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*link removed*

*Link removed*

Hi I'm Evan I'm in need for my own art style to improve so I can be a mangaka, I'm aiming to have my own anime
could you check my links to understand what I need.

I actually got this guy helping me out, but his kinda busy his said he will help me out soon

*Link removed*

I'm just in need of character designs please check my link and please contact me as soon as you can

I have someone making me a manga cover too

I need to help to become my own mangaka

If you want to message me and know all about it join this website *link removed* to continue this project I'll send you my writing and you can see it, please check the second link I send you it's about character designs and you'll know what I mean!!

I'm also collaborating to as many people I can to make a creative story usually i'm doing this at aminoapps!!

i'm looking for this kind of art style

Hi im interested please check my private message

by your manga work how much did you improve since jan, 04, 2018
until now

i'm looking for this kind of art style

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