horrors, screaming, and the violence accumulating.

“Archie, are you ready?”

“I am!”

There isn’t much to pack.

I only grabbed the essentials.

Clothes. And more clothes.

Horses neighing loudly catch my attention.

It must be those knights my mother mentioned.

I exit the house to see three armored knights on their horses.

The nearby villagers leave their straw house, all of them lay their eyes on me.

One of them rests their horse as they approach me.

“Archie Hamon, by King Xirgrias’ orders, your magick is among the highest in Erfonis Village. Thus, you are to be escorted to Valera where you’ll be trained to be one of the Valeran Knights.”

All of this sounds like an RPG game.

The female knight lends her hand to me, and I accept it.

“Goodbye, son! I’ll be writing you letters, and please come back as our hero!”

The villagers seem to praise me.

They cry harshly in excitement, waving their arms to my farewell journey.

What awaits me I do not know.

But I can come up with a conclusion…

I have been revived to another world.

Perhaps to a heavenly realm, or a hellish paradise…

The unwavering questions will surely be answered.
Chapter 2 - Why am I a Princess?
Where am I?

This isn’t my room.

Everything looks regal, bright, and shiny.


Who is this?

Is that my face I’m looking at in the mirror?

Touching my cheeks confirms it.

The last thing I remembered was that old geezer coming into the store, and he pulled out a pistol.

He shot one of my coworkers in the head because they refused to hand over the money.

I could remember the pain that old man inflicted on me.

Bastard shot me on the chest before loading more bullets into my head.

“Lady Cassiopeia, are you awake?”

Are they calling me?

The knocking continues, awaiting my answer.

I have to admit…I do look pretty!

Now, none of my coworkers can make fun of my height.

Or call me a child.

Wait a minute…

If I got shot, does that mean the others are here too?

I wonder where they are.

“Lady Cassiopeia? Do you hear me?”

The knocking grows louder.

It’s best I start answering before I make them worried.

“I-I’m here! Sorry for not answering earlier.”

“May I come in?”

“Go right ahead.”

The maid quietly comes into my room.

“Is something the matter, milady? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

I wonder if I start asking her questions I would get some answers.

Well, it’s worth the try!

“My memory feels a little haywired. Do you mind helping me recollect some of my memories?”

Why am I speaking like this?

This isn’t…me…

“What can I help you with, milady? I’ll happily answer them the best I can. After all, I am your loyal servant!”

Forget it…I need to know what’s going on.

“First, what is my role as the princess?”

“I’m afraid that is an answer only you can fulfill. The King of Valeran wishes you success. How you do is up to you. Although, he does want you to attend the Ultiminia Academy. Politics is very important when you’re royalty.”

Great…I hate politics…

I wish a dragon could just kidnap me, so my prince can come and save me.

“What is expected of me in the academy—uhh?”

“Marissa de’ Lamoria.”

She continues answering my question.

“You are expected to reach top 10. Failure to reach that spot in each exam will result in your exile. After your little rebellion in that meeting, King Xigrias has been very harsh on you.”

This is bad.

I don’t even remember what I did.

And, now I’m in a situation where I’m being exiled?

“Worry not, princess! I shall assist you until the very end. You are an inspiration to everyone. I am rather surprised you would have such audacity to oppose the king.”

“Do you mind reminding me what I did?”

“You said anyone should attend the academy regardless of background. And now, King Xirgrias has been searching all over the villages—recruiting only the strongest peasants to attend the academy. It isn’t on your accord, but King Xirgrias wants to prove only nobles can defend this kingdom.”

Great, I really messed up.

Even though I didn’t do anything.

“Unfortunately, out of the one-hundred peasants that have been recruited have failed to meet expectations—and they were immediately exiled from the kingdom.”

It looks like I’m at a losing side.

“Rest assured, milady! Three more peasants have been recruited. So we haven’t lost hope!”

Three peasants?

Out of one-hundred?

This is rough.

“What are their names if I may ask?”

“The first comes from a nearby village of Erfonis; he goes by the name Archie Hamon. He’s fairly smart and athletic for a peasant.”

Things seem to be going in the right direction.

At least I hope.

“The second peasant is by far the most promising! For a peasant, he has the highest magick among the three peasants. His name is Kaito Yakumo, coming from the village of Gozetsuka”

“Magick? What’s that?”

“Magick is the force of life, energy drawn from the very essence of our soul.”

She presents a wisp-like entity to me.

It hovers above her hand, flickering like flames, and brimming with life.

“If I concentrate hard enough, the power grows stronger!”

The energy starts to grow larger in size.

I can feel the warm presence touching me from a distance.

I realize I have been distracted, so I quickly return to the previous topic.

“What about the third peasant?”

The wisp-like energy vanquishes.

Silence fills the room, and Marissa looks rather disappointed.

Or it looks like she’s about to deliver some bad news.

“The third peasant is from Zensenku Village. His name is Tsubasa Kazetani. Unfortunately, he might end up just like the other peasant…”

“Why do you say that?”

“Among the other peasants that have been recruited, he has the lowest magick. It doesn’t help that the majority of people in Zensenku Village are magickless.”

This doesn’t sound good.

Since I’m the princess of this kingdom, I may as well try to say something inspirational.

What should I say?

That’s right!
What would Rin say?

He was always passionate about his job, positive, and funny.

If there’s anyone who shouts inspirational, that person would be him no doubt.

Oh, I think I have an idea!

“Worry not, Marissa! My father will see that peasants are just as good as nobles are. I promise you that!”

She stares at me with admiration.

“You are brave, milady. I’ll follow you to the very end.”

The church bell chimes loudly outside of my room.

“It is time, milady! It seems the new students have arrived! Let us go see them in person!”

I’m a little nervous.

Wherever I have been sent to, it’s not home.

It’s not Heaven or Hell either.

Maybe I’ll find some answers along this journey…

As you can tell, there's two different POV in each chapter. At the moment, I'm trying to experimenting on what I can do with my writing. I don't know what plans I have for this story other than it's an Isekai story. If you guys have feedback or suggestions, that'll be highly appreciative! Nonetheless, please look forward to this story's progression. I hope you enjoy the first two chapters!
Manga Creations / Second Chance at Life
« Last post by renko9thao on September 16, 2021, 07:50:24 PM »
So I posted my first story, "Densetsu: A Beautiful Day". But at the moment, I am putting that story on-hold until I have the mental strength to continue it. For the time being, I'm going to be writing a new story. It brings nothing new to the table of Isekai, it's simply an Isekai story where I can just shut my brain off and write (and that's an important value of writing, writing should not be treated as a chore). So, I hope you guys like this new story

Second Chance at Life Synopsis: In the Kingdom of Valera, Tsubasa Kazetani is selected by the knights to attend Ultiminia Academy where he would be trained to become a knight. His dream to become a hero is slowly becoming true; however, to his surprise, he is summoned by Princess Cassiopeia who tells him of his past life. In fact, the people in the room that she summoned are all of his coworkers where they were massacred during a robbery. All due to him (Tsubasa's past life) as the cashier refused to hand over the money to the robber. Failing to remember his past life, he struggles whether to chase his dream to be a hero, or to help Princess Cassiopeia and her friends to return to their old lives.

What an unfortunate day…

For me…

The dreams I forged each day were squashed.

If only…

I wasn’t so hasty.

I didn’t need to finish them all at once.

The friends I made…

What do I say to them now?

It’s cold.

And dark.

But hey…

Did I at least become a hero?

I know...this prologue is rather vague. It's similar to my first prologue with "Densetsu: A Beautiful Day". I wanted to express that feeling of dread, of what it means to lose when it comes to reality. Y'know, real life can really punch you in the gut and sometimes you feel like you just lost all signs of hope. This is the same vibe I was hoping to go for.
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