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Develop Your Story / My current inspirations
« on: January 10, 2012, 12:09:26 AM »
There are two stories from a few years back that one day I wish to pick up again. One is called Xion it is about a futuristic world where an entity bred by biochemical warfare has created an monstrous race that has ravaged the planet and the vice force squad who has to deal with fighting them. A scientist who has tinkered with human nanoid hybrids created a being capable of fighting off the monsters but his lab was shut down long ago. A loner vice squad member (Kayla Andros) while fleeing an attack stumbles across the lab and ends up awakening Xion a half man half nano android being. He is more then capable against the Biohybrids who threaten the area but will he truly be an ally or enemy?

the next idea is a tale of a pocket dimension that holds "the first children" this story is called The books of Telos fall of the Keepers. In this story I created the world Hameni a lost dimension which resides simultaneously with our present Earth. In it many of the creatures of fantasy and lore.  Long ago the original children of the Earth in their constant war and unrest prompted the creator to take from them the lands and his watchful guidance. Banishing them to Hameni (lost lands) they were forced to watch as the new children (Men) were given the Earth to rule.  Many tried in vain to break the barrier of their prison and reach the old world again but it was not till a powerful aura wielder named Telos found techniques to cause tears in the fabric that it was possible. Knowing how dangerous it would be for such information to end up in the wrong hands he instead wrote his knowledge in a series of Tomes then with his apprentice formed the Guardian Circle. Four Keepers (Warriors) for the four tomes of knowledge and six Watchers(Aura wielders). The rules were simple the books must never be together each keeper sent to a far off section of the lands with a personal watcher while the alternates trained in case one fell to enemies.  Never use the knowledge in the tomes for any reason and never cross the boundaries into the old world. For many years even after Telos perished those rules were upheld then without warning all four keepers crossed the boundaries. Now it is up to the youngest Watcher Gracea to retrieve them before the mortals of the old world are affected. Unfortunately a young man  has already been drawn into the fray forcing her to make him a temporary keeper of one of the found tomes.

Low down dirty- (this one I have began to post in this forums) This story is not for those who romanticize vampires, three young individuals each with their reasoning for hating the undead join up with a mysterious old man who wants to train them to be real vampire slayers.  I develop the characters of Eris, Alex and Chiyo and their back stories while making up new myths about vampire lore. Its gritty not politically correct and is one of my favorite projects to date.

The one I am currently working on which I hope to put up and find an artist for though is simply titled 12.12.12

The setting Arcadia university- a school of higher learning where students pursue careers in everything from archeology to astrophysics.  A pragmatic professor Dr. Liam Morgan famous for his books on ancient Mayan studies and what he calls the end of days or world reboot is locked in an adversarial contest with a former student Mika Lovington a girl with a troubled past but a bright mind. He is trying to prove come December of this year the world will have its end while she works to disprove him.  A sudden appearance of spheres in the sky (later to be shown as spacial rifts) will throw them together as they race against time to figure out what they mean and whether the end of the world is truly near.

These are the stories that I have bounced around in my mind lately and or have been slowly writing I look forward to sharing these with fellow creators and artists.

Manga Creations / Re: Low down Dirty (warning graphic language)
« on: January 09, 2012, 11:26:10 PM »
Chapter 01: The low down

“Some people see creatures of stories and think ‘oh how romantic.’  They believe the creatures to be wondrous beings of the gods and ancient times. Worshiping them as benevolent beings who only want love in novels and movies and people buy it up. There was a time I may have been one of those types but not anymore.  I never did get the fascination people had with undead zombies, vampires and the like. But before my world changed I never found the need to wake those fools up either.  Now that things have, I am going to show the world why idolizing and romanticizing such creatures is pointless. We are all just cattle and this cow refuses to lay down and go moo.”

Eris Meyers, a twenty nine year old woman steps into her apartment after a long days work at Winters Temp agency.  Her apartment was a small two bedroom in an run down rent controlled tenement in lower Manhattan.  She used to share the place with her younger sibling Theia but an unfortunate incident changed everything.  After a bath and changing into her nightwear (A long white t-shirt with ‘Trust no one’ in back writing across the top) she sits at her desk and logs onto her laptop to check her various online haunts;

Eris: “Hmm seems like the new Twilight movies is out and all the fangirls are gushing about it.”

She frowns then logs into her online persona DarkMuse82 and begins her harassment of the fans. She knew that trolling forums was a lame form of protests against the glorification of vampires but it was all she had ranting about it in public only got you put away, at least in her case.  She grinned as the normal posters took the bait;

Eris: “ah Orpheus7 I see you’re already responding to my attack on Twilight.”

She had simply titled the forum topic “Why sparkly vampires lower viewers IQ scores.” She knew that it would rile people up and Orpheus7 did not fail to deliver. She laughed at his long paragraphs about ‘those who do not understand the mysticism of vampires how they represent true purity since they only take blood and do not harm as men do.’ Eris rolled her eyes at his diatribe pulling out her LOLcats pictures, she decided after their last twenty page exchange not to engage the Orpheus7 in a full debate,  people like that will never get it. And she was pretty sure the moderators were close to banning her anyway.  She was about to sign out when a private message indicator blinked. Raising an eyebrow she opens it and reads;

Subject: Do you truly hate Vampires or are you a poser?

Eris frowned at the message but clicked on it and read the contents, the message was short and sweet.   

“Looking for true believers no not the ones who think vampires are romantic or fascinating, ones who know what murderous *censored*ers they truly are.  If you’re interested Call 772-594-3881, ask for Harris, serious inquiries only.”  She stares at the message in disbelief at first then frowned ‘someone is trying to play me.’  But it something about it called to her she found herself picking up the phone and dialing the number. A male answered she couldn’t tell much save he had a distinct southern drawl to his voice.

Voice: “Hello?”

Eris: “Harris please.”

Voice: “one minute.”

It was a short reply, Eris began wondering if this would be a prank when she heard another person pick up and speak;

Harris: “Harris here and don’t tell me your name just tell me if you are serious about this.”

Eris blinked at his words then her hands squeezing her phone tight and replied;

Eris: “yes I am.”

Harris: “fine, do you know how to get to Old Howard’s mill road?”

“yes I do.”

Harris: “Good if you are truly serious come to twelve hundred fourteen Old Howard’s Mill road at seven pm.  The building will be the run down one behind the chain link fence just go in threw the opening.”

The male hangs up and leaves Eris wondering if she should, Old Howard’s mill road was a dead line of run down abandoned buildings, well not truly abandoned many squatters, junkies and other types frequented the buildings that were not completely falling down to erosion. It was not the place you wanted to linger at night.  But his demeanor intrigued her and her life was going nowhere.  ‘I am going to take this chance.’ She thinks to herself.

The next night Eris found herself heading down Old Howard’s Mill road, the rundown streets filled with the stench of urine and decay.  Trash littered the sidewalk and few cars went down the street. A stray dog limped around sticking its nose into trash piles foraging for food. While the bums were not out begging probably due to the low temperature Eris knew that many of the abandon buildings housed them.  She tried hard to dress inconspicuous wearing jeans a worn our pair of sneakers and a fake black leather jacket. Her head covered by a backwards baseball cap with a Legend of Zelda triforce logo on the front of it.  To anyone noticing her she probably looked like a person trying to score a fix, or spying a place to take a John to make a few dollars.  Not many bothered with this area anymore even the police avoided it at all costs.  She reached twelve hundred fourteen; the building was surprisingly intact compared to the others around it.  But it still had an abandoned look including broken or cemented up windows in some spots and the fence had a massive ripped in opening to it.  A normal person would have turned back around not even tried to go in there.  Squaring her shoulders she steps threw the opening in the fence that surrounded the property and headed threw the opened front door.  She did not have to wander far the hallways lit led up to an open apartment door.  She stood at the opening and knocked anyway even though the opened door was a clear sign to come right in.  A grizzled old man appears at the door and grunts at her;

Harris: “It was left open for a reason.”

Eris frowned at him then answered with a snark reply;

Eris: “Just making sure I had the right place sir.”

The male raises his eyebrow at her then smirks, Eris felt uneasy around him but did not turn and run. He nods over to a chair the apartment itself was bare there was a desk with a phone near a window, and on the other side a bare table with two chairs.  And for some reason he had a single chair sitting in the middle of the room under the uncovered light fixture.  The bare bulb was not a high watt but still looked ominous as it hovered over the plain folding chair.  Eris sits down and Harris heads passed her and leans against the wall in front of her then stares his brown eyes meeting hers;

Harris: “So you answered my message? What makes you think you have what it takes to do this? Or better question, how do you know I did not use the ad to lure you to this place and make you a victim?”

Eris steeled her nerves and stared cold eyed at the grizzled man questioning her;

Eris: “I suppose it was worth the risk just to see if it was serious. If I am to become a victim of a serial killer I warn you I will leave you marked up enough to get caught.”

Her tone was calm even though her nerves were on edge; she crossed her arms over her chest trying her best to look bad ass. The male smirked at her his hand rubbing his whiskered chin;

Harris: “you got a mouth on you little lady, seriously I could be another list killer and you could have fallen right into my spider’s web.”

Eris: “look if you are telling me you’re just a killer who managed to get a gullible woman down here fine I guess I have two options.”

She frowned feeling very nervous hoping he did not see the slight shake of her shoulders, keeping her arms crossed.  Harris glanced at her then smiles;

Harris: “oh two options what are those?” 

Eris: “first option except my fate, and become another body buried wherever you keep them. Or run like a bitch, screaming like a scared little girl, either way I do not see many other options.” 

She stared him down as she spoke, to her surprise the man smiled then gave a chortled choke before busting out into a deep laugh.  After a moment of deep raucous laughter he wiped his eyes then sat back. His demeanor became serious again his face showing the lines of age as he spoke;

“Well damned you are a smart one I guess I can stop bull hock eying around with you. But I have a few questions I need answered seriously. Depending on what you say I will determine how serious you are.”

Eris: “Ask away.”

Harris: “Question one, what are vampires to you?”

Eris: “Assholes that need to be slain on sight.”

Harris: “oh so you have no romantic notions about such creatures?”
He looked clearly shocked by her frank answer. Eris shook her head in an emphatic no to his question then replied;

Eris: “What is so romantic about an undead person sucking the blood from your body?”

Harris: “Good point; I never understood that mentality either. Next question, you find yourself facing down a loved one who has been turned, do you pity them and allow them to live? Or do you take them out?”

Eris: “You take them out they’re not the same person anymore.”

Harris glanced at her, not truly surprised by her answer just how cool her tone was when giving it. Clearly this girl had experience in this subject. He felt it from her postings online; though he had to make sure she was not just another idiot kid with nothing better to do.  He runs a hand through his scruffy mane of white locks that gathered at his collar, Eris couldn't help thinking his hair needed a comb bad;

Harris: “I must say little Missy I was not expecting such a straight forward answer.”

Eris: “let’s just say I understand things.”

Harris: “I guess you do, Final question then. What are humans to vampires?”

Eris: “Cattle to feed on.”

Her reply was short, sweet and to the point, Harris shoulders slumped some. Eris stared up at him questioningly while he muttered softly to himself then sighed looking up at her;

“in all my years doing this I never thought I’d find another person.  I’ve had several people answer that Ad, most were stupid folks who thought they could be the next Buffy or Blade. They thought I was trying to cast for a role or worst thought I was trying to initiate them into some vampire cult. I even had the police on my ass due to my inquiries. They probably thought I was some old pervert, got all Chris Hansen on me. Honestly  I was beginning to give up due to all the *censored*tards out there who have no idea what is really going on. Though I will say, I am not too happy that you are the first one to understand the situation.”

This time he got a response from her face, Eris mouth curled into a frown, her eyes glaring into him;

Eris: “oh I see didn’t want a female to be the one? Or maybe it’s my skin tone that bothers you old man?”
He shocks her by laughing, and not just a chuckle, a full out gut laugh it rang across the nearly empty room and possibly echoed down the hallway. He wipes his eye and smiles at her;

Harris: “Honey after all the things I have seen before I even started this path of mine trust me your gender or race don’t matter. I am an equal opportunity hater, I don’t care what you are there is a greater chance one day you will betray me.”

He was clearly ignoring her anger; Eris stared at him shocked by his words. Harris continuing to smile though his tone became serious;

Harris:  “Don’t give me that look what we will be doing is dangerous, most would not believe it and the ones who do are just as crazy as the *censored*ers we are going after.  So excuse me if I am a bit short with you but let’s get something straight, I am not politically correct. I speak my mind and if you cannot handle such, then leave.” 

Eris smiled at his words a look of relief gracing her face. She leaned back on the chair feeling a little more relaxed with him for his honesty.  The motion as her body leaned back tipping her cap on her head, some her sponge like dark curls pushing through the opening of the backwards cap.
(‘Harris maybe a gruff bastard but he’s being honest so far’) she thinks then speaks;

Eris: “I don’t have a problem with you speaking your mind. Or any hate you have, as long as this is not a waste of my time.”

Harris: “I can assure you it’s not, I have a plan and I am going to need people like you to make sure it gets done. There is crazy *censored* going on in this world, things most choose to ignore till it’s too late.  I plan on stopping that.”

Eris: “where do I come in on this?”

Harris: “I’ll get to that, look I know I said the other question would be the last but I do need to know something?”

Eris: “What is it?”

Harris: “Do you have any living relatives?”

Eris: “yes a mother for immediate and some aunts but I am not close to any of them.”

Harris: “That’s not good, having living relatives can cause issues.”

Eris frowns at him then looks down replying softly;

Eris: “look I come from a big family that should not be a shock, but I only share their genetic makeup nothing else. There are no bonds; I am not close to any of them. So it should not be an issue for me.”

Harris: “We will see about that, but your answer is good enough, head home get your affairs in order and meet me back here at eight pm sharp.  Make sure your able to just leave things behind as well I don’t know when you’ll be returning.”

Eris: “that’s not a problem I have no plans or want to return to the life I currently have.”

Harris: “I guess that’s a good thing to then, just be here at eight if you’re late you get left behind.”

He turns away from her.  Eris stands and nods to him, then walks from the apartment.  As she walked from the building, her mind was filled with ton’s of questions she had no idea if this was a real venture or not.  Steeling herself mentally was all she could do ‘Theia I promised you I would get revenge somehow.’ All Eris could do now was hope that Harris was for real. She took one look back at the building mentally photographic it to remember when traveling back tomorrow night then headed home she had a lot to do and little time to get it done.

To be continued.

Authors note: Okay revamped the story streamlined a lot of the dialog and over saturation of back story mixed with present time.  Going to work on redoing the whole thing in this format and posting it here.  For the area Eris was traveling to Old Howard Mills road does not really exist but in my mind I was seeing a Hell’s kitchen or Skid row type area, just a plain run down slums in the city.  The building itself a rundown brownstone with boarded up windows and a chain link fence surrounding it. Like many places in the city the fence was cut threw so squatters and other shady types could use the area for their own purposes.   Eris building is another brownstone type in a cleaner area it shows signs of aging but the windows are not busted out and many families use the rent controlled apartments.  In the next chapter I will try to give more details of her apartment though it will possibly be the last present time use of the place and will only be mentioned in passing or flashbacks after the next chapter.  Hope this reformat makes the story flow better and as always critiques and tips are welcomed.

New note: Tried to correct spelling, grammar and tense issues thank you Lego for pointing these out hope this chapter flows better now.

Manga Creations / Low down Dirty (warning graphic language)
« on: January 09, 2012, 11:25:07 PM »
This is more of a stalled project I still want to write it but I figure I would post it here in installments up to the point I have stopped at and see where I can go from there.  I am currently working on another story to (my main issue is sticking to one thing but this latest story has had me enraptured for the last 2 weeks. I will be posting that one soon as well. But for now any critique is welcomed and yes be brutal im a big girl and can take it).

*Edit I have revamped this story and am trying a new format with it.  I have the first portion done and will be re posting it here to see if it is better to read then the original format.  Here are the character descriptions though for anyone wanting to get a feel for the characters that will definitely be in the story.

Low down Dirty character profiles and descriptions:

Main characters:

Eris Meyers- Age- 29 years birthday June 10th height 5'3 weight 102 lbs eyes brown hair black sponge like hair, wears it pulled back into a braided ponytail no bangs. Often wears a black baseball cap with a golden triforce logo on it. tends to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

- Age 62 years old birthday August 18th Height 5'11 weight 145 lbs eyes brown, hair greyish white worn in a shaggy length hitting the back of his neck. Has a thin scruffy beard and scraggy face. Wears plain khaki pants and dark casual cut shirts chain smoker.

Alexei *Alex* Karnovich
- age 27 birthday July 15th height 6'2 weight 168 lbs eyes blue, hair dirty blonde, clean shaven face tends to go from silent studying of people to becoming passionate when talking with those he gets comfortable around. Wears camoflague cargo pants and a green t-shirt most of the time. Has a legend of Zelda triforce tattoo on his upper right arm. Has a muscular frame thought Eris thinks of him as a big country boy.

Chiyo Evans- age 19 birthday January 12th, height 5'1 weight 94 lbs eyes brown, hair cropped black hair (pixie cut) with purple streaks. Tends to wear near gothic clothes black blouses with the top three buttons opened and short skirts and laced stockings favors gothic looks. Carries a sheathed Katana in a red sheath on her back the hilt of her blade is a dark purple. She always has her I-phone close to her.

Other characters

- age 34 height 5'6 weight 175 lbs hair auburn shoulder length wears head band to push it back and loves cat sweaters. Plump talkative woman who Eris formerly worked with at Winters temp agency.

- age 28 height 5'6 weight 120lbs hair black wore mid length towards her back wavy. Strong looking Latino woman loves big jewelry. Another former coworker at Winters temp agency.

All night store guy- Height 5'5 weight 98 lbs hair short cropped black, brown eyes. Eris is not sure if he is Filipino or Korean.

Eris Family

Theris Meyers- age 24 (before death)  height 5'10 weight 115 eyes brown, hair black "worn flat and straight or pig tails from the photo of her and Eris" Eris's younger sister loved hip hop t-shirts and cut off jeans.

Denita Meyers- Age 52 Height 5'7 weight 138 lbs eyes brown, hair curly light brown, likes to wear clothes too young for her age face shows signs of years of drug use.

Kelvin Thomas
- Age 48 (before death) height 6'1 weight 189 eyes brown, hair short black thinning. When he was younger wore it in a short fro.

Alexei's family

Alena Karnovich
- age 47 (before death) height 5'10 weight 230 lbs, eyes blue, hair silvery blonde worn cut short to make her face seem less plump. A very kind and trusting woman let her attacker into her home thinking she was a friend of Alex.

Alex father is currently unnamed but imagined him to be a biker looking guy whose one night stand resulted in Alex's mother's pregnancy.

Chiyo's family-

Hana Evans *nee Isoda*- age 42 height 4'9 weight 90lbs, eyes brown, hair black worn in crop cut that hugs her face. Has a serious look on her face most times. Wears casual contemporary clothes. Encouraged her daughters sword lessons.

Makoto "Mack" Evans- age 43, height 5'6 weight 145 lbs, eyes brown, hair black worn in crew cut. Owner of several car dealerships always smiling thought most of the time not genuinely benign. wears standard white collar shirts and black slacks with tie.

Sarah Johnson- Age 18 (before death) height 5'9 weight 115 lbs, long reddish brown hair worn in a braid with short bangs that graced the sides of her face stopping at her chin. Chiyo found her in what she thought was a rape attack by a dark skinned vampire male her last image of her friend was her pale drained body which looked like sagged skin over a skeleton.

Vampires so far-

Theia's killer (tattered man)- From what Eris described the male had a gaunt face almost skin over a skull his eyes sunken in and reddish black. His hair was nearly matted off his head and his face looked demon like. A wiry frame and razor sharp teeth were all she could remember.

Alena's killer (pretty young girl?)- Young blonde girl who to Alena looked like a girl that may have went to school with Alexei. When Alex frightened her away her face looked demonic showing her lack of ability to influence him.

Sarah's killer (dreadlocks)- Large black male dreadlocks to Chiyo his face looked warped and twisted when she pulled him away from Sarah, her ability to fight kept him from over powering Chiyo.

Hopefully this will flesh out what I am going for a little bit and I am open to changing the looks of characters for me its about their personalities more then how they look.

Welcome Center / Re: Hello
« on: January 09, 2012, 11:00:39 PM »
Thank you and the story I am currently working on is nearly ready for me to introduce here its nice to be around fellow artists and I really hope to get to know you guys and learn what I can. I appreciate your offers of help to :) and Rob thank you no offense taken I think I used my marriage as an excuse because I lacked confidence in my writing now that I am divorce I do not have excuses to hide behind and I truly just want to create stories.

Welcome Center / Hello
« on: January 08, 2012, 12:50:42 PM »
Hello my name is Tynisa I tend to go by my nicknames of Nyxy or Kalari I am a wannabe writer. I have felt the urge to create stories from a young age, Ive always been what people call a dreamer sometimes lost in my own imagination. I am fascinated by mythology and world cultures as well as fantasy. There are times I feel discouraged though I love making up stories can breathe life into characters give them backgrounds and establish a purpose then have it stall. I have several stories that Ive gotten started and just fall to the wayside which saddens me. I will admit some of them maybe even all probably need to but there is something in me that feels strong that I have a story or stories worth telling that others would find interesting if I could focus.

I am a female, a divorced mother of one I will be 35 in June I gave up writing for a brief period of time thinking I should give up. It was not till after my marriage dissolved and I began focusing on my kid that I realized I did not have to give up this dream of mine just find a way to channel my imagination properly.  I guess that's why I am glad to have found this forum. I was in the bleach exiles forums when a poster advertised this site and began to read and I think if I can find a serious partner to bounce my stories off of especially the one I am currently working on (so hoping this story continues to take hold and doesn't fall to the wayside) I can finally see my dream in published form.

I am an avid manga collector love sailor moon (the series that brought me into manga and anime back in the 90s) I currently am recollecting the new editions of the pocket manga of the series to go with my originals. I also have a spice and wolf manga collection, and working on Battle Royale. I collect comics from dc and marvel as well and just received for Christmas from my best friend two bleach collection books which is the latest series to hold my attention.  I guess I am drawn to stories with strong mythological ties or other worldly type stories.  I am also an avid gamer mostly fantasy rpg and the like. A huge Legend of Zelda fan even have my original game still with the NES system. I currently live in Georgia in the US and as I said earlier am a single mom and wannabe writer.

I guess I hope that I can find a kindred soul who wants to help me put the visuals to my words. I really feel inspired just from the posts I have been reading on this forums that it could happen.

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