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Develop Your Story / Re: The Cities of Gods
« on: January 17, 2015, 02:28:58 AM »
from what i had see, if you don't have a main char, or smart enough to have some char to tell the story.
this ideal will be more like a documentary of a  fantasy  world war, which will be very bad,and hard to write.

this ideal it self is very hard to make it in to a story , cause there is too many problem , and again the idea is more of a documentary then a story, so there is only a few way of writing it.
and you haven't post any story at all, only ideal. 

so ether you can make a new way of writing this type of idea, or you will have to change your way of showing it.

so  don't care what you going to do, you will have to write it down as a story and not giving information or ideal only.
then you will see clearly what is the problem.

you can post the link, since you got more then 20 post

just to say, although learning drawing is good but drawing is not the same as making a manga.
making a manga or storyboard, is about planing , is very diff from drawing.   

so if you think you only need to learn drawing then you able to make a manga, that is wrong.
you will have to learn alot of other thing too. and there is no 1 and no book  can "really" teach that. 

if you are a writer, i will tell you to learn how to make a storyboard/name  and not drawing.although it may be harder then drawing but is a must , if you want to make a manga.

that what happen most of the time,  if you are doing it your self  i will not say much but since you are finding another person to help you, it is another story.
like most writer, thinking that making a manga is the same as writing a novel. but the diff is very big.

to put it another word, good artist will not work with writer that are not good.

so you should be ready that no 1 will work with you,or at most work half way . since that happen most of the time .

mad? i am not mad,  i have see too many people like you, is just sad.
and just to say it again, many many writer trying to find a artist like you but never really find 1 , reason very simple , they are not ready like you.

Develop Your Story / Re: Eternal Sin project
« on: January 12, 2015, 10:08:24 PM »
According to kinre's suggestion, which is very helpful, I tell you what I need.
Those drafts above are the least expectations I wish for the manga. Here the lists of help I need most:
-digital art.
-better action illustrator, as what I really consider, drawing panels seems less creative and tend to be repetitive.
-details, I can draw several details only it will waste too much time. That's why I draw only a draft.
-improvisation, I realize that the draft may only be a basic imagination of what the manga will be. I mean the artist can put additional panels to make the manga looks better and interesting.
-style, I think I love the style like "DeathNote". I learn to make some boring panels pattern from my sister deathnote comic (I borrowed it) since I'm lack of panels imagination. But I have made some changes about the panel even it is still lame. Thus, anything is good if the artist can follow my draft.

for now what i see, your main job should be making the panel and story, and it will be easy if other don't need to change the panel. ( if there is 2 or more artist. )

and for now you need some 1 to do a char design and people can copy it in your manga.

and now i let you know i will help you in your manga, but  i will just take simple order , etc doing some drawing, or design a char.

so if you want my help it is best to find me on skype as kinre/kinrean.

well , what i  see now is that she want to find a artist, and i just ask her to show her writing  , so artist able to know of her writing skill,it noting to do with a full story. so if the first thing that she worry about is her own story, that prove that her writing skill may not be ready.

as always , people always scare their story got steal.  but really, only need a few line to tell your writing skill.

and base on your worry , already can tell your writing skill .

if you really hope to find a artist you really need to post some of your story, so a artist able to tell your writing skill.

you should go and read the rule of posting for these kind of thing.

not sure if you understand the diff of novel from manga , but if you want to do the storyboard way, first thing you should do is to just make it, and not find a artist first.   
no 1 really going to teach you how to make a storyboard/name.  and making a storyboard is about the same as drawing.

normal drawing is to show a nice looking art.
storyboard is to  show a story . 

i had  look on your new sketch, and it  seem to me the planing/storyboard/panel  is alot better ,  and base on that can tell what type of story this is.  diff type of manga got diff way of showing it . ( and show what type of manga that you see or like)

although i must say thing that you may already know is that the background with char thing. 
all of the box are make for the char, the background  you just put there just to look nice( that what i feel)
you may want to make at last 1 box is design for telling viewer where they are what time it is and so on.  1 box really for background only, not for char.

i think it may be better for them to already start fighting or some small fight,  as i see you already find a bit hard to choose  some of the drawing( some box seem the same),  so it may be easy for you to start some action for them to do , and you have more choice  of drawing to choose.  ( but be carefull some time is hard to choose if there is alot)

and i think it may be better for you to go in detail what help you needed, as working with other is hard.
you should list out what help you want to get from other, and what thing you don't want other to touch. ( etc panel/box)   

and 1 last thing, can tell that your background is very bad, so you may want to design some space for other to make a good background for you . ( not a must, as may not able to find a good background artist.)

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Need an artist (Free)
« on: December 29, 2014, 10:02:10 PM »

This is same if lets say I'm an artist & I'm looking for a writer to draw out their story (be it for fun or exposure/professional purpose) . Even if I wrote a lengthy post that rivals that a typical novel I'd still need to showcase my portfolio (sample of my artworks) to the public so that people know my current skill & style in the end & maybe , catching their interest for a collaboration .

It is a rookie mistake when someone is looking for a partner & not showcasing their material for us to see . So in the future , do showcase your work first before asking for a partner . That way , you don't create false promises .

i will not say is a rookie mistake, but more like they will go from site to site, and hope that find a artist, with out giving any information about their story, as they are scare of people will steal their story. the same old story.

so if you are not happy with my post, i don't mind as i had say i will not be the nice guy.
most people who take note about finding a artist will know that , finding a good artist is not a simple thing. if you can't take a post that tell you the true, well soon you will learn it your self.

and i am guessing that you are not going to show any of your story.

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: Need an artist (Free)
« on: December 29, 2014, 07:00:37 AM »
again with the fun thing, i don't really understand why some writer always like to say that making a manga together will be fun. 

i am not going to be a nice guy here, but i am sure if you want to just make people think that making a manga is fun and people will join to have fun, that manga will never be complete.( unless is a very short manga under 10 page)

and if the artist just want to have fun, why not they just make it them self. working together is hard.

so if you really want to find a artist, you will need to hear what other had say . like DeAngelus had say.
and use a better way to get a artist .

well, again another writer finding a artist, although i must say you not the first to do that, and not going be the last,
but what make you better then any other writer who finding it too. and more you want to have good art skill, which is not easy.

so  if you don't want to end up like most people can't find a artist, maybe you should hear what other have teach to find a artist.

if you not going to learn from other, then you will have to think your own , how to get a artist. 

if you are thinking the thing you doing now is enough , well i will say i had see better .   

atlast you didn't lie, about the money thing. which some people will lie  to get a artist.

i feel that you are trying make a story for the artist more then a story ready for the artist to do.
but i don't really think that is a good idea, as there will be many problem.

in the end it is alot more easy for the artist to just make their own story , then working with another writer.
unless that story is really that well done. which is very rare.(cause able to sell)

so here come back to the Q again, what make you think that a good artist will want to work with you.

p.s i am speaking from a artist view.

to me, i don't really care much about the story. to me is more on the how you make the story, what is the aim, what you selling.  to me it is more important to see the  person who make, you can tell the person type of char base on how they make their work. same as if you know how to see a person base on their drawing.

so if you ask me if i will buy your book i will say no, reason is that 1 look can tell that there is alot of thing you didn't think about it.   making a manga is not really about the drawing skill, is really about the selling point ( just like any other show/anime/movie). so need to plan well what resource you have , and what the selling point.
and if you want to work as a group , you must plan and think well how you able to use other, and make it easy for them to work. as communicate is the harder part in group.

to be true , i will like to help you on the drawing but, i find that there is alot of problem in your way of working now.
so is a bit sad, but i will help you , if you can make it easy for me. (by make it easy i really mean more on don't ask me to think other thing beside drawing thing)

if you ask me about the balloons thing, is not really up to the artist. even artist will have problem with that. the key is to plan well.  diff type of manga got diff way of planing, for some manga got alot of dialog and manga which got little, their planing is diff.

in the end, i will say you just try to do every thing your self then find people to help you.
and just make the drawing simple and fast.

about the english , can find some 1 to change it. again the aim is to have good planing. so it will also be easy to change the english in the balloon. 

i my self think that the artist job is just to draw, and not to remake your whole manga,edit the english.

to make it simple, try to make the balloons your self and plan the page for space for drawing. find some 1 who can edit the english.

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