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Develop Your Story / Re: Project Serentedia - Week 6
« Last post by Operative13 on Today at 10:03:37 PM »
@legomaestro It's good to see you taking an interest in the story! I hope you'll be invested enough to stick around!  8)

Indeed, it is the calm before the storm. The choices you decide early on will have a dramatic impact on the course of the story. If you're familiar with the idea of going back in time, moving a chair, and altering the course of history, well, this would be it. As the pieces of the story comes together, the choices become more clear, and more dramatic.

We are still in what I like to call the introduction of Serendetia. This is where you formulate the world and develop relationships with characters. Building the stage of the grand performance! Be careful how you build that stage though... depending on your choices, you could be setting our protagonists up for success or failure.  :ninja:

In regards to our two protagonists, they are both equal, souls taken from the same cloth. They both have the same amount of investment, and so I have no preference over one or the other. I build them out just as any other character in the story.

In terms of writing each part, it depends. Some choices don't have full impact until later in the story, so that gives me time to plan and prep and write out the current scene within a few hours. Other times, the choices have a sizeable effect for the immediate events and that takes more effort on my part to convey that change, give-or-take a day or two.

Overall, I'd say this is one of the tougher projects I've undertaken, given both the time constraints and the preparation that needs to happen, but it's one I enjoy seeing the growth in, especially as more people take interest in the project and participate in the weekly votes! There's nothing better for a creator than for others to enjoy one's labor of love  ;D

Show your support for the project by participating in the votes each week, and share the project with others! The more the merrier!  ;)
General Discussion / Re: Thoughts on the Webtoon vertical format?
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 07:42:34 PM »
The cinematic effect of vertical formats is undeniable. Depeneding on how creative you've also definitely seen manhua that have implemented music and other dramatic timing effects for certain situations to enhance the story so yeah vertical is a path to follow

But the traditional book format of comics is going to be here for a while.
Develop Your Story / Re: Project Serentedia - Week 6
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 07:39:29 PM »
Goshdarnit that last survey is cryptic as heck, but I'm curious as to how the story goes.

I do feel like things are slowing down a bit rather than having concrete consequences (I hope I don't regret this opinion) so I'm looking forward to how the universe will branch according to the results.

I'm a bit lazy but honestly while catching up all of my concerns/thoughts and critiques were already covered, so I'll just go ahead and cast a vote and consider me invested hehe

I need to ask for a friend though: Are you invested in Talon or Leah? Do you personally like either one of them?

How long does it typically take you to write a chapter?

Love the art by the by and coolass idea haha
General Discussion / Re: Quantity vs. Quality
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 06:43:11 PM »
Ya'll all got it. I'm heavily on quantity side because mortality reasons. I'm so in denial about never getting to see Berserk finish that it hurts, and when I see my personal efforts as an artist I prefer to double down on 'imperfect, but finished'. After all, if the story is good and great enough you can always hope for a later-date Miura-level touch up on your stuff right?

Better a draft than an unwritten masterpiece I say
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2023
« Last post by legomaestro on Today at 06:35:06 PM »
Sorry, it was the plan to keep on posting on the evening but stuff happened haha

Sup' Raiders! Nice to see ya'll

How far ahead did you do the wedding planning? Did you literally have to google stuff or was the sorting out all between you and bae Coryn? I'm so damn sorry I missed it but glad it happened

@Slam holy heck that's a collection of devices. And wait, did you lose your post count again!?
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2023
« Last post by Coryn on Today at 10:55:20 AM »
Weddings can be as cheap or as expensive as you want I discovered in putting my own together. Obviously if you want to go on cheap side you will have to accept some concessions, but at the end of the day all you need is to sign that paper at the courthouse (or mail it in) to make it official.

We got married for around 15k, but we have friends getting married in April who are probably going to get away spending around 2k, if that.

I know that sounds like a lot, but even my wedding was below average cost wise. A good half to two-thirds of that cost was just on consumables though (food, booze, and flowers). Even picking the cheapest option available, the catering is what really adds up.

My advice: rent a room, go cheap on the dress, BYOB, and order pizza, lol
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2023
« Last post by IndigoDoll90 on January 25, 2023, 05:28:39 PM »
I'm kind of the same way with computers. Unfortunately since the move haven't been able to spend any on electronics. Besides I got a future to think about and start saving up for. Though my bf and I are in no rush to marry and have kids we are aware of the possibility and depending on how many kids we end up having might end up needing a bigger place so it's best we save up now than later. Also a wedding isn't cheap either and my dad has already said my bf and I are going to have pay for the wedding ourselves. Besides I find it a sexist tradition that the father of the bride has to pay for the wedding so we have that already planned. Anyway finally got an art studio set up in a corner of the bedroom. Nice to finally have the room for one and have one set up. Now to get to drawing more.
General Discussion / Re: Quantity vs. Quality
« Last post by Robin Rain on January 25, 2023, 02:12:02 PM »
Yeah, hence the "some". Figured it best to point out in case someone is not familiar and thinks all the goofy looking frames were poor animation.
General Discussion / Re: Quantity vs. Quality
« Last post by Coryn on January 25, 2023, 11:24:04 AM »
Smear frames are definitely a necessary part of the animation. I'm thinking more of times when artwork gets shubbed out to cheaper studios and you end up with characters being extremely off model, lower quality animations, etc.

One Punch Man season 1 vs season 2 might be the most stark example I can think of
Develop Your Story / Re: Project Serentedia - Week 6
« Last post by Operative13 on January 24, 2023, 08:49:46 PM »
What a delay! I haven't written this much in quite awhile, being caught up in the extravagances of character development and worldbuilding. Typically I try to get these posts up the day after the poll closes, but sometimes time to develop is better called for than a rushed post. Perhaps it should be expected to give a day or two's delay for that extra-crisp development...  :-\ I'll leave it to you guys to decide whether you prefer to have the polls up pronto or don't mind the wait as I polish up details.  ;)

We also have our second cryptic poll in the story, so choose wisely  8)

Week 6
Leah eyes the window seat and promptly takes her place, causing eyes to turn and a few muffled giggles nearby. A quiet space all to herself, and no one to bother her. Just what she needs. Leah looks around her new space, catching the glimpses of curious gazes. They turn away right as she meets theirs. She hears the giggling again, and spots the group of girls sitting just a few rows away. One of them waves at her, which Leah responds with an uneasy smile.

The teacher then speaks out. “Alright settle down, class!” He then turns to one of the students seated next to Leah. “Class Rep Sasamoto, please take care of Miss Takami and bring her up to speed with our lessons.”

“Yes, Teacher,” a boy with sleek glasses in the seat next to Leah answers. He briefly glances at her before returning his focus back to the blackboard. Leah looks back and notices deep scratches and seemingly faded writing and colors on the sides of his desk.

“Class, please open your books to Chapter Seven,” the teacher instructs.

The bell tolls, and Leah stretches her arms after some long, tiresome lectures. She looks out the window down at the students walking back inside after an exhaustive exercise routine in the hot sun, everyone chatting away in enjoyment. She couldn’t say the same for herself. She had been away from classes for so long, she became rusty at her note-taking skills. Half the things the teacher spoke of never clicked, and she was certain there were things that were covered that Leah simply missed out on.

“Whose bright idea was it to put me back in school?” Leah moans. Her stomach begins to growl. She looks around to see students pulling out their homemade lunch, including the class rep Sasamoto. She never brought her own meal, and it never occurred to her that she needed to.

“Excuse me?” asks Leah.

Sasamoto continues to open up his packed lunch. Perhaps he didn’t hear her.

“Class rep?” she says again.

He finally turns to her. “What is it?”

“Is there a cafeteria around here? A place I can get food at?”

“There’s vending machines, but they aren’t that filling,” he bluntly answers.

“Great… snack food…” Leah groans.

“You didn’t pack anything?”

A disgruntled sigh escapes her. “I’m used to just going up to a line and having whatever the cooks made served to me on a platter. I’m guessing you guys don’t do that around here.”

Sasamoto shakes his head. “If you’re hungry, you can have some of mine.”

Leah’s face lights up. “Really!? It’s no trouble, is it?” Maybe she won’t starve the rest of the day.

“Not at all. I need to finish up and head to the student council room anyways. We’re making plans for the upcoming summer festival.” Sasamoto breaks out another pair of chopsticks and hands it to Leah. She looks at it strangely, wondering how to hold it.

“Do you have a fork with you by any chance? Or a spoon?”

“You don’t know how to use chopsticks?”

“Nope!” Leah proclaims with a grin. “Never had.”

“It’s quite easy. It’s just like holding a pencil, but two of them.” He begins clamping up and down in the air with his chopsticks.

Just then, a loud noise blurts out from the other side of the room. “Yeah, teach that foreigner a lesson!” A roar of laughter erupts from the group of hooligan boys, with their slick hair, shabby uniforms, and curt gestures.

“Hey new girl! Why don’t you come over here and leave the class rep’s food alone? He must be starving!” another hollered.

“Yeah we’ll give you a nice big meal! It’ll fill you up for days!”

The boys break out in laughter again, congratulating themselves on the crude jokes. The other girls nearby roll their eyes and call them idiots, but this doesn’t seem to dampen their spirits in the slightest.

“What a bunch of turds!” Leah exclaims, rolling up her sleeves. “Someone ought to put them in their place!”

“Let it go, Miss Takami. They’re not worth the effort,” Sasamoto says.

“They’re not going to stop unless you stand up to them.”

“I’m serious. Don’t take this any further.”

Leah looks at Sasamoto and then at the boys. After a few moments, Leah drops down back to her seat, still steaming.

“Jerkfaces…” she mutters.

Sasamoto then hands her a rice ball wrapped in seaweed.

“What’s this?”


Leah takes a hold of the rice ball, curiously studying it before taking a bite. The soft, salty texture floods her tastes, and she is taken aback by the simple, yet savory meal.

“Wow, this is good,” she says, already eyeing the next rice ball.

“You like it? There’s more if you want…”

Leah doesn’t hesitate to snatch the next two rice balls and gobble them down.

“...it.” Sasamoto chuckles. “Maybe next time I’ll bring something else for you to try.”

“Oh, you don’t have to. I’ll just have my brother pack some meals for me. I can’t wait to have some good old Western-style food!”


Leah nods. “He’s always taken care of me since I was a kid. My parents were always away at work, so they never had the time to spend with us. His cooking is the best! I should treat you to his special three-decker cheeseburger sometime. Enough calories to burn a hole through your heart!”

“That sounds terrifying.”

“But it’s absolutely to die for!”

Sasamoto looks at his wristwatch. “I should get going. I’ll be late to the meeting.”

As Sasamoto gets up to leave, Leah blurts out.


He turns back to her with an inquisitive look.

“Thanks. For the meal. I thought I’d say that before you go.”

He smiles. “You’re welcome, Miss Takami.”

“Please, call me Aya.”

Back at the apartment, Talon gets into the van with Mr. Takami, who then starts the engines.

“So, where are we off to?” Talon asks.

“I have errands to run around the city, so we’ll be out all day for it. It’ll be a good time for you to learn the ropes of the job.”

“Something your mob boss needs?”

“He’s not just some boss. Mister Minami is a respected leader of Kubozaki. The Minami family built this city from the ground up. Everything here is because of them. They’ve watched over Kubozaki for generations and they’ll continue to do so.”

“Is that how they see themselves?”

“It’s how it is. Kubozaki was little more than a fishing village before Mister Minami’s great-grandfather turned it into a metropolis. You don’t get to build skyscrapers by playing the nice guy. You gotta fight to get what you want.”

“I’m not fighting anyone, am I?”

Mr. Takami chuckles. “For now. First thing’s first. We’re off to meet one of my acquaintances.”

“And then what?”

“Then you’ll do whatever we need you to do. Whatever it is when we get there.”

“You still haven’t told me where we’re heading.”

What shall come next? Take the Week 6 Survey here!
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