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On google apps iys a green Dimond ^^

My username is the same on MR. But I can't find you action animation. I confirmed my email address too.

Develop Your Story / Re: Demon curse help?
« on: July 20, 2016, 03:25:19 PM »
Let me just slide on in here and say that I personally feel that looking at this as a spell or curse is probably not the best way of looking at it. Most of the time, demons and the like are brought out because they make deals with people, be that for power, vengeance, or any kind of wish or help under the sun. Perhaps the village called upon these demons to possess them in the olden times for power, and then as the fine print, they hung around longer than expected and just kept going through the family lines, like lambs to the slaughter.

Demons are a tricky bunch. They psychologically manipulate, and play with what you want. They dangle it right in front of you so closely that you could taste it, tease you with it, and beckon you.

I imagine that could be another mechanism in which this works. In such an instance, based on the original deal, when the demon possesses the human, the human becomes more powerful for some purpose. Perhaps our MC here faces his primal desires, his weakness, constantly to keep his inner demon at bay as he uses his possession to...I dunno, wherever you take this story. He could have internal dialogue with this demon, and as such develop some kind of plan to make a deal what would overwrite the plague of his village, but of course all demonic deals come with a hefty price.

There's also just that he could use his possession to be a vigilante.

No matter what you're doing with this, just know that it is very, very exhausting to constantly be in that state, because while possessed, the demon is the one piloting mostly. Perhaps developing his inner demon as its own character with ulterior motives. Something like an antihero perhaps?

Then again, there are plenty of different ways to write demons. I refer to them more in the sort of realistic fashion to my knowledge and have already applied that to what is relevant to what you've requested. I hope this prattling helps with something.

I can say you definitely got the gears in my head going. I wasn't sure what direction I could go with this to be honest. I just knew I wanted this "curse" to be a conflict with him and his clan. His name is Miyuki by the way lol. I thought I included his name. While reading it made me think of Black butler, where Ciel made the contract with Sebastian and in return for Sebastian fulfilling his duties he could eat Ciel's soul. I'll have to sit down and think of a few desires and weaknesses that Miyuki could face. Thank you, this did help! :)

What does the app look like?

Me!!! I want to join.

Develop Your Story / Demon curse help?
« on: July 20, 2016, 11:15:17 AM »
I need help developing an idea in my story. I have an OC who comes from a clan who are all born with evil spirits that lay dormant in their bodies up until adolescents. Then those spirits awaken and they try to take over their host's body and can even kill him. I'm not sure which direction I should go with this. I want this spell to be something that my character struggles to overcome at the beginning, but then later is able to use to his advantage.

I appreciate the feedback if able.  :clapping: :thumbsup: :dance:

It really depends on what era and where it is.  Some simple reasons heirs lose their spot are:
1)  They get married to someone else outside of the system like a lower class (Heirs usually have arranged marrages to another noble family or to another country as a treaty.  Marrying someone of a lower class can bring shame to the family).
2)  They pass up the spot (Usually because of the first one).
3)  They are killed (Dead people can't rule).
4)  They commit a crime (If news comes out then the people won't trust the heir anymore).
5)  Revolution (Usually the heirs die but sometimes they get out alive but very rarely).
6)  They bring dishonor to the family and are disowned (Thrown out to the streets or killed).

#4 pretty much leads to #5 and they get replaced by a different form of government or by another person

#6 is what I am really leaning towards. I think you gave a very good list to be honest.

There really isn't much else to say after Sherbet's answer, which is pretty comprehensive.

And although you asked for a devastating reason, I just want to mention an alternative to the 'negative' connotations of a noble renouncing their heirship.

Something that was rare in noble families but occasionally happened in Britain and Europe was that sons would leave their houses on pilgrimage to Rome. Sometimes they would end up dedicating themselves to the faith and renounce their claim to land willingly.

Not to mention a lot of nobles went to war in the crusades hoping to die because of the promises made by the pope. I can't say with certainty that they would have renounced their wealth before heading East, but it would make sense that many would prepare themselves to move on to an afterlife by renouncing earthly things.

In terms of Japan, I believe it was possible for the heir of a Daimyo in feudal Japan to be expected to commit seppuku if they were a military commander that failed to protect their father, resulting in their father's death, or if something they did brought serious shame to the household, like insulting the emperor. So that heir had the potential to become a Ronin if they did not face death.

The thing is, even if an heir is stripped of their rights by decree, being the next in line to succeed family-wise was still considered to be very threatening to any usurpers, especially if the family had a loyal following. So, it often wasn't difficult to strip an heir of their title, but much more difficult to strip them of their claim... if that makes sense.

What about an heir being replaced if another sibling showed to have more potential?

You may need to be a little more specific, are you referring to medieval European houses?

In truth, it wasn't that hard to declare a more favored younger son as an heir over the elder, it simply wasn't common or approved of. Usually, it was considered an invite to civil war within the house unless the elder was disposed of in other ways.

For a story this doesn't particularly mean they had to be killed. For a large house or for royalty, they could perhaps be sent to war on a faraway campaign as a General although this could be considered troublesome if they decided to utilize that military power against the throne/head of house.

Reasons for a head of the house to change his heir would usually be favoritism but it could also be if the current heir brought shame to his house or committed a major crime. While nobility could literally get away with murder at times, committing a crime heinous enough to turn the people against the house would demand retribution to appease the populace. Killing a fellow member of the house and other treasonous acts would do the same but these would usually be accompanied with a death sentence or banishment. A merciful/loving father who is head of the house may simply demote an heir and give them a small position far away from the main court.

Of course, these are all mixed possibilities as I'm unsure what kind of setting your houses are supposed to be in. Samurai clans would demand Seppuku, tribal clans would probably fight it out to the death, if it's in a fictional setting you have a lot of flexibility.

I meant in terms of Japan.

Develop Your Story / Reasons an heir is striped of their title?
« on: June 22, 2016, 04:53:29 PM »
In royal families, what would be a devastating reason why an heir is removed from their position as head of household? From what I'm reading online about families and heirs, it's pretty hard to make an heir step down. But if it was just absolutely necessary to the family to strip this person down from their position what is a good reason? A good, plausible, and solid reason other than that person exhibiting behavior that they do not want to represent the family?

Develop Your Story / Re: Need help developing my story!
« on: May 27, 2016, 07:48:24 PM »
I wrote my first story when I was 16 (back when I was a young grasshopper).  I loved it and thought it was the best thing ever.  It had it's own system and was original.  6 years later I pulled it back out and read it.  It was junk.  Confusing, full of loop holes, didn't really have a story direction, and left too many questions untouched.  And although the main plot was there, there wasn't really anything tying the loose pieces together to make it complete.  I was young and very ambitions.  Perhaps too ambitions.  Meaning that I wrote the story in a greedy way without regards to it's legibility.  Making it what I wanted to be, tying it down to the roots of my belief, and holding a stubborn view of not wanting to change qualities of it, thus making it impossible to solve. 

You started from a young eager beaver 14 and am now at a good age of 23.  I was 16 when I started and am now 24.  Point being is that given those range of times of when you first created the story, up until now, your eagerness should have calmed down and your ambitions more realized.  You will not be so quick to jump the boat and assess your problems before taking them head on.  If you were to rewrite the story, I will not be surprise if it turns out 10x better than before. 

Well without knowing the story or given more concrete background information then there's not much I can offer you in terms of helpfulness.  You could do:

-Summoning with special/magical Artifacts
-Summoning Spirits/Guardians
-Using magical properties Weapons
-Charms, Rituals, Summoning, Chants, Symbols
-Magic.  Making Elemental Ninjas.
-Or they can do it just because they can.

These are vague answer and you'll have to take them as it is since only you know your story.

You sound JUST like me when I began writing. I too thought it was amazing. I loved it when i first began. It was too many problems with it, and I honestly laughed at my own story when I went back over it for the first time. Since then I have revised it. And I've gone back over it many times before already and changed a lot. So very much of it already. If I change the whole ninja theme I'm not sure exactly what to change the story to. I kinda have an idea of what I could possibly do but geez, that would take a lot. I'm happy that those who replied did, it actually has me thinking about a lot of changes I could do.

General Manga writer discussions / Script or text form?
« on: May 27, 2016, 12:13:02 PM »
When writing your story out, do you write it in text form, script form, or generally in a way you can understand? 

Develop Your Story / Re: Need help developing my story!
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:51:17 AM »
Contradicting to their beliefs, Ninjas are in ways just a fancier word for Spies.  In short they are for hire, mercenaries.  They spy, sought information, sabotage, hide in disguise, and of course assassination.  No true ninja ever wants to be revealed, else how can they perform their impossible mission if people knew their names or what they look like.  In history the best Ninjas are never known because that's a Ninja's true path.  Much like a Samurai's "Way of the Warrior", Bushido.  Of course people have their own ideals and beliefs and to this day that hasn't change either. 

Samurai's are not all good doers that follow by the Bushido code.  Ninjas are the same way.  They will fight dirty, cheat, and do anything to gain the advantage in a fight.  Mostly to flee and not do battle.  They do this in history because they are often have inferior equipment, when compared to an armed Samurai, plus they need to travel lightly.  Of course there are more than one type of ninjas and some ninjas do excel in combat arts. 

One of my favorites Ninja stories involves Yukumara Sanada, a samurai, during the Sengoku Warring Period.  It says in legend that Yukumara was invincible during battles and would often be "unharmed".  Some speculate that the source of his "invincibility" was because he secretly had a Ninja that aid him in battle.  And many times he would escape "impossible scenarios" with this ninja's help.  This Ninja's was never known or if existed at all. 

Blah, blah, blah enough of a history lesson and what I known cuz I ain't got the reference for it anyways (it's been a long time since I read up on those).  More or less this is a fictional story and you can make them do whatever you want them to do.  TBH, if you don't know what direction you want to head in then chance are I can't help you much because this is your story.  I'll gladly help you out, but I won't dictate the tempo. 

IMO, I'd say you should scratch the whole story.  Yeah, I know what your thinking.  But sometimes when your stuck in a BIG rut like you are now where your clueless.  The best thing to do is rewrite your whole story and re-imagine everything.  You might just find the answers to your questions or you might create something even better.  I've done this before so I can ensure you it does yield promising results. 

My 2 cents.  Based on some of the information you'd provide I feel that you could drop the whole "Ninja Theme" all together.  Perhaps approach more of a "Summoner" sort of theme.  Like Card Captor or Fate Stay/Night if you need a reference.  If your keen on keeping your original format then I'll need a story synopsis to paint a clearer picture of what I'm working with here.

Let me know what you think and I'll get back to you.

I'm kinda wanting to keep the ninja theme. See not all of my characters summon. I just had one character who could summon which is a girl character. The others I just gave supernatural abilities and some come from clans that already have special power. I was inquiring about the summoning part too but I was mostly wanting to know about how I could make it more original so that I won't have to use the hand sign and jutsu concept from naruto. The last guy who helped me I do agree with one of his points. To replace jutsu I would need a different power source. I'm not sure what I could use to replace the hand signs other than scrolls.

I do understand your point though about starting all over. I wouldn't say I'm clueless about the direction, because this is something I've began since I was 14 of age, now currently 23. If I could tweak the part about hand signd and a new power source other than jutsu and maybe get help with the summoning part then I can go from there. And the information you provided about ninja in general I didn't even know and that is helpful. It gives me a better idea on what I can make them do as far as missions and fighting.

Develop Your Story / Re: Need help developing my story!
« on: May 27, 2016, 11:45:47 AM »

My 2 cents.  Based on some of the information you'd provide I feel that you could drop the whole "Ninja Theme" all together.  Perhaps approach more of a "Summoner" sort of theme.  Like Card Captor or Fate Stay/Night if you need a reference. 

I agree with that idea. Your story, from what I can tell so far, could easily capture a "summoner" feel. If you like to keep with some of the ninja aspects - like scrolls/seals. It can still work! Maybe they have to write on a piece of paper to summon - do a little chant, or maybe like you said earlier; place a sacrificial drop of blood to "tie" the two together in some how. The sky is the limit or however that phrase is said.

I myself am having trouble with my own story being similar to certain shows. The major one being "The last Airbender/Avatar". So I feel your pain when you are trying to do something similar without it being too similar. >.<;

Not every character I have summons. Just one. The rest however I didn't give this ability. I was just really wanting to ask about the jutsu and hand sign part. Like how could I make it a little more original so that when attacks are performed what I can make them do instead. And aa far as chakra goes I would need a new power source.

I think the summoning part got most of the attention lol. I need to work that out as well.

Develop Your Story / Re: Need help developing my story!
« on: May 27, 2016, 01:34:13 AM »
It would be difficult to fulfill your request without changing the meaning of ninjas or keeping jujitsu.  Ninjas are known for other means other than combat as Naruto portrays them to be.  So what are ninja's in your story?  Describe them to me what their roles/objectives are.  That way I can suggest what better suits your needs instead of randomly chugging out ideas that won't suit your mind.

That's one thing also that I need help too with development on what the ninjas do. I was thinking along the lines of assassination and spying. I guess first I should ask what are ninjas normally known for that you know?

Develop Your Story / Re: Need help developing my story!
« on: May 26, 2016, 05:18:08 PM »
No, I haven't seen it sorry : (

So, if you want to keep it ninja-isque, a charm is probably a good way to go. For starters, I think you have to ask if the girl is going to be playing a back row in the fighting. Is she going to lead the charge all the time or is he going to be in the front lines. I think that should be established in order to fit the "cost" of her power use.

Like if, she has a different weapon and doesn't use "him" as much only when it matters or something like that.

I can think of scenarios  pertaining to this.

Example, for one thing, if shes trying to help him escape, does it mean that she needs to use up her "life power" in order to release him thus, in a sense exchanging her life for his.

Or,  the one trying to escape/imprisoned doesn't really care about the girl and eventually just wants to take over to be free or something like that. In the opposite case will she try to discipline him into having to do all her bidding. Or even her eventually turning on "him" in some way thus becoming evil or something herself. (sorry, i tend to lose track thinking of different scenarios and stories.)

In this sense I think something like a charm with seal's on it, that eventually all start to light up one by one, unlocking newer powers or compatibility, but on the downside giving her even more of the effects as the story goes on. Now, if the plot demands it, she would need to fight in her own way without using that power right? She's not exactly asking for a death wish is she( Could be idk ._.). But yeah, she would need something else in this case some other item might be needed in order to fill the void of her just self inflicting harm.

So to sum it all up...  A Charm/Necklace seem like a good idea. The amount of toll it takes on her. How is the fighting distributed. Who is going to take the fighting charge. Does she have another form of fighting. I think would be good points to think about when thinking of these powers.

oh no, they are close and have a close relationship with one another. see, in my story during the time when he was free, he had a twin brother who was jealous of him. he was jealous of his power, status, and his life overall. so out of jealousy he sealed his brother away with this spell and in the process his twin brother murdered his family (wife, and kids) and it just devastated his life completely. the spell keeps who or whatever is bound by the spell alive and whatever is bound to it can't age. then hundreds of years down the road, he meets the girl who freed him and over time they eventually become extremely close. he then vowed to protect her since she summons him and allows him chances to experience freedom every so often. but she can only summon him under certain condition. i think out of all my characters they have the best relationship with one another. and i would say no she doesn't use him all the time during battle. i would say both of them take chances to be on the front lines and he tends to step in really when she needs help or if he sees that an attack is about to seriously harm her and if he feels that she can't within it with her strength alone.

and yes the spell does give her more effects as the story goes on.

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