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Music / Churro's Attempts At Music
« on: August 29, 2017, 10:16:22 PM »
Hey guys!! I've been having an awful art block, so instead of trying to draw, I've picked up an interest in music over the summer. Specifically, Vaporwave and chill beats. I just finished the first half of my first piece, UNREQUITED, for my first album called "False Memories." It's far from perfect and definitely not Vaporwave-y enough for my liking, but I'd like to go ahead and post it and get some feedback on how I can improve it! Without further ado, here it is:


(Made in GarageBand on Mac)

break Room / An explanation... (I'm back, but different)
« on: April 29, 2017, 10:44:10 PM »
Hello, everyone! Long time, no see.

First of all, I’d like to apologize for my disappearance. I know I’ve disappeared multiple times in the past, but this was by far my longest time away from the site. Second of all, as a moderator and someone who swore to stay active and committed to this place, I think I owe it to you guys to finally explain why I keep vanishing like this. It’s not going to be a very fun post, and it’s certainly not going to be very kawaii of me, but it’s something I definitely need to get off my chest and feel like you guys should know as well.

I don’t really know how to say it, so I’ll get straight to the point: the Churro you know isn’t me, she’s a persona I play. I’m not lying about my identity or anything of course, I really am an 18-year-old girl who loves cute animals and all things pink, but I guess you could say that Churro is somewhat of a fake fantasy version of myself or who I would rather be. She’s bright, she’s confident, and she’s happy.  Then there’s the real Churro. When I was 9 years old, I developed a debilitating panic disorder that kept me from even leaving the house other than out of necessity. I didn’t sleep, I could barely eat, and I repeatedly indulged in dangerous behaviors such as washing my hands until they bled because I could never feel clean enough until I no longer had skin. When I was about 13, I had finally fully overcome the disorder and never had another panic attack. But that wasn’t the end. As soon as I overcame the panic disorder, I slipped into an emotionally numbing depression. I haven’t gotten any better.  I’m not even sad, I’m just numb to the world. It’s kind of scary, actually, because it’s getting to the point where I can’t even cling onto memories of what emotions were like. It’s fading away, and my fear is that one day I won’t remember what feelings were like at all or even remember that I ever could feel them.

The mental disorders, of course, are worsened by the physical ones. I have chronic pain, a permanent spinal malformation, chronic fatigue, a sleep disruption in my nasal, and chronic memory loss. Not to mention the dyscalculia (dyslexia but with numbers/math). Though I’m legally disabled, since I can (even with pain) still work like an abled person, I’m disregarded and ignored when I need accommodation for my problems. That sucks. Also, people think my memory loss and dyscalculia = stupidity. I’ll be honest, I’m not the brightest bulb in the box, but I’m no idiot. I have an IQ in the 140s, I’ve had a college-level education of English and grammar since I was in middle school, and I’ve had people I barely know go out of their way to tell me that I’m one of the wisest young adults they’ve ever met. I know this sounds like I’m tooting my own horn, but I don’t actually believe I’m all that smart (and definitely not that wise lol), I just don’t think I’m dumb because I can’t remember what you told me five minutes ago or I take longer than average to work out a simple math problem, and I think those are all good examples of why I don’t think I’m all that dull. Okay--I strayed off topic here. The point is that, even in adulthood, I get bullied a lot for being “slow/thick-skulled” (or, as my grandmother likes to say, “a dimbrain who should get married now while you’re still pretty, because you won’t be able to get into college.” Thanks, grandma.) and that just adds to the whole mess of why I’m just not a very happy or confident person.

What does any of this have to do with disappearing from MR? It’s like this: Churro is the me I want to be, and over all of my time here I’ve obsessed over keeping her perfect and not letting my real self slip through the cracks in that pink-haired, purple-eyed mask. That, in my already difficult life, is a very daunting task to keep up. Going online and carefully orchestrating messages so that you seem happier, smarter, more confident, and better than you really are is not something I could keep up with when I was having my bad episodes. When my chronic illnesses flared up or when I could barely get myself up out of bed because I just didn’t see the point in just repeating motions every day, putting on a mask and playing Churro is the last thing I wanted to do. And those days have been becoming more and more frequent. Adulthood has been hitting me hard, my parents have gotten divorced, my friends are having a hard time putting up with my mental and physical slips and leaving one by one, have been trying to get into college while fighting the voices playing through my head telling me I'm too stupid and wasting my time, and have been struggling through an abusive job and the stress of job-hunting for a better one that will actually compensate for my disabilities and, you know, pay me.

It was all too much, and my energy for Churro was at 0%. It still is… so, I’m back. But I’m putting my mask away. I’m sorry to everyone who has high expectations for me to be the Churro you’ve known, but all I want is to be able to come back to the site I love and actually be able to enjoy it instead of drain my energy on a façade.

Thank you to everyone who reads this whole thing, and thank you even more to everyone who’s still going to stick by me even if I might seem different now. I'm glad to be back, and relieved to have finally allowed myself to stop pretending.

Churro (the real one this time)

MR Pub / Happy Birthday, Echo_River!
« on: October 20, 2016, 11:05:04 AM »
Happy birthday to one of my longest and closest friends here on MR! I hope you have a good one!  :heart:  :cake:

General Manga writer discussions / NaNoWriMo Writers Guild
« on: October 14, 2016, 11:01:33 PM »

NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month, is upon us this November (for those who don't know about NaNoWriMo, you can read more here: http://nanowrimo.org/) and I've decided to put together a Skype group full of writers participating in the challenge so that we can offer other each other support, inspiration, and motivation to make it to 50k! If anybody is interested in joining us, please post your Skype name here or send it to me via PM, and I will add you to the group. I look forward to seeing you guys there!

Hello everyone! Echo_River and I have been working on Matsuri (view here: http://mangamatsuri.freeforums.net/), a multi-editor digital magazine focusing on anime, manga, art, and writing. For the first issue in July, we didn't struggle too much, but unfortunately with our busying schedules it's become too difficult to publish an entire monthly magazine with just the two of us. That's why we're officially recruiting writers to help us create articles for the magazine! This is a just-for-fun project so it is unpaid, but I know many of you here find enjoyment in writing anime reviews, analyses, and other similar content so this is a great opportunity to put it all together in one publication!

If you're interested, please post here or send me a PM and I'll send you the application details! :thumbsup:

Churro’s Guide to Being Productive (for when you feel like garbage)

Everyone has those days where you have projects to complete, tasks to accomplish, and things to do but you just feel plain lousy and would much rather procrastinate and rest all day. As some of you know, I have a chronic pain/fatigue disease so I know this feeling well. How do I handle it? Well, I’ve put together a simple and honest guide to share with you the steps I take to improve my productivity in any little way that I can! Ready? Let’s jump in!

First things first: refreshing your body and brain.

Keeping your body and brain healthy and energized can help exponentially when it comes to being productive. Not treating yourself right can be a big reason you feel like garbage in the first place! Here’s a list of things you can do to start your day of productivity:

• If you can, wake up early. (Yes, even in summer.)
Yes, I know you’d rather sleep in whenever you have the chance. However, there are a lot of benefits to waking up earlier in the morning, such as:

• Studies show that the average adult brain runs at maximum efficiency between 6AM and 9AM, meaning you’re most mentally powerful when you’re an early bird instead of a night owl!
• Mornings are normally calm and quiet, perfect for getting some peaceful time to focus.
• You feel good once you realize you’ve completed all of your tasks for the day and it’s only lunchtime. Now you have the rest of the day to do that stuff you enjoy. Knowing this can be a huge motivator on its own!

So set that alarm and get up! You’ll be glad you did.

• Take a shower
Especially a cold one. It’ll wake you up and make your brain more alert. Besides, you’ve probably even been procrastinating on a shower! Get to it!

• Put on real people clothes.
Seriously, even if you’re working from home, don’t wear pajamas or anything like that. Putting on real clothes, even if they’re workout clothes (I normally throw on some yoga pants and a workout t-shirt), can really make your brain alert and tell it that you’re actually doing something today.

• You are what you eat.
Put that ramen down and get a legitimate breakfast, for heaven’s sake! Even a banana and some tea is good enough to kick your metabolism into gear. Avoid anything heavy throughout the day, too. Snacking on fruit, nuts, and similar will keep you energized, while eating something heavy or fatty will make your system sluggish.

• Cleanse your brain.
For just a few minutes, sit, listen, meditate, or do whatever you need to do to clear out your thoughts. First thing when I wake up, I do a quick 5-minute meditation session to sort my thoughts and relax my mind. You can even just spend a minute or two practicing “mindful awareness” where you do nothing but observe your physical and mental state, as well as the sounds and feelings around you. This will help you de-clutter any thoughts that will get in the way of your productivity.

• Exercise, even the slightest bit!
Stretch, do some jumping jacks, go catch some Pokémon, dance to your favorite K-pop song, do anything to get your blood pumping and let your body know that there’ll be no lazing around today!

“Okay, I’m up and moving… now how do I actually be productive?!”

Patience, young grasshopper. We’re getting there. If you’ve finished your refreshing morning routine, you’ve already set yourself up for a perfectly productive day. Now, you just have to actually do it. This is where you can hit that bump in the road and want to turn back, huh? Well, too bad. Time is ticking and your deadlines aren’t going to magically vanish! Don’t worry, I’ll help you out. Here are some tips for maximum productivity:

• Eliminate distractions and unplug what you can.
Got gaming systems? Shut ‘em off.  Don’t need your phone for any of the work? Use an app like FocusNow or Forest (I believe there's even a website you can open on your phone that donates water to those in need. The longer you don't use your phone, the more water is donated.) to avoid touching it, without having to power it off (in case of emergency or communication needs). Don’t need your computer for the work, either? Shut it down, or if you really need it on, there are similar focus apps for computers as well.

• Use a planner!
I personally use the bullet journal system, but there are dozens of various planner setups you can use to lay out your tasks for the day. They may seem unnecessary, but trust me, laying every task for the day (and only that day! Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many future tasks and events at once!) out on paper is really useful for keeping your thoughts in order and your productivity on track.

• Treat yo’self.
Which sounds better: “Write this essay right now!” or “If you write this essay, you can watch an episode of your favorite TV show.”? The second one definitely sounds a bit more appealing, so, set up a reward system for yourself! Don’t allow yourself to do that thing you’re looking forward to until after you complete a certain amount of work. I wouldn’t recommend it being a time goal, though. It’s easy to set a timer and spin in your desk chair for 30 minutes while you pretend to work. Try to aim for goals like “write two paragraphs” instead.

• Take breaks!
Sitting down and cranking out work for hours on end isn’t good in any aspect. It’ll burn out your mental energy, affect your health (seriously – sitting for long periods of time can be deadly! Avoid it when you can!), and can even impact the quality of your work. This can easily be fixed by making sure to get up and take a break after certain periods of time, and refresh yourself physically and mentally before returning to your task.  Some people enjoy the Pomodoro technique (you can find a free app for your phone!) in which you focus on a task for 25 minutes then take a 5 minute break.  I don’t personally use it because I prefer to have a longer break time so I can exercise or do another refreshing activity… so what I’d recommend is playing around with splitting up work and break time to see what works best for you personally. As long as you’re taking breaks to care for your health, it doesn’t matter if you split up the time to a specific technique or not!

• Find motivation that works for you.
“Motivation” means something different to everyone. Some people prefer to motivate themselves with pretty pictures that are #goals and kind words of encouragement while others might prefer a more “get your lazy butt to work you useless scumbag!” approach. Don’t just Google “motivating speech” or “inspiring pictures” and expect it to work for you. Everyone has different goals and different ideas of what will motivate them to aim for that goal, so make sure to surround yourself with what motivates you, not just what motivates other people.

• Create a workspace that encourages productivity.
“Gee, I just can’t wait to work in my dark room on my cluttered, dusty desk that smells like old pizza!” - Said no one, ever.
Tidy that desk, open those curtains (or entire window if the weather’s nice! Fresh air will do you good.), light a candle, play some solo piano music, hang up some pictures of your pet… do anything that you need to do to make your workspace fresh, bright, and appealing to work in. Trust me, this will help a lot!

• Caffeinate responsibly.
We all have those days where caffeine goes from a luxury to a necessity. Back when I was trying to cram five pages a day for my manga Long Xue, I kept an entire pot of black tea on my desk every day and finished it off within an hour or two. Don’t do this. Caffeine, especially coffee and energy drinks, not only does a lot of bad for your system in the long run with its effect on your brain and addiction forming qualities, but it also has immediate side effects that will compromise your work. It’ll put you in a tough position where you’ll either end up crashing by mid-afternoon or reaching for another cup which will compromise your sleep quality. Drink caffeine only as needed and avoid the stronger stuff!

• Tell everyone what you’re doing. Even your fish.
Don’t just tell yourself you’ll complete that project by Monday, because it’s pretty easy to break promises to yourself. Tell your friends, your classmates, your family members, your pets, your plants, the confused grocery store clerk, that weird neighbor kid you always find hanging out around your mailbox… tell everyone that you’ll complete that project by Monday. Make that promise to the world, and it becomes a much harder promise to break.

“Well, I ended up procrastinating anyway and now I have a project to submit by midnight tonight… what do I do now?!”

Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us. However, now we’re in a little bit of a sticky situation… you’re overwhelmed and panicking, which only promotes procrastination further. Calm down, because we can do this! Here's a few extra tips for when push comes to shove:

• Split it up!
The best way to avoid getting overwhelmed by a project is splitting up the big picture into a bunch of small tasks. Take out a sheet of paper or a computer document and break down your project into small tasks in the order they will be done. So, for instance, you might turn the project “write an essay” into steps like “gather research and source material” and “write opening statement.” Now, once you have it all broken up, take that very first step and move it onto its own page. Hide the rest of the steps away. The only step you need to focus on is the first one, the rest don’t exist. Once you have that step completed, take the second step and do the same process. Repeat until you complete the final task!

• Know what can be sacrificed.
When you’re on a tight schedule, you might have to give up some things to be able to meet the deadline. Take a minute or two to analyze your project and ask yourself things like: where can I sacrifice quality? Where can’t I? Once you have that sorted out, it’s much easier to focus on the most important aspects and pay less attention to those where quality can be sacrificed.

• Embrace help.
Yeah, yeah… we all want to complete our work 100% on our own with no help or exceptions. But sometimes we also need to accept the reality that, unless you know something I don’t, we’re all human and we have limitations. Ask for help and assistance whenever you can, and if there’s a serious problem that has held you back besides basic procrastination (for instance, a physical or mental health issue) then don’t be afraid to ask your teacher or boss if they can extend the deadline for you.

And that’s that!

Congratulations, you made it to the end! Not all of the tips I provided will work for everyone, seeing as I based it off of what helps me personally, so don’t be afraid to pick, choose, and alter to however it fits to you and hopefully you’ll then have a completely successful and productive day despite the fact that you feel like utter garbage! Perhaps you’ll feel less garbage-y now, too. I hope this helped, and feel free to share your own tips and tricks that work for you!

- Churro, the girl who knows (approximately) what she’s talking about.

break Room / MangaRaiders Tea Room Podcast
« on: August 16, 2016, 02:31:05 PM »
Welcome to the Tea Room, the show in which the ladies of MR take over the Happy Hour and fill it with sugar, spice, and everything anime!


Episode 1 - Pilot: One-Winging It

"Churro, Echo, and Robin gather around the tea table for the very first time to discuss anime, writing, and the weather... all while trying not to say the word 'um'!"


<a href="https://www.youtube.com/v/watch?v=yZN_5ppAWzA" target="_blank" class="new_win">https://www.youtube.com/v/watch?v=yZN_5ppAWzA</a>

General Discussion / Requests needed for the Color Palette Challenge!
« on: July 11, 2016, 03:15:20 PM »
I tend to stick to pretty basic/realistic colors in my illustrations, so I decided I want to experiment and participate in the Color Palette Challenge!

How it works: Below, I'll be posting a selection of color palettes I found from another artist participating in the challenge. I need you guys to request a character (from an anime, manga, video game, cartoon, or anything really!) you'd like to see me draw, and pick a color palette you'd like to see them drawn in! I won't necessarily accept every request depending on how comfortable I am with drawing the character, and I'm probably going to be more keen to select requests of characters I know, but I'm willing to step outside of my comfort zone so feel free to request whoever you want! Thanks, guys! ^^

The palettes:

General Discussion / The weirdest thing you've done for art?
« on: May 03, 2016, 04:57:21 PM »
So while trying to draw a character with a cape/cloak carrying a child on his back, I was trying to visualize how the child's legs would fit around the cape and how the cape would lay... but I couldn't find a reference online. That's how I ended up with a Disney blanket tied around my shoulders with a giant toy wolf on my back.

And that got me thinking: What's the weirdest thing you've done for art (or writing)? ::)

General Manga writer discussions / Handwriting help?
« on: March 28, 2016, 03:10:16 PM »
So this is a bit random for MR, but I've been wanting to start journaling / letter art / writing my stories on paper more... but I really can't stand my handwriting. I've always had trouble with it and it's always been bad, but the thing is that I practice constantly but it never seems to improve. It's something I'm quite self-conscious about since I've been made fun of for it a lot (even by my own family. :push:) and I'd really like to improve it, but I'm just not sure how. I've done lots of tip searching and tried everything I can think of, and I constantly practice but clearly I'm doing something wrong, since I've improved very little since I've started. :hmm:

Does anybody have any tips or practices I can try? Thanks! :thumbsup:

Hey guys! So some of you may have seen, I started a manga project to enter into a contest. I had from December 17th to March 17th to completely write and draw the whole thing single-handedly. I knew it was going to be quite a challenge, but I was confident. Sadly, I wound up being a little too confident, and ended up being unable to finish before my deadline. So I decided to sit down and think: why didn’t I make it? What went wrong?

I wrote down everything that I could think of that went wrong, in hopes of reminding myself for the future, as well as helping others looking for some tips on how to work efficiently under time constraints. I hope you find them helpful! So, here they are:

Progress over perfection.

If you told me this when I started, I would’ve said “Never! Always aim for perfection!”

…And boy, would I have been wrong. It didn’t take me long to learn this lesson... 7 pages, to be exact. After drawing 7 pages with the goal of perfection, over two weeks had passed and I realized that was not going to work. I started to accept whatever I could do – Copy+pasting, simpler poses, simpler panel layouts, or less detailed characters. I had to cut out panels or even entire pages, and even had to say goodbye to a long fight scene I had really wanted to keep. I set myself a goal (such as two pages a day) and I took whatever quality work I could get within the time of that goal, no matter how much better I could’ve done. You may not be happy with the quality, but at least you’ll make the deadline.

It’s better to finish with lower quality work than what you’d hoped than to not finish at all and let all your work go to waste.

Expect the unexpected. Overestimate!

To my knowledge, I had a pretty free schedule through December-March, so I could plan to draw almost every day, right?! Nope! Almost everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. Be it developing carpal tunnel and having to rest my arm for 2 weeks, spontaneously scheduled appointments, or visits from family that I had to take time off for, lots got in my way. This set me back a lot… So what you should always do is overestimate how long it’ll take you to do something. When you’re writing up your schedule, and you think “I could draw this many pages in 3 days.” make your goal 4, 5, or 6 days instead. This gives you wiggle room for when the unexpected happens. It also gives you encouragement when you’re going at the pace you expected and you see you’re ahead of schedule, or when spontaneous events do happen and you see you still have time.

Don’t neglect storyboarding!

I was on too tight of a time constraint for my liking, and was trying to eliminate unnecessary processes from my work load. “Storyboards are good if you have a long time, but who really needs storyboards?” Churro said.

You do, Churro. You do.

Thanks to my lack of storyboards and underestimating how large certain elements can be, my pages wound up cramped and I wasted more time trying to re-work my pages to fit in speech bubbles and sound effects than it would’ve been just to sketch up a quick storyboard for placement reference. Unless you really don’t have time, storyboards can never hurt.

It’s okay, you’ve still got time.

Being stressed and overwhelmed is a great way to kill motivation and productivity. When I looked at my calendar and saw I only had 10 of my 40 pages sketched, and only just over a month to finish, I panicked. I wasn’t going to make it, I worked this hard for nothing!

I decided to express these feelings to someone close to me, and this is the response I got: “But is today March 17th? Nope. You’re fine.”

And that’s when it hit me… You’re not out of time until the deadline’s passed. Don’t fret when you don’t need to, just give yourself a slap in the face and get back to work. It’s fine, you’ve still got time. Don’t waste it by worrying about whether or not you’ll finish.

Don’t forget to rest!

When I was writing up my schedule, there was one very important thing I forgot to account for: rest.
Taking care of yourself and your health is necessary for drawing manga. An unwell body and tired mind affects the quality and speed of your work. I have some chronic pain disorders and fatigue that goes along with them, so I wasn’t exactly in peak health when I started work on this… So the messed up sleep schedule and mental exertion did not help the situation at all. My manga could’ve gone a lot faster if I had realized at the time just how exerting it could be, and allowed myself the proper rest. This was probably one of the biggest reasons I couldn’t make the deadline… the last week or so, I had been averaging 4 or 5 hours of sleep, and giving myself no time to take a break or rest. The night of the deadline, I was up until 5AM despite only getting a few hours of sleep the last several nights before, and wound up so nauseous, feverish, and shaky that I could no longer even focus my eyes on the screen and had no choice but to surrender to sleep.

I know you want to think “It’s just drawing, it won’t be that hard on me” but that’s what I thought, too. Exhaustion or mental over-exertion can seriously affect you, no matter your current health state or if all-nighters are nothing new to you. If you can’t be bothered to take care of yourself for the sake of your own wellbeing, take care of yourself for the sake of improving your drawing quality and productivity.

Recognizing how far you’ve gotten (and your true goals).

When you’re in a tight time constraint, especially if you’re in a competition, it’s easy to become intimidated and doubt yourself. If you see some really awesome competitors, it’s hard to convince yourself that you even stand a chance. So consider this instead: You’ve made it this far. Even if you’re only in the first few steps of the process, you’ve made it this far. Why turn back now? What would you gain? Nothing.

Sure, you may not win, but if you persevere and complete your project, you’ll still gain something. You’ll have personal accomplishments (for instance, for me it was things like “first full manga drawn”, “first manga competition entered”, etc.),the knowledge that things got tough but you were able to keep pushing through, and a completed piece of work that you can hold in your own two hands and feel proud of. That may not seem like much now, but once you cross that finish line and take a look back at what you’ve done, you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you need some extra encouragement, write yourself a list of things you’ll be achieving by completing your project and look back at it when you’re feeling doubtful.

I think it’s also good to stop and consider your true goals. I may not have crossed the finish line, but I feel like I did. I was pretty upset that night, when I could no longer continue and was forced to give up. That felt awful. But the next morning, when I had gotten sleep and had time to truly consider it… I wasn’t that upset anymore. Because even if I didn’t cross the finish line, I crossed my finish line. I soon realized that I stopped caring about winning long ago and began to care more about completing the manga itself, for my own gain. Entering the contest would’ve just been a bonus perk in addition to that.

If you realize your true goals, it’s easier to come to peace with your work no matter the outcome.

Efficiency is key.

Now, this one I’m a little ashamed of considering things like efficiency talents run in my family. I soon learned, though, that while I may be fine with efficiency in a business setting… I’m quite bad at it with art! I was all over the place. Sketching one page, then jumping around to ink another, then tone another, then add a few colors to the cover… I think it’s because I didn’t give myself breaks and got bored. I was jumping all over the place because I couldn’t bring myself to focus on one thing… so, what can you do about this?
Make a schedule and stick to it. Like I said earlier, overestimate how long it’ll take you to do things. Don’t forget to include time for resting and breaks.

Now, efficiency is different for everyone depending on how your brain works. Different ways will work with different people, so I can’t tell you exactly how to plan your schedule or what you should do in which order. For this, I recommend making a few test pages with different processes. Is it easier for you to sketch, ink, tone, and add dialogue to a single page all at once, one by one? Is it easier to sketch all the pages, then ink all the pages, etc.? Just try a few things and see what works, then make your schedule based off of it.


So, yeah! I suppose most of these are pretty n00b mistakes, but let’s be honest, it was my first ever manga. I was a n00b. ::) For those who are considering doing these sorts of things for the first time, these can be easy mistakes to make, so please don’t get overly-confident and think you’re above them! Try to keep your head out of the clouds the best you can.

I hope these were helpful, and if you have anything you learned from your own experiences to add, feel free to do so! :thumbsup:

Members Manga / Lóng Xuè
« on: March 19, 2016, 01:51:41 PM »
Hey guys! So right now, my manga has 12 pages completely inked and toned with dialogue added. The rest is just inked, so I was originally just gonna add dialogue and post the whole thing here and be done with it, but... I decided that I wouldn't really be happy posting it unfinished just yet. ::) So! Here's what I'm going to do: I'll post the first 12 pages now, and then once a month or so, I'll finish and post another 10. There's 40 pages, so it'll only take a few months to get this whole thing up.

I plan on re-drawing the manga in the future (not anytime soon, though... I think I've had enough for now!) so any critiques you can offer me would be greatly appreciated!

I hope you all enjoy. Without further ado... Here is... Lóng Xuè!

(Read right to left!)

The time has come... for the vote!!! A big thank you to everyone for your wonderful entries! If I remember correctly, we've exceeded last year's amount! :dance: Next year, let's aim even higher! But for now, you can all rest~ :sleep:

Alright, now presenting our entries!

1: darlingGrim's:


2: suupertramp's:


3: aztecsensei's:


4: Killer B's 1:


5: Killer B's 2:


6: Manimal's:


7: Vio's:


8: han ki-tae's:


The vote will run for 2 weeks. Best of luck to everyone! Let the voting begin! :dance:

Anime Talk / Thoughts on Otaku/Weeaboo culture?
« on: February 16, 2016, 06:05:54 PM »
MisterSherbertLemon has inspired me to make a video for the MR YouTube channel about Otaku/Weeaboo culture and why it's problematic, and I'm trying to gather material for it! If you guys have any thoughts or opinions on it, or perhaps some videos or other material I can research / reference, please share here! I'm trying to gather as much as I can for the video. Thanks! :thumbsup:

break Room / MangaRaiders Valentines! Let's spread the love!
« on: February 07, 2016, 12:33:46 PM »
Hey there! Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and I've been thinking of ways we can share the love with everyone. When I was younger, my friends and I always used to do a Valentine card exchange. They were little personalized cards, either a drawing, something edited on the computer and printed, or even just a hand-written poem about the person. Even though it was just fun between friends, it really brightened up everyone's day and reminded everyone that they're loved. That's why I'd like to invite all of you to do the same!

Think of a member you like, appreciate, or just want to share the love with. Then create, or find online, a Valentine card to send them. It can be anything... A cute drawing, a funny picture with a Valentine pun, or even just a poem or note telling them how you feel. You could do something personalized that you think a specific member would genuinely enjoy, or you could create something more generic and send it to anyone and everyone!

Once you've gathered all of the Valentines you want, PM them out to the members of your choice on the big day, February 14th! Who knows - you may even receive one in return!

At the end of the day there's no prizes or anything for joining this, but I do think it'd really cheer members up, especially those who are alone on Valentine's Day. That's why I want to gather as many participants as possible for this! Everyone deserves to receive some love on Valentine's Day, so will you help me spread it? :heart:

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