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MR Anthology Archives / Re: List of Participants - Vol. 3
« on: April 01, 2010, 10:09:27 AM »
I've been dawdaling around too much. Can i try out? [I'll be as serious and dedicated as possible!]

« on: April 01, 2010, 10:03:04 AM »
Hmmm. One of them looks like Ichigo. The other one like that depressing guy... Whatsheez face... Uh...

Anyway nice drawings :)

Manga Creations / Obyshin VS Dragon Ninja
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:56:43 AM »
Obyshin vs. Dragon Ninja.

A senseless battle between two legendary ninjas

Obyshin drew his blade sideways, flicking it to show the glinting edge that mirrored Dragon Ninja’s face. They were on tarmac in the middle of a deserted university, a place that had once held minds that pondered things that made sense.

It was the rare meeting between two formidable masters, each with their own legends and tales under their belts.

Dragon Ninja’s sword was always drawn. It was impossible to sheave the gigantic saber that was claimed to be the tooth of a descendant of The First Dragon – the devil himself.
No one can or could prove it, but they do know that the sword had once killed a ninja simply with dread, and that any typical onlooker who sees it experienced nightmares that left them with vicious scars in the morning.

Obyshin’s thin and short katana looked pathetic in comparison, but he travelled with the legendary Doctor of the Unused Arts, The Dua, as he loved to be called.

The Dua was specialized in a strange martial art that used strange tactics that left opponents unable to figure out how to predict – and consequently defend- against its attacks. Obyshin was named The Permanent Drunk, The Flitting Light or the Senseless Ninja because he had fully mastered The Dua’s art.

Comfortable with that knowledge, the black clothed ninja who wielded The Dragon’s Fang didn’t scare him.

“You have met you’re match today, Dragon.” Obyshin began.

“Obyshin, the Permanent Drunk.” Dragon Ninja acknowledged, and brought his sword around with a bang. It cracked the center of the tarmac. Ominous light shone through the crack,

“I shall make you adopt something more permanent than simple drunkenness.” He announced.

Obyshin stepped forward, he brought a hand up and brought down the top half of his mask, hiding the black fringe of hair and completing his white outfit, then he turned around and faced the other way.

“Let’s begin.” He said softly.

Dragon Ninja frowned from beneath his high collar, “You’re insane.”

Obyshin ran the other direction, towards a short tree. Dragon Ninja watched in amusement.

Obyshin jumped, stepped on the tree, and launched himself backwards; he rolled backwards, slowly, so that Dragon Ninja almost laughed at the ridiculous spectacle.

-the blade of the Senseless Ninja flitted through the air towards Dragon Ninja, and it was all he could do to dodge it. The sword flew away, and Dragon Ninja glanced at it once, and then his throat exploded in pain, because Obyshin had used the distraction to lunge forward with a frontal snake bite.

Dragon Ninja coughed, but didn’t die, as the Snake Bite was designed to do. He slashed his blade sideways into the air, the air tore as he did so, revealing red light. Obyshin dived away from the blow and gash in the air, rolling backwards and drawing another short katana,

“I see you are prepared to open more hell in the air.” He said.

Dragon Ninja grunted and slashed again, more red light appeared, and screams keened through the rip that was a portal to damnation,

“If you go around jumping, you’ll end up there.” Dragon Ninja advised.

“The same fate could apply to you.” Obyshin reminded him.

Dragon Ninja grinned, rubbing his throat,

“It won’t.”

He sidestepped the gashes in space, swung Dragon Fang at it and the gashes slid through the air, finally distending and becoming a ray of deadly portal.

Obyshin ducked, spinning around and throwing his sword upwards. Dragon Ninja concentrated on Obyshin and ignored the sword: he would not be fooled.

Obyshin simply crouched there, smiling.

It’s a trick, Dragon Ninja suddenly realized: He wants me to presume he will attack, but that sword will actually kill me. Dragon Ninja looked up at the sword, but it simply fell down, clattering to the tarmac uselessly.

Dragon Ninja’s eyes widened as he realized he had twisted himself. Obyshin attacked before he had a chance to correct the mistake.

Obyshin landed three blows to Dragon Ninja’s throat, and Dragon Ninja fell back onto his back. He held onto his sword and swung it forwards. Obyshin raised his leg and with the flat side of the foot smacked the flat side of the blade, kicking it away. He then performed a backward roll and launched himself back on his feet, facing Dragon Ninja. He drew another blade and made to throw it.

What trick now? Dragon Ninja thought, breathing heavily.

The blade sliced through the air, and Dragon Ninja was impaled in the throat. A direct straight-forward throw. It hadn't been a trick.

Dragon Ninja gasped and let go of his sword. It keeled over with a single metallic boom.

Dragon Ninja brought his hands up to prepare to fend off any another attack, struggling to stay conscious. Obyshin was on him in an instant, kicking with suddenly expert straightforward precision; Dragon Ninja blocked the 6 stomps, 3 axe kicks, 2 punches, 1 low roundhouse kick and 1 deadly finishing Snake Bite fist.

Obyshin smiled when he completed the barrage, and Dragon Ninja smiled as well.

“What?” Obyshin enquired, frowning with confusion.

“It’s over. I performed the Cage of Bones.” Dragon Ninja said hoarsely, the sword still in his throat.

Obyshin’s eyes widened as he was flung into the air. He hanged there, suspended on nothing. Suddenly red light flashed all around him, and a mutant shark’s skull appeared behind him with its jaws shut over him. Its teeth skewered Obyshin’s shoulders and legs. Obyshin screamed in pain.
Dragon Ninja rose to his feet, “I performed thirteen hand signs when you struck at me thirteen times. Never underestimate any high-class ninja’s gestures.”

Obyshin cursed, “Curse you Dragon Ninja! Curse you with Sun’s light and tidal waves' destruction!”

Dragon Ninja frowned, “That doesn’t even-” Then it dawned on him.

“Damnit!” He yelled in frustration.

The Senseless Ninja had used a Monk’s Curse. They featured the easiest incantations that beckoned on holy powers that acted only in the absence of people, like the deserted university. Any ninja with a lick of sense would’ve been wary of, but Obyshin was an expert at his martial art of confusion.

Dragon Ninja knew it was over if he stood there. He grabbed his fallen sword and jumped into one of the vortexes to hell he had torn into the air earlier, escaping sure doom.

A beam of water and pure white light devastated the entire university. Obyshin would not be harmed, as he had called on the power.

The entire land was obliterated, and the shark’s skull vanished. Obyshin crashed to his knees, wounded greatly. Though Dragon Ninja had been struck fatally, the eternity and regenerative capabilities of hell would heal him, and then there would be no doubt he would escape. It was a draw. Obyshin knew he would meet him again.


Develop Your Story / Re: Here is my idea
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:24:17 AM »
I hope people don't mind me posting these here. They're a trial and i want to see how the team reacts. Berdek, what do you think? I used a script writing software and i hope you like the dialogue.

Develop Your Story / Re: Here is my idea
« on: April 01, 2010, 09:04:25 AM »



What was with the screaming fit, Hideaki?

HIDEAKI[LOOKS at TAKUMI with fright in his eyes]

Come on Takumi don't tell me you didn't feel it too.

Feel what?


You practically fainted when you shook hands with her. Your eyes went pale and your holding you're rosary like you're life depends on holding it.

TAKUMI GLANCES at his hands and sees that HIDEAKI is telling the truth.


Yeah... I sort of did feel something wierd... Bad.
KENTA shakes his head,


Man, I can't buy a coke without any of you guys wierding out on me.

TAKUMI glances at KENTA,


You can't even get me a magazine.


They're too old for you. I was about to anyway but suddenly Hideaki screamed 'Kwipot or something'


What was up with that, anyway?

HIDEAKI[Playing with his fingers nervously]

Listen guys my great grandfather used to tell me stories like this all the time. He said spirits that are not allowed in heaven and dont go to hell roam stuck in the living world, giving away their negative energy, my uncle called it Qliphoth.


You're not serious. Takumi and I know that's nonsense, right?

TAKUMI just holds his ROSARY. He looks at KENTA and shrugs,


I... I don't know man. I did feel something... But maybe i'm just tired.
-TAKUMI yawns:


I'm turning in. See you guys later.


Why the early night? There's still stuff to do.


Nah, not feeling up to it. See you guys later.

TAKUMI WALKS away. His friends, out of focus, watch him go. CUT TO-


SCENES CUT TO- different actions. TAKUMI KICKING off his shoes - TAKUMI hanging his JUMPER - TAKUMI saying goodnight to his GRANDMOTHER [who dozes in front of a TV with a book on her lap] - TAKUMI upstairs in his room -TAKUMI BRUSHING his teeth. - TAKUMI SLIDING into bed with his eyes closed. TAKUMI yawns and TURNS off bedside LAMP.

SCREEN is black as he sleeps.

SUDDENLY - a cruelly SMILING row of TEETH hang in the air. It WHISPERS:


Nice soul, Takumi. Nice rosary. Nice piece... But not Nice enough.

The TEETH OPEN wide to swallow-

-TAKUMI WAKES up, FLICKs the beside LAMP ON. He breathes heavily.


Just a nightmare. Just a freaking nightmare...

TAKUMI RUNS his hand through his hair. He sighs


What am I, nine?

He casually looks over at his LAMP. Its SHADOW is the shape of a DEVIL'S PITCHFORK. TAKUMI's eye's WIDEN. He jumps back in fright.



He RUBS his eyes. The Shadow is a perfectly normal lampshade once again.

- TAKUMI's door BANGS open. His GRANDMOTHER holds it open, clutching her ROSARY. She looks GRIM and TENSE.


What's wrong, Takumi?

TAKUMI[SMILES nervously]

Ah. Nothing, ma, just a rat.

His GRANDMOTHER's face SOFTENS. She nods slightly and closes the door.


Good night, then. Don't forget to pray.

Good night. I won't.

When his GRANDMOTHER is gone TAKUMI looks at the lamp again. The shadow is as normal as ever.


What the hell?

Develop Your Story / Re: Here is my idea
« on: April 01, 2010, 08:58:23 AM »
ON PANEL: The night is still, and the night is cold. The conditions are right, for misfortune to fall three innocent souls...

NOTE: EXT. means a scene in the outdoors whilst INT. means a scene indoors. Actions are capitalized for readers benefit and dialogue separated to avoid easy confusion with the actions. CONT'd means continued. Please feel free to point out any unrealistic dialogue.


Three TEENAGERS are WALK up to a STORE. A car FLASHES past with full beams as one of them, the tallest, enters it. He pauses at the door:


Sooo... Takumi wants the coke and Hideaki the magazine?

TAKUMI [Sighs]

The other way round but yes, you're right.

KENTA enters the STORE. The door SWINGS close behind him with a small squeak. As they watch they're friend enter the STORE suddenly-


Hello there! My name's Chika... You sweet boys mind telling me your names?

A stunningly beautiful woman dressed in a red gown offers a fair hand to both of the boys.


Uh... Hi? My names... [Glances at Hideaki, who only stares at the woman] Takumi.



What... what a wierd vibe...


That's a powerful piece you have there.

CHIKA points at the ROSEMARY on TAKUMI's neck and giggles:


Don't lose it
TAKUMI nervously pats the ROSARY





And who might this young man be?

HIDEAKI is silent, so TAKUMI takes charge:


This is my friend, HIDEAKI

CHIKA offers her hand to HIDEAKI, HIDEAKI steps back with FRIGHT and ANGER on his face:


Stay the hell away from me! You're not infecting me with your Qliphoth!

TAKUMI jumps in fright at HIDEAKI's outburst. CHIKA smiles with narrow eyes. 'Oops, you caught me' They seem to say. KENTA BURSTS from the store clutching a COKE,


What in the world is going on here?

KENTA glances at CHIKA, then to TAKUMI, who is GLARING at HIDEAKI,


I have no idea. This woman came introducing herself and Hideakis wierding out. As usual...


Well, it was very nice meeting you boys. See you!


Why in the world would we do that!

She SMILES at HIDEAKI, TURNS and WALKS away gracefully. The BOYS all stare at her go in silence.


Come on guys lets get out of here. Please.
TAKUMI and KENTA share glances.

Announcements / Re: About Manga Haters ...
« on: March 31, 2010, 10:45:53 AM »
Well, forgive me if i have an urge to track that guy down and give em hell in return...

Develop Your Story / Re: Here is my idea
« on: March 31, 2010, 05:08:59 AM »
Bedrek, would it be fine if i pitched in my own idea of the outline? Without referring to all of you're ideas?

Develop Your Story / Re: Here is my idea
« on: March 30, 2010, 06:02:47 AM »
The idea is good and has a lot of interesting ideas, so long as there is a distinct framework of setting, the character descriptions and overall plot. Most importantly, what is the genre? This story can take a variety of ideas.

I'd love to work with you on this script. As for now i'll watch the sidelines and when i can i'll definately pitch in ideas.

I'm interested in being a creative writer in this team, pitch ideas, work on some [more of the front line stuff] if not then editor. [though i prefer creative writing]

I'm into sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, to make things easier i love Stephen King's works, read many Hugo/Nebula award winning works

I'm free almost at all times, getting online to connect is an average of two days in a week, otherwise for this whole year i'm free.

I'm 17 years old, and trust me, i'm not squeamish. I've seen and written about gore, and it doesn't irk me [so long as its sensible]

Bleach Anime / Re: The weakest Captain among Bleach Captains ?
« on: December 23, 2009, 08:24:15 AM »
Does anyone know what Ukitake's bankai is? Besides, him and Kyouraku are the oldest captains, and after seeing Kyouraku's and Ukitake's shikai's i don't think they're pleasant people to fight with.

I wonder what The Captain Commander's Bankai is?

Manga Creations / Re: The Royal Teardrop
« on: December 23, 2009, 07:24:30 AM »
This is a complex story and though its not the type i read it would honestly be very interesting to check out. In my opinion it deviates from general manga, best of luck with it.

MR Anthology Archives / Re: Vol 2: List of participants
« on: December 21, 2009, 07:37:11 AM »
This anthologies business is for artists only, huh?

Bleach Anime / Re: The weakest Captain among Bleach Captains ?
« on: December 21, 2009, 04:28:32 AM »
Komamura is a cool character but useless. All he knows is getting whooped. Poor guy.

Manga Creations / Re: Pandora [Working Title]
« on: December 21, 2009, 02:37:14 AM »

There was another meeting, and 18 was impatient.

He arrived late, and The Circle sat around the table, looking at him with accusing glances. The verdict on his case was obvious.

And they must have heard of the two crazy bounty hunters.

"18, glad to see that you could make it to your case." 38 spoke.

18 looked at him, and sat at his chair.

"You'll rise to face our decision." One said, eyeing him carefully. 18 managed a tight, small smile and stood up,

"My deepest apologies."

22 looked at a graphic that had appeared on the table, he was ready, like the other three judges:

"Kinryuu lapisdei, for the intrusion of a fellow Cadmin's jurisdiction without proper per­mission, you have been probated for two days from any active duty." 22 cleared his throat.

"For the illegal and self-demeaning action of hiring bounty hunters using the influence of The Circle you will today be stripped of administrator privileges for one week, and your Restriction Algorithm's will be set onto you until the week is over."

18's tight smile disappeared.

"Also, for the actions that led to the massacre of several harmless teenagers and youths, we shall add four months to your stripping of administrator privileges, and you shall only be allowed back onto the team if the vote is in your favour, otherwise you risk complete removal from The Circle."

18 clenched his fists on the glossy table. No one noticed it's smooth glass form deep cracks as he did this.

22 went on and this time he looked at squarely in the eyes, "Finally, for the uncalled for execution of ISEP Major Cain horn997, you've lost all privileges as 18, and shall be downgraded to a lesser administrator number, if you are reinstated after the four months and one week period.

"You'll also suffer a handicap of five votes during the voting to reinstate you as a Circle administrator."

18 stared at 22. Then he choked out,

"I see. May you please excuse me." He began to move.

22 wasn't finished, "Wait."

18 looked at him with a pained smile, "What is it?"

22 looked up at the list, "Your bounty has caused considerable damage to a hotel in the outskirts of Zola. Twenty people were severely injured and one died. That  was thousands of credits in damage, and it was all due to your careless acts which you did not pull back on."

22 looked up into the deadly stare. 18 had fixed him without emotion, "This shall also be discussed tomorrow."

18 managed a small nod, and then he walked out of the room. 9 watched him go thoughtfully. Her twin sister looked worried. Everyone at the table watched 18 go with various silent emotions, and then 22 spoke up and broke the silence,

"This meeting is over. You may return to your various meetings."

One by one, the Cadmins vanished from site in blue swirls of digits.

But that was not the end. In the lit corridor, 18 waited for everyone to disappear, then he closed his eyes,

Its time. Your word play has got you nowhere. No one respects you. Now its time. Its time to show them.

He disappeared in a swirl of blue digits, to commit a crime.


"Stacy came through the portal and told me what was happening." Kaito had explained without much emotion, but Akira could tell that he was gloating,

"I told her what I knew about such things, I've seen it happen quite a lot; The Circle using restriction algorithms to completely paralyze a subject and notify authorities to pick up the target, if he is alive, and then she went back through the portal, doused you with her Statistic Cloak or whatever she calls it and came through the portal before it closed."

"The portal hadn't closed by then?" Akira had asked,

"I opened another one." This time Akira had been sure that Kaito had grinned with sat­isfaction.

Akira felt tingly, and really sick. It took some time to get used to the effects of Stacy's Static Cloak spell.

"I'm pretty much lucky to be alive, huh?"

He mumbled for around the tenth time during the ride in the hover car. Stacy, sitting beside him, ignored the comment. Itsuki was silent beside her, and in front Kaito sat on the passenger seat. The taxi driver minded his own business, as was required in sector X. The team was being driven in a hover car through the dark streets of X.

X wasn't built on any specific style but shadiness. All buildings had dark shades of grey and the roads were only for purely practical use, as they could be blasted away any second.

Gang shootouts were common, and so there was almost never a time when someone drove a car with wheels, except the gangsters themselves. In X everyone used hover cars to fly up above the chaos as much as possible, but even up in the skies among the dark skyscrapers there was easy danger of gangsters, bounty hunters and dueling Daemons­ and Angels.

The reason why so many people lived in X wasn't a mystery. It was all about the money that the illegal activities offered. More than a thousand people have gotten extremely rich, however, many more had died in the process, and many more would still die as they tried their best to outsmart, outgun and outmatch all their opponents.

According to X's standards, Kaito ww3 was a household name. He owned his own olden style mansion perched on a flat mountain that sat in the West corner of X. From its high viewpoint the view of the smog covered X was complete. And in the haze of the orange smog, The Stronghold was visible. X was the only minor city to boast a stronghold. As Lucas was the only major city to boast having no stronghold.

The Stronghold was a purely civilian maintained facility, and it dealt with the most highly advanced armory across Pandora. Its effectiveness in the field of war made it a tentative ally to most of Pandora's Circle combat squads. Even The ISEP. The sonic gun that had battered Stacy had probably been sold by The Stronghold.

A sharp whistle brought Akira out of his reverie,

Kaito grinned at him when he jumped, "Time to get going, hero. We've arrived."

Akira shook his head with resignation and stepped out of the hover car, almost falling to his death as the taxi had stopped a foot off the cliff of the mountain.

"Wow, there, tiger. Here in X no one leaves people at their doorstep. The setting is on speed for money."

Akira seethed at Kaito, thanking Stacy with embarrassment as she had been the one to save him.

They arrived at the mansion, and Akira was impressed by the size, otherwise it was a pig sty. All forms of machinery lay dismantled and oily in their unfinished state. Though it was impressive how much Kaito seemed to be working on, the whole antique look of the mansion was completely ruined.

Portraits were hung in the walls, but they were torn and left in awkward positions. The passage ways were all cluttered, and there was never the lack of oil and fuel, as though Kaito had gone around splashing it,

Akira couldn't miss such a ripe opportunity,

"I like what you've done with the place." He chuckled, but this increased his wooziness, and he found himself getting sick on the carpet floor. His face prickled with the tingly sensation, and Kaito said simply,

"Nothing compared to that nice coat of green."

Stacy looked at Akira, worried, and Akira wiped his mouth on his sleeve and looked back, managing a small smile, "Its not your fault."

"It is, actually." She replied firmly.

"At least I'm not dead." He said pointedly. She nodded her head and smiled unconvinc­ingly,

"Yeah, at least."

They arrived in what Kaito called his Central Room.

"This place is way cleaner than the rest, Kaito." Stacy said.

Kaito nodded appreciatively and pointed out everything significant in the room. And there was a lot,

"I made it dome shaped, you see? Like an observatory, because that large screen over there? Sitting next to that Telescope thing? Is the most connected computer in X. I do everything I want from there, and this laptop I keep on carrying around is just the remote body for this baby right here. She's irreplaceable."

"Thank you, Kaito." A cheerful female voice replied from the computer, "How long do you plan on staying?" Kaito looked at it and grinned a charming smile.

Reminds me of a pig. Akira thought.

"Well, I'm not sure," Kaito replied to the computer, "we haven't made any plans." He looked at the others with a smug smile, looking pleased with himself.

At the mention of 'plans' Akira remembered his vision in full blown clarity, and he fought his sickness and disorientation and stated clearly to the computer,


Kaito spun around angrily to face him, "This place is probably the most secure place we can find next to a stronghold or going to space, so remind me why, master logicphreak, why we'll follow your plans?"

Akira grimaced, the sound of Kaito's voice battered his dizzy mind, but he continued,

"Because I got... A vision. Its almost impossible to explain. But if it was true… then its inside your computer."

Kaito asked the computer without looking back at it,

"Is this true, computer? Have you received any foreign files?"

The computer was silent, Kaito nodded his head and smiled at Akira,

"You see-?"

"- Sorry, Sir. I couldn't avoid receiving them." The computer replied, "I tried to delete them but I received them anyway..." The computer sobbed,

"It was almost like rape."

Itsuki raised his eyebrow.

Kaito looked at Akira with a frown and waited for him to continue,

"Basically, we've got to go through that portal if we want to stop something terrible that 18 is planning, and I can't explain it better than whatever files are in the computer."

"That is true, Sir," The computer piped up helpfully,

"these are very detailed files with an admittedly far superior tailorship than anything I have seen in my life span."

"So, how do we do this?" Stacy asked.

Akira looked at her and Kaito alternatively, with Itsuki remaining in the shadows,

"We've really got to go through the portal, but first, we need to gather as much help as possible. We need a bigger party. When we do have them, we'll have to stop the Ein­stein-Newton Sub Routine System-"

"The wha-?" Kaito stared at him wide eyed not in confusion, but with horror,

"You're joking, right? He asked.

Stacy looked at Kaito and Akira with confusion, "What?"

"EINESROS is the system that controls all Pandora's citizen's Restriction Algorithms. Its located in The Persian Stronghold, in Bryr."

Stacy looked at Akira with a frown, "A stronghold? You want us to break into a strong­hold?"

Akira nodded at her, sweat forming on his brow,

"Yes. We need to if I am to survive. You'll need my abilities to continue the mission. After destroying the system, we'll head out to The Abyss, and through to the portal to the real world."

"The Real World? What does that make this? Fake?" Kaito snorted.

Akira looked at him, he was remembering the sight of the beautiful life beyond this one,

"Yes. That's exactly what that means."

Then he remembered the cube, and that the cube was what this entire world was in. He thought of perspective, and it sickened him so bad, he threw up heavily.

"Aw... Come on, not here." Kaito whined. Akira couldn't think of anything, with a shud­der, he felt his limbs lock up and his breathing stopped, and he tumbled forwards and passed out in his own sick.


He woke up to the streaming light of sun going through the windows. He wasn't dazed for any seconds, he knew where he was and what was happening. The sick feeling of Static Cloak squeezed his innards, and when he rose from bed he willed himself not to throw up his very innards.

He looked around the room he had been placed in. It was fairly clean, with wide win­dows that showed the view of the smog covered ugliness of X. And Pandora's (fake) sun shone through the window. Akira shook his head and walked out of the room.

He knew that the others were up in the Central Room, and knew that they were probably going over the files.

Akira walked up and spotted the three of them sitting around the computer. They had apparently just finished going through what they wanted, because they all turned to face him. Kaito stood up, and Akira noticed the new look in his eyes.

Less smugness, more urgency and trust. Akira summed it up accurately.

Kaito spoke,

"We'll do it. I've still got at least twenty names of people willing to follow us. Competent people, some are Angels and Daemons."

Akira looked at them all, "So we go tomorrow?"

Kaito shook his head, "No, we go now. You were unconscious the whole of yesterday. This is tomorrow, and were going now."

Akira looked at them all, and rested his eyes last on Itsuki, "You believe this? That there is a real world out there hidden from us?"

None of them answered, and Akira took it as a mutual yes.


As the four teenagers prepared, 18 walked the dark marble corridor that led to The Circle's master administrator: Zero.

As the quadruple were steered by an expert hover jet pilot across the major sectors to The Persian Stronghold in Bryr, 18 opened the door, and clenched his fingers, forming a fistful of darkness.


"So that's it, lady, gentlemen. We're here." The pilot shouted over the wind.

Kaito answered over the roar of the hover jet engines, "Thanks!" He tapped some keys on the laptop, and they teleported to the ground, onto the roof top of a building miles away from The Persian Stronghold.

Nineteen people, all either Daemons, Angels or experts of some kind were on the roof, and when Kaito and the others appeared they walked up to Kaito, discussing the points of entry and the method of infiltrating the second most heavily guarded facility within Pandora, next to The Abyss.

Itsuki walked over to the rim of the roof, he looked into the distance to the gigantic building peppered with radio towers and conical protrusions that made it look like a cas­tle. It was all completely mirror blue, and the city's reflection shimmered across the miles faintly.

"Hey, buddy." Akira walked up beside him. Itsuki didn't look.

"You've been quiet lately... What's up?"

Itsuki looked at him once, and raised both eyebrows, sighing and taking in the massive building that looked close and yet was far, in more ways than one.

"You know, my vision told me you'll be very important to this mission. You were specifi­cally mentioned. So if it is-"

"No, its not that Akira." He looked at Akira and smiled,

"Its just, a lot has happened so fast. I can't believe Timothy died and that you flew and-" He gestured wildly, "-all this you know? A Real World? What do you expect me to be like?"

You were silent before you knew all about the real world…

Akira shook his head,

Who cares? I'll let it slip.

Akira simply nodded and patted Itsuki on his back,

"Good to hear you speak, my man."

Itsuki arched an eyebrow, and Akira shook his head,

"You never change." He walked away towards Kaito and the others to discuss their plan. Itsuki glanced at him: Akira's look was determined, completely comfortable with the situation, even optimistic in the face of breaking into a deadly facility such as The Per­sian Stronghold even under the influence of a Static Cloak.

Itsuki looked once more at the stronghold and sighed.

You never change yourself, Robert Hill.


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