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Manga Creations / Re: Dragon Universe [Reworked]
« Last post by PichuDX on Today at 08:21:27 AM »
Chapter 6 is posted on the Vol 1 continued post!
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Dragon of Acadia concept art
« Last post by SpartanGSab on Today at 05:03:55 AM »
A little update
Lilith in a Kimono
Develop Your Story / Magic dress story (no title yet)
« Last post by Kagayaki-hime on March 20, 2019, 07:31:59 PM »
Hi, I just got this idea fresh in my mind. It’s intended for all/most ages.

There’s a princess who was born with a power to ward off a poison dragon. But if she uses that power, she’ll become weak. She was exposed to the dragon’s poison, so she became paralyzed.

The queen, who doesn’t have powers, but loves her daughter so much, went on a journey herself to cure the princess, but she was put under a spell and fell into a coma.

A fairy comes and gives the princess a magic dress that will help the princess travel even if she’s paralyzed. They go on a quest to find a cure for the queen.

Right now, I don’t even have names for the characters. I think that the princess should be about 8-10 years old, because this story is supposed to appeal to children. And it’s the age where children’s thinking becomes more logical and moral than previous stages. She begins to develop her own morals and a desire to help her mother and her kingdom. I’m going to portray the family as extremely loving, unlike most of the ideas I have that are based on my childhood experiences of being oppressed. I want children to feel like they can help their parents.

The dress is supposed to be a reference to Lolita fashion or EGL fashion, because I’m into Lolita fashion. It’s a type of Harajuku fashion that was inspired by Victorian and Rococo era clothing. And sometimes it has a very kawaii and fairy tale aesthetic aspect to it.
Music / The Manimal's Spicy Spotify Playlists
« Last post by Manimal on March 20, 2019, 03:57:54 PM »
As a way of killing time on the job, I mean filling up the music section with my endless junk, I mean sharing some music I love once more, I will share some of my Spotify playlists. I'm not a playlist guy, if anything I make quicklists, but I made these because I felt like it and it kills time. If you want something new to listen to or whatever, or if I'm just justifying my putting too much effort into sequencing these because I'm the master of the cassette mixtape, whatever. It's time.

The Manimal's Spicy Spotify Playlists 

A collection of my favorite artists who's discographies I know very well. Basically like my mixtapes but expanded. It's my Best Of compilations.

The Golden Playlist Series

Elvis Presley
The Smiths
The Beatles
Bruce Springsteen 
Seiko Oomori
Utada Hikaru
Sonic Youth   


Kanttila's J-Pop Playlist (My Favorite J-Pop Artists + Songs On Spotify)
Best Ever Elvis Playlist (Mostly Slower + Obscure Songs)
Breaking New Gate (Rock + J-Pop)
2019 (Update As Stuff Comes Out)   

Yes, it goes on. 

Movies and TV shows / Re: The last movie you have watched
« Last post by Manimal on March 20, 2019, 11:03:36 AM »
Watched Loving You (1957), Elvis' first full on movie.

Elvis plays Deke, some delivery boy in small town Texas who randomly goes onstage with some band one day and finds his way to stardom with a manipulative manager who creates scandals to get him famous. It's vaguely a tale of Elvis' career, in some ways, that kind of says, there's nothing dangerous about Rock 'n Roll music, it's just what the kids like. "Deke" convinces the old people he's okay in the end after his big city concert is shut down and, honestly the plot was just not done very well. Bad pacing and story telling, not to mention the lack of chemistry between actors. Elvis has some vague love interest who's this country girl, and there's this theme of small town versus big city mindset and the rise to fame of this good ol' country boy, but none of it is told well.   

The movie was only good for some old fashion slang phrases and seeing Elvis in his prime. There's a big ol' fight scene in a restaurant and a couple song sequences which range from good, Teddy Bear, Got A Lot O' Living To Do, to mediocre, Lonesome Cowboy, Hot Dog.  Elvis gets explosive in some scenes, it's funny whenever he suddenly gets angry. There is some weird story element of how his whole family died in a house fire so he ran to a graveyard and found a tombstone for "Deke Rivers" and took on that name. Honestly this movie was boring and the story was not told very well. It's not even worth watching for the cheese value. I like to watch these movies for the dialogue and the sets. The only good looking scene was the brief part in the country. This one isn't worth watching aside from the phrase "dinglehopper". 
Manga Creations / Re: Cross the Lines
« Last post by Yinyang6 on March 20, 2019, 05:46:00 AM »
Post 1 edited slightly thanks to legomaestro's suggestions, and Chapter 2 added.
Develop Your Story / Re: Superhuman Ability-Type Manga Idea
« Last post by KeanFox on March 20, 2019, 12:49:21 AM »
Hey man. Don't take it seriously. The "It has to be original Man!" mindset is not good for a writer/creates. You will never create anything if you think like that. I heard someone say people who think like that are too much of a cynic to create something themselves. He was talking about internet reviewers, I think part of it applies here.
Nothing is original and every story already been made. Everything under the sun yada yada

The story just has to be entertaining. A while back there was this webcomic. The main character looked like Luffy in a blue wig and he had a demon wolf inside of him, It was one of the top mangas on the site. If that creator thought It has to be original he will not have made it, but he did make it and people enjoyed it.
A little bit of originality helps just don't get hung up on it. So yea, just create something.
I'll leave a quote from a guy called Action

" I never went around to drawing the idea that I had since junior high/high school. I’m afraid that it’s too similar to other series that became popular, but I can’t think of anything else."

this mindset plagues many creative minds ^^

and sadly its digs so deep many storys are left untold^^

there is a fine line between a Reskin and similaritys

a reskin is just a story told in the exact same way as a existing story but only

renamed or altered in a very small way that changes nothing

basically is a story that takes another story but calling it your own

a similar story
is just a tale told in your own way with elements of what you loved in other storys put on paper

for example
if you like Fairy Tale's feeling of family and Guild quests
then just use those elements

create a cast of charaters that feel real and have chemistry with one another

the guild quest is just a excuse to go on adventures

so then you would just have to write a goal for your MC to travel
could be to just help others along the way
could be to discover parts unknown
could be to solve something of the past

who knows

having a original idea does not ensure success in fact most new ideas try to hard to display what they are

and forget to display who their cast even is

leaving them with no character and above all

boring ^^

me personally, as long as the cast is enjoyable to follow and make me invested

i don't care if its in the most cliche generic story that every exist

it will always be better then a brand new idea but with a cast I don't care to find-out if they succeed or fail

but thats just me^^   

Develop Your Story / Re: Superhuman Ability-Type Manga Idea
« Last post by SavageLords91 on March 19, 2019, 11:11:29 PM »
You do realize you are making wild accusations based on your previous history of what you have seen, don't you?  When I wrote this, I wrote it entirely from my head.  All of those movies or whatever you mentioned I've never even heard of and yet you have the gall to call me a plagiarist?  How am "I" supposed to know that what I write has already been made?  I could care less about that.  I want to create something that sounds cool and when I wrote this it sounded cool and something I haven't seen yet so I'd want to see it created.  If I spend time watching anime's and reading manga's back to back I am much more likely to accidentally plagiarize based on what I have seen because it will then be all I can think about.  So, I stick to using my own imagination and this is what I came up with.

Oh boy, tough crowd. I guess neither of these ideas are quite what anyone is looking for LOL I guess I'll keep at it.
No, I'm the tough crowd.

Seven college individuals, all with entirely different personalities and nothing in common, become friends
You are stealing from Hollywood's septic tank. What you are plagiarizing is not human behavior. People like people who are like themselves and dislike people who are different. That was the idea behind The Breakfast Club and all the other garbage that copied it.
after receiving a suspicious note offering them a chance at a new life full of power and riches.
We have all Seen Enter the Dragon and everything that stole from it.
Each deals with the offer in their own way and they all eventually accept the proposal until one of them vanishes.  One after the next, they start to disappear from existence.
Dead horse, stop beating it.
When they awaken, they are inside some sort of stasis chamber filled with water (not sure what they are called ;P).  The room is empty and dark as they all come to.  One of them manages to break free of the chamber and releases the others.
we have only seen this 2-3,000x. Stop plagiarizing.

However, they begin to feel a dark presence surrounding them; watching them.  What they do not realize is that their lost friend is still very much alive and very angry.  They later discover that he was not killed but rather placed back into his chamber so that these scientists could continue their project of making controllable superhumans.  The lost friend is no longer responsive and his abilities have been heightened.
Larry sacrifices himself to save his friends and then hates his friends for it? When you steal please try to understand what you are stealing.
Larry sacrificed himself because he it was worth it to him to save his friends. HE DOESN'T HATE THEM LATER FOR IT. That is another bit that is stolen from "friend left behind"

Hey look scientists trying to give enemies super human powers rather than give them to themselves/cronies!..
Seen that a billion times and it is STUPID every time I see it re-plagiarized.

We can go through your work line by line and point out other plagiarists you stole from. If you want to impress bring us something new and not things we have seen other people steal before.
This is of course if you want to make something good.
If you just want to make something successful, go to TV Tropes, look up Shonen anime, and use it as a template. Steal steal steal, and remember you can have any amount of stupid as long is it milks the emotions.

As it is none of this piece is yours. All of it is other people's Legos. In Hollywood/anime it is all about copying. In the real world it is about creating.

And now you know what the tough crowd really is.
break Room / Re: New Comic Hosting Site Surfaced (trying to help)
« Last post by NimlothGC on March 19, 2019, 10:34:11 PM »
So i been really... Really trying to cram my boot up Tapas' ass, i been trying to get a small Comic Hosting site some traffic since well, the big sites don't care about their free content creators

Global Comix its small... really small... sadly. so i wanna help it, if anyone has a comic series, consider posting or atleast mirroring on there

you know, to kick Tapas off their high horses  >:(

if you cant tell... i hate Tapas

Hey guys,

I found this place thanks to BBJFSB :) I'm the creator of GlobalComix -- I'd be happy to answer any questions ya'll might have about our platform!


break Room / Re: Xmas Raider MR
« Last post by suuper-san on March 19, 2019, 05:58:42 PM »
my requests are like 6 months late haha
looks great.
the red lines on black are really snazzy, and makes the face look softer too. also really nicely drawn face, the varying thickness and gaps really add depth without shading.
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