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i never meant you were making money off it, thats why i said "trying to make money".  i thought it was misleading to try sell services when your examples are referenced without credit to original artist.

since the first post mentioned trying to get a job i assumed the intention was to make money off it
(not that they already did) but they have a patreon account with that schoolgirl as sample

since its just practice its not too severe of issue. but it can make someone doubt the rest of your gallery. Nier as well is not original.

and I said it's practice and nier isn't my OG,clearly and I don't have tell anyone about the one who designed her or you think you think everyone out there giving credit of designer of every fanart? Or you're saying I made it from someone's work? give me a link of that picture please?

(edit: ive heavily referenced existing works myself and i think its a good way to improve drawing but trying to make money off it does not seem to be right) <== which I didn't get any money even it's finished and post for free watch. Or you're saying that redrawing can't make as advertisement for artist skill?

So I forget to mention that it's supposed to be practice? cause I made sure it's on DA and Pixiv saying it's for practicing my pen tablet so I can get used to it. still,it's a damn hard work of 10 more hours of redrawing and recolor of everything as you see that the tone and details are different. and one last thing,I didn't get money for that so you're kinda offended me.

Then they do not deserve to see my work anymore. I left this board once because the same thing and they're like came in and talked in the topic until I asked mod to lock the topic. Arrogant? Viewer Are arrogant,who do they think they are? they can see something for free and do not even care to reply for 5 seconds. Again,I don't want to let unworthy people to see my work at all,they can all lick each other but I won't change my policy.

Awh! Her expression makes so much more sense now that I see her holding someone's hand.

Although...for forum sites like these, relying solely on replies isn't a very nice game to play.

Well,they can express that they got to see thing that is like... using 5 seconds to watch and 30 seconds to comment? even 100 of them won't even comparable to the time I was using to create this thing.

The second picture is done.

I will play a little game here,if there're less than 3 replies in 3 days I won't upload next work here for a while.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Vertutame Gallery (DIGITAL)
« on: April 14, 2017, 06:02:25 AM »
I think I didn't do mech lately so I was kinda... well,went and redesign my Xirion Mk.3 but it's unfinished at the moment

This is his old design

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Vertutame Gallery (DIGITAL)
« on: April 12, 2017, 09:04:49 PM »
I hope people who read my comment and watch my works and my video know that... comments are what make me going forward,encouraging me to go even further. I hope there're like fuel to me. I hope you can just saying great work or good job. You don't have to be smart to comment,it's more about emotional to me so I hope people who read this to do more comments because I like to see that someone care enough to comment on my works. imagine that I'm street performer and no one is stopping to watch me. That's sad. right now it's like I'm singing 4 songs but only 4-5 people stop and look at me even there're 200 people walking around. Do I like to post more work after that? you see how this is going?

The reason why 2nd one has lower resolution is that it's not just a head....

But it's unfinished so I think I will hold the whole picture at the moment btw,there's only 4-5 layers cause I don't know how to use it properly yet.

Manga Artists Wanted / Re: [ Paid ] Inker Needed!
« on: April 10, 2017, 10:42:08 AM »
check my work at deviantart. If youre interested,pm me in anyway.

Thank you,It's good that somebody remember me. and it's first reply at that! On the 3rd work,I just realized about layer and something like clipping layer,I will get better everytime of my work!

I got myself an Intuos tablet and I'm coming back to get some job here (last time people are saying that traditional work ain't selling) These are my gallery for now
Nier(first work on Digital)

Someone(3rd work on Digital)

Leo(a simple trial of new brush I downloaded)

I don't have much experience on digital platform so my quality is kinda unstable.
But if you like,I can draft a picture as trial for commission (the first one will be free and it's not going to be colored unless it isn't going to take a long time like mascot or chibi character)

BTW,I put a progress of training,drawing,painting with x10 speed in youtube,you can look in to them at below of my post,there's sticker there and don't forget my facebook's page,I'm going live(drawing) time to time.

I think this is it,Just want to know how to delete this topic and gallery,I'm out of here.

have to see script first,my work is analog though(it's not digital)

so how about the payment of someone who wrote this page?,17063.0.html

watch without replying? fine, I won't update it anymore then.

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