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MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« Last post by Coryn on Today at 08:25:30 AM »
No kidding! Thursday was projected to be the last hot day of the year over here. I sincerely hope it's true.
Manga Art Gallery / Re: TK-Seki's Studio
« Last post by Coryn on Today at 08:24:29 AM »
That squid (kid?) Looks like they're about to challenge me to a Pokemon battle. Great job!

Fo defend that title champ!
« Last post by capung on Today at 07:41:57 AM »
 @hasit what I mean spam is same as what @fap said.
Just 25 ramdom post. Not real spam.
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Kesashi's Gallery
« Last post by Echo_River on September 21, 2018, 10:10:55 PM »
Oooh, big roster of characters O:
I didn't know you did environments - impressive work!
Certainly does look fun to wok on ^^
Manga Art Gallery / Re: TK-Seki's Studio
« Last post by Echo_River on September 21, 2018, 10:06:58 PM »
Good to see your works again Seki!
Neat as always. I love how you do the shading, like how it's softened in certain parts.
MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« Last post by Echo_River on September 21, 2018, 10:02:42 PM »
Super windy day today. Feels like the autumn weather startin' to settle in.
Manga Art Gallery / Re: Echo Archives
« Last post by Echo_River on September 21, 2018, 09:53:39 PM »
lovely sketch, and thanks for the idea for the hair. I have tried manually painting before, but it looks really awful for me, I haven't figure out how people get that nice effect yet :P *carries on bucket filling*
I'm curious now, what sort of settings did you use for the brush when doing the hair?

@Suuper Thanks! I forget which program you use, but I'm using SAI. I use the Blur water tool it has to blend the second colour onto the base colour.

Getting better at remembering to change resolution settings for sketches.

Update --

Digital chibi drawings.

My character Keltalyn

Gift for RobinRyuu of her character, Jasper.

Used a colour palette for this one.

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Echo's Other Art
« Last post by Echo_River on September 21, 2018, 09:26:59 PM »
@Kesashi Thanks! Yes, do try one. It's good practice for drawing different objects as well.

Random creature doodle.

Develop Your Story / Re: My Idea for a story: Shards
« Last post by Qsycho on September 21, 2018, 09:26:58 PM »
I workshopped a one shot for issue/episode 1. I did my best to implement JustHano's post (Also, thanks for the input on how to better explain, I have to tendency to gloss over details when I'm too excited lol.) Heads up though, this is definitely long one, so you've been warned haha.

The scene starts with Johnny lying in his bed wrapped in a blanket cocoon.

Johnny wakes up to his cat pawing at his face as his alarm clock goes off for the third time today as it reads “8:50 a.m.”. The lights are off, the room's a mess, and Johnny's Grandmother is yelling at him to go to school. As Johnny begins to fully regain consciousness, he looks over at the large print hanging on his wall that reads “Johnny's chart for being fashionably late.” At the bottom of the chart reading “8:50 am: Leave the house ten minutes ago.”.
Johnny lies in his bed unassuming for a moment before opening his eyes in wide in realization as he bolts from bed and begins repeatedly shouting “*censored*! *censored*! *censored*!” before running out of his room while hopping into his jeans before slamming the door behind him and shouting “Bye Grandma!” . The door reopens, as he begins shouting “*censored*! *censored*! *censored*!”, again as he puts his cat's food in its dish as while he puts his hoodie on. The cat looks up in his pirate hat hat as he says “Meow”, and begins eating his food as Johnny runs out his room again and slamming the door behind, this time the camera following him.
Johnny runs out of the house as he yells “Bye grandma a second time” before slamming the front door behind him. As Johnny slams the front door behind he is essentially blinded by the mid-day sun of earlier May. He squints down as he puts his shades on and sighs in relief “much better” as his phone begins to ring. He pulls it out of his pocket and looks down to seethe caller ID reading “Jake the Gray”. Johnny doesn't bother answering as he hops on his bike and begins pedaling like a maniac as the camera pans up before panning back down to Jake sitting in the back of his step-father's car.
Jake is looking down an his phone as the caller ID goes from green to red before Jake begins looking at the passing trees and bushes. His inner dialogue is audible to the viewer as “There have been approximately 3000 rotations in the past one hundred and 80 seconds. We are currently in a 4 lane road heading due east as Johnny heads due west at an unknown variable. Assuming the traffic by his house is at the usual three to four car lane rate he should be moving his bike at 20 rotations per minute in comparison to our-” Jake is cut off from his daydream by his stepfather's voice asking “What's on your mind, sport?”. Jake just stared at him for a moment before saying “Cars.”. Jake’s stepfather smiled politely for a moment before pulling over and said “Well, bud, here's your stop. Have fun on your trip”. Jake just stared blankly at him for a moment before getting out of the car and heading to the school gates to see Johnny, drenched in sweat, standing by a Plaque that read “Vawlve High School”, Jake looked at him for a moment as he said “327 seconds, your 30 seconds earlier than usual.”.
Johnny, still winded, wheezed out “Cat…bike…Dear lord, it's hot…Why do I always wear black?”. Jake just shrugged his shoulders before pulling out a bag of Chocolate Spheres of Deliciousness from his backpack and handing some to Johnny. Johnny grinned as the camera showed Johnny’s hand entering the bag before the camera changes to Jacki's hand exiting her bag of White CSoD and laughing with her friends. She looks over at a girl wearing all black reaching into her purse as a teacher comes up to her. Jacki giggled as the principal began shouting “So, you think it's okay to defile my car?!”. Jacki only giggled more as the girl tried to sputter something out before being dragged out as the principal continued to berate her. Jacki cracked a smile before saying “Did that bitch really think she could drive a car newer than mine and ignore me?”. Jacki grinned as the she could hear muffled crying down the hall as the girl walked. Jacki stood up and said “I'm gonna head to my locker before they start calling buses for the trip.”. Jacki began walking towards the hallway right before the camera changes to Mike being pinned against a locker. The guy pinning him got close to his face as he sneered “You're gonna wish you took back what you said, Queer-bate.”. Mike just grimed as he said the only thing I wish I could take back is my headache.” right before giving a quick head-butt. As the boy who was pinning Mike stumbles back, Mike runs left towards the stair well before almost bumping into the only guy in his entire school who wears camo, Brendon. Brendon shifted the dip in his mouth as he asked “Where you headin', fella?”. Mike looked back to see the other boy gaining right before Brendon stepped around Mike to block the boy before whispering “Better move like a greased pig, friend. He looks steamed. I'll keep him busy.”. With that, Mike quickly went up the stairs to the second floor of his school as Brendon began working his southern charm. Mike is opening the door to his homeroom class right before the camera changes to Johnny and Jake entering their home room as Johnny says “I still can't believe you bought 100 boxes of CSoD, they said you outdid every other school by at least 200.!”. Jake just gave a blank stare for a moment before saying “I needed a visit”. Jake walked to his desk as Johnny stood still for a moment in confusion as he muttered “Why do pale people with weird hair colors say the weirdest *censored*?”.
The camera then turns to Jacki's classroom as she sits in her desk texting her friends as her teacher begins saying “Students of Highbury Academy, I'm proud to congratulate the 100 of you students who have earned the privilege to view the launch of eVawlve Technologies’ latest innovation. As you all know, the five local schools “Our own Highbury Academy, Valwve High, Ray Local High, Oregon High, and John  Michael’s High…”. The camera then changes to Mike walking into his class. As he came into the class, the principal pulls him aside as he says “The only reason you're going on this event is because you got lucky during your community service. I don't know why or how you sold 300 dollars worth of candy for the fundraiser, but you better not make a bad name for John Michael’s High, Michael Suda”. Mike just rolled his eyes as he scoffed “It's Mike, not that stupid ‘Full name’ bull.”. The principal waved just him off in disgust to signal “Just get out of here” as Mike walked away. Mike sat down in his seat as Brendon entered saying “Miss Teacher, Dang ole one in my class, got as mad as a wet hen and told me to go ahead and head over yonder. So I got sent here.”. The principal just sighed and began saying “So as I was saying. Out of the 20 schools participating ours was on the top 5 in sales. As a reward our school was invited by eVawlve Technologies, the makers of CSoD, most of the cellphones in all of your pockets, and starting today: The world's first easily accessed, mass producible, and best all of free, source of energy.”. Mike eyed Brendon as he thought “What is this guy's deal?”. Brendon nonchalantly sneaked out his can of dip as he thinks “Got an itch like a sweater made of poison ivy, tell you what.”. Mike stared for a minute before shaking his head as the camera divides by three to have all three homeroom teachers say in unison “You are the top 500 chosen students, so don’t waste this.”.
The camera then follows Johnny and Jake as they walk down the hall to the buses with their chaperons as Johnny asks “Dude, this so dope! No class, field trip with my best buddy, and all the candy I can eat! What are the odds?”. Jake stared blankly for a moment before reciting “The odds of our success were 0.215 percent, individually our odds would have been about .108 percent.”. Before Jake could get another word in, Johnny cut him off by saying “But the fact you literally bought 5,000 dollars worth of chocolate, enough for both of us to to be the first and second winners of this districts contest, bumped us up to about  like…” Johnny paused for a moment trying to do the math on his fingers before shaking his head in frustration and saying “A *censored* load percent more! Why did you buy that much by the anyway?”. Jake and Johnny were standing right outside the bus as Jake paused for a moment before saying “…Reasons…”. Johnny cocked his head for a moment before Jake raised an eyebrow and said “Don’t Expire.”. Before pulling out a bag and getting on the bus.
The camera changes to Mike on his bus, sitting alone near the back section with his arms folded. Brendon sat one seat in front of him as the boy Mike head- butted earlier sits behind him. Mike starts to doze off for a bit before he’s brought back with a slap to the back of the head. The boy behind him smiled as he said “You’re up, good. We’d hate for you to miss out on the fun today.”. Mike furrowed his brow as he said “We?”. The boy chuckled with a grin as two more leaned out of their seat in front of Mike. Mike grinned back as he said “It’s gonna be medical mystery when you go into the doctor’s office with two bruised assholes.”. The boy’s only reply was “You should have just given me your money, bitch.”, before sitting back down. Mike leaned against his window as he mumbled to himself “If I had any...”. The camera panned over to Brendon peeking over his shoulder and muttering “Dang ole fella, like a cat in a kennel, man, dang ole mess ain’t fair man.”. The camera then switches to Jacki getting off the bus as the main chaperons begin leading students out of the buses as they say “Alright students, all of you are free to look around the facility yellow marked areas. Red marked areas are off limits to students. The yellow and red lights are divided in five foot intervals on each wall to mark safe and unsafe areas. Try to enjoy yourselves, it’s not everyday you get to see things like this.”.
As each class makes their way to the  main entrance from the parking lot, Jacki is texting on her phone as her jock friend nudges her arm and says “Hey, babe, check out those two emo creeps over there.”. Jacki glanced up from her phone to take a look at Johnny and Jake. Johnny is going to town on a bag of candy as him and Jake are being lead into the facility. As they’re walking, Johnny and Jacki briefly make eye contact as Jacki giggles and inaudibly mutters “Pathetic”.
 The camera focuses back on Johnny and Jake as Johnny says in a cocky voice “Hey, bro, see the blonde that came out of Highbury Academy’s bus? She’s totally checking me out. You go on ahead, I’ll catch up.”. Jake shrugged his shoulders and kept walking as Johnny gave a flirtatious head bob to Jacki. Johnny borderline stopped at the sidewalk of the entrance way of the facility as he gave a candy covered smile at Jacki right before Mike bumped into his shoulder and said “Hey, watch it you Nine Inch Nails reject.”. Johnny was about to say something back before a hand grabbed his shoulder. He turned around to see Brendon with a lip full of dip as he muttered out “Don’t worry about Jack Rabbit, he’s a tough one.”. Brendon walked away as Johnny just stood there confused mumbling “What the hell just happened?”. Johnny shook his head right before the camera switched focus to Jake already in the first section of the eValwve latest prosthetic display.
 The viewer hears Jake’s inner thoughts as “If the mechanical fibers of the new limb are 1.30 times the original tensile strength of the original tendons, there would need to be a 30 percent increase in weight distribution, the given joint, this case the elbow, then-”. Jake’s thought is cut off as a nearby eValwve employee asks him “Viewing the new ETLP, huh? You seem pretty interested, mind if I ask what’s on your mind?.”. Jake gave him a blank stare for a few seconds before blankly saying “Arms…”. The employee stood there a moment awkwardly before saying “Oh…Was there anything you wanted to ask?”. Jake gave another blank stare before saying “No…” as he continued to look at the mechanical limbs. Jake stood there alone for a moment as the P.A speaker stated “The Core Energy project will begin in forty-five minutes, please refrain entering it’s display area until it is properly secured. The red lights 20 feet adjacent from the Core’s Collider Containment Dome with turn from solid red to solid yellow when it is no longer unsafe. “. Jake checked his phone to see the time as Jacki and her friends went to the confectionery display as a heavier set girl began walking away with a bag of CSoD. Jacki stopped her for a second and asked in a sarcastic tone “You know, they basically have no expiration date, you don’t need to eat them all in one go.”. The girl lowered her head and walked away as Jacki giggled and went to the display as the prerecorded message booth in front of her said “ Our main confectionery department is located off site to avoid possible complications with the Microorganism RnD department in the lower deck of this facility. However, thanks to the beneficial preservatives found by our own Dr. Laritel, she was able to make the world renown Chocolate Spheres of Deliciousness, more commonly known as it’s acronym CSoD, available to everyone at anytime thanks to it’s decade long possible shelf-life. Please take one bag of the multitude of flavors available from the vendor in the kiosk adjacent to the display.”.Jacki grabbed a bagg and checked her phone to see that fifteen minutes have passed since the last announcement.
The camera then switched to Johnny checking out the Matter Redistribution display as a large overhead T.V showed footage of people inside the Core Collider Containment Dome, as a nearby scientist began saying “Thanks to thermodynamic genius, Dr.Gray, we have been able to physically move compact bundles of energy through open space without them radiating their conductive heat, thanks to his research in earlier Core Energy research projects. Thanks to this we have been able to shrink the size of earlier Hadron Collider projects from several mile long tubes, to this 30 foot wide dome. Inside is the object simply dubbed ‘The Core’ formally…”. Johnny began to yawn as he said to himself “Yeah, I’m not down for this mess.” as he walked away, put in his ear buds in, put his shades back on from earlier, and leaned against a wall to begin his favorite pastime in the world:Naps. Before he drifted into slumber he texted Jake saying “By the display next to the The Core thing. Wake me up if it’s important.”.
The P.A system went off again as Mike was getting roughed up in the bathroom, about 60 feet away from The Core display. Mike was on his knees with wind knocked out of him as he heard the P.A system say “ETA until Core Display safe zone is 10 minutes. Please make your way to the display when possible.”. Brendon walked into the bathroom and saw what the three other boys were doing to Mike and said “Hey, y'all, I can guess what your fixin’ to do, but hey let’s just talk this out, alright? We can use our heads on this, not our knuckles.”. Mike looked up as the leader of three said “I don’t know why the hell you feel like you need to get involved, you wannabe hick, but I’ll be more than happy to kick your ass too when I’m down with Mikey here.”. At that moment Mike charged headfirst into the leader’s stomach, pushing him out out of the bathroom. The leader was on the ground as Brendon and the two others came rushing out as Mike said slightly hunched over “Hey, Camo, you’re right. I don’t gotta use my knuckles.”. At that moment the leader got back up as Mike started backing up against Brendon’s right side as the others began encircling them. Mike chuckled as he said “You in on this?”. Brendon just cracked his knuckles as he muttered “I reckon” right before they started throwing punches at the three.
The camera switched to Jake reading Johnny’s text as the P.A system announced The Main Core display was now a yellow zone and students were allowed to view. Jake was walking towards the the now translucent dome as several scientist inside were using specialized handling gauntlets to move and redirect energy. As Jake looked inside he made brief eye contact with one of the scientist. As he did he muttered to himself “Dad?”. The scientist inside was about to pass off his gauntlets to his relief right before a massive wave of energy went off, firing off shards of glass and debris into every direction. Jake covered his face as hysteria ensued. Waves of energy flowed through the facility. Jake said to himself in a calm voice “Johnny” as he rushed to find his friend.
 He ran to the area Johnny said he was to find him face down, barely breathing. Jake pulled Johnny out by his armpits as every light in the building began flashing red and as chaperons desperately tried to evacuate the students through the crammed entrance doors. Jacki looked over at Mike and Brendon as three they were fighting fled for the exit. As Brendon turned, a piece of debris fell and pinned his leg. Jacki was about to say something as burst of raw energy came rushing through her. For a brief moment she looked pale as a ghost before the atomic bonds that held her together faded into oblivion. Mike was halfway to the exit before he groaned to himself “God damn it!” before rushing back to help Brendon escape the debris. After Brendon was freed, it was free as if Mike had a faded after image as a faded version of Mike appeared beside them. Mike and Brendon tried to ask something right before a scientist came and grabbed original Mike’s shoulder and said “No time to explain. Get your friend and follow me.”. All three boys were too in shock to think as the two Mikes helped carry Mike to safety.
The camera then showed a news reporter in front of the now collapsing facility saying “It is still unknown if there are any casualties today, but we are still doing our best to contact the heads of eValwve  for more info as-” The camera cut short right before a blindingly bright beam of light shot into the sky before the screen fades to black.
Fast forward one week as Johnny begins to come to in his in his hospital bed as the T.V says “It’s been one week since the accident at eValwve industries. The local populace have dubbed the event as ‘The Incident’. Officials are still looking into whether this was a pure fluke or an act of domestic terrorism. In more recent news, the ongoing search for the recent arsons following the missing Rachel Walker have shown that she may have escaped during the confusion after the blast ”. As the T.V went on, Jake was sitting in a chair across the room from Johnny as he was looking at his phone to see reports of a localized fires appearing in supposed random areas. Jake was cross referencing the initial burn marks on a the downtown Juvenile  detention center and three most recent arsons leading to east-midtown department store, Homer’s Home improvement. Johnny slowly sat up as Jake said “Careful.”. Johnny put a hand on his head as he muttered “What happened?”. Jake just stared for a moment before saying “Concussion. Bruised Lung. Better now.”. Johnny stared for a moment as he could have almost swore the center of Jake’s forehead was glowing before rubbing his eyes to only see his friend’s normal, pale forehead. Jake stood up and walked over to the cabinet holding Johnny’s stuff before pulling out Johnny’s phone and handing it to him. Jake simply said “Look up ‘The Incident.’”, before heading to the bathroom.
While Jake was in the bathroom, he looked at the pictures of the burn marks in the detention center on his phone again and thought to himself “Those burn marks are too centralized to be from the outside, the angle of the building would have caused a downdraft burn pattern, this is centralized an uniformed. It had to be from inside, the person inside was listed as Rachel Walker, daughter of Richard and Gwen Walker.”. Jake pulled out a hand held device as he said to thought to himself again “I went to Homer’s Home Improvement three times for all analog components in my scanner to avoid online detection as I acquired my analog components. From what I saw there were only ten employees there, only one of which with the last name ‘Walker’. Rachel Walker was put into Juvie for arson charges last year by her father. Rachel went to Ray Local High before it was closed for relocation two months ago, that was about ten miles from here in central midtown, so if she’s heading back to her school where she had her last failed attempt then-”. Jake’s thought was interrupted by the pounding of the bathroom door as Johnny rushed in shouting “I’ve been out a week!? Who’s been feeding sock!?”. The camera switched to Sock for a moment eating food from a timed feeding machine with a note on it reading “You’re welcome- Jake”. Jake put away his device as he said “He’s fine. You’re welcome.”. Johnny sighed in relief as he said “You might be dull, but at least I can trust you with Sock. Let’s head home, my grandparents called in so they can let me out.”. Jake nodded as they left the hospital to the parking lot.
As they walked outside to the car, Johnny covered his eyes and groaned and said “It’s seven in the evening, I figured my eyes wouldn’t need to adjust now.”, as he pulled out his shades. As they got into the car Jake’s scanner went off. Jake pulled it out as he started the car as he muttered “…Communication frequency’s heading the same route as thermal increase, heading west…to midtown…”. Jake quickly pulled out of the hospital lot and said in an abnormally rushed voice “We need to make a detour.”. Johnny sat there confused and simply said “OK?” right before Jake floored straight onto the road. Jake was looking at the scanner in his left hand as he steered with his right towards one of the few back roads in midtown.
Jake was going about 60 as the scanner vibration became more frequent as the static it produced became more audible whenever Jake swerved to the left side of the road. Johnny held his seat tightly as he shouted “Jake I take back the part where I said you were dull earlier, just please stop trying to kill me!”. Jake simply said back in a calm voice “I won’t kill. If we crash, the car probably will though.”. Johnny just moaned in irritation right before Jake swerved up the hill to their left as soon the guard rail let open a gap right before the scanner sparked and shorted out. Jake maneuvered the car to what looked like an abandoned school yard right before pulling the emergency brake. Jake calmly took off his seat belt as he said “We’re here.”. Johnny still in shock sat in the car a moment as he could see a brief wave of light right before a fireball launched someone into the wall of the abandoned school. Johnny looked over to see someone wearing a black oni mask with chains wrapped all up their left arm. Johnny quickly got out of the car to see what looked like a girl on fire literally hurling flames from her hands as someone in an umpire mask tried taking pot shots at her with a revolver. As the girl looked over the at shooter, another person in a white oni mask attempted to swing a chain around her to contain her. Jake began taking pictures with a specialized camera to read thermal temps as Johnny shouts “What the hell is wrong with you!? You risk my life for a pyrotechnic show!?”. At that moment the girl screamed “Stopped staring at me!” before hurling a fireball Johnny.
Johnny just barely dodged the blazing ball of flame, slightly singing his hoodie before freezing for a moment and saying to himself in a hushed voice “…This is real…Oh my God, this real…”. As Johnny was dealing with shock, another person wearing a white oni mask, attempted to contain her with a long chain hang down their right wrist. The person shouted “Sorry!” right before swinging. However, the girl heard there misplaced apology before the chain connected, and grabbed it in midair with both hands before hurling him towards the other oni masked person. Jake looked over at Johnny before saying “This isn’t what I expected. We need to leave and reassess.”. Johnny still hiding behind the car shook his head and yelled “You think!?”.
Johnny was about to open his door as the girl shouted “What’s the matter, you two? Trying to leave to redye your hair, silver?”. Jake stared blankly for a moment before saying “I don’t dye.”. The girl smiled as she readied another fireball and said “I think you do ‘die’.”. Somehow Johnny could see the energy building up in her limbs right before the flames formed and shouted “Baseball guy, do something!” as he threw rocks at here trying to be a distraction. The person in the umpire mask left off 6 shots into her back, barely knocking her off balance as Jake reached into his left pocket to pull out a gray tablet. Before the girl could react Jake through the tablet at her as hard as he could.
The tablet bounced off her collar bone right before exploding into fast acting concrete. From the neck down she was encased as she growled in anger. Jake began walking towards here as Johnny stayed a good twenty feet away by the hood of the car.
As Jake walked towards her he said “Please don’t be aggressive. I just have questions.”. As Jake was walking, umpire mask made his way to the two oni mask wearing individuals. Umpire yelled over “Mike- I mean Suda- I mean- whatever, are y’all alright?”. As Mike and Suda sat up dazed in confusion, Mike took off his black oni mask as he shouted in an angry voice “Jesus Christ, this thing is hot! I mean seriously Brendon, who’s idea was it to wear masks like this!”. Suda took off his white mask as he commented back “Not to be smart, but I think it was you.”. Mike rolled his eyes and growled “Whatever, washout, I still blame you for this.”. Jake was about a foot away from the girl as he asked her “How?”. The girl gave him a confused look as she waited for the rest of his questions before she asked “How? What do you mean?”. Johnny was still standing at a safe distance as he yelled over “He means ‘how are you a human zippo’!”. The girl growled as she begins explaining in the form of a flash flash back.
The girl was sitting in her juvenile detention cell, as she sat in the corner with her knees to her chest. She looked up at the window of her cell with a tear rolling down her face, as she whimpered. She looked over at a photograph on the wall as she said in third person narration “three hundred and eighty-eight days, silver. I spent that long in that hell hole. Apparently someone attempted arson with my lighter and since my name was on it, that was it. My friends didn’t believe, my boyfriend didn’t believe, my own own parents didn’t believe me. Hell, I started not believe me. When I had nothing left, when I barely even was called ‘Rachel’ anymore instead of just ‘trouble’, all I had was that hatred for everyone who threw me away like a used rag. That fire kept me alive and gave me purpose, it gave me the the drive to keep going until I had what I needed to destroy everything that held me back all these years, but to start something new I had to burn the past that took the place of my soon to be future, but I know what you really want to know what, started all this, what gave me the strength to escape that God forsaken hellhole. It started about three days after what you guys call ‘The incident’.”. The screen then shows something reminiscent of an energy based snowflake landing on her forehead. Rachel began narrating again as she said “I didn’t even realize it at first until this power truly took root, the more of my anger I gave it, the more fire it gave me. My dad came the night before my escape and asked for the thousandth time for an explanation, but I told him the same thing I told everyone. ‘I don’t know…I’m sorry…’. He just looked away and treated me like I meant nothing, but that pain gave me enough juice to burn through those concrete walls.”. The camera then shows her overflowing with flame as she broke down the walls with her bare flaming fists as she screamed. Rachel chuckled before saying “I couldn’t use that trick a second time with the broken knuckle, not without a breather at least, but it was worth it. The power though, it was like it had a mind of its own, feeding on my anger more and more. When I really needed the strength to keep going I would just go blind in the moment due to it, but you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.”.
The flashback ended before Jake stared for a moment before saying “Oh…I can see now...You were catching your breath…”. Rachel had a look of genuine surprise before saying “You really are a smart one.” right before she let a massive burst of flame out, destroying the concrete keeping in her place. The blast consumed Jake as a massive fireball hurdled toward Johnny. Time slowed down as adrenaline flooded his brain while he thought “No! I can’t die! Not like this!”. Half a second before the flame hit him, Johnny’s shard kicked in as his fight or flight instinct triggered it in the form of an involuntary teleport. Before Johnny realized it, he was standing beside Mike/Suda and Brendon. When it hit him, Johnny looked at the smoke from the detonation and screamed “Jake!”. As the smoke cleared, Johnny could see Jake with half scorched skin and his hair no longer gray, but instead literally on fire. Johnny looked over and saw Jake with an angry look on his face, the first time Johnny ever saw Jake make that expression, as he attempted to ask “Dude…Are you OK?”. Jake looked over for a moment and was about to answer before he got sucker punched in the jaw. He stumbled back a moment as Rachel held her right hand and muttered “That’s two knuckles…Let's go for the rest!” at that moment Jake charged her, ducking and dodging oncoming fire balls until he was about 4 inches from her before launching a point blank fireball from his right palm that was about half the size as Rachel’s earlier fireballs directly into her face, making her skid back about five feet. She looked down at her bloody nose before grinning and shouting “Now, you’re dead!”. Jake smiled back in rage as flames swirled his limbs as he shouted “You first!”. The camera changes over to Johnny standing by Brendon and Mike/Suda as he asked them in a panic “I don’t have time for the long answer, just tell me what is going on”. Brendon reloaded his revolver as he chuckled “Short Version? Some people got weird after the incident. Mike there split and got chains. Dark one’s Mike, washout’s Suda. You look like you can warp, and spitfire is a walkin' bonfire.”. Mike and Suda summoned their chains again as they got ready for the next fight. Before they went on the attack though, Mike was looking around on the ground in irritation as he shouted “God damn it, Suda where’s our sword?!”. Johnny looked down for a moment and saw a short curved sword on the ground and grabbed it in a fit of desperation before running off with it and yelling “I’m borrowing your Katana!”. As Johnny rushed to join the fray, Mike yelled after him “It’s not a katana you idiot! It’s a Wakizashi, Katanas takes two hands!”. As Johnny stood a few feet away from his friend’s fiery fight, he held the sword tightly and muttered “She said she was only a match box for a few days, how hard could it be. I gotta have powers too, how else could I have sensed she was about to launch that fireball earlier, and the warping thing too…right?”. Johnny took a deep breath as Brendon began firing shots and Suda yelled “You got this, sunglasses!”. Johnny looked up to see Suda using his chain to grapple onto a nearby basketball hoop as a way gain momentum before attempting a midair drop kick on Rachel. Suda missed completely as he tumbled on the ground as Rachel simply took one step to the left. Johnny took this as his chance to attack as he closed his eyes and focused before warping behind Rachel.
Johnny opened his eyes to see he was now standing less than a foot behind Rachel as Mike began charging in with chain wrapped fist. Jake was about to charge Rachel’s left side as Mike charged the right before Rachel left off two fireballs from both her hands, launching Jake into the air and Suda back about five feet. While she was distracted, Johnny winced and whispered “Sorry” to himself, before attempting to hesitantly slash her back. The slash was a direct hit, but barely cut through the jacket and undershirt she was wearing as she stumbled forward a moment. Suda attempted to contain her again with his loose chain, this time getting closer, successfully binding her arms as he yelled at Johnny “Her shard gives her a natural durability boost. Please use a little more force next time.”. Johnny looked over at Mike as he charged again, this time uppercutting Rachel, before she leaned in to give him a flaming head-butt immediately afterwards. She began spewing flames from her mouth right before Brendon fired six shots at her again, the first five hitting her chest and the last hitting her forehead. The six shots did about as much physical damage as mid-grade airsoft, but managed to disorient her. She was about raise one of her legs as a last ditch effort to send a wave of flame at Suda right before Johnny hit her in the back of the head with the dull side of the sword before knocking her out.
The air cooled as Rachel’s flames subsided as she hung her head in exhaustion. Jake ran over, still on fire as he asked in a heated voice “Is she done?”. Suda walked over, still containing her with the loose chain on his right arm as Brendon walked over to check her pulse. Brendon put two fingers on the side of her neck while he took his mask off for moment before taking his fingers off and pulling out a can of dip from his pocket as he said “Yeah, spitfire’s all tuckered out from this mess.”. Jake nodded before he involuntarily powered down back to his normal self before putting his hands on his knees and wheezing. Mike looked at Jake and said “I’m guessing you two are still noobs to this stupid ‘breaking the laws of physics thing’. We’ll deal with you two as soon we take care of her.”. Mike looked over at Suda before saying “Bitch-boy, get over here. We gotta do the one thing you’re good at.”. Suda, smiled as he un-summoned his chain before walking over and placing his right hand on the right half of Rahcel’s forehead. Mike rolled his eyes as he placed is his left hand on the other half of Rachel’s forehead. Rachel groaned slightly as Johnny saw her forehead glow like Jake’s earlier as a snowflake sized bundle of energy came floating out between Mike and Suda’s hands. Mike grinned at it as it floated about neck level between Mike and Suda. Mike looked at Suda “You can stop existing now.” in an angsty voice as he un-summoned his wrapped chain. Suda happily chuckled and said “Sure thing, buddy! Just happy to help.” before fading away into nothing as he placed a hand on Mike's shoulder. Mike cracked his neck as he said “Alright Brendon, I’m gonna contain this thing and we can head back to A’s.”. Brendon nodded before looking at Jake as he was finishing catching his breath and said “From the look on you and you’re buddy’s face earlier, this shard stuff mess is new to you guys. You should tag along, I’d rather make a friend now than deal with scrappin’ later.”. Jake wiped the remaining ash from his face and said “I agree. I need an explanation.”.
As Jake was talking to Brendon, Johnny saw Mike about to grab the small bundle of energy right before it glowed red with violent intent, but before Johnny could say anything Mike grabbed it before falling to the ground spasming. Brendon looked over in panic and shouting “Mike!” as he rushed to his side. Brendon looked up at Johnny and Jake who were standing above them and shouted “He took too much! His shards overflowing into his consciousness and overloading him! We need to get him to our main base downtown.”. Mike began mumbling “Damn it, Peter, I told you I’m too tall…”. Brendon became more panicked as Mike mumbled and pleaded “Please, I know we don’t know each other from Adam, but I ain’t gonna let this be how he goes out. Please, can you get us to our base downtown!?”. Johnny didn’t wait for Jake’s response as he said “Even if we didn’t need answers, we’re not gonna let someone die for no good reason.” as he leaned down to help pick up Mike.
Brendon smiled as he said “Thank you, fellas. We can leave the girl for now, A’s already got an alibi and lab report written up for her at the lab to deal with the mess that comes with this thing.” before grabbing Mike by the legs and asking Johnny to grab his arms. Jake sat down in the driver seat of his car as he looked down at his hand and thinking “That couldn’t have been normal fire. The amount of oxygen consumed for the flames to burn during that altercation would have thinned the air twice as much, not to mention that less than a quarter of my clothes were scorched when I was being engulfed in flames prior.”. Jake stopped in his inner monologue for a moment as he looked down at his hand and muttered “What’s happening to me?”.
Jake looked over as Johnny got in the passenger seat and was handing him Brendon’s phone. Jake looked at Brendon through the rear view mirror to see Mike still spasming and muttering as Brendon said “I’m seriously ain’t meant to give out this address, but the GPS will leads us to the bunker we’ve been using as our base of operations. When we get there, A will explain everything.”, Jake nodded before driving through the school back to the adjacent road, beginning the trip to Brendon and Mike’s base.
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