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Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: August 15, 2018, 11:05:29 PM »
Lel 'Just be ambidextrous' You say. I think I'll also just go learn the B chord on the guitar and do that spinning B-Boy thing on a whim lel.

No, actually I did want to try training my left hand at a point, but that'll definitely have to be later down the line after these regimens are out of the way. I'm really interested in handwriting too. Any chance you've been levelling that up too, suuper?

Dude. You convinced your dad to do pivot? Impressivu!!! And yeah I totally watched animator vs animation too, after xiao xiao. Man that phase was epic. I was in love with stick animation man. It was so cool. There was a really nifty horror series that I followed that always sticks with me too. I'll need to dig it up at a point. If you have any Pivot animations, I'd love to check them out.

Anyhow, I've been at this hand drawing thing... I've totally neglected everything else, and at my most optimistic calculations it'll take the better part of a year to be done with only ONE of the regimens. Good stuff. I'm actually excited at the concept.  I swear if I ever hit 1,000 hands I'll never bother learning them again. I'll just be fine.

They're strangely therapeutic to draw, and they're also the ultimate accusation: I seriously have a lot more time in my day than I think. I mean dude days are LONG. My obligations feel like they last a million years and take everything, but even in 5 minutes while waiting for a bus or sitting at a table before a class starts or something I can draw 2 hands at least. Sounds miniscule but I otherwise cheerfully waste such moments without a second thought. I wish I were more disciplined.

Yadayadayada. A million thoughts. Anyhow, I'm at 191 Hands (Sorry if images are out of order I tried to scan and link correctly but meh.)

Disclaimer: Some scrolling

Starter Gallery / Re: eukocar's art
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:53:43 PM »
Haha I really like their expressions. Keep at it eukocar!

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Devola's Game Project
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:52:15 PM »
Dude you can draw. The dragon and the other non-kawaii characters are really characteristic, and when you want to draw kawaii you nail it quite well.

Always really been interested in game stuff. Cheering you on to get this project done. This material looks neat. My favourite is the witch

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Suuper's non-manga art
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:50:44 PM »
Those mandalas are pretty trippy, and great. I guess I now have a use for the stockpile of rulers and triangles I have.

You draw teeth really well man haha.

'Nice bikini' He says. It's a glorious bikini. The best of bikinis.
Glad to see you around Austa! Just love the way your stuff leveled up. Colour really works for you!

Comics and other Gallery / Re: The Rebel Knight(some webtoon I made)
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:48:37 PM »
Damn, you work on a boat? Any chance you're going to become a pirate and search for one piece because that'd be swell.

Those webcomics are coolbeans! And there's no ways I'd ever mistake that art. Long time no see Fulgrate! (If you need help with login send a PM to Hasith I'm sure he can figure something out)

Tips and Tutorials / Re: Aimy's handy tutorial
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:41:44 PM »
Loving that expansive next tutorial aimy. I used to use that site for reference all the time but despaired at the complexity at the musculature and stuff. This really encourages me to draw stuff even when it's hard. Looks like step-by-step really makes huge tasks seem manageable.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery (CYOA Game ongoing)
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:39:40 PM »
You've been busy as heck Walter. Loved the animal info stuff, and these CYOA games are only getting better and better. It's amazing how you can depict the characters so acurately man. I wish I had that. Couldn't have been easy to make those pages so props!

Develop Your Story / Re: i need opinions on my introuction to my manga
« on: August 15, 2018, 10:22:05 PM »
Interesting premise. I imagine the world has turned the contract system into something mechanical rather than spiritual. It would be nice to know whatever the people in power (whether government, kingdom, elders) say that makes people think that dieties don't exist. And who exactly is the protaginist and who is he contracted to?

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: August 15, 2018, 09:56:53 PM »
I'll comment on the latest one just to gather thoughts: Heck yeah! Love the colours and her smile. Isn't this from one of those sketches that we talked about a while back? The shirt and pose seems really familiar to what you've been doing.

Sorry for lazy quoting but yeah

so something strange happened. well, two things. I decided to take my own advice, and the advice actually worked (I think)

heres my latest full-time piece, took 70 minutes which still could have been longer but I ran out of stuff to add.
cel shaded version took 20 mins less. they look pretty darn good to me so hopefully thats not just my rose coloured glasses :P

Dude. This is where the party starts. Holy heck man look at how that turned out! I'd have stopped at the first iteration, but it seems your philosophy is just legit: Work on it until it gets really good. I wish I had that. Man this is a rightclicksave moment for sure. Great stuff suuper. It never occured to me, but I think purple really works as a colour. I'll label it as my tentative '4th' favourite colour.

@oviumnoir many thanks :) true I hardly ever finish my work, partly because I have never felt that I was able to give it the quality that I wanted. I seen to have hit level 1 for finishing artworks now, I have gained quite a bit of confidence. as you say, its just practice and perseverance :P

latest: I hardly ever post WIPs, but this has taken 2 hours so far. a request from a friend. theme: "Young male steampunk revolutionary leader". Sounds random enough ,right?
some colours are placeholders while I outlined the shapes, don't know which ones I will change, though.

had to go through 3 sketch layers to add the detail up.

Duuuuude. DUUUUDE. Steampunk. Hell yes. You nailed it. Instantly recognizeable. Why aren't you working on the MR VN again? Haha.

Seriously though this is already commission level stuff. What I like most is that it's uniquely your style and just 'nice' to look at. I swear I've seen stuff that is more detailed and hyperrealistic that just has no charm or life to it. I really do like how this looks especially because of how you painted it. 2 hours? Yikes. I need me that sort of dedication.

Man, now I need to listen to some steampunk music. I remember a phase where I was really into that along with cyberpunk. And haha, dieselpunk exists too...

Seriously loving the infinite gestures and sketches and like. You've blown me out of the water and it's not even funny. How the hell am I supposed to come up with an excuse when you're doing this at low health? Slow down, dude. The freaking skeletal studies, the skirts, the shorts! You are ready for ecchi, for anatomy, for fashion and everything in between. Seriously dude this is stuff you need a badge for. I'll even craft one if I can muster a fraction of your willpower. Great stuff to see. I wish I could quote each and every one and comment on which ones I liked in particular, but off the top of my head... I like the skeletons, the skirts, and that one hat with goggles on top.  Great progress gifs of the civil war soldier and maid too. Just wow dude.

And finally, for the most important piece.

  • The sketch is so important. That's got to have all the information to ink properly. Without enough detail in your sketch it's difficult to ink it well. You might need multiple layers to get to that level, such as a basic pose sketch on the first layer, body on the next, clothes on the next and so on.
  • Zoom in when doing anything is so useful for getting that edge on detail, so when you zoom out its really neat, mistakes get smaller and its just a good job. its easier to see if lines are joined properly and you can avoid making large mistakes that will need cleaning up anyway. And the drawing is a lot more detailed and of higher quality.
  • You can always make an image better, especially if its just a sketch. Sometimes it might feel that doing anything might make it worse, but if you put enough effort and time in, you can make it better. Digital is great in this respect as you can undo if you really do mess it up :P
  • Art takes time. Sad to say even I have hit this hurdle. If you want something to look good, you have to make that investment. Skill and technique can improve speed, but overall a good piece will take a lot longer.
  • Save your good sketches if you don't feel like inking them straight away, or you're in your "zone" and producing really good sketches. its much easier to ink a decent sketch when you are tired/lazy than to produce a decent sketch. I suppose that's why a lot of artists here and elsewhere have a bunch of WIPs. When you are short of inspiration you already have a bunch of half finished drawings. I've been avoiding this since I like things to be open and shut, but I might have to concede on this one.

I seriously feel like I leveled up this time for good.

Thank you suuper you are brotherfriendfamily.



Seriously, you really have leveled up, and thanks for the tops. Art takes time is a painful concept, but also freeing in a way. I'm sort of glad there's no shortcut I'm missing somewhere. It makes things easier somehow.

Dude, I don't even need to encourage you at this point. You're one of those artists that just know what they want and will get stuff done come hell or highwater. Still, I'm obligated to say: Gambate! Fight! Keep at it man!

Manga Writer workshop / Re: 1 for all, all for 1
« on: August 15, 2018, 09:36:14 PM »
Always love stuff like this. Shall wait for ye to muster up the will to write up something again Coryn.

I just find it cool that nobody has suddenly added a mech crashing into the house or a zombie apocalpyse to the story. Stuff fitting pretty well so far. Also Byron is a cool name.

Manga Creations / Re: MRverse: The Return of the Drifter
« on: August 15, 2018, 08:22:02 PM »
Reading Fighting For Something Better Part 1 by Fronomenal on Mangaraiders 16.08.2018 Comments

I was too lazy to copy-paste, would you believe? You'll have to see my comments and general thoughts without the context of what line I've read exactly, sorry.

1 - That entrance test for the division reminds me of Urahara's Bankai test for Ichigo
2 - Fortiss' description is too damn fitting. I could imagine it all. Funny stuff.
3 - I see you are a fellow fan of the best pistol ever- ze Glock. I see it in a lot of your works.
4 - You can make (quickly uses google) kamibushins? Dammit, why does 'hairclone' sound so cool in japanese. It makes it sound like 'godclones' to a layman
5 - Losing clothes as a condition to pass or fail is something out of an ecchistory methinks.
6 - Oh gawd there's an MRFD rulebook
7 - Rule number forty nine is a total double entendre isn't it? Also I suspect the unscrupulous Coryn would totally definitely experiment on anyone he gets his hands on. Don't trust him.
8 - Eukocar's pep talk was my favourite of them all, personally. Especially since I'm playing a fighting game that requires that sort of wisdom.  Good stuff.
9 - Nitpick: I feel that steel doesn't 'bang' against eachother but rather 'clangs' or 'clashes'? I have no idea why but that's just the feel I get for it.
10 - Fro making a french woman blush is OP.
11 - There's nothing better than uniforms for your crew
12 - Haha the rapport between Fro and Mahlua is good sitcom material. Will capitalize on it in later future possible canon installments. Good dialogue in general from here on out. The training bits had some choppy descriptions here and there but did a good job introducing characters, but in the second part after all that was done with you really picked up with the flow and nailed the dialogue and stuff. Many props.
13 - Still super curious about the circumstances of the Mary situation especially in relation to the 'other friends'. Did they also feel close to Mary or not? Does Frono hate Mary or does he just want an explanation? Complicated stuff, good for an origin story too for sure. Glad that it led to the spawning of this division. There's so much juicy detail and potential for expansion.
14 - Chills at the MRFD chant. The 'And Raider...?' bit had chillsa down my spine and I chanted 'Is Legion!' along with the rest of them Good stuff. I love such scenes.
15 - Dat cliffhanger.
16 - The music is so 'Japanese fighting game' that it fits too well. My autoplay was on and the rest of the songs in the playlist fit quite well. Upbeat, but I could still feel the feels when necesssary.

General Thoughts

Comments 12 and 13 are basically all, but I've got to commend you on this piece, and you have to up that 'self-critique' rating just a little bit more, because, as you said, it's an achievement to finish this piece.
And that's not all. This entire work drips 'canon'. I hate to mention the fact like that because it makes it seem like you surgically inserted references to the MR Canon in the story. It's okay if that happened, but I feel everything here reads so organically that you truly are immersed in everything and know details at the drop of a hat. Great character introductions, great references and the dialogue flows quite well. The first part was quite choppy e.g

Things looked grim for Greentrap, yet her smile persisted. And from that smile opened her wide mouth, and from that mouth emerged her long frog like tongue. The tongue shot out and lashed out like a whip against the assaulting tendrils, smacking away every single one that lashed at her at supersonic speeds.

You went just a bit redundant there, and there were other places where you had a weird misstep while doing your thing with your style. I only point this out because you're usually ok at doing action more than dialogue, so it was strange that your only weakness in this whole story was that bit. But more power to you: Story trumps action a lot of the time.

All in all many props to ye Fro for writing and finishing this story. Shall we be seeing a sequel? Just curious.


Manga Writer workshop / Re: WRITING SURVIAL!!!
« on: August 15, 2018, 07:36:38 PM »
Diving into a lecturer's mindscape to make them give you good grades? Seems legit. Interesting concept for sure.

It's mostly the forum's fault, but be sure to add spacing between dialogue and paragraphs to have them more readeable.

I could follow along well enough. Are you in it for survival or are you just posting a blurb. You do know if you die you've gotta participate in a workshop do you?  Haven't seen you around btw. Welcome to MR HANO.

@Fro late reply but dat action sequence. Always love stuff like that. The slang is coolbeans 'you never run the fade on Disco' and 'sweating something firece'. Love it.

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:46:53 PM »
You know Pivot?! Behold


Stick FITE

Man, there were some fun times animating stuff like this with a friend of mine.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:16:58 PM »
Sasuke first learning Chidori was so epic at the time. It's a shame how I feel about him now (He did redeem himself on like the last chapter) but he was a great character. Also ninja tools! They were so much more useful back then.

Props on the imagery and colouring Walter!

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