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Graphic Softwares / Re: ComiPo, for the helpless, hopeless writers
« on: July 19, 2015, 09:37:27 AM »
I think some points made came out unnecessary, as I've said in the beginning, ComiPo is for fun, and fun only, and it's something to get you started and/or hone your skills as a writer.
If you can create something new, then I believe ways no longer matter, as long as it's yours and new. I agree with the sentence "presets can make you lose creativity", but in the end, they are there for your use and will, you can bend them however you like, and as an artist, you should know that you should rely on yourself ultimately, and not on other things.

What I meant by "some better ComiPo mangas", I've seen ComiPo mangas that are full of writing potential, as if poetry flowing out from pages, of course they can not reach serializations standarts, it's impossible to reach to the hand drawn mangas in terms of visuality. No one should start making ComiPo mangas expecting that.

And for the third time, writers like me who can't draw, and wishes to draw, can and should use ComiPo and other digital programs as much as they like. As Nomeno-Alrina kindly said (and thanks for the compliment :)) I've learned so much, and I can make storyboards that makes sense now. I am the living proof that you can learn at least something from it, and I really had fun creating my manga. I stayed up 'till sun rise sometimes for something I was creating, and it was amazing. I'd like to think ComiPo fulfilled whatever it was I was expecting from it.

Of course like legomaestro pointed out, people usually choose to draw their ideas, and ComiPo is merely an alternative. As I've said in my first post on this topic, everything considered, it is a program, no matter how you hard you try, it has its limits, and starters should know that it has its limits.

Members Manga / Re: AFTER.her
« on: July 19, 2015, 08:54:04 AM »
thank you for the tips. I actually thought little of those you said. and after reading it again, I can see your points.
thanks for pointing them out to me, I'll be more careful now :)

Graphic Softwares / Re: ComiPo, for the helpless, hopeless writers
« on: July 18, 2015, 10:26:25 PM »
Of course you are right. What I stated above was merely my experience and opinions, when you learn from an official guide, it's obviously the better choice. and thank you for posting a link, it seems until I am at some sort of a level, I can't post links.
And yes, you can't make a masterpiece using this program, it's for fun, and it should not be taken seriously. the product itself states that it's limited and it can only create to some extent.
but I disagree with the "promoting laziness", since talking from experience, I've spent countless hours trying to create a 32-page long chapter. Sometimes, I was at my wits end trying to picture what I wanted, due to its limitations, but when I finally made what I wanted to make, the rewarding feeling was unfathomable. of course, the effort you make is not the same when you draw a manga, but then again, it does require some sort of an effort, and its users should not be belittled. Also, I believe the uniqueness should get from the vibe you get, not the way you use. I've seen some real good ComiPo mangas that are way better then some serializations.

so in my opinion, I'd recommend ComiPo to anyone who wants to give a shot to manga making, but is unable to do so. then again, as you said, the final product will not be the next fullmetal alchemist.

oh and thank you for your opinion about my manga. I'll be sure to consider it.

Members Manga / Re: AFTER.her
« on: July 18, 2015, 05:09:32 PM »
thank you so much! I'll upload the next part, please look forward to it!

Graphic Softwares / ComiPo, for the helpless, hopeless writers
« on: July 18, 2015, 11:31:04 AM »

What I have written below is based solely on my experience and a mere tips/intro to the ComiPo. If you want to learn it from a guide, you should google it.

I am someone who loves manga, but unfortunatetly, can't draw. Then I found ComiPo Manga Maker had an English version on Steam for 9,99$ (It was Japanese before) when it was summer sale. Right now it's 30$ but I'm sure discounts will pop up, so if you can be patient, you'll find a good discount for it on Steam. I'd love to post some links, but I have no idea if I can post links or not right now, so I decided against it. (Btw can someone light me on that matter please?  ;D)

First thing to understand about ComiPo, that it's "gives the impression" of an ass. Not because it's a program that's hard to use, but because until you get the hang of it (and it's somewhat easy don't worry, its not complicated), you'll think it's impossible. So MANY buttons on the interface, makes you go "wtf". It's not. It's really not. First time I used ComiPo I thought it was the worst purchase I have ever made, but now I clap myself for buying it. So stop thinking and just keep making mangas.

After your first somewhat horrible manga, you'll be used to the interface to at least make something decent. Everytime you make something, you get better, you can feel it by reading what you have done from the first manga to the last.

Now for using ComiPo. ComiPo somewhat transforms you into a magician at some point. Not because you make awesome things, oh no, but since you can't draw, you have to keep finding tricks to make it visually beautiful or logical. I'll get back to the logical part in a bit. You can see what I meant with beautiful, here:

You see, left part is just plain bad. It's bad. It gives no aesthetic feeling whatsoever. You need to find a proper font, a proper size, and good punctuation. Without those it's just not good. Another thing is to keep picture aligned. The picture above is not, for example, you can see it to the right lower corner. Keep it aligned. Waste time, but do it. Trust me. I didn't do it right now because these are just for giving you an idea.

For the logical part. Look at this:

Or this:

You get it? Left part is not logical. You have to adjust it until it's correctly aligned. Perspective. Perspective is your new best friend. Do not lose it. Do not fight with it. Whatever you do, perspective is one of the most important parts to making a manga. (And in real life drawing of course. lol.)

Speaking of best friends, don't forget oh-so-mighty Google. Whenever you're in a pinch, use it. Can't find the background you want? Google it, google picture it. You can't use or understand something? Lots and lots of guides are there, find them, read them.

But after all, this is a limited program. This is not the program for a new greatest manga of all times. It has its limits, knowing this early will save you from a lot of headaches. After you spend hours trying to do something and can't do it, you should know it's probably above that limit. I mean try to keep it simple, and don't get frustrated if you can't picture what's in your head, sometimes it is really hard to do, and sometimes it's impossible. But if you're so stubborn like me, you can use tiny little silly "tricks". Including, but not limited to, these: dividing the panels, coloring the illogical parts, putting text bubbles on characters etc. Right now it makes no sense, I know, and seems simple, but once you start using the ComiPo, you'll know what I am talking about.

Oh, and create your own characters. Don't use the preset ones. For the main characters, definitely create them. It's easy. And if you're not rich, you don't have to buy all of the DLC's. I didn't. They are ridiculously expensive, and they only bring new clothes. I didn't buy any of them yet, cuz I'm fine with the default ones, but if you want them, buy ONE for now. You can buy the rest later.

That's it folks, if you have any more questions ask and I'll try to answer to the best of my abilites.

Members Manga / Re: AFTER.her
« on: July 18, 2015, 10:28:33 AM »
Thank you for your opinion :) And yes, it was a real hassle to use a digital program but for people like me who can't draw, outcomes can be really rewarding.

and yes, I'll write my experience using ComiPo to the graphic software section.

Members Manga / Re: AFTER.her
« on: July 18, 2015, 06:01:13 AM »
Ah, yes thank you! :dance: I will post chapter 2 after some reviewing

Members Manga / AFTER.her **UPDATED** (16/08/2015)
« on: July 17, 2015, 10:54:13 PM »

This is my first time, posting my work online, so I'm a bit nervous :P If you like it, I wrote several more chapters to this prologue, so I'll post them. I think everytime I make a new chapter, it gradually gets better.
I used ComiPo Manga Maker.
Please tell me whether you liked it or not, your opinions are really important for me.

*p.s: You may have to move the page juuust a tiny bit to the right. though it does not block the pages, if you're feeling ocd you may do it. sorry the pages are bigger than I thought they'd be. you can adjust it in the bottom side of the page.

**p.s.: Hello to folks from Toudai if they are checking this.

This is the Prologue.


This is Chapter 1, please let me know your opinions. I don't believe it's better than the first one, but what do you think?


Chapter 2 here.


Chapter 3 is up.


Here's Chapter 4!

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, another newb here.
« on: July 17, 2015, 09:53:51 PM »
Yes, exactly that, I love it when something out of the blue just happens, and you sit there with your mouth open

Welcome Center / Re: Hello, another newb here.
« on: July 17, 2015, 09:19:41 PM »
Yo, nice to meet you too :)

Yeah don't we all do that to our poor characters?  ;D And I like a good shounen story, so I'll read your manga once you post it :)

Welcome Center / Hello, another newb here.
« on: July 17, 2015, 07:59:23 PM »
Hello, I'm a writer from Turkey. Though I have no drawing skills whatsoever, I wrote several short stories, and got my school's funding to publish them, so I'd like to trust my writing skills but those stories didn't accomplish much.

Other than that, I love , LOVE harem mangas. Even though I usually write serious stuff, I can't help but love them. (Tee-hee)

I was wondering if I could publish my "works" somewhere and found here. I found other places too but this is the only place that's really active and I hope it'll contribute me, and it will entertain you all.

I am somewhat a sadist, -I think every come-of-age and tragedy writers are a bit sadist- and I can't help but to bring pain to my characters. Especially in my work which I'm going to put here, poor Gim Jae, oh I am so sorry for what I've put you through. I know, I've been an *sshole, but I just love writing tragedy.
Again, sorry Gim Jae. (lol)

I'd love to be able to draw manga, but knowing I can't draw, I decided to use digital programs. As such, I'll be uploading my digital mangas for your opinions.

Please take care of me, and nice to meet you all. :)

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