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General Manga writer discussions / Re: Am I overthinking social media?
« Last post by evand498 on Today at 08:35:24 PM »
Yeah for sure I'll try I'll see what I can do just have to go through my studies as well almost finish within 2 months then I'm good i'll see what happens in my schedule
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Am I overthinking social media?
« Last post by MK on Today at 08:04:26 PM »
I know you like to do lots of sketches but you could try drawing more full detailed illustrations, maybe 1 every week
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Am I overthinking social media?
« Last post by evand498 on Today at 04:28:25 PM »
For me its pretty consuming too much information to handle. I mean my friends don't use social media and its pretty difficult to communicate in text and calls also with people. Hard to keep in touch. I never really like social media its feels like you can't really keep in touch with a friend in my opinion. Its like your hands are full when inviting people into your life. Sometimes it could be time consuming like watching tv, video games and playing music.
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Am I overthinking social media?
« Last post by NO1SY on Today at 04:13:41 PM »
As much as I dislike social media in general, it does appear to be really important right now for marketing and growing an audience. Engagement with people that read/purchase your products is a big draw. I think the advice so far has been pretty spot on, set up professional profiles and not personal ones, that way you engage with people more as a "content creator" and keep a level of separation, which hopefully sidesteps a lot of the worst parts about social media sites. I don't think you need to set anything up until you have a finished product to market though (or a crowdfunding campaign to advertise). Use it for release announcements, event announcements, merchandising, linking to funding sources, and then maybe things like sneak peaks/ behind the scenes stuff if you build a decent following. The issue is that once you start you really can't stop... the benefits really come from being consistent. However, that doesn't mean every day. Maybe just once or twice a month is enough?? And just copy/paste!

Man... I've even been told to sign up to twitter to keep up with releases from scientists in my field...
General Manga writer discussions / Re: Am I overthinking social media?
« Last post by Coryn on Today at 03:36:58 PM »
As someone who is divesting themselves of all social media, my first instinct is to tell you to forget about it, but the reality is that social media is THE way people interact with creatives these days. A lot of the traffic that used to come through MR just lives on Twitter these days, so we can't ignore the power there. So my advice is yeah, start using it. But keep it strictly professional and one sided. Don't get into fights, don't go down rabbit holes. Have it also be a place to show your stuff off, but don't get too into it, because a lot of vitriol will come back your way.

As far as a time sync goes, following my advice above will help keep you out of it, but another resource are websites which post to all social media accounts at once from a single source. I don't know names, but I know they're out there (my company uses one). Not only will it make posting easy, but it will shield you from actually having to go into these places when you have better things to do.
General Manga writer discussions / Am I overthinking social media?
« Last post by Suuper-san on Today at 02:35:58 PM »
Ok so the answer is most definitely yes, I'm sure.

I think the issue is that I'm not a heavy social media user to begin with, so I've always viewed social media platforms as something I would be more engaged with once I started to become more professional (producing proper illustrations and manga), and something that I would use "professionally" only, so just posting high level stuff and not sketches, or rambling posts like I do here.

But I'm starting to think that it's something I should already be starting to use, to engage with art and writing communities more and get a bit of a following with what I'm doing already, sketches and whatnot. Basically not just posting my sketches and doodles on MR, but on other places as well.

I think because I've always viewed this forum community as a place to chill out and learn with others, I've always felt a lot more at ease expressing myself here than on other platforms, in fact I dont even have a Twitter or Instagram etc.

A second problem is that I view social media as a large drain on art and writing time that could be spent on projects, so really I want to become a hermit until I'm massively good and then "post on ALL the platforms!", kinda thing.

Not really sure what I'm having an issue with but just wanted to get it of my chest, maybe someone understands (0-0;)
Music / Re: The Manimal's Music
« Last post by Manimal on Today at 02:34:32 PM »
That's a good point about being less tense for carefree stuff. It's like sometimes the harder you try the more uptight the result is and it doesn't go over as well as if you just relaxed and did it naturally.

Haha, I haven't heard them before but I see what you mean. Bands like the Smiths and the Clash are some of my greatest influences and that song is in line with them. That was a pretty cool track actually, I was enjoying the groove and crazy guitars.

Since my guitars are the only thing about my music that I am fully confident about I want to make sure people hear them the most. But that might take away from the songs some times. I could be using a 3 mic set-up for my drums now, which would help make them more present. The kick is absolutely killed in the mix and I swear all you hear are the hi-hat and cymbals on most songs. When I think of songs I love often the drums are right out there driving it along so I think having them upfront more would help a lot so thanks for listening and pointing that out! 

Summer's come a bit early folks. Even though it just became Spring here.

Here is a new old song with Legomaestro. "I'll Have A Water" is something I made Summer 2017. I was always a bit ashamed to have used the famous cliche chord progression in it but overtime I have come to view it as one of my most fun songs. I wanted to make a new version singing it with Lego. Remaking a song that I recorded with absolutely no care in the world was challenging. I ended up overthinking what I did, but once I loosened up it was fun. The drums were the hardest part since I played something that takes a lot of energy for me to pull off.

I'll Have A Water (Feat. Legomaestro)

Music / Re: The Manimal's Music
« Last post by Suuper-san on Today at 05:58:04 AM »
Ah yeah I figured some of those were in-jokes, I think that does make it harder for an "outsider" to get into it because obviously they dont get the jokes :P

It's funny that you mention "Gelgoog Tactics" because to me that was a filler song I didn't care about but you never know what other people will like!
It might be that you were less tense singing it because you didn't care too much for it, I know my art loosens up a lot when I don't care about what I'm working on. Sometimes when we want to do a good job, we focus so hard that we distract ourselves from actually being able to do good. paradoxical isn't it.

RE: Rosie Posie
I liked the extra voices parts, it added a lot of depth to the song.
also nice lyrics.

and a huge by the way,
I was playing around with some of my mum's reel to reel tapes of songs she had recorded and I swear I did a massive double take on one of the songs, I could have sworn it was you for like a whole minute, the voice, music, lyrics, song style, everything.
anyway here it is, maybe you know it or not :P


As an interesting point I notice the drums in your songs are always quite quiet compared to this song, I wonder if you made them louder it would help to give more depth to the music. just guessing here.
As a second to that your guitar is always louder (stands out), which explains why for ages I've been getting country song vibes from your pieces but I couldn't put my finger on it.
General Discussion / Re: Which Manga Art Styles Inspire You?
« Last post by Suuper-san on Today at 04:29:16 AM »
@MK wow!
I had seen the anime but I've never read the manga! partly because I didn't particularly like the story, but it looks like artistically it's got a lot to offer!
General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on the Webtoon vertical format?
« Last post by Suuper-san on Today at 04:28:27 AM »
yeah I thought so too, maybe it's just I think it feels shorter somehow :P
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