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break Room / Re: The Gunpla Thread
« on: January 14, 2021, 08:03:32 AM »
MG Ver. KA Wing Gundam Zero EW Part 2 : Completed Kit

Let's wrapped up on the new Wing Zero by going over the panel lining and water slide decals.

Panel Lining

I always find panel lining to be a bit of a pain. It's not hard and it's the easiest way to make your Gundam kits look great without doing much. But cleaning up is the struggle. I use the Tamiya panel liners which also leave a splash of paint to wipe off. I try rubbing alcohol and a q-tip but it doesn't always do the trick so usually I use a polishing block. This works very well but leaves a lot of dust to wipe off. I go crazy in some parts and end up making a bit of a mess. You really gotta watch out and not touch where you just panel lined if you use the liner. You'll get it on your fingers and all over the piece before you realize what you did.

For this Wing Zero there are some great panel lines in the legs and on the wings. Overall there isn't a whole lot to do, which is good since it doesn't over complicate the appearance. The legs have really deep channels and the wings are made to be panel lined. I used black to make the details pop. I prefer to use black since it gives it a more defined look. I'm not a big fan of grey lining myself. The wings look excellent with lining as do the hands. So now that lining is done I can say it adds so much and I absolutely recommend it for this kit.

Water Slide Decals

Water slide decals are very clean and look a lot better than stickers on a kit. You have to cut each decal out, dip it in water, put mark setter on the place you want the decal to go and then slide the decal off with a q-tip on to the kit. Sounds easy but it gets hairy sometimes. The decals slide all over the place and drying the excess water is an amazing challenge. The decals do not stay in place nicely. They will slide and if you're not careful they will come right off. I ruined a few of them trying to put on the kit but in general it went well.

A lot of people swear by water slides but I prefer dry rub decals. They are a bit harder but I feel like they actually stay on the kit. These make it feel like I can't pose it anymore or really handle it at all. I know you are meant to top coat your kits after putting decals on, and I'll be doing that in the future when the weather is warmer. There is no denying that water slides look awesome and add a ton to the kit. The Wing Zero has a lot of small ones that you will be having to really concentrate and be careful putting on. 

I skipped decaling the wings because I don't like the way they look. The wings look better plain since it's big dumb anime wings on a robot and we don't have to get technical and make it more "realistic". It's just a cool anime thing which is the exact reason I like the Wing Zero so much.

At the end the sheet of decals was all cut up. These make a mess and I'm going to have to vacuum my carpet now with all the little pieces on the floor. It took maybe a week or so to do all the decals with one marathon session last night to finally get it done. I enjoy a more involved build but next time I think I'm going to put the decals on as I build each part of the kit because it was a bit annoying to do all these at the end.

Completed Kit

Now I'm done and yes this kit looks amazing. I put it in one pose and I'm good. I don't want to mess around with it since I had enough trouble finding a decent pose. The buster rifles weren't working for me and it was annoying to try put it in the hand so I just folded them up and put them in the wings. I love the look of the Wing Zero with the beam saber anyway. The wings are very posable so you'll spend a lot of time moving them about for the best look.

I'm really happy with this kit and it's just as good as I hoped it would be. It looks awesome and packs in a lot of detail. If you take the extra steps like panel lining, water slide decals and painting the exposed inner frame black than this kit will look even better. But if you want to keep it simple and straight built it will look good as well. This is a kit that really pops and Bandai did an excellent job with it. 

One notable positive is the proportions. The legs on the old Master Grade and Real Grade were long and skinny. On this kit the legs are more reasonable looking and a bit thicker. I have started to not like the Real Grade's appearance very much, and now that I've built this kit there is no contest. The Master Grade Wing Zero Ver. KA is an awesome kit and anyone who loves it's design will love building this thing.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: January 12, 2021, 08:03:55 AM »
Moyashimon (Season 1)

A fantastic series focused on a niche topic. Just like Silver Spoon we follow a cast of characters studying a specific field which the show teaches us about. In Moyashimon it's microorganisms which the main character Sawaki is able to see. They are represented by fun little chibi characters. The premise is unusual and the show is very unique in how it handles everything. We get an excellent and likeable cast of characters. Moyashimon shows us once more that College anime are awesome and we need more.

I loved the whole cast and found every episode very entertaining. They take a lot of common themes like a Spring Festival and turn it into something different. The abilities of Sawaki make for an interesting dynamic in his relationships with the other characters. Misato and Kawahama seem like scumbags looking to exploit Sawaki at first but then we get to learn more about them and find they are his true bros. Both of them are just fun idiots. Haruka is the spice of the series, I liked her character and the development we get towards the end of the season. Naturally all her outfits were the best part of the show. Having a harsh character that means well like her made it interesting. The creator of this series obviously had a great interest in microbos but also leather & gothic lolita outfits. Putting this together was a brilliant idea.

I liked Mutou a lot also, she's the big drunk who's looking for her next step. Since it's a college anime we get to see various characters at different places in life. The Professor was quite an enigma and I loved his antics, although he had a certain scheme that was highly questionable mid series. There is a plot twist with Sawaki's friend Yuuki that the show surprisingly handles really well. I like that everything in this show isn't made to be big and dramatic, it handles things in a more reasonable way. The character development is more subtle and you really enjoy seeing what everyone gets up to.

The artstyle was nice and I love the character designs. There is a bit of a different look to this series that is a bit more grounded. It reminded me of Prison School in this aspect. So ya, the first season of Moyashimon was great. This show was really fun to watch and extremely entertaining. Great cast and a unique concept that is done very well. I was utterly horrified to see what happened to the great art in the second season. I'll give it a chance but if it stinks atleast this first season was good.

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:52:03 PM »
Hajimete no Gal

It wouldn't take a genius to realize this show was going to be trash, but I guess I was in the mood to watch something dumb. Sure enough it was a bad show with extremely unlikable characters, in fact it's one of the worst anime I've ever finished. There was some actually hilarious moments and it sucked in a way that kept me interested. The last two episodes really revealed how awful of a series it is. This is just some straight up trash.

Junichi is a guy who askes out a gal girl because he assumes she'll give it up easy and he can finally get laid. Plot twist she says yes and she ends up not being that kind of girl. So that's different, two characters start a relationship in the first episode. Sure enough Junichi realizes what he actually likes about Yukana and we the viewer honestly have no idea why she likes him at first. Suddenly a bunch of girls want to bang Junichi and it's an anime so you know where it goes from here. This show had a big focus on Junichi and Yukana's friend groups and they all played big roles in the show. Junichi's friends were both the best and worst part of the show.

We always see the sidekicks in these romance ecchi shows. They react to the main character's good luck and get jealous and everything. But this is one of the only shows were I've seen those characters be used heavily in every episode. Shinpei and Keigo are utterly hilarious and they are the only good thing about this show. They are just two morons who provide lots of comedy. Minoru however is an actual child predator. He always talks about how he lusts over elementary school students and it's almost okay in the eyes on the show. He shows a map he made of where every kid in the neighborhood lives and his friends even set him up to work at a Day Care. This was just gross, I'm not one to complain about edgy comedy but this was just framed terribly and shouldn't of been here.

This show presents a horrible relationship. Junichi has crushingly low self confidence and when he expresses his feelings of unworthiness to Yukana she gets mad at him and gives him the cold shoulder. I found his actions to be very realistic of someone with such low self confidence and everyone makes him feel like a terrible person for this. The show frames it as being his fault. Of course I don't expect anime characters to act in morally correct ways. I love White Album 2 because of how brutal and selfish the characters act. The difference is in the framing. Hajimete no Gal shows that everyone sh!tting on Junichi while he's depressed and in a fit of self doubt is correct. That's just plain rotten and sends a really awful message.

This show is just bad so I won't spend more time writing about it. It's worth a watch to see how bad it is. It was entertaining and I loved the insanity of Shinpei and Keigo. If you dig deep you will find many great issues with Hajimete no Gal, this one stinks.

break Room / Re: The Gunpla Thread
« on: January 05, 2021, 10:44:05 AM »
MG Ver. KA Wing Gundam Zero EW Part 1 : Unboxing & Straight Build

Christmas. After Colony 196. The new Master Grade of the famous Wing Zero EW is here! This is an all new upgrade from the Version Katoki line of the original Master Grade released in 2004. Since Hajime Katoki is the madman who designed this Gundam in the 90's his update is promises to be interesting. Sure enough the kit features many new gimmicks that I'll go over. Let's get into it!

So let's get started!


I pre-ordered this kit in September when the first pictures of it were shown. I love both versions of the Wing Zero, this one being the one in the Endless Waltz movie. It's likely the second most famous Gundam in the Western world beside the classic RX-78. The scene when Heero Yui takes off into space and jumps into the Wing Zero is one of the best anime moments I've ever seen. It's iconic and goosebump raising, especially with TWO-MIX's awesome song "LAST IMPRESSION" going.

I previously built the Real Grade of this kit which is nice but I prefer the larger Master Grades. The last MG I built was the Ver KA of the Nu Gundam which was a really great and amazingly engineered kit. Ver KA kits are more complex on average and have lots of cool bits of designs. 


Inside we get a good amount of runners with many white ones made up of the angel wing pieces. There is an Action Base included with the kit which makes up a black runner. This is certainly a nice and well needed bonus to pose the kit. Two tones of blue can be seen as well as two tones of white. There are no polycaps here and the inner frame is a mix of the harder ABS plastic and the softer type. Everything is brand new aside from the base and the beam saber pieces. There is not actually a ton of colour with this kit as you can see from all the white and grey.

The instruction manual is nice and follows the clean aesthetic of other Ver KA kits. Inside there is a two page interview with Katoki which is thankfully translated into English. By now Bandai have started including English for everything in the manuals which is a fantastic addition.

We also get a sizable sheet of waterslide decals. These are a bit tricky to apply at first but they are actually quite enjoyable to do. I will post more on that later. Foil stickers are included for the green which I will not be using aside from the ones for the eyes. Otherwise no colour correcting stickers are included. Galactic Toys included two ads which are for the quite overpriced Frame Arms Girls and the Gundam action figures. I do like a few of the Frame Arms Girls pictured but the fact that they cost the same as this kit but have less pieces doesn't add up to me.

Step 1 : Painting Heero Yui

First up I like to paint the tiny pilot figures. Master Grades come with one to put inside the cockpit and one to put beside the Gundam. These were difficult to do since there are a few different colours to use but I was happy with the results. At first painting the pilot figures seems very hard but it actually isn't too bad. They are small so you don't have to be perfect. Just careful and slow. I used putty to put the standing one down on something and a clip for the other one. Heero Yui is seen in his iconic green muscle shirt doing his strange pose from the first opening of Gundam Wing.

Step 2 : Painting The Clear Pieces

Next I painted the clear pieces green using Gloss Green enamel paint. The stickers do the tricky but painting them is really easy and it will make them pop out a lot more than the stickers. As careful as I try to be I often get small scratches on the stickers, even using tweezers to apply them. I realized I painted the head cameras the wrong colour but I didn't feel like going back and the green looks fine so it's alright.

Step 3 : The Build

I built this kit slowly over a couple weeks. It's really not a complex build. It's more involved then any of the other Wing Master Grades though. The wings are comparable to the Real Grade in terms of pieces. The feathers are all separate and there are some cool mechanism inside. The back wings have one of the only seamlines on the kit, it's pretty easy to fix so I gave it a try. The build is quite different from the Master Grade Wing Proto Zero, the shield has a similar gimmick with the pop out yellow fins but the rest of the construction is new.

The body was the funniest part to build with a lot of really cool features. It looks amazing also! The legs were simple, not that they needed to be complex. They look great and are very practical. The opening gimmick on the back works great. Everything is smartly made on this kit. Lots of small gimmicks that make the kit great. The two tones of blue are awesome and fit together nicely in areas like the shoulders and side skirts.

A major issue for me was the blue pieces. I have started to use a glass file to remove nubmarks and it works great. However the blue pieces get stress marks real easy. So even being careful I still managed to get the white lines on many blue parts. There are undergated pieces with this kit, which is always nice. None of the nubmarks are awful per say but there are a few you will have to put work in to clean. Overall the build was enjoyable and now let's see how it looks together before I detail it.

The Straight Build

This kit looks amazing! While I think it still needs panel lining and decals it looks good enough out of the box. The level of detail is great and there are lots of parts where inner frame pokes through. I painted all of those areas black as seen below. This makes them pop out even more than the dark gray of the frame.

The blue looks awesome and really makes it look more colourful than it is. It's a good shade of blue also. The wings are very nice and although they are difficult to get in a good position the articulation is so great that you can move them anywhere.

Posing this kit is not that fun though. I will say there are no real issues of parts popping off. So it's not going to blow up on you. My issue is all the moving pieces! Everything like the arms, shoulders, chest joints has to be just so in order to look good and it's easy to mess things up by simply raising the arm. You have a lot of readjusting to do. But it holds together super well! I did try to do the double buster rifle pose but I gave up. It's far to difficult to risk breaking something for. This kit does hold the guns nicely and the shield is a good addition. I thought I wouldn't use it since it wasn't in the anime but I like the look.

Here is Heero inside.

The fantastic sliding armour pieces.

Rifle storage in the wings that looks awesome.

I tried to transform it into Neo Bird mode but gave up after simply sliding the leg. I appreciate the gimmick but Gundam kits are way too involved to transform. Just like the Zeta Gundams I don't want to risk breaking something or making things loose so I just ignore that feature. Besides I don't like how it looks in that mode anyway. I won't be posing the kit and messing around with it much at all once I finish detailing it so I wanted to get some nice shots in now. So ya, I'm going to put some more work in and share the end results of this kit when I'm done!

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: January 03, 2021, 03:00:54 PM »
B.B. King, Indianola Mississippi Seeds

Another good album, this one is a big time rain day mood. The songs follow a consistent theme of love and heartbreak and the instrumentation is top notch. Lots of strings and horns when the song calls for it. I love the organic and loose vibe to tracks like "Ain't Gonna Worry My Life Anymore". "Hummingbird" ends the album on an emotional high with the back ground singers coming in to take it all home. It was such a remarkable finale! So much space in the mix and awesome drums. My favorite songs were "Ask Me No Questions" and "Go Underground".


Albert King, Born Under A Bad Sign

This compilations album plays out like a greatest hits of blues standards. Every song was solid and classic. "Born Under A Bad Sign" is an awesome opener. "Crosscut Saw" was absolutely insane. The percussion was an overload to the brain, I had no idea what was going on but it was crazy! Albert's guitar playing is crazy good on songs like "Personal Manager". He does the classic blues things of soloing between every vocal line. This was a cool listen but not so many songs stuck out to me.


MR Pub / Chit Chat 2021
« on: January 01, 2021, 12:41:12 PM »
New year, new thread baby. Let's keep the chit chattin' goin' on and on.

I'll start with a small ramble. KISS did a New Years Eve livestream from Dubai last night. I thought it was ridiculous for the band to do this but you know it was enjoyable to watch. Paul Stanley can't sing and has resorted to lip syncing certain parts of songs or singing to a track. But the band has been going for almost 50 years now and they have allowed younger fans like me to witness a KISS show by sticking around past the 2000 Farewell Tour. I make fun of how they are nowadays and everything but by the end I felt a little tingling of "okay that's cool" when they set an assload of pyro and fireworks off during "Rock 'n Roll All Nite". Something about that actives the primal brain and makes you think "okay fine". Felt a little tingling when I saw Eric Carr (KISS' second drummer who died in 1991) on the video screen during the montage in "Do You Love Me?" and I was happy when the band did a surprise performance of "Strutter".

At the end of the day they're still doing their thing and the show was entertaining. It's not 1977 anymore you know, we have all that great old footage of the band to enjoy.

That's my ramble, what did everyone else do on New Years Eve?

MR Pub / Re: Happy New Year MangaRaiders!!
« on: January 01, 2021, 11:49:41 AM »
Happy New Year!

Nothing really needs to be said for 2020 but you know, it was a year I started needing to find my new direction. Now I'm in college again and it's going to be working towards a thing. Gundam was really my 2020 saviour. I got my first kit in January and that along with the series really got me through the year. You find the right things at the right time.

It is crazy to think of how the different eras of 2020 that feel so long ago. There were times I felt like a pile of trash stuck in my past and so on. Sitting at home getting nostalgic about random points in my life. But I grew as a person still and although I didn't live my life as much as previous years that was just the way things were. So I'm feeling good about where I am and really grateful for all I have.

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: December 31, 2020, 11:16:06 AM »
B.B. King, Completely Well

Oh my God. So B.B. King, everyone knows he was legendary but I never actually listened to him until now. This album rocked my world, it was an amazing listen. The songs are absolutely jamming, it's so full of life and live energy. B.B. King's guitar playing, jeez! He is just giving it! Remarkably tasteful and dynamic leads. The drums are awesome, especially on "So Excited". "Cryin' Won't Help You Now" sequences into "You're Mean" which is the guitar centerpiece. Two guitars are absolutely battling it out here. You can't sit still listening to this kind of music, it just moves! I was so into it and I loved this record. B.B. King's guitar playing makes you want to learn new things. Listening to him is like uncovering another piece of the Rock guitar puzzle.


Bo Diddley, In The Spotlight 

A super fun and loose record that just rocks. Bo Diddley was amazing, he wrote such great songs that have a lot of life and personality. He injects a lot of humour like the song "Signifying Blues" which is nothing but two guys throwing jabs at each other. I loved "Craw-Dad" it was ridiculous and awesome. Bo Diddley was constantly swinging his balls around with songs like "The Story Of Bo Diddley". This guy is so cool. He introduced the most recognizable drum beat of all time, named it after himself and then he made a bunch of songs with his name in the title. This album is good fun, it's recorded low and dirty. You will always have a good time with ol' Bo.


Diana Ross, Diana

Oh man this album is great! A super well put together Pop record with crisp and clear production. These songs are remarkably crafted and orchestrated. It's a really fun listen and it just grooves! The drums are awesome and the instrumentation is perfect. The whole record is a very positive experience. It was really notable just how good it sounds also. Diana's vocals are great and the songs are catchy. "Tenderness", "Have Fun (Again)" and "My Old Piano" were my favorite songs. The trombone solo in "I'm Coming Out" was truly a masterpiece.


Humble Pie

Pretty cool Rock 'n Roll record! There are some hard and jamming tracks here and some sudden turns. The opening song "Live With Me" is absolutely amazing and easily the album's greatest moment. It has a slow mysterious opening and then rips it up by the end. They pull a Stones move by going into a country song next. "One Eyed Trouser Snake Rumba" was totally awesome with it's cool riff. "Red Light Mamma, Red Hot!" was a monstrous song. The only issue with that song and much of the album was the lack of hooks. It's an amazing track to put on though because it really rocks the house down. The acoustic tracks are remarkable. "Earth and Water Song" is really good and the intro to "Sucking on the Sweet Vine" is insane! That is such a good song, the guitar on the left channel is just hitting right to the soul! This was a cool record, it stays interesting and delivers some amazing jams.


Since it's the end of the year I'll list the best New To Me albums I listened to for the first time this year.

#1. Ayumi Hamasaki : Loveppears
#2. The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators
#3. L'Arc-en-Ciel : True
#4. B.B. King : Completely Well
#5. Bo Diddley
#6. Diana Ross : Diana
#7. Nick Drake : Pink Moon
#8. Chara : Union
#9. Donna Summer : Bad Girls
#10. The Doors : LA Woman

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: December 29, 2020, 12:27:14 PM »
KISS, Hot In The Shade

This is one of the finest turds KISS squeezed out in their career. Amazingly they put 15 songs on this album despite the majority of them being unfinished filler. Paul & Gene did a terrible job with the production, they literally put demos on the album. The most disgusting sin they committed on Hot In The Shade was using a drum machine on many tracks when they had a drummer as excellent as Eric Carr. This record almost has a theme, sort of a back to basics Rock 'n Roll thing, but it was done poorly. "Rise To It" opens with a little blues slide thing and it's a serviceable KISS tune. "Hide Your Heart" is an okay single, sort of forced catchy with it's big sing along chorus. The one and only saving grace this junkyard has is "Forever", one of the greatest KISS tracks ever. This is a wonderful ballad and one of the only complete songs present. Michael Bolton wrote it with Paul and it's just a brilliant tune. Bruce Kulick's acoustic solo is beautiful and Eric's drums are very powerful. Without "Forever" there would be no reason to own Hot In The Shade and KISS would of played to half filled arenas on the tour. Thankfully the single saved them and the tour was awesome.

"Silver Spoon" is a good song, a bit weird for KISS but I enjoy it. "Betrayed" is sort of a good Gene Simmons song, better than his other ones here. "You Love Me To Hate You" is so close to being great thanks to the Desmond Child co-write. The chorus is excellent but once again the sound is awful. The pre-chorus is also awful. "Boomerang" is unique in that it's a steaming pile of garbage that is fascinatingly bad. It sucks so much and is so crazy that I kind of like it. "Read My Body" is a grotesque rip off of "Pour Some Sugar On Me" and "Lovin' Every Minute Of It". Truly an embarrassing song, it couldn't be more obvious that it's a copy. "Little Caesar" is Eric's only vocal on a KISS album. Sadly the song is nothing special and his other demos at the time were far better than the majority of this record. "King Of Hearts" is an okay tune.

Hot In The Shade sucks and so many of the songs are forgettable. You listen to them and think "okay this is bad" but then you look at the song title later and can't remember how it goes. "Forever" is the one and only great song here. Thankfully it is amazing and it's my favorite 80's Power Ballad behind W.A.S.P.'s "Forever Free" and Faster Pussycat's "House Of Pain". I never listen to this album aside from times I go through the whole KISS discography as I have been recently. You can almost hear a good record, it just needed between 3-5 songs removed, a proper producer, and re-recordings of the demoes with Eric on the drums. KISS' flawed discography is what makes them interesting.


Ac/Dc, Ballbreaker

Carrying on the trend of albums I don't listen to from bands I love we have Ac/Dc with Ballbreaker. The previous record The Razor's Edge saw the end of the band's creativity. After the brilliant opening songs like "Thunderstruck", "Fire Your Guns" and "Moneytalks" the album dipped into heavy duty filler. Ballbreaker is were the band started to sound boring. When someone says all Ac/Dc songs sound the same I disagree, because the old stuff is quite distinct. But from Ballbreaker on everything is truly the same. Brian Johnson was banned from writing after Blow Up Your Video which is a shame because Angus and Malcolm were awful at lyrics. Thus we get songs like "Hard As A Rock" and "Love Bomb" which are just dreadful. Yes I know it's Ac/Dc but lines like "her hot potatoes will elevate you", "honey bend over, touch your toes" and "let me cover you in oil" are beyond terrible.

Now, let's not get too negative here. There are a few good things to say about this record. Firstly Rick Rubin's production is fantastic. The sound is very clear and direct with excellent separation between Angus and Malcolm's guitars. Phil Rudd's drums sound awesome and it's an overall good album sonically. Maybe a bit dull but I think that has more to do with the songs. Phil was back in the band after 12 years and he slowed them down from how fast they played in the 80's. His groove is unmistakable though and he is vital to the Ac/Dc sound. "Ballbreaker" is such a silly song that I like it. A solid jam. "The Furor" is pretty decent also and "Hail Caesar" is fine. I was kind of rocking out to "Caught With Your Pants Down". This record doesn't get better when you relisten to it. Ballbreaker is a perfectly fine and okay. It doesn't have the spark and excitement that made Ac/Dc a great band.   


MR Pub / Re: Milestones
« on: December 29, 2020, 07:04:43 AM »
My 7 Year Anniversary  :o 

Now that's just crazy to me. Nothing dramatic to say to that just, wow. Time.  :blink:


Manga Art Gallery / Re: Rusinstein's Illustrations
« on: December 29, 2020, 07:01:18 AM »
Nice work as usual, the second piece has notable improvements for the lighting and definition of the character. Great job! I always really like the colouring in your art.

Music / Re: OGHM's Wacky Slappy Guitar Riffs
« on: December 29, 2020, 06:58:30 AM »
Very cool track, has a great groove and excellent dynamics. The chorus is great, the song really picks up for it. The solo is awesome and so is the Sabbath like riff at the end of it. The beat change for the last chorus is very effective also.

Music / Re: 2020 In Music
« on: December 27, 2020, 11:24:45 AM »
My Top 10 Albums Of 2020
#1. Rina Sawayama : Sawayama 

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: Tokyo Love Hotel, Paradisin', Love Me 4 Me
#2. Seiko Oomori : Kinstugi 

#3. PEDRO : Romance

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: Romance, Kanshou Ouka, Aish!teru Baby 
#4. Charli XCX : how i'm feeling now

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: forever, detonate, enemy
#5. Aimyon : Heard That There's Good Pasta 

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: Haru No Hi, Her Blue Sky, Marshmallow 
#6. Paul McCartney : McCartney III 

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: Pretty Boys, Find My Way, When Winter Comes   
#7. Anna Takeuchi : MATOUSIC

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: B.M.B, Ride On Weekend, Midnight Step
#8. YOU'LL MELT MORE!: Supriser

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: Dahlia, Surpriser!, Gachagaki 
#9. chelmico : maze

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: Easy Breezy, Disco, Limit 
#10. Machine Gun Kelly : Tickets To My Downfall

HIGHLIGHT SONGS: My Bloody Valentine, concert for aliens, WWIII   

2020 was not a bad year for music, we got some solid releases. I listened to a lot of albums this year but not very many stuck with me. After #4 on my list it could really be anything. But those top four albums are atleast stand outs to me with lots of great songs. Rina Sawayama's debut is truly a new classic for me and the best Pop album since Lorde's Melodrama.

Speaking of which 2021 promises some exciting albums. Lorde is said to have a new album which I am cautiously hyped for. I don't want to build up to disappointment, Melodrama was such an amazing record so I don't expect her next album to top it. When artists like Lorde and Kendrick vanish for years it makes you wonder if they are creatively bankrupt or just taking time to live their lives in-between albums. If SZA's album comes out that would be nice. The latest single "Good Days" was quite good. I honestly only loved one song from Ctrl, "Prom". It's such an amazing track that I hope for a few more great ones.

BAND-MAID's new album Unseen World comes out in late January. Aina The End's solo album will also come out early in the year. I really hope Kero Kero Bonito release something new. They had an interest couple singles not too long ago but nothing came of that.

break Room / Re: Merry Christmas MangaRaiders - 2020
« on: December 25, 2020, 12:29:01 PM »
 :santa: Merry Christmas Everyone, Hyvää Joulua  :santa:

I felt the Christmas spirit early with the first snow in October but it has been gone since then for me. I realized instead of focusing on what's different this year it took away from what is here this year. So I'm just enjoying this Christmas for what it is. I was being a sad sack all month over what Christmas isn't this year which made me lose sight of all the things I have to be thankful for. So Christmas is still Christmas.

Music / Re: 2020 In Music
« on: December 24, 2020, 10:24:54 AM »
McCartney III 

An enjoyable little album from ol' Paul that continues his McCartney trilogy. These are albums he makes by himself that sort of stray from his usual brand. McCartney III sounds like he had fun making it and every song has it's own distinct thing going for it. He's usually messing around with something from track to track. The sound is so raw that some of these tracks felt like I was listening to songs people make on songwriting challenge communities like February Album Writing Month and 50/90. The whole album is good to put on, it's just meant to be a fun thing. Some of these tracks sound like fairly contemporary Rock such as "Slidin'". "The Kiss Of Venus" and "When Winter Comes" give you that distinct Paul sound. My favorite song was "Pretty Boys" which was built on a great acoustic guitar riff. My least favorite was "Deep Deep Feeling" which went on for far too long at 8 minutes. It was a good one to hear a classic artist have fun making music. 



The new album from PASSCODE is a constant smash in the face. The songs are overbearing explosions of Metal and Chiptune that violently shift from section to section. You don't get a break on this album, it just keeps hitting you over and over. I got a bit tired of it by the middle, especially since the songs all sound very similar. PASSCODE have a very distinct sound that is purely their own but there is not a big range of styles on STRIVE. "Majestic" is the only song that really stood out to me. Otherwise I think PASSCODE is better in smaller chunks.


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