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General Discussion / Re: Does some commission artist own your OC?
« on: August 26, 2018, 05:22:56 AM »
For clarity, a character is not copyrighted just because you draw him. You have to register your character to be copyrighted with a federal agency such as in the United States. If an artist draws it under commission you can register that character. Registering the character would cost more than the commission itself, so it's unlikely the artist would do it first.
Let me remind you that not all of us are from the US, including me. Copyright laws differs country to country. So I'd recommend everyone to look for the ones that was enforced in your own respective country, not (just) the US.

The universal rule is that if the said IP is created by you and that it wasn't a direct and/or heavy derivation, replica, homage of any known, existing source, you own all rights to that IP unconditionally. Under the permission of the owner of said IP, anyone can use it freely as long as it adheres to the condition set by the owner of said IP. Otherwise, don't do it.

break Room / Re: I got booed at an hospital
« on: July 25, 2018, 01:00:16 AM »
Guys, don't just go hating on children just because their unfiltered honesty... I find that savagely adorable.

Develop Your Story / Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
« on: June 05, 2018, 07:44:46 AM »
-Chapter replaced and rearranged-

Develop Your Story / Re: "La Sanctum" Club (18+)
« on: June 05, 2018, 07:42:55 AM »
Chapter 11 : Discovery

In a closet room of a bedroom , Ron is seen curled up in a corner , unkempt and sickly both physically and mentally with visibly bruised-eyed facial expression , muttering silently to himself as he slowly lowers his head onto his knees . The scene soon pans away from him to the other side of the door where Alinna is seen standing by it , staring at it with a concerned expression .

Alinna (Thought) : ... I hope that his silence is a good sign ... *turns around , revealing Aundlexia and Atramille behind her , watching* but I can't bring myself to leave you alone with these ... 'ghosts' , as much as I wanted to get the hell out of here and away from them . I don't like them and what they've been pulling ...

An hour ago , in front of the main staircase in main hall not far from the guest room . Atramille , Aundlexia and Libra is seen at the bottom of the staircase seemingly having a discussion among themselves . Shortly after , Alinna made her appearance as she is on her way down to discover them having a discussion , stopping in her tracks while they're still not aware of her and began eavesdropping in their talks .

Atramille : Are you leaving , milady ?

Libra : Yes , I can't remain here for long , I can sense the discord appearing with this body ...

Aundlexia : I'm sorry to ask this but , what are we to do with her ?

Atramille : I'm in an agreement with her concern as well . It seems like she doesn't trust us at all regardless of our efforts in reasoning .

Libra : It's understandable but there's not much else we could do if she's still harboring much distrust for our actions .

Atramille : *Bows ninety degrees* My deepest apologies ... I have pushed my duties to the point of-

Libra : No apologies needed . I was somewhat expecting this to happen since upon agreeing to your request as we're first and foremost strangers to begin with . But I'll still be in the dark in this issue if I don't take risks in search for answers ...

Aundlexia : What do propose us to do before you leave and without your presence here , mother ?

Libra : *Steps around in close proximity deep in thought for quite some time* ... do as Joshua asked you to .

Back in the room where Alinna , Aundlexia and Atramille is ...

Alinna (Thought) : *Clenches fist and grits her teeth while having an enraged expression* Asking them to watch over Ron ?! You know full well that you're the reason Ron became like that , Joshua ! This is UNACCEPTABLE !

Aundlexia : *Whispers to Atramille* Is she ...

Atramille : *Nods* ... she requires much needed room to calm down for now . But ... *approaches Alinna* pardon my interruption but allow us to watch over Ron in your stead . Judging from your body language and facial outlooks , I highly recommend that you take much needed rest or you might risk hampering the plans you had tomorrow .

Alinna : *Leers at Atramille in utter distrust but lacking in energy* ...

Atramille : I understand your distrust for us after all of the incident we have caused that leads to such outcome and we are here to make things right again with the help of both you and monsieur Joshua's guidance .

Alinna : *Turns leering gaze towards Aundlexia* ... and her ?

Atramille : She serves as the seeker's and Libra's eye and mouthpiece , mademoiselle Alinna . The seeker is currently observing Ron's current condition on our behalf .

Aundlexia : Sir Joshua's orders , Madamme Alinna .

Alinna (Aggravated) : Tch ! Fine ! I'll go to bed then ! *Stomps out of the room*

Atramille : ...

The scene zooms out of Alinna's house and towards the view of the night sky that slowly turns into a sunny noon that gradually lowers down , slowly revealing a rather large , white building with several bands lavender white stripes that stretches around the overhanging walls that separates floors , with a large red cross mounted right at the center front of it . An unlit red sign of the hospital name , "Feuller General Hospital" is seen mounted in the front overhang , with a large parking lot right in front of the building , some of the lots of which are occupied . Several small trees dots throughout the parking lot symmetrically , with hedges serving as a 'wall' , filling the void in-between the trees , all planted for aesthetic purpose . Alinna is seen entering the building along with several random civilians and patients going in and out of the same entrance and makes her way towards the receptionist's counter .

The interior of the hospital , the lobby is a glistening brown and white marble , with potted plants dots around and next to marble pillars with a chandelier hanging in the middle of it , lighting up the room . a handful of commoners are seen scattered throughout the area , some seated on the couches all situated on a corner of the lobby while the rest wanders around , in and out of the area .

Alinna : Excuse me .

Receptionist : How may I help you , miss ?

Alinna : I've heard that one of my friend's sister is currently hospitalized here . May I know which ward my friend's sister is currently placed in ?

Receptionist : Okay . May I know your friend's sister's name ?

Alinna : Layla . Only Layla .

Receptionist : Alright , give me a moment while I search for her whereabouts .

Alinna (Thought) : Joshua ... I hope nothing goes wrong while I'm away ... Ron ...

Last night , back in the guest room of Alinna's house , Alinna is seen standing in front of where Joshua once sat on , with Joshua , Atramille , Libra and Aundlexia having their attention towards her , seemingly awaiting her to speak up ...

Joshua : "Further investigation into Ron's closely hidden secret , without his consent" huh ? So not like you , so not liking this ...

Alinna : Like we've got any other choice . He's like a ticking time bomb close to ignition .

Joshua : Yeah , I get it . Tell us your plan then .

Alinna : This plan's a three part . First and the top priority is to pay his sister a visit at the hospital and get her to uncover Ron's past . Upturning Ron's house to dig out for more clues would be the next thing to do . Until help arrives , I'll watch over Ron here in my house with the help of my servants .

Joshua : You're going to do all of that ?

Alinna : Yes .

Joshua : ... neat . But I have a better solution to all of that .

Alinna : What would that be ?

Joshua : Instead of you handling all of them , why not distribute the tasks at hand among these ladies present here ? Saves time , you know .

Alinna : *Startled* Wha- ! Them ? NEVER !

Joshua : *Deep sigh* Here we go again . Alright listen . Weren't they the ones who helped creating a breakthrough in solving this case ? I get it , they're responsible for what had happen to Ron and it's rightfully so to not trust people who commit such heinous act to our close buddy . But don't you think you're being unfair right now after all they've been doing for us , for Ron ? They've relinquished all their findings , brought their superior down to consult with us , exposing their "shady" activities and proving their innocence to us , don't you think that's rather sufficient enough to at least be optimistic about them ?

Alinna (Hesitant) : But ...

Joshua : *Sigh* Have some optimism , will you ? Gee , always uptight about everything , just like the struggles of the buttons holding your suit- Eurrgh !!! *Gets jab on the throat by Alinna*

Back in front of the receptionist counter in the lobby of the hospital ...

Alinna (Thought) : *Check on herself , aggravated* Damn you , 'Pervo-donna' . No tact whatsoever ...

Receptionist : *Waves for Alinna* Ma'am !

Alinna : *Walked towards the counter* So , is she here ?

Receptionist : According to the database , Miss Layla was warded here on the 6th ward of the intensive care unit , Room 3045 .

Alinna : "Was" ? What happened to her ? Did she move elsewhere ? Was she discharged already ?

Receptionist : *Turned her monitor towards Alinna* Well , I'm a bit surprised myself but ...

Meanwhile roughly around the same time by the front door of Ron's house , recently abandoned by it's owner , Danny and Atramille are seen standing by it .

Atramille : *Observes Danny intently* ...

Danny : *Opens door into Ron's house* Uh ... is there anything on my face , pretty lady ?

Atramille : ... it's nothing .

Danny : Heh ?

Atramille : *Walks into Ron's house* I'm having thoughts of rectifying on last night's incident that made you flee the scene in fear . I can now conclude that you're alright .

Danny : Oh ... (Thanks for reminding me of that moment that got me sleepless night ... but I'm not over it yet .)

Atramille : Monsieur Danny ?

Danny : Ah , yes ! *Rushes in*

Atramille and Danny analyzes the interior of Ron's house , accessing the environment as they walked around for a moment before they begin ransacking Ron's house once again in search for more clues but unlike before , every inch of the house is not left untouched . Everything gets either upturned , unraveled , opened and emptied out , slowly turning the house into a chaotic mess that gets worse with each passing hour ...

Danny : Say ... are you really his personal maid ?

Atramille : Yes and no . The service is offered at my own free will and served as a cover-up for my primary objective as well .

Danny : Still , even if you really are a maid by job , your outfit's rather ... unusual .

Atramille : *Looks at her own outfit* ... it was ?

Danny : Well yeah . Haven't you notice how the maids in Alinna's house are dressed up like ? It is as if you're a maid from another era or dimension ... are you real-

Atramille : I have an assumption that the sole reason you fled the scene the moment Libra invited her was for the same reason mademoiselle Alinna had feared what we might be . If it's true , don't you think that it'll be nigh impossible to manifest at times like this ?

Danny : Ah , right'o ... good point there . But how does she appear in the room without first getting through the front door we were standing next to in the first place ? The room we're all in had no place for her to hide at all ...

Atramille : ... it's magic .

Danny : O ... kie , how about-

Atramille : A doppelganger . *Resumes searching*

Danny : ... but how do you-

Atramille : Mental deductions .

Danny :*Taken aback* ... are you ... analytically genius or reading my mind ?

And the mix of light conversation and search plays on until the golden dusk illuminates the interior of the house . It was then Danny stumbles upon a picture frame on his desk once discovered by Atramille . Inside it rests a picture , worn , creased and washed out in color as if it was taken a long time ago , of two kids , a girl and a boy , all covered in grime and superficial scrape marks all over their exposed bodies , smiling in front with an unknown elderly lady standing right behind and between them wearing a warm smile , taken in front of a rather large single story house with a large garage next to it encompassed by blooming flower shrubbery of various colors and lush green carpet grass .

Atramille : *Spots Danny looking at the picture* ... I've already inspected that . There's nothing out of the ordinary about it .

Danny : *Sigh* ... ma'am , you don't know the importance and value of pictures like this .

Atramille : Have I ? *Takes another look at the picture , perplexed* ... I don't understand .

Danny : Hohohoh , then allow a "self-proclaimed expert" to educate you then . *Clears throat , wisen up* Pictures like this photograph are like time capsules . It captures that moment in time that last for eternity . There's a saying born from the birth of art , "A single picture paints a thousand words of meanings" - this picture is art . Those who're simple and shallow-minded will not see the meaning behind this single , "boooring-looking" picture ... *Tch* youngsters these days with their obsession of taking pictures of food and their shameless selfies ...

----- 16

Atramille (Piqued) : ("Selfies" ? "Photograph" ?) Interesting ... If that's true , what value does this picture has to Ron ?

Danny : Hurmm ... judging from its wear and aging effects yet how well it's been cared for by being place in this picture frame of such quality and value ... it must've hold high importance and value to him . Well , this is just a "mental deduction" of mine . Heheh ! You should ask someone who is an expert at this 'cause I sure ain't one .

Atramille : I see ...

Danny : *Inspects and analyzes the picture again thoroughly for a moment* Hmm ... this little boy here , that's definitely Ronny boy ... and this little girl ... judging by how intimate she is with Ronny boy tells me that she might be closely related to her , probably his sister . But just who is this elderly lady behind them ?

Atramille : I believe you've given much value to this to see that it serves as a possible lead in this case that's worth further finding out more .

Danny : Heh , glad to be useful at the very least for a complete clueless nobody in your circle . You hold on to it for now ! *hands over the picture frame to Atramille*

Atramille (Thought) : *Nods* "A single picture paints a thousand words of meanings" ... was I not aware of it ... ? I have so much yet to learn ...

And the search for leads goes on as night starts creeping into the background . As the scene slowly pans out of the interior and outside of the house , allowing the view of the soon-to-be night sky from the worms eye view , an unknown figure's feet appeared , partially blocking the view as it makes its way to the front door of the house where Atramille and Danny is in .

*Sound of the ringing door bell being rung*

Danny : Hmm ? Who could that be ?

Atramille : I'll attend to the guest by the door .

Greeting Atramille by the front door as soon as she opens it , a tidy-looking , black-haired lady in her 30's , dressed in a pleated blouse and jeans , currently pre-occupied at looking at her phone seemingly looking for something .

Lady : Hrumm ... the navigator seems to point me to this location , that's for sure . So this must be ... *Looked up to see Atramille standing by the door* uh ... you're not Ron .

Atramille : *Bows* Evening , mademoiselle . I'm his personal maid of this household that belonged to Monsieur Ron .

Lady : His maidservant ? Huh ? (A maid of his ?  Judging from the gross amount of back payments he had accumulated , there's no way he could've affo-)

Atramille : I can assure you that the owner of this house is that of Ron . I volunteered to be his personal maid at my own free will .

Lady (Flustered) : (Wai- , how did she ... ?) *Clears throat and lets out a sigh of relief* W-well finally I've came to the right place . Took me months to get a lead that should've been easy ...

Atramille : Pardon ?

Lady : Ah , I am a Feuller General Hospital staff nurse and a caretaker of Miss Layla . I'm entrusted to an errand given by my head nurse and now , the hospital administrative to deliver a package along with news that are crucial . Is he at home now ?

Danny (Thought) : *Eavesdrops and overhears the conversation* "Feuller General Hospital" ? That's where Alinna is currently at right now to look for Ronny's sister , Layla ...

Atramille : My apologies but the person you're looking for is not available . However , I will personally deliver your package and news to Ron should he ever return . What will the news you wanted him to know of ?

Lady : Okay . *Offers her a letter* You see ...

The scene splits into three . The first one is a solo shot of Atramille by the door with the nurse , the second is Danny who is peeking out of the corridor towards Atramille and the nurse and the last one is Alinna in front of the counter , reading what has being displayed on the monitor shown by the receptionist . Aside from Atramille , Danny and Alinna had a grossly disbelieving expression worn on their face .

"Miss Layla , Ron E. Stuperd's biological sister , has succumbed to Leukemia several months ago and the hospital officials are still awaiting his biological brother to actually claim and offer a proper respect and burial."

Manga page count : 21 - 22
Online proofreading count : 0

Develop Your Story / Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Update)
« on: June 05, 2018, 07:39:52 AM »
Major announcement.

All chapters will be altered to reflect the original version I had back at MangaMavericks. Therefore, it is now a full-fledged 18+ story. New chapters will be added here as well.

Changes to the older chapters will be applied soon, after doing some thorough proofreading.

Anime Talk / Re: Politics of Anime
« on: April 20, 2018, 01:25:19 PM »
Censorship is slowly thinning out in the anime/manga media and I find that personally a good thing. However, those who thinks that it's worth exploiting it needs to sit down and contemplate first before taking it on.

Politics is one of that subject you'd want to tread really carefully, especially in this day and age. So if you plan on injecting political subjects into your story, make sure it does not take away the main purpose of the story.

Invoking and spreading of any form of propaganda and/or agenda is a big fat no.

It's not recommended to make a story strictly revolving around politics. It had little to no audience for good reasons.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Service Trades?
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:03:34 PM »
And no I'm not going to join Manga Mavericks. Me and Lumaria don't get along. (Still irritated she told me to quit one of my projects just because she didn't like the source material.)
Totally respect your decisions and understand your beef with Lumaria (And so as many others here), but I didn't asked you to join. Just saying that I'm there more often than here, especially on critiquing.

I only recently open back my offer of critiquing but this time, if it's a request via PM. I just don't have that mood in dealing with people with sensitivity and denial issue. Again, no need for a trade, just your patience, especially if you need more.

I don't think there's much left to say on the main topic?
Nope. Let's see if there are people interested or not.

Develop Your Story / Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:49:49 AM »
Chapter 10 : Roadblock

Back in the guest room inside Alinna's house , everyone in the room except for Atramille is in a state of stone-shocked after discovering that the lady guest before them is that of a late idol - a ghost or a zombie , smiling a bright glimmer , not curious of their reactions .

Atramille : ... Mother ?

Myna a.k.a Libra : Yes , it is I . Went through without much complications . Now that I'm on Ron's world , I would like to start a conversation with the people who sent me that invitation . I might've missed points within this meeting that may prove vital . In that case , enlighten me first please .

Atramille : *Bows* As you wish ...

Several minutes later ...

Myna a.k.a Libra : ... alright , I'll take over from here on . Assist me when necessary ...

Atramille : *Bows* Understood .

Myna a.k.a Libra : *Seats herself in front of Joshua* I presume you were the one who requested my presence to be here with you but the invitation mentioned of two . May I know who might that other person be ?

Joshua : *Snaps out of state of shock* Ah , y-yeah . You're talking about Alinna ? She's rii ... *Looks around for Alinna , realizing that along with Danny and Skynn , she had left the scene , leaving him all by himself in the room* (She left me alone when I needed her the most !) *screams internally*

Myna a.k.a Libra : I presume that the lady who were behind you a while ago was the other person in question . I'm afraid that she had left this room in a hurry ... is it perhaps-

Joshua : That you're a ghost ? Or a zombie who had risen from the grave after years of slumber ? You're supposed to be dead , Miss Myna !

A shot taken outside of the room , showing Alinna crouched near the door , seemingly trembling in fear with both hands on the back of her head , pressing her head down closer to her knees while having her ear pressed against the door in an attempt at eavesdropping on their conversation .

Myna a.k.a Libra : I don't know who is this "Miss Myna" you speak of . But I can assure you that I'm not a ghost ... technically .

Joshua : "Technically" ?! Then who am I talking to right now if you're not that famous idol !

Myna a.k.a Libra : If you need a name just as much as Ron would too , I'll formally offer it to you through my introduction . I'm Libra , after one of the twelve star signs .

Joshua (Confused) : That's rather ...

Libra : You need not know ponder deeply into that matter for now . Don't you have a more pressing issue at hand that needs to be taken care of ?

Joshua : A-ah , right . *Points at Atramille* Why is it that just by the sight of your companion there is enough to make him go insane ? What is she doing in my friend's house in the first place ? Is this all your plan ? Just what are you up to exactly ?

Libra : I wanted to know myself as to what we did wrong . Throughout our time of activity , we've never encountered a case this severe . He didn't behave out of the ordinary when he was with us in our place nor did he told and showed us signs of one . Even her initial findings and further encounters and direct involvements suggests that Ron's behaving normally , aside from his constant refusal in accepting our services and ignoring her presence altogether . Since we do not have answers ourselves , perhaps you and your friend do ? We'd be glad to listen to whatever you had in mind .

Joshua (Thought) : It should be US asking you that ...

Upon hearing the last line , Alinna snapped in anger and stomped her way into the room , confronting her for giving such nonchalant response to a dire issue Joshua is trying to show in an enraged manner , only to be stopped in her track by Danny , Skynn . The scene swiftly turned chaotic , unintelligible mess as Alinna raged on at Libra , expressing her disgust at her responses she had overheard on the other side of the room while Joshua , being the most composed "human" person in the room currently , attempts to remain cool in front of Libra and Atramille , all flustered and panicky , letting out a big sigh and planted his face onto his palm as the scene is being played right before him . It didn't take long before the situation turned violent as Joshua notices Alinna attempts at lunging towards Libra , seemingly in an attempt at getting physical with her .

Joshua : *Stood up and screamed his lungs out* ENOUGH !!!

The roaring scream filled the entire room , rattling everyone out of the ensuing conflict , causing immediate silence among the conflicting parties .

Joshua : Alinna , didn't I tell you to let me do the talk ?!

Alinna : I know ! But-

Joshua : I know that ! But for a mature and intelligent person like you , I can't believe you lambasted like a little girl !

Alinna (Embarrassed) : Erk ...

Joshua : *Turns head towards Libra* And as for you dear guests , let me remind you that both of us invited you all into this discussion because we hoped that you all had the answers to this mess , not to question us . Clearly , it wasn't us who triggered Ron's mental breakdown , *points at Atramille* it's her . Got it ?

Libra (Pale) : *Shudders* ... I understand ...

Joshua : Excellent ! *Takes deep breath* Now please , can you all ladies kindly chill and get to the issue at hand now ?

A sound scolding from Joshua prompts everyone into a state of calm and composed as they seat themselves down except for Atramille who remained standing by Libra's side , having her sight fixated towards Skynn , standing by the door , seemingly analyzing him for a moment .

Atramille : *Raises hand* Monsieur Joshua , may I speak ?

Joshua : Yes ?

Atramille : I can understand your doubts and err for our questionable actions . For that , we'll take full responsibility for it . However , no matter what you may perceive it to be as , we still meant no harm and we're just as befuddled as you are by Ron's sudden change in state of mind . I'd like you to give us a chance to prove our innocence to you and mademoiselle Alinna .

Joshua : *Turns head towards Alinna for "assurance" before facing back towards Atramille and letting out a sigh* ... go ahead .

Atramille : *Bows and walked towards Skynn , currently pre-occupied with Danny , catching him by surprise* Monsieur Skynn .

Skynn (Startled) : Wh- ... y-y-yes ?

And Atramille stood in front of Skynn motionless as she kept staring at him face-to-face as if he wants him to react to her actions . He remains confused as to why she's acted that way so close to him for a moment before something came into mind .

Danny : Hoi ... something going on between you two that I don't know off ?

Skynn : ... How the hell would I know ... but I can't shake that feeling that I knew her somehow .

Atramille : *Puts up an elegant smile* Welcome , dear guest . May I see your verification ID , please ?

Skynn : Huh ? *Stares intently at Atramille* ... hurmm , that smile ... that line ... my dream ... you resemble that of the lady in my dream or at least one of them ...

Danny : "That lady" you kept bragging about to everyone during work ?

Libra : Was this person one of the many who came for our service ?

Atramille : *Nods* ... he was one of our patron , just like Ron .

Joshua : Wait , what are you guys getting at this time ?

Libra : Interesting ... . Those present in this room , before anything else happens , I hope that whatever we speak of should be kept a secret from anyone . This is the only favor I would like you all to uphold for us . I hope that you all could accept it just this once .

Skynn : U-umm ...

Danny & Joshua : O ... kay ?

Alinna (Dissatisfied) : Why would I ? Such a one-sided bargain ...

Joshua : *Whispers* Just do it , Alinna !

Alinna (Annoyed) : *Whispers* Tch ... fine .

Libra : Many thanks for agreeing to our request . *Looks at Skynn* Do you perhaps remember possessing a golden card before ?

Skynn : Wait ... what ? How did you know that I had it before ?

Libra : We were the one who offered that golden card to you , you were invited to our place to be cared and treated for the current issues in life . I know it's not right to ask you this but could you tell them your life before you received the golden card and recall anything up to the point when you woke up feeling ... different .

Skynn : Uhh ... alright .

20-30 minutes of storytelling later ...

Joshua : ... that was amazing that you're still breathing after all that , sir .

Danny : Right ? I still don't believe that he'd be able to get pass all that and still lives to tell the tale . Talk about hell , he still bore all those scars on his body right now ...

Joshua (Thought) : And I thought the people working in the same department of the company like me and Alinna had it hard ...

Skynn : But , I'm still confused as to how I became into who I am right now right after I woke up that one fine morning ...

Libra : That's the result of our service . We only offer those whose life is literally at wits' end and the kind our seeker would seek out .

Joshua : ... Seeker ?

Libra : She's the one responsible for materializing the card within' this person's presence , the same was done for Ron .

Joshua : Then , could you bring her down here and-

Libra : *Shakes head* I'm afraid that would be impossible to do . It's ... difficult to explain in your term .

Joshua (Disappointed and confused) : The hell ...

Libra : I had the gist that you might seek her audience in this discussion . That's why I've prepared a workaround to this ... *Closes eyes*

Alinna (Pale) : *Flinches* Don't tell me ...

Joshua : Don't wimp out on me again ...

After a short moment of stillness and silence , a jet black-haired feminine figure , dressed in a Victorian-Gothic style dress appeared next to Atramille , seemingly embracing her in a graceful manner . Her appearance was so sudden that it's as if she'd just appeared in the next frame of a film , catching all but Atramille and Libra by surprise .

Libra : *Opens eyes* Kindly introduce yourself to them .

Jet black-haired lady : *Curtsy and bows* Aundlexia Warwinn el Fortuna graciously greets you all .

Joshua (Thought and shocked) : ... had my eyes deceived me , or did that exquisite masterpiece literally popped out of thin air ?! *Looks at Alinna , looking all pale and stiff* ... there she goes ...

Skynn : *Sweating* I~ guess I'll take my leave now . Duty calls ...

Danny : *Sweating* WOW ! HOLY S*** ! You're right ! Would you look at that time , I've got to get my much needed naptime for tomorrow ! BYE !

Joshua : Wait , guys ! WA-

And the door shuts before Joshua could even finish his sentence as they've left the building in a hurry , leaving him and his currently out cold friend Alinna behind in the meeting ...

Libra : ... have I done something that made them to leave ?

Joshua : Well ... uhuh ... *lets out a few cough and flails his hand momentarily* nevermind that . So , she is ...

Libra : A mediator that will relay your message to the 'seeker' in my world and back .

Joshua : O ... kay . So , do I just ... talk ?

Aundlexia : Yes . It may take a short bit of time to get to the 'seeker' . She needs to relay speeches into a sub-conscious message before relaying it to the seeker and vice-versa .

Joshua : Alrighty *takes in one deep breath and lets out before initiating a conversation with Aundlexia* ... after hearing Skynn's past life and his involvement with you and your act that gave a fresh new life , why doesn't it work on Ron ?

Aundlexia : "... I'm not the only one still trying to figure out why ."

Libra : True . *Raises hand together with Atramille*

Joshua : Then can you at the very least offer us any lead , just any , like the problem Ron has currently or in the past that is affecting him right now ?

Aundlexia : "... impossible . I can't read minds of souls . Atramille might offer more clarity in this" .

Joshua : *Turns head towards Atramille* Huh ? You can read minds ... ?

Atramille : *Shakes head lightly* I can only see manifestations around or within a person and not everyone has such manifestation and it's often too ambiguous and vague to me to understand myself .

Joshua : Wuh ?

Libra : Let's just say she had senses that's beyond human comprehension and capabilities and leave it at that for now . Atramille , go ahead ... what do you see ?

Atramille : *Nods* ... layers of walls of dark crystals , seemingly erected in a crude manner resembling that of a fortress ... within it , a masked figure ... wandering aimlessly .

Joshua : *Deep in thought for a moment* ... one moment , please .

Libra : Sure .

Joshua then got up and makes his way towards Alinna . He whispers close to her ears in a rather questionable yet visibly fearful and cautious manner , seemingly in an attempt at snapping her out of her state of shock and possibly awakening a fearful beast that only he knows best .

Joshua : Alinna ~ , if you don't snap out of it , I'm gonna grop-

A blinding swing of Alinna's fist lands on the side of Joshua face with tremendous force , sending him corkscrewing into the wall with a bone-shattering impact before slumping down to the ground , startling Libra , Atramille (slightly) and Aundlexia . No longer out cold , Alinna lets off a deathly leer at Joshua , all bruised up and bloodied from that one blow .

Alinna : Could you repeat that ONCE more ?

Libra : Are ... are you alright there ?

Alinna (Terrified) : Wait a minute ... that voi- *Caught a sight of Aundlexia* Heeek !!! *Backs herself against the wall* It's ... it's ... *slowly turning pale and losing consciousness*

Joshua :*Got up and lunges towards Alinna* Imma grop-PhOublURGH !!! *Gets punched by Alinna , again*

And so the repeating cycle of Alinna on the verge of fainting from the sight of Aundlexia , Libra and Atramille and Joshua getting beaten up senselessly by her for his ... 'actions' plays for some time ...

Joshua : *Covered in bruises and bandages* There , better now ?

Alinna (Nervous): *Blindfolded* Y-you'd better make sure tha-that ... 'thing' doesn't come for me !

Joshua : Of course she wouldn't ! *Gives a snidey stare towards Libra , Aundlexia and Atramille* ... you wouldn't , would you ?

Alinna (Terrified) : Guh !!!

Libra : No , we wouldn't do-

Joshua : There , your answer . Happy now ?

Alinna : *Spastic nodding* ...

Joshua : Good ! *Seats himself back down* Now , Atramille , please repeat what you said before to her .

Atramille : *Nods* Layers of walls of dark crystals , seemingly erected in a crude manner resembling that of a fortress ... within it , a masked figure ... wandering aimlessly .

Joshua : Now , Alinna . Translate that into layman's interpretation , please .

Alinna (Thought) : *Recomposes herself* ... dark crystals ... layers ... a masked figure ... I think I get it ... roughly .

Joshua : Well ?

Alinna : Based on my limited understanding on human psychology , walls usually represent a mental block . Dark crystals ... probably a representation of cause or maybe the type of defense ... I'm not sure but most possibly he is hiding and guarding something within , which fits the purpose of a fortress . Masks had a common symbolic meaning and it had to do with facade . In other words and if it's true , the Ron we see now isn't the true Ron .

Joshua : Whoa , what a brain-killer trying to digest something this deep ... but it seems like the Ron we see ain't the Ron we knew the day we both first met ... or maybe he's wearing that mask way before that .

Atramille : Does that explain his refusal to any form of contact and help from us ?

Alinna : That's entirely unrelated . (... or maybe it does . Can't tell ...)

Joshua : So ... not an answer ? Not even a lead ?

Alinna : More like "I thought so" . I brought him into our group when he was still a freshmen because of what Atramille sees in him . It made more sense to me now than ever .

Joshua : You probed his mind ?

Alinna : What am I to you ...

Joshua : *Sweats* Kidding ... just kidding . So , what is it that made sense to you ?

Alinna (Frustrated) : *Pulls down blindfold and frowns* Did it not raise your eyebrow at all , Joshua ? He began working in the company at the age of sixteen ... sixteen ! A person like him at his age should still be at school but he applied for a job meant for adults like us both . The reason he gave when we asked for just don't make even more sense !

Joshua (Defeated) : Aaah , so that's why . Why not ask hi- ... oh ... *facepalm* bummer .

Alinna (Defeated) : Why are yo- ... owwh ... *droops head down* great ...

Libra : Uhmm ... pardon for the intrusion but I'm not understanding the situation unfolding before me ...

Joshua : *Points above , roughly in the direction of where Ron is* ...

Libra (Solemn) : *Looks up , realizing who is right above her* ... I see .

Silence accompanied by the ambient sound of night crickets fills the room the moment everyone inside the room soon found out that after all of their effort in trying to and manage to get a lead for the issue at hand , it lead them to another dead end . Donning the expression and posture that of a defeated person but none had it more pronounced than Alinna and Joshua , who is now more worried than ever for Ron's state of health , both mentally and physically , now felt more helpless than ever as he slowly slips closer towards death's door right before their own eyes . The usually well-composed Atramille herself can't help but to get more worried as well as she tried her best to figure out what to do to make things better for all ... until a light bulb triggered in her mind . She reached into her bloodied apron to pull out pieces of crumpled papers she had taken from Ron's house and placed it in from of them on the table .

Atramille : Perhaps these might help ?

Joshua : What are these ? Letters ?

Alinna : Let me read those letters for a while ...

A few minutes later ...

Joshua (Frustrated) : *Scratches head* Just how much secrets he hid from his friends ? I don't really blame him if he does so since we're not his family member , but ... damn it , none of us knew he had one to begin with until this letter came to be discovered . I can't shake this feeling that his whole existence is one big secret in itself ! ... Atramille , did you find anymore of these ? Or any return letters ?

Atramille : *Shakes head* Unfortunately no .

Joshua : *Further examines the letter with Alinna* ... weird . All of these letter were written not long apart from each other and they're all rather old letters , dating back to several months , even years . I get the feeling that her letters did not reach him somehow ... *faces towards Alinna* you're awfully quiet and totally fixated on the letters itself . Something's brewing in your mind right now ?

Alinna (Thought) : Same address for all letters ... that's a possible lead . His sister might still be there , I hope . She might have answers to Ron's problems ... *Stood up and puts up a serious and determined expression in front of everyone in the room*

Split full page of two scene with Alinna standing in the middle of the two scene , with the two scene is divided by a transitioning effect between scenes . The top scene is that of the room where they're currently are and the bottom is an outdoor scene of what seems to be a hospital , with an ambulance and a white building can be seen at a distance from where she stood .

Alinna : ... yes , I do . Hear me out ...

To be continued ...

Online page count : 22-24
Online proofreading count : 0

Develop Your Story / Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Update)
« on: March 26, 2018, 01:36:25 PM »
Chapter 3 has been re-written and replaced with an alternate version for the sake of chapter 17.

Also, chapter 10 will be the last chapter to be posted here for now. The fact that it's not finalized means that whatever alterations made in the original version, it's going to make alterations for the alternative, watered down version of it much more complicated. Though it's a good challenge for me, I just do not have much time for it.

Though it wasn't that major of an edit for the first ten chapters, when it reaches chapter 16 in particular, that's where the story definitely enters the realm of 18+ for almost half of the chapter. That means in order to alter it to make it more family friendly, it's going to receive massive editing and might end up suffering from plot loss.

So a poll has been made. Be sure to vote if you're reading it. I might open up a discussion thread for this as well but where should I open that up ... ?

The other reason ... well, to make you visit Manga Mavericks, of course. Just kidding ... sort of.

As usual, the latest and original chapter releases (in its rawest of raw) will be posted in the site linked in my signature. This site will always be a few chapters behind.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Service Trades?
« on: March 26, 2018, 12:19:07 PM »
I've offered storyboards before, but no bites.

If it is to get an artist on your team, it's a good alternative but you got to factor in interest and quality of your story as well. Storyboards to writers are mere substitutes for a wall of text.

If it is for a trade for something else per the title states, it's rather worthless. They'd be better off getting an artist to do one or do one themselves. Stick with concept and character art as a trade or the more common critique for critique.

And I'm offering critique. PM me if needed or find me in the signature link below. No need for a trade, just your patience. I have a busy life.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Service Trades?
« on: March 25, 2018, 02:05:42 PM »
It's being done before here but it was long forgotten.

However, I'd agree that storyboard, no matter how crappy your art skill is, is a writer's best promoter in recruiting artists.

General Manga writer discussions / Re: Turn-offs-Writers and Artists
« on: March 25, 2018, 01:53:39 PM »
1- Proper grammar in early stage of development can be shoved aside as long as it doesn't break the story ... for a time being. Eventually, you will need to iron out all and if not as much of the grammatical errors made, especially in the final stages of storymaking. But it's worth fixing them early on every chapter or two just so that you'd relieve unnecessary workload. If you're doing proofreading(s) to see if the chapter is being written the way it should, you'd mind as well check for grammatical errors while you're at it.

2 and 3- It exist in a us to a small extent. Who wouldn't want to gloat about how good their work is by making an example out of them? However, if there's credibility/acclamation backing up their own work like having a hit in sales and deal with major publisher and being published, it's still worth taking into consideration, even if it stings (Show off ...). It wouldn't hurt you if you inquire examples other than their own works to get a better picture on what they're trying to point out. If they can give you that, then that's good and if not, then it's a good time to ignore this person because that's the kind of bad narcissist you'd want to avoid.

General Discussion / Re: Does some commission artist own your OC?
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Does some commission artist own your OC?

< RANT >
You obtuse, shady artists ...

I paid you to draw them, not to own my IP.

Here's the deal. I'll credit you once you've dropped all of that bollocks and will pay you extra if we're married and pounded each other real good once we're under the same roof, okies?

Same goes to you selling fan-arts. What happens if it's my OC? Huh? Huh? HUH?

Good lard ...
< /RANT >

No and they shouldn't. Sue them if they do.


So if pay an artist to draw my character and he uploads it to DeviantArt he owns my character Or just that piece of art?
Just that piece of art. OC's still yours. Did he/she asked for your permission to post it on his/her DA account beforehand?

If I used that character in my manga and made money out of it. Is he going to be knocking on my door?
Just don't sell that one commissioned piece made by him/her, or even copies of it. Selling your character's fine as long it's conceptually yours.

EDIT: However, you might want to discuss with him/her on this to see if he/she wants to get involved in drawing the manga in the first place. Only then, the thought of selling that commissioned piece can be brought up.

Also, ask him/her if he's/she's allows you to use his/her art for non-profit purpose. Be sure to credit it under his/her name.

General Discussion / Re: How much would my manga cost?
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5-10 USD on the lowest possible end, 100-150 USD on the highest possible end (can be higher), per page, no color.

Full colored pages can easily be double or even triple that amount.

Develop Your Story / Re: "La Sanctum" Club (Watered down 18+)
« on: November 29, 2017, 01:04:31 PM »
Chapter 9 : Nightmare

Scene begins with a black background . Dragging footstep sound can be heard among total darkness that got louder .  The panel slowly revealed the source of the sound at a distance - a masked individual , barely resembled that of a male , seemingly washed and bleached of all color , walking forward aimlessly barefooted and somewhat naked , with no signs of a visual destination , landmark , nor even a single notable but insignificant environmental object in which he'd follow or go to . He had a plain white mask on , without any form of means of sight and had nothing that holds the mask in place , as if it's been glued or grown onto the face itself , had a molded expression resemblance that of Mona Lisa . He kept walking on until a series of selected 'voice' speeches starts echoing the scene with each replacing another as the previous slowly got muddled and quiet .

"Where we going ? Where's mama and papa ?"
"Yipee , our home is beautiful !"
"Let's sleep together , cuddle me , please ..."

Masked individual : ... yes ... just the two of us ...

"You can stay in our house . I'll take care of you two ..."
"She's our mama now ? Mama !"
"I'm so happy ! Let's stay happy forever and ever and ..."

Masked individual : ... umm ... let's stay like this , happy ...

*Sound of several people chanting prayers with deep-sounding bells being made in-between chants , accompanied by ambient sound of light rain and cries of a small crowd in the background*

"What's happening ? Where's mama ?"
"You're going somewhere ? Okay , I'll wait here !"
"Welcome back ! Is that a book ?"
"And then they lived together forever ... happily ever after"

Masked individual : ... but , I can make it better ... for the both of us ... but I have to go somewhere in order to do so ...

Radio static-like sound starts filling up the scene , although not to the point where it's deafening , it was enough to make some parts of the 'voice' speeches heard along the way garbled and unintelligible . However , the masked individual seemed unfazed by the sound as if this person doesn't notice it and kept walking on , as visual white crack-like static begins distorting the surroundings .

"Higher pay ? Well , this company offers you more cash , but *Static*"
"Okay , before you apply for this job , you need to know the ter- *Static* -ou're hired"
"Welcome to the research departmen- Static*"
"Psst , names Jo- *Static* -erson here is Ali- *Static* -nny , nice talkin- *Static*"
*Beeping sounds*
" Plea- *Static* -leav- *Static* -ly..."

Masked individual : ... wait for me ... I'll be by your side again ... I will ... *Repeats this phrase several times* ... wait for me ...

The same static sound eventually envelops the entire scene for the remainder of his 'pathless' journey . A glint of light can be seen at a distance , advancing towards the masked individual at blistering speed shortly after its appearance , instantly transforming the dark but heavily distorted scene a blinding bright white , in which shortly after , dims away , revealing a field of grass in front of him as he kept walking towards it and stopped cold in his track the moment he felt something different underneath his feet . The sensation of cool but prickly feeling of the grass startles the masked individual into taking a couple of quick steps backwards . Soon after , a series of more 'voice' speeches come rushing pass close by the masked individual like a speeding train .

"Kindly enter to receive your treatment , I hope that our service would help heal you of all of your problems" *Unknown crackling sound*
"Are you alright ?"
"Do you need help , we're here for you"
"If you need help , let me know"

Masked individual : ... help ? ... I'm fine ... we're fine the way it is ...

"Are you alright ?" *Repetition of phrase but with different voice tone*

The overwhelming pressure coming from the heavy rush of 'voice' speeches thundering pass and nearby the masked individual soon became unbearable as the masked individual crumbles down and curls up from it .

Masked individual : *Unknown cracking sound* We're fine ... why aren't you listening to me ... please ... leave us be .

"Are you alright ?" *Keeps on repeating but slowly sped up until it became unintelligible*
"Kindly enter to receive your treatment , I hope that our service would heal you of all of your problems and *Voice dips to an eerie low* never have to return here again" *Unknown cracking sound*
"Is our service not to your liking ?"
"... you wanted me to get started with the treatment then ..."
" Treatment ... *Echoes endlessly*
"Kindly remain calm . I won't hurt you ... *Spoken in a very distorted tone , ending with an eerie low and more unknown crackling sound*"

Masked individual : Leave.Us.ALONE !

The 'voices' that rushed pass by the masked individual's ears immediately ceased the moment he yelled out at 'it' ... but then , cracking sound can be heard being made unusually close to the masked individual . A beam of blinding light soon seeps through the slowly-expanding crack that gradually dimmed itself enough to get a visual of grass carpeted beneath him - he is able to see for the first time , the masked individual blinks for his very first time . Soon after the realization , an unknown piece fell onto his hand right before and within his field of vision . Confused and curious , he stares and ponders around it as more unknown pieces come falling onto his hand . After a short moment of wondering , the masked individual came to realize where it came from , he touched his face and felt cracks all over it - his 'face' starts crumbling away upon touch . Having a 'misled' thought that he is decaying off as if his life is slowly blowing its last wind , hysteria and fear began taking over his mind , as the masked individual desperately tries to hold it all together . However , whichever way he placed both of his hands on his crumbling 'face' only made it worse as it further speeds up the process . The masked individual's ongoing frantic and desperate attempts made him caught glimpses of his surrounding so unfamiliar beyond his already paranoid state of mind could comprehend , further exacerbates his insanity and fear . The 'voices' that the masked individual had once managed to repel gradually came back , darker and more morbid than ever , his fleeting instinct starts kicking as he tried his best to run away from all of that .

"*Hellish and sinister female voice* There's always the probability that you may wake up in this place again"
"None of the proposed solutions will keep you away from this place"
"So as long the card exist ..."
"You will rot here in hell FOREVER ! *echoing laughter*"
"No excuses , YOU'RE FIRED !"
"You're a trash to my eye ! I wish that you were never born !"
"Parasite ... !"
"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT ! *echoes along with the laughter*"
"I don't raise children of a rotten cheater . Rot away from here !"

Masked individual : *Looked and ran around aimlessly* Why ... why I'm here ?! No ... NO ! Let me out , PLEASE ! I shouldn't be here , I don't want to be here ! *Repeats for several times* Let me out !

Like wailings of a banshee , the grossly warped , distorted and ghastly 'voices' continues to assault the masked individual's already broken mind , further instilling more fear and paranoia into his mind , making him tremble uncontrollably to the point of crippling his means to escape the inescapable - his legs had given up on him , rendering the masked individual immobile . Peering through his squinted eyes while enduring the screeches made by the 'voices' , he saw a mysterious figure at a distance , casting a shadow that shields him from the bright light in front of him partially , slowly walking towards him while the mysterious figure attempts at reaching out to him as it gets more clearer the closer it got . Its call somehow pierces through all the deafening sounds echoing throughout the scene , calling out a persons name ...

"Ron ..."

"Ron ... ?"

"Ron , can you hear me ? I came here looking for you . I'm here to help you with your current problems"

Masked individual : Problems ? ... who are you ?

And then the veil lifts off from mysterious figure , revealing the person before the masked individual the moment it squats down close in front of the masked individual , it answered his inquiry ...

"It's me , Ron ... Atramille de Surquouis ."

And then ... silence .

??? : ... ... ... huh ...

Scene blacked out the moment a swinging and shattering sound of something heavy and glass-like is heard , prompting a switch to a scene of a back view of the main entrance of Alinna's house where Alinna , Joshua , Danny and the butler stands by it , currently peering at a direction where the source of the sound of broken glass was made .

Alinna (Fear) : Oh no ... follow me , quick !

A few scenes depicting them making haste towards a room where Ron and Atramille is , opening the door with force . Inside and among shards of broken glass , ceramic and other light clutters strewn all over the room , Atramille lies on the floor in-between the bed and the door close to where Alinna and the rest are , struggling to get herself up , bleeding from her head . Ron , with bloodshot-widened eyes , clearly enraged and not in a clear state of mind is seen about to lift up one of the end table next to the bed .

Alinna : Subdue him quickly !

Danny , Joshua and Alinna's butler makes haste at goring down Ron away from the barely conscious Atramille , forcing Ron to drop the lethal object he had in his hand before it strikes Atramille , falling flat onto the floor . Joshua then assisted Danny in pinning him down while Alinna's butler came to pull Atramille away from him .

Ron : *Flails aggressively* IT'S ... HER ! SHE'S STILL IN MY HEAD ! L ...LET ME GO ! I WANT HER GONE ! I F***ING WANT HER GONE !

Danny : (Damn , what strength under such condition !) Calm down ! Ron !


Joshua : Wh- ... *grunts* what are you talking about ? She's not here anymore ! *Secretly gestures Alinna's butler to take Atramille out of the room* So ... settl-

His sheer rage and hysteria granted Ron a brief inhuman strength to force himself out of Danny's and Joshua's grasp and ran towards Atramille , only to have the door shut and locked before him by Alinna . She immediately slides away from his blind charge towards the door before impact , slamming his entire body with an explosive thud before recoiling off from it and being restrained and subdued again by Danny and Joshua .


Joshua : When ... *Wheezes* is help ... going to arrive , Alinna ?! *Grunts* I can't ... hold him down much longer ...

Alinna : The doctors below needs time to prepare the sedatives to pu-

Ron : No , please ... not that ! I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP ! I DON'T WANT TO END UP BACK THERE AGAIN ! NNOOO ~ !!!

Danny : Woah ! *Falls over*

Once again , Ron broke free from their hold and ran for an opened window as an attempt to escape ... or attempting suicide . Before he had his body out of the window , Joshua barely made it in time and gored him away from the window and had Danny block it off . In the middle of recovering from the knockdown , he sees a room with a door opened nearby and makes a beeline towards it . Realizing where he is going to next , Alinna ran towards the room , closes and locks the room as soon as he is inside before he could come back out of it again . The door was so thick and sturdy , Ron's hysterical screaming can barely be heard and made out of as the bashing on the door continues .


Danny : *Pants heavily from exhaustion* ... darn it . That was brutal ... his strength ...

Joshua :*Takes in several deep breaths* Are you sure it's fine for him to be in there ?

Alinna : *Slouches down , letting out a sigh of relief* The only way out is through the same door and it's empty inside . So , yes .


Joshua : "That place" ? "hell" ? Is he referring to that company ?

Alinna : I don't think so ... but maybe she does .

Danny : Who ? That maid lad Atramille ?

Alinna (Serious) : *Nods* ... he ran away from his own home from her and was very reluctant to go back . If anything , she is the prime suspect for his current state of mind ...

Joshua : *Observed Alinna's expression and tone for a moment* ... you know what ? I'll do the talking instead . I can tell that you're not in the right mood to stay cool . Relay any inquiries to me instead .

Alinna : Wha- ... fine .

Joshua : Okay then . We go now .

They make their way down to towards the guest room , where Atramille was sent to for treatment , in search for answers . Atramille , now stable and conscious enough to stay seated upright on one of the four large velvet , ornate camel-back couches encircling a table with a large , oriental-designed porcelain vase with a bouquet of flower placed in it in the middle of it , is seen staring at her blood-stained sleeve , seemingly deep in thought about something , having a large bandage on her forehead as Alinna's butler kept watch over her at a distance . As she kept staring at her bloodied sleeve , she began hearing haunting whispers that sounded like cries of the sufferings and anguished pleas for help and mercy , but was interrupted by the sound of a door being opened nearby , snapping her out of it . Upon entering , Alinna instructed her butler to keep watch over Ron , who is currently locked inside the closet room of the bedroom and leave Alinna and Joshua alone with Atramille for questioning . Danny however is seen roaming around the room , admiring the luxurious items being displayed just outside the room with a mobile phone in one of his hand placed next to his ear .

Joshua : *Ahem* ... Atramille de Surquouis .

Atramille : *Turns head towards Joshua , slightly surprised* ... how do you know of my name ? Is Ron alright ?

Joshua : How I know your name don't really matter now . Ron's not well ... well , "not well" is an understatement , judging from what I've witnessed and experienced first hand ...

Atramille : That means that I'm needed-

Joshua : *Halts Atramille* Sorry , mademoiselle , that's not gonna happen . Alinna's *points at her behind him* statement suggests that you're the reason behind all of this .

Atramille (Confused) : How can it be my fault ? I was just fulfilling my duties as his personal maid .

Joshua : Then why did he ran away from his house , away from you ? Both of us suspect that you must've done more than just "tend to his needs" and "keeping the house clean" . Care to dispel that suspicions , please ?

Atramille : Does my recent act of stripping myself down to my bare skin and only donning myself with an apron be the reason ?

Joshua : *Instantly aroused , face turned a bright red* G-give me a sec ! *Turns around , attempting in regaining composure and self-control*

Alinna : *Stares at Joshua with disgust* ...

Joshua : *Whispers* Wouldn't you reacted the same way upon hearing that from "Fabio" (Writer's note : Google it and visualize , girls !) ?!

Alinna : *Whispers* Alright , fine ! So quit fantasizing and focus on the objective !

Joshua : *Turns back around , calm and collected* That ... it may be a little bit too much to the male's gaze (F*** you Ron , you lucky bastard !) but that doesn't really answers his fleeting response and reluctancy to come back to his house , to you .

Atramille : But I had not done anything that were harmful .

Joshua : *Gets nudged in the back by Alinna* One moment *Listening to Alinna for a period of time , in silence* ... now that's questionable ... Alinna believes that you're not a regular housemaid to begin with ... I'd agree too .

Atramille : But I am indeed a maid and my master is Ron .

Joshua : Hurmm ... you see , *assumes an imposing pose* here's why Alinna's point makes more sense than yours . One , he doesn't have the money to hire let alone sustain one and two , even if you are his personal maid and you did it for free , he would've rejected it because he prefers being alone ... all the while - that's his lifestyle , says him . So , isn't it time for you to state your real reason for us ?

Atramille : *Feeling boxed in* ...

Alinna : Just spi-

Joshua (Serious) : *Hands up to stop Alinna* Alinna ... please .

Alinna : *Notices Joshua's shift in tone , character and expression* ... I'll go get some fresh air ... *Leaves the room*

Joshua (Serious) : Now , I want you to think about this really carefully and thoroughly . Whatever you're doing right now , even if your intention were indeed good , Ron isn't having any of it , period . Right now , he's above us , locked up in a small room , completely deranged and berserk , he can't tell friend from foe anymore . If it weren't for our intervention , he'd be bludgeoning you senselessly until you breathe your last breath . Do you still wish to continue on playing your game ? Because , we're not stopping him the second time this happens , that's for sure .

Atramille sat on the couch motionless as her mind wanders deep within the state of deliberation for minutes , making decisions that will affect everything that is associated with her - her 'family' up in the 'sanctum' , their purposes and goals , everything , while under the constant watchful eyes of Joshua .

Atramille : ... I yield .

Joshua : *Slightly relaxed* I'm glad *gesturing signs towards Atramille into divulging information* ... well ?

Atramille : It was my proposal along with the blessings of my mother to be by his side to gather whatever clues needed in resolving an ongoing issue we currently had .

Joshua : "We" ? "Mother" ?

Atramille : *Nods* ... when it comes to executive orders , she is the one .

Joshua : I would like to have a talk with that person then .

Atramille : I'm afraid that she might not be abl-

Joshua : No can do , mademoiselle . I'd prefer to have a face-to-face conversation with her , along with my lady friend out there , who would agree as well .

Atramille : But-

Joshua (Serious): No "but"s .

Atramille : ... alright . I'll relay this invitational request to her right away . I'd suggest that you'd not interfere with the process ... *Closes eyes and went into a sleep-like state*

Joshua (Perplexed): O ... kay ?

As Joshua stares at Atramille perplexed , the scene fades in a transition to Libra's private chamber , where she is seen seated in a 'seiza' posture , meditating .

Libra : ... welcome back . *Slowly turns around , revealing Atramille behind her approaching her* You're covered in blood !

Atramille (Gloomy) : Forgive me for I may have failed you ... *Bows a full 90 degree*

Libra : An apology can come later . Let us tend to-

Atramille : It's more urgent of a matter that I deliver this message from Ron's acquaintances in his world .

Libra : ... alright . I'm listening .

Atramille (Regretful) : *Nods* ... They'd wish to talk to you in person ... it seems like I may have caused us irreversible damage . I ... *shudders* I'm ...

Libra : ... I've suspected that this might happen . So don't blame yourself for what has happened . This is indefinitely my fault . I've might've made one too many wrong decisions due to the lack of understanding , knowledge and experience ... and secrets can no longer remain hidden forever , so it seems .

Atramille : ???

Libra : *Nods* I sort of ... foresaw it coming , along other host of things that may yet to come . It needs to be done ... before the inevitable happens .

Atramille : But how are you supposed to do that ? You've made it clear that you're unable to exist beyond this place .

Libra : *Grabs hold on to one of the floating orbs surrounding her meditating spot* Actually , I can ... short , but rather complex of a process and requirements that comes with risks ... but I believe the current situation now outweighs it . Return back to where they are now and deliver my answer . I'll be there with you shortly .

Atramille : *Bows* Yes , milady .

The scene transitions back inside Alinna's house on the other side of the door of the guest room , Danny is seen roaming around the area , passing by Alinna standing by the front door .

Danny : ... this silence is perturbing ...

Alinna (Uneasy) : ... I'm going back inside .

Danny : Okie dokie . I'm staying put here .

Shortly after Alinna's exit from the scene , the sound of a running engine is heard approaching the house . A voice of an elderly man is being made right after the engine is turned off , calling out for someone .

Mysterious voice : Danny ! You in there ?

Danny : *Goes outside to investigate who was it* Oh , it's you ! ... and who's that with you ?

Back in the guest room .

Alinna : I'm back , Joshua . Why is it quie-

Joshua : *Puts a finger close to his mouth and whispers* No interference ...

Alinna : *Whispers* What ? *Looks at Atramille , seemingly motionless* She asked you to ?

Joshua : *Nods and whispers* Let's go along with her request for now ...

Alinna (Perplexed) : *Sat down with Joshua , observing Atramille together* O ...kay ...

For minutes both Joshua and Alinna kept their focus on Atramille , absolutely motionless , as if she's a machine that has ceased it's operation . Without any forewarning whatsoever from Atramille , she suddenly opened her eyes and spoke her first words after minutes of silence .

Atramille : *Open eyes* Your invitation has been accepted . She'll be here shortly .

Alinna & Joshua : *Flinched in surprise* Eeek !

*Loud knocking of the door*

Alinna & Joshua : *Spooked off their chair* Wharrgh !!!

Danny : *Opens door* Uh ... bad timing ?

Joshua : *Sweating from the series of successive jumpscares* N-nono , you're not ...

Danny : Okies ... I brought someone with me . My work buddy , Skynn-

Skynn : Skynn here , reporting ! I brought a customer with me . She wanted to be transported here .

Just as they're done introducing themselves to Alinna , Joshua and Atramille , a girl with blue eyes , dressed in a brown jacket and a light pink one-piece dress with a straight , shoulder length , silver hair attempts to walk into the gap between Danny and Skynn , prompting them into making way for her .

Joshua (Shocked) : *Taken aback* W-w-w-wait a minute ! M-m-m-miss Myna ?! (Writer's note : A big shot celebrity among otakus in this story's world)

Alinna : Miss ... Myna ?

Joshua : Yes , her ! How are you still alive ? Weren't you being pronounced dead in an accident six years ago ?

Alinna , Danny and Skynn : ... WHAAAT ?!

And their endless cries of utter disbelief and shock trails off all the way into the space ...

Back at the 'Sanctum' , in the same room with a large , ornate golden door where Ron was a couple of times before , a jet black-haired feminine figure , dressed in a standard black-velvet-violet Victorian-Gothic style dress is seen standing by the door , seemingly waiting for someone or something .

Jet black-haired lady (Thought) : "I might be needed down on the human world" is it ... ? *Lifts up an orb similar to the ones in Libra's private chamber* If milady asked me to wait for the signal , then it must've been real urgent . *Clenches fist* I pray that everyone involved is alright ...

*A feint , prolonged sound of a small crowd screaming their lungs out*

Jet black-haired lady : ... have I heard something just now ?

To be continued ...

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