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Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Free] 1-3 Character Drawings/Designs?
« on: May 12, 2015, 10:18:48 PM »
Now my drawing didn't match the description.

Lol well I thought it matched Phaedra's look and attitude before she goes on a killing spree and almost drives the human race to extinction. There are really a bunch of ways one could draw her

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Free] 1-3 Character Drawings/Designs?
« on: May 12, 2015, 07:38:12 PM »
I wanna try all three could you give skittles insight on personality like if they are carefree or menicing

Sure thing!


Very stern, serious, and highly powerful and intelligent. He's stoic, and keeps a lot of secrets within the story. He's one of the major antagonists until it is revealed he was actually good all along. Knowing he's perhaps the most powerful person around, he tends to look down on weaker opponents (Pretty much everybody). He's also a damn good swordsman!


Well, there are three ways you can do Phaedra. In the beginning, she's a very beautiful, responsible, and loving woman, famed for her eyes and physical beauty. She was devoted to her people and creating positive change within the world

Later, her nation is invaded and completely destroyed. Her invaders ripped out her famed eyes, tied a blindfold over the empty sockets, and forced her to walk the harsh desert alone. It was here she was rescued and apprenticed by someone, and she put on the same cloak that Roy wears, with the blindfold still around her eyes. Here, she's much more gloomy, saddened, and considers suicide a few times.

Near the end, she is one of the main antagonists, and surpasses even Roy in sheer ability. This is when she becomes more like Roy. She's very stern, unemotional even in the act of killing, looks down on everyone around her, and the joy of battle does occasionally please her and make her smile. She is perhaps the most menacing and destructive force at this point of the story.


Jaya's duty in the Deshavi Black Ops requires her to bury any and all feelings in the heat of combat. She is willing to do anything for the future of her country and its people. When not in battle though, she's a very warm spirit, loving, caring, and empathetic. May also be important to note she's got large jugs lol For a girl that technically doesn't exist (in accordance with the principle of secrecy with the Black Ops) she can be pretty cheery and definitely breathes life into her profession and her allies.

Certain events throughout the story cause her tremendous  heartbreak. I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY she cares about ends up dying. She's hard to carry the wrapped bodies of two of her best friends in fact. So, that's where she becomes much more saddened, cries more often, and her impulses in battle drive her into potentially fatal situations.

Hope that helps, man. Let me know if you wanna know anything else  :thumbsup:

Welcome Center / Re: Never Posted Here :/ HELLO!
« on: May 12, 2015, 03:47:28 PM »
Oh my God, I thought your avatar was a dude holding like a Nerf or a Super Soaker. I never looked hard enough. Wow. Anyways welcome to the show.

I tried looking at it that way and I just can't see how you could've thought it was a nerf gun ;D

But you should patent that idea. Puppy Blaster 9000 Mk2

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [Free] 1-3 Character Drawings/Designs?
« on: May 12, 2015, 06:23:04 AM »

Sweeeeet! The cloak looks really cool  :clapping:

Alright, this is the LAST chapter for this arc of the story. It's finished! WOOO! I can't believe I actually wrote all of this! I hope someone out there enjoyed this  :clapping: I think I'll get to work writing some of the other arcs soon, or maybe I should just move on to when the MC is actually born in this story  :unsure:

Either way, thank you very much! Enjoy!

Boundless Love


Early in the morning, Inadora set out to trace Han's movements. She tracked him all the way up to a local bathhouse, before heading back to the hideout to alert Luxaura, who was awaiting her return.
    Inadora: He's gone to the bathhouse of the local village near his home. He went in alone.
    Luxaura: Take me there. Let's settle this.
    Inadora and Luxaura appeared before the bathhouse building. Inadora surveyed the signature of souls within the building with her eyes.
    Luxaura: Izutu's eyes have never let us down. Where is he?
    Inadora: He's already in the bath. Private room on the left side of the building, it will be the room right at the end of the hall.
    Luxaura: I'll be quick about this. Stay concealed and be sure you aren't seen.
    Inadora: Of course.
    Luxaura walked right through the walls of the building and walked down the hall leading to Han's room. As opened the door and entered, steam and moisture began to fill his vision. Han was relaxing within the bath, as if he was washing away the guilt he was submerged in.
    Han: I told you not to disturb me. I don't want any of your alcohol this early in the morning.
    Luxaura: You misunderstand, I'm not a servant.
    Han: Then you have even less of a reason to be here. Begone.
    Luxaura: Han of the Lotus.....Shame on you. I know exactly what you did, what you hope to do. You drove two men to suicide. How do you even manage to sleep at night after seeing their bodies burnt to a crisp?
    Han:......that......THAT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! WHO ARE YOU!?!?
    Han emerged from the bath angrily as Luxaura raised his hand, revealing the symbol of Neptune on it. Han's head was encased in a dome of water, and he fell to the floor trying to free his head of it. The shock and panic of the situation made him drown even faster. As Han lay writhing in agony on the floor, Luxaura began to laugh and mock him.
    Luxaura: You know, I've seen countless people just like you in my life. You who would sacrifice the many to provide for the few if you could. You who rob people of their loved ones, all for the sake of your moot power struggle. And now here you are, Han of the Lotus, dying before me, alone in your last moments. You make me sick.
    Han finally succumbed to Luxaura and drowned. The sphere of water that entrapped Han's head was released, and his body was kicked back into the bath. Luxaura and Inadora teleported back to the hideout, ready to give the news to a grieving Roy and Nadena. The four met in the early morning sunlight of the throne room.
    Luxaura: Han of the Lotus is no more. The way it was done, it will simply look like suicide.
    Nadena: I never thought I would be happy over someone's death, but I'm glad that monster is gone.
    Luxaura: I am too. At any rate, you should probably take it easy today you two.
    Nadena: NO! We have to continue training! We have to be strong enough to not allow this to ever happen again! We've both lost so many good people and it keeps happening over and over again! I don't want to keep feeling this heartbreak anymore! Please, allow us to continue with our training!
    Luxaura: Even now, your will is still strong. Roy?
    Roy: If that's what she wants, I'm with her.
    Luxaura: Alright then. We'll continue immediately. Meet me outside, and we'll continue where we left off.
    Nadena: Yes sir!
    Meanwhile, in the coolness and brightness of the morning, Leigh's carriage driver began making his way to the HQ of the Deshavi Black Ops. He took out a letter he received from Axel, going over its contents and being sure he was headed to the right place. He recalled the moment he received this letter, just a few days before Axel died.
    While waiting outside, the carriage driver noticed Axel coming out of the doors of the manor. Axel approached him, which was unusual unless he needed a ride somewhere.
    Axel: Hey.
    Zobelle: Hey.
    Axel: Still waiting?
    Zobelle: Yeah, just killing some time before I have to depart to pick up the Queen.
    Axel: Ah, I see. Wanna smoke?
    Zobelle: Oh, no. I shouldn't. Not while I'm still technically on the job.
    Axel: Oh come on, just one. It's not like it'll get you hammered or anything.
    The young man sat with Axel on the steps of the manor, watching the breeze roll by as the sun began to set.
    Axel: You know, you've been serving the Menlayev family for a while now haven't you?
    Zobelle: Yeah, I guess I really have.
    Axel: Do you ever think of quitting? I know this job has gotten pretty crazy sometimes.
    Zobelle: No, not really. Ishta was a very kind man, and Leigh....she's a very kind gal. Anyone can see why they married each other. And the pay is nice too.
    Axel: Sounds like you've grown attached.
    Zobelle: Maybe so. I may just be a driver, but I love em. I get to see and be with them as people, and I just love them.
    Axel: You have a good heart.....uhmm.....
    Axel glanced at Zobelle's nametag.
    Axel: Ah! Zobelle! That's a nice name, man.
    Zobelle: Yeah, my mother was a huge fan of the poet. She used to read his poems to me and my sister when we were younger. She actually looks a lot like Leigh, just, with more wrinkles.
    Axel: Hah, at least your mother has some great taste in literature.
    Zobelle: Yeah, well.....she had great taste in literature.
    Axel: Oh man. I'm sorry about that.
    Zobelle: It's alright. She went peacefully. I have a family of my own now, so I'm just trying to do what will best provide for them, you know?
    Axel: Yeah, I hear you.
    Axel put out his cigarette and reached for a letter in his pocket.
    Axel: Well then Zobelle, I'm going to give you this.
    Zobelle: What? What's this?
    Axel: The future of Vevoskovia. You're probably the only person I can really trust with this.
    Zobelle: If the only person you can trust is a carriage driver, you may be a little screwed.
    Axel: Yeah, that may be. But you really do have a good heart. That's why I'm giving you this. If something happens to either me or Toh, you are to open this letter and follow its instructions carefully.
    Zobelle: If something happens? What, are you going somewhere or something?
    Axel: Something like that. Anyway, it should almost be time for you to head out and pick up Lady Royalty. It was good being with you Zobelle.
    Zobelle looked at the sealed letter in curiosity, and watched as Axel ascended back up the steps and entered the manor. He kept that letter as he was asked, and opened it after Axel and Toh's funeral. He remembered transporting Leigh there, and how she couldn't hold back her tears in the back of the carriage. And he remembered the strange feeling of sharing a single intimate moment with someone he wasn't well acquainted with, just before they depart from the world. Today, as he rode to the HQ of the Black Ops, he intended to fulfill Axel's last wishes.
    As Zobelle approached the HQ, he found himself suddenly surrounded by masked men as a voice called out to him.
    Zobelle: I have a letter from Axel! He told me to come here if anything were to ever happen to him. It's addressed to Commander Anzu!
    Shocked of Zobelle's knowledge of Commander Anzu, a Deshavi guard reached for the letter and confirmed Axel's seal and signature.
    Deshavi: He's telling the truth! This is definitely from Axel! Thank you for delivering this. But you must turn back, and do not ever come here again.
    Zobelle: I understand. I'll be departing now. If anyone asks, none of us were here.
    Deshavi: Good.
    Zobelle rode away on his horse as the Deshavi soldiers took the letter to Commander Anzu. Upon reading it, he sent out a team to go to the destination the letter described. The Deshavi dug up large bags of money, the money that was emptied from Axel's and Toh's accounts.
    Anzu: Even in death, they still serve...Bring all of it back to HQ. We'll make good use of it.
    Desahvi: Yes sir.
    Back at HQ, Anzu summoned all of his men and let them in on the current state of events.
    Anzu: Details of their deaths are still shaky. Nobody really seems to know what happened. But whatever it was, they knew their lives were in danger, and took it upon themselves to bring every last bit of money they had out here for us to find. As it currently stands, the Deshavi is now fit for combat. Syvia is still considered an enemy until an agreement to the cease-fire comes in. In order to swiftly incapacitate them, we will spend the rest of today drawing up plans for our first operation. From this point on, the Deshavi will carry the burden of keeping peace between nations, and keeping the bloodshed to a minimum. Dismissed!
    As the day went on and came to an end, Roy and Nadena had finished a rigorous day of training. Nadena had her match with Luxaura, and even though she didn't win, she forced Luxaura to use Astaroth to block her attacks. Roy went to get ready for bed, and Nadena finished her after-training discussion with Luxaura in the throne room.
    Luxaura: Excellent work today Nadena, you're getting really good.
    Nadena: Yeah but I still lost...
    Luxaura: Don't worry about that. Roy is the only member of the Phoenix Demons to ever win against me on his first try. Both of you are the only members to force me to use Astaroth's shield on your first try too!
    Nadena: Really?!?!
    Luxaura: Yep!
    Nadena: Luxaura.....
    Luxaura: What is it?
    Nadena kissed Luxaura on his cheeks and cheerfully ran down the halls to her room
    Nadena: You're the best prophet ever!
    Luxaura: I have to say....I quite like her enthusiasm.
    Nadena entered the room just as Roy was getting ready for bed.
    Roy: Teachers pet....
    Nadena: Jealous cuck.
    Roy: DAMN IT NADENA! LANGUAGE! ALWAYS WITH YOUR LANGUAGE! Ah what the hell, why do I even bother anymore.
    Nadena: Roy. Don't ever change.
    Roy: Of course not. Now let's hit the hay, we start again early in the morning!
    As the Phoenix Demons enjoyed a peaceful sleep, Leigh was being picked up from Castle Asane after a late night of going through the castle and collecting the possessions of Axel and Toh to give to the government, so they can either be given to their families or donated. Zobelle greeted her at the gates.
    Leigh: Hey Zobelle, sorry to keep you up late like this.
    Zobelle: Nah, I don't mind. Why such a late night on a Saturday?
    Leigh: I had to get Axel and Toh's things out.
    Zobelle: Ah, I see. I have to tell you something.
    Leigh: What is it?
    Zobelle: I think this will be my last night here.
    Leigh: What? Are you quitting?
    Zobelle: Yeah, pretty much.
    Leigh: I'm sorry, did you want higher pay? I don't mind giving you a raise, you've served my family for so long.
    Zobelle: Oh no, please, don't misunderstand. It's not because I'm not satisfied with any aspect of my job. Although I'm merely a driver, having the privilege to even be in your presence or hear your voice everyday has been amazing, Leigh. Axel entrusted a small task to me before he died. I found myself crying for a man I only sat down with once. With the war, people dying....
    Leigh: I understand, you have a family. You have to do what's best for them, especially the children. I can tell you, it would be hard on the Mrs. if she were to ever have to raise her children without the father around. I won't pry, but if Axel entrusted something to you, then that makes you a potential target, doesn't it?
    Zobelle: Yeah. I didn't know what they wanted when they first approached me. Their tone and aggressiveness of the questions told me they were definitely looking for something, and today, I think I figured out what it was. So, my lady, it would be a great honor and privilege to give you one last ride tonight.
    Leigh: Of course, Zobelle. Let's take the long way home. It's a good night to enjoy the moon.
    Leigh rode shotgun with Zobelle, and the two conversed on the long ride home. Many personal stories, experiences, and lessons were shared between them for the first time, underneath the bright full moon. Zobelle found himself talking and laughing with the most powerful woman in the world, as if she was an old friend. The two finally got home, and said their goodbyes.
    Leigh: You stay safe. That is an order and your last duty to me.
    Zobelle: Of course, ma'am. Thank you for all of these years.
    Zobelle rode off to return the carriage to his workplace. He would sleep there for the night, and planned to travel first thing in the morning.
    The night was anything but peaceful for the Deshavi, who spent all day preparing for a swift end to any near-future conflicts between Vevoskovia and Syvia. As a team of men used the powers of the moon to spy on the entire Syvian landmass, a team of infiltrators were sent out to the Syvian capital, arriving quickly thanks to the powers of Mercury. Syvia's government did not have an official religion, therefore, there were no days off if it wasn't a national holiday. The team of 4 descended upon the Syvian capital, and put the plan into action.
    Deshavi: Everyone is in position? Let's do it then. Remember the breathing exercises.
    The 4 Deshavi had rehearsed this well, and their movements were synchronized. The 4 touched the ground and caused a tremendous earthquake. The land underneath the Syvian capital was ripped apart, and the government building began to collapse. The damage was widespread, and the 4 had a brief window to descend upon the palace before Emergency Relief forces showed up. Upon seeing Gura of the Syvian Assembly, the immediately surrounded him as he lay bleeding underneath the rubble
    Gura: Please, help me! My legs are crushed, I can't move!
    Gura realized the men were not Syvian troops.
    Gura: What? WHO THE HELL ARE Y-
    His screaming was cut off when one of the Deshavi clasped his hands and touched his head with the symbol of Venus. He was able to see into Gura's recent memories and determine where in the palace King Dandus was resting. He was left to bleed out under the rubble as the team made their way to the king's quarters.
    Dandus was also trapped under rubble and bleeding out.
    Dandus: Get me out of here! It hurts! Please!
    Dandus's eyes were injured during the quake, he could not see the people he heard step into the room. As he cried out in pain, one of the Deshavi severed one of the last pillars holding up the roof of the king's quarters.
    Deshavi: This punishment is long overdue. Send our regards to Gura and everyone else who died here today.
    The 4 men left the palace as quickly as they came, and the roof collapsed under Dandus, killing him instantly. The central government of the Syvian nation and war machine was now in complete ruin. To the world, this would be remembered as the worst natural disaster to occur since the Providence Flood. Any trace of Vevoskovia's involvement was nonexistent. And even if the connection was made, nobody would believe them. No man can just cause an earthquake, can he?
    Upon their return, the 4 kneeled before Commander Anzu, and let him know the mission was a success. One of them removed their masks and began to speak.
    Deshavi: The earthquake was successful, and our soldiers are in good condition. Gura was left under the rubble, bleeding out rapidly. King Dandus is a confirmed kill, sir.
    Anzu: Good. This will halt any conflicts between our two nations. I'll have the Lunar Unit keep an eye on Syvia. You've all done well. Please, rest.
    The seeds of Ishta's justice finally payed off. His killers, who so cruelly take his life, were now dead themselves, and nobody would ever even be able to imagine that Vevoskovia was behind it. This ultimately means that Vevoskovia's military power is now unmatched, with unspeakable powers by their side, they could mastermind anything, and nobody would know it's them.
    Early in the morning, the Phoenix Demons assembled and prepared to move out of the hideout.
    Luxaura: Many things have happened since we've rebased here in Vevoskovia. The death of a king, the death of friends, and even the 5th Cataclysm. But the most important thing, is that we welcomed two new brave souls and members, who have already begun to show their potential. Roy, Nadena, before we depart, I want to say how much we're all grateful you're here. And we hope you'll continue to be with us for many years to come.
    Roy: Of course. We've already seen all the proof we need. We don't plan on leaving. We're with you, all of you.
    Inadora: Glad to hear!
    Yahto: Yep, I'm pretty glad too. Now Ina won't be the only chick in this group.
    Fate: Indeed. New personalities are always welcome. Where will be going now, Luxaura?
    Luxaura: Actually, Fate, we'll be heading back down to the Underworld. I want to intensify Roy and Nadena's training even more. We'll see how much time it takes before they're ready to absorb their own Herald of the End.
    Roy: Seriously? The Underworld?
    Luxaura: Yep. Don't be scared though, nothing down there is going to get you as long as you're with us. And Fate knows of all the safe places we can go.
    Nadena: Wait, but Zorc is in the Underworld right?
    Fate: Yes, the master of resting souls is real, and he lives within the Underworld. I am extremely gifted in interdimensional travel, so he won't know whenever we go in or out. You can be confident in that fact.
    Yahto: The hideout we set up there a about a hundred years back ought to still be there. It's a much more comfortable and cheery place than the chaos and screaming of the top level of the Underworld. No need to be nervous! I'll protect both of you gorgeous ladies!
    Inadora: I never knew you were into Chivalry, Yahto!
    Yahto: Yeah, not you googly eyes.
    Roy: Oh, I get it, I'm the second lady. Thanks Yahto.
    Luxaura: Please excuse Yahto, he's kind of a jackass. But he's right. We already have a hideout and routes there. You will be safe. Everyone outside, we'll deconstruct this place.
    The group gathered outside, as Yahto and Fate prepared to show Roy and Nadena how they deal with hideouts that will serve no use anymore.
    Fate: Ready?
    Yahto: I was born ready! SATURN! MOUNTAIN DECONSTRUCTION!
    The hollowed out part of the mountain collapsed, and smoke and debris filled the air.
    Fate: What was that? You don't have to name any of your attacks.
    Yahto: I know I know, I just like being a show-off! Welp! Everyone gather round! We're of to hell! Literally!
    The Phoenix Demons gathered in a circle and Fate successfully transported them all to the Underworld, to the amazement and fear of Roy and Nadena. The dark hideout had its candles re-lit by Luxaura and the throne room revealed itself.
    Luxaura: From this moment on, Roy, Nadena, You will undergo harsh training to suit your abilities. Are you prepared for that?
    Roy: It may take some getting used to, being in the Underworld and all. But I think so. I'm ready.
    Nadena: You guys ARE gonna stay close, right?
    Inadora: Yep! We were all scared of the Underworld just like you. We'll be with you until you get used to it.
    Nadena: Alright then! I'm ready too! Bring it on! We're gonna save the world!
    Luxaura: Haha! Even in hell, she's incredibly enthusiastic! Alright. Your training begins now! Everyone, we're heading out!
    Roy and Nadena went with Luxaura, confident they had what it took to push their abilities as far as they could possibly go.
    They would spend years training as the world constantly changed in the 2nd dimension. Much awaited the Phoenix Demons in the future, and much awaited the Menlayev bloodline as well. Through all of their suffering, Roy and Nadena would find peace and comfort in this new group of friends and allies. Their hearts would be aligned with the rest of the members of the Order of the Phoenix Demons. From this moment on, all the way until the end of time.
    Indeed, much awaited them all. And all would learn just how boundless their love can be.

Welcome Center / Never Posted Here :/ HELLO!
« on: May 11, 2015, 11:11:37 PM »
I've been here for a pretty decent amount of time now, but have been really busy writing. So, I never got the chance to introduce myself!

I live in the US, and yes, that is a dog in some kind of vest/case thing. I just like dogs, that's all lol

I'm trying to learn how to draw, and I've gotten better over the past few months. But REALLY good art takes years to get down, so I've got a long way to go. My strengths lie mostly in writing!  :dance:

So, how are all of you? Where are you from?

Manga Artists Wanted / [Free] 1-3 Character Drawings/Designs?
« on: May 11, 2015, 09:13:31 PM »
Would anyone be interested in drawing/designing 3 characters, or even just 1 of the 3 characters? This is purely for visualization purposes, as I've finally started writing out my own story, but need a clear picture of what some of the characters look like.

Since I'm asking for people to lend my their free time and expertise, I don't expect or demand any high quality drawings, and not every drawing has to have all the details of the characters in them. As said, this is really just for visualization purposes.

Below are the 3 characters and their details listed. You can just drop something in the thread if you're interested at all, or if you're generous and want to dedicated yourself to all 3, then I'd be grateful and you can just let me know in the thread. Without further due, the characters/details:


Long red hair, below elbow length

Green eyes? Maybe red? Whichever you think suits him better

Wears a long black cloak, lotus flower symbol on the back of it (arms concealed in cloak when they're resting)

Wears two rings: Saturn symbol (planet) ring, and Sun symbol ring

No idea for footwear, do whatever you want! Even barefoot is alright with me  :dance:



Long black hair, about kneecap length

Wears the same cloak as Roy (Though if drawing the same cloak again is boring for you, she does later wear a white cloak with floral designs on it)

Black painted fingernails/toenails

Again, do whatever you please with the feet


This is probably the most underdeveloped of the 3. She's part of a black ops unit in the story, but I haven't thought of their uniform/armor design. I guess some details would be:

Long black hair, breast length.

From this point on, I can only imagine her dressed similar to a ninja, just without the facial shrouding

She does wear a flak jacket (Probably similar or close to the simple flak jacket designs of the ANBU in naruto)

Weapon/gear belt at waste. Draw that however you like if at all!

No details for pants, just don't make them shorts of course! Or hell, even draw her in her underwear if you want to just have fun with this one.

Boots of some sort, again, draw that however you please

Any and all contributions are very much appreciated, because most likely, anything you make is 1000x better than anything I make. I'm really just good with writing, not drawing  :clapping:

Again, you don't have to draw all 3 yourself and not all of the listed details have to be in the drawing. Thank you very much!

Develop Your Story / Re: Stardust Manga Story Ideas
« on: May 11, 2015, 07:41:49 PM »
Man I should really learn how to draw  :sadbye:

I quite like it, it's very lighthearted and I could certainly do with something like that after watching Shigurui. Just be sure not to make any characters generic in attitude or in looks, and you're bound to have a kick-ass story

So, I'm working on the 18th and final chapter of the Ishta/Early Vevoskovia arc of this story, but I've also been going even further back with this backstory.

The thing is, my development is a little shaky, and I'd appreciate some opinions about how this is all set up  ::)

Path of The Lotus: The World That Used To Be
In the story, Agzabah is worshiped as the god and creator of the universe. However, Agzabah isn't actually a god, and she used to be a mortal, with parents, just like the rest of us. She wiped out humanity, purely on accident one fateful night, including her mother and father. The history of the "World That Used To Be" is explained by Dharja, Agzabah's father and the most powerful user of the Marluxian Arts to have ever existed, as he sits in the 4th dimension (pretty much the afterlife, which was locked away when Agzabah created her own heaven and hell) and talks with Von Krum Solaeis (the first "Neo-Human" to discover the existence of the 4th dimension)

Dharja was born in time of a great war between large, united kingdoms. These kingdoms were united by their worship of each of the planets/heavenly bodies. So, there's a Kingdom of Earth, Kingdom of Mars, Kingdom of Saturn etc. Dharja was born into the Kingdom of Jupiter. It's alright if you don't know what the Marluxian Arts are yet  ;)

It was when Dharja discovered the fabled planet of Nibiru did his life change forever. He turned his telescope to the red star in the sky, and began to focus his meditation on it. Once he grasped the powers of Nibiru, he became the first to ever use it, the first to ever discover Immortality, and the first to ever adopt the Harmony Doctrine. With immortality by his side, he learned the powers of the other planets, and he became the most powerful warrior and prince of the world.

The Kingdom of Earth was crushed in war, and the Kingdom of Venus surrendered to the Kingdom of Jupiter, which assimilated them into an interrogation and espionage unit for the Kingdom of Jupiter. It was by then, that a certain incident happened. Nibiru had come closer to Earth than ever before, and its powers were magnified. It's red glow shone over the world, and Dharja was able to single handedly  decimate the other kingdoms, resulting in their surrender to the Kingdom of Jupiter. After Dharja's father died, and it was up to him to step up to the throne, Dharja reformed the Kingdom of Jupiter into the Kingdom of Nibiru. This would also come to be known as the One World Order, as all of the other kingdoms surrendered to the Kingdom of Jupiter.

Dharja ruled the world with an iron fist, and lived for 500 years thanks to the powers of Nibiru. It was when Agzabah acted out in a fit of rage one night, did he, and the One World Order collapse. Agzabah, from then on, claimed the powers and authority of God, and began a new breed of humans. These humans did not practice the Marluxian Arts, out of ignorance of its very existence. Conventional warfare remained until the founding of the Deshavi Black Ops by Ishta Menlayev, and the birth of his descendent Hita Menlayev some 200 years later. Dharja remained in the 4th dimension, as do all souls of the dead. When Von stumbled upon the 4th dimension, he explained his story and scolded the humans Von spoke of as being weak and inferior Neo Humans. Thus, his plan to restore himself began.

There's a lot in this story, so it's guaranteed to be confusing  :hmm:

So, in case you're wondering, these are short descriptions of some of the references in this, just for context.

Harmony Doctrine

The Kingdoms were divided in their worship of the planets, forming separate leaderships and claiming the planet they worshiped to be god. The Harmony Doctrine is the belief that all planets should be worshiped and all of their powers ought to be learned. This includes the fabled planet of Nibiru.

Marluxian Arts

The term used to describe the powers of each of the planets as a collective. It gets its name from a wandering sage named Marluxia, who was said to be the first one who ever practiced the Marluxian Arts. He discovered the planet of Neptune, and accidentally discovered the powers associated with it. He used his powers to bring rain to dry lands, resulting in food for less developed nations. He spread his teachings to others, and people began to worship Neptune. With dedication and meditation, they also learned the same powers Marluxia used.

The religion experienced several schisms as people began to challenge the beliefs of the sage as more planets were discovered with telescopes. Thus, the Kingdoms of Mercury, Kingdom of Venus etc. formed, learning the powers of each planet. Each kingdom believed they were participating in a war between gods and ideologies, and a large battle between them all consumed the Earth. Dharja was born about 180 years after the start of this battle.

Below is a map of the planets, their powers, and their corresponding organs (Using the powers of each planet has a negative effect on the organs associated). If you don't care for this, you can move on :D

Sun>White Flames, Teleportation, Light Manipulation>Nervous System

Mercury> Increased Speed> Legs(Necrotization of tissue)

Venus> Mind Invasion, Memory Destruction, Telepathy>Brain

Earth>Earthquakes, Gravity Manipulation, Terra formation/deconstruction>Lungs

Moon>Lunar Eye, Invisibility, Levitation>Large Intestine

Mars>Fire, Ignition, Combustion>Heart

Jupiter>Lightning, Electricity>Liver

Saturn>De-materialization, Material Transmutation, Manipulation of debris in Saturn's rings>Stomach

Neptune>Water(Liquid, Solid, and Gas)>pH manipulation>Kidneys

Uranus>Cloud manipulation, Ozone manipulation, Troposphere manipulation>Spleen

Pluto>Phsyical healing, Necrotization, Hastening/halting of body decomposition>Bladder

Nibiru>Immortality, Resurrection, Sealing, Soul stealing/absorption, Planetary Collision, Black Holes, Solar Storms, Reverse-big bang, opening/closing/joining of dimensions, interdimensional travel>Cells, veins, and the blood itself becomes vulnerable to infection(Usually in the form of microscopic polyangiitis, though the effects of this and all of the other planet's effects are negated if Immortality is applied)



IRL, it's a pseudoscientific idea that doesn't have much evidence behind it. But I've taken its possibility and worked it into the story

Neo-Human Rhetoric

I suppose you could say Dharja is just salty he and his kingdom were destroyed by his own daughter, who then recreated the Earth and the human race. But it's also because of the times he was born in. The 1st generation of humanity started the practice of purging. Infanticide took the lives of many deformed, mentally disabled, and colored children. Racial cleaning, killing of the disabled, and killing of other humans with undesirable traits was the norm in his time. Learning that the next generation of humanity was ignorant of the Marluxian Arts, allowed undesirables to live and breed, and did not practice eugenics, Dharja was very disgusted with them and refered to them as Neo-Humans. When Von Krum Solaeis appeared in the 4th dimension, he used him to set forth his plan to wipe the earth clean of Neo-Humans, and restore himself and the One World Order. This is how the 6th Cataclysms were ultimately masterminded by Dharja, and executed by Von.

Is the idea solid? I was scared the separation of kingdoms based on planetary worship might end up too much like Avatar, since it also decides their powers. So, the Mars and Neptune Kingdoms would be very much like the Fire and Water nations. Does the reasoning behind the big war seem kind of arbitrary? As if, nobody thought "haha we should stop killing each other and just live in harmony".  :hmm:

WHEW! This one is kinda long. But I can say with certainty now that there will only be one more chapter after this. There's still stuff that happens after, and there's even some backstory for the reign of Ishta's son Otana.

However, the affect it has on the Main Character, who is born nearly 200 years later after all of this is small compared to the reign of Ishta and Leigh, and how the events surrounding them pushed Roy and Nadena into the Phoenix Demons.


Two Empty Wine Glasses, For the Long Journey Ahead

    As soon as one day ends, another one begins. As the sun rose, it was time for Roy to put his abilities to the test in combat. Wanting to push Roy's abilities to the max in as little time as possible, Luxaura made him fight blindfolded, telling him that the most important thing in combat are his senses. Nadena sat in anticipation, cheerleading for Roy in the background. The other members sat along with her, eager to see just how well Roy's training had paid off so far.
    Luxaura: Here, we'll focus primarily on getting your senses in order. Remember, combative use of the Marluxian Arts requires you to exert more energy. If it weren't for the Seal of Nibiru, your body would be put under a lot of pressure. Because of it, you won't feel any pain, nor will it have a long-term effect on your organs. Tie your blindfold and prepare yourself, we begin on my mark.
    Roy tied his blindfold, and awaited for Luxaura's countdown
    Luxaura: Three........Two...........ONE!
    Roy brought up his guard and Luxaura lunged at him, first delivering a well blocked kick. Nadena cheered Roy on as the fight progressed
    Fate: Roy has been on the defensive so far. He's no good if he can't manage to attack.
    Inadora: He'll pull through, I know he will.
    Roy dodged a flurry of Luxaura's physical attacks before being caught off guard and kicked into the side of a boulder.
    Roy: Damn it! I can't put up a proper offensive against his attacks. I need to think fast!
    Roy realized exactly what he was kicked into and remembered that he was surrounded by rocks and mountains. Roy immediately formulated a plan.
    Luxaura: You can't just keep blocking my attacks Roy! If we were opponents I would've already killed you by now! Attack or die!
    Clasping his hands, Roy summoned the Earth symbol on his hands and shattered the entire side of the mountain into bits of rubble, covering the grass in a gravel-like sheet of broken rocks
    Luxaura thought nothing of it. He summoned his sword and began to charge Roy
    Inadora: If he's doing what I think he's doing.......
    Luxaura swung at Roy, who dodged his attacks and was able to make physical contact with the sword. Gripping it in a way that allowed him to clasp his hands with the sword in the middle. Roy summoned the Mars symbol and burned circular holes in the blade of the sword. Luxaura backed off, trying to figure out what Roy was doing. He charged at him once more
    Roy: You should've kept your distance!
    Roy perfectly countered Luxaura's attacks, even when he switched directions of his attacks constantly
    Fate began to laugh as he learned the intention behind Roy's actions
    Yahto: What's got you so excited all of a sudden?
    Fate: I'm finally understanding why Roy broke down the mountain side and burned holes into Luxaura's sword. The clever bastard! He broke the rocks down into pebbles, enough to cover the entire ground with them. With this, he can hear Luxaura's footsteps!
    Yahto: Seriously? And the holes?
    Fate: Luxaura's sword will cause a whistle in the air every time he swings it with those holes. Roy will be able to hear where the sword is coming in from
    Inadora: Goodness, leave it to the recruit to take my breath away!
    Nadena: HA! I TOLD YOU! Roy is the best and you're all just a test!
    Yahto: Yeah and you're not a very good cheerleader. You could probably encourage some poor guy to follow through with suicide with that voice of yours though.
    Nadena: At least I don't look like a girl!
    Inadora: But....Nadena.....You ARE a girl
    Nadena crossed her arms and looked away as the fight continued.
    Luxaura: I think I understand now! You're a damn good strategist, Roy. But let's see what you can do with THIS!
    Luxaura unleashed a great wall of fire, which rushed violently towards Roy. Feeling the immense heat, Roy erected an 80 foot wall of rock and soil, successfully blocking the attack. Roy emerged from behind the wall, feeling another gust of heat. This time, he summoned a gust of air that shot the second wall of fire up into the cloudy sky. Once the heat was out of the way, he dashed at Luxaura, clasping his hands again. He manipulated a large portion of the pebbles on the ground and broke them into even smaller pieces, effectively forming a sand-like barrier around Luxaura. This barrier was counted by a violent and brief gust of air that blew that sand away, but Luxaura quickly found himself engulfed in a bubble of water. Roy lifted the sand back up, forcing into the bubble and dirtying the water. Luxaura tried to break free of the bubble, by Roy was able to keep a tight grip on it.
    Inadora: Oh my, now this is interesting! Luxaura can't see in there, and he definitely cant afford to ingest any of that water! He's gotten so much better in such a short amount of time!
    Roy had begun to think the battle had been won. The bubble grew larger without Roy expanding it, until it finally bursted open, and Luxaura was kneeled on the floor, coughing up the dirty water. He had summoned the soul of Astaroth, who roared and unsheathed his swords as his bright silver aura encased Luxaura protectively. Luxaura began laughing
    Luxaura: Perhaps, if I wasn't equipped with this trusty guy here, I may have drowned in there. You really are a prodigy, Roy. I admire you for that. But that fight isn't over yet!
    Astaroth summoned his Shield of Uranus, equipped with the symbol of Uranus in the center. Although Roy could not see, he could definitely feel the terrifying energy of Astaroth, and managed to avoid a direct sword strike from it. Roy hardened, spiked, and elevated the ground, like a sudden thrust of earthly swords at Luxaura. Luxaura blocked the attack with no effort. Roy then elevated a much larger portion of Earth, hollowing it and thrusting it towards Luxaura, before heating it and causing it to explode. Again, the attack was blocked. Astaroth thrusted his sword at Roy once again, and he was just narrowly able to dodge it.
    As he sat on a flat, elevated surface away from Astaroth, thunder began roaring in the clouds, and shots of lightning shot from the sky. Roy, despite clearly being outpowered, smiled. As Astaroth thrusted his sword once more, Roy leaped up into the air, and the symbol of Jupiter appeared on his hands. With a strong absorption of energy, Roy was able to focus the lightning roaring in the sky in his hands, and hurled it towards Luxaura. Astaroth could not block the attack on time, and Luxaura was blown black. The other members were shocked and waited for the smoke to clear.
    Luxaura slowly got back up, covered in dirt and rocks.
    Luxaura: It's over, Roy. You win. Ha! Excellent!
    Luxaura collapsed, and the rest of the members rushed to the field. Roy took off his blind fold, his hand still feeling hot from taming the lightning.
    Roy: Holy crap, I can't believe I just did that...
    Nadena: Is he gonna be okay?
    Fate: Yes, he's fine. The hit must've exhausted him. Either way, he said it himself. Roy has won.
    Inadora: How did you manage to do that? To tame lightning? That's never been done before Roy!
    Roy: Seriously? Well, I just had a thought. If Jupiter is the planet associated with lightning and electrical powers, than can't I use it to tame lightning that's already present in the Earth's troposphere?
    Fate: So that's why you lifted his second attack in the sky, isn't it. To bring heat into the above cloud formations.
    Roy: Yeah, that's why. Lightning finally showed up right when I needed it, and I put my theory to work. It was a heat of the moment kind of thing, I really don't have a whole lot to say about it!
    Roy saw Luxaura being carried back inside the hideout, and felt he may have overdone it.
    Fate: Don't worry. Luxaura was pushing you hard for this fight. He wanted you to do exactly what you did here today. Your strategic genius in tight situations is proving to be a monumental benefit to the Order. Nobody has learned as fast as you have, Roy. Not even me. You should be proud of yourself.
    The Phoenix Demons have already begun to blossom a strong member. The Deshavi Black Ops have also strengthened themselves. Most of the recruits have excelled in combative use of the Marluxian Arts, and have already practiced swordfighting. The specialized gear and projectiles given to them was taught and rehearsed almost religiously, as Commander Anzu prepared the world's deadliest fighting force.
    Anzu: KNEEL!
    The 110 sworn and secretive protectors of Vevoskovia knelt before their commander
    Anzu: You have all proven yourselves well. When I was your age, I had already known war, capture, and torture. With the powers you have been given, YOU will all be the ones who show the enemy what pain is like. Never have I been so proud to be in command of such a fierce and sworn group of fighters! Our good friend Axel is here to tell us all something.
    Axel stepped out of the shadows of the cave, and in front of the gathered Deshavi.
    Axel: When Ishta created this force, he explicitly stated that the Deshavi would answer only to the king of Vevoskovia. Ishta is dead, and Queen Leigh is not currently aware of the existence of this force. Telling her might put her in danger. And I cannot allow that right now. I am giving the rest of my savings to the Deshavi Black Ops, and Adviser Toh is as well. If things continue the way they are, it is likely that Leigh's son Otana will take the throne when he is of age. Until then, the Deshavi Black Ops has my explicit permission to act on its own authority, for the good of the nation. Commander Anzu will be the ultimate judge of what is right for the country. This may be the last time we all meet. But I want you all to remember that Ishta trusted you to carry out his will for generations to come. He left the heart of this nation in your hands. Do not waste it! That is all. Farewell, Anzu.
    Anzu: Farewell.
    Axel traveled back to Leigh's manor, where Toh and Leigh were waiting. The rain kissed the night as Axel settled in, and sat down to talk with them.
    Axel: So then, what have I missed?
    Toh: Han's appeal to continue with the invasion and annexation of Koga has been formally rejected by the Supreme Senate. The war has proven itself to be a stalemate, with the only real casualty being the now extinct population of Koga.
    Leigh: It was a natural disaster. What can you do?
    Axel noticed that Leigh was holding a large pitcher of beer, apparently keeping it all to herself
    Axel: Are you drinking?
    Leigh: No, It's just breast milk. My own breast milk. I love drinking my own breast milk. YES I'M DRINKING! IT WAS A TOUGH DAY!
    Axel: Hehe....sorry Leigh.
    Leigh: A peace agreement still hasn't been settled with Syvia, not even so much as a cease fire. So as of now, the nation is still on high alert. And I have an early day tomorrow, so you guys I'm gonna get to bed.
    Axel: Goodnight Drunken Queen
    Leigh: Keep talking and I'll have you executed.
    Axel: Yes ma'am....
    Leigh departed in the morning while the others were still asleep, ready to begin her new day as queen. Early in the morning, Han met with the chief of police, about the location of Axel and Toh
    Han: Where are they?
    Chief: We questioned Leigh's carriage driver and all of her maids. they said they recalls seeing two other people in Leigh's home. Unlike the maids, they never left the premises. Male, both have long hair, one black haired, the other brown haired.
    Han: That's them.
    Chief: How do you plan on taking them, sir?
    Han: Mercenaries. Your job is done. Here's your pay. I will go and meet with the mercenary faction. Now begone before you're seen.
    Elsewhere within the hideout in the northern Vevoskovian mountains, Luxaura awoke from his rest, and greeted Roy in the throne room
    Roy: Hey, you doing okay?
    Luxaura: Oh don't be too proud of yourself, you got lucky. I wasn't expecting you to shoot lightning at me
    Roy: Ha! Yeah, sorry about that. Luxaura, can I ask you something?
    Luxaura: Of course! Whaddya got for me?
    Roy: Nadena and I want to go see Leigh and the others. We wanted to ask since we don't know if we were actually allowed
    Luxaura: Ah yes, you mentioned you guys were friends. Most of the people here have already had their friends taken from them before they joined the Phoenix Demons. But you're lucky enough to still have friends. You can go see them if you please. But if they ask, put them on a need-to-know basis. Do not reveal any sensitive information about the Phoenix Demons, and you must not tell them that I'm alive.
    Roy: Thank you! It really means a bunch to us! I'll go get Nadena!
    Luxaura: Hey! Wait! Do you even know how to use the teleportation technique?
    Roy: Uhh.....No.....
    Luxaura: Right....Well, it's day time right now, which means you can use the Sun or Mercury. Mercury will make your movements faster, but you can use the sun for instant teleportation. Do you have a strong idea of what the place you want to go to looks like?
    Roy: Yeah! I've been going there for years now.
    Luxaura: Good. Then stand in the sunlight, and keep that image in your head as you clasp your hands and summon the solar symbol. Overtime, you won't have to think so hard.
    Roy: Thanks Luxaura, I'll try it out!
    Roy and Nadena met outside, ready to try out the teleportation technique for the first time. Nadena was still tired, but was eager to see Leigh after such a long time
    Nadena: I love Leigh and all but holy cow, do we really have to get up so early? I haven't even washed my eyes out yet.
    Roy: Sorry Nadena, but we need to go see her. It's been too long! Besides, there's an emergency going on. We may not get any other chances
    Roy took Luxaura's advice, thinking hard of the location he wanted to appear. He took Nadena's hands, and the two appeared right in front of Castle Asane.
    Roy: Don't yell Nadena!
    Nadena: Oh.....sorry...
    Roy and Nadena jumped to the balcony of the 3rd floor bedroom, knocking on the window as Leigh reviewed some personal documents.
    Roy: Hey! Open up!
    Nadena: Booby Queen!
    Leigh: Oh my god!
    Leigh ran to open the glass door and let the two in. Leigh hugged them both so hard they almost couldn't breathe.
    Leigh: Where have you two been!?
    Roy: Haha....well....
    Leigh: What's with the cloaks? You guys look like you got out of a funeral in the Nations of White or something
    Nadena: We've joined a secret group of powerful beings who intend to save the world from catastrophe and cleans the world of all flat-chested wannabes!
    Roy: NO! Haha! Sorry! You know Nadena, always saying silly things! Listen to me, I can't tell you all the details. But we did join a certain group. Me and Nadena have...well.....powers now.
    Leigh: Powers? Ishta mentioned something about that, about something called the Marluxian Arts. He was talking about it on and on one night.
    Roy: Long story short, that's what we have. I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but that's not really what I came here to discuss. I need to know. What's going to happen to Vevoskovia now, after the events in Koga?
    Leigh: So you know. Vevoskovia will pull its remaining forces out of Koga. A cease-fire between Vevoskovia and Syvia is being discussed. The Senate and I both look like a bunch of fools after that disaster. The military still isn't even finished notifying all of the families of the dead.
    Roy: So many people dead. And for what...
    Nadena: Hey, not to interrupt, but....where's Axel and Toh?
    Leigh: Oh! Well, Axel came to my house one night saying he was attacked by police officers or something. He and Toh are crashing at my place until they feel safe to go out again.
    Nadena: Police officers? But why would the police attack advisers to the Queen?
    Leigh: I don't know. They were both bruised and bloodied when they got to me. They're fine now but-
    Roy: Oh my god....Nadena! We have to go back to the hide out!
    Nadena: Wait, why?!
    Roy: This has happened before! Luxaura mentioned that the Rosidana assassinated the representatives of the Omni Clans for conspiring surrender and leaking sensitive information! Remember what Axel showed us in that one meeting, with the book!
    Nadena: Yeah, I do but-
    Roy: Leigh doesn't know about it, which means funding from the Menlayev family ceased. Axel and Toh have been carrying out the payments, and the money we had was being automatically delivered to them in 6 week intervals.
    Nadena: What, you think someone snooped into our account information?
    Roy: It's possible, we may have left a bread trail in our absence.
    Nadena: But looking into accounts not associated with the government is illegal! Who could've done that?
    Leigh: Han of the Lotus. He's always been a shady character in the central government. He opposes me on nearly everything too. He strongly advocated for the annexation of Koga after the disaster. I'm not saying it's definitely him, but someone would need to have a lot of power and influence to be able to review someone's personal accounts. When it comes to shady practices, he's the first one I think of
    Roy: Either way, Axel and Toh are in danger! Leigh, I'm sorry! We need to leave! It was wonderful seeing you again! Let's go Nadena, back to the hideout!
    Nadena: Right!
    Roy and Nadena disappeared before Leigh's eyes, blowing around papers and the curtains as they vanished. Leigh gazed on in amazement, wondering how such a thing could even be possible. Roy and Nadena rushed to the throne room where Yahto and Luxaura were
    Roy: Luxaura!
    Luxaura: Why are you guys so out of breath?
    Roy: My friends! Axel and Toh are in grave danger! I need to go find them!
    Luxaura: Inadora mentioned they were advisers. Are you sure they're in danger?
    Roy: I'm absolutely sure! I don't have time to explain, just let me go!
    Luxaura: Alright. If you feel that way, you can go. Take Yahto with you, he's good with quick entrances and quick escapes.
    Yahto: Me? Well *censored*, alright. I can use some sunshine anyway. Where are we going Roy?
    Roy: Just take my hands, both of you!
    Yahto, Nadena, and Roy teleported again just outside the perimeter of Leigh's manor.
    Yahto: Hey, what are we dealing with here?
    Roy: Leigh said they were attacked by police officers. You should probably search for them.
    Yahto: Alright. Inadora usually handles the spying and scouting, but hang on. Uranus will allow us to have a birds-eye view of this place in a 20 mile radius.
    Roy: Seriously? Dude, that's awesome!
    Yahto clasped his hands together, and closed his eyes. With little amount of cloud coverage, Yahto was able to see a force of at least 4 dozen armed men heading towards the manor, only a few miles away.
    Yahto: Ah *censored*! This is bad! They don't look like Vevoskovian police, but they're armed and headed right towards the manor!
    Meanwhile inside the manor, Axel and Toh have barricaded themselves inside of one of the bedrooms.
    Axel: I want you to listen to me carefully and calmly, Toh. One of Leigh's servicemen tipped us off.
    Toh: Damn it....
    Axel: The carriage driver came to me saying the police had asked him some questions, even threatened to blackmail him if he didn't cooperate. They definitely know something is up. Hah, he told me.....hahahahahaha! He told me we should've kept our distance from the Queen. I think he was right.
    Toh: Axel.....
    Axel: And then suddenly today....none of them came here.
    Toh: You think they're on the way now?
    Axel: Most likely. But we definitely know someone is on to us. You know what happens now. I've gathered all of Ishta's documents regarding the Deshavi Black Ops. We'll burn them. And then we'll carry on.
    Toh: Alright. You can use my matches.
    Toh handed Axel his set of matches, and Axel used them to burn the documents in a trash can. As advisers to Ishta, and now advisers to Leigh, they were obligated to uphold the secrecy of sensitive information. Even from their own government.
    Axel: There it goes...
    Toh reached into Leigh's alcohol cabinet, and pulled out two glasses, and one bottle of Royal Taksa Wine.
    Axel chuckled, remembering it was Ishta's favorite, and Leigh's favorite as well.
    Axel: Man that brings back memories. Roy would also tell stories of how Nadena would get hammered with that stuff.
    Toh: Yeah. There's just enough for us both. I'm sure she won't mind.
    Toh poured the glasses, and handed one to Axel. The two prepared to toast.
    Toh: To the life we shared. And to the death we'll sure.
    The sat and drank swallowed their wine. As the documents finished burning, Axel prepared belts to be used for hanging, and the two shut the door to the room.
    Roy: Yahto, we're going in! Keep an eye on those troops!
    Yahto: I've got you covered!
    Roy and Nadena teleported just beyond the Manor's doors. Racing through the huge manor to find Axel and Toh
    Nadena: AXEL! TOH!
    Roy: AXEL!
    With a few minutes of searching, Yahto began to worry.
    Yahto: *censored*....they're taking too much time. At this rate, they'll be here soon.
    Yahto rushed inside of the building to find Roy and Nadena, while Roy and Nadena finally found Axel and Toh. the two had hung themselves next to each other. The Taska wine bottle had been emptied, and the glasses were still stained with the redness of the wine. Nadena was so hurt by the sadness, she dropped to her knees and began to weep. Roy wanted to look away, he wanted to cry. But he remembered there are still people coming towards the Manor, and they are not from Vevoskovia.
    Roy: Nadena, love. Please, I know it hurts, but we have to get up.
    Yahto: There you guys are! Listen, they'll be here in at least 5 minutes! We have to go now!
    Yahto noticed the two bodies in the room, and felt saddened that they were pushed into a corner that forced them to take their own lives.
    Yahto: *censored* man....I'm so sorry, you two. But we need to move, and fast! Just hold in your tears a little longer.
    Nadena: We can't just leave them here! We have to take them!
    Roy: We'll put Leigh in danger if we do! They'll go after here if they don't find their bodies here!
    Yahto: Those belts...take those belts off their necks! I'm going to torch the place!
    Nadena: You can't!
    Yahto: Those men are not from Vevoskovia, Nadena! There is a wealth of sensitive information here! Let's assume they're mercenaries. They'll get the bodies, steal anything and everything of value, and they'll take all of the documents if they can. If that happens, you can be sure they're going to sell that information to other countries. Not a very good possibility when war still looms between Vevoskovia and Syvia
    Roy: Listen to him Nadena! Help me take the belts off!
    Nadena: Okay okay! But why are we taking the belts?
    Yahto: You're just taking them off. Those kinds of belts are made with polyester, it will melt and burn into their skins once this place is ignited. They'll know they killed themselves!
    Roy and Nadena removed the belts from their corpses and Yahto prepared to set the Manor ablaze.
    Yahto: Once this goes off, we're heading back to the hideout, do you understand?
    Roy: Alright!
    With the symbol of Mars on his hand, Yahto let out an all consuming wave of flames that engulfed most of the manor in an instant. The 3 teleported back to hideout, and the mercenaries arrived to find the manor in flames. The attack was called off, and they retreated back where they came. The 3 appeared in the throne room, as Nadena had her knees and head on the floor and gripped her head tightly as she cried.
    Luxaura: What happened? Talk to me!
    Yahto: Axel and Toh had been attacked by police officers. There was some sensitive information that somebody must've wanted from them. They were holed up in Leigh's place. Some armed guys were heading towards there too, but they clearly weren't from Vevoskovia. I guess they both realized it the gravity of the situation they were in, and sure enough....
    Luxaura: They were forced to either be captured and subjected to torture.....or to take their own lives and die with whatever they were protecting.
    Roy's face was flushed with tears as he consoled Nadena, but still, for the sake of the situation, he tried to remain strong.
    Luxaura stooped down to console Nadena, and get her on her feet.
    Luxaura: It's alright darling. Roy, take her to your room and comfort her. I'll take care of this for you. You two have been through enough. Do you know who may have done this? If they were mercenaries, it was a person with a lot of money.
    Roy: I'm not too sure, but Leigh voiced her suspicion of Han of the Lotus, one of the members of the Supreme Senate. You should check him out first.
    Luxaura: Will do. Now go and rest. Yahto, summon me Inadora and Fate. NOW!
    Yahto: Got it.
    Inadora and Fate walked into the throne room, curious about why Nadena was crying.
    Inadora: What happened, Lux?
    Luxaura: Axel and Toh, Leigh's advisers took their own lives. Yahto reported they were being harassed by the authorities, and that a group of armed men moved in towards the manor.
    Inadora: Oh my god....that's why she was crying!
    Luxaura: The men are speculated to be mercenaries. They didn't bare any coat of arms, but were still highly organized. Roy and Leigh have pointed the finger of curiosity at Han of the Lotus
    Inadora: I know him, he's in the Senate!
    Luxaura: Exactly. Inadora, you are to go immediately and track him. Fate, when the night comes and Han goes to sleep, you are to invade his mind and search his memories. You're the best at Venus mind manipulation. It should be easy for you
    Fate: I can do that.
    Luxaura: Ina, go now. Then, relay Han's position to Fate. Do not kill him, we're just looking for confirmation. I'll decide what happens to him after that.
    The two were dismissed, and Luxaura's heart felt for Nadena as he heard her cries through the halls. Many times in his life, the life of his friends were taken because of the obsession with power that corrupted the ranks of the elite and the few. To see the cycle repeat itself yet again, under the supposedly watchful eye of a loving goddess, enraged him enough to decide on the situation by himself.
    Two glasses, once filled with wine were now emptied. That wine was once celebratory, the cause of laughter and the addition to sacred moments between friends. With its last drops, it was the final sacred moment between two friends, who in the memory of their late king, would travel into the next life together. The footsteps of their lives, washed by flames.

Hot damn, that is some awesome work! Great job man

AWWW NOOOOOO, I drew the ring on the wrong hand lmao. Oh well, I guess you can just mirror the image. It's getting a little late here, maybe I'll color it some other time.

Hope that was kinda what you were looking for, probably not though lol.

Nice! I love it dude! Yeah it really doesn't matter which hand it's on as long as it's there lol

Collaboration (Art Exchange) / Anyone want to draw this character?
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I'm not doing anything big. In fact, this is really just a call for anyone who wants to sketch a character. Doesn't have to be super detailed or anything!

The character is:


Long blonde hair

Wears a winter cloak, look online for references, lots of designs for those!

Wears a ring on her left hand, ring finger, has infinity symbol on it

Has tongue piercing

That's about all the details for the character I have. Would appreciate anyone who just wants something fun to draw!

Taking a brief break from the main story to share some history of the universe. The Omni Nation is referenced a lot, but never actually explained in the story, since the focus on Ishta really comes in as he unifies the Eastern States. So, this is a brief-as-possible history of the Omni clans and the nation they formed.


>9 warring clans of the Omni Desert region
    >The most militantly advanced clan, Diadara Clan, terrorize and pillage all of the other clans, except for one
    >Asane clan matches the Diadara clan in military expertise, successfully defending themselves from years on attempted invasions
    >Other clans hire Asane soldiers for protection, and the Asane economy continues to grow
    >Being good businessmen and having a thirst for knowledge, the Asane clan used their abundance of wealth and strategic/luxury materials to negotiate with other nations
    >Exchanged knowledge with developed nations gives the Asane clan an even larger advantage, and the Diadara clan is unable to invade any of the other clans
    >Seeking to expand and use the lack of unity between the clans, the northern nation of Budoh sets out to invade the Omni Desert clans
    >Knowing their way of life will be threatened if they can't unite, the Asane clan holds the Phoenix Sun Conference, and a military alliance between all 9 clans is created
    >The clans win the war against the Budoh military, and successfully repel them from the Omni Desert
    >The clans make an official alliance, deciding to form a unified nation unlike any other ever seen
    >Instead of a traditional Autocracy, the Omni Clans formed a representative body of government. One elder representative from each clan, with one of those representative being declared the leader, or, The Rosidana
    >Lazerus Zen Asane named First Rosidana, members of the representative body also named
    >Unified economy of resources is created, and the new nation creates its flag, symbol, and applies for a currency license from the Loazi States
    >The country of Loazi would grant them the currency but would not grant them amnesty. When the Omni Clans refused to this condition, the Loazi invaded
    >The invasion was halted by Omni forces, with the Diadara clan spearheading the defensive campaign
    >Loazi forces retreat, and the clans are granted their share of Loazi currency, completely able to govern themselves independently
    >Now able to trade with money instead of direct commerce with resources, the Omni Clans build their nation
    >Universities, Academies, Libraries, Hospitals, clan districts and local businesses are built under the command of Lazerus Zen Asane
    >A concern about the Diadara's place in the nation is raised. Other clans are resentful and fearful of them for their past aggressions and the many killings they've done in the past
    >The Diadara clan argue their case in the Council Hall, stating that the size and strength of their military has been crucial in maintaining the nation's recent victories
    >Lazerus Zen Asane decides not to banish the Diadara clan, and grants them equal rights within the nation
    >Diadara children discriminated in clan schools, and generally in every facet of life
    >Diadara representative Nexi Diadara and military figurehead Brahmin Diadara urge their bretheren to stifle their hatred and show the other clans they can fit in a developed nation
    >Lazerus creates the OSG(Omni Select Guardians), a specialized military branch that stays close to the Rosidana and remains in the nation's capital
    >OSG handles spying on the neighboring Loazi states and other nations. Also handles stealing technology from other nations, assassinations, science research, and even spying on the other clans and their representatives
    >OSG largely consists of Diadara clan members, but also contains members from other clans
    >Lazerus Zen Asane dies from a long battle of terminal illness, passes on the title of Rosidana to Omoi Asane
    >As young and talented men and women from the Diadara clan are recruited into the OSG, Omoi feels more pressure to help bridge the gap between the Diadara and the other clans
    >Enacts new laws through the Clan Council, allows for businesses from other clans to be opened anywhere outside clan districts
    >Employees and hired workers can come from any clan, not just locally
    >As population grows, food and resources are harder to maintain. Omoi dispatches OSG teams to scout out new, fertile territory
    >As new territory is found, new clan districts are built, food and resources distributed through each district
    >Diadara clan, being the largest, take the most space and resources, leading to further divide amongst them and other clans
    >Representatives voice their outrage in the Council Hall, and discrimination/segregation takes a foothold in the other clans
    >Omoi tries to legally solve the dispute, but ultimately fails
    >Brahmin Diadara rallies up supporters to call upon the Rosidana to take a vocal stand alongside the clan
    >Omoi refuses, wanting to remain neutral in the matter. Brahmin, disgusted with the poor leadership of Omoi, and the scrutiny from the other clans, proposes that the Diadara clan secedes from the nation
    >Nexi Diadara proposes the clan stays, does their best to share their land and resources, continue to allow businesses and labor from other clans, and lend their assistance in any way.
    >Brahmin accuses Nexi of being an idealist, saying the large Diadara population can not survive if they cut down on what they have.
    >The two develop their own faction, and tensions between the two intensify
    >Despite all attempts to quell the fighting, Brahminists set fire to one of the Nexi villages, killing over 400 people
    >Civil war erupts, and the Diadara militaries gear up for battle
    >In a desperate race to end the civil war before chaos can divide and weaken the nation as a whole, Omoi calls upon the OSG for a special mission
    >Most of them being Diadara clan members, the task is difficult, but they have sworn their lives to a Nation Above Clan principle to which they are obligated to uphold
    >OSG teams raid Brahmin controlled districts, burn the weapons cache, and kill 1200 men, women, and child soldiers
    >Nexi supporters offer a truce, giving the Brahminists jugs of water after the raid
    >The truce is accepted, but 9000 more people die from polyomavirus infection in the water. Brahmin's wife was also victim to it.
    >Brahmin officially surrenders, and Nexi is criticized throughout the nation for using biological warfare against his own clan
    >Nexi resigns from his representative seat, and hands it over to Brahmin, who swears to change his clan's image and work towards a truly unified nation
    >Expansions continue for more land and resources, with distribution going much better this time around
    >Omoi, like his father, falls ill and dies after passing on his title to his daughter, Phaedra Asane
    >Phaedra is already feeling the effects of her disease at the age of 17, and she decides to travel west to a neighboring Loazi country before taking up the throne.
    >Phaedra runs out of water during her trip and refills her canteen at a nearby river. After drinking the water however, she passes out from hypernatremia, a consequence of highly salinated water
    >She is found and rescued by Luxaura, leader of the Order of the Phoenix Demons
    >After a long conversation, Luxaura recruits her into the Order, starting by giving her an immortality seal that would rid her and future generations of the Asane family of their generational disease and allow them to live forever
    >She dawns the Order's Lotus Cloak, and travels to the underworld with Luxaura to meet the members.
    >She spends 5 years with them, learning about the history of humanity, the Marluxian Arts, the truth about Agzabah, and the basics of symbols and seals
    >Before officially beginning her combat training, Phaedra visits her nation in secret with the other Phoenix Demons and sees that in lack of a leader, strife over who should lead has once again put the Diadara clan in the hotseat
    >Phaedra pleads with Luxaura to allow her to leave. Though the two had fallen in love in the 5 years they spent, Phaedra wanted to return to her country and promised Luxaura she would strive for the same world peace that he strived for
    >Phaedra is allowed to leave, and Luxaura decides not to destroy her memories. She is honorably discharged from the Order of the Phoenix Demons
    >Phaedra returns to take the throne, which ended the political infighting
    >Phaedra continues her father's work, and she is famed within the nation for her strong leadership. She's also dubbed a "Goddess in the flesh" for her beautiful body, face, long black hair, and shining blue eyes
    >Nexi dies, and Brahmin takes his place as representative
    >Phaedra and Brahmin work together to improve the nation
    >A widespread epidemic ravages the population, and Phaedra uses her knowledge of Marluxian Seals to grant clan members immortality
    >Praises as a Goddess for her deed, peace and stability within the nation reaches an all time high, and OSG members are also outfitted with the seal
    >Neighboring Loazi states combine to form one nation, and is renamed Syvia. The nation was forcibly created and is ruled under an Autocratic king. It consists of 6 former Loazi states
    >Phaedra meets Ishtha Asane Menlayev, Roy Sargon Diadara, and Nadena Miyasade in Omni Academy, notes their high intelligence and the rate at which they outperform their peers. The 4 would meet throughout the years on several occasions, and they all began to work under her
    >For 3 years, all of them worked together. Ishta's father however decided that his family would move out of the nation and to the eastern states, stating he had a much better business and class opportunity there
    >Ishta departs from the nation
    >Determined to expand as much as possible, the leader of Syvia took over 4 more countries, but stalled on invading the Omni
    >Fate, an oblisk member from the underworld, visited the king of syvia, disguised as a Diadara clan defector. He allured the king with talks of immortality and technology unseen in the rest of the world, urging him to gather up the military power needed to invade the Omni Clans
    >A large army is created, and the OSG warns Phaedra of a large force approaching the country from the North and West
    >The unified military takes defenses across the lands, but the force is too large to halt
    >Wanting to speed up the process, Fate opens up a large portal for a force of 50,000 troops to walk into, giving them a gateway into the Omni capital
    >Military, OSG forces, and Civilian insurgents fight off the force, but the capital is ultimately surrounded and bombarded
    >Talks of surrender within the government are reported, and Phaedra tasks the OSG with spying on the representatives
    >Learning they intend to share the secrets of their immortality and immunity to diseases, along with their technological and economic prospects, Phaedra orders the OSG to slaughter the representatives and contain the clan members in a closely survielled district
    >When a riot takes place and Asane clan members try to break out and surrender to the invaders, the OSG took it upon themselves to exterminate the runners. 16,000 died in the extermination.
    >With Syvian forces getting even closer, the OSG stationed at the capital palace are ordered to destroy all intelligence of the nation
    >Phaedra's advisory cabinet commit suicide, and many other various clan members also kill themselves to avoid dying in bombardment or living a life in slavery
    >Roy and Nadena are among a small group of wealthy survivors that manage to peacefully leave the nation. Wanting to get people out while also trying to make the group small enough that they can retreat undetected by Syvian scouts, only the sons and daughter of wealthy parents are allowed to leave
    >Syvian troops close in on the capital, and the remaining population is captured along with Phaedra.
    >In a form of public torture and humiliation, Phaedra is whipped, stripped, forced to watch her friend and family die, and ultimately has her famed eyes gouged out, which are kept in a liquid tank and kept by the first Syvian King. She cried out for Luxaura to help her, but no help ever arrived
    >With a blindfold around her bloody and empty eyes, she is forced to wander the desert until death.
    >Luxaura and the other Phoenix Demons arrive in the capital, aware that Phaedra used the Marluxian arts to save her own people. Angry at the decision and wanting to stop such a violent nation such as Syvia from obtaining those secrets, Luxaura awakens The Great Destroyer, and uses the Sword of Death to exterminate the Syvian military occupation and all other inhabitants instantly
    >Luxaura, thinking Phaedra was caught in the radius of the devestation, weeps and wanders in the silent and all too dead nation that used to bustle with so much life. Luxaura officially declares Phaedra a traitor for sharing such knowledge with her countrymen and betraying the trust of the Phoenix Demons
    >Phaedra is found and rescued by Von Krum Soleais, and becomes his apprentice after she heals
    >Ishta Menlayev hears of the devastation and weeps for all those he knew who died. He uses his father's wealth and political influence within the Eastern States to put himself in a position of political power, in which he suggest all of the Eastern States unite under one banner, and try to get other smaller nations and states to do the same
    >At first judged for trying to recreate a disaster akin to that seen in the days of the  Golden Empire, he manages to convince the other leaders to follow his plan. Thus, the Easter States, as well as 36 other nations, form a singular nation and military/economic power.
    >Territorial conflict arises between the newfound nation and Syvia, and the First Flame of War begins.
    >Ishta and Roy both join the Eastern military to fight against Syvia, not knowing the other is alive.
    >Thus begins the beginning of the founding of Vevoshkovia

And an overview of who Luxaura is and what the hell the Order of the Phoenix Demons is
Thousands of years ago, one of the largest kingdom mergers took place, and these unified kingdoms became known as the Golden Empire. It was the largest empire to ever exist in the world. It's mighty military and wealthy central government enslaved and annexed many peoples and nations, and almost took over the entire world.

Luxaura was born to a single mother during the height of the Golden empire, and was actually born blind. His mother took care of him, struggling to pay taxes and afford proper education for Luxaura. When Luxaura was 16, Agzabah came to him in the flesh, sensing he had a pure heart and a powerful mind. To prove that she was indeed the creator of the world, Agzabah gave Luxaura sight, and bestowed upon him the responsibility of spreading Agzabah's message.

Luxaura moved from home and began writing the Book of Wisdom. When he finished, be began preaching in the streets, but nobody paid any attention to him. Agzabah gave him the ability to levitate, and Luxaura floated in the sky, to the amazement of the common folk.

Luxaura began gaining followers, followers that rebelled against the racism, slavery, fascism, and plutocratic practices of the Golden Empire. Luxaura and a small group of followers fled the cities and stayed in the wilderness as the Golden Empire sent out its military to hunt and kill all who dissented against them.

Eventually, their luck ran out. They were surrounded by the military, and Luxaura opted to give himself up. He divided the Book of Wisdom into 3 parts, and passed it onto 3 disciples, who then fled the country. Luxaura was sentenced to death by the iron maiden.

Having died, Luxaura awoke in the 3rd dimension, the paradise created by Agzabah. He was rewarded greatly for his sacrifice and was told he could live again whenever he chooses. Agzabah surveyed the Earth with Agzabah for just over 200 years, and grew sick of her unwillingness to intervene as the Golden Empire was consumed with civil war. He watched many of his loved ones, and the children of his loved ones die.

Questioning her divinity, Luxaura chose to live once more, and was born to wealthy noblewoman. He spent most of his time reading and studying, before setting out to a region that would later become the Loazi States, to meet an intriguing author and challenger of Agzatona, Von Krum Soleais.

Von took Luxaura as his pupil, went over their philosophies, politics, and other things. Later in his life, Von explained to Luxaura the possibility of an energetic connection between worlds. Although primitive, Von can be credited with first discovering this link, and even started combining symbols and shapes to make seals. Luxaura already had some prior knowledge about the Marluxian Arts and helped Von in his studies

Ravaged from illness, Von hoped to carry on these teaching to Luxaura, so he could carry on his work. The two began to spend less time together. Luxaura came back and stole Von's research, using it to construct the Seal of Nibiru, using it to take advantage of the planet's fabled energy as it passed rarely through the solar system. Using a sacrifice, Luxaura was able to break through the confines of the 1st and 3rd dimension, and ascended to the 4th dimension

It was there that he heard all of the souls of people who lives on the previous Earth, who were all killed by Agzabah's careless hand. He met with Agzabah's father, who granted him immortality, and advanced knowledge of the Marluxian Arts, before he descended back to Earth.

It was in this moment that Luxaura became immortal, and set out to spread the message of everything he saw in the 4th dimension. As time passed, he recruited Inadora, Yahto, Boderik, and eventually, Fate joined the group as well. Luxaura taught them the truth of Agzabah's feigned divinity, and taught them how to use the Marluxian Arts as well. Fate provided them with a hiding place deep within the lowest, darkest levels of the Underworld.

The Lotus symbol was adopted by Luxaura, and the group began wearing the cloaks. Several other recruits were initiated in the Order and the group constantly traveled to Earth, killing the soldiers of invading armies, stopping the expansion and extinction of many peoples, and causing some of the worst natural disasters in history that rendered the armies of many nations useless for decades.

Luxaura killed off all of the members of the Phoenix Demons that were recruited after Fate joined the group, and the Order of the Phoenix Demons traveled back to Earth. Foretelling the coming of the rest of the 6 Cataclysms, Luxaura and the Order of the Phoenix Demons do their best to stop them from happening, often failing as Agzabah beat them to it, but only ended up making the situation worse.

Luxaura instead masterminds a new plan, to save the world before the coming of the 6th Cataclysm. The group remained on Earth, growing more powerful, looking for potential recruits. Their newest recruits are Roy and Nadena.

Explanation of the 6 Cataclysms

The 6th Cataclysms were foretold by Luxaura while he wrote the Book of Wisdom, in Pre-Regression Age of the Golden Empire. He wasn't able to foretell the exact details or times of the events, only that they would happen, and only if a certain condition was met.

In Agzatona, there is said to be two paths humanity as a collective can take. The Path of the Lotus is said to be the desired and ideal path of peace, brotherhood, unity, and cooperation by all nations and peoples, following years of previous bloodshed and hatred.

The Path of Lead was the path that would lead to the 6th Cataclysms. It was the path of separation, hatred, war, slavery, and other atrocities.

The cataclysms themselves were actually meant to deviate humanity from The Path of Lead, and get them back on The Path of the Lotus. Humanity failed to learn from the pain of the cataclysms, and continued to make the same mistakes. The 6th Cataclysm is said to be the one that exterminates humanity as a whole. In the story, 5 of the 6 Cataclysms have already passed.

This all requires more backstory and is revealed WAY down the line, but it is learned that Agzabah herself is not the mastermind of the Cataclysms. Rather, it was a collaborative effort by Von Krum Solaeis and Agzabah's Father. Her father used an ancient occular Marluxian Art, the Eye of Venus, to pass on his will, hatred, and desire to Von. Von contained half of his consciousness. The other half was ultimately given to Phaedra down the line, as she was given the Eye of Nibiru. When the two eyes awakened, his consciousness would be whole, and the Eye of Nibiru could be used to break his soul free from the 4th dimension.

Agzabah's father wanted to kill all of the humans living on Earth, and give all of the humans that went extinct before them the chance to live again, so he may rule the world as he once did so many years ago.

Again, this is brief, and I need to write down the backstory for this.

Explanation of the Heralds of the End
As explained in the story, the Heralds of the End are demons that rested within the Underworld for thousands of years, washed in the Sea of Blood that was illuminated by the Underworld's purple moon. This long bathing and their complete surrender to their torment turned them into the most powerful demons in the Underworld. Having died after meeting Agzabah's father, and shortly before being killed by Luxaura, Von Krum Solaeis joined the Oblisks, the group of condemned souls that swore to watch over the inhabitants of the Underworld and guide their souls to their eternal resting place.

After internal strife, the 2nd Schism occurred, and Von departed with his own faction of Oblisks to Earth. Watching the events of Earth, and influenced by the will of Agzabah's father, Von and his faction broke into the Underworld and smuggled out these demons, placing them onto Earth.

Astaroth, keeper of the Sword of Saturn, destroyed the Golden Empire, and killed tens of millions of people. This was the 1st Cataclysm

Izutu, keeper of the Eyes of Pluto, blackened the Sun after the Northern Genocide, and the Earth grew cold for 1 month, prompting an ice age that killed millions more people

Year later, Ryujin, Keeper of Neptune's Aura, caused a great flood in the nation of Providence, for believing their race was genetically and naturally superior to all others. The ideology of Providence ultimately spread beyond the nation, and prompted an era of ethnic cleansing and discrimination. Millions more died in this flood, the largest and most destructive in history. The remains of the nation remain flooded and stormy to this day.

Eligos, the Phoenix of White Flames, scorched the Earth and destroyed many of its food sources, leading to years of hunger and drought in the Eastern part of the world. Millions more died.

The Great Destroyer is the most powerful of the Heralds of The End, with Eyes soaked with power from Nibiru, the Sea of Blood, and the Underworld's moon. He was taken from the Underworld before, but was sealed by Agzabah in a giant statue before he could do any real damage. He was unsealed and used by Agzabah to bring an immediate end to the Vevoskovian/Kogan conflict. Underestimating its power, Agzabah killed most of the Kogan population, as well as most of the Vevoskovian and Syvian soldiers at war there. It was sealed back in the statue after that

The 6th Cataclysm occurs in the final arc of the story, with the emergence of Von Krum Solaeis and his Oblisk faction. Zorc and Agzabah are both dead by this point, so abusing the powers of the 1st and 3rd dimension was easy for him. After Hita Menlayev successfully stopped the Phoenix Demons and died shortly after, Von was able to act freely, without threat from Roy Diadara, who commissioned his help but also warned him not to lay a harmful finger on Nadena, nor humanity as a whole.

Von stole the corpse of Yahto from Syvian captivity, using the Seal of Nibiru to open the giant statue in Koga, and unseal the Great Destroyer. Von and the Great Destroyer went on a rampage, assaulting the Asaji nation, before being held off by a unified force of Vevoskovian and Syvian troops. Taunting the fact that both nations sent in specialized forces to obtain the statue and its contents, Von sliced open his stomach, marked with a Venus seal, allowing Phaedra to emerge from his body. The two stood on top of the Great Destroyer, watching as it destroyed everything in its path

Although almost successful, the 6th Cataclysm was prevented by Roy and his impeccable expertise in the Marluxian Arts. Roy had instructed Nadena posthumously of Von's possible malicious intentions, as Nadena was forced to work under Von, part of a deal Roy and Von made earlier in the story. Nadena was supposed to use the Seal of Nibiru to bring back souls from the 4th dimension, particularly Hita Menlayev, Agzabah, and Zorc. He planned to use the Eye of Nibiru to influence them and use them as weapons for the 6th Cataclysm. Nadena "fulfilled" her duties, by sacrificing her Phoenix Demon baby and handing over the modified, souless corpses to Von. After Von tried to abduct Roy and Marluxia's corpses from the Marble Lotus Tomb, Nadena took some of the corpses she secretly hid from Von, and awakened the Nibiru Seal on each to bring back the souls of Roy, Hita, Yahto, Neo, Marluxia, and Eria.

After hearing the truth behind Roy's actions and intentions in the 4th dimension, Hita, Neo, and Eria decide to join them and the surviving Phoenix Demons in order to fight Von, Phaedra, and The Great Destroyer. The Von and Phaedra were defeated, and the Interplanetary Seal was destroyed. Any trace of the Marluxian Arts was gone.

Agzabah's Father

Haven't decided on a name yet! But he was the mightiest ruler of the One World Order. The Marluxian Arts was common in his time, and the people who wielded them were much more powerful than the generation of humans in the story. His famed abilities were the Eye of Nibiru, Eye of Venus, and immortality. It is said by Agzabah that he ruled over the world because of his ability to manipulate the minds of humans. He was killed when Agzabah accidentally destroyed humanity, leaving only her and her brother left to take power for themselves and create a new generation of humans.

He rested within the 4th dimension, alongside his wife for years, forever angry at her daughter for what she did. He began putting his plan in motion when Von Krum Solaeis ended up in the 4th dimension after an experiment, and gave him the Eye of Nibiru. With the consciousness of Agzabah's father influencing the mind of Von, he was able to mastermind the 6 Cataclysms from the 4th dimension. His attempt of ridding the Earth of the "Neo-Humans" was halted by Phaedra's betrayal of Von, and Phaedra's intentional defeat at the hands of Order of the Phoenix Demons, now with new and resurrected members.

Although powerful in his own right, Agzabah's Father deeply respected Roy's ability and intelligence, as it was through his sacrifice, and the sacrifice of Nadena, that he was ultimately defeated. With his eyes destroyed, Agzabah's Father was left with nothing, forced to rest bitterly in the 4th dimension.

Explanation of Nibiru

Nibiru is actually a real concept, and I took a lot of influence from it. The Marluxian Arts are the collective phrase used to refer to the powers and the planets associated with them. Nibiru is more of a mythical planet that glows bright red, and it was thought it would be the cause of the end of the world in 2012! Some kind of pseudoscientific theory that Nibiru would crash into Earth or something like that  :thumbsup:

Nibiru as a planet was given its power over souls by Agzabah's Father, who was the first to use powers from the 4th dimension (At the time it was just the 2nd dimension since Agzabah and Zorc hadn't created their own heaven and hell yet). He timed the ritual right, and with the help of over 100,000 of his men, he was able to bestow the soul related powers onto Nibiru, hopeful he could use it to obtain absolute power and control, something he already had much of. His desire for power and control was cut short when Agzabah destroyed the world, killing him along with the rest of the human race. The planet's power was locked for sometime until Luxaura was able to open the 4th dimension, reconnecting it to the mortal plane, causing the souls of the dead to fill up the 4th dimension and bypass the fake Heaven and Hell created by Agzabah and Zorc.

Luxaura was never able to tap into all of the powers of Nibiru, and he had no interest to. Von was able to get closer than anyone to being able to use it all, with the help of the Eye of Nibiru of course. Roy was admired by Agzabah's father, as he was the first to write down the theoretical process in which people can be resurrected via the powers of Nibiru. He also complimented Nadena, as she was the one who executed this theory after Roy's death, and was able to resurrect a multitude of people, all of which united to stop Phaedra and Von, and ultimately halted his plans of revival of himself and the previously existing human race.

The specific powers of Nibiru include but are not limited to: Resurrection, Physical Movement of the Heavenly Bodies, Planetary Collision, Dark Holes, Supernovaes, Planetary Creation, Immortality The Ability to Create Life, and Universal Regression, basically a reverse Big Bang.

Its powers are by far the most cataclysmic of all the planets.

Develop Your Story / Re: Grimera Hunters
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You could either write this completely horribly, or completely well depending on how fleshed out the world and characters are. The whole splintered kingdoms is something I've worked on in my own story. There's a lot of room for political intrigue with splintered kingdoms and a looming crisis with the creatures you mentioned. So get creative and really work on that!

And be super careful not to let your MC be angsty. I know he's 17 and his dad is missing and the only thing he has from him is his amulet, but don't make the mistake of writing anything that sounds like WAKE ME UP would be good background music to it. He can start that way if you want, but I would allow him to go through a lot of obstacles and difficulties that help mold his character into someone more mature. And that's when the detailed world can come into play. Maybe his father is missing because the creatures hated him the most because he was so powerful, and responsible for many of their deaths. Maybe the kingdom he belonged to didn't want to give him up, and they received pressure from the other kingdoms. Maybe civil war threatened the stability of the kingdoms while the creatures were still running wild out there, and maybe his father took it upon himself to betray his kingdom, with the knowledge of the political higher ups, and flee the country, driving away the threat of civil war and head on assault from the creatures.

There's a lot you can do with it if you write it well

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