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Manga Art Gallery / Art of Novalar
« on: May 04, 2015, 12:16:13 PM »
Hey everyone!

Firstly, I'd like to stress the fact that I'm not a native English speaker and things like odd ways of saying things or being longwinded will be part of this post  :tongue:

Secondly, thank you for reading this post! I just started drawing a little more serious than I did in the past and I really like it! However, I'm not really into the manga names and such and I'll probably use different ways of drawing with each other. Just because I don't know how to draw in one particular style.


My first photo I post online, people, give me some advice and help me get better! (btw. I know the hair is a mess, I should have put in some more lines for the hair but for some reason I forgot doing that.)

Lot's of modification required, almost a redraw from scratch. Not just a few adjustments with satisfying results.



1337 skills also required.

Damn, you made all those yourself? You're amazing! I'd love to draw like that!!

What you are asking is akin to inquiring how to adapt a classical composition to rock. Yes, it can be done and to good effect, but it’s going to be immensely different depending on the genre you want; do you want a classic rock version, pop-rock, punk, metal?

Manga, and all forms of comic art for that matter, is just a simplified version of reality and by not being constricted by so many factors and variables, the shapes it can take are endless depending on the degree of realism you want or what features you want to emphasize and how, hence why this and this are both considered manga.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what exactly you are going for, and after that if you are at all familiar with the basics of drawing people, it’s pretty straight-forward. Sorry if I sound repetitive, but manga is, after all, based on reality, so the anatomic rules for drawing humans apply, meaning the distance between two eyes should be another eye, the height of the average person is 6,5-8 times the size of their head (women are shorter) with the torso usually being 2,5, and yadda yadda yadda.

The style will determine how much you deviate from those guidelines; a shoujo style will have huge, exaggerated eyes (long eyelashes, a lot of reflections, hard to pinpoint pupil, etc.), a simplified head silhouette with a sharp chin, thin necks, thin eyebrows that are literally just an arked line and minimal detail for the nose. Shounen simplifies all facial features and prioritizes the projection of movement and expressions, with eyes being more linear and lacking eyelashes or more than one sign of reflection, minimal detail on hair and big, expressive mouths. Seinen and Josei are harder to find a pattern to, but usually consist on more realistic features. Those are just generalizations you shouldn’t be too adhered to (really, they are just examples) and on top of them you have to add what Nomena said regarding the differences between male and female features, which is also very important.

My suggestion is go to the series that you usually read or like the visual style they use, try to identify what they exaggerate most and focus on those aspects when doing your drawing. Pay special attention to eyes, hair and the shape of the head and how they change according to the angles (OH GOD, THE ANGLES!).

Hope this was useful as well and I wish you best of luck.

Thank you for taking the time to help me! As I am not really into the manga and anime genres, I'm not entirely sure which I want to draw. I guess you've seen Sword Art Online, I kinda like the way they draw their characters but for some reason, almost every character seems to have a different head (and such). So how do I classify those and start making something of my own?
Also, I'll try to post something soon, if you'd give me some advice to better my way of drawing, I'd be really grateful!

I would say: eyes and hair as well, it's really important to make an emphasise on those and exaggerate them.

mouth and nose (Though manga girls often have small mouths/dot nose and guy bigger mouths/dot or thin vertical lines nose)

Boys have more angles on the face and girls are more roundish

But well, it's about popping out the parts that are proper to the person you draw.

Another thing: Draw what you see in your imagination while looking at the real face and thinking about an anime character that has the personality of your model.

Hope this helps.

Here is an example I did of such, but as Coryn said, it really depends on your style.


Thanks for your advice! I'm definatly going to try these things out!

well, it'll depend a lot on your style, but a key point will be the eyes obviously, the hair will be more stylized. The key is to just maintain the unique features.
but are there any special features besides the eyes? Thanks though for the advice!

General Discussion / how do we change normal faces into manga ones?
« on: May 02, 2015, 03:55:15 PM »
Hey all!

I've got a question: how do I change a normal face (just a reallife one) into a manga one? What are the key differnces between faces to look for when trying to replicate someone as a manga character?

Thanks in advance,

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