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General Manga writer discussions / Re: Discussion on short stories.
« on: July 09, 2016, 04:48:07 AM »
Think about One Piece's constant delays. It's understandable that the creator has health issues occasionally but with all the constant two week waiting may put off some people who doesn't like to wait. Gotta meet with the deadlines because we all have things to do and we may lose interest if it doesn't come out. Writing takes a lot of work and refining so don't get relaxed too much.

Alrighty. I yet to seen the anime but I did hear about it's restart concept. Forgot to mention that the timeline will be split into two, already thought of one which leds to the far future in a world almost devoid of life, more ahead than the present timeline which it was affected by a 'certian mischievous boy' who can time travel at will, featuring only a few characters from the beginning as well as some from the present (the main characters already passed away).

It does fit more but I already have the concept considered for it. Choices and multiple paths will be heavily used in the origin story than the other arcs which are set in one line from beginning to end. I'll try to write down how it'll be best used and not be too repetitive and familiar.

While thinking up one of my story arcs of how it will end, I thought about having the arc being affected by many causes that changed the characters, their alignments (good, evil, netural) and the setting that led to many outcomes (peaceful, hopeless, post-apocalyptic) with time traveling involved (similar to Chrono Trigger) that'll led to many endings (good, bad, worst, bittersweet, unknown, true). The arc is the origin story, sets thousands of years ago in a fantasy land. The present timeline won't be affected nor does anything from the present will affect the past (with one exception who is a familiar character for the latter). What are your thoughts on the concept?

Develop Your Story / Re: Thread of Connections: School of Union
« on: July 06, 2016, 04:57:45 PM »
Political themes are hard to write about to admit. I'm researching more into it. Patriotism here is being told in a darker tone as being forced to do what the majority do.

About Reinhart. I want to protray her as an adult who is in doubts of her career and feeling conflicted with her race who are despised by much of the world. Her times with Satsuya’s father in high school were her only happy moments, her having to obey her family's racist beliefs since she was a chilld which she disagree with as she previously seen the minorities being mistreated by her race. In her part, she doesn't want to endure another heartbreak and instead focusing on furthering her career, remaining to be on her own in her personal life. She wants to ensure her former lover's son to have the happy graduation that he was denied with and see how much Satsuya can do to help her school.

Develop Your Story / Re: Thread of Connections: School of Union
« on: July 06, 2016, 12:19:38 PM »
Thanks. I did go overboard with the long prolouge, my bad ^^. I'll be more easy on it and focus on writing on the development and the importance of the theme that the story gives. One thing that made me hesitate to write about is the president being unfair to the minority and foreigners. We all know that may actually happen in real life (I hope not). Share more of your thoughts when I'm posting my first chapter. I have the basic plot set in stone, all I need is to focus on character development and how it'll affect the story events.

Update: Most of the characters are of different backgrounds from UniCenter High, many will be a part of the main cast (still deciding on which character and race to have be part of). I want them to be relatable to the readers but I'm refraining from using stereotypes and instead have them defining traits to flesh out the realism.

Develop Your Story / Thread of Connections: School of Union
« on: July 06, 2016, 06:13:37 AM »
Since years ago, I been devoting my time on my stories. I thought about having my developing stories being influential to many people facing their own hardships. I know I am still considered a beginner but this time I feel really to show the story I really enjoy putting much thought in it.

This story has a different setting and is more about reality with political issues being involved, affecting everyone in positive and negative results, mostly young teenagers who are about to think about their futures. A time in a certain country where people became more divided opposing what the country really meant to represent.


“Within the bustling, colorful, exciting big city of America; New York City, where I was born. Myself as a woman with a passion for teaching the youth to learn and grow with a sense of independence. My name is Reinhart April, age 38 and born proud American.”

“I finished with a master’s degree at a top-notch university in 2005, I have been teaching for the past years in many schools all over the country. New York City is my birthplace and current position. It's been a long time since I last lived here.”

“I have been here for months after finishing a contract at a high school in Washington last year. I'm used to the big city life since in my youth. I seen many exciting events going on in my free time along with friends over the years but that's now in the past as I am now living my dream I had put in years of effort for. The local public school I used to attend as a student, I’m now teaching there. I want to bring hopeful change for those who need it now that I am experienced enough to connect with different people. The school is quite small but decent sized compared to other schools in the city but it is recently modernized with around two-hundred students attending from around the world. Now, I'm standing in a bus station in the warm spring morning, holding my bag with my notes inside for the class I'm teaching as a homeroom teacher. I’m now waiting for the bus at the station to go to work. I'll be thirty minutes early when I get there as I usually do to get some coffee and relax at the lounge. Being a teacher is tiring to admit but I believe one day my efforts will be worth it for the youth I teach. Another day in my years of adulthood passing by.”

Reinhart looking at her smart phone, seeing the daily news and social media commenting on interesting topics happening around the country. The most hit topic is the upcoming announcement from the President of the United States.

Reinhart overheard some people around here, talking about the announcement.

“Two weeks since an accident happened at the White House. I wonder why they keep it hidden from us for so long?”

“I heard rumors on some blogs that an attempted assassination happened there. Really worried about the president.”

“Nah, security is on the rise. Since the last election. We're safer than ever. No more wasting money and time on them *censored* wars and no dumb*censored* terrorist ever came here since.”

“I hope we don't go to a war again or deal with immigration bull*censored*. I rather be spending my hard-earned cash on a new car than getting tax for those kinds of things this country doesn't even caused.”

“Please keep your opinions to yourself. Not all people will want to agree with you.”

Reinhart said in a quiet tone, she looked at the time.

“Ah, the bus is almost here. I can taste the creamy coffee at the school.” She licked her lips.

Just as Reinhart saw the bus coming, sirens rang loud, causing her to turn, seeing two police cruisers tailing a runaway expensive-looking car from the other side of the street.

“Stop right there!” One of the police officers shouted at the suspect with a speaker.

“Come and get me, pig losers! You ain't stopping me from doing whatever the hell I want!” The suspect gave them the finger as he veered around other vehicles, intentionally slammed one in the side, causing it to turn over in the middle of the intersection as he continue his fleeing, blocking the police from chasing him further. One of the cruisers hit the brakes, inches close from crashing into the flipped car. The suspect in turn shout out a loud ‘woo’ as he is lost from their view.

“So long, justice dumb*censored*s!”

“We lost pursuit of suspect in Manhattan, I repeat, pursuit in failure.” One of the officers speak on the radio.

“Damnit damnit damnit!” The other officer behind the wheel slammed it repeatedly in frustration, the air bag popped out, engulfing him.

The people who witnessed the incident complained of the blockage, some teenagers nearby laughing at and taking pictures of the unfortunate officer.

“Even in this generation, things never change.” Reinhart sighed.

“Sorry folks, due to an accident in the intersection, buses will be delayed for an unknown time until the issue is resolved.” The bus driver announced, causing many to voice in frustration.

“Well, darn, it'll take me two hours to walk to work, I should've been up earlier.”

Reinhart hang her head down in shame.

“What to do, the subway is down for renovations, I'll be late and I can't call the facility to give me an excuse, if only I had been awake earlier… this is one of the many worse things that could happen to any teacher, it's life though...”

Sighing more, she noticed a man driving a motorcycle in the street, slowly passing by the traffic.

“Whoa, what happened here? This ain’t good.” He said, his head in a helmet, his face hidden by the windshield.

“Hmm… I don't like asking from strangers but I'll do this once.”

She raised her hand at the man.

“Excuse me, sir! Can you give me a ride with you to the local high school? I’m a teacher there. I'm in a hurry.”

The man turned to her.

“Oh, sure, I'm heading there too. Get on.”

“Oh, thank you kind sir. Are you a teacher there too? Your uniform looks like you are.”

“Hey! No fair bro!”

“Why ya hafta to be deh lucky bastard? A bike and now a babe?”

“You freakin’ kidding me? I paid good *censored* to see the Yankees play the Twins in twenty minutes! Front seats for $75 plus free booze!”

Some of the drivers stuck in the traffic jam yelled at him.

“It's getting ugly here. Let's go.” The man on the motorcycle urged Reinhart, moving his head.

“Ah, excuse me.”

Reinhart gets on.

“I'm not comfortable being on a two-wheeled vehicle. Don't mind me having my arms around you…”

Reinhart said nervously.

“No worries, you'll be safe.” The man said.

“Get a room, posers!”

One of the other mad drivers honked.

“How about you stay there and wait like a good citizen, learn to be an good example to foreigners.” The man politely said to him as he pointed at him before he accelerated.


Reinhart held on tight as he sped around the incident site.

“Hey hey! You're speeding!”

“You said you're in a hurry. What else do you want?” He said.

“Not in a hurry-hurry! Police are around!” Reinhart shouted.

“My bad, not to worry. I'll slow down. I usually like to cruise.” He shrugged.

“Thank you, just don't veer off somewhere shady.” Reinhart sighed.

“Yes ma’m.”

“(I just hope he isn't like that hit-and-run guy).” Reinhart thought as she gulped.

“I just started to live here two weeks ago, it's nice to meet you.” He said.

“Ah, thank you. Let's talk after, I can't handle it while I'm holding on for dear life…” Reinhart gripped tighter.

“(Riding on the streets sure is exciting, I think. I better not miss the bus next time. I had enough thrills for once.)” In her thoughts as she sighed.

At the school grounds.

Students of varying age of 15-18, race, casual clothing and accessories walked into the main building.

Reinhart and the motorist arrived.

“Thank you, sorry to bother you with me on your motorcycle, must be harder for you to maintain balance.” She smiled.

He chained up his motorcycle at the bike racks.

“You're welcome.”

He took off his helmet, he shook his head after.

Reinhart looked with surprisement.

The man, revealed to be a black-haired boy in his late-teens. He look up at the school, showing delight.

“I'm just a wanderer, searching for a goal in life, as I am. I'm Karasenta Satsuya, age eighteen, a transfer senior student from Hokkaido, Japan. A pleasure to meet you.”

He bowed to her.

“I didn't know you're Japanese… and this tall, you're almost at my height.” Reinhart pat her own cheek. “(Oh my, having my arms around him, my chest against his back, and he's a teenager from a far-away land).” In her thoughts.

“My English is pretty good, isn't it? I must have confused you. I think my high school uniform adds to it.”

He straightens his tie.

“(I had thought it was a business suit… what kind of student would wear something professional-looking in this public school)?” Reinhart kept questioning in her thoughts.

“Daijobou (what's wrong)?”

He said in his language, holding his helmet with his left arm, his school bag on the other.

“(I should've taken Japanese classes but I don't want to spend two more years before getting my degree. At least through binge-watching anime, I learn about… half.)” Reinhart feeling puzzled, she shook her head. “Nothing is wrong. You can call me Ms. Reinhart. Welcome to UniCenter High School. Do you know which homeroom class to go?”

“Oh yes, I know which class to go first, homeroom 3246. ” Satsuya nodded. “And don't mind me speaking some of my language, I like to have new friends here to know more where I came from. Honestly, if you watch anime, it doesn't really represent what the schools in are like. So much studying and all-nighters, the teachers there can be a pain there” He frowned.

“That is unfortunate to know, not that I watched it...” Reinhart surprised. “I teach 3246. It's nice to have you there.”

“Ah, what a coincidence, we’re acquainted this early.” Satsuya chuckled.

“Well I have to go to grade on assignments before class starts. How about you spend the hour walking around the school to get more used to the environment? It's small but quiet. Get to know the students well. I'll see you in class.”

“Sure thing. I'll see you around in an hour. Take care, sensei (teacher).” Satsuya nodded, he jogged ahead.

Reinhart waved at him as she made her way.

At the school’s teacher lounge.

“Glup... glup… ah, that's the spot.”

Reinhart drinking creamy coffee as she looked at her homeroom students’ records.

“Karasenta Satsuya, age 18, 5’’11 in height, 125 lb. in weight. Attended Sebunhoshi High School in Hokkaido where he was born. A star student in his first and second year. Reason for transferring, in his own comments, ‘wanting to expand his horizons for a future career that he yet to decide on’.”

Reinhart reading his records.

“At least it's nice to have someone from Japan. It’s been decades since the last time a Japanese student attended here. A memory I don’t want to be reminded of again...”

She looked at the windows, seeing the school’s landscape, the students walking around, she spotted Satsuya sitting on a bench talking to a group of students, laughing and giving each other handshakes and highfives.

Reinhart smiled sorrowfully.

Class is in session.

“Today, class, we have a new student here. He is from Japan. He'll be here in New York City for the whole year so let's welcome him warmly.”

Reinhart introduce Satsuya, him standing in front of the class.

“Konnichiwa, I'm Karasenta Satsuya. Eighteen years old. I just moved here two weeks ago. New York City is exciting and I look forward to explore. I am pleased to be here, I am already a senior starting from my old school so I'll be spending the rest of this school year and the next in September. I hope to get to know all of you here and be a part of this great school.”

He bowed.

“Cool clothes. Are you from a rich family?” One girl asked.

“Ah, no, this is my uniform from my previous high school.” Satsuya grinned.

“Huh, that’s kind of cool.” The girl expressing interest.

“Handsome too, the red tie looks nice on you.” One of the other girls smiled bashfully

“Thanks. Well, I love my former school. I had good times there, I hope for the same here in UniCenter High.”

One of the boys raised his hand.

“What got you to attend here out of the other schools? It’s small and kind of old.”

“Well, my father used to attend here in my age two years before I was born. He told me a lot about the city and the country. I had been planning to come here after finishing my second year at my old school.” Satsuya nodded.

Reinhart looked at him.

“What the… married that early?” The girl surprised.

The rest of the class begin to be talkative. Satsuya looked flustered.

“Well, my mother is two years younger than him, they got married after my dad finished his senior year here and went back to Japan.” Satsuya explained to the class

Reinhart patted her own chest.

“Hey teacher, falling for him already?”

One of the girls teased Reinhart.

“Please don't think that way.” Reinhart said with a firm tone. “Please take your conversation after school.”

“It's ok, I think it's strange too but they told me that love ‘happens’.

Satsuya smiled nervously.

The class continue to ask more about himself.

“(He really express himself a lot in the first day for a foreign student. Not many has the confidence that he has these days. Things were different in my youth. Hopefully he finds someone special. I like to see him smile.)”

After class.


Reinhart called out to him as he looked outside the window, him being the last student left after the others leave for the next class.

“Oh, excuse me, I should get going. I was thinking about something.” He grabbed his bag. “Two months left this school year, right? I'm still trying to get used to the American school schedule here.”

“Yes, the school year ends in the first week of June. So, you mentioned you'll be here in the country for the whole year. Are you sure you want to attend this school? To admit, the school’s academic performance dropped since two decades ago. Many students transferred out to go to bigger schools, one was expelled for various racist remarks to the other students. I don’t want you to regret your decision, you still have time to transfer to another.” Reinhart sounding worried.

“It's alright for me. I chose to be here since I wanted to learn new things of the world, getting to know new people in the most diverse city in the world. My father loved this school and wanted this place to be the best of all diversity schools. He made many friends from around the world in his generation. He told me all about their cultures and their own ways of life. I wanted to experience it in my own way.”

His expression turned uncertain.

“Honestly, I want to find something that gives me ideas to shape my own future. Even after earning high grades and being involved in many clubs and sports, I… still haven't decided on what should I really do after high school such as college and my choice of career. I'm like a wanderer with no clear path as of now. My parents are worried about what should I really do since I grew discontent being in my homeland for all my life.”

Satsuya looked at outside.

“I'm not perfect and don't like to be called that. What really I like is for this school year to be exciting, same with the rest of the students here, while I search for anything that can help form a dream of my own.”

Reinhart pat his shoulder.

“You'll find what you really want to do, I believe in it. Try your best. It's up to you to find out. That's all I can say.”

“Thank you. I have much to learn. I don't doubt myself no matter what happens.”
He reassures her.

“I may be close to be an adult but I want to spend the rest of my youth as a student here to enjoy the many new things here and express my appreciation for the grown-ups before I become one of you. I'll find a goal for my future with your help.”

Satsuya pat his chest with a fist.

“I believe you'll be the best sensei I have because I feel you're dedicated to this school and the students fully. I'll find my own dream during my stay here. I'll contribute my efforts here when the school needs a helping hand. My father enjoyed being here in his high school years. I learn much about American culture from him and the people he befriended. I hope this will help me achieve a future I can be content with.”

“I see. What is your father’s name?”

Reinhart swallowed.

“Guys! We got big trouble!” One of the students yelled from outside the classroom.

Many other students rushed ahead.

“What is going on?” Reinhart questioned.

“Let's see and find out.” Satsuya jogged out of the room ahead with Reinhart following.

At the school’s lounge consisting of sofas and a flat-screen television. A large group of students are standing in front of the TV.

Satsuya and Reinhart entered.

“What's the commotion here?” Reinhart asked the students.

“The new president is starting his speech in Washington. I heard rumors that it’s not going good for us foreigners...” One of the boys said in frustration.

“Who is he?” Satsuya asked.

“Watch the whole thing.” Another said.

The TV shows a news alert.

A blond man in a black business suit with a blue tie steps on a podium, standing in front of a large crowd in the thousands.

“Thank you to all of America. I am honored to be here to give my words to inspire the next generation and beyond. We had been through so many conflicts as there are those who don't agree with our way of life here and many tragedies happening here caused by many hateful people from the outside world. We as Americans desired to bring back the glory that this nation used to have. We all grown tired of the many disappointing efforts made by our previous leaders that decided on poor choices that led to further decline in economy, production, workforce, public safety, military service and our reputation as the leading country in the world. We need to shape up and become promising inspirations for the new generation if we are to not repeat past mistakes. Since the sudden assassination of the current president and vice president last month, you have chosen me for my experience to rid the negative influences that worsen our cultural views and productivity and refine the definition of freedom here to give a clear message to the world as to prevent yet another tragedy happening by foreign hands. As head of a successful family and recently taken position as President of the United States following my predecessor’s assassination, I, Kethen Tace, call to announce the newly 28th Amendment with approval from Congress; those of foreign birth who don’t follow the nation’s culture, religion, language and rules will be officially recognized as ‘second-priority’ and a single violation of that amendment will lead to deportation immediately without a second chance regardless of status. They must abide by American standards and must learn English as their first language to be recognized as ‘first-priority’ and any ‘second-priority’ citizens will have limited rights unless they met the requirements said above. Again, I will not give second chances to violators. This is their only warning from me. An example; if the authorities receive a report of even a simple assault on a born-American by a foreigner, regardless of age and where were they from, they will be permanently banned from ever coming back here. Major evidence such as trusted witnesses and videos taken in 24 hours that shows the opposite happening are acceptable for a fair trial. Otherwise, no excuses, no blind eyes, no mercy. We'll be watching them closely from now on. This is for the good of America. This is a new age for us. Under my oath, America will never again endure loss and suffering!”

The crowd cheered in union.


Back at the lounge.

The students stood in shock.

“What the hell…”

“The rumors were true…”

“I don’t believe it… why?”

“We can’t express even our language anymore?”

“This isn't fair! My family work so hard to live here! Most of my family barely know English!”

“Crooked politician! Those whites think they're still better than us! This is 1960 all over again! My folks been through that crap, why should I have to go through this too?”

“I knew this may happen. They still won't accept our ways of life nor they realize many of their own did as worse as our own who commit such crimes.”

“Calm down, people. Letting your anger out won't change anything. We just have to bear with it. He won't do anything as long we abide by the new standards.”

One of the teachers attempting to tame their anger.

“Some of us can't speak English well and our own traditions are important. You're saying we should just pretend like we are the majority and act like they're big shots?”

The students argue with the staff.

Reinhart pulled Satsuya away from the commotion, leading him to the empty hallways.

“Satsuya, I'm sorry this sort of thing happened. You and the others shouldn't be treated this way. You see, the government gave in to the majority’s demands since the assassination. I seen so many of them voicing their anger and even took their rage out on anyone who are foreigners. Some died of their injuries but not one murderer was caught.” Reinhart sighed. “Even though I'm part of the majority, I feel ashamed of it. I wouldn't able to relate to the students now that they most likely start resenting.”

“That's unfortunate…” Satsuya said in a quiet tone.

“Now with the new amendment set in stone, this will be difficult for this school. I fear many here won't accept it and will start rebelling but will be in trouble for speaking out… I don’t want to accept… this...”

Reinhart slumped on the floor, holding her legs.

“My years of efforts all gone to waste… I wanted to give the foreigners like you to study for their own bright futures.”

Reinhart looked at him.

“My real reason to teach here; I made a promise to a high school friend who was from your homeland to follow my dreams in heart. We became close friends since freshman year and he always been supportive of me whenever I felt down. He was passionate of his culture and tried out many things from anime that made me smile even through the toughest days. My family didn't like him though as they were extremely strict on me not to be in a relationship with anyone who isn't of our race and beliefs. Yet, I fell in love with him for his passion and plan to engage with him before our graduation against my family's wishes out of our happiness. But my father found out, misunderstood my words and beaten him up who accused him of taking advantage of my feelings. He started fighting back but I stop him from causing more trouble to himself. Since that day, we didn't talk again and he never came to our graduation, he already went back to Japan. After my last day in high school, he had wrote me a letter; saying that he is regretful for not being in our graduation and is already going to marry a childhood friend who was two years younger and a popular girl. At the end of it, he want me to promise him to always follow my heart and not be like the sick ‘majority’ that I am ashamed to be a part of…”

She wiped her heavy tears away as she cried aloud.

“I'm sorry you… have to see me like this… but it hurts… I wanted to forget that day… but he made me so happy… I can’t forget it... why do I have to be from a stupid racist family… it's not fair… uwaaaaaah!!!”

Satsuya holds her up on her feet.

“Don't think what happen that still hurts you a long time ago. Think about what you can do now. Right now, despite what they feel, this school needs you. You felt the same pain as them. They'll understand you and will listen. They have dreams to achieve and will not let them go. Help them make them a reality before they are hurt enough with their feelings suppressed to think it's pointless to keep going. Forget what the president said, I love to express my pride of my homeland and heritage for all to see who I'm truly am. The same for my new friends. I'm here to make their next school year the best time of their youth.” He pound his chest with a fist.

“Satsuya…” Reinhart hugged him. “I won't act so weak anymore. I am a teacher. This is the career I always wanted to have, as I promised to my friend.”

“Do your best. We’ll show that president that this school means much more to everyone here than just a school. I guess you are the friend my father keeps mentioning. I know now.”

“Yeah. Now I know that he’s doing alright since he raised you well. No more hiding. I’ll fulfill his promise.”

Both smiled at each other

At the entrance of UniCenter High.

A lone girl is standing in front of the school.

“The place of union, the right place for me. I’ll do my best to help unite everyone here through bonds.” She looked up to the blue cloudless sky.

End of prologue.

Welcome Center / Re: Returned with a new resolve
« on: June 30, 2016, 05:09:57 PM »
Thank you all. I had feared you would still refrain from me but thanks for being kind and patient.

Welcome Center / Re: Writer to be, Hi everyone!
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:26:59 PM »
Welcome fellow Raider, hope you make yourself feel welcome. Express what you like to write about. It's all about creativity.

Welcome Center / Returned with a new resolve
« on: June 29, 2016, 09:00:17 PM »
Hello. This is the third time I have to say this here. This time I decided on my future to become an inspiring writer since there's nothing else for me that I'm interested in for the rest of my life. If some of you are sick of me, that's fine but this time I'm determinted to follow what makes good writing. I want to have my stories be influential for this generation and so on since most aren't willing to make efforts to decide on what they truly wanted and just live life in unhappiness. This is my future on the line, and if things aren't going well, then my alternitive choice is becoming a soldier and likely walk straight to my own demise. So, please give me a chance to express my writing here. I had been through a lot that made me feel uncertain of myself but now I'm determined to follow my dream and willing to help others who need help.

Develop Your Story / Fate: Destined Survivor
« on: February 16, 2016, 03:50:45 AM »
My second story titled Choice from Fate: Destined Survivor. The details I mentioned before are largely the same. The moral of the story is soldiers battling not only their enemies but their own demons out of killing as well, preventing from being reduced into wild animals. Soldiers rely on their own 'animal instincts' to survive in battle but risking their reasoning and returning to their civilian life at home.

With the world in 2038 under chaos with the virus spreading to soldiers, turning into wild animal-like beasts. It's more difficult to fight against their enemies while preventing themselves from becoming beasts. One certain soldier who possess limitless potential which the outcome will either end the war or outright destroy and kill anyone in his sights is up to him as he balances between his personal emotions over his future losses and relying on instincts during his time in the battlefield.

Origin and beginning.

NanoS Engineer Work System
Model CPS-3540

Copyright  © 2030, 2032, 2036
NanoS Inc.
All rights reserved.

Login: Cyber-Eleph
Password: *********

>pod -dvl -a


Reading “SA.A.O.S.”
Reading “Information”
Reading “Warning”

        SœAu Al-Okalou Specification

Internal A.I. mind workings made up of 7 petabytes. Human sentient capabilities. Brain with 100% functionality. Advanced human growth peak. Peak reasoning between right and wrong. Adaptive to any kind of information.


Name: Al-Okalou “Alpha Wolf”
A.I. Age: 19
Hair and eye color: Blond and blue, later yellow.
Height and weight: 5”11, 160 lbs

“Al-Okalou is the first kind of A.I. with a body of a human and abilities of free will, self-decisions and to feel emotions with an unknown power to form anything from self-belief.

With risks however, this kind of power the A.I. has would be very dangerous; If Al-Okalou were to be overwhelmed with emotions such as personal losses, resorting to an wild animal-like mind and instincts, he'll be an unstoppable force and with warfare he’ll flawlessly learn and adapt to, I fear that even every military power in the world combined will be unable to stop him.

To prevent such a possibility I placed a vast series of tests in the pod where his body will be in while it is developed in its natural state from a newborn into a fully grown man. Approximately eighteen years will be required for him to fully developed and with a rightful mindset capable of learning what's right and wrong before he is ready to enter the world.

Unfortunately I would not be here in this world any longer and I have no one to watch over him as an  acquaintance here has suffered near-death injuries from an accident and would take the mentioned years to fully recover. Please do not disturb the pods until that time comes.

Al-Okalou possess great determination and hopefully a heart of a pacifist who never kills for the wrong reasons and by extension, in his inevitable human nature to kill, I can only hope for a future of promises chosen by him.

April 11th, 2019
Dr. J. Vifluér

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Thoughts on the protagonist
« on: January 19, 2016, 11:44:02 PM »
It's ignorance. Originally he wanted to enjoy life in a different place. He knows what are the risks but he didn't expect it to be much more than he thinks. A major change in him will happen in the 6 next months which led him to stray from the path of ignorance and peace into the path of hardship and suffering to better understand life that will continue throughout the entire story as well into his 'adult' life in different settings.

I don't want to say more about his development but think of him as a person who can do anything because he chose to. He don't believe and care about religion and how humanity came to be in the first place, he simply wants to enjoy life. His personality conflicts with one who does the opposite, that person dwell too much into history and humanity's existance, making him think that efforts in life is meanlingless and history should repeat himself because of humanity's stupidity.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Thoughts on the protagonist
« on: January 13, 2016, 12:24:53 PM »
His real journey in life begins when he lost a friend which said person has a immense love for her own life than any other person. She had only little time to live but despite that, she lived on happy until that fateful day. She explained that she shouldn't be afraid of dying as she rather fulfill what she wanted before her time is up; making a friend. She was more happy to have Satsuya as an only friend as she was afraid to hurt someone when she passed on and regret leaving him behind. In her deathbed, she encouraged him to overcome his pain and not let his life 'decided by fate'. She has hopes that he'll fulfill a greater destiny in life as he shows he can achieve anything as long he tries.

"You have shown me that you will achieve anything. What path you'll choose in life is all up to you. Never let emotions, beliefs, and fate change the way you are. I regret leaving you behind in this futureless world  but don't miss me because I'll miss you. Find true love, believe in yourself, decide the way you live. Even in death, I'll live on in your heart, we will always be together."

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Thoughts on the protagonist
« on: January 08, 2016, 02:38:29 AM »
I get what you mean and yes, I do want opinions and will take it to heart. He's a person who  wants to experience new sights and learning how people live differently compared to his life in Japan. You may call him 'a one of a kind' who helps people like in real life. Satsuya knows of suffering from the news such as violence and the poor. He would ignore it like most people that doesn't involve to his people or his home but being raised to be kind, he is inspired to help.

I started writing to have a story that came from great imagination and reality combined. Japan has many stories to tell through anime, manga, etc. that has a charm in which America media somewhat lacks, not able to relate better to the young generation. I want to write to have that charm in America life to better relate said generation to give them a strong reason to change themselves for the better from the hardships of a diverse society.

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