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Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:46:53 PM »
You know Pivot?! Behold


Stick FITE

Man, there were some fun times animating stuff like this with a friend of mine.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:16:58 PM »
Sasuke first learning Chidori was so epic at the time. It's a shame how I feel about him now (He did redeem himself on like the last chapter) but he was a great character. Also ninja tools! They were so much more useful back then.

Props on the imagery and colouring Walter!

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:15:30 PM »
Hahaha I've always loved those shoes. I think of them as Looney Tune Shoes. Now that I think of it, Bugs Bunny is actually a role model to me when it comes to drawings hands and feet. They were stylized so well. I'm surprised I survived not giving my characters 4 fingers.

I'm going to draw my right hand after I hit 500. So for now I'm on the left. Still too lazy to find right hands, and it's easier to just make a pose look and draw.
If I worried about how far along I'd be if I started sooner, I wouldn't start anything!!---Oh, wait...>.> (Is exactly in that situation).

Yeaup. My life forever.

111/1000 Stick figures

I miss drawing the real basic stick figures. They remind me so much of animating using Pivot and visiting that I can really imagine them in motion. Shall do more of.

46/1000 Thumbnails

Just churned them out. Didn't apply any advice. Need a bit of time before I figure out what I'm actually looking forward to improving with thumbnails. 43 is actually a depiction of a sort of star ship that is controlled by mental thought alone. No hand motions, just a glowy ring that appears around the pilots' heads and transmits their thoughts. 44 is possibly related to the image.

15/1000 Feet

55/1000 Hands

All I can say for now is drawing the thumb and index for a hand is super important. I messed up when I rotated the hand in space though so I have to figure out how the thumb looks away from camera and facing camera.

Tips and Tutorials / Re: What are proportions? (tip/rant)
« on: July 19, 2018, 05:08:35 PM »
I haven't figured out how to even imagine angles in drawings so I'm going to need a bit to acclimatize myself to that, but seems interesting.

@lego carrying a tape measure and randomly guessing the lengths of stuff would be a cool idea too

I actually forgot to share an anecdote about Shigeru Miyamoto: 
For instance, I might guess that the table in front of us is about 1.2 metres long. Then I'd actually measure it with the measuring tape to check. If I got it right, I'd think: "I'm on form today!" But if I missed the mark by a long way, I'd think: "I've been slipping a bit recently!" ... And it's not just length: I also really enjoy predicting the weight and other measurements of things. So for instance, I'd pick up a chair and think: "I wonder how many kilos this weighs." Or I'd wonder how many grams a weekly manga magazine weighs.

Seems like you really have some Japanese in you dude. Tell you what, that's something I could practically get into. Might as well live up to the glasses on my face.

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:01:02 PM »
Domo arigatou. The thumbnails are really dissapointing me for sure. I'm just not that into them. I'll see what I  can do about adding more contrast.

I'm using my own hand for reference, so I'm just playing around at the moment but yeah they're some grips that I'm willing to draw and redraw to really learn how to do them.

And dude, suuper you have no idea how little I wanted to draw these haha. But regimens never betray me it seems. Another nail in the coffin for inspiration.

Sigh... If I'd only been doing this since the first of the year I'd have been so far along by now dammit. I keep on forgetting that lesson of progress.

and late reply @Frono Thanks man! How goes drawing your side?

@Mahlua haha you have inadvertly complemented my finger nails muhuhahahaha. I shall now keep them as long as a vampires. Hands are fun. Pen and ink is fun. 

Tips and Tutorials / Re: What are proportions? (tip/rant)
« on: July 18, 2018, 05:58:05 PM »

I've just discovered that I need to buy a compass haha. I'll do that last excercise better.

It went better than I thought in some areas, but the multiplyer and horizontal-to-vertical flips are so insightful into my problems with proportion it's ridiculous. It's actually quite exciting to see.

 So this is why my characters get noodle legs. I usually draw without bounding my characters from top to bottom and divvying that general relationship.

I might be adding this to my regimens. I'll see how I feel about it tomorrow.

Tips and Tutorials / Re: What are proportions? (tip/rant)
« on: July 18, 2018, 03:03:50 PM »
I'm going to get back at this asap, but I'm pretty excited by those excercises. Also, I'm ashamed that I had to google what the distal phalanx of the little finger is. Guess I've got to brush up on my anatomy after all.

Well written suuper, and pretty useful stuff. I know I need to treat proportion with a hell of a lot more respect, if anything because I want to be able to draw people on the go, and messing up facial proportions is death for when you're trying to achievel ikeness. Of course, I want to draw my characters better, but it'd be so swell if I could draw a face from life and people could tell who I was trying to draw.

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: July 18, 2018, 02:55:04 PM »
Hands 50/1000

Feet 10/1000


Stick Figures 91/1000

Thumbnails 41/1000


Ding ding ding! We have a winner!

So you figured the true burn out. The Fundamental Grind. I hesitate to even share much on this because it was ( and is) quite a solitary experience and opinion, but I got pulled down that path as well at a point.

During a rather interesting time on the forum (and even outside to be fair so it's not like these are one time opinions. They're quite popular) it became the sacred duty of critics to ensure that no matter what, fundamentals should be held in highest regard in comparision to art. The thing is, it makes rational sense. If you want to draw good humans, you should understand how the human body looks? I mean I don't even knock on the knowledge and skill that those have gathered.

But goddamn do I never want to buy a book on biological anatomy to draw ever again. I've finished two Loomises as preached about by such artists but they just sort of made me feel drained and angry at no instant improvement. Worst of all I'd spent so much time 'levelling up' that I didn't even have a trail of my own personal drawings and works to show for it. And who could I blame for that but myself? Nobody forced me to heed that advice and follow it.

I rage quitted from then (quietly) and badly drawn legs and wacky several wacky arts later I realize acutely what my shortcomings are, but I finally got started on comics after leaving them for ages. I can draw what I like and still learn even from that, and I'm disgusted with the time I wasted being obsessed about fundamentals.

The thing is, they're mostly just talking points rather than advice. Case in point your nice buddy only had derision to share rather than actual practical and helpful advice.

For me, an artist telling a beginner 'study fundamentals' when all they want to do is draw cute nekomimi is like a musician saying to a guitarist 'study music theory and notation' when all they want to do is play Hey Jude on an ukelele. Rational advice, but far too overreaching and utterly unhelpful to someone who just wants to draw.

Personally my response has been to sink to true fundamentals e.g how do I actually draw good lines on paper rather and to focus on the expression of ideas rather than photorealistic art, but no lie, it still nags at me.

While I loathe inspiration as the untrustworthy scum that it is, a little flow in drawing is still necessary. I don't feel like doing much atm, but I'm okay with drawing stick figures because I'm not fantasizing about studying anatomy and visiting morgues and going to live drawing sessions to be a renaissance artist... I'm just doing.

The best advice I can give is do you. This is what worked for me. Also insert super insightful response from suuper in 3...2... 1...

Manga Creations / Re: Life At Sea: Fortune's Chance
« on: July 17, 2018, 03:56:47 AM »
Damn that was some intense action. The thing that Life At Sea does for me is not only remind me of first stumbling upon Pirates of the Carribean with zero expectations: A true swashbuckling adventure for the ages but also that it's down and gritty. I haven't thought of a broken nose in MR stories in ages, because everyone's usually just powering up and exploding everything in sight.

Also The More You Know. I just figured out why bowling pins (From bowling) are called bowling pins because I had to google what you meant and saw where they're used. It's little objects that these that my vocabulary is empoverished of. Stuff you see in movies or every day life all the time but don't have a word for.

Haha the thing getting chopped up reminded me of a scene similar to Kill Bill where The Bride cuts that kids' sword to pieces? But I'm pretty sure it was done in another movie with an adventurous theme to it.

Wait how did I know he was named Percival?

Good stuff Coryn.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Suuper's manga (+digital and 3D)
« on: July 17, 2018, 03:41:33 AM »
Dem bods ands faces Suuper, it's pretty cool to see your output haha. You are a rare creature of the night sometimes.

And haha, I envy your ability to draw kawaii in the first place. If I could consistently do it I'd abandon drawing dudes altogether lel.

Really like your poses, and your respect for proportion-sama.

General Discussion / Re: How Can I Make It As An Artist
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:39:17 AM »
Making it as an artist is a lot about how long you can hold your breath under water. Meaning, realistically how sure are you that you'll be able to eat and have a roof over your head without earning a single bit of money from your artistic career? It's during this grace period that you build up your art presence.

Start a blog, get on instagram, make a facebook page and start working on whatever your interested in ... For free. Webcomics are great springboards for artists who want to get proffessional, but it's very key that you gather an audience for as long as you realistically can before you even ask for financial gains from your work.
I suppose it's different for artists that are already pretty good to set up a commission page, but people love free stuff, and so it's better to gain reputation and an actual market before you start selling your work.

This is just us being super cautious and stuff in advising you, but I believe you can do it if you really want it and work hard at it, so cheers to you and godspeed.

Starter Gallery / Re: WHEN MAHLUA WAS A BABY ARTIST (~2008-2012)
« on: July 16, 2018, 01:11:02 PM »
Man you worked with a lot more vibrant colours back then, and I like a lot of the poses and the like. You could still learn from your past a little here and there. Don't write it off completely!

My favourite is ironically the edgy one looking out the window so yeah kudos on showing and telling, but still props on the drawings themselves

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Dragon of Acadia concept art
« on: July 16, 2018, 01:05:43 PM »

Yeah these pages are all sorts of amazing.

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
« on: July 16, 2018, 08:50:34 AM »
Yeaup. Seeing peoples' processes is motivating, rather than just complete drawings appearing out of nowhere. It means the artists are not just robots that magically come up with complete drawings and stuff haha.

And lel negatori on the 999 haha.  I make the mistake all the time. I really need to organize my papers more, but I'm trying to be as free spirited as possible so that I don't need too much effort to just sit down and start making drawings.

Anyhow, here is where I'm at so far.


Miscounted the stick figures twice because of my disorder haha.


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