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Dominion of Dautora

Dautora is in a state of chaos. After a brutal and bloody civil war, the Foreseers had seized power from the weak and inept King Aeris I and ousted his royal family, House Claryn, from the throne. To solidify their authority, the Foreseers executed King Aeris I and proclaimed a new republic in which no king may ever hope to rise again: the Dominion of Dautora. In place of the former throne, the new position of Lord Protector was established, held by the shrewd and cunning Kerric Hangel, a Great Sage and former advisor to the late king in the Royal Council. However, Lord Protector Hangel does not wield absolute authority. He bends to the will of the Council of Sages, the leaders of the Foreseer Order, and now the new legislative authority within Dautora. Yet even still, they are not the ones in control. That power lies with the Farseer, Scholar Dakhiel, who pulls the strings of the Council of Sages. A master of magic and a brilliant inventor, Scholar Dakhiel has spent a lifetime rallying like-minded individuals to his cause, and now he has finally achieved his goal of freeing Dautora from the corrupt influence of the Crown.

Yet now he faces a new threat, both inside and out. The Council of Sages are eager to test their newfound power and authority, and with it their political influence within the Foreseers. Viewing Scholar Dakhiel’s authority as weak and misguided, there are some who wish to cast him out entirely and seize power within the realm for themselves, including Lord Protector Hangel. But Farseer Dakhiel is protected by the Commonwealth Army, who view him as a saviour and father figure. Should Dakhiel lose the support of his army, he risks a coup by his own followers. Purging the traitorous elements would strengthen Dakhiel’s position, however he risks incurring the people’s wrath, an especially vulnerable time as the republic has yet to shed its feathers. An even greater threat lies with unfinished business with the Royalists. Although the capital Daumatoren rests firmly within Foreseer control, much of the southerlands are still held by feudal lords loyal to the Crown. There is reason to believe the young prince Aeris has taken shelter with one of the High Lords alongside the remnants of the past king’s council. He is to come of age within the following year, at which point he may come to challenge the legitimacy of the Dominion and seek to rally Royalist sympathizers in an effort to retake the throne and establish Dautora once more as a Kingdom of God. For now, Lord Commander Jarken Versiz acts on the prince’s behalf as Lord Regent, courting anxious nobles to their cause. Silencing Versiz should be the first step in weakening the Royalist resolve, before permanently removing the royal bloodline for good.

There is much to do, and little time, for the Farseer must move quickly if he hopes to secure Dautora's future under the banner of the Rose Sword.

Part 1: The Rise of the Republic
“The King is Dead! Long Live the Republic!”

The capital was in a jovial mood following the execution of King Aeris I. People welcomed the victorious Commonwealth Army as they marched through the streets parading the red banner of the Rose Sword. Exuberant cheers and spontaneous celebration broke out throughout every street, as Daumatoren’s citizens welcomed a new age in the realm’s history, an age in which the commoners now had a voice. This day marked the beginning of the Dominion of Dautora, the first republic of its kind.

However, this festive mood did not ease Scholar Dakhiel’s mind. The king’s execution only worsened his fears. Days before the death of King Aeris I, the Farseer had called upon the Council of Sages to discuss the matter of the king’s capture and what course of action to take. Dakhiel did not want to shed unnecessary blood if he could make the new republic an example for the world to follow.

“The King is no more above the Law than any lesser Man,” the Farseer said. “We have no right to dictate His fate behind closed doors. It should be left for the People to decide.”

The Council disagreed. Although Daumatoren was now firmly under the Farseers’ control, and the King held hostage, there still remained a significant Royalist force of at least 50,000 men retreating to the southerlands. And the young prince’s escape did not ease the Council’s worries. They feared that delaying the execution of King Aeris to try him in a Court of Law would instead weaken the Foreseers’ position and allow the Royalists to mount a counteroffensive to rescue their dear King. That was not their only concern. The commoners have trusted the Foreseers with blind loyalty on the promise that power be given to them to rule themselves, to which the Council knew that not to be true. Once the truth is exposed, people that once supported the Commonwealth might rethink their stance and become sympathetic to the old king. Yet even more so, there stood the fundamental question of Dautora’s future.

“So long as the King lives, Dautora will never truly be a Republic. We have gone too far to doubt our resolve now. Seal His fate, so that we may never turn back,” Hangel, then a Great Sage, said.

Dakhiel was in doubt. He feared the reactions of other realms and the terrible repercussions it would bring should they demonstrate what a republican takeover would be. Such actions would jeopardize Dakhiel greater goals of world peace, and condemn his beloved realm to an endless state of war. Yet in the end, he agreed to the Council’s decision. He could not risk the possibility of losing public support for his cause, nor could he continue to allow the threat of the Crown’s return to undo all that he had accomplished. To Dakhiel, he had no other options that would satisfy both him and his people. One would have to give.

“The die has been cast. Now we must deal the hand we are dealt, and pray it does not come to take it all,” Dakhiel told Hangel as they rode alongside the troops.

On the same day of King Aeris I execution, the Council of Sages announced the creation of a provisional government to replace the old monarchy that before had ruled over them. It was then that they proclaimed a republic, governing the people’s new Dominion of Dautora. Kerrec Hangel was selected to become the first Lord Protector of the Dominion, with the Council of Sages acting as the legislative body until a new body could be created. All the meanwhile, Scholar Dakhiel moved quickly to consolidate power around him. He knew that without some political backing, he would quickly be ousted by his own Council and turn Dautora to what they themselves saw fit: the Council had no interest for anything outside the borders. Dakhiel placed the Commonwealth Army under his direct command and supervision while the new Dominion Army was assembled, much to the disdain of the Council which sought to consolidate the Commonwealth Army into the government-backed Dominion Army, and began a major shakeup of the armed forces, replacing a number of veteran commanders with those loyal to him. Hangel, suspicious of Dakhiel’s upheaval of power, requested a personal meeting with his mentor.

The workshop has officially begun! Stay tuned for further updates!  ;)

If so, then the workshop can begin  8) May all the interested parties PM me asap, then we can get this lil' project rolling  :D

break Room / Re: Happy Birthday Coryn!
« on: July 11, 2018, 03:55:26 PM »
Jokes on you, it's a surprise birthday!  :biggrin:

...Surprise!  :bparty:

MR Pub / Re: Women, Men, Sexuality and other bull
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:44:05 PM »
That's to be expected.

It's a pretty common sight with introverted guys. Not many know how relationships work, let alone be in one. They say it's better you learn to be in a relationship early so that you don't make the same mistakes later in life. Some simply never get the chance.  :ninja:

MR Pub / Re: Women, Men, Sexuality and other bull
« on: July 10, 2018, 09:27:31 PM »
Gee, it almost sounds like he has a crush, but doesn't want to admit it, so instead of asking straight up to avoid the fear of rejection, awkwardness and embarrassment that would cause, he contents himself with just being a very nice guy with the very unrealistic expectation that the girl would someday ask instead, which never actually happens, then reminds himself of how undeserving he is of her so he just wallows in his spiral of depression, only to repeat the cycle when he meets someone new...

 :sure: ...not that I'm saying anything.

As the workshop is still currently seeking one last position to fill for the Third Realm, we can begin by laying down the expectations and limitations of this side project.

Here begins the (growing) checklist for what to include in creating your own realm!

1. Government System
Unless your realm is in total anarchy, your realm should have some form of government system. It could be as simple as a king having absolute control over every aspect of the realm or something more complex, such as a republic with its various checks-and-balances and bureaucracies. The most important thing to have is something that drives the wheel behind your realm's actions and policies. I would advise you keep it relatively simple for this workshop as you don't want to overload it with too much detail.

2. Geography
Just about as important as Government System if not more so. You will need to establish what the lands of your realms are. Is it a rich, Mediterranean island with lots of agriculture? A mountainous region pouring with the world's finest ores and gems? Or perhaps more treacherous such as a large desert with frequent sandstorms and freezing nights? Or a land where the long winters drag on for months with only little time to grow crops. Geography shapes both the civilization and the people within your realm, and will help guide you and the other players into how to tackle and exploit certain aspects of the land.

3. Society
Or what I like to call, your realm's Civilization. This includes everything that would encompass both how your realm looks and feels as well as how it operates within its lands. What is its social structure like? Is it a clearly-defined caste system or a more vague and open socioeconomic society where people make their own opportunities? What about their towns and cities? Are they giant castles perched atop tall hills? Or perhaps built underground burrowing deep within mountains? Perhaps they are dominated by giant towers of steel and glass, or are known for the fleets of ships sailing within its ports? What about religion? What do they worship? What is their History? Military? Economics? People? Etc.

This is where you make your realm truly unique. Feel free to go as overboard as you like here, as your contributions to this project will be largely basely on how much effort you want to put into this category.

4. Key Actors
Also known as your main characters. These little things are the ones that truly drive the action behind the project's story. You don't have to list every single one that you come up with. Just the ones that will have a significant impact to the story (at least for now). There will inevitably be a few new characters that pop up over the course of the project, but just the ones with a clearly-specified role are needed.

1. Must have a dissenting faction within your realm.
To keep things interesting and to allow other players more avenues to further their interests, you must include at least one significant dissenting faction within your realm. These are the people either actively wrestling control of the realm away from you or actively sabotaging your efforts. Such factions could be disillusioned politicians dissatisfied with your government, rebels and conspirators looking to overthrow your rule, or resistance fighters seeking independence. Whoever they may be, they must be powerful enough to pose a direct threat to your authority. No player has total absolute control of their own realm until said faction is dissolved or destroyed. Details on how these dissenting factions will work in this project will be covered later.

2. All technologies must be within the pre-determined timeline.
That's just another way of saying, don't bring lasers to a sword fight (or a nuke to a fist fight  :sure:). We're not going crazy mashing Star Wars with Lord of the Rings and the like, so try to stick with the kinds of things you would expect to see in the same technological era. Of course, there will be exceptions given this is a fantasy world, but that only applies where applicable (We'll get to that in further detail later).

3. Every power must have equal cost.
There is magic in this world (Because what fun would it be if you had to write real battles, right?), alongside other supernatural entities. But just because there is "magic" doesn't mean it doesn't have rules. One cannot simply grow one's power level to over 9000 and not expect anything bad to happen. There must be a cost to the magic you introduce, and while there is no restrictions on what that magical power might be, you must clearly specify what it can do and can't do as well as what it takes to use that magic. This is to keep things fair and balanced between the magic of the three realms, so try not to go too overboard by summoning a "magic" nuke  8)

4. No Deus Ex Machina
Just a fancy way of saying don't toss something into the story out of nowhere just to solve something. If you haven't established it beforehand, it doesn't exist. This is in particular to when players begin to stage scenes with one another, particularly in the mid to late stages of the project. This includes, but are not limited to, Mary Sues(or Gary Stus), hidden/unknown strengths, weaknesses, powers, sudden change in character, etc. Be consistent, and be creative with what's given. Having characters live or die because of a screwup is much more interesting than when things go "exactly according to keikaku."  :D

That should be it for now (until other concerns arise). If there are any questions/comments/concerns about this, do let me know, otherwise the workshop will begin as soon as the last participant joins  ;)

If you're still up for the task, OGHM, now would be a good time to stretch that literary muscle of yours and get you back into the swing of things  8) There's a new writing method I'm trying out with this workshop to see if it works well in this context.

Should you accept, we shall begin the workshop at haste  :D

That just leaves one more position open.  8)

Should anyone take it now, the workshop will begin immediately. Time is of the essence!

Well...  :unsure:

Things seem to be a bit slow around here. I am extending the deadline to the last week of the month, 'till August 5th.

Coming back to the fray once again, and while this technically isn't a revival of the previous Writer's Marathon Workshops I've hosted in the past, this is something a bit different I'm trying out.  :-\

Enter Three Realms! An otherwise shameless knockoff of the Three Kingdoms!  :D

The premise is simple. Three realms reside on the grand continent of Pantalea, a wondrous world where magic and technology collide, mysterious and otherworldly creations roam, and the unknown cresting at the edges of the vast map. The Ultimate Goal: Domination of Pantalea itself.

This goal can be achieved in a number of ways:

Diplomatic: Peace has come to Pantalea at last. You have successfully established an everlasting alliance between the powers and now work together towards a better future.

Economic: Dominate Pantalea’s entire economy. Not a single ounce of gold moves without reaching you first.

Military: Become the only superpower in Pantalea. Your rivals are crushed and all kneel before your glorious might.

Technological: You’ve become the first to harness the forces of nature to its full potential. No other can best your technological might and are powerless to stop you.

There are other ways to achieve victory, but you'll have to discover them along the way in the course of this project.  ;)

Only two people may join this project, as it is indeed a small-scale marathon. That, and there won't be any formal "writing" per say (I'll explain that part after the Marathon starts). If anyone else wishes to join as editors for the group, feel free to visit at any time, but do note this workshop is only accepting writers by Friday this week.

So, what should you expect coming into this workshop?

You will be responsible for creating one of the three realms in Pantalea. A nation to call your own. You will need to establish the nation's name, its government system, society and culture, religions, technology, landscape and economy. Everything you can think of to bring this glorious nation of yours to life! Oh, and don't forget your characters as well!  8) As there won't be anything formal when it comes to writing, we will be collaborating with the use of storyboards and outlines in its place (That also will be explained upon later).

You will initially start this project building your world inside your created realm. Develop your characters, their storylines, and establish relationships between the other two writers' realms as you progress. Expect interactions to build up and collaborations to be more aggressive as the days drag on. This will ultimately lead to the final confrontation where one realm is declared the Ruler of Pantalea and our story is completed.

Now there are some restrictions that will come with this format, however everything will be explained in further details afterwards (Of course everything is later. When has good ol' Op ever given everything up front?  8) )

This is a small, but intense project. For those who love the thrill of world-building and seeing your very own world go head-to-head with others, sign up now!  8) The moment I get my first two initiates is the moment we officially begin the Project!

Good Luck Fellow Writers!  :thumbsup:


Manga Art Gallery / Re: Devola's Stuff
« on: April 17, 2018, 10:30:08 AM »
Extra Spicy. Just the way I like it.  8)

Good to see you back Devola  :thumbsup:

Well it more or less died on its own  :unsure: People left during the first few weeks and the momentum just slowed after it became apparent no one wanted to write their stories... so hence another workshop is sent to the grave. May you rest in peace.  :ninja:

This'll probably be my last one, at least for now. I've tried hosting other workshops but with recurring problems of lack of engagement and participation, it simply isn't worth spending my time for. Perhaps when I see more requests for such a workshop, I'll consider it again, but for now, I'll end it here.  :sleep:

I still have my old Skype, but I've since ditched that for the more convenient Discord. Group chats are much easier to manage there.  8)

I suppose it's an open invitation  :-\

Feel free to ask Ol' Op for any help necessary. I'm around the forum most every day of the week. Otherwise, it's good to see you active here again Ryuu  ;)

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