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The Life and Death of Legomaestro

1 - Legoh and Legoc, Now

"This has been a long time coming."
     It doesn't matter who says it, or why. When souls have been in conflict for so long, everything becomes an uroboros – a self-fuelling fulfilling prophecy and circle of hate and destruction. that's how these things end up after a point.
     The two combatants should've been reduced to ash by now: Their blades have carried millions of volts of electricity, the fighters themselves have fought at multiples the speed of sound, their blades, in their clash have split atoms and caused micro fission events – instantaneous and infinitesimal, and all too hot and bright, but their black trenchcoats are still on – high collars, flapping in the wind. The scars they do have heal almost instantly.
     And that was only the prelude.
     "You do this all the time, Gattus Rabidus." says the afro-haired youth, "You flip out on me in a sudden inspired rage… and I beat you down."
     His opponent, a green alien cat with flowing red-orange hair replies, "I only ever let you win because I always think I can finally trust you to stop sitting around in your nihilistic boo-hoo, but lo and behold, for the umpteenth time you sit around and do nothing. Hundreds of years man, sitting on a damn rock. Shameless."
     "That's because I know it's impossible to change anything." The youth swings his sword. There is a flash of blue white. A gigantic half-moon of electricity.
     The catman slaps it away with the back of his hand: The half-moon dents upon impact, goes flying off and explodes across the ground, igniting it in an inferno.
     In the flickering light of this latest exchange, the catman says,
     "Do you need mascara, to go with that face?"

2 - Legoh, Then

"You never told me." She says. He's sobbing, clutching a sword, kneeling down. she apologises one last time and leaves.


"You were too late." She says. He's failed again. He laughs a little. Oh well.


"Next time, man!" His friend apologises. He's lying in the dust, training bokken shattered. He's been learning how to fight for so long in these dojos. He never wins. If not for the nature of the Net that he lived in, he'd have already died several times over during the decades he'd spent honing his skills. He knows the level he wants to be, but he never gets there.
     It's never hopeless… It's just hopeful enough for him to see it on the horizon, that holy grail, that mountain peak, but no matter how long he walks, he never…


"Gah!" An electric spark shatters his spectacles. He failed to activate the nanites. Still a beginner, still hopeful. He chuckles.


More than years now. Chuckles at failure turn to self-deprecating laughs, which turn to self-deprecation, which turn to hating himself, then he just doesn't care anymore.
     Then, he's just too tired to even bother caring or not caring. He exists, therefore he is thank you very much.

3 - Legoc, Then

Legoc the catman is different. He sees everything good and bad: Is still fascinated by the smallest thing. His ignorance and weaknesses are but opportunities to question, to learn. To dance and lose the self on the stage of infinite possibilities. unfortunately, he has to share his bodysoul with the worst party-pooper of all time.

4 - Legoc and Legoh, Now

Legoc takes a stance. Blade pointed downwards. His left hand caresses its edge, fingers shaped like a pistol.
     "Kings die, for lands to live." Lightning flows across the blade. It's tinged green now. Legoh's eyes widen.
     Four lances of green thunder crash down. Legoh jumps out of the blast zone, his coat smoking from the impact. He's wrapped himself in black mesh – an instant Faraday cage to offset the damage.
     "Won't help you." Legoc mused, slashing down his sword as a maestro conducting an opera. More green hell rained down upon Legoh. Legoh shimmers in space and teleports across the field, dodging the blasts.
     "Why don't you attack me?!" Legoc sends one more bolt of lightning and Legoh vanishes in a new explosion.
     Legoh steps out of the inferno, his coat burnt, his hair on fire.  He holds up his katana.
     "I was thinking." He says.
     Legoc grits his teeth, "You-!!"
     They rush each other.

5 - Legoh, Then

He visits his old dojos one day on a whim. He doesn't' really expect to feel anything about the countless training simulations he's gone through, all the times he met random people on the fellow road of improvement, that long long road.
     Even his duty as the ward of the planet ship and birthplace Cyctus offers nothing in the way of curiosity or excitement. He tried once to understand the planet, but that was something the catman had invested himself into, not him… Now he just wanted to be.
     He stares intently at carpets that look too small now. He sees that objectively, he is different from the past. He's not the warrior that he wanted to be, capable of creating planets and garnering undying respect from the masses, but he can call lightning storms, at least. He can fight Mach 200. And sometimes, sometimes he can fall into the zone of battle and feel like a warrior through and through. Sometimes he is free.
     But such moments are rare. In hopes of feeling excitement, he suffers. So, it is better, to feel nothing at all.
He sits himself in the throne room, the nexus from which all of the planet ships' systems may be monitored and manipulated. He takes this seat and stares out in the distance. He realizes something amidst the brew of thoughts in his head: He has been so focused on training his body his entire life, he neglected the mind. Maybe, if he'd focused on that instead he'd be able to unlock the hollowness in his chest, but that was just a maybe, yet another horizon, yet another peak promising riches that simply weren't there.
     What was worse that was that he was hardly the first to ever feel this way, no matter how monumental the hole felt. Uniqueness had never been his blessing. In a way, dressing up in a trenchcoat was to solidify this fact as well.
The trenchcoat: The super effective uniform of a badass. No shades because he already has glasses. No boots too, but that's because he likes sneakers. Converse Allstars.
     He looks around at the city and all of its complicated structures. He feels the femtomachines humming through his bloodstream at the speed of a snow crash, feels their infinite thrum and potential to release blasts of energies enough to light up the eternal brooding night of the planet.
     He tries to think of some profound sentence, something he could bear as some sort of sigil to describe all of this. It had to be his reason for existence, his war cry. It had to culminate his entire being and shock the world to silence in awe of its passing, as it does when a comet flits by... a sentence worthy of being his epitaph…
     And he sighs…
     And when he things about it, it's quite fitting that he did.

6 - Legoc, Then

He came back from the adventure of a lifetime.  Of several lifetimes. a waifu, a family, friends, kids. Chains he never thought possible to break vanished, shattered. Ups and downs he could live with. Blood tears and laughter. the life he always idealized – lived.
     He fought in bars, he fought in wars. He saw lands that defied explanation, he became someone he could look at in the mirror. He could care. Without the sourpuss of a human saying singular, absolutely demotivating statements that one simply didn’t and couldn’t reply to.
     The best part was not even the thought of him could dampen the experience. He found himself so well off he never wanted to come back. But Cyctus was his home, and for better or worse he had bonds there and beyond. He wanted to bring some of what he'd felt and experienced there. Maybe save some souls. The cliché was right – happiness, and peace – became more when shared with others.

7 - Legoc and Legoh, Once Upon A Time

"You're back." Legoh says
     "Yeah, and boy, do I have a story to tell."
     He looks up from covering his mouth, studies Legoc. He notices the catman has grown his hair out. The catman wears a beige coloured coat now, and wearing an even brighter smile, for his standards. He's grinning ear to ear Cheshire-like.
     Then Legoh looks ahead at nothing again.
     "I don't care." He says. 
     And there is silence.

8 - Legoh and Legoc, Now

Blade flies through space. Another blade opposite. they translate in horizontal vectors, faster than speeding bullets. They destroy atoms that don't get out of the way fast enough. Veins of femtomachines conduct coils and bolts of wild electric fire, and their wielders have glares on their faces, glints in their eyes. They hate each other. They hate each other.
     And blades fly through space.
     Making contact now… Gentle mutual caress makes sparks -  several thousands of degrees hot.

9 - Legoc and Legoh, Once Upon A Time

"You haven't changed one bit have you." Legoc is pissed now.
     "No." Legoh answers. "I've become stronger, but that's just cosmetics. Nothing changes."
     "You fully intend on living your life as a part time job? As a film playing in the background while you try to go to sleep?"
     "And dream dreamless dreams, if I may be so lucky, yes." Says Legoh. He rises from his throne.
     "Look, I haven't ignored your experiences – I can already feel flashes of them. I say these things but I can get affected, sometimes by your cheer, by your hope. Sometimes I'll even do your thing – prance around and hope.      It's my affliction. Maybe one day I'll be rid of it. Maybe not. " He walks down the steps, "But the harder the truth, the truer it is, I think. The more mundane and unanswered the mystery, the better. Nothing is reached, nothing changes. We only have to feel pain."
     "You want a villain name now? What's your end game, Legoh."
     Legoh stops in front of Legoc. "Nothing." He says. I'll do nothing."
     Legoc stares at him.
     Legoh speaks, "The human body runs on a program. It's in there, coded. You can steer it towards something, but in the end, it runs itself. It's a wound-up puppet raring to go wherever it gets bumped towards, why break your head trying to understand anything further than that? Do you feel smarter, grander for all you've experienced? No, you're still the same inside. Just older."
     "Free will exists you know. And I did change, you ass."
     "Of course, free will exists. Did I say otherwise? I willingly choose to absolve myself of a will."
     Legoh puts a hand on Legoc's shoulder, "I'm happy you found what you wanted, Legoc. I have not, and care not, and in that I have found it."
     Legoc brushes the hand away. Points a clawed finger at Legoh's eye, "You will regret this you coward. Do you know what you want to do with all the potential – with everything you've been given? That you have?!"
     "I'm under no obligation to be thankful for what I did not ask for, Legoc. I exist, yeah, but that doesn't mean I should do anything about it."
     Legoc grows laser claws in front of Legoh's face, Legoh only stares through them at the catmans' face.
     "What I've decided doesn't mean I won't fight you if you start something, Legoc. Unless that's what you want?
     The youths' hand is on his hilt. He smiles easily. His eyes are empty but his body is a coiled spring, ready to act. To fight. Legoc feels a cold, disgusted fury coming up from within himself. The same one he feels when a troll comes along and sours his day with only a few well-placed mean sounding words. By the heavens he wanted to feed this troll something, but he had to keep himself from indulging in that. It'd be what the stinking human would want.
     "I'm going to sleep, human." Legoc says, sheathing his laser claws. He touches Legoh's shoulder, there is a flash of light and he is gone.
     Legoh pats himself as his old passenger returns, feels a little stronger, feels some of the thoughts spilling over the soulbodybarrier. He nods appreciatively at his counterparts' experiences, walks away, going about his business.

This is all one year before they fight to the death.

11 - Legoh and Legoc, Now

Legoh gets Legoc in the heart. He's a surgeon with the blade – severs arteries, pumps femtomachines to kill the healing factor. Three stabs before Legoc can even deal with that damage.


It's bad – real bad. Legoc realizes that he has screwed up. Underestimated his opponent. Leaned too heavily on magic instead of just working with his blade skills. Too late now. Remembers that he needs to win this fight – fights harder.


There is no stalemate. One dies. One loses.
     A bifurcating slice divides catman's torso from legs. Legoh's coat is in tatters and he is still smoking from being roasted by the magical lightning, but the catman is on the floor and there are no sparks anymore. He is victorious.
     And now, for the final act. The close of this long play that visited and bumped into and participated into more tales than have ever been written, more tales than are even remembered between these two, for the Net is a large and wide place, and time means nothing in the face of alternate realities and dual bodysoul beings that rule planet-sized-spaceships.
     Legoh stabs his blade in Legoc's spine.
     "You lose." He says.

14 - Legoh,  Now

And his blade absorbs matter now. Not to add to a mixture, but to consume as his own. From now on, there would only be one legomaestro. There is no need for anyone else.
     He flicks his sword when the body turns to ash, and sheaths it in his arm, feeling stronger.
     And then a voice comes in his head, "Wow, emptier up here than I thought." It says.


Trojan horse.
     The thought comes instantly to Legoh, but he calms down because he knows that is not possible. Long, long before this he'd been bothered by the infinite amount of ways someone could asspull themselves out of a fatal situation, which meant configuring his femtomachines to be undeceivable. They could operate on dimensions unknown to anyone, some existed in microseconds ahead and behind time, all to ensure that when Legoh saw a target he knew what he was looking at, and was always fighting the real deal.
     There was no chance that he'd miss absorbing poisoned femtomachines.
     And yet here he was, talking to a dead catman.
     "You never did read up about magic, did you?"
     "Magic still affects physical phenomena. If this is the case I would've –"
     "Ah, but maybe my magic is a hax that defeats anything thrown at it."
     "Never say never." Says Legoc's voice cheerfully. He laughs.
     "I'll purge you-"
     "Nuh-uh. Not happening. And let me tell you something before you keep on going around circles on this front – I'm a construct. You're real."
     "The catman? Green alien cat with red hair? No papa, no mama. Just a construct. You'd do me a disservice calling me a deeper part of your subconscious, but for our already too convoluted tale, it'll have to do."
     "You're… Not real?"
     "Half half. You poured so much of your essence into making me real that I made off with a bit of your soul, in the end, but in the end, I'm your ultimate proof of your failure. All that curiosity I had, all that adventuring and going out and drive I had, was all you. There's no point in bringing you down over that, so why not consider it a successful grand experiment? Broody McBrood versus Happy go Luck. One is strong, the other had fun, case closed."
     "You're… You're Gattus Rabidus. You're Mad Cat. You have history. Yu have lived. I can't have made you. That's impossible."
     "I'm not here to argue the finer details, especially since right now you're talking to yourself in your own voice so it’s getting creepy. All I can say is this – Feel this right now. You now have everything I did, all uncensored, all inhibited. All my experiences. No filters, no clash of two souls. The dam is broken. I really did intend on being the winner at the end of this, but the result would've been the same, one way or the other – whether you yielded at the power of my amazing speech, or you absorbed me and cursed yourself with my particular brand of awesome truth. Check. Mate."
     "No. Die. "
     Legoh immediately stabbed himself in the heart.
     "You lose."

16 - ReX, Later

He will sit on a throne. Watcher of The Ship, his sacred duty. Prince of nothing, The Lightning King of The Dark Throne.
     He will wear a blue metal mask with smooth features. It's reminiscent of a cat's head, its ears exaggerated and long, its eyes only blue LED slits that glow. A heavy dark blue coat pinned by a silver glowing brooch dangle over an entirely black jumpsuit of sorts.
There, he rests his head upon on the hilt of a cross shaped sword made of black, stabbed through the metal floor.
     His name shall be ReX.
     He is silent, but whispers seem to ring around his helmet, and if you look closely, shadows dance around his coat.
     "…Ten of us now? Really?"
     "…I am…"
     "… idiot…"
     "… this'll be interesting…"
     "… hello there…"
     "This is the end."


     And so it was.


I was supposed to draw this, but I never ever got around to it. I just kept on postponing the project until it could be postponed no longer, so I decided to write it instead in one mad rush.

By default, it was meant to be a dialogue heavy work, with not so clear directions about the actual nature of the conflict between catman and man, but this is the best representation of it that I could end up with, and it's such a relief to close the circle of a character I've had for a million years. Short of an ultimate retcon of the ages, this is how the story ends.

This is not sequel bait, although every story can and will continue regardless of the presence of the original players. In real life, there are no conclusions even after the happily ever (or never) afters. This is truly as the title says, how Legoc kicks it (excuse my French). I suppose the 'Life' part is better filled in as far as MR is concerned by the Origin story, and the simple fact that he appears in many other worlds than these all over the interwebs. Such is the way of these things.

The image of a being named Rex sitting on a throne with a blue iron-man / deadmau5-esque helmet was what actually inspired this story among other things. I always knew I wanted to see this end scene, I just never knew how to lead up to it. I'm sure it could be executed in a more epic matter. I'm also sure that without going ahead, I would never have worked my way up to it.

In any case, that's all folks, and thanks for reading!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Legomaestro`s Artbox
« on: July 14, 2017, 05:24:03 PM »
Oh gawd the jinx is real. Please no.

When I think about it I should be focusing more on complete projects rather than constantly drawing in general. I wouldn`t have to worry too much about backup if all I had were huge chunks of sequential pages, rather than just random sporadic posts.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: MusicFreak8800 Drawings
« on: July 14, 2017, 05:22:28 PM »
Daaamn tablet breaks - Still a boss with the pencil. Love the expressions and line work. Really good stuff Music!

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Nomena Art & Tutorials at reply 124, p.9
« on: July 14, 2017, 05:21:47 PM »
Whoa you`ve levelled up quite a bit Nomena! Props!

Manga Art Gallery / Legomaestro`s Artbox
« on: July 14, 2017, 08:11:45 AM »
Nothing to see here, just fleeing from the necropolis that was my art box (thank you photobucket). Just assume nothing happened over there.

In the mean time I`ll just rescue the few manageable threads (complete comics) I can, otherwise there`s simply too much to bother.

My adventures with mspaint continue. I`m finding that reading american comics is really pulling me in. For all their stiffness they`re pretty story heavy, which is what I like. I`ll be doing some Frank Millar and Alan Moore binge reading now. Watchmen here I come! Sin City too!

MR Pub / Re: Happy Birthday Manimal
« on: July 14, 2017, 07:52:08 AM »
Happy Birthday Manimal! Keep on rocking on!

Comics and other Gallery / Re: Miscellaneous Arts and Sketchbook
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I took your advice Gabryel, and will be embarking on a journey of skulls at a point in time soon as I get the chance. For now this thread like my main art one has lost too much for me to even begin to think of backing it up, so I`ll hop to a new one when I finally have something to post.

@Nairbons thanks man! Appreciate that. And yeah I`ve heard of the book. I think my library is overloaded as it is, but I shall get my hands on it the first chance I get!

Thanks again!

@Mahlua Link shall be checked. I am finally free atm so i``ll be doing a lot more reading.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Legomaestro's Art Box
« on: July 14, 2017, 07:47:26 AM »
Haha yeah you have no idea. There`s just no ways I`m backing up my entire gallery. I`ve always had this as a sort of milestone tracker for all my drawing phases. 7 years of posts and drawings suddenly lost a lot of context, not to mention some of my more complete manga projects.

Sigh, seven years drawing. I sort of wish I had something epic to show for it all. Ah well.  I`ll make a new thread.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Shane's Data
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*Wolf Whistles* That looks amazing Shane, great work!

Manga Creations / Legomaestro`s Storybox
« on: July 14, 2017, 04:23:29 AM »
Short stories, off the top of my head. Snippets and bits, concepts and things.


Synopsis: Terry the bartender has a bar at the edge of civilization, where all sorts of adventurers go through before they head off to their grand adventures...

Terry the bartender watched as the heroes, bandits, mages and monsters gathered in his pub. He`d been at this job 25 years and still couldn't help wonder how diverse a world could be.

A paladin in sparkling silver armour walked up to the counter and smiled. Her armour did very little to hide her considerable bust and curvaceous form. Her hair was a waterfall of black, and she held her deadly spear with the ease of a master.

"One mead wine, please."

Terry smiled, "Paladin Clara. Of course."

She'd been around 2 days. So far from the main kingdom this was rare. People visited Terry's Place as a last stop of civilization before venturing into the Dark Lands, where adventure and death awaited.

At his last count, there were 3 different wars, 14 world-ending prophecies and 3 legendary monsters that the adventurers were after.

He poured out the order efficiently. He knew no fancy drink-preparing drinks despite his years of experience. He always promised himself he`d get better at it, so long as he had time, but there was always something else...

Clara smiled as she received her drink and winked at him, "Wish me luck."

"You're a holy knight of the river kingdom. I wish you blessings and kind storms instead." He grinned.

Clara laughed - it sounded like crystals  - and she went on her way.

And then came a necromancer. He had a mask on his face, and he smelled like absolutely nothing. Terry suspected he`d died in the process of mastering his particular discipline. It happened often.

"Need blood?" Terry asked with a professional smile this time.

"I'll do with some resin juice this time, thank you." The necromancer looked down at a little girl who was holding his hand. She seemed shy.

Terry raised his eyebrow and went to get the beer. When he returned, the necromancer seemed kind enough to satisfy his curiosity when the beer came.

"Her mother is embroiled in politics in her city at the moment. I'm babysitting."

"You're a necromancer."

"And she revived me from the dead and taught me all I know. She's a genius, my daughter." The necromancer gave her a drink and she accepted it with a gleeful cheer, and they walked off.

Terry watched them go, and turned to serve a troll, a wizard, a dwarf, an elf.

All the while feeling worse, as he was forced to smile all the more.

Because under his bar top counter was a sword and shield that had been gathering dust for the past 25 years. He`d been 15, once. An adventurer with nothing special to his name, but he`d had enough money to buy a sword and shield, and he wanted to go explore the world. At first every stop his made on his way to the Dark Lands had been for something practical: Improve his street talk, make some friendships. And some of those meetings had been amazing - He`d promised to go back and meet some of them... 25 years had passed since then.

And eventually he`d made it to this pub at the border of everything safe sound and normal, and he`d found a job just to get some extra funds, just to take a break for a month. The weather had been bad, after all.
And the excuses only piled up. All the while he saw other groups of undeniably talented and fated warriors - people with haunted looks and hard looks, people with handsome faces and rippling muscle. People blessed and cursed by fates so strong they were destined to make history one way or the other.

And he`d just been the sun of a tailor. And bartending wasn't that bad. Eventually he`d get into it.
Eventually, he`d be an adventurer.

After today.

After he served the last customer (A drunk bandit with a heavy axe) , Terry felt as dirty as he always did. In one gradual dark wave, his practiced smile faded away as a hollow opened up in his chest. Things couldn't go on like this. But he`d had this thought for several years as well. It never changed.

Terry lit a lamp, poured himself a drink and sat at the table. He listened to the night crickets. He stared outside the dirty window.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Walter's Gallery
« on: July 14, 2017, 03:54:03 AM »
I like drawings like these man, they show a lot of spirit methinks. You seem to like Eminem a lot huh? Good tastes! I love it when he teams up with Rihanna

Suggestions And Feedback / Re: Login Problems
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When I use the login from the top right I have problems. Otherwise the main login works.

Manga Art Gallery / Re: Gabryel's Gallery
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Oh gawd Gabryel you`ve got to make an art book at one point. I justl ove seeing complicated forms broken down in planes like this. It really gives me hope that I`d be able to draw them in the first place. I`ll be checking them out haha!

What`s your tablet again?

break Room / Happy Birthday Coryn!
« on: July 11, 2017, 04:37:13 AM »
Happy Birthday to the one, the only... great unethical cyborg scientist Coryn!!

Have a nice one man! Thanks for the excuse to neck a bottle of wine!

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