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Manga Art Gallery / Re: Stardustpink Art
« on: Today at 01:22:20 PM »
Good to see you around!!!!
Lovely art as always, although it's photos (I assume?) for the backgrounds, it works well and adds a nice edge of quality to the pieces.
I wish my art could be as simple styled as the character you draw :P

Welcome Center / Re: Hello everyone
« on: Today at 01:20:13 PM »
Welcome to the forum!!!
I look forward to seeing any work you post :P

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Suuper's non-manga art
« on: Today at 01:15:44 PM »
[Changed my mind and posted in my normal art topic]

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: Today at 12:54:08 PM »
Just a quick end of month report this time.

The main reason being, that I've been so busy with other stuff I've barely drawn at all, which is super rare for me but there you go. Family stuff and other commitments all coincided in November and reduced my available time and energy.
I was also working an extra day a week during November at work because a colleague was self isolating so my time and energy took a massive hit there, and compounded into the next few days as my entire schedule had to be redone.

I did do something new though. I added a new regime to my unlimited regimes (no specific target number), that of improving figure pose sketches.

I already have a pose concept regime that has generated a couple hundred poses but they are super gritty quality like so:

But really I need to have a solid shot at fixing them up to keep the top end quality in mind, so after a single layer of iteration, here is the result. I would still class these as a pose concept, partly because without context they are rather abstract.

Also I really only work with one generic body type for pose sketches because I'm just thinking of the pose itself, not the body making it.
So I'm hoping to add another project over the top that adds a random body type and more solidly draw the lines, so sort of borderline nude figures I guess haha. I generally avoid it but really I need to practice exact figure drawing otherwise muscles and the more complex body shapes, lines and curves will always elude me.

The other thing I have been doing is trying more tracing, mostly to practice a higher inking skill without having to produce sketches to practice with. Since the main reason I'm after a new inking style is that I need it for the manga I'm working on, I traced some manga pages for the first time ever.

48 minutes:

30 minutes:

At the main core of this inking style is a fine balance of speed and accuracy, as I don't want to spend a massive amount of time producing pages, for this or any project really. But I also can't afford the quality to drop below a certain threshold.

I had a few issues and observations:
-The lineart often contains hatching as a form of texture and/or shading. This is quite difficult to trace. But it made me aware that not all shade is added in the form of screentone/colouring, you can add texture with the lines as well.
-The resolution I was drawing at was higher than the original pages I could get a hold of, so I was working with a somewhat blurry image when zoomed in. I've noticed the same issue with my own WIPs that get upscaled before inking. The moral of the story is, as long as your PC can handle it, work at a higher resolution than a lower one. You can always downsize afterwards and the artwork will become crisper but you can't upscale as it will become blurry. And second to that, work at a resolution that is relevant to how your illustration will be used. If it's a poster, work at a massive resolution, if it's an icon, it can be pretty small. Take dpi (dots per inch) into account.
-Backgrounds and buildings take ages to draw. It's only a sample size of 2, but in the above pages it took an extra 50% time to draw the additional details, mostly in the BG. I always knew this was an issue, and really, I dont intend to drop the level of detail to speed up my work. So I'll just have to learn to work faster and more efficiently.
-Focus level. I found my focus dropping in and out for this and my quality was basically all over the place. Not sure exactly where the problem lies but I'm guessing I was getting distracted with maybe more quality control and thinking instead of just drawing the lines.
-Posture. Bizarrely for all the times I have drawn for hours on end I have never had a real ache, but after each of these my body was totally aching. I'm blaming a couple of things. My posture may have been different to normal as I was using my arm to draw a lot more than my wrist, and my arm was more away from my body to be able to draw longer strokes. Also I think that I might have been leaning in and been more tense than normal because I'm trying for a good line quality, so I need to relax more if I'm going to have a higher output and not ache all the time.
-Panel composition. Although its' just tracing I found myself thinking and analysing the panel composition as I was drawing. I think because you are tracing it's harder to skim over details because you are literally processing each line one at a time. So I noticed a lore more details.
-Content/concept. Sort of same as above. Because it's someone else's work, it's out of my comfort zone so I am getting practice "drawing" things that I wouldn't normally. It also makes me aware of certain elements (such as BG) and how I could draw them closeup and far away, with varying levels of detail. So it's close to an artist study I guess.
-Pen settings. Again because I'm not focusing on creating an idea, I'm more free to think about the brush style and settings and how that affects the final piece. I'm definitely going to play around a lot more to see if I can improve the quality by playing with the brush itself.

I don't think I'll make a 1000 regime out of tracing manga pages, but there is a lot to be learned by doing it, and I'll definitely do it again. Interestingly an apprentice for a proper mangaka will do a lot of inking (i.e. tracing) before actually doing anything of their own, so it's definitely a method that works for gaining skill.
As with everything I'm trying out, I wish I had done it sooner, but there's only so many hours in the day :P
I'd definitely like to do at least 10 of each of my favourite artists, pick out some nice pages to copy etc.

And it's always good for learning quality control and stamina for my own projects.

Hopefully I can have some sort of half decent quality for my own mangas that I produce. I must say I'm getting excited about the potential I could have if I keep working at it.

otherwise that's all for now.
Once the school holiday starts I figure I'll be flooring it with the output again. For being unproductive I feel basically OK so I should be able to kick start as soon as my schedule opens up again.

See you all around later :P

Members Workshops / Re: Inktober 2020
« on: Today at 11:25:53 AM »
@echo thanks. drawing fabric is always a pain but I'm getting there slowly :D

General Discussion / Re: Hey guys a question can you answer me?
« on: November 16, 2020, 02:21:51 AM »
character pose guidelines - using a 3d model of a person in the same way you would use an artists mannequin, to get the basic form.

"(let alone skillwise) to produce that level of quality by hand, especially in the timeframe of producing a manga."
I mean that it is both insanely difficult to draw at that level by hand, but also incredibly time consuming, so it's not possible to do by hand in a manga.

As far as I know most pro manga artists have a small team of assistants, but it can range from a part time helper (in some cases their parents!) to several fulltime assistants depending on the scale of the projects and the success of the author.
They may also be working in a team as part of a larger studio.
Not to mention publishers and editors.
But it's certainly possible to do it all yourself, it just takes longer of course.

I use Sketchup Free for my modelling, it's good for quickly creating blocks to use as guidelines for buildings.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: November 15, 2020, 09:46:47 AM »
2 weekly report.

Well going back to work in the middle of Covid was a bit stressful to say the least, which definitely contributed to my drop off last month. I've definitely picked up and restabilised at near top level, but I've just been so busy with other family stuff and so on that I've underperformed in the art area.

I have a new work ethic, which is actually the same as the one I had when I peaked a few months ago, but it wasn't defined well enough and so I forgot it.
Basically I put a priority on anything getting done over nothing. So if I dont feel like working on certain things, that's fine, I work on somethings else. And if I dont feel like anything, then I sleep.
Working on a low level project like exercises or random studies and copies helps to build up momentum and often after even just a few minutes I have the drive to tackle larger projects. But if I don't, then I just carry on with my studies.

I have had a couple of nice breakthroughs in the last few weeks though, both very useful in general and specific projects.

Firstly, my coloured sketch style has been upgraded (downgraded?) to be faster and sketchier but still have some sort of quality to it. And it's a straight through project from start to finish, there's no WIPs involved, so it's very fast for generating content.
I use one extra layer for sketching a concept/guidelines, and then I sketch the final drawing.
One layer for colour and one more for shade/highlights.
It's VERY fast at generating sketches already, and I'm now working in bulk ,iterating each stage, still on the first set so I'm not sure if it makes it any faster, but it probably does help somewhere.

Second breakthrough was the development of a "neat sketchy" style. The problem with such a style is that by definition a sketch shouldn't be neat, otherwise it's a lineart, but then it looks too neat, you know? So I was aiming at one level lesss than a lineart, and it was proving a bit difficult to control the quality and speed.
But after a few attempts here and there I figured out the right balance.
Basically I draw the undersketch as detailled as I can at a much lower zoom than my screen, say 50%. I pay attention to the major guidelines and then just sketch as I would with ballpoint. I then ink at a massive zoom, like 200% or more, and move really quickly with a "tracing" movement. This is totally hand/eye coordination at it's finest and probably I wouldnt have been able to do this previously. It's a very fast inking style but because of the massive zoom, the errors are quite small when viewed normally.
Once again I have yet to test this in a proper set of illustrations but I'm hoping that I can maintain the high output.

I also tested the inking style on some random arrtworks that were in my favourites, I think the quality came out good.These are TRACED, so no credit to me, I just wanted to see if my inking quality could handle a complex piece and still look nice.
I'm also somewhat impressed with the time to produce each one, it's comparable to my normal less complex linearts so there is a potential it can be a super fast style, making it a candidate for use in a proper comic.
It required quite a bit of focus to work at a high speed and accuracy at the same time, but it definifely wasn't impossible. With a bit of practice I could get better still. (I hope!)

These days I'm starting to shift from having lots of stages of WIPs, and either doing it all in one go, or having a concept stage and an everything else stage. I will keep up the old method for now because each stage has a very specific purpose, and is good for training my art muscles, but it's not really part of my output as an artist, it's just practice.

I need to have a cleanup and go through my WIPs and basically finish them all off now, as I move forward to my new methods.

I'm also working on upgrading my art program massively to function as a mini-GIMP, but one that I can add exact features to support my methods rather than trying to work with what I can do with GIMP.
I've done a couple of pages planning for it, and I've already upgraded my program to work with brushes of different sizes and colour now. But that's taking a back seat because it's benefits are somewhat low compared to actually getting on with drawing.

I'm not sure if I will colour my Inktober pieces, they've sort of gone into an unknown state now that the event has passed.

Also I am almost definitely sure that I want to be focusing on the concept and sketch levels of my work rather than the polished end, because so far my top level keeps improving when I put no work into it, and so I'd rather work with lots of sketches and ideas to try out all sort of concepts to break the ice with new genres and so on, and then every now and then do a high quality srt of pieces to check I'm going in the right direction.

I'm hoping to have a lot more momentum now moving towards the end of the year, and I'm working on my manga team project as we speak as a semi-main project.

See you all at the end of the month :D

Anime Talk / Re: Which Anime series you are watching ?
« on: November 15, 2020, 09:10:11 AM »
Finished Anime:

Pretty much a standard shounen. A good watch with interesting powers. Nice character development as well. The manga is completed but the anime stopped half way, but 52 episodes was a nice crack at the show.

That's all this time, watching a lot of airing so that won't finish until the end of the season.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Echo Archives
« on: November 15, 2020, 09:04:39 AM »
The latter would be my dream TwT I've had to do both and it's often reliant on how well I can see the end result in my mind. If I can't see it, I'll be sketching that part several times. Though I mess up lots trying to ink without a good sketch haha.
yup 100% with you on that, would be rgeat to not need many guidelines. I do have a project that I do occasionally in which I sketch without using guidelines, and you really start to work through layering your idea and working out which lines to draw first, especially if you are kinda winging it for the design.
Funny you should mention seeing it in your mind, as something that I'm going to try more often, especially while travelling, is to make up designs in my head and work out the initial guidelines and proportions that I would lay down if I were to draw it in real life.

AH. You reminded me of my first trial comic.
Sounds interesting! Would totally be great to see it, even if it doesn't quite work on the forum!
(If you had issues editing sizes, maybe I can give some help?)
my friend reads manga on his phone and I've been wondering how to make a "small" manga, like a cross between a manhua and a comic strip instead of solid panelled pages.

Random sounds is just as good for naming as any other in my opinion :D

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Daisetsu's works
« on: November 15, 2020, 08:58:05 AM »
love all the details as always!!
the paper colour really works with the style of the illustration.

and the paper texture totally works, I had to look twice to see if it was digital or not! and yes hatching helps to make it more believable as that is mostly a traditional technique.
it would probably look nicer if your hatching was more evenly spaced, as otherwise it looks a bit scribbly which makes it look less finished in my opinion.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Rusinstein's Illustrations
« on: November 15, 2020, 08:54:08 AM »
I didn't use a 3d program.
wow, not only do you have a lot of patience but your perspective is on point, if you pardon the pun :D

awesome art dump, I love them all but especially the ones with titles, are they covers for books? would be awesome to see a physical copy :P
Bunny and Knight is probably top fav.

keep it up and make sure to make time for your own art!!

General Discussion / Re: Eating Aeroplanes
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:59:35 AM »
You are definitely describing the issue with the phrase "practice makes perfect". If you are not doing the right sort of practice then you will indeed hit against walls all the time and not progress as much as you would like.
I have often heard the phrase reworded "Practice doesn't make perfect; Perfect practice makes perfect".
So you need to be aware if you are not using the right method.

same again, that's a really good example of that sort of thing. the wrong sort of practice leads to wrong habits and issues down the line, and you run into trouble later on.

it's very hard to know what counts as good practice or methods, as many artists, in any field, disagree on what they think is the most important thing to focus on, or the proper method for doing something a certain way. There is a large amount of agreement, don't get me wrong, but there are always subtle differences if not outright major ones.
I personally hit this issue when trying to find tutorials early in in my art life, and basically I decided to ignore everyone and make my own decisions. Weigh up all the information that everyone gives me, but use my own experience and problem solving to decide the "right" way for me.

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:52:24 AM »
Good progress.
I find I have the same problem with juggling regimes, and also juggling projects. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a specific one that I hadn't planned to do , and that throws me off because I feel that I'm being unproductive doing something outside of what I had planned. But these days I just draw whatever, and try and keep a track on what I haven't done recently. The further behind a project gets, the more inclined I feel to work on it, so everything gets progressed, just at a random rate.
I did once try having a rotating sort of schedule, and it worked sort of well while I stuck to it, so I hope that works out.

and yup I don't think I have ever seriously tried to draw a car :/

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Legomaestro's Art Box
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:42:01 AM »
I'm exploring my ability to express ideas more rather than the infinite journey for anatomic perfection. They're not mutually exclusive
That's great! the advantage of thumbnailing ideas is that you dont have to worry about the proportions and you can really go to town on the idea itself, and then worry about getting it right later on.
In my opinion, or at least in my own art-theory/methodology, concepts are exactly mutually exclusive with correct/finished drawings. Keeping the distinction and the separation is what keeps your concepts fluid and your finished works polished. That's my take on it.

It might help me win over my fear of backgrounds
I can say from experience that it totally helps to get into backgrounds.

You have mentioned a few times that you dont have a sketch style, what in your mind is a sketch? because I personally would say that almost everything you do would count as one typically, such as the ones you just posted.
Do you mean like a draft for a final piece?

General Manga writer discussions / Re: NaNoWrimo 2020
« on: November 15, 2020, 04:20:23 AM »
awesome! I hope it's going well!
at some point I have to pick up story writing because I'll need the skill for writing a manga.

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