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Manga Creations / Re: Shaved Ice-A crappy novel by Effie
« on: August 23, 2018, 07:25:48 AM »
Editing/scrapping. Writing died alongside the motivation.

break Room / Re: Discord
« on: June 28, 2018, 07:54:44 AM »
Mine is EffulgentFirefly#8568. Feel free to add me. It's easiest to reach me there, btw, for anyone still trying to email me or PM me and not getting a response.  ;)

General Manga writer discussions / Re: MRverse: Personal Favorites
« on: June 25, 2018, 07:56:13 PM »
 That honestly sounds like the best idea imo. Communication would be vital and all that, and it'd probably end up a little easier. It might also be a little more fun to organize between everyone working on it, you've got a lot of options. My last bit of advice based on the project I did awhile ago is that everyone involved will really have to be committed, especially as time goes on. I didn't mention it before, but in said project, me and who I was working with as the head of the thing made a difficult decision to cut someone out completely (other than a little cameo) because as crunch time got closer and more people were writing, they disappeared off the radar without a word. It was only for a couple weeks, but they were just falling behind, and it was for the greater good, yanno? I guess what I'm saying is that there shouldn't be that hesitation from the leader(s) of the group to make decisions like that if necessary, because one person being like that or going awol can mess with the whole thing.

Oof. Another rant. I'll stop poking my nose into places it shouldn't be in now. Good luck with all of it, it sounds like yall will have fun working on it!

General Manga writer discussions / Re: MRverse: Personal Favorites
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:56:06 PM »
Honestly, collabs like this need to be planned out really well for a good, polished product. You need to have leaders, set worlds, rules, plots, etc, even if it's just to keep everything in line. On that project I mentioned, the group I was with started off all over the place, and it took a few months for me to step up and put in some basic rules and worldbuilding and plot, but things worked out from there on. Mostly.

I agree with the set number of people with it, but I think based on background knowledge of things like this that it's super circumstantial. I mean, I could ramble on about the organization of how things could happen and who could potentially do what because I love planning things like this, but it really isn't my place to do so. I guess my opinion on it all would be to have a handful of people very well versed with the world come up with a loose plot, figure out who wants in and have some civilized, open-minded conversations from there. Assuming it'd be some big thing, there are lots of possibilities!

That was a bit of a spiel. Oops. My bad.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:46:39 PM »
I finally saw Phantom of the Opera, and it was kind of great. Me and my mom (who insisted we go) got some of the best seats in the house, five rows from the stage and a couple rows in front of the chandelier, and the orchestra was f*cking incredible. It would be a dream come true to play in an orchestra like that one day, honestly. I already love theater and broadway and all, but this one took the cake. If you ever go see one big show, make sure it's this one. The seats in the front dozen rows are totally worth it, especially if you want a chandelier almost dropped on your head and like to feel the heat of the fire. 10/10 would reccomend.

On a completely different note, I was gonna man up and get involved in a couple of the communities I'm part of, both online and otherwise, considering I usually keep my head down and try to tiptoe around everyone in case I accidentally disturb some sense of order or hierarchy. But it seems like the combination of camp nano starting in a few days and my music have struck again, and effectively taken up too much time. What a bummer.  :thumbsdown:

This one isn't as old as some of the stuff on this topic, I don't think. It isn't a great concept or anything, but I did start a first chapter somewhere. It was just something to take my mind of reality kicking my butt. It was supposed to be my first real superhero story, but it turned into a dimension-jumping dystopian adventure instead. Whoops.

Caia, or Cai, is living in a dystopia. An indefinitely dark, busy city where crime is a constant, school is a choice for the brave and rich and only the strong and fit survive. With little law enforcement, young people have been becoming Heroes and Villains alike, and the world has become like something out of a dystopian sci-fi movie… Which is where Cai comes in. A normal teenage girl, who lives alone in a small, abandoned flat in the outskirts and attends school to her best capability, Cai is generally overlooked by the general population, even by criminals as too easy a victim.

Until the heroes fall.

Though seemingly small and useless in a world where only the strongest win out, Cai has a plan to make it to the top. Disguising herself as Fervour, a fire-taming, katana-wielding boy who swoops into save the ‘good guys’ and kill or scorch the ‘bad guys’. Known throughout the city for her… questionable methods, or whether she’s a Hero or a Villain, Cai is comfortable with her secret identity, even if she knows something is wrong with the world-until she’s busted by a classmate. Though she’s expecting to be turned in speedily and punished, Calix has a different idea, and even if both of them are treading on thin ice by executing it, it could bring an end to the awful world as they know it if it succeeds…

Some BS I wrote about the portals and how they're connected and stuff. Doesn't make all that much sense, but that's fine, I guess.
The portal is like a puddle to another world, and leads to an alternate dimension-or our Earth. The portal was opened due to an imbalance in darkness on Earth, and when too much negativity is in the world, it escapes into the alternate world, and was once purified and sent back to Earth. But as time continued, too much negativity was sent in, nearly destroying the alter-Earth, and now little is purified and sent back, other than negative energy. As the Earthens became worse and worse, the alternate world fell more and more, and their original task became forgotten, and the Earthen mission was hidden from society. As the world becomes more and more destroyed, the portal begins to fail, and so all space or time turners are recruited by the government. The government has slowly become corrupt, watching the world fall, and only a few citizens are looking to repair the two worlds…
The worlds are repaired by the remaining space turners opening it long enough for some people to get through, find their counterparts and the portal government to persuade them to bring some darkness back into their world. While Calix, Caia, Orion, Mistel and Jasper make it through, Darius, Kitty, Nezt and Molly are lost in space, between the two portals, as they fail to keep it open without Orion, who is almost killed and pulled through the portal to survive. Together, Kitty, Nezt and Darius make it out over time, with severe ptsd. Even if they find their goal, the only way to get back is through an injured Orion… and the five are stuck in the pleasant, Earthen world, searching for the government, with super weakened powers.

And plot. It's kind of just a ramble of things I was going to write one day. I tried to organize it.
Intro: The characters are introduced. Cai and Knox fight for a win or two, Calix is brought in for questioning after a shifty catch in the paper, Jasper and Nezt talk about Calix. Calix gets a shot with a strand of Cai’s long blonde hair and becomes more intrigued.
Rising: Calix goes dangerously deep into Cai’s case, losing money and protecting his brother from their mother. Orion catches Calix and Cai arguing, and becomes tangled in the plot. Calix goes to Mistel for help, who decides to help them plan an infiltration to save his dad and find a way to stabilize the world/portal. The Portal Masters watch patiently from Jasper’s magic mirror, preparing secretly in the case of an invasion, and try to play around with the security.
Climax: The plan is put into action through a back and forth through the last day and present time executing the plan. The day before, the mirror is broken and the Portal Masters are left in the dark, nearly getting caught. They get in and find Darius, narrowly avoiding being caught. They stay the night in Darius’ suite, planning their next move.
Descending: The team conducts a plan to get safely through the portal, with the power transfer intact, meaning they can keep most of their power if it works. The romances confess, and in the portal room, the tiny portal that filters darkness, they attempt to enlarge it and stabilize it. Shay and West find out, and a long battle follows as they attempt to get out. Some of the crew is captured, some is left in space. Few make it to the other side, and their powers are weakened.
Closing: The ones on the other side have to start planning again and find a place to stay, as well as deal with those lost in space. There’s teasers about Knox escaping and Kitty finding a way to save the ones lost in space…

I have a character list too. This was going to be something I wrote all the way through, I think. Too bad it got trashed and banked.
Caia (Fervour)-A seventeen-year-old girl, who is known as a male form who swoops in last minute. She decided to go undercover around the age of eleven or twelve, but only became well known in the last year or so. Though she loves being a part-Hero, part-Villain, she knows something is off with the world, and wishes she knew what. She is vital in Cal’s plan to infiltrate the government building and find out what is really going on. She is well-trained with a katana and has strong fire powers. Her parents disappeared when she was nine. Outside of her secret persona, she is a quiet, intellectual girl who is very curious but goes along with the norm.

Calix- An eighteen-year-old boy attending the same school as Caia, and is obsessed with finding out her true identity and bringing down the government’s secrets. His father worked as part of the CIA, before he was taken by the government, and he lives with his mother and little brother. He always wants to know what is hidden in the dark, and finished school early despite the awful system. He sells his photographs and articles for most of the money in his family, and though he assumes most of his family are humans, his father was from a long line of space turners, and little does he know his brother also has the power. Calix is kind and caring, but his need for knowledge drives him more than anything else, even to hurt those he loves.

Orion-A fifteen-year-old boy attending the same school as Caia. He is shy and quiet, and never spoke until he was six. He is the only one who knows about Calix’s obsessions, and is too scared and shy to help. He is considered the weakest link of the family, and would have been thrown to the streets if Calix didn’t have a heart. He isn’t good at much, but is good at foraging and making weapons, even if he can’t use him. Despite his small size, he’s always seemed a little too strong. Though he seems like a very weak human, he is actually a space turner, and ends up tangled in the plot of his brother and classmate. He is timid, shy and emotional, but wishes to be like his brother. He has Calix accompany him to school to protect him.

Darius-Calix and Orion’s father, who was taken by the government to stabilize the time/space portal, as he is a powerful space turner. He left when Calix was eight, and Orion was five, to protect them for as long as possible, and left them with only his government info journal. He wants to balance the worlds out, and is looking into how, or how to close the portal for good.

Mistel-An androgynous twenty-one-year-old journalist who can use telekinesis, and decides to help Calix every so often. He looks much younger than he actually is, and often dresses more masculine or feminine than he actually is. He is very good at going undercover, and doesn’t have a huge opinion in how their world is, but has a good sense of what is right and wrong. He is a kind, content soul, though can be serious when called for. He loves his work, and lives with a childhood friend and one of the well-known Heroes, Knox. He is very good at his job, and lives as a very high class citizen.

Knox-A twenty-five year old Hero, who is very well known around the city. He can turn invisible, as well as being a powerful telekinetic and has been a hero since he was twenty. He too lives as one of the high class citizens, and with his childhood friend, Mistel. He is very handsome and charming, and on the top of the most desirable bachelors on the list, but is revealed to be gay for Jasper later on. He likes to tease and take all the happiness he can from his role. He is a huge help to breaking into the government, but is eventually captured. (At the end, he is seen escaping). He is very serious about how only the strong survive, but changes slowly, and is kind and flirty.

Jasper-A twenty-three year old Earthen who made it through the portal when he was seventeen, to awaken his powers, but became trapped as a result. As he has telepathy, he was quickly recruited by the government, and has been researching a way to restore balance, while gifting small power to both worlds and ultimately balance the planes and allow travel between dimensions. He has most of the necessary info to put a plan into action, but with the worlds unwilling to change, he hasn’t been able to. He immediately befriended Calix on a mission to interrogate him, and they decided to work together. Jasper seems incredibly serious and uncaring, but has a soft side when he knows things are on track. He fell head over heels for Knox, and was devastated when they were separated. He was a astronomer in training on Earth.

Kitty- A nine-year old time turner who was too young to be officially working with the portal, but wished to help anyway. She was ripped from her parents at the age of five, due to her uncontrollable powers. She has always been fascinated with the portal, and has always wanted to do the right thing to help people. She is serious and kind and mature for a nine year old. She has been watching since they began infiltrating the portal base, and comes out as their last support.

Nezt-A sixteen-year-old narcoleptic space turner, who dropped school early to join the portal force and receive proper meds and therapy for his narcolepsy. He leads the group to the base after looking at them through the magic mirror he created, and has fallen somewhat in love with Cai, and admits he has before being lost between dimensions. He is determined and caring, and almost parent like. He has taken care of Kitty since she arrived, and they are like brother and sister. He has always been interested in Cai, through the mirror he created through his powers and some mechanics, and has always wished he didn’t have to live basically in secrecy, like most of the other portal masters.

Molly-A sixty-two year old woman who has worked as a portal master for many years. She is a powerful enough time turner to manipulate personal time. She knows most of the events that are going to happen, and is the voice of reason within the group. She holds off attackers and is able to freeze individual times. She is friends with Nezt and acted as a bit of a mother to him. She managed to get them through the security and  buildings. She is determined but easygoing.

Fern-Calix and Orion’s mother, who is paranoid and protective, and relies on Calix to protect them a lot. She is quite paranoid about her family, but tries to protect them. The three of them are very close, and it is difficult to keep the secrets from her. She allowed Orion to have a small forge in the old chicken coop.

West-The head of the Portal Masters, who watches over the main portal masters and makes sure the main building is in order. He is the main antagonist of the story, but works for the president of the city. He has basically been brainwashed by trauma, and actually was very nice at one point.

This topic really has become a dump for all the ideas I've come up with and abandoned in the last few years. Hopefully I'm not flooding the develop your story board too badly lol.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: MRverse: Personal Favorites
« on: June 24, 2018, 09:14:30 PM »
I know close to jack sh*t about the MRverse other than what I've come across while poking around in my off time considering I've been around for such a tiny period of time, but a massive story with everyone involved taking part in some plot-fueled adventure sounds wicked! I did something similar with a group of people I was close to, and it took forever and things went this way and that way and all, but it was worth it. It honestly sounds like you'll have a ton of fun with it when it comes to fruition. It'll definitely be worth reading!

I mean, the rest of the MRverse stories I've poked my nose into are too, but you get my point.

Develop Your Story / Re: The Will
« on: June 23, 2018, 10:36:36 PM »
Really, really old versions of Micah and Sabian. Micah's POV and his character development with Cody's letter was originally going to kick off the story after some sort of prologue about Cody the night of her suicide, but I only got to typing out about a page of said first chapter before I abandoned the story. Some odd years later, I dug it out of my google drive, as well as an old scene that was just supposed to remind me Micah's narcolepsy essentially makes him see the 'ghosts' of Cody and his sister, Lisia, in his hallucinations.

I should probably just man up and find the notebook I lost instead of looking over old things like this, but we'll ignore that for now.  :sure:

“Hey, Micah, have you seen Cody today?”

Micah shook his head with a yawn as he grabbed his science and geography textbooks. “No. She gets here with Penn or Elliot sometimes though, and Penn gets here really early and Elliot gets here late. Why?”

“I, um…” He watched in amusement as Sabian’s cheeks flushed and his odd, mismatched eyes landed anywhere other than Micah’s face. The photographer laughed a little. “Right. I forgot you’re kind of obsessed with her.”

“I’m not obsessed with her,” Sabian argued, closing his own locker. “But she’s my friend. Sue me for worrying about her.”

“She’s my friend too,” Micah replied with a smile and another yawn. “And I’m not concerned about her every move.”

Sabian’s face seemed to turn even redder, and he opened his mouth to reply when the overhead loudspeaker interrupted him-

All students please go to their homeroom classes first period. All students must report to their homeroom for first period. Those with a free period homeroom or lack of a homeroom, please go to the library at this time.

“Homeroom…?” Micah yawned again-his sleep was incredibly off, and it was messing with him more than usual. “We don’t have homeroom until third period…”

“Well, I guess we’ll find out.” The small brunette boy nodded as they both made their way down the hallway. “I guess we will, huh?”

“Yeah…” He replied, but he couldn’t quite share Sabian’s innocent curiosity. It wasn’t often they were all called to homeroom, and when it was, it was either very good news… Or the opposite.

Micah had an itching feeling it was going to be the latter.

It seemed like they weren’t the only ones interested in what as going on, because the homeroom was nearly full as they both sat down. The girl on his left, a brunette named Rose, elbowed him. “You know what’s going on?”

“No idea. You?”

Rose shook her head and went silent as their teacher walked in. Ms. Spizirri smoothed down her dress before taking a stack of papers from her desk and clearing her throat. She seemed… Out of sorts for someone who was usually so bubbly, and it didn’t help the uneasy feeling in Micah’s gut.

It’s probably just some dumb renovation or strike being announced, honestly…

The class went silent, finally, and the young teacher spoke. “Good morning, all of you. I’m…” She hesitated, and stifling a yawn, Micah leaned forward on the edge of his seat, glancing over at Sabian, who was practically doing the same. He licked his lips to try and ease his anticipation a little.

“I’m sure many of you knew. Cody Azer.”

Micah felt a chill go up his spine, and his stomach flip. He knew Cody. He more than knew her, she’d been one of his best friends since their first month of high school. Forcefully, he swallowed. There was no need to jump to conclusions. For all he knew, she could be receiving some grand award for her music, or transferring while her mother was stationed elsewhere.

Of… Of course that’s what it is. I’m being ridiculous.

“I am… incredibly sorry to say,” Ms. Spizirri continued, her voice becoming small - much smaller than ever before - but continuing all the same. “She took her own life on Tuesday evening.”


Micah could feel his knees go weak, his fingers go limp, his breathing stop as the world around him turned to white noise and pointless, incomprehensible fuzz. His jaw went slack, and he was fairly sure his heart had stopped with how much of his body had suddenly succumbed to the will of his cataplexy - but if it had, he didn’t have time to think about it as he slumped over his desk and was snatched away from the harsh reality.
In this one, Micah doesn't lose consciousness due to his cataplexy, considering cataplexy doesn't typically do that, or due to a sleep attack, but because of the stress and the sleep deprivation. Not all that convincing, sure, but good for the plot.

Her pulse is strong and comforting in his against his skin.

Her left fingertips are pressed to his cheek, firmly, but softly, and he’s involuntarily leaning into her comforting, familiar touch in his sleepy daze. He can’t see her, she’s placed behind him, and he wants to grab her hand and pull in front of him so desperately, but he also knows, somewhere in the back of his mind, she isn’t real. Even so, he drowsily reaches up to his cheek, a ghost of a smile drifting over his lips as he touches, warm, soft fingers. Cody… Lisia…


Micah jumped as a strong grip shook him firmly, his eyes opening completely and the hand pressed to his face slipping away. His breathing skipped as he looked over wide-eyed to someone he couldn’t name right off the bat in his confusion. Quietly, he stumbled over his words as the boy across from him muttered under his breath, “Micah…”

“I-I…” The blue-eyed boy blinked as he realized what was happening-he was in history, working on his project with Sabian.

And Cody and Lisia are…

“S-sorry,” Micah cleared sleep and tears from his throat, quickly bringing himself back to his usually composed state. “I’m awake. You should’ve woken me sooner, Sabian.”

“Well, I know you haven’t been sleeping well.” Sabian gave him a little, tight-lipped smile that wasn’t really there. None of their smiles had been since Cody had died. Clearing his throat once again, Micah did his best to get the feeling back into his legs and shake the sleepy hallucinations away. He was already tired enough. He didn’t need to start worrying about the ghosts of his friend and sister, no matter how real they felt in his sleepy dazes.

Narcolepsy is a bitch.

I'm not all that familiar with narcolepsy compared to other neurological disorders, but I do want to emphasize the stress and the lack of him getting treatment or taking medicine is really impacting him. This wasn't the best written, but at least it reminded me what I wanted to do sometime later.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: June 21, 2018, 09:53:22 PM »
@Mahlua Yeah, that sums it up in a nutshell. I try really hard not to compare myself to or even be jealous of artists because of that, because it's like comparing apples and oranges. Still, I mean, it's hard not to have those thoughts. And it really can take a lot out of you to read and review writing (which only convinces me further beta readers must be legit angels). Thanks for the support. It's nice to know someone's there, especially for writing and the arts.  ;D

@Coryn That's 100% true, haha. I think especially because you're typically taught how to write in school, no one really takes into account writing stories is a bit of a hassle. Hopefully I can just be part of the next generation of creators and that'll be that.

Develop Your Story / Re: The Will
« on: June 21, 2018, 08:39:40 PM »
An unfinished version of Penn's letter is in the OP. Unfortunately, I've misplaced the notebook with all the things Cody was going to say in everyone's letter, so unless I go through my dozens of papers and notebooks to find it, this probably won't be finished for awhile. Too bad.

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: June 21, 2018, 08:28:53 PM »
Yeah, ubers kind of give me the chills. I mean, most people aren't serial killers, but you know. That situation sounds like a total nightmare. There's nothing more awkward than when someone asks for directions and your first answer is 'uhhhhh... this way... probably... maybe...'

Something I have concluded after nearing a decade of writing is that it's really hard to find people who care you write, or are willing to help you out. My friends try to pretend they do, but it isn't a formidable skill in the eyes of most. The only people who've ever really taken in the fact writing is like breathing for me at this point are the other, older writers I've known, but even then, it's more like them patting a kid on the head and saying 'wow, that's great!' when they say they want to be a superstar rather than taking me seriously.

It isn't a hobby that gets you any glory, that's for sure. But I guess that's part of the challenge, eh?

Welcome Center / Re: Hey all! Rheydll here👍🏾
« on: June 21, 2018, 08:19:30 PM »
Hey! Welcome and all that jazz. There are a lot of writers here, and even though you're looking for an artist it can really help out to talk to or work with other writers, so don't let that discourage you or anything.

Manga Creations / Re: The Kaimon Tales!
« on: June 21, 2018, 12:46:09 PM »
It's very slice of life-ish, which definitely attracts me, but I think the biggest thing you have to keep in mind is that with slice of life, it's literally about a set of characters going through everyday life, so your characters have to be the things that stick out, whether it be through their differing traits, dialogue or actions. I really, really don't want this to come off the wrong way or to be overly harsh or anything like that, but right now, while the actual things that are happening in the story are fine, your characters don't feel defined enough. I don't exactly know how to put it... But it almost feels like the characters are their dialogue rather than anything else. They don't feel like they have much depth or their own differing quirks much, other than their families and their relationships with each other (like the difference between the brother-like relationship and the romantic one), and in a story where the events happening are supposed to be everyday life, or something close to it, the characters are going to be the things that grab the audience, which is why slice of life can be so difficult.

Hopefully that wasn't too mean or anything. It's just my opinion anyway, so take it how you will.

Starter Gallery / Re: Man Listen...
« on: June 20, 2018, 10:44:50 PM »

Seriously though. If anything, start drawing to show the rest of the writers we can probably do it too. Maybe it'll make some of us get off our asses and take art into our own hands!

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2018
« on: June 19, 2018, 10:27:46 PM »
Croatia did well! Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they won the next one either at this point. This entire world cup has been chock full of upsets. The Germany game was ridiculously bad. I didn't know Germany could play so bad. And if you didn't see it, be glad you didn't, because it was a doozy.

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