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Manga Artists Wanted / Rainbowolfe's Free Commissions! o(^?^)o
« on: July 23, 2016, 03:04:43 PM »
Heyo! I've seen a few topics like this in this section, so I hope it's okay that I put it here o3o I'm not sure where else it would fit.

But let's get straight into this! ...I don't know what to draw  :-\  Which sucks, cause I really want to draw. Sooo in order to get my brain creativity flowing (and also to test out new styles), I've decided to do a few Free Commissions! I don't know how many I'll do total, but I'll limit myself to... five at a time? I can't tell if that's a lot. This won't be first come-first serve, but I'll just pick out whatever tickles my fancy in that moment ^3^ Don't worry, I'm not very picky. There's only two things that I won't do (because I suck at them), and that's Mechs and Animals. I can do Anthro's just fine, but animals are a no >.> Sowwy.

Aside from what I just said I couldn't do, go ahead and ask for anything you want/need done! A scene from your story? Sure. Drawings of your OC(s)? Go right ahead. Fanart? Eh... Why not. Just a warning: I sometimes work kinda slow eoe I just get in these moods where I just suddenly forget how to draw.

I'd post examples, but it turns out I don't really have any aside from comics ToT How am I just now realizing this?

Annnd now on to the boring part: Rules! Don't forget to read this part!
1) Your post count must be at 5 o3o
2) In your reply, you have to let me know if you're okay with me posting your finished commission on social media (Deviantart, Youtube, Tumblr, etc)
3) You're free to use the finished product for your own use o3o
4) There is a limit of 3 OC's per picture!

That's all I got o3o If I think of anything else, I'll add it on.

1. Manimal
2. DaBlackGoku

Members Manga / Royal Pain
« on: June 04, 2016, 12:35:09 AM »

A young human stumbles into a world they were never meant to know about. When they are made the first human ever to become a Prince of Hell, the Underworld is none too happy about it.

((This is one of my newest comics o3o I thought I should share it with you all))

Chapter 1


Welcome Center / N'yello There!
« on: June 01, 2016, 01:35:35 AM »
Hey there! I'm rainbowolfe(and also go by just Wolfe). I'm an artist, and I also write and make webcomics! I use a lot of exclamation points because I'm generally very excited!

I've been lurking on this website for awhile now XD I figured I should post a hello or something! Everyone kept mentioning this topic, and I'm trying to be more active on the internet anyways o3o I'm trying to let go of my lurking ways. It's been going well.

Anyways, hi again! This is a pretty great forum and you all seem like friendly people ^.^

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