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Movies and TV shows / Re: The last movie you have watched
« on: Today at 11:03:36 AM »
Watched Loving You (1957), Elvis' first full on movie.

Elvis plays Deke, some delivery boy in small town Texas who randomly goes onstage with some band one day and finds his way to stardom with a manipulative manager who creates scandals to get him famous. It's vaguely a tale of Elvis' career, in some ways, that kind of says, there's nothing dangerous about Rock 'n Roll music, it's just what the kids like. "Deke" convinces the old people he's okay in the end after his big city concert is shut down and, honestly the plot was just not done very well. Bad pacing and story telling, not to mention the lack of chemistry between actors. Elvis has some vague love interest who's this country girl, and there's this theme of small town versus big city mindset and the rise to fame of this good ol' country boy, but none of it is told well.   

The movie was only good for some old fashion slang phrases and seeing Elvis in his prime. There's a big ol' fight scene in a restaurant and a couple song sequences which range from good, Teddy Bear, Got A Lot O' Living To Do, to mediocre, Lonesome Cowboy, Hot Dog.  Elvis gets explosive in some scenes, it's funny whenever he suddenly gets angry. There is some weird story element of how his whole family died in a house fire so he ran to a graveyard and found a tombstone for "Deke Rivers" and took on that name. Honestly this movie was boring and the story was not told very well. It's not even worth watching for the cheese value. I like to watch these movies for the dialogue and the sets. The only good looking scene was the brief part in the country. This one isn't worth watching aside from the phrase "dinglehopper". 

Video / PC Games / Re: What video games are you playing at the moment?
« on: March 19, 2019, 10:40:29 AM »
Played through Senran Kagura Estival Versus or atleast the main story.

It's alright, the game has a lot of content compared to Burst Re:Newal and some different features in the combat. The unlockables and festival platforms to destroy in every level give it a neat element and I like how the special missions are laid out. Combat is not as tight and I found it to get a little repetitive. There are a lot of characters, some are cool and some are pretty bland, but pretty much all of them have their own thing or style. I liked Homura, Ikagura, Jasmine and Asuka the most. The story was kind of whatever, some fun character bits and scenarios. I found Burst Re:Newal to do just about everything better besides the content, which this game certainly boasts more of, and gives you a lot of characters to replay the levels with also. Very fun game to listen to records to.

Still enjoying Dead Or Alive 6. It gets harder the higher grade I get and I've had some pretty great fights online. It feels like everytime I lose it's because I wasn't good enough or didn't play well enough. You get a feel for how different people play the game. I've encountered a lot of AFC for 2 rounds then coming back to wreck me in the last. I still feel most of what I do is random luck of button mashing since I don't have everything down yet, and people who are good at Hitomi always seem to destroy me with the grabs and counters. But it's a fairly enjoyable game to play online. The rest of the content I don't think so much of however.           

MR Pub / Re: Chit Chat 2019
« on: March 18, 2019, 11:33:45 AM »
Oh my. That's kind of...wonderful really. I almost want to become a $5 Patron of that. Sorry guys we aren't playing stupid Senji again, and forget about Talisman, it's Carly Rae time...I like it.   

Me and my friend went to the real Chinese restaurant in town, like you know not just chicken balls but food I've never even seen before. They do something on the weekend where they have a ton of dishes and you check what you want. Dim Sum. It's my belief that they put chicken feet on the menu just to mess with Westerners. Just to laugh at us try to eat them. and we tried to eat them. and we failed. But everything else was cool and it was like an actual new taste for some stuff, plus it was a small unsuspecting place. A possible successor to the Polish restaurant that I will never get over.

Though like I said the best pierogis I've had since the Polish restaurant where at the Japanese all you can eat place. I bet you only in my city would you hear someone say "they have good pierogis at the Japanese place". 

Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: March 17, 2019, 09:46:07 PM »
Silent Siren, 31313   

The cutest and softest sounding J-Rock band returns with a 13 track album. The band hit their stride with 2016's S, sounding more solid and developed in their sound. 2017's Girls Power had great songs like "Fujiyama Disco" but it was a bit dull by the end. "Mujuuryoku Dance" is awesome, great keyboard parts. "ALC.Monster" is a different song. It rocks really hard but has robotic vocals by...I have no idea who did the main vocal, it doesn't sound like Suu. "Tenkaippin no Theme" is really fun. "Sotsugyou" I loved right away from the intro and it only got better. From verse 1 I was like, okay this is the best song. Yukarun does a small piano part instead of he normal keyboards and it sounds great over the driving music, especially with the quiet acoustic backing. Man this song is excellent, their best one since "alarm" I think! "19 summer note." rocks, actually this is Silent Siren's most Rock album. They've always made fast driving music, but it's songs like this and "Attack", with Ainyan laying down some pretty ripping slap bass, that make me go, damn. Silent Siren can play, and they get better everytime. This is their best album yet. But um, "Happy Song For You" with it's Happy Birthday bit is um...well it's a fun song besides that part.

I'm mostly impressed, I didn't expect 31313 to be this good. For sure one to order on CDJapan, along with the peggies' Hell Like Heaven which is a good companion to this album.   

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: March 16, 2019, 11:00:32 PM »
It's a Dead Or Alive 6 and record kind of night.

Judas Priest Stained Class[. Excellent excellent excellent album. It's a rifftastic album with a lot of groove and coolness. It's likely the most song by song "cool" album Priest ever made. The guitars sound awesome but the mix is kind of flat and it doesn't explode as much as I'd like. However the songs are quality. "Exciter" is an awesome opener and "White Heat, Red Hot" has always been a favorite. "Heroes End" is fantastic, and "Invader", "Stained Class", "Savage" and "Better By You, Better Than Me" are just so awesome. "Beyond The Realms Of Death" is called the band's "Stairway To Heaven". It isn't, and I don't like some of the lyrics but it's still pretty cool. This album is just totally rad. It's not the best thing they ever made but it is the damn coolest. It's the only way to define it.

W.A.S.P. Inside The Electric Circus. Referred to by Blackie as "one of the biggest pieces of trash in the music industry", it's not quite a fair comment but this is an album of half good half super filler. "Inside The Electric Circus" is a corny lyric but a cool opening track, though the circus theme is dumb. "I Don't Need No Doctor" and "Easy Living" are solid cover tracks. "95-N.A.S.T.Y." is a major highlight. A slightly more mature sex lyric than "Shoot From The Hip" which has horrific phrases like "my emotions coming down all across your face". "95-N.A.S.T.Y." is a really great song! "Restless Gypsy" while good is the very first of many instances of Blackie rewriting "Wild Child" something he's done his whole career. It's a near copy, and it's not the only time this album does it. "I'm Alive" is a song I really liked for some reason, it's not bad just not...much. "Mantronic" is sort of cool though the riff is very similar to Van Halen's "Somebody Get Me A Doctor". This album is not too bad but it's top loaded, "Shoot From The Hip" is dumb and the second side is nearly the same song over and over. W.A.S.P. made worse albums, refer to Helldorado with songtitles like "Don't Cry (Just Suck)" and "Saturday Night Cockfight". For a guy who was and continued to be such a good lyricist it's really a wonder how he kept making songs so juvenile not even Gene Simmons would write them. "Do me until I'm red like the a dick on a dog". It's a parody, it must be.

Van Halen OU812. The lesser sequel to the excellent 5150. Eddie's guitar mostly takes a backseat to the keyboards which as the previous two albums feature heavily. The album has it's highlights, but outside the singles there isn't much here. "Mine All Mine" is a good opener, really awesome keyboard parts. "When It's Love" highlights Sammy Hagar's biggest issue. It's a great tune, very nice and well done, but the lyrics say nothing. Sammy is not a good lyricist by any means, just a great vocalist. Roth was also a bad lyricist but he owned and sold it. "Cabo Wabo" is one of the shortest feeling 7 minute songs ever, it's good and so is the really cool country/rockabilly "Finish What Ya Started", which is the only song to feature a real noteworthy riff. Though I like the part in "Sucker In A 3 Piece". "Feels So Good" is the only other good song, it's a nice breezy tune. The rest of the album is mediocre. Never bad, never anything worthwhile. The same with the following album. Eddie's guitar tone is not good either. He had a much stronger showing on 5150. This is not an album I go to very often for a reason.

Scorpions Blackout. I must've mentioned this one before because I really like this album. It's just awesome. A really sound 80's Hard Rock album with catchy tunes that Rock. The opener sets the pace and it never lets down. The whole album is tight and well put together. "China White" is a highlight on side 2, a slow one with a cool riff and unique vocal. It's a really great song and, well so is everything on this album! RATT. A really great EP. It's the roughest the band sounded, "Sweet Cheater" being their heaviest song. It's all good stuff, though this version of "Back For Me" just wasn't up to quality. Thankfully they improved it and made it shine on Out Of The Cellar, it sounds awkward here, especially with the bass farts. Otherwise there are great tunes like "U Got It" and "Tell The World". "You Think You're Tough" is the biggest one, and it's quite good also. The guitar tones are pretty gruff on here, which is cool. This has always been an awesome EP!


Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: March 11, 2019, 01:11:20 PM »
LADYBABY's new song is their best since reforming. "Riot Anthem". With this new line-up they have become more formidable and clear in their goal. More so than the last stint. Rie is certainly a top Alt-Idol. This song is pretty cool, a little wonk it parts though.     

EMPiRE's new single is fairly decent. They still don't stick out too much, I don't know what their thing is, but I like this song. I did order THE EMPiRE STRiKES START on cassette though, since of course I was going to buy an Idol album on tape. EMPiRE, GANG PARADE and the new BiS all kind of blend in a bit, with some good songs here and there. "Jealously Marionette" from LAST GANG PARADE is an absolute jam that I love.

PASSCODE have a new album coming out April 3rd, Clarity. "Taking You Out" and "Tonight" where awesome singles so this album has potential. The group is a great mix of styles in it's own crazy way. Silent Siren have a new album, 31313 coming on the 13th. They always deliver some great tunes so I'll check it out for sure. I don't like all the 13's though. 13 songs, the drummer's birthday is the 13th and it's a year and three months after their previous album. Silent Siren are nothing is not incredibly consistent, they have their own style, and they never really do much else, even that time they wrote an awesome song for PASSPO, but it works. Maybe one day they will change it up...   

I reeeeeally underrated BiSH's "stereo future" from the end of last year. It's an excellent song, in fact one of their best songs. The strings are awesome and it's a real epic, the chorus is fantastic. Aina, Chiiti & Ayuni are the power trio, Ayuni really sounds great on it. I just love this song and this live video says it all. This is the best live performance clip I've seen of anything in recent times besides BAND-MAID. I'd buy the DVD if it wasn't an insane amount, I'll just wait till it's online. I've been watching BiSH concerts recently, their long but awesome. This clip shows how they've evolved as artists since the beginning, the music might not be quite as good but they are much better as performers.     

I think 2019 will be a 90% J-Pop year for my music listening.   

Video / PC Games / Re: What video games are you playing at the moment?
« on: March 05, 2019, 09:23:36 PM »
Got Dead Or Alive 6 and have been going at that

I like fighting games, but there are only so many I actually enjoy playing. Mortal Kombat is only with friends and Street Fighter is too much for me. and those really complex super anime ones...they always go bad (though I liked Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax). This one seems to be a winner for me. I haven't played the others but it's a really fun game with simple enough mechanics and a cast of cool characters. I basically picked Marie Rose as my absolute main right away and went from there. I love the look and feel of the game, it has great character designs and a good aesthetic, not too cartoony or "dark". I haven't picked up a lot of things in the combat yet but I feel I'm getting it down. It seems the characters all have their own things, I like to play as Kasumi and Leifang also.

I played a bunch of matches online today which was awesome, it was a real challenge for once, not just me being destroyed mercilessly like Smash 4 competitive and Ultra Street Fighter IV online. It feels actually intense and I had some really great close games. I intend to keep doing that, since it seems pretty fun. Arcade is dead easy until you go to Champ and I haven't tried the other modes yet.

The costume unlock system seems like something kind of annoying that will take forever, and ya let's not talk about that DLC. The whole clothes breaking thing isn't a bother at all to me, it just seems more random than anything. I like how the characters get scruffy and actually beat up as you go on, it makes you feel kind of badass, I think the hits and impacts are right on in this game. I'm no fighting game pro as I said but this game seems like it should give me the simple fun I want in a game like it. Certainly it's my style for a fighter and I'll just keep trying to destroy as Marie online.         

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: March 03, 2019, 05:54:58 PM »
Elvis Is Back!

and it sure sounds like it. Elvis' comeback album after the army marks the end of his Golden Era, in some ways it's his best focused album, rather than song collection, with many fantastic songs and a repowered Elvis with an improved voice and sound. Much of it was recorded the same couple days, and it reflects in the overall cohesive flow. The album is very well produced with great early stereo that gives it a wide sound, it's great! It's a range of late 50's, early 60's Pop styles with a sound that moves. "Make Me Know It" is a high powered opener, a fun bright track that sets the tone. "Solider Boy" is a great ballad with a piano sound that gets into my heart and soul, it's my favorite song on the album. I absolutely love it. "Such A Night" is an absolute jam. A totally banging track that explodes into a quick, loud and raw bridge. "Dirty, Dirty Feeling" also rocks. It falters a bit at times, I'm not a big fan of "Fever" which drags a minute too long, and "I Will Be Home Again" is merely the music of "One Night" with a new melody. Not everything is great but this album has some of Elvis' greatest unknown tracks and overall it's a tight listen.     

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Deja Vu 

Right away you know you're in for a great album. Beginning with the groups trademark harmonies and a cool acoustic bit on "Carry On". From there we have many great Folk, Country and Rock combined tracks. "Helpless" is the highlight, a really amazing song that Neil Young takes lead on. He does call a small town by Peterborough Northern Ontario though which semi ticked me off, nothing past Sudbury is Northern Ontario, but in the song I can pretend he got his geography right and feel good. The album is pretty good, great tone and vocals. Very enjoyable. 

Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Zuma 

When you look past his lame overplayed hits Neil Young has a lot of good music, and this album really shows it. This album rocks more, with some nice slower songs. It keeps a good pace the whole time, with a really great tone. I prefered the softer moments but there are some awesome jams like "Drive Back" on here. I regret passing up a copy of this's pretty awesome! "Through My Sails" is my favorite track. 

David Crosby, If I Could Only Remember My Name 

A cool album I've never heard of nor seen before. This is a pretty decent album that jams more than I figured it would. Not everything was a hit for me but it has a pretty great feel. I figured I'd have a bit more to say about it, but I don't.

The Cure, Seventeen Seconds 

How many times do I have to listen to a Cure album before I say, yes I really do think the Cure sucks. Besides Disintegration and a good track here and there. This album was so boring for me. It sounded bad, the drum (machine?) was awful and so basic, it had no life at all. This music was so flat sounding, it didn't pack a bit of life. Besides the cool chorus guitars I really came out of this feeling nothing at all. It wasn't bad, just boring and plain sounding. 

Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: February 28, 2019, 08:17:01 AM »
Two new songs from Carly Rae, "Now That I Found You" and "No Drug Like Me". They're enjoyable songs, still some 80's elements but with a lot of contemporary production elements. Neither song makes me go, WOW, right off the bat. The production is not too bad, and the 80's ass bass on "No Drug Like Me" along some other details is cool. So far the three songs we've heard from this are, not bad, but hhhm, I don't know, I think my expectations are unrealistic, these are good tracks 

Seiko has a music video for VOID, a b-side on here next single. Since a Kusokawa Party song in a new arrangement it sounds pretty similar but with a lot more of a rougher sound. It's pretty fast paced and the band sounds trashy. The chorus is great, it's just so clearly an acoustic Seiko gone full band, it's a total rampage through the short run time. It's a hell of a lot better than the terrible "Zettai Kanojo" remake, but it's not anything special. One more song to hear from the single...please be actually good....c'mon Seiko.

Mio, former PASSPO member, is in a three piece rock band now! She played bass in Band PASSPO so it seems like she kept that up. This is really awesome actually! I quite like this tune, certainly I will follow this group, BabooBee.

Video / PC Games / Re: What video games are you playing at the moment?
« on: February 25, 2019, 03:18:30 PM »
Beat Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal

I did both stories, all the free missions and both DLC characters (one was free with the game), because this game was fun enough to do everything, and plus it's not that long. Man this was a good time! Very enjoyable gameplay and a good cast of characters. There is a (little) bit more to it than just boobs and button mashing. The characters are actually pretty decent and there are some good little bits here and there. The combat is fun and every character plays different. Rin is the best, she is fast and has all the good moves. Ikagura is good when you get the hang of her, and so are Homaru, Yagyu and Mirai. It's really easy to level up and the game is just the right length for me. It's not too hard, only a few missions I had to redo a bunch. 

This is a great game for my trademark super nights. Something I can listen to records with and just have fun without thinking too much. Short missions and good characters. It's the best anime themed game I've yet to play, I ordered Estival Versus so we'll see how the other games in the series are. This is certainly my kind of thing. The DLC however is not worth getting. The Yumi one comes with the game, it's actually a good little story, it was done quite well and had a theme to it. It was a little too easy though but was a little satisfying. The Miyabi one though is not so interesting, her design is boring and she isn't all that unique to play as. I just wanted to do everything in the game, but for $7.99 I was not too happy with that. The actual game though, worth getting if you like these kind of things.     

Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: February 25, 2019, 07:50:35 AM »
LOONA, [X X]  
K-Pop album from 12 member group LOONA that starts with 6 new songs and in a strange move reverses the tracklist of last years [+ +] EP for the last half. This album has a lot of elements from contemporary Pop production of the last few years, with the sleek chill sounds that burst into busy chorus with various things flying around the mix. Some of the songs follow the chill verse into big busy chorus formula, and it doesn't always works for me, but sometimes it does. It's in the verses that I really like this, the singing is great and the sound is fantastic in the quieter parts. I really like the tracks "Perfect Love", "Colours" and "Where You At" which are very solid, with all the nice Pop sounds I like. "Hi High" is a great song also, I heard this one last year, it has an awesome verse/instrumental and jamming chorus. The vocal sound is excellent, it has that sentimental department store speaker sound I love at times, which is something I always look for in music, because it's nice. Songs like "Butterfly" and "favOriTe" I don't like so much. I like maybe 70% of this album, it has maybe 4 or 5 songs I'll take away. I think this is the first K-Idol album I've listened to all the way.   

Satoko Shibata's upcoming album might be something to look out for. This video/song is, strangely gripping. 
What the...this dork is awesome. How did I miss her before? She might be my new J-Pop love.                     

Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: February 24, 2019, 11:54:10 AM »
Notes on relistening to some records.

I still can't get into The Clash's debut. It just sounds bad. The mix is awful, like the Ramones first album. I keep listening like, this is the time, but no. "I'm So Bored With The USA" is the only song I really like. This album can't compete with Give 'Em Enough Rope in anyway, easily the best thing the Clash ever made, there is no contest whatsoever, it's one of the 10 best Rock 'n Roll albums to me. This one just doesn't sound good. I think this is the last time I'll listen to it and expect something amazing. It's not a bad album just not as good as the next one and highly overrated by pretentious dorks. C'mon nothing on here is even close to as good as "English Civil War".   

Bobby's Blonde On Blonde really stands out as his best work. It's a true Rock 'n Roll album with a crazy free spirit, raw and dynamic. I hate the first two songs, "Rainy Day Women" is a miserable piece of trash that has no right to open an album this good, if not for this being a double I could not forgive this horrific garbage as the first song. But since this record is long you have plenty time to get in the vibe. The guitars are gutter levels of slime, it's awesome and Bob's lyrics reached their absolute peak. "Stuck Inside Of Mobile", "Absolutely Sweet Marie", "I Want You", "One Of Us Must Know", it just never ends. Now it has some meh songs on side 3, but it's a strong work overall. Highway 61 Revisited on the other hand I need to rethink. It's a taste changing album for me and a very important record, but mainly for a few key songs. Aside from one of the best pieces of music the 60's ever made, "Like A Rolling Stone", you have other awesome songs but some tracks I really dislike. I've never liked "Ballad Of A Thin Man", I think it sucks, and so does the title track. But when this album is good it's amazing. It's just not as dynamite as Blonde On Blonde however. But it does have three total masterpieces.   

Going to Hair Metal, King Kobra's Ready To Strike has always been a favorite of mine. It has one of the best songs of the era "Shake Up" and some other awesome tracks like "Second Thoughts" and the power ballad "Tough Guys". It's catchy and rocks, the guitar sound is unique with many cool solos and riffs. The singing is great and though some songs are standard fair, such as "Shadow Rider" and "Attention", it's a very solid album beginning to end that is kind of a hidden gem of the time. RATT's Invasion Of Your Privacy is an album I've always brushed off, but it's awesome also. It has many excellent riffs and good tunes, even if most of them are second rate. "You're In Love" and "Lay It Down" are the only real shining highlights, but "Never Use Love" and "Closer To My Heart" are quality tracks. RATT did some of the Genre's best music early on, they had the right attitude and a pretty formidable guitar duo along with catchy tunes.   

The Stones Beggars Banquet I like very much! Aside from "Jigsaw Puzzle" which is lyrically and vocally hot garbage and a low point of the Stones' golden era. A complete Bob Dylan rip off and Mick Jagger does not sell it at all with awful lyrics and terrible singing. Sometimes I really don't like Mick, he can sound disingenuous and stupid (this is why I dislike "Jumping Jack Flash" so much, the sounds like it thinks it's a masterpiece but it isn't), but on the other songs this is not the case. "Street Fighting Man" is one of the greatest Rock 'n Roll songs ever created (I personally feel Elvis' "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" is the best), I just love it. No doubt the best thing the Stones ever recorded. Perfection, from that ringing acoustic, the sitar, terrible drum sound and man it's just killer. "Salt Of The Earth" is a fantastic finale, and overall this album is simply fantastic, besides "Jigsaw Puzzle" though the music is awesome on it, fantastic bassline.                 

Music / Re: 2019 In Music
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:55:59 PM »
Seiko what have you done.     

So she gets Sayumi Michishige a former 6th Generation member of Morning Musume and does this. "Zettai Kanojo" is one of Seiko's top 5 best songs so for her 5th anniversary she does...this new version of it that...I don't know, this is just bad. I don't like this at all. The other girl isn't really anything notable on vocals, the sentiment of Seiko collabing with a former Morning Musume member is fantastic, but the song... Stylistic autotune like this is pretty awful when it's done this way. I really don't know why Seiko's done this haha. Maybe if it wasn't a remake of a beloved song it'd be different but I'm no fan of this. I hope the 2 b-sides, one being another version of "VOID", a solo acoustic song from a certain version of Kusokawa Party, are better than this.

I like the concept of this single, just not the actual song. "Zentai Kanojo" is such a great song originally, it kind of is Seiko's signature song to. The original...                                         

Music / The Manimal's Music (NEW ALBUM)
« on: February 17, 2019, 06:03:54 PM »
Kanttila : Infinite Human Machine

1. I Kill My Heart
2. New Gate
3. Relics Of The Old World
4. Bridge By The Sun
5. Operation Impala (Feat. Legomaestro)
6. Nothing Left For You
7. (I Wanna Be In) Your Photobook
8. Pink Shinigami
9. Kalamojakka
10. Personality Flaw
11. She Got Me
12. Aarto And The Old Boys 

All songs written & performed by the Manimal sans
Track 5 Lyrics, Vocal Melody & Guest Voice by : Legomaestro

At last this album is done! 98 days after my previous one "My Nonsense" we have "Infinite Human Machine" my 17th album and the only one I've made so far that went (pretty much) how I hoped it would.

I'm a bit disappointed I reached 12 songs but not 40 minutes but that doesn't matter. This is an album where I let my inspirations of the moment drift off in certain tracks, and let others sit. It's very much an album of 3-4 different parts put together. It's all linked under one theme, and it's something that...well let's say when I wrote "I Don't Know Love" something was unleashed and my music would never be the same. and this year started with a little jolt to my emotions, so I made an album about it. There is no track here I feel is awful or out of place, everything just does it's trick. Now that I've made an album based on this I don't really want to do it again, so hopefully I got that out of my system, but we'll see where my music goes.

I put more Elvis into my music along with inspiration from BiSH and AYUNi D's PEDRO project. Nowadays I'm mainly listening to BiSH, Elvis and The Smiths so I tried to mix it up a bit on here. The 50's swing on the drums and bass, with other stuff. I think this is a decent album for my drumming and bass. I'm happy with that part, I think I have my own groove on the drums. I'm not nuanced or technical but I believe I can atleast hit my feelings out of them fine. It's a bad album for my solos however, I feel my leads are very weak on here and don't really explode like they did on "My Nonsense". My vocals are well, the same as normal but now I have a bit of a better idea of what I want to do.                                 

Next time I want to whatever. I'll do whatever I do next when I do it. I do really want to do a 7-8 song Elvis cover EP, I've already done a few songs, so we'll see huh. This is "Infinite Human Machine" finally done! 


Music / Re: What are you listening to
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:16:46 PM »
Got my second order on Discogs, The Smiths debut. I did go with a repress because for some reason it's become hard to find a copy online for cheap. Now, compared to my amazing Seiko order this is really not great. I went with the cheapest one so I'm not shocked that the condition is so so. But the seller put "some superficial scruffs play perfect", but um, it skips in the same part during "Reel Around The Fountain" and sounds very crackly at points. I can't be surprised about this as buying a record without seeing it is actually kind of silly, but I was a little unhappy. But not every order will be as amazing as the Seiko one. I neeeed more J-Pop on record...JPU Records, press some BAND-MAID albums now please.

I was also mad when I flipped over the album, waited for the opening of "This Charming Man" but got "Still Ill". I was like "STUPID BRITISH PEOPLE! Since I got a UK copy. I was a little mad but then I realized no record copy has that song so it was okay. This album is the definition of a grower. I have listened to it many times in the last few weeks and I do quite like the album. For sure the songs on Hatful Of Hollow are inferior on here, but this album just kind of works. "Miserable Lie" went from terrible to kind of cool, and "Suffer Little Children" is a great finale. Of course I dearly love "The Hand That Rocks The Cradle" and think it's the Smiths' second best song next to "I Know It's Over". Everytime the song begins it's just magic, it has the best tone. I can say it's a good album, and like Meat Is Murder which I also recently bought and (almost completely) love (aside from the title track and "What She Said" isn't a favorite either) they are both great records to have. 

I have fallen into a deep BiSH obsession since that day I marathoned all of their songs and I can't stop watching live videos and listening to them. I can't believe I didn't go crazy for the group when I started listening to them 3 years ago. They are so inspiring, especially that you can see how they've gotten so much better over time. The music has always been good, when they aren't just rehashing things, and all the members are great. "stereo future" grew on me so hard, same with "PAiNT iT BLACK", both are awesome songs. I'm waiting for that next album...until than my mixtape keeps spinning. 

So it seems this is the BiSH and second Elvis era with The Smiths still carrying over from last year. I got a lot of cheap records last week, like some 50's country and stuff. I like Hank Williams, pretty cool tunes and voice. Some of the other stuff is the same, but it has a good tone most of the time. Loretta Lynn is not too bad, though I did get some pretty bad records. I want to get into some more good country, I really like 50's and early 60's music style but it's really only Elvis and early Beatles that hit it for me. I need to listen to more Soul/R&B for the era I think, it seems a lot of stuff is just so lame.

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