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break Room / Crafty Corner!
« on: February 26, 2015, 10:26:18 PM »
Hello, everyone! I love crafting (especially origami!) and I noticed there wasn't a crafting topic! So I decided to make a little gallery for anyone who does crafts of any kind (paper crafts, wood crafts, scrapbooking, knitting, clay, sewing, anything is fine!) to post pictures of their projects!

I'm going to start this thread off by posting something I just completed today. My mom got me a Totoro teacup for Christmas a few years ago, and I was too afraid to use it because it's special and I didn't want to break it. So I decided to turn it into a decoration! I have some small Totoro figurines I got from my sister awhile ago, and I went to the craft store and bought some florist foam and moss. I put the foam in the teacup, put some moss on top, and put the figures on top of that. I think the results are pretty cute! Some pictures:


So what kind of crafts do you guys do? Feel free to share! ^-^

Japanese Language / Translating - Is it a good career choice?
« on: February 05, 2015, 10:07:28 PM »
Hey guys! I could use some help...
So, I'm getting to that point where I need to start thinking seriously about what to study. I asked myself, "What kind of career do I want?" I thought and thought and all the the answers I could come up with were art/writing/creative related, which are not at all a safe or stable career choices. So then I thought, "Hey, what about being a translator?"
That's why I've come for help, I do not know much about the translating field, or if it's a good/safe choice. I'm learning Japanese, at a fairly young age too, so I think that'll benefit me. One of my biggest dreams is visiting Japan and hopefully staying for awhile, so I feel this will definitely give me that opportunity. The big questions are:
Is there a high demand for translators, especially Japanese ones? Or will it be a struggle to find a job?
Is it a well paying job? Is it something someone can support themselves on?
Do I have to have a Japanese language degree, or do I just have to pass some sort of test?
Is it a generally good/safe career choice?
Anything else I need to know?

I appreciate any kind of insight anybody can give! This is definitely something I'm seriously interested in and I'd like to learn as much as I can about it! ^-^

Manga Art Gallery / How to post images!
« on: January 21, 2015, 05:07:39 PM »
Hello, everyone!
It's been brought to my attention that we don't have one specific thread for how to post images, so I'm here to fix that!
So for those who don't know, here's a few ways do it!

The first way:

Step one: Find your image! This way will work on pretty much any site you want to take an image from. I'm going to use Google images. This works for gifs too!


Step two: Right click your image and press "View image."
If you're using Google images, there's also a button on the side of the image that says "View image."


Step three: Copy the URL.


Step four: Click the "Insert image" icon.


Final step: Past the URL in between the image code.


And here you go!

The second way:

Step one: Find your image and save it this time!


Step two: Go to a image hosting site such as Photobucket or Tinypic, and press "Upload image."


Step three: Copy the IMG link and paste it!


And you're done!

I hope this was helpful to everyone! Have fun posting your images! ^-^

Suggestions And Feedback / Suggestion: New forum emotes?
« on: January 04, 2015, 04:33:21 PM »
Hey there! I was thinking, our current emotes are getting a bit boring. :bored:
Plus I think the white behind some of them looks a bit odd with the dark background. :hmm:

So here's what I'm thinking: How about members design emotes? We could create a topic for members to post the emotes they design, and (assuming they are appropriate) they can be added to the emote list! It wouldn't be like a contest exactly, just a place for people to design and add emotes at their own pace. :thumbsup:

What does everyone think? :dance:

No, I didn't go out of my way to add a bunch of emotes to this. ::)

Manga Artists Battle Ground / MangaRaiders Second Annual Mascot Contest!
« on: October 14, 2014, 10:36:39 PM »
MangaRaiders proudly presents…
The Second Annual Mascot Contest!

That's right, it's been a year since the first annual Mascot Contest, and it’s time to choose a new mascot for the forum!

Please make sure to read all the rules before submitting your entries!

Contest rules:

When you submit your designs, you must agree to give permission for your design, if it wins, to be used by all members in both online and printed work.

We will accept both group and solo entries, and the maximum amount of members in a group will be 3.

There is a maximum of 2 designs per solo contestant or group.

There can only be 1 character in each design. In other words, you can have 2 characters, but they have to be on separate designs.

The designs cannot contain anything gory or graphic. The image will be shown all across the site for members of all ages to see, so please keep it appropriate. :noyoudon't:

The mascot can be anything you wish, as long as it follows the rules. Human, animal, whatever you think fits the forum. Let your creativity flow!

Every design must be the same size and format. The size will be A6 paper. (Pixel size varies by program)

Examples can be downloaded here:

The required format will be PNG. Please make your image’s resolution 300dpi (dots per inch). If you don’t know how to set dpi, most art/image editing programs have the option in the same section you set the image size in. If you can’t find it, you can just search it online. ^-^

If you can, please make your image's background transparent. The file must be saved as PNG to support transparency.

Please keep in mind:
The winning design will be featured all across the site, including in the site banner. Please keep that in mind while designing, that while it doesn’t have to match, the design’s colors and such should look good against the website.

Also, please try your best to make your design adaptable, so colors or clothes can be changed if the forum skin changes before the next mascot contest.

The contest deadline is March 1st. Voting will start March 2nd and end March 16th.

Our first contest received many wonderful entries, but this year we hope to receive many more! It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or an expert, this contest is open to everyone of all skill levels. All that matters is having fun!

Good luck and have fun, everybody!

Current contestants:

Current groups:   

break Room / Happy Birthday, SapphireStar~!
« on: October 09, 2014, 04:31:15 PM »
Happy Birthday to my best friend, SapphireStar! I hope you have a great birthday! :dance:

General Manga writer discussions / Churro's Character Creation Chart!
« on: July 15, 2014, 06:49:40 PM »
I made this chart quite a long time ago but I've never shared it before. It's a compilation of many character charts/forms I've found all over the internet, which I edited into one Ultimate Character Creation Chart!

I hope this helps you with your character development!

Also, let me know if you see any formatting mistakes or repeated questions. I'll fix them!


Character chart
Date this chart was completed:

Character's Full Name:
          Reason or meaning of name:

         Reason for nickname:

Astrological Sign:

Physical appearance:

How old does s/he appear?
Eye Color:
Glasses or contacts?
Type of body/build (skinny, slim, athletic, curvy, overweight, muscular, etc.):
Skin tone:
Skin type:
Shape of face:
Distinguishing Marks (Freckles, moles, tattoos, scars, etc.):
Most predominant feature:
Resembles (famous person, relative, etc.):
Is s/he healthy?                                                 
If not, why not:
Physical disabilities:
Physical abilities (what is character good at? sports, etc.):

How does s/he dress (mark as many as appropriate):


__ Expensive     __ Average     
__ Inexpensive   __  Cheap

__  Haute Couture  __  Conservative   
__  Trendy    __  Eclectic   __  Business   
__ Sexy    __  Gaudy    __  Casual   
__ Sloppy               
Does s/he dress to be noticed? Why?    

Any special jewelry?

If so, why is it special?    

Other accessories:    

What does your character wear when they go to sleep?


___ Every hair in place, very neat (Why?)
___ Average grooming
___ Clean but sloppy
___ Unkempt (Why?)

Hairstyle (long, short, crew-cut, locks, bangs, side-part etc.):    
Natural hair texture (thick, thin, wiry, smooth, wavy, curly, nappy, etc.):    
Current hair texture (if different from above):
Natural hair color:    
Current hair color (if different from above):    

Typical posture:    
___ Stiff and rigid
___ Stands straight but not stiffly
___ Average, varies with mood
___ Slumped and defeated
___ Slouchy, careless
___ Relaxed
___ Other

___ Doesn’t gesture much
___ Deliberate and controlled
___ Only when excited/upset
___ Most of the time
___ Wildly/weirdly

Common gestures (e.g. nail-biting, hair patting, drumming fingers, clenched fists, hands in pockets, etc.):    


Pace (does s/he talk fast, average, slow?):    
Accent or dialect, if any:    
Voice tone  (shrill, high, average, deep, squeaky, hoarse, harsh, authoritative, cultured, etc.):    
Any favorite/habitual words/phrases or curse words?

Describe general vocabulary or speech pattern (e.g. educated, precise, pretentious, average, childish, uneducated, vulgar…):    

___ Cool/confident
___ Volatile/moody
___ Nervous/fidgety/shy
___ Other


Mother's name (include maiden name if known/applicable):
Mother's current status: ___ living ___ deceased
(If living, her age: ____)
Relationship with her:
Mother’s occupation:
Father's name:    
Father's current status:    ___ living ___ deceased
(If living, his age: ____)
Relationship with him:
Father’s occupation:
How was their marriage?
Birth order:
Relationship with each:
What's the worst thing one of your character’s siblings ever did to them? What's the worst thing your character did to one of their siblings?
Children of Siblings:
Close to family?  Yes/No   
Other than the above, who else in the story is part of his/her extended family (e.g. cousins, aunts/uncles, grandparents, etc.)?    

When's the last time your character saw any member of their family? Where are they now?

Did your character ever meet any other family members? Who were they? What did they think of them?   

Childhood/The past

Place of birth:

Details of Town(s) or City(s):

Home Life During Childhood:

What Did His or Her Bedroom Look Like?

Best Friend:

Other Friends:


Any Sports or Clubs:

Favorite Toy or Game:


Favorite Subject:

Popular or Loner:

Health Problems:

Book-smart or street-smart?

Was his/her childhood happy? Troubled? Dull? (And does the character remember it accurately?)    

 Earliest memory:    


Saddest memory:    


Happiest memory:    


How much school did s/he attend, if any?
Did/does s/he like school? Why or why not?    

What one act in your character’s past are they most ashamed of?

What one act in your character’s past are they most proud of?

How old was your character when they went on their first date?

What were they like in high school? What "clique" did they best fit in with?

What were your character’s high school goals?

Most significant childhood event:    


Other significant childhood events, if any?    

Major accidents or traumas?

How is s/he still affected, if at all?    

Past jobs:


Bad Habits:

Good Habits:

Best Characteristic:

Worst Characteristic:

Worst Memory:

Best Memory:

Proud of:

Embarrassed by:

Strong Points:







Feels Vulnerable When:

Pet Peeves:


Current Short Term Goals and Hopes:

Current Long Term Goals and Hopes:

Does s/he plan to achieve these goals, or does s/he think they're unrealistic?    

Will others be affected?

If yes, does it matter to the character?    

What, if anything, is stopping him/her from achieving these goals?

Exercise Routine:

Day or Night Person:

Introvert or Extrovert:

Drives and motivations?

Talents (hidden or not)?

Extremely skilled at:

Extremely unskilled at:

Good characteristics:

Character flaws:




What hobbies does your character have?

Who is your character’s closest friend? Describe them and how they relate to them.

Who is your character’s worst enemy? Describe them and why they don't get along.

Has your character read any good books? What were they?

What type of places does your character hang out in with their friends?

What annoys your character more than anything else?

What would be the perfect gift for your character?

What's the most beautiful thing your character’s ever seen?


One word character would use to describe self:
What does character consider best physical characteristic?
What does character consider worst physical characteristic?
Are these realistic assessments?
If not, why not?
How do they think others perceive him/her?

What four things would CHARACTER most like to change about self? (#1 most important, #2 second most important, etc.)

If change #1 was made, would character be as happy as s/he thinks?
If not, why not?

Relationships with others

Is character divorced? Why?
If yes, how many times?
Has character ever cheated on any significant other?
How does character relate to others?
How is s/he perceived by...
Past spouse/lovers?    
Own children, if any?    
Other family members    
The opposite sex?    
Children in general?    
Others who are more successful?    
Others who are less successful?    
Boss (if any)?    
Underlings at work?    
Authority (police, IRS, politicians, attorneys, doctors, etc.)?    
Anyone who challenges him or her?    
Anyone who angers him or her?    
Anyone who asks for help?    
First impression character makes is:
What happens to change this perception?
What do family/friends like most about character?
What do family/friends like least about character?
Who, if anyone, is his/her best or closest friend?    
Other close friends:
Any secret attractions? If so, does the other person know it? Has there been any actual romantic/sexual activity?    
In romantic relationships, is s/he generally monogamous or uncommitted? (If the latter, is s/he honest w/ partners?)    
Whom does s/he dislikes most, and why?    
Whom does s/he like most, and why?    
Who's the most important person in his/her life right now, and why?    

Whom does s/he admire (nonromantic), and why?    

Biggest influence, and why (famous or not)?    


Whom (if anyone) does s/he consider an enemy, and why?    

Person s/he most misunderstands or misjudges:    
Person who most misunderstands or misjudges him or her:    
Has s/he's lost touch with anyone who was once significant in his/her life? If so, why?    

Worst end of a relationship (could be friend, romantic, colleague...)    

Whom does s/he most rely on for practical advice?    
Whom does s/he most rely on for emotional support?    
Whom, if anyone, does s/he support (e.g. advice or emotional support)?    

Likes and dislikes

Greatest Want:
Greatest Need:
What time of day is your character’s favorite?

What kind of weather is your character’s favorite?

What is your character’s favorite food?
Least favorite food?

What is your character’s favorite drink? (Coffee, Coke, Juice, Beer, Wine, etc.)

What does  your character find most relaxing? (Not as in stress relief, but as something that actually calms your character down.)

Miscellaneous questions

Has your character ever been in an argument before? Over what, with who, and who won?

Has your character ever been in a physical fight before? Over what, with who, and who won?

Does your character think the future is hopeful? Why?

What does your character think is the worst thing that can be done to another person? Why?

What's the worst thing your character could actually do to someone they hated?

Does your character think redemption is possible? If so, can anyone be redeemed, or are there only certain circumstances that can be? If not, why do you think nothing can redeem itself?

Is it okay for your character to cry? When was the last time your character cried?

What is the thing that has frightened your character most?

Has anyone or anything your character ever cared about died? How did you feel about it? What happened?

What was the worst injury your character ever received? How did it happen?

How ticklish is your character? Where is your character ticklish?

How private of a person is your character? Why?

If your character were to gain an obscenely large sum of money (via an inheritance, a lawsuit, a lottery, or anything else) what would your character do with it?

What would your character wish for if they found a genie?

What does your character do when they are bored?

What is the most frightening potential handicap or disfigurement your character can conceive of? What makes it so frightening?

Where does your character live? Describe it: Is it messy, neat, avant-garde, sparse, etc.?

Does your character own a car? Describe it.
What is your character’s most prized possession? Why does your character value it so much?

What about your character is heroic?

What does he/she actively work to gain, keep or protect?

What event or occurrence does s/he most dread or fear?

Which person in his/her life would s/he most want to emulate?

Which person in his/her life would s/he least want to emulate?

How does your character react to change?

How does your character react to a crisis?

Does your character have any secrets?

If yes, does anybody know these secrets?

If yes, how did they find out? Were they told or did they find out some other way?
Does s/he believe in fate or destiny? Is s/he superstitious?

Most comfortable when ... (alone, hanging w/friends, drinking, etc.):    
Most uncomfortable when ... (in a crowd, alone, speaking in public, etc.:    

Is s/he cautious, brave, or reckless in his/her approach to life?    

What does s/he most value/prioritize? (family, money, success, religion, etc.)    

What would he/she be willing to die for?    

Is s/he generally compassionate, sensitive to others? Or self-involved/selfish/oblivious?    

Does s/he rent or own?    

Brief description of home (apartment, house, trailer, etc.):

CosPlay / Cosplay help?
« on: July 15, 2014, 03:07:23 PM »
Okay, so I'm probably going to go to this big Halloween party this year, and I want a nice costume. So I'm considering trying my first cosplay!

I'm considering this character:

I have a good wig for her from an old costume, but the problem is... Well, the rest.
I'm probably not going to have much money to put towards this. A lot might have to be home made.
I can't sew... But I'm willing to learn! Though even if I start learning now I don't think I'll be able to do anything beyond beginner level.

So, is there hope that I could do it this year? I have plenty of easier ideas that I like a lot, but she's one of my favorites and I won't have to buy a new wig, which is good because I rarely use wigs for anything. Does anybody have any ideas for an easy, cheap way to do this? Or should I just move on to another character?


Develop Your Story / Gaikoku Raita! (Previously Team MissRiverJoy)
« on: July 11, 2014, 04:51:55 PM »
This is the thread where Team MissRiverJoy (Churro, Echo, Ginger, and Dr. Striker.) can discuss our upcoming stories and projects!

Current projects:

Red Fury
Light Novel - Fantasy, Adventure.
Churro- Digital Artist, Color Artist.
Echo - Main Writer, Concept Artist.
Ginger - Creator, Co-Writer, Dialogue.

Future projects:
We Will March On
Myth of Progress
Elemental Flashpoint
Winter Ashes

General Discussion / Traditional animation help?
« on: June 30, 2014, 04:57:32 PM »
Okay, so I got a light / tracing board last Christmas, and I'd really like to use it more. So I want to attempt a traditional, hand-drawn animation!

The problem is, I only know so much about actually creating an animation, and I can't find much advice on it.
So if you guys know absolutely anything about the process, please let me know! ^-^

If I think of any specific questions, I'll add them later. ::)

Music / Do you listen to music when you draw/write?
« on: June 27, 2014, 03:45:17 PM »
While putting together some new playlists on Spotify, I began to wonder, do you listen to music while you draw/write? If so, what kind? Does it depend on what you're drawing/writing?

I personally have a very difficult time drawing/writing without music. Music helps me focus on so many things, and I would probably hardly get a thing done without out it.
What kind I listen to depends on the drawing/story... If I really need to focus I listen to a "Relaxation" or "Focus" playlist on Spotify or Pandora. Otherwise, I listen to something that's "themed" to my drawing/writing... Some examples:
 If I'm drawing fanart, I'll listen to the soundtrack of the anime/show/movie/game. If it's a manga or book I'm drawing fanart from, I'll try to find other music that would fit the story. If I'm writing sci-fi, I'll listen to Electronic or Vocaloid songs, if I'm writing fantasy, I'll listen to things like "The Lord of The Rings" soundtrack and songs by Akiko Shikata, if I'm drawing an original character, I'll listen to songs that fit their personality, etc.
Listening to themed music really helps me get into the right mood! ^-^

What about you?

General Discussion / Sound effects?
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:08:06 PM »
I'm hoping this is the right place to put this haha...
So I was wondering, when you draw or read a manga/comic, how do you like the sound effects? Lots of sound effects? Minimal sound effects? None at all? Does it differ depending on if it's an English or Japanese manga/comic?

I personally don't mind sound effects if they're Japanese, but for some reason, English sound effects don't look as attractive to me and I prefer fewer.
However, Japanese or not, I feel like some scenes, even if they have a loud sound or something, shouldn't have sound effects because they can clutter the page and distract from the actual event.

Which raises another question, how do you feel about Japanese sound effects in English manga? I was actually considering using Japanese sound effects in my manga because I like the look of them a lot more, but I feel like it just wouldn't make much sense considering it's an English manga, and would probably take away from it since I'd probably have to add a translation at the top or bottom of the page. :hmm:

Anime Talk / Your Summer Anime Watchlist?
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:06:24 PM »
I've seen several topics discussing summer anime, but I was wondering, what is on your anime watchlist this summer? It doesn't have to be a summer season anime, just any anime you hope to watch this summer! :dance:

My watchlist so far:
Magi (Currently watching)
Full Metal Alchemist

break Room / Foods in other countries?
« on: June 06, 2014, 11:46:16 PM »
So, this is something pretty random... But I've been curious about it recently, and since I've noticed many MR members are from all around the world, I thought I'd ask you all...

What foods are popular/common in your country?

As for America... It's hard for me to say...
I've grown up with foods influenced by all sorts of cultures (Especially European, since my mom grew up in Germany) and I don't know what's really "American"...
I guess I would consider Southern food to be "American."

It also really depends on where you are in America. Many parts of America have completely different food cultures of their own. Is it like this in your country as well?

I can't wait to hear what you eat in your country! ^-^

Manga Art Gallery / .:Churro's Gallery:.
« on: May 20, 2014, 09:21:29 PM »
Hey there everyone! I'm going to be creating a lot more art soon, so I thought I'd go ahead and make a gallery!

I'm going to start with some of my older art... I believe I've posted all of these older ones in other places on the forum, but I figured I'd go ahead and put them all here.

My Eyes of Naruto series from 2013 (all colored in GIMP with a computer mouse):

Minato Namikaze from Naruto, from last year:

A human version of Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, a birthday gift from last year to my best friend! Colored in FireAlpaca with a computer mouse:

"Draw this again" meme, a fanart of one of SophieChan's original artworks. Done in 2011, 2012, and 2013:

Finally, some new art!

An iPhone background of Ene from Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project:

Here's a speedpaint of this drawing:

Here's a link to another version, where Ene is smaller and looks better as an iPhone background:

Okay, I'm working on several drawings right now, and hopefully I'll get them finished and uploaded soon!
For now, let me know what you think about these! ^-^

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