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Hello. It's been a while (again). For now, I am putting hold on working on my storyline until I am able to go to New York City for inspiration and the setting. I am working only on the characters and their development for now.

What I have thought up for the main character's development in the beginning and how the events began; a nineteen-year old Japanese male, Karasenta Satsuya, who was born into an influential family. He leaves Tokyo, Japan, right after graduating high school to live in America, New York City to be free from his family's traditional lifestyle and making his own choices in life. Shortly after, he beats up a wealthy man in rage for insulting and hurting a woman from a lower class after encountering the incident, an act that soon criminalizes him as it turns out that the man is a son of a powerful politician in which the city's powerful but corrupt figures are outraged of his beating in which they used the incident as evidence to support their new law that they tried to pass for years;  enforcing strict and harsh rules on the 'troubled' youth to discipline them to become proper adults as they are blamed for the country's problems, the law succeed in passing...

I'm open for opinions and criticism. Much appreciate it.

Develop Your Story / Thread of Connections: Satsuya's Scenerio, Prologue
« on: September 30, 2016, 04:47:43 AM »
Hello again. It's been a while since I last posted, still working on the story. I had wanted to show what both of the two main characters were the day before meeting each other. I had work on grammar and vocaburary with help from the skype chat. Please give your opinions and review so that I can see what else I need to work on if any.

Enjoy the prologue.

“Starting off on my own, the high school life that is now over, the last three years of my youth is at it’s end. I am Karasenta Satsuya, eighteen years old, nearly at nineteen as my birthday is coming up tomorrow, now a young adult as I now set off to find myself a future that I can enjoy.”

Standing among my classmates in the school’s auditorium in our graduation ceremony, the first and second-years have give their bows and thank-yous to us with sorrow behind their tones, one of the female underclassmen is shedding tears but is trying to contain it.

“Thank you for your acquaintance and good luck for the future!”

They all said in union.

Looking at them smiling and crying, I felt the same sadness yet I didn’t cry.

After the graduation ceremony.

Outside at dawn alone, wanting a moment of peace from the graduation party. Seeing the sakura petals floating in the air relaxes me as I am tuning up my motorcycle as I have always do before taking it for a ride.

“Satsu, there you are.”

I heard a familiar voice that sends me a surprised as my name is being called. I turned around, I see a pretty girl who I recognized, she waved at me.

“Ah. Rinko, what are you doing here?”

I waved at her.

Tabaya Rinko is my ex-girlfriend, or rather, temporary. We had been dating since the summer festival last year until we broke off around end of February as we’ve rarely get to see each other because of exams and clubs. We’ve still flirt and talk each other on our phones though.

“I had a call from Tokyo University minutes ago, they say they had accepted me!”

She is cheering, clenching her fists in front of herself.

“That’s very great. It is hard to get into there these days.”

I said.

I felt happy for her and relieved. She had been studying at her limit to get into her dream university, I helped her from time to time in case she is struggling with math, her worst subject.

“Thanks to you. And sorry to drag you into helping me with exams even though we had to break up.”

She is looking down, her hands behind her back.

“No worries, I’m glad you get to be accepted.”

I sighed in relief. I was worried that her final grades would be below expectations.

“Now that I have achieved it, s-s-should we start getting back together…?”

Her cheeks blushing.

“You know that you have to do entrance exams before fully getting accepted, right? Have you forgotten?”

I said to her, giving her a strict expression.

“Universities are that strict in Japan you know, especially in Tokyo. Those entrance exams area test for eligible attendees to prove if they truly desire to further their education. I had told you that before, we shouldn’t start dating again so soon.”

“Ahaha… sorry. I just wanted to say that I missed being with you. I thought a lot about my future. I want to have you in it.”

She gets close to me, her hands on my arms.

“For you, you have no trouble getting into the university. You’re at the top of our class for the whole third-year and lead the baseball, soccer and kendo teams to the finals and won them all. You’re that amazing.”

She said the last word that I don’t consider myself as such.

“Heh. I had just forced myself to do it until I got it figured out and this body of mine getting used to it.”

“Yeah, typical Satsu~. So, have you decided on what you wanted to do for your future? Something that doesn’t make you be like your ‘loser of a father’ who smokes a lot like you told me about?”


I couldn’t answer.

“Still nothing, huh?”

Rinko looked concerned, it’s now the fourth time she says that. I just can’t find anything that suits me even though I had did excellent during our high school days.

“No worries though, there’s still time. There’s nothing in the world where you can’t find anything you can enjoy doing the most. Keep searching, it’s that kind of life everyone is going through.”

Yeah, you’re right. But when and where I’ll find what I am looking for?

I had thought.

“Ah man, my parents want me back home soon.”

She looks annoyed as she took a look on her cell phone.

“We’ll talk later, K’? I’ll study hard, for our future!”

She then gives me a hug. She took her bike from the racks and headed off.

My life with her doesn’t seem sound bad. At least for know better than my parents' relationship, them being more like siblings except when they are in their room.

Decided to go home, I've put on my helmet and rode away on my vehicle from the school, leaving my youth behind.

Riding to a secluded spot where the neon buildings of Tokyo is in view.

Sitting on a bench, I spend some time thinking about my future and my life with Rinko. Both positive and negative thoughts came up in mind.

I eventually ride to home after spending an half-hour from the place.

At home, it is already dark by the time I have arrived.

I parked my vehicle in the garage, closing the garage door, then step into the house's front door.

“I’m here.”

I said out loud for my mother to hear, taking my shoes off after.

“Hello, dear. How was the celebration?”

My mother said to me from the living room area, watching some romance drama on our flatscreen TV. She wore her work clothes which is a gray business suit, an expensive one.

I took out a octopus ball on a stick from a plate, my favorite snack, I ate the whole thing.

I was made aware when I was young that most of my features, such as my face and black straight hair, were inherited from my mother.

“It was ok, was boring most of the time though.”

Yawning as I sat down on the couch, feeling tired from the long ceremony. I have loosen my tie.

“Have you decided on which university you wanted to go to?”

*censored*, she has straight-up asked me that. She really doesn’t want me to take my mind off on college.

“Not yet. Could I decide later? I mean, I had the highest marks on my classes and had done lot of activities, Tokyo University will definitely want me to come attend there.”

I sighed.

 I can’t argue with my mother. She has a degree in beauty fashion in which she gets paid five times our bills by her company as a leading fashionista, our bills averaging around the hundred-thousands figure. Note to mention that that she makes the most money in this family, hard to believe in our culture these days. Also to say that she's very beautiful even in her age (38), I always wondered how my father had manage to marry such a fine lady.

“True. You had did very well in school. Relax for the summer then but keep in mind for entrance exams.”

“I get it, hmph. I had said the same to Rinko.”

I frowned in annoyance. So pushy my mother is.

“Sounds like you two are getting back together. Have you finally learned after your sixth break-up?”

“Tch. Don’t push it.”

She smirked, closing her eyes in amusement.

I crossed my legs as I finished my food, I chewed the toothpick between my teeth.

I don’t like to be reminded of that too. I did had dated many girls in the past (Rinko being my sort-of current girlfriend). I wanted to know what it’s like to be in love. At least the girls I had been with took it easy with my words of encouragement for them, we are still friends and chat sometimes.

“I don’t mind you being with any girl. I know you’re wary of those who wanted to take advantage of you. I hope it’s not troubling you in the future.”

She is stretching her arms up, then lays down.

“Your father is on his way home soon. He had said he was getting something for you for being Sebunhoshi’s star student (pun intended) and your upcoming birthday.”

“Ah. He doesn’t have to buy me anything.”

I said to her, sighing.

It’s not that we’re stingy. My dad has always buy things for me whenever I had earned high scores on my exams (not to brag, I had always do). Games, limited edition anime DVDs/manga, the motorcycle which I had wanted for my last birthday. I wished he should relax himself and should not giving me all I wanted, I do not like to be spoiled. I just couldn’t refuse knowing he is that generous.

I have heard the door open.

“Honey, I’m home. Boy, what a day I had.”

My father is calling out to my mother.

“How was the trip, dear? And our star son is here.”

She stood up, kissed him on the cheek as she approached him.

“I had fun. Nice to see Shibuya, got stuck in traffic for an hour, almost ran over a drunk guy, whew, I need a smoke.”


I clenched my fist.

“Hey Sats. Congrats on graduating.”

He puts his arm around my neck from behind.

“Quit calling me that.”

I death-stared at him. He has pronounced that dreaded nickname in English which I find it annoying enough to wanting to punch him in the face. I can smell the cigarettes from his presence.

“What have you got me this time, father?”

“I’ll tell ya later. How’s your ex by the way? You two are getting back together?”

What the hell, mother? You had shouldn’t text him while he was driving. One poor soul was lost last week when he was playing that one mobile game and driving at the same time.

“I’m thinking about it. She’s being too hasty though. She has to do entrance exams for Tokyo University.”

I had said to him.

“That’s a low blow. You two should hang out this summer vacation. Better bring some protection.”

He grinned childishly.

No, I am and will not going that far with her, it’s like taking advantage of her feelings. He’s being too immature regarding relationships.

I had thought.

“Anything you think about your future at the moment?”

He then asked.

“I don’t have anything in mind. I needed some time to relax.”

“Oh? Guessing you got busy during your last school year. I understand. When I was your age, I kind of lax with school work and hanging with my good buddies.”

He grinned again. My eyes darted away from him.

 Geez, he really knows how to relax.

In my room.

I had lay down on my bed, staring at my window which it was open, feeling the warm breeze of the spring night.

My mind is conflicted. Despite what I had said to my parents about furthering my education, I never truly intended to continue it in a university. I have wanted to take myself to go out as an adult and see what I can partake in and go to places where only adults can be in. But so far, there is nothing that has interested me. Is this is what an adult has to deal with?


A voice had called out to me, saying my name from my bedroom door. It's my father.

I looked at him.

“We need to talk.”

Agh. Has he figured it out?

“What do you want? Let me rest, I had a long time.”

I said to him bluntly, of course I am tired but I'm not ready to discuss about myself not wanting to continue education.

“Tch, don't want to? I should sell off your ride for that attitude.”

He sounds serious. Never once until now that he threatened a punishment for telling him off and he just leaves me alone.

“Okay okay.”

I get up, walked towards him.

“Let's head to the backyard, your mother is sleeping.”

I nodded as I walked behind him to our back yard.

Outside, it is night time. No clouds, the stars are shining. I can tell more of the warm spring breeze.

My dad lit a cigarette with his lighter, lets out a puff of smoke from his mouth.

“Son, do you really have nothing in mind for your future?”

He said in a gruff voice which I felt sort of tense of hearing it.

He had did figured it out. I couldn’t hide it anymore.

“No. I just couldn’t decide.”

I looked down, I feel that he’ll be disappointed.

He took out his cig, blew another puff. Sighing.

“After all that studying and honor *censored* you brought yourself into, I expected you to do what I couldn’t achieve like I had told you since you were in middle school.”

He drops his used cig on the pavement, stomps it hard, he pulled another cig and lit it.

I have never hear him sounded this serious. He was always upbeat and immature around me over the years since I first started thinking. Maybe he had decided to start being serious now that my high school life has ended.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad, I understand you’re stuck like this. I’m glad to have a family; you and your mother. It keeps me going in life.”

“What do you mean?”

I had asked.

His eyes then shows sadness.

“You remember when I had said that I wanted to be an aspiring manga artist and then gave up on it? Pathetic to say, it's because of my past. Those times I had still remembered, painful memories.”

He had mentioned his former dream of being an manga artist. He had shown me his work since I was young. They were very good, enough for the publishing companies to hire him, yet he had gave up on it because he had said that he couldn't think up of a good story. I had resented him for giving up a dream in which he had worked for since he was young. I didn't want to end up like him.

My father planted his face with his left hand.

“It's tough of being an adult. Having these feelings ever since that day, I just couldn't get over them. I don't want to forget those times and the friends I had really enjoyed being with.”

He then looks at me.

“You had a good high school life, but it's no fun compared to mines to say.”

He smirked. I am quick to be annoyed with him again.

“Me and my friends, both boys and girls, had did lot of fun stuff together; studying, enjoying playing against our rival school teams, playing video games, hosting parties, play pranks on our senior classmen, making each other laugh. Those were the good old days.”

He rubs his hair, smiling but sorrow is clearly seen in his eyes.

“Up to three years in high school, I had enjoyed those days with them until senior year came by, that year was the change of my life, both happy and tragic, I don't want to talk about it though. Still hurts my heart just by thinking about it.”

Him had mentioning three years and senior year in high school made me noticed.

“You weren't actually in Japan on that time?”

I had asked.

“Good that you had noticed. I had wanted to study abroad since I had not like going to high school in Japan during my first year. I had wanted to try out something new so I convinced my parents of moving to America to attend high school there. It was New York City that we had decided on as some of our relatives have lived there I which I had moved in with them.”

He patted me in the shoulder.

“Sorry to had lie about it to you. I was meaning to tell you about it when you were growing up and wanted you to learn more about America but by then, you were already deep into our country's culture. I didn't want you to lose that kind of passion. I wanted you to succeed where I had failed.”

He looked down.

“You can say that myself going to America was a mistake. It was the place where I had first learned what it's like to be in love when my senior year had started. Around my final year, lot of things happened and I had myself break away from the one I loved, not wanting to hurt her more. Those lessons had later helped me with winning your mother’s heart days after I had arrived back in Tokyo.”

He is gripping his lighter.

“I see.”

I had said to him.

“There is much to learn in life, love is the hardest feeling to gain for, be sure to stay on the path you want to choose. The rest of the world has much to offer.”

He reached his hand to me.

“Take it, your early birthday present.”

He has given me his lighter, it feels smooth.

“It’s not too late to change, I had been holding on this regret to now. I’ll quit smoking from now on.”

He let out a breath of relief..

I looked at the lighter, it’s a zippo kind of lighter. I flicked open the lid and closed it.

“It belongs to my closest friend back in America. He had given me it when we were hanging out. We were in different schools, us started out as rivals, competing against each other in everything until we had set aside our differences. He was a really cool guy.”

He smiled.

“Thanks, I’ll keep it with me safe.”

“I’ll support you, no matter how long it takes you to find a dream. Do it for your own joy.”

He hugged me, patting my back.

“Thanks. I’ll do my best, dad.”

I nodded at him.

“Aha, dad, I haven't heard that from you for such a while.”

He had laughed softly.

I smiled a little.

“Am I intruding a touching scene?”

I heard my mother speaking, I see her walking towards us.

“It’s alright, dear.”

He holds her hand. She then pinched his cheek with her other hand.

“You had realize that it's very late out here...get your butt back in bed with me.”

“Owowowow...sorry honey.”

She had scolded him. She really doesn't like it when the two of us stay up late, she can be even scary whenever she needed s...well I won’t mention the obvious.

“We're sorry.”

Me and my father bowed to her in union.

Sometime after.

Back in my room.

Laying down on my bed again, the light from the moon shone down, illuminating my room in a deep blue.

Looking at the lighter that is my present, above me in my hand, the moonlight reflects on the surface.

My thoughts on my future so far; none. Absolutely against having a ‘real job’ such as working in offices and the inevitable stress that haunts adults up to their retirement in which I wanted to avoid, learning some cues from my father who had given up his creative dream and from his inspiring manga artist of a famous story about pirates in which I am an avid reader of.

Now thinking about my father’s life in New York City in his younger years that he had told me about earlier. The city often being mentioned as the city of opportunities, having heard from the people referring to it as such during my very few free days in Shibuya. Also I had learned that it is a rather unsafe city due to various crimes and a unreliable police force and the people there being very unfriendly.

Regardless, I have became curious of what the city is like in person, especially since my father had enjoyed being there until the end of his senior year. Thinking about it from all the information I have learned so far, it was time for my mind to rest, eventually falling into a deep sleep. My hand holding my present resting on my chest.


“Why do you want to know about me? I'm not that interesting.”


I hear a voice speaking in English.

“Don't take this the wrong way, I'm just not interested in making any friends.”

A figure came to view; a young girl my age, having long blonde hair, blue eyes, having a somber look.

“Find a reason to enjoy life? No one has told me that ever. You're...kind.”

She started to smile despite myself not saying anything, as if I'm in place of someone else.

“Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try. I'm not sure about myself but I'll give it a chance. I don't want to feel this way any longer."

She then gets up and walked away from me.

"Thanks for taking your time to get to know me. I hope we will be in the same classes. My name is La…”

Her words are cut short as she had disappeared from view.

My eyes are open.

I'm in my room, it is still nighttime. I looked left then right, my head is feeling a little dizzy.

“Did I had a dream?”

Mumbling to myself, I try to remember what dream I had, my mind came up with nothing. My left hand felt something wet. I looked at the lighter where my hand is, there is indeed some wetness on it.

“Damn it, I hope I didn't drool on it.”

In spite of what I had said, it feels different from drool, yet, more watery.

“Is it...from a teardrop?”

Thinking about that possibility, I believe it's unlikely. It is hard for me to cry, not wanting to again experience that since I was little.

“Strange. Could it be about that dream I just had?”

Whatever it was, I couldn't put more thought on it as I fall back to sleep.


I woke up again, this time it's morning.

I never had that dream again…

To be continued.

Don't let the media get in the way. Opinions are judged no matter what. Unfortunately many people didn't want to speak up because of that. Got to be open about what you really want to tell.

I have thought about expanding Reinhart's character through flashbacks in between chapters as a way how she used to be and how she is now in her point of view. If you like this idea, I'll continue to do so. I hope you like this idea. Give me critique since this is experimental.


Rain Over the Heart of Beautiful Memories: Part One

“Hmm. The years gone by so fast.”

Sitting down on a old bench near the high school I used to attend as a teen. It used to be a pretty big school back then almost a thousand students attending and the rowdiness and enjoyment was always high. I felt the bench with my fingertips, some of the paint is worn out. It became dust when I touched it. A sort of reminder that time is ticking away.

But now there’s only a few hundred left now with many new and improved schools opened for the next school year. I shouldn’t be thinking about age too much, it stresses me as I’m almost 4/10 done with my life. I’ll be thirty-eight next week. Every year I had come and goes, yet I cherish the one certain year that changed me, through both happy and sad feelings, resulting in regrets and promises.

I look at the writing that is on the back of the bench. It's in a language I was familiar with. I forgotten what it meant but I remember why it is on here, it made my heart in pain as I started reminiscing those days despite a part of me doesn’t want to.

“If we weren’t so different… my life would had been in a different way…”

In the year 1999.

“Here I am again for the fourth time. Final year of high school. I'm Marilyn (ugh, hated the name for a sex appeal) Hardt, 18 years old, and, of course, a girl.”

Walking on the pavement to school, carrying my backpack full of school stuff which it's kind of heavy. I looked up at the main building.

“Final year of our youth. We gotta make the most of it and I'll do it thrice the time this time.”

I turned to my best friend in life, Anibel Gwendolyn, who was talking. I call her ‘Ana’.

“Like what? You became a nerve wreck before you did anything at the start of junior year.”

I remind her about it. What was she even thinking that she would do something to liven up the school a bit? Since our years here, it has been rowdy and crowded always. I guess she wanted to fit in. She has been hanging out with me mostly, I would had been alone if we hadn't met.

“For sure, Rein. This time I will. I want to be remembered in school history as the ‘girl who does the most fun’. You gotta get in this! Life is boring without excitement, isn't it?”

No matter how much I keep telling her it won't matter for her future, she just being too persistent with this dumb goal of her’s. For me, I  just go through studying all day and get top grades. With the rich life I have, I got nothing else better to do. But knowing this is our final year here, I might try something different.

“I guess you're right. But I don't want you to do anything stupid or getting us in trouble. You remember that one guy who got expelled for making a racist joke. Gosh, that teacher got so mad.”

I remembered that day.

“Yikes. Well I'm not like that. Too bad your family is.”

Ana shrugged.

“Please don't talk about family, remember?”

I shudder as I heard her words. My family… are not friendly with people of different cultures. Since I prefer fewer interactions with people in general, they never told me to not hang with people who aren’t born in America or... American enough. Sigh, what I am even bothering saying it vaguely... Yes, my family are white supremacist to the core.

“Ah yeah. I have the common case of the ‘forgots’. Oh well. Let's see if we're going to be in one or two of the same classes.”

She ran to the building. I don’t bother doing the same. We’re always were in the same classes. That kind of excitement got stale over the years. Is this is what growing up feels like? It feels… scary. Will I miss Ana and my youth? I have nothing to say. Time will tell.

As I walked to the building, I noticed someone sitting on the bench alone; a black-haired boy in his late-teens that I recognized.

I remembered, he is the Japanese student who had moved here in New York CIty since freshman year as Ana told me. She also said that he has been alone ever since he started school here. I remember the times that he had been avoiding me whenever we came across each other.

I am reminded that I cannot interact with anyone who aren’t of my race past mere acquaintances. It’s a pain. A tattletale made sure I’m not; it is my older brother. I was caught by him one time while I was helping a Latino girl with math in sophomore year and my dad was super mad when I came home on that day (my mom passed away from illness when I was around four, the maids raised me since my dad was very busy with business work).

Surprisingly, my brother was in front of me, he looked back, towards me.

“Why can’t you just leave me alone? What’s wrong with talking to different people?”

That’s what I wanted to say to him but I know the consequences of doing so. I was grounded for a week with my bank account frozen after said incident.

He got into politics since end of middle school (we attended in different middle schools). He never told even our dad about what is he exactly going for though he never questioned it as he was very proud of his decision to do so. I once asked him about it but said ‘it’s none of your business’. I felt like that I am neglected for being a female in the family since he can do whatever he wanted but I don’t care. I just want to get on with life and see what’s new as a grown up.

Despite my brother being near, I couldn’t help to look back to see the boy. He noticed me somehow, he waved at me. I am not sure if I should try to...

Out of nowhere, my brother stood in front of me.

Oh man, this won’t go away easily. Again another scolding from my dad. Sighs, I don’t care, just say your words.

“I noticed that Japanese kid has been looking at you much recently.”

He nodded his head towards the boy.

“Yeah, trouble again, am I?”

I said it with a sigh.

Wait. He knows his nationality? I never see them interacted before.

As I wondered.

“We are acquainted. He wanted to meet you. I said; “Sure, you may but I’ll be on your hide if I catch you red-handed trying to take advantage of her.””

I am genuinely this shocked. My brother was never this protective before and him being friends with a boy from the country who was once our enemies?

He crossed his arms.

“He was persistent of meeting you and made vows to never do such vulgar actions to you. I thought I could give you a break. It’s our final year of living life as ignorant teenagers after all. Just don’t do anything risky and giving away too much attention. I’ll be busy with studying anyways. I have much to do in the future.”

“I guess so. Later.”

I nodded.

My brother has spoken the-never-said-before words to me. Should I be thankful or punch him in the face for all the tattletales he had done over the years?

Before I could make his nose bleed, he’s gone. There he goes, gone like the wind. Life is strange. I thought it’ll be forever the same.

“Excuse me.”

I turned around, the boy stood a short distance from me.

“Ah. Hello.”

I greet him nervously, trying to regain my composure.

“Hello to you too.”

He spoke in clear English, smiling, though I can hear some accent behind it. He must had studied pretty hard to speak it like a native, I guess.

We sat on the bench that he was sitting on before. Class doesn’t start until twenty minutes.

“So, why do you want to talk to me? I’m not that interesting and looks don’t matter you know. It’s better for you to talk to someone else.”

Regardless of his efforts, I didn’t want to be friends with this guy or anyone else. I don’t like sudden friendship and it’s kind of strange of him to go all the way to talk to my brother for permission to talk to me. I guess he’s mannerly more than I thought. But still, this is a no-go for me. I’ll just make him understand.

“Ah, it’s not looks or anything about you. I was interested in talking to you because we are connected in some way.”

He said something that made me surprised. How connected? Is this is some kind of wordplay to make me like him?

“We both have troublesome families, aren’t we?”

I felt surprised, he knows about my family? My brother wouldn’t tell even his closest friends that we’re related. He’s that secretive.

“I was acquainted with your friend, Ana-chan, through pen pal letters around middle school. I told her about my family; most of them really hate Americans for the Hiroshima bombings where my grandparents were from and even admitting that my grandfather said that America deserved the 1993 World Trade Center bombings when it happened. She replied back, she told me not to worry about it and it’s in the past.”

He looked down, as if he is regretting saying it.

“She also told me about your family not being kind to other people other than ‘true Americans’ and she said that we both have families who doesn’t like each other in many ways.”

I sort of understand the reason behind this and a little upset that we “deserved” being attacked by terrorists (one of Ana’s many friends was one of the thousands who were injured and lost an arm that day) but I know that his people suffered way more because of us. Still, I don’t get why he want to talk to me knowing I’m a part of a racist, or rather, ‘nation-cest’ family. And now I want to punch Ana in the c**t for spilling the beans.

“I thought I could relate to you in some way. To admit, I felt not so proud to be Japanese. So much to learn and having less freedom than you people. I don’t really hate your people. I know there are many with kind hearts here.”

He puts his hands in his pockets, sighing as his eyes looking at the cloudy sky.

“I do love my family. It’s just that... I want to do much more outside of my family’s traditions and expectations. They understood my feelings and decide to give me a chance to experience the American life during my high school years. I wanted to talk to you since I first attended here and be friends but… you seem like the type of girl who doesn’t like having many friends. I didn’t want to bother you in any way until now, I want to at least try.”

Ah, he had thought a lot about this. Such a well-thinking person. Now it’s hard for me to reject his offer. But why me? Am I really interesting to him? Would he later have feelings for me? So many questions rang in my head. Well, I made my decision.

“Let’s get to know each other then, I’m Marilyn Hardt.,,”

I cringed of saying my self-hated name, I hope he doesn’t make a reference to that sex appeal of a woman...

“I’m Suou Hitodai, call me Hiro. May I call you, Reinaki-san? Ana-chan told me a lot about you, I forgot to mention.”

He grinned, showing his clear white teeth.

I couldn’t stop but smile over the nickname he just gave me. He’s so kind and mannered. Is this is what it’s like to meet a person from the other side of the world? I felt that we are connected that fast. Having this feeling felt so warm.

He took out a permanent marker, he wrote something on the back.

“H-hey? Don’t do that! You’ll be in trouble!”

I warned him but he kept on writing. I looked at… whatever it said in black marker.

“Not much, I wanted to do this. Think of it as a game to start off our friendship. I wrote it in my language. I won’t tell what it means but I’ll give you some hints: It’s what I said before zero but the name I gave you is after hours before ship can’t be spelt with ‘h and s’.”

A game huh? I found this fun. I love riddles and clues.

Before I could say any more, my eyes closed against my will.

I started to fall asleep all of a sudden. It lasted for an unknown time.

My eyes are open. I see a different but familiar face…


I recognized his appearance, wearing the same clothes last time. He is sitting next to me on the bench.

“Ah, you have woke up.”

He sighed in relief.

“H-how long have you been here?

“An hour. I noticed you being here and stayed to look out for you. What were you doing?”

He sounded worried. How irresponsible I am, having a teenager looking out for me while I was having a dream that I didn’t want in my sleep.

“Sorry. I just fell asleep all of a sudden. Thanks for looking out.”

I felt bad for wasting his time, not that he has anything else to do.

“It’s alright. That’s what friends are for.”

Satsuya smirked. He’s trying to hid it as I can tell.

“Hm? Something is written on the back.”

He looked at the writing in permanent black.

“Ah, someone here had a really good time.”

He said.

I felt a sorrow feeling in my heart.

“Yeah. He does.”

I said in my mind, it doesn't matter if I said it outloud.

“I’m mostly free today, go right ahead.”

Satsuya smiled.

I started off first.

Even after years of not figuring out the game, I would rather leave it unsolved so that it won't become a memory, forever lost in my heart under the rain of sorrow.

End of Part One.

Recently I thought about the concept since I first played Xenogears which I enjoyed the story so far and research other media that portrayed similar themes. I started thinking up another story that has said topic.

I am aware that, even today, having a similar religion being portrayed in a negative way will cause much backlash from the believers but I'm taking the risks. I, for one, not against religion nor a believer for reasons such as lack of physical proof or how they are founded in the first place.

Of the topic, I want to tell a conflict setting in galactic civilization thousands of years into the future that has both sides clash over each other for reasons like creating certain things such as artificial life that goes against the other side's beliefs and for the side supporting creation that religion is keeping humanity away from improving further.

Any opinions on the matter you may share with here. I'll post a rough draft of the story at the Develop Your Story in a week or so. ThanK you for the support.

Here again. I didn't like how it progressed. I felt that it's rushed. Wanted to tell what the story's about but I think I'll try to slow it down. I also changed one of the two main characters' age into a year older as I wanted the character to be more free. It'll focus more on adult life. Here is the prologue refined. Hope you enjoy it.

“During my youth before the dawn of adulthood, I once called myself a proud citizen in the country I was born in, that’s nothing more than a memory and regret. In the life I have now that has been the same for two decades, today was something new to forever remember and cherish...”


A blonde woman dressed in a shirt under an open jacket, shorts and Mary Jane shoes, holding a decent-priced purse with the strap around her shoulder, walking among many people in a busy city in a cloudy night.

“Another lousy blind date. Yet another guy who doesn’t take his age seriously. I’m not falling for any fake charms and dirt.”

She sees groups and couples talking, flirting and snapping selfies. She rolled her eyes around in annoyance.

“Well, it beats having to go through an argument with a guy about money and where to go. Love these days is less romantic and more about drama and dumb risks. *sighs* I miss the 90’s, back when it was all about effort. What's with men these days...”

Going in and out of a coffee shop, the woman, cup of coffee in hand, looked at the gray sky, the sun blocked by dense clouds.

She sat down on a bench, moving her cup around as she waits for a bus to come by, seeing cars passing by.

“Another year of teaching coming up next week. Spent the whole summer working part-time as a waitress and sit in home watching recently released movies and go online, nothing else better to do. What a life…”

She sighed as she felt a wet drop on her head. Rain started to cover the streets, the neon lights reflected on the wet streets. She sighed more, decided to make her way back home instead of waiting.

“Huff… Lousy weather report, 10% chance of rain my ass.”

She threw her empty cup into a trash can in frustration.

“Got to see if it’s still raining for tomorrow.”

She looked into her bag, trying to find her cell phone. Lightning striked, she jumped in fear, something came out from her bag; a red ribbon, landing on the wet sidewalk. She crouched to grabbed it. A hand appears, taking it. She looked up, she sees a black-haired man in a suit and tie, holding an umbrella, his eyes looking at her own’s blue in nostalgic sadness.

“Is this yours?”

The man spoke, sounding somewhat younger in a foreign accent. He looked at it closely.

“Yes. I dropped it. Can you give it back to me?”

She said, she felt familiar by his accent.

“Oh. Sorry. I was thinking about something when I saw this.”

He gave it back. He put his umbrella over her.

“You must be cold, where are you going?”

“To my apartment, you don’t have to help me. I'm fine on my own. Good day.”

She felt grateful regardless, she attempt to walk pass him.

“May I accompany you on the way? I don’t want to leave you all wet and cold in the afternoon. I fear about the worse that could happen to you if you are alone..”

He sounds concerned of her well-being.

“Ah. I live here for a long time but alright then. Just don’t get personal with me. Not interested in relationships. Don’t make a move, you hear?”

She said to him bluntly,

“I understand. I’m not like that. Besides, I’m not interested in that sort of relationship..”

They both stood up, they made their way together.

“Don't you have better things to do than helping an random old woman?”

She asked, expressing her low self-esteem.

He looked at her, shook his head.

“I just like to help. You don't look that old, I believe..”

She felt grateful of his kind words.

“Thank you… Well, I don't really like how I look. I always have been hit on lot of times. It's annoying.”

She held her chest tight.

“About what you mentioned before, what is it?”

She asked curiously.

“The Red Thread of Fate. My father told me every detail of it. He believed that he could find someone he can call his ‘destined one’ here in America in his years of youth, though he failed to. What a fool.”

He smirked.

“I care not about that old myth and any of those, I am on a search.”

”I see. What are you searching for?”

She asked, feeling more curious.

The man took out a zippo lighter from his jacket, opens and closed the lid, held it close to his chest.

“A dream that I yet to know of. Graduated from high school at the top pf my class from my homeland, Hokkaido, Japan, with no path ahead of me to walk to in the life of an adult. That is why I am here in this land of opportunities, lost with no path in sight.”

He, revealed to be a boy in his late teens yet he spoke and act like an adult and surprisingly mature. The woman is surprised by the revelation..

“I see. You're a late teenager from Japan. I’m surprised.”

She felt flustered of knowing his young age regarding his resemblance to an adult because of the clothes he wore. Her eyes darted away from him.

“Don’t feel embarrassed. I get that a lot in the first two weeks of being here. It got annoying after the tenth person I met asked the same question. Compared to them, you made it sound funny.”

He smiled, straighten his tie.

“Well, a word of advice from a woman who had been through a lot since high school.”

She said, looking at him.

“What is it?”

He looked at her.

“Don’t expect to find your dream that easily.”

She clenched her fist.

“Life after high school is difficult without a dream. I used to live in a life of easiness, wealth and effortless. I was still young to know what’s really like to be an adult and how my family raised me. The life I have now isn’t exactly what I wanted and expected but I’m going through it. Sick of all that BS as a teenager and I regret of being one of them before. I just don’t fit in with them.”

She looked guilty, sighing as she looked at her reflection on the wet sidewalk. Her thoughts of her race which she is ashamed of.

“You’re not the only one who felt the same. Everyone made their mistakes and so do I. I had disappointed my parents who were expecting me to find what I can enjoy doing in a career which I don’t have since I don’t plan to go to a university despite being an honor roll student. My father didn’t want me to end up having a similar boring adult life.”

He opens and closed the lid of his lighter again.

“I promised him to come back home after a year being here with a dream achieved while I enjoy the last year of youth before being an adult. He gave his lighter for me as a reminder to stay the way I am. I won’t ever do something questionable that’ll be in the way of finding my dream.”

He breathed in and out calmly.

“Anything can happen in life but dreams are to put effort into to make it a reality. That's my reason for being here, to take my chances.”

His motivation impressed her, she felt inspired by his way of life.

“Still, I don’t get why you want to spend time with me rather than cute girls… You’re the type that they will fall for.”

“Don't worry. I'm just here to help you. Well, you're sort of interesting compared to the others here. Most of them told me off whenever I try to get to know them. Didn't want to offend you but they are white too.”

She is surprised to hear about his previous encounters, her hands into fists.

“Tch, screw them. If they don't want to know the good side of others instead of social media BS telling them otherwise, they can just piss off and cry.”

She said in an unusual tone that is expressing anger.

“It's ok. I don't mind it rea…”

She shook her head.

“It's never alright... There are still hateful people here, you have to be tough back. Many people here just hate because they got many BS reasons to. It's sickening. I did that first-hand and never want to be a part of it again.”.

They stopped. She shook her head, her hand on her face.

“I just want to relate to someone. I don’t have the same passion as you and you’re still young. I don’t think I could ever start over.”

“It's never too late to change.”

He muttered under his breath.


She looked at him, wiping her eyes.

“It's alright to change, even if it's a little. To say about myself, I'm not usually like this. I wanted to be prepared for adulthood. I know life of being a grown-up is more stressful and less time to be out there and enjoy life. I had enough fun.”

He looked up at the dark skies, the buildings surrounding it. His eyes showing uncertainty.

“Having to handle many responsibilities and being forced to work at places you really dislike going to. I understand that much from my father who has to spend time mostly away from home to work, he rarely comes home since. The incident that he was in when he was here changed him. He lost inspiration to find what he really enjoyed doing.”

He plants his hand on his face, closing his eyes.

“I wanted to have an adult life that isn’t too stressful and can enjoy doing. There are fewer opportunities to have that kind of life though. Still, I won’t give up searching. How about you try to find something new for once?”

His hand in his pocket, he looked at her, she is smiling.

“Yeah. I’ll try. Thank you.”

Continuing on their way, the ongoing rain pouring over the city and streets.

“Here it is. It’s where I live, around average to so-so but it’s good enough to call home.”

She said as they stopped in front of an apartment. It looked decent as she mentioned.

“Where do you live?”

She asked him, feeling a little worried that he might live far.

“Not far. At a hotel two blocks from Times Square, like the sight of the tall colorful buildings from my room.”

“Whoa, isn’t that expensive? That’s about $550 a night, right? Is your family wealthy? Have you eat healt...”

She stopped as the boy put his palm close to her face.

“Calm down. I have everything taken care of.”

He pulled out his smartphone from his jacket.

“Isn’t that just out last week?”

She pointed out at the newer look compared to her own phone which she has took out from her purse.

“Yeah. I was thinking I should catch up with technology and see what’s new here.”

“Don’t spend too much. The inflation is getting worse here. Hopefully you have enough to go back home after the ye…”

“What did I just say…”

He stared at her with an annoyed look.

“You worry too much. I don’t like to be reminded often.”

She felt an unusual sense of being scolded, her face light red out of being embarrassed which she’s trying to hide it.

“Aha… Sorry. I tend to worry.”

“I see. It’s ok, worry about yourself more. You won’t able to find a change soon with that kind of attitude.”

He pointed at her.

“Thank you. Guess you’ll be going then. I’ll handle things better now. Thanks again.”

She waved happily at him as she heads into the building.

“You know…”


She stopped as she heard him, his back on the wall.
“We should see each other again. You’re pretty interesting and unlike the others I met before in the city.”

He shrugged.

“I’m Satsuya. What is your name?”

The lost but ever-searching Satsuya tightened his tie.

“Ah. It’s a nice name. It’s Reinhart. Kind of old-time huh?”

The self-conflicted but inspired Reinhart brush aside her bangs over her forehead, nervous but giggling.

“May be, but it has new meaning in time.”

He closed his umbrella as the rain has started to stop.

“Ah, well you look at that.”

She is surprised, looking up at the sky, she then looked at her ribbon.

“At this moment, I realize that there is more to life even as an adult. I hope the same for my new friend who I believe will find more than just a simple dream. Perhaps, as a teacher, I’ll help on his search, no matter how difficult it may be..."


Develop Your Story / Re: Thread of Connections: School of Union
« on: July 21, 2016, 06:51:26 PM »
The ideas I have for this story is for me to work for a greater effort to help those in the country who are dealing with discrimination and being treated unequally through writing.

The events going on in the story is a worst-case scenario of America going back to its dark days regarding foreigners and minorities in a kind of anti-unity in the the future. I'm sure some of you had been through this in your life.

For the white people being portrayed here, I don't intend to make them be seen as total jerks as you read that one of them gave back what they stole in fear of being kicked out of a team, showing that he care much about his own future and hinting that he hold less hostile views to foreigners than the rest of his teammates, he just went along with it.

The reason I have the president, Kethen Tace, portrayed here as a leader who lay down laws that limits the rights and freedom of the non-Americans in benefit for the majority and the country's interests is another worse-case scenario of the land of the free under that kind of leader. He has other reasons behind his laws that are personal. The scene of him coming to UniCenter High to meet Satsuya is to show that he means business and took his own laws seriously with threats to those who dare violate in person, that's the kind of leader he is that I want to tell.

Satsuya is being developed here as a person who accepts people for who they are inside before accepting their backgrounds. He'll be making much efforts in his year-long stay to ensure he will make a change that'll change the American people's minds about unity and connections to those outside of the world. Outside of that, his other priority is to form his future through his experiences in the big city in his final year of youth as he makes new friends at school and in the city to better understand those around the world.

The two characters Farrell and Relikova will be a part of the main cast and Satsuya’s friends which he'll interact with the most alongside Reinhart. I'll introduce more characters that are in junior, sophomore and freshman years later.

That's how my story will be. I'll accept criticism as this is the effort for my future to help those connect with others. I appreciate the help. I'll be helping others in this site too since everyone need a helping hand. Thank you.

Develop Your Story / Re: Thread of Connections: School of Union
« on: July 15, 2016, 01:23:53 AM »
Here is the first chapter. I spend a week working on it. Tomorrow I have work so I want to polish and finish it before then. Enjoy reading.

Looking up at the blue cloudless sky in the outdoors area of UniCenter High during lunchtime, a sense of peace he felt in spite of being in a country which is going back to it’s own ‘dark divided age’, Karasenta Satsuya thoughts about his life up to this point.

“Ever since I started my first year in Sebunhoshi High in my homeland, Hokkaido, Japan, I had felt conflicted between enjoying high school life and eventually have to face the reality of being an adult after graduating.”

He cleans the windshield of his motorcycle with a small towel, wiping his forehead in sweat with his other hand. He isn’t bothered by the spring heat regardless of wearing his former school uniform that is meant to be worn in fall and winter season due to his pride.

“At my old school where I started, countless days passing by with my long-time childhood friends, both boys and girls, I made back then which I had enjoy my time with them during our first and second years; watching and playing baseball, eating at a ramen shop, going on trips to Tokyo and Osaka, some of my male friends teasing me which girl I like in the group.”

He took a bite of a rice ball from his container sitting on top of a nearby wall. He licked some of the rice off his upper lip. The delicious taste ringed on his tongue.

“But when the third year started, one by one, my friends had gone on their own paths; compounded with studying and exams to go to a good university. Some had to find part-time jobs to help their families and most of the girls going on dates. I was then left alone after second year of high school, leaving me to do barely anything besides studying and go out on the roads on my motorcycle. Taking myself everywhere I go in my hometown, seeing many places I go to regularly, now alone.”

He plants his hand on one of his vehicle’s hand bars. He thought of his homeland’s small roads, comparing them to the vast roads of the great city of New York. He felt a sense of adventure and freedom but also a sense of loneliness.

He sighed.

“During my days alone, I have been focusing on finding a career after high school and see what opportunities that can offer me. But, I yet to decide on one. None of them interested me so far. Seeing many businessmen who have tired eyes and sleeping on the bullet trains during my trip to Tokyo made me think of the boredom of spending my life working in an office doing the same thing every day.”

His mind goes through the memories of his youth, comparing his youth to the adult life. He felt a sense of losing his place as that time comes.

“I even bothered with the thought of who I’m going to marry. Not that I wanted to, I don’t feel ready for it yet. My parents kept encouraging me to seek out a girl. I did date some of the girls who were crushing me. Though later on I broke it off after some days with each of them one by one since they were demanding my attention too much when I had to study and finding a career. I wouldn’t want to take responsibility as a future husband and father. I wish to do as I please on my own.”

He stretched his arms up, letting out a big yawn. He looks around the area, feeling yet to be used to the new school he now attends.

“The times of exploring Japan in my free time gives me a sort of inspiration to see what’s beyond my homeland I had been for all my life.”

He went deep in thought of his youth, reminiscing the days of innocence and the simple joys of life that he experienced.

“Expanding my search for a dream which led me to learn what’s America like through my father who used to attend this school in NYC in his high school years. I want to see myself in the city of that’ll give me the inspiration for a dream that I can be content with.”

He took out his smartphone from his pants pocket. Looking at the many messages he got from his old friends who wished him a safe year at America. He smiled as he scrolled down to see dozens.

“Now here I am; as a transfer student of UniCenter High School in New York CIty, USA. My first day in America and already something major is going on. From the life of a youthful kid in Japan, now in the life of a maturing young teenager close to being on the path of adulthood in America. My life for eighteen years, I remain the same, I’m a wanderer with no set path to walk on.”

He crouched to see the workings of his vehicle, he noticed something missing from it.

“Lookin’ for something?”

He turned to see a group of white boys of his age in high school jock clothes, their eyes with hostility.

“Just halfway through my first day in America, this happens.” He thought to himself in frustration.

Chapter 1: Union of New Friendship

“What do you want?”

Satsuya spoke to them, unnerved.

“Letting ya know that you losers here in ‘Murica ain’t worth *censored* compared to us now, president said so, chink.”

One of them grinned.

“So what? That doesn’t bother me. I just have to be a good kid and listen to the authorities.”

He pull out a zippo lighter from his jacket, opening and closing the lid with his thumb.

“But I ain’t changing my culture with yours’. A foreigner has to have some pride in his country.”

“You listen here; you’re in our country now. If you wanna not have bad blood with us, you gotta follow our standards, the American way.”

One of the other boys pointing at him, having a muscular and large stature. He walks up to him, makes a fist to his face.

“Or you’re asking for it.”

“You think you’re all tough and all but you’re just being pathetic, you don’t represent America right. If you want to bother someone, bother your girlfriends, if you even have any or if they’re too ugly to deal with. I know you took something from me, hand it back or I’m calling the authorities. Even white folks like you have to follow the rules.”

Satsuya talks back at him, staring him with a fierce look,

“Oh hell no, now you’re asking for it, farm boy!”

The white boy took off his own jacket, throws it behind, cracking his knuckles, one of the others caught it.

“Guess what time it is? Time for an beatdown! Asian boy gonna get his ass wooped!”

The rowdy group start chanting.

“You gonna see red for talking *censored* about my sexy girl! Bring it on!”

The muscular boy throws a punch at his head.

Satsuya dodged it, moving his head out of the way.

“Seriously. If anyone sees this, you are so going to be expelled. I’m warning you.”

“You shut your face, nerd! My dad has a good lawyer. I’ll be back in school and come back to kick your ass twice over!”

He rushed at him.

Satsuya jumped over him. He opened and closed his lighter.

“Nerd huh, how original. I guess your dad and grandpa are bullies and idiots too. I played sports too, fairly to say. By the looks of your muscles, I'm guessing you took steroids.”

“You are so dead! Big Matt’s gonna make you puke your blood and virginity out!”

One of the group shouted, saying his name.

Matt turn his head around, his face red in anger.

“My old man can't play in the big leagues because a chink broke his arms in high school! Sucks to be him when he ran away from here, I heard he got his ass whooped badly, damn right he deserved it.”

Satsuya felt angered.

“Take your best hit then, I won’t dodge this time, I’m taking it like a man, unlike you!”

He stood still, waiting to get hit.


A familiar voice is heard.

Everyone turned around.

Reinhart is standing a few feet away, her hands on her hips.

“Again with this crap... Do I have to make some calls to your parents...?”

She has her cell phone on her left hand, staring at them with a look that makes them, even Satsuya, nervous.

“Oh *censored*… her again...”

One of the group said quietly.

“We should bail, now, dude. She got our parents’ numbers.”


Matt walks back to his group.

“You got lucky you have that hot white teach here. Don’t show your face around our school, we know what you look like.”


Reinhart stomped on the ground, makes a loud noise..


They ran away in fear, except for one.

“Here, take it back, I don’t want to get kicked out of the football team if my coach see this.”

The white boy handed a motorcycle part to Satsuya, he ran away with the others.

“Are you alright?”

Reinhart pat his shoulder.

“Yeah. I didn’t fight him. Not worth the trouble to. Thanks for the save, sensei.”

Satsuya still felt nervous of her. Her shouting still ringing in his head.

“I see you know them.”

“Right. Those jocks again. They been harassing the students here since last year. Some of them in UniCenter got hurt badly by their dirty hands. Damn them and their lawyers.”

Reinhart sighed.

“That Matt guy wasn’t kidding about the lawyer thing. What school do they go to?”

Satsuya sighed.

“Harry S. T. High School. I had taught there back then. I call it Gay-ry Suck-Tardman High. Made up of dumb jocks, arrogant preppies and girls being all slutty and stuff. Those kids made me so angry, they never listened to me, always on their phones and taking selfies in class. I caught some of them smoking and some guy and one of his “sweethearts” ‘did it’ behind the bleachers during football season two years ago… ugh.”

Reinhart facepalmed herself, remembering the awful times she was there.

“That’s too bad.”

“If they say bad things about Japan or about your mother, please don’t chase them there.”

“I get it. It’s not worth getting kicked out of here. I’m better than that.”

Satsuya opened and closed his lighter.

“Hey, no smoking allowed on school grounds.”

Reinhart took it from his hand.

“Hey. I don’t ever smoke. It’s a gift from my father.”

Satsuya looked at her.

“Oh. So he used to smoke before…”

Reinhart sounding worried, she took a good look at it.

“Yeah. He gets stressed a lot from work when he comes back home when I was young, he smoked a pack every day. My mother was worried about his health, he didn’t listen. Guess what, he ends up having lung cancer after a month.”

Satsuya sounding disappointed, being reminded of him. Reinhart felt surprised of his father’s dark habit.

“The doctors cured him after three months. The first thing he did after leaving the hospital is to smoke. Us fed up with his habit, me and my mother had a serious talk with him. I threaten to smoke behind his back if he doesn’t quit and was about to take and lit a cigarette. Being the caring father he is, he gave his lighter to me as a promise to not smoke again and as a test for me to show that I’m better than that by not lighting it even once. Up to this point, not a single one and he never smoked again.”

Reinhart shows relief of the revelation.

“I see. I guess his adult life is too much to handle, like mines. Though I never drink or smoke, I guess I took it easy than him.”

She felt a sense of sorrow and familiarity.

“I would been on his case non-stop if we were still together.”

“Still thinking about the past? So-rry that my mother gets to marry him and gave birth to me.”

Satsuya looked at her in annoyance.

“Ah… sorry...”

Reinhart opens the lid. Satsuya held her arm tight.

“If you light it, I’ll chase those jocks down. I’m warning you. I don’t want to see him disappointed in me.”

Satsuya in a harsh tone.

“Geez. I wasn't about to. Feisty you are. I thought you would be like those main quiet protags from anime.”

She put her arm around him. She puts her head next to his’.

“Listen here, Satsuya. I don't want you to do anything stupid that get you deported. Ignore those jocks. They aren't worth dealing with. To admit, your father was a little too protective of his friends and me when we hung out in our youth.”

She narrowed her eyes, her expression being nerved.

”Though I took bullying easy, he went to kick those punks’ butts anyways. His hits were brutal, made one guy’s nose broken and another who got too injured to play football to this day.”

“Damn it, old man. You made his kid want to beat our people up.”

Satsuya frowned in displeasure.

“Not much of a good example he is for his son. Oh well, it's in the past.”

Reinhart sighed, saying about his father's position.

“Don't you worry. I got your back. No punk will dare to hurt my dear students of UniCenter High as long I'm here.”

She raised her arm up. Her stomach grumbled.

“Shoot. I haven't ate breakfast this morning, I have to pay rent yesterday so I can't buy groceries for two days. Hope there's bunch of pizza left in the cafeteria. Take care, you have a good time in your classes. I'll give this back to you after school, follow the rules here, K’?”

Satsuya nodded.

“See ya, sensei.”

She smiled to him, turned and walked to the building.

“Oh and one thing.”

She turned her head to him.

“Don't tell anyone about my financial situation. I don't want to worry anyone here. Don't worry about it. I can handle it.”

Reinhart gives a thumbs-up. She continued walking.

“If she asked for more than $50 then we should have a serious talk. I can tell she's desperate.”

Satsuya crossed his arms and sighed.

“If you do tell anyone, I'll pawn off your liiiiiiighter~.”

She said out loud teasingly, waving his lighter around.

Satsuya clenched his fist.

“I promise that I'll keep my mouth zipped (damn it, she heard me).”

“Oh boy, oh boy. We got ourselves a ‘rucky’ dragon here.”

Someone said.

Satsuya turned around, he sees a white boy in his late teens in a blue suit similar to his’ but disorganized, laying on the high ledge.

“Who are you? Are you with those white jocks from Harry S. T. High?”

Satsuya stared at him with annoyance.

“Ding-eh, you got two things right-o and two things wrong-o. I attend there and I’m white but I never hang out with those arrogant d-bags and I prefer to call it Gay-ry Suck-Tardman High.”

He grinned.

“Rion’s teh name. I’m just a nice guy who wants to live life, don’tcha agree?”

He who called himself Rion took out a can of soda from his jacket. He opens it with just his index finger, poured the soda into his mouth a feet away above, some spilling on his suit.

“Tell me, young dragon, what brings you here in this fine Land of the Chains?”

Satsuya is dumbfounded by his figure-of-speech, doubting if he is really saying any sense.

“To expand my horizons and look for a dream. Why would you say bad things about your own country and race?”

Rion sticked his tongue out.

“Duh, do I look like I do not care? For the former, I kid you not. I say what I want, freedom of speech, too bad you don’t have that anymore. Burned!.”

He laughed loud, grinning at Satsuya.

Satsuya crossed his arms in annoyance.

“No worries, my friend. For I am simply enjoying the life of the upper class. I'm not here just to spite you. You seem pretty interesting for standing up to those upper class dorks, which I'm the cooler one.”

Rion raised his fist to the sky.

“Now with the new president’s proposal, things has got more interesting. Will the foreigners and minorities protest?”

He held his palms up.

“Always. Will they make a change?”

He grinned menacingly.

“In their dreams! As it always has been! Rawrharharhar!”

Rion laughed at the top of his lungs. He then pointed at Satsuya, holding his can, some of the soda came out, hitting the windsheld of Satsuya's vehicle.

“Let's see how YOU can make a difference! I can see the determination in your somehow-not-squinty-eyes as I am describing what are they. We got lots to cover so enjoy the reading, folks! Uh oh, lasagnati-o’s, I said too much.”

He took the last rice ball from the container, took a bite of it, he stood up.

“Catch you later, spanky drag!”

Rion back flipped from the ledge, hidden from view. A loud thud is heard.

“Agh! Son of a horse! I meant to do that...”

A light breeze came in.

Satsuya thought about his words about change and ignorance.

“He is strange but somehow… right about the situation here. What does he really want in life?”

After thinking all what he could, he simply decide to forget it and move on with his own efforts.

He pulled out his...

“Oh that's right… I been doing that thousands of times over the years, it's practically a part of me. I really hope I get it back after school.”

He sighed.

In History class.

Satsuya writing down notes as the history teacher explains the timeline of the Revolutionary War, started in April 15th, 1775 in America.

“... And wanting independence from the British Colonies, the first Americans moved here to establish a new country to call home and a reliable government that will answer to the people. Make sure to write this down, there will be a test coming up next week covering the first stages of the pre-war.”

As Satsuya wrote down what the teacher explained, he sees his classmates’ expressions; fear, anger, and discouragement on each of them. One of the boys didn't attempt to write his notes down as his head is covered with sweat, his eyes looking forward as if he's lost.

Satsuya goes deep in thought.

“They had been quiet since the president’s signing the new amendment. Worried about the threat of deportation and being labelled as second-class citizens. Political issues had always frustrated me but this is going too far.”

Satsuya thought about the new president’s new amendment.

“I'll have to look it up more to see if there's any loopholes and contradicted with the other amendments. I'm not an expert on politics but I won't allow that man to be a bad example for this country and the people. I will make a change here.”

He clenched his pencil.

After class.

In one of the hallways.

Satsuya opens his locker he was assigned with that is lined up with the others. The students quietly talked around him.

“So this is where I put everything I needed for my classes for the school year. How convenient. I always have to carry my notes and books back in Sebunhoshi High every day besides Sunday. It stiffens my shoulders though so I can't entirely complain about it.”

Satsuya felt a little relieved at this opportunity. He looked at his school schedule.

“I have Art class next, last class for the day.”

Satsuya thought about something just now. An awkward feeling passed through his heart.

“I… haven't get to know anyone from my previous classes. I was too deep in thought about the news. It'll be difficult to make new friends in this situation.”

He lowered his head down in shame.

“Umm… aren't you the new transfer student?”

Satsuya heard and turned around. He sees a brunette-haired girl with a ponytail standing near him.

“Oh. Yes I am. I think we had Social Studies together in second period before, I had seen you when I walked in.”

The girl looked surprised.

“We do! Thanks for recognizing me. I wanted to talk to you before class had started but since the news, I have been feeling worried about being deported.”

She took a deep breath.

“I'm Relikova Lebedev. Sixteen years old, a junior like you. I moved here from my Mother Land two years ago.”

“Relikova is it?. It's a pleasure to meet a fellow foreigner. I'm Karasenta Satsuya, I moved here two weeks ago. Will be staying in America for the whole year. I can tell by your accent that you're Russian when you first talked to me.”

He bowed.

“I learn that your mother land is beautiful in terms of architecture. Thanks to a certain someone who used to attend here years ago.”

He thought about his father.

Relikova nodded happily.

“Thank you so much! That is nice to hear it from you. I feel happy you know about the good things of my motherland.”

Satsuya pat his fist on his chest.

“I like to get to know with everyone here and their cultures. I want to know the good parts of the world and learn what's interested me.”

“That is great to hear. I moved here because my father owns a café shop at Manhattan since 2014 and has earned enough for me and my family from my country to come live together with him again. We've been here three years ago since.”

“That's so nice to hear. I'm glad you get to be with your father.”

Satsuya smiled.

“I’m planning to attend here to the last day of senior year. I hope you come to attend next year.”

Relikova smiled at him.

“That goes for the both of us, dear Relikova.”

A brown-haired boy with glasses appeared.

“Ah, that's right, Farrell. I was concerned about him.”

“Concern with yourself the most. You shouldn't let yourself loose since you had just met him.”

The boy named Farrell voiced his reason.

“Pardon the interruption. My friend here is curious to meet you, Karasenta Satsuya. The surname is Boyce, Farrell is my given name. Hailing from Wales, England to attend this school of diverse connections. We had English class together in the fourth period, as I remembered.”

“Yeah. I had noticed you were the first one to finish the test while I was studying. I used to learned so much about Great Britain. I adore how the way your people talk, similar to mines in terms of politeness.”

Satsuya complimenting him.

“No need for appreciation. I consider it elementary-level compared to my vast knowledge and thanks for the comparison. Many in this dreadful city took it in a bad view.”

He pushed up his glasses.

“Neveroyatno*!” (Unbelievable in Russian)

Relikova clenched her fists near her chest.

“I barely answered all questions in time on yesterday’s test! I don’t think I got even half of them right… So much for getting an A+ grade for my final report card. English is my worst subject.”

She sighed.

“My apologizes. I would have helped you last week but I had to attend an important meeting at the White House in place for my parents as they were invited to a gala. It’s to promote my family’s company image from Wales.”

Farrell explained proudly.

“Well I can’t complain about that, Mr. Wealthy Boy-ce.”

Relikova pouts, crossing her arms.

“But you said you’re going to inherit your family’s fortune and companies once you graduate the next school year. Isn’t it going to be too much for you?”

She looks concerned.

“I was raised to be eligible to handle such matters since the day I was in elementary school. Don’t think poorly of the upper class. We take our responsibilities in order and diligent. My parents have their full trust on me. I will not let that be shattered no matter the cost.”

Farrell tightens his sleeves.

“I am a foreigner also but I won’t let such measly politics from a man unfit to be the leader of this country to make me bow down to the uneducated adults.”

Satsuya is surprised.

“You mentioned you were at the White House.”

“Yes. What is in your mind to speak of, young one?”

“Have you get to meet the president, Kethen Tace, yourself?”

Farrell looked uneased.

“Strange question from you, but I have. When we first introduced each other, I had already took a dislike of him. Kethen openly states that he’ll solve America’s issues through putting his own way of ‘discipline’ on us foreigners and minorities in favor of advancing and protecting America’s interests and culture. I am not surprised when he made his announcement. The threat of deportation was one of my few guesses on the consequences.”

“I see. So he’s patriotic to the extreme. I feel like there must be something else behind it.”

Satsuya thinks about the many possible reasons.

“That is all I can allow myself to tell. I cannot spoke of such highly sensitive information in the White House lest I’ll soon be found out and be sent back to my homeland in disgrace. Kethen himself warned me.”

“Damn that president.”

Satsuya clenched his fist.

“Ease your mind. We’re all together here. We can express ourselves freely in this school. What we have to be concerned about are our encounters with the ‘majority’ in the city. It’s going to be a painful and long school year for you but I believe we all will get through all that.”

Farrell attempted to calm him down.

“You’re right. Three weeks of being here and this sort of thing happened. I worry about everyone in UniCenter now that the majority of society begins to despise us with the president’s “approval”.”

Satsuya pat his own chest.

“There isn’t more that I love than my culture and homeland. My family, traditions, manners, holidays and the food formed me the way I am in life. No law would make me act like those who don't understand the good things about our own cultures.”

“That’s the spirit, young chap.”

Farrell nodded, crossing his arms. He pushed his glasses up again.

“Khorosho!* It is very nice to meet someone like you that expressive for their own culture.” *Alright in Russian.

Relikova expressed her support for his pride.

Satsuya felt comfort with encouragement from his two new friends he had just met.

“No politics should make us do what we don’t want to. I promised my friends and family back home that I won’t have a mask to be easily accepted by those who are different from me. I’ll take my time in this year to able to learn their own language and culture to befriend them and understand the way they are. This is just the start of my difficult path towards a dream to find and fulfill my last year of youth with many happy moments.”

Satsuya reflects on his choices. His heart is at ease.

“Satsuya.... Behind you…”

Relikova tells him, shaking in fear.


He turned around. He is in shock.

President Kethen Tace is standing right by him. Secret Service men are standing behind him.

“Fancy meeting you here, new transfer student.”

His hands in his black pants’ pockets. His expression is clearly seen to be calm and collected.

The students in the hallways walked back, Relikova and Farrell did as well, leaving Satsuya alone with him.

“W-why are you here?”

Satsuya stuttered, saying in a quiet tone.

“How rude. Not even an introduction. First, I should ask you.”

Kethen pointed at him.

“In your first day here in this low-performing school, you had already shown yourself to be disappointing of my expectations of your people.”

His expression turned darker, his eyes locked on Satsuya’s.

“I received a word that you had already cause some trouble since your first day as I had heard about from the authorities. You had dared talk back to other students who attended one of the best schools of this city and in result, the entire United States, with petty insults and about to engage in fighting instead of resolving it as an mature young man in our society.”

Satsuya is in disbelief of his words.

“You are the first to made a violation to the newly established 28th Amendment in just mere hours; never engage in conflict with a natural-born citizen of any matter. Do I have to remind you of what is your place here in the Land of the Free, foreigner?”

His voice grows deeper with every passing word he spoke.

“Consider this from me as your only warning. This country isn't for you to do whatever you want. I ran for and took office to keep simpletons from entering this country through illegal means and to follow what as we the government establish. You will follow as the law as I say so or you'll be out of American grounds for life. Final. Warning.”

Satsuya’s initial moment of fear changed into frustration, he does not take his discipline seriously. His emotions boiling into an uncontrollable rage.

“They are the ones who started it! They took something that belongs to me and said many hurtful insults regarding my background! They were harassing the students here for years! They are just a bunch of immature idiots! How can you NOT know of it?! They should be disciplined for it, not me! This school is for those who wanted a better future. Screw your damn amendment! I don't believe you will bring anything great back in this country filled with patriotic idiots listening to your lies, you corrupt racist a**hole!!!”

He yelled with all of his frustration, his face light red in anger.

The students in shock of witnessing the scene.


Farrell expressed his concern.


Relikova feeling extremely worried.

“You dare to talk back to me with such foul language…”

Kethen moved his head towards Satsuya, inches close to his face.

Satsuya’s eyes unwavering, in anger.

“You are quite the worst of what I expect from foreigners and the minorities. You had made this school the worse kind of example to this country. For your irresponsible behavior and talking back poorly to a leader figure, this place will be closed down indefinitely and you shall be immediately sent back to wherever you came from. You don't belong here anymore, get out of my country, Japanese.”

Kethen turned and walked away as his bodyguards forcibly grabbed Satsuya in the arms behind his back. Himself lost his composure. He had felt a great sense of shame unimaginable.

“I just said what was right for us… Why does this country had to be ruled by him? Is this what the rest of the world would be later on? I had let down my school, my would-be friends, my sensei. Their futures ruined, because of me…”

He teared up as his thoughts are mixed up, unable to contain the regret.

“I'm sorry, everyone…”


Someone shouted.

The president and his bodyguards stopped.

Satsuya recognized the voice, he turned around.

Reinhart appeared, standing in front of the students.

“Mr. President. He is not entirely to blame. I was a bad example to him. I had said many awful things to Harry S. T. High and their students and he took it as my example. I witness the school’s students harassing him. What he said in that incident is true but he has never meant to say bad things to the country at all. I understand what he feels.”

Reinhart looked at him, her eyes remained focused on Kethen.

“I'll resign my position as a teacher for life in pardon of his actions and for this school to remain open. Give him and this school a second chance. I will take full responsibility.”


Satsuya is astonish of her words and sense of responsibility. His eyes are in the verge of tears.

A moment of silence passing by.

“You, one of the majority, are willing to give up your decades of effort for your career just for this inexperienced boy’s sake?”

Kethen said in a quiet tone.

Reinhart nodded.

“I will have no regrets. I want them to achieve their dreams in place of my own. Karasenta Satsuya himself has vowed that he'll make a great change to change the minds of the country's majority of those from around the world. I entirely believe that he will bring that change into reality. You have my word.”

Reinhart pat her chest.

Kethen smirked.

“Very well. I'll pardon his actions and self-decline my orders. You will keep your position as well. That is all.”

His bodyguards let Satsuya go.

Kethen, passing by, spoke to Satsuya

“I'll be looking forward to this ‘change’ of yours. But remember, I am watching. This is the choice you made for yourself to be in this country. Until then, you will follow as I established outside of this school. As her student, don't let her expectations for you go to waste as our family has had for her... Farewell, promising one.”

He said to him quietly before making his way out of the school, his bodyguards following him.

“Our family... Does he mean that he's related to her?”

Satsuya wonders in thought as he sees them gone from view. He reminisce his outburst and the consequences of doing so to a country’s leader that he had to go through.

He didn’t want to see Reinhart, knowing that he had almost made her lose her career. He stands as long as he could, wracked with guilt inside.


Reinhart said, being behind him.

“I’m sorry. I said what I need to say. I just couldn’t stand with what he believed in. I’m tired of the things the majority said.”

He wiped his eyes with his sleeves, his eyes closed.

“My father told me so much of the suffering in his generation where foreigners and minorities were being mistreated and misunderstood. He wanted to change that but what happened between him and your father which I know from you, he gave up after going through a broken heart and left this country, his dream shattered into pieces.”

He placed his hand on where his heart is.

“I will be stronger than him. I won’t let him and myself down. I’ll rebuild his dream but it will not be mines to claim. It’s to give him the reason to fully move on with his life. Now that I have been acknowledged, it’s time to begin my efforts.”

His eyes slanted further, feeling a sense of renewed determination.

“I’m giving this back to you.”

Reinhart, by his side, held her hand out with his lighter on her palm.

Satsuya took it, opens and closed the lid.

She pat his shoulder.

“You’re not alone. Some things can’t be achieved through one person. As dumb as it sounds, no matter what you would do for UniCenter High, I’ll support it. It’s been long since I last had experience interesting moments.”

She crossed her arms, her expression brimming in interest.

“It’s going to be difficult. You got yourself quite a responsibility to fulfill.”

Satsuya smirked in realizing her words.

“Tch. I don’t like my final year of high school to be boring anyways. We’ll show that president how we ‘second-class’ citizens can really do.”

The students felt encouraged upon hearing his words.

“I had made the right choice to attend here after all. A foolish choice I made. My parents will be in for a shock when I tell them my final high school year experience.”

Farrell laughed quietly to himself.

“I want to help out as well. For my motherland to be accepted in good terms. My senior year will be enjoyable in addition, a good choice for myself.”

Relikova smiling, telling a new-found goal she has thought up.

Satsuya turned around, seeing the students he vowed to help. Their expressions once in fear and discouragement, now replaced with hope and determination through his words.

“I yet again to find my own dream. There are things I wanted to do first. But, no matter what life brings me to next, I will someday find a dream I can fulfill.”

End of Chapter.

Update: Mistake on what Satsuya's last class is, changed it to Art class. Sorry for the confusion.

The many paths and endings have importance. There will be split timelines that happens at the same time which the characters are to experience them and learn how their lives would end up.

As for morals, I didn't say the morals of the first story will return in the origin story, it is a standalone. For this story, the morals are about family bloodlines, love and defying fate. Here's the beginning of the origin story.

One of the protagonists who doesn't have a name is from ancient Japan is a part of a family named the Shinkusuji; an only-male powerful samurai clan who's bloodline is of great importance which they forbidden any member from mating with women who are outside the country and only to fight their enemies and serve under the shogun. Him hesitating to fight and kill after spending his time tending to his ill-ridden mother (one of his father's many wives) and eventually witness her passing, he was considered a disgrace and being heavily abused by his older half-brothers for not accepting their ways, even go as far as saying that he doesn't deserve a name for defying his only purpose in life. Feeling that he is unloved and facing the inevitibliy of killing for the rest of his life, he escaped the country by ship, seeking to live somewhere peaceful but keeping his sword out of a promise to his mother than he'll only fight to protect those he cares about and not for honor. Shipwrecked along the way, he was saved by knights who are from a vast kingdom unknown to the rest of the world.

It is a peaceful kingdom full of fantasy wonders with the people who are 'gifted' by God that allow them to realize their dreams as long they have purirty in their hearts. He is accepted by the people who are 'gifted by God' to live with them and to live freely as he wanted. There, he bonded with a older girl named Lein'Art who is one of the princesses who rule each of the many provinces. She was gifted with speaking and understanding every foreign language which allows him to adapt to their culture and language. She named him Ka'Sen, (kay-sin), a corruption of his language that refrence his ability to choose. During the years, he practiced his sword skills, joining the knights to explore and defending the world from decending into chaos, him refining his swordsmanship to take down other warriors without killing them. He and Lein'Art later fell in love and they are allowed to wed by her father, the kind king, for his bravery and years of service.

However, one day, the kingdom's centuries-long peace was shattered by invaders; The Shinkusuji clan. His half-brothers heard about a 'warrior who spare lives' while they were out conquering lands. They deduced that he is still alive and tortured many innocent people to give them answers to his whereabouts and managed to trace them to here. They demand the king with an only warning to give back their brother as their bloodline must not be mixed with 'unworthy and weak-willed women', that goes with their 'cowardly brother' too regardless. The king deny their request and demand them to leave as he sensed their emotions filled with bloodlust. Ka'Sen himself saying that he rather be shamed than be unloved and that he never call himself a Shinkusuji. Angered and disgusted with his revelation and their way of life, calling it unbelievably boring and weak, they declare war on the kingdom, threatening to burn down their homes and lands, slaughtering the people and even make the king's daughters lose their innocence through forced and painful sexual ways without giving them their 'seeds' until they surrender him to them in addition in giving up their lands, wanting to make use of their 'gifts' to surpass their limits. Ka'Sen is then conflicted with having to fight his blood family to protect his adoptive loving land and his lover, personally knowing that his half-brothers are worst than demons whenever they fought and trying to spare them is next to impossible, rather kill themselves honorably than being given mercy.

This is just the beginning, there are more to tell after the conflict which led to others, involving fate and an outside source watching over their actions.

Will try my best. This is for the first half of the first arc which will extend to the second half. This is for those who couldn't achieve their dreams on their own out of various reasons such as money, unfair laws, strict traditions, bullying, low performance schools, segregation and the demands of society. During his search, the protagonist unites his new diverse friends to better understand and relate to each other's hardships to overcome the majority due to a new law recently passed that renders foreigners and minorities having limited rights compared to the natural-born Americans due to the demands of the majority who are tired of the many unresolved issues the country has which they blame on those not from the country and not wanting to follow their 'American' values.

Ah. I think I explained it in a different topic. The premise here is the protagonist expanding his search for a dream from his secluded homeland, Japan. He travels to America to find what he can be content with. Trying out many new things in the country of freedom and making new friends of diverse backgrounds at his new high school in his final year of youth that can help him decide on a future he is willing to achieve and feel the most happy with.

Yes. It's to teach that it is better to live a life of hardships than living eternally happy as the latter will led to an empty feeling that is unavoidable. There is nothing to gain from happiness that you don't make any effort into it besides having the rest of your long life stuck in boredom and choosing to disounce it will label you forever an outcast, unwanted by all as told in the story. There are some choices you can't reconsidered once you decided on them, leaving you regreting it and ruining your life. You have to put much thought into choices before acting, such as becoming a father which led to devoting time to be one to keep a family together in sacrifice of having more free time. What gives you happiness will be your guide to a brighter future that doesn't involve easy ways. The main cast wanted that to be always a part of their lives and for others for their own good, having found joy in going through their personal hardships as they are together to encourage each other to keep going. They oppose the new religion to prevent it from being a permanent way of life, not wanting the next generation to lose themselves for easy ways to gain what they want and later regreting it.

Update: The protagonist having found his true happiness later on that he can be content with for his whole life. Him devoted to make efforts to it to be reality, vowing to eliminate the religion from forcing him to making it easy and even considered the choice to kill God to truly bring an end to blind happiness.

Alright. This is a widely controversial issue and I am aware of the potential backlash I may recieve. I already consider having religion being heavily involved for the second half of the first arc. Here is how I portray religion through my story.

Note; This is still in development, may change later on.

A new religion is gathering those who wanted their dreams to come true regardless of background and it is meant to bring true happiness through the power of beliefs as magic that can bring even illogical dreams a reality. Having gained members in the millions from around the world in such a short time through social media which led to even those who renounced their former respective religions, those who led the 'new' religion go as far as consider it to be the true religion that was lost in ancient times and them rediscovered it, calling others lies and flawed replacements which made them vowing to erase them from history. The leaders believe they were chosen by God to bring true happiness to the world and lead their followers to Paradise and be with God. Those who refused to join will have their dreams forcibly taking away, depriving them from ever knowing happiness again and deny them access to Paradise. Due to it's massive popularity and actual magic being involved, most wouldn't even have second thoughts of joining.

The theme behind it is deciding which path you'll take; a life of mostly suffering and little joy vs. a life of promised eternal happiness. Most people would take the latter as life is difficult for them through their own personal experiences and the hardships of adulthood. Every teenager would take the chance as they are still maturing, not having the sense of right and wrong yet fully understood.

This kind of deciding has the protagonist doubting himself much more as he is on the path to adulthood who still unable find a dream yet doesn't want to choose the 'easy' way as he made a promise to his parents as a child and later promised again to his teacher that he'll find a dream of his own and make it true through his own efforts.

For my first story.

Production I.G.

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbTNZN6m0HM

Moloko- Sing It Back: The main theme for the heroine.

ED: Uncertain but will have a Japanese song for the protagonist.

My story would look more realistic with some anime tones and having some diverse songs due to the western and diverse setting. I'll have Mad House or Production I.G. to animate it since the former did the cutscenes for the Persona 2 remakes and the latter for Persona 5, the games that inspired the story and the protagonists.

I estimate it to be 100 or more episodes as it spans an entire year in an American school in NYC counting summer vacation which makes up the first half with 50 episodes with slice of life/adventure genre and the second half with supernatural and action.

Oh yes, that anime. Haven't finished watching it since years ago. Gotta watch it all over again. I have another topic to discuss and it's more serious and controversial. May I make another or just say it here?

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